Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 13 Sunday Highlights


The Big Brother 16 Final Three had a busy day of eating Panera, taking photos in the photo booth, playing pool and sleeping. But Victoria did spend part of her day begging Derrick or Cody to take her to the final two. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 21, 2014:

12:15 PM BBT – HGs are finally getting up and moving around.

1:00 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick relive the Skittles nominations. They speculate that might not have gone over well to viewers.

2:05 PM BBT – HGs enjoying some more carryout today. They got Panera and it’s blowing their minds. (After 90 days, it’s the little things.)

2:55 PM BBT – Victoria working on Derrick again about F2. She says he promised to take her to the end over Cody, but Derrick says he doesn’t remember that.

3:50 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody discussing what they’d do with $500K if they win. Cody again discusses paying off his sibling’s student loans along with his loans.

4:10 PM BBT – Photo booth time. Victoria gets the remaining three keys for a photo. Derrick points out that’s the first time his key has been removed.

5:15 PM BBT – Victoria says she’s hoping for a miracle to make it to the F2. Cody is asking Victoria for details on how the Jury voting works. He doesn’t know what happens in the process.

5:20 PM BBT – Victoria called to the DR. Derrick and Cody say they’re being completely honest with each other and there’s no doubt for either of them that they’ll take the other two F2. Derrick says DR won’t let him tell Victoria he’s not keeping her.

6:16 PM BBT The three HGs are outside talking. Cody goes inside and Victoria says to Derrick “Wouldn’t it be epic if you broke up the Hitmen?” He says that would depend on the person you’re asking. She continues to ask him to take her to the final two. She tells him she’ll get nothing by finishing third.

7:05 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick are playing pool. Not much else is going on.

8:48 PM BBT – Victoria made some biscuits that the guys loved so Derrick gives her a shootout to find her a husband when she gets out of the house.

9:40 PM BBT – All three HGs in living room talking about relationships.

9:56 PM BBT – Victoria is begging Derrick and Cody to take her to the final two. She tells them both that that either one of them would win against her. She says she’ll do anything then says she hates the Hitmen.

10:05 PM BBT – Victoria is still begging. Derrick tells her they aren’t allowed to say who they’re taking and that they should just enjoy their final days in the Big Brother house.

10:22 PM BBT – Victoria tells Derrick she understands and loves him regardless of his decision.

10:50 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick talking about how they can’t just tell Victoria that if one of them took her the jury would vote for her to win out of spite.

11:52 PM BBT – Derrick and Victoria are laying in the hammock. He tells her he can’t wait for them to get out of there so he can tell her things he can’t tell her at the moment.

12:10 AM BBT – Victoria tells Derrick she wants his speech to be really good at the finale. She says to “crush him” with it.

1:00 AM BBT – Derrick and Cody are relaxing in the backyard and talking about things back home. Cody discusses his job as a dancer for parties (not that kind of dancer). They discuss how they did this season and what the Jury might do.

3:00 AM BBT – All HGs are off to sleep for the night.

It’s been the same cycle of discussions for the guys with Victoria. Both of them tell Victoria they will not take her, but she continues to press and suggests that either would win against her. She’s right. It’s kinda nuts.

You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it!

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  1. I can’t imagine how bored they must be. And at this point, maybe Derrick should just pay off the F3 houseguest with his extra $50, 000 to shut them up.

  2. I think production probably is telling Derrick not say who he is taking because they want some element of surprise at the finale. I think he will be taking Cody but the season has already been so boring, they want some type of excitement. The only thing that is being accomplished is Victoria annoying the sh*t out of the Hitmen and the viewers.

  3. If Derrick wins he’ll win $550K so he can give Vic a 20K thank you gift. Then all three of them win. You have to remember that even ‘Team America’ still has to pay taxes. They get around $375K depending on what state they’re residing in.

      • However, I’ve heard that in recent years this is not the case any longer… I suppose that might be because it’s impossible to enforce a ”no giving” policy. I could just simply give a gift to my friend, who passes it to a friend, who passes it to you…

      • You could buy them something as a gift with the money, but you cannot give them any of money as a gift.

      • It’d be nice to know what their after show contract is like. Wil Heuser, BB14, said that he had to be careful about what he said and did, because he’s still under contract until the end of this year.

      • That’s what I wondered too. I know they say you can’t share your winnings but how would they even know?

      • It is pointless and impossible to control what the winner does with their winnings after the show is over. Derrick could “buy” Victoria’s broken necklace for $300k if he wanted to.

      • Interesting, I remember on the Amazing Race ( I think?) two sets of contestants offering to share winnings. Am I wrong? Are the rules different now? I wouldn’t think that CBS would vary the rules between Reality shows that much.

      • They aren’t allowed either. They aren’t supposed to even offer. I think what the players on Amazing Race say to each other isn’t as enforced as the 2 shows with sequestered players. It isn’t as much of a factor.

      • redroses, you know so much about Survivor, BB and The Amazing Race…you’re astounding! Are you sure you’re not a CBS employee?

      • That is rude, unmanly, immature, and makes you an a** with no class. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Well put. I, on the other hand, was going to tell him (on behalf of red, who is much too lady-like to say it) to ‘bite me’.

      • Probably has rabies. 99% of the time, I try to be a lady. But when someone would say something unwarrented, such as this Bozo has, for his own personal gratification, obviously, he deserves the 1% unlady-like part of me.

      • Easy now, let him bury himself (don’t go down the path of hate with him)… I’ve already had a regular poster try to play the hate game with me and in the end I had to simply agree to disagree with them.

      • Path of hate? What in the world? I have to laugh. Matt, you are so good with words and reprimanding people in a nice way. I finally have an opinion and plan to keep it real…and it’s mine….lol.

      • Why are you even here? No wonder you call yourself BadKarmaGhost. The universe gives you back what you put out there.

      • Anyway, I wouldn’t insult the people on this page. There are a lot of us Grannies who can get their knickers in a knot when one of our own BB fans is attacked! :)

      • Just speculating. “Sharona” thinks “redroses’ know-it-all attitude indicates a CBS employee. I was offering another possibility.

      • You don’t feel that’s demeaning to somebody you’ve never met? Again, I’m not saying Redrose is perfect by any means (we all have our blemishes) but it just came across as a bit over the top harsh… If you find her to be too much for your liking then simply ignore her and keep distance, but no need for disrespect.

      • Whoa, Hoss….I never implied redroses knowledge meant she was a real CBS employee! I was being silly. I appreciate her vast knowledge of all the shows. She is anything but a ‘know-it-all’.

      • LOL TYVM. I just like looking up things when people ask. I’ve learned a lot this year by doing that!

    • Actually, Derrick will win $575K, if he wins. He’ll get $500K (winning) + $50K (TA bonus) + $20K (TA missions) + $5K (snowman comp.)

      They aren’t allowed to gift money, due to bribery issues. The only exception that I heard about was Dick gifting Dani, his daughter, her college expenses.

      • I would love for you to show me your copy of the document Derrick signed. I’m not talking about Derrick handing Victoria an oversized check on the BB stage.

        My point is, that out of the three finalists, Derrick is going to win more money than either of the other two combined. I’m not talking about a bribe. I’m not talking about splitting the winnings. They can’t stop him from helping her out financially after the show is over.

      • I do know that the BB14 HGs are still under contract until the end of this year. That would mean that this year’s HGs would continue to be under contract until the end of 2016. They can stop him as long as he’s under contract.

      • It’s funny you say this because I heard recently that ”gifting” was now allowed on most reality shows. As for an outright money exchange or the promise of such? Maybe there’s some rule that prevents it (seeing how they’re wired and always audible to the crew of the show)? What I wonder is this. How can they stop somebody from a ”silent deal” that I have signed to you during the show, then after the show, I give money to a family member, who passes it to a friend, who passes it to a family member of the person I made the deal with?

  4. Derrick says DR won’t let him tell Victoria he’s not taking her, and he tells Victoria they’re not allowed to say who they’re taking… yet then it says, “Both of them tell Victoria they will not take her.” Confusing. No?

  5. For the life of me, I can not see where Victoria will win in the final two. OK maybe Caleb and Cody would vote for her along with Christine (possible) but I see Frankie voting for Derrick. Worst case scenario is that Victoria get’s FOUR vote’s to Derrick’s FIVE.

    However, with a Cody and Victoria Final two, the vote’s could be quite different. I did notice that last night how Cody and Derrick said that Victoria would win over them two but then again Derrick also stated that Victoria was a good person so what is in his mind.

    I really believe that Derrick has crunched the number’s in his head since Jury started and h knows he has the votes to win regardless of who he takes (provided he is the one who picks) to the end. I am still not counting Victoria out of the final two for that reason alone, we all know how Derrick has used word play with the other houseguest all season.

  6. Derrick is a man. I am so tired of watching Victoria hang all over Derrick, treating him like she is his wife by doing all his laundry and going to bed at the same time as him. Yesterday she was playing with his wedding ring after he took it off to clean the pool. I have heard him tell her to back off a few times and yet here is another picture of her hanging on him.

    • Derrick fostered Victoria’s behavior all summer, now he’s paying the price … Keep it up Victoria, YOU are a WOMAN! LOL!

      • Well, I have before. My Father’s, when my Mom was sick, the next door neighbors when his wife was dying of cancer, my son-in-laws when my daughter was hospitalized for child-birth. But to do it for a grown married man…just because…Ew! Between a husband, a son, and two little grandson’s, I’ve scrubbed enough skidmarks to do me.

      • Showing compassion comes in all different forms. So check out your neighbors undies if there is a sickness. But you got to get down & dirty with some of those skids. It will be so gratifying when you finish. Everyone will be wanting you to do their skids, and before long you could be know as, The Skid Man,. I make skids disappear. You could give one of your famous speeches on it. You’d be the man. Women would sing your praises. Get on it, Matt. Someone could beat you to it.

      • (laughs) my dear, I’m just fine with you being the queen of the skids. ;) …and yes, true compassion does come from one who wipes the bum of another – I am proud of YOU (now pleeeease go wash those hands before you shake mine ok?) ;)

  7. Cody was asking Derrick about what the second prize is in Survivor. Derrick said that there was no prize for 2nd place. He told Cody that he’d bet on it. I hope Cody takes that bet. 2nd place there typically gets $100K and 3rd gets $85K.

    • lol Yeah I was watching that SMH and was like I hope he takes the bet from him, Derrick would owe him at least another 50k since that would be the total sum of the 2nd place winner including his own.

    • They also get money for 4th and so on. They just don’t announce it. The only prize money they announce is first place. So that might be what he means.

  8. I’ve always excused Victoria’s lack of game by saying I think she’s led a sheltered life, but when Cody is talking about various clubs and night spots in Florida, she knows them all. She also knew a lot about famous spots in NYC, seems to like her alcohol and talks about being drunk-ish when she’s out. But now, on BBAD, she’s acting very embarrassed because she once heard her sister and husband having sex in a bathroom in her house. The
    guys are being kind of creepy and starting to ask her a lot of
    semi-intimate questions, which seems to make her uncomfortable. She
    starts to talk about her best friend’s brother and how his mother
    wants them to get together; Derrick quickly changes the conversation.
    She’s totally out of her depth. On reflection, as self-absorbed as she is, I think she’s still somewhat innocent in certain ways (despite Derrick trying to educate her on oral sex), but not particularly sheltered. She’s also guided very much by her Orthodox Jewish religious beliefs. Unfortunately, none of that has helped her be a good competitor.

    • I don’t think she’s Orthodox though. I believe Orthodox Jewish women must keep their natural hair covered, wear clothing that is not as revealing as hers is, live a Kosher life and eat only from Kosher cooking vessels and dishes. She wears far too much makeup to be Orthodox. Perhaps she’s a devoted Reformed or Conservative Jew. No shellfish, no pork, etc. She seems very sheltered in matters of intimacy and celebacy but enjoys a somewhat party girl lifestyle.

      • Dee I just read somewhere the other day where Victoria explained to Derrick that she does come from an Orthodox background. At home they use the different sets of plates etc. She mentioned that when she came into the BB house she tried to keep her food separate using some sort of Tupperware set-up but the other house guests kept eating it anyways. She also mentioned spending entire days at the Synagogue praying all day long. She doubted that her parents would be at the live finale, because it is a high holiday & in the past they have never broken tradition. I understand about the make-up wigs & clothing. I’ve noticed that the longer she’s away from her parents, the more daring the clothing has gotten. I’m pretty sure at the beginning she used to wear these long skirts.~Peace~

      • Very interesting post. Thank you. I thought she had said Orthodox also. It would be almost impossible to stay Orthodox in the BB house, and she seems to be making the most of the break.

    • Did it. I also threw in a few votes for Nicole( I know, I know, but I do know these things matter to them). And I accidentally voted for Devin once…. DARN YOU Windows 8

    • I did and it kinda bummed me out that it was my last opportunity to vote for him. I hope he wins—he SO deserves it (in MY book anyway). I swear, if Mr. Glitter wins because of his ‘millions of followers’ I cannot be held responsible for all the ice cream I’ll have eat to drown my sorrow.

  9. You can not trust anything Derrick says. His lying is excellent which also tells me he did not just pick it up for BB. He may have had his cop training but the only way to be a good liar is by doing it all the time. His fast on his feet with a lie to back up the first lie. He is now at the end pushing the thought that him and Vic are like brother and sister, however, as the picture shows above, that is not what he sold to her. Oh she even says it out loud just like he tells her. Our eyes have not deceived us. I feel very sorry for his wife. I can not imagine living with someone who lies so easily straight to your face. He has not only prepped his game ahead but also what happens when he goes home to explain things away. Is he going to take Vic or Cody? Who knows. He lies right up to the minute. Wow, that’s a great trait for this game but not for real life. I would not like a pro liar as an employee or anything else. Vic is trying to get a trip to Greece for her and Derrick. May seem not real but when you put the last 3 months together frame by frame his lies show. Cody may have been public with Christine but in the background was Der and Vic. He even stated at one point h hoped America was not looking at him and Vic that way. I would not make the mistake of believing anything he says. I remember when Nicole was in the backyard with him and she said he was playing Dan’s game. She was seeing through his lies and he then berated her until she cried to deflect her observations. That is exactly what all good liars do. Turn it around and change the subject. This may be just a game, but for some, like him, lying is normal behavior. Met his type over and over. There is no way to know who he will betray and who he will take. Cody has been suspicious about why he is just not telling Vic. He swears up and down to Cody its them all the way. Vic is putting up a fuss at both o them, but remember just a week ago he had Vic acting mad at him to throw others off too. Derricks lies and manipulation extend way ahead just in case.

    • Hmmm. I’m not so sure I agree with you. I honestly, with all my heart, DO NOT believe Derrick has led her on in any sort of sexual way. His attention to her has not been the least indecent. Victoria is child-like and naive and has a HUGE crush on Derrick. But he has not encouraged that. Has he taken advantage of her naivety and used her as a pawn? Absolutely, without a doubt. I don’t think Derrick’s wife will be bothered in the least by his relationship with Victoria. Now, if he cuddled and petted her—the way Christine did Cody—I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be happy. But, he’s playing a great game, and I think his wife will be proud. That’s my humble opinion.

      • Why do you think he was telling her about oral sex when it was just the two of them in the bedroom? That one has me on the fence about his intentions towards her.

        I still think that he doesn’t even like her, let alone care about her. The way that he has railroaded her in some conversations, talked crap about her, laughed about her getting raped, and is being so callous now leads me to that opinion. I think he used her anyway that he could now he’s done with her.

      • Yikes, I missed the oral sex thing. I guess I’m basing what I’ve seen of Derrick’s relationship with her on what’s been shown during the regular shows. I haven’t watched much BBAD in the last couple of weeks. And, yes, there is the whole rape thing…which still pisses me off. But, in the long run, I haven’t seen him encourage her in any way other than to further the pawn relationship.

      • Sharona, I don’t think you’re wrong for looking at the patterns of people rather than placing your judgement on one or two instances. To use such a standard of judgement is the age old saying: ”For every one finger I point at you, there are 3 pointing back at me!” I really do wonder how people think they would be any ”better” in the eyes of online commenters if they themselves were on the show. I applaud your grace and level-headedness by looking at the whole of a person and not the part that can easily be exaggerated or judged.

      • I watched all the You Tube videos, and I STILL say that V has a humongous crush on Derrick. Maybe Derrick let her get a little too close a couple of times, but I still see it as an ‘I’ll keep her close because I know she’s in love with me, so she’s gonna be incredibly useful as a pawn’ relationship. Maybe I’m just not seeing the same stuff you guys are seeing. Of course, when those montages are put together using a love song in the background, it puts an entirely different spin on how it looks. Mute the videos and watch again. You’ll see what I mean. But I certainly respect your opinions!!

    • Everyone lies, back stabs, breaks promises on Big Brother. Everyone. Even Donny. Its a game for a lot of money. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Calm down.

      • Scott, are you in a cantankerous mood today? Of course people lie, back stab, and break promises on BB. What Jean Weber is saying is that it’s not just game play for Derrick. The lies, callousness and deceit all come a little too easily to him.

      • I love that word…cantankerous…I can’t wait till somebody calls me that. I’ve got to step up my game. lol

      • It’s passing a little too much right now, but that’s what I get for sharing chips and bean dip with him last night – one hundred pounds of German Shepherd with flatulence.

      • Love me some bean dip, salsa, chips, and big ole’ German Shepherd to love. That’s happy, happy, happy! Natural gas is always the best

  10. Anybody else wonder why Derrick lets VIctoria hang all over him?!?! What is with this season?? I understand they have some sort of “brotherly/sisterly” thing, but still..

    • Probably because they have been stuck together in a house for months with no outside contact, tv, internet, books, etc. and they became very comfortable with each other. Or it could just be that most rational people understand that simply talking to and touching members of the opposite sex is not a big deal.

      • Why don’t you ask Derrick’s wife what she thinks! That is totally inappropriate.. How about some guy hanging all over your wife.. how would you like that?

      • For some it is (as you can see by the comments to your post). But yes, others need to understand that for some of us it’s NOT such a big deal and not everyone thinks that mere contact = sexual attraction. Each person (and each couple) has to decide for themselves what is appropriate and what isn’t. I still shake my head at the many experts who feel they can speak for Derrick, Victoria, Christine or Cody one way or the others. Were they being inappropriate? I can’t say for sure because I’m not them, nor am I any of their spouses. This is something THEY will have to deal with and they don’t need me sticking my nose into their business!

      • Neither do I, especially with that sappy look on my face. I love him very much, but I don’t looooooooooooooove him.

    • After being locked away from the outside world for 90+ days, I think the house guests experience a loss of perspective and reality. I think their brains play tricks on them and they lose touch of the outside world. Christine is a perfect example of that.

      Derrick seems happily married. Victoria is probably more of an annoyance than anything at this point.

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