Big Brother 16: Hitmen And The Final Two – One Last Contract

The Big Brother 16 Hitmen have an important choice ahead for one of them and at this point it’s the only thing they have left to discuss after a season of hard work mixed with lucky breaks for the duo. So which way will things go?

Derrick and Cody on Big Brother 16
Derrick and Cody on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

We can break it down in to just two scenarios with two outcomes for each if we’re considering all the possibilities, but talks between the guys have made it easier than that. Here’s what they’ve told each other and the cameras so far.

As soon as we reached the Final HoH round of competitions Derrick and Cody were telling each other they’d be the other to the end, but there was still work to be done. Now we’ve got the first two rounds completed with Cody owning the first and Derrick dominating the second. It feels a little like a BB10 repeat all over with the Renegades facing off against Jerry, but this time their 70-year old competitor is Victoria. Just wait till you see their times in the second round.

I have zero doubt that Cody will take Derrick with him to the end. On Friday night during the Round 2 competition we watched Cody alone on the Feeds go through the Jury votes, realize it was going to be hard to beat Derrick, and still say excitedly that he wanted Derrick to win Round 2 so they could own Round 3 together. Cody is so gung ho about getting to the end with Derrick that he won’t take Victoria, even though he might see an easier path to victory with her.

Derrick is the mystery, or at least so he seems. He’s carefully kept Victoria safely in the game as his personal Big Brother pet and it seems the obvious choice to take her to the end. He’d clean up and carry that giant check right out the door. So why won’t he?

Over the past several days Derrick has spent the time suggesting to Victoria that he will not take her. Meanwhile he’s been telling Cody they’re going to the end together and how great $50K (2nd place $$) would be for either of them (he means how great for Cody).

For someone who has carefully guarded his words and actions all season this would be a terrible build up and let down to Cody should Derrick win Round 3 and take Victoria. You’d have a very hurt and dejected Cody heading to vote in the Jury with no time for recovery. That wouldn’t make sense.

Sunday afternoon around 2:20PM BBT Derrick and Cody took a moment while Victoria was in the DR. Derrick asked Cody if there were any doubts in his mind about what they would do as for the F3 to F2 downselect. Cody assured him they were solid, knew what he would do, and had no worries about what Derrick would do either. That’s good enough for me.

Wednesday night at the finale we’ll see either Derrick or Cody win Round 3 and evict Victoria. It’d be easier for Derrick to throw it and let Cody evict Victoria so Derrick wouldn’t have that blood on his hands, but she won’t hold it against Derrick. She wants Derrick to take her, but then says she wants him to win either way.

Derrick’s best plan of action is to win the third round so he’s got that last HoH win on his record to tie Cody’s comp wins and then evict her himself. Well, actually his best plan would be to take Victoria, but you know.

Derrick and Cody will be our Final Two where Derrick will win the big prize. Then again, maybe Derrick has been lying to everyone and we’ll get a surprise. I just wouldn’t count on it.


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  1. I really believe the later part that he has lied to most and will take Victoria to the end. He keeps grooming Cody for the second place money and Cody is dismissing it saying he is winning the first place money.

    Derrick has much more to lose than Cody by not winning BB16 and Cody has not even a clue on that extra $50,000.00 bonus in line for Derrick.

    Yes i would be nice to see this team go all the way to the end together but in the end the goal is to win not come in second. If Cody ever opened his eyes to see that taking Victoria to the end would get him the win then it will be bye bye Derrick.

    • Oh, I hope you’re right, Trapper. I don’t think there’s one in a million chance that Cody will take Victoria, he’s still too hung up in that frat boy mode. If Derrick is even harboring the tiniest thought of taking Victoria, which he should if he were smart, I wish he would treat her a little better, instead of making her so miserable.

      • I still believe that Victoria is going to the final. If not, then the loser only gets what he deserves. If you want to win this game you take the weakest player with you to the F2. Both Derrick and Cody are now involved in a poker game and are now in bluff mode with each other. Yeah they are both pretending to take the other…

      • Derrick thinks/knows he can beat either of them in the end. If he takes Victoria, its not a very good victory to end his season with, but if he takes Cody and beats him, it ups his credibility of being one of the best players in BB history.

  2. Do yall think the guys in the jury would really vote for Vic to win like they said.. if one of these 2 take her?

    • No way. Most of the jurors know that Derrick is the reason they are in the jury house..Derrick will win hands matter who he is sitting by.

      • I don’t know. Caleb even mentioned it to Jeff in his exit interview that the guys made a pack that if Vic was in F2 they were voting for her. I have no doubt Caleb will mention it to other HG in Jury and Frankie will verify.

      • Aw jeez, I didn’t see his interview. I’m totally on the fence. As much as I think Derrick should win, I think he should take Victoria, if only for being such a great pawn.

      • I just think if they share that with jury some may vote for her. I don’t think Donny or Nicole would and definitely not Christine, but some of the guys might.

      • no way……..they cant she has not done a thing that deserves winning the money and in the end most jurors vote for who most deserves it…

      • yes but for what reason.?? because she sucks at all competitions and she wont win in the jury vote because her social game sucks too….if you think she deserves to win for sucking at everything than sure, maybe she should win…good for you Victoria.

      • Caleb just might very well be the only one out of a group of FOUR to do just that. It is all about loyality and integrity to him, not everyone feels the wy he does.

      • Caleb just might be the only one to vote that way. He claims loyalty and integrity but the rest do not feel the same as him.

      • No I don’t think so. The guys in jury are as follows: Donny, Hayden, Zach, Frankie and Caleb.

        Zach can’t stand Victoria and I doubt very seriously if Donny or Hayden votes to give Victoria the win. Which leaves only Frankie,and Caleb in this mess and I already heard Frankie say he will vote for Derrick. So the pact was about as useless as Victoria in the whole game.

  3. I hate the way this season is ending up. It’s almost like watching a puppy be mistreated. Derrick is acting very uncomfortable with how Victoria is acting, but what does he expect? He created this monster and now he’s living with it. His constant attention and flattery all season long has now been replaced with a cavalier ‘get over it’ attitude. Victoria is young, innocent and gullible, not hardened and experienced at all; not to mention she can’t compete her way out of a paper bag. That’s why Derrick latched on to her. Now, of course, he doesn’t need her any more and his callousness is painful to watch.

    On BBAD, last night, Victoria’s really getting on the guys
    about taking her to F2. Tells Derrick she’s mad at him. She’s trying
    to persuade Cody he stands a better chance of winning against her
    than against Derrick. Cody doesn’t want to hear it. Now Derrick is
    telling her that her mother would be ashamed of her because she’s
    begging Cody and it’s “out of character” for her! God, I detest
    him. He calls her a ‘dick’. Cody asks Victoria why he should ‘cross’
    Derrick. What is he talking about?!! Cross Derek! Like he’s Mafia or something? She keeps saying it sucks. Derrick tells her she made F3 and had the opportunity to win, but didn’t. True, but not comforting to her – these last few days are going to be a nightmare for her. She’s relentless and won’t give up. Wish she had started to play the game a long time ago, but I guess then Derrick wouldn’t have needed her and they would have voted her out. Put her out of her misery, for God’s sake!

    • Are you serious? Victoria is not how you describe her she may be young but not innocent and gullible. More like self evolved, stupid and delusional. She has been annoying since day one, my only regret is I still have to see her on the show which is now insufferable because of her. She gives herself credit for Derrick’s game which he has played very well.

      • She’s all those things, especially self-involved, delusional and possibly not very mentally well-balanced, and the show is insufferable, but Derrick created this situation. He’s been a brilliant player in an extremely blood-thirsty way, IMHO. There are gallons of blood on his hands, they just can’t see it yet.

      • Diversify and get only people who want to play the game. Can the recruiting and the people that are only there to audition for bigger and better things, please! A bigger diversity in ages would be nice, too. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I’d like to see 4 Hgs in their 20s, 4 in their 30s, 4 in their 40s and 4 in their 50s.

      • Absolutely. If past experience is any predictor, the young ones would immediately try to get the older ones out, but if the ages are more spread out there would be safety in numbers for the older ones. In the past, the older players have been greatly out-numbered. Great idea.

      • Good thought. I’d love to see Amber given a chance
        to play again – she had no opportunity at all to compete with Caleb harassing her like he did. He didn’t let her relax with the other HGs, watched her every move and didn’t give her a moment’s peace and quiet. Would have loved to see her strategy.

      • I’m with you. I went to CBS website and sent that suggestion. If more people would then maybe they would listen. They were sure careful about not having outspoken racist this year. I would love to see Howard back. He got evicted too soon.

      • They slipped up on allowing a racist HG when they let Caleb in, plus Frankie. They both have stuff out there that shows racial prejudice.

      • There are some 50 year olds out there who could run circles around some of these kids. My husband is 53, cycles, and has participated in some of those 2 day long mountain cycling events. He is a lean & fit type with muscles, just not those huge bulging ones, and I think he could have given all of the guys a run for the money competition wise.

      • He is intelligent, although I’m not saying for that, but you made me smile from ear to ear. 20 years and counting.

      • You guys are youngsters! If they do what redroses suggests, he should audition. Glad he doesn’t have the huge bulgy muscles where you can see all the veins. They offend my delicate little tummy.

      • I would think any guy would grab you with your amazing sense of humor and obvious kindness, hormones or not! He showed very good taste. :)

      • I second that motion, All in favor and the results are a Unanimous if you guys (Production, Allison Groedner, Chris Roach, and whoever else) can’t get your act together bring back Arnold Shapiro and he’ll bring things back in order with a capital YES!

      • She’s very naive and gullible. And she’s always been kind to everyone. I didn’t care for her in the beginninging but watching the feeds and getting to know her better she has a good heart. So she likes nice things. Who cares? And she has a very good career as a photographer. She’s not stupid.

      • I’m sorry, I disagree. There is something wrong with that girl. Have you seen her play the games? She has a mentality and behavior of a 12 year old. Also, how could she be good hearted? Did you see the way she cut up Zach’s hat with that psycho look on her face? Don’t you hear her trash the other players? Especially the women?

      • Sorry, I so have to add, having a career as a photographer is not hard if you have money. I have several friends who have started up their own photography business. Also, it is nice to like nice things but another to be so self centered and insecure that you are putting makeup on 24/7 and constantly checking yourself out in the mirror. I know we probably won’t agree but its JMO. Derrick for the win!

      • Who cares if she has money. She built her career. She’s very talented. And she’s a bad person because she looks in mirrors? She’s a bad person because she puts on makeup and likes to look nice? Yep she’s just awful!

      • I think you are taking this way too personal. Neither Cindy or the other posters said anything about comps and her being a bad person even though she has issues and is quite rude. People are not going to agree. The point being made is her behavior with the makeup and mirrors is not normal. She even came into the house stating she was the prettiest girl (which is far from the truth). Sure they all talk about each other but the other point is she is no more innocent than the rest in that matter. Check out the definition for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. . .

        DefinitionBy Mayo Clinic Staff
        Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense
        of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with
        narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to
        others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind
        this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to
        the slightest criticism.

        Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders.
        Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that
        cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting
        their ability to function in relationships and in other areas of their
        life, such as work or school.

        Narcissistic personality disorder treatment is centered around psychotherapy.

      • I don’t take anything personal. This is a reality game show. I’m just simply stating my opinion. And maybe you need to read their comments again. ALL of them. Oh and you don’t need to school me about personality disorders. I’ve had plenty of education in the medical field.

      • I think she has led a sheltered life. Her family has money as they live in an exclusive neighborhood. She also talked about when they lived in Israel. They would have to be very protective of her there as there has always been fighting there. I think she has been raised as being special and she doesn’t know any different. I wish her well because when she has to face the real world she will have problems dealing with it.

      • I agree. I suspect she’s had to do very little for herself and that’s where the extreme self-involvement has come from. Cindy is right, if her parents are wealthy, they may have set her up in her photography business, so she’s used to getting what she wants. I hope she doesn’t come out of the BB house too messed up (presuming she wins nothing). When she finds out about the ‘rape’ conversation and realizes what an a–hole Derrick is, it’s bound to hurt her. Still, I think she’s surrounded by loving family and friends, so it may make her a little more aware and she’ll have lots of support. If my daughter were Victoria’s age, I wouldn’t want her going on BB.

      • She built her own photography career. And I believe she does a lot for herself. She’s the one that pays for her brothers car and insurance.

      • Just because she sucks at comps doesn’t make her a bad person. And she cut up her hat because did you ever watch the way Zach treated her? Even Derrick stuck up for her to Zach. Instead of cutting her own hat up I would of went after something of his. And the players she trashed talked are the ones that weren’t nice to her. Duh also do you hear how everyone trash talks everyone? If you watch the feeds you would see how she would try to be nice to everyone.

      • Don’t forget that English isn’t her native language, Hebrew is. She may not be as fluent in the vernacular and idioms used in our language. I remember hearing her talk about this very early in the game, when people were saying she was rude, didn’t say please, etc., it was because Israeli’s don’t speak that way, a lot of things we take for granted don’t translate directly into English,

      • Could be, but I wonder how long she’s lived in the U.S.? From all her talk of clubbing, and her familiarity with NYC, it’s been a while. Plus, Victoria doesn’t have any trouble communicating now that she thinks she’s getting nothing. That girl can yell and carry on like a sailor.

      • She’s all those things, especially self-involved, delusional and possibly not very mentally well-balanced, and the show is insufferable, but Derrick created this situation. He’s been a brilliant player in an extremely blood-thirsty way, IMHO. There are gallons of blood on his hands, they just can’t see them yet.

  4. Derrick carried Victoria this far. She would have been voted out very early on if not for him. She’s had all these chances to win comps and didn’t. Time for her to go. She’s annoying as hell.

  5. I’m not sure if this has been answered yet: If Derrick wins, would he be the first houseguest in BB history to win without ever being nominated for eviction?

    • Yes. Drew, winner of BB5, was nominated once, but never on the block for eviction. Ian, winner of BB14, also came close. He was nominated only once at F4.

      • Ha redroses you beat me to the punch again I was just about to answer their question when you came with the Mike Tyson KO lol

  6. If Derrick takes Victoria to F2, we would see a monumental meltdown. Can Derrick really stomach that? I would like to see that alternative ending though..but that’s me lol

    • You’re not the only one. I would like Derrick and Victoria in the F2. And Victoria win just to see the shock on Derricks face.

    • I just want to see Derrick knocked off his pedestal. I’d rather that Victoria do it, but would settle for Cody doing it. Cody has 2 chances (win last comp & take V or win over D in F2.) Victoria only has 1 chance.

  7. If Derrick is planning on taking Victoria, he’s walking an interesting line. He cannot say ANYTHING to Victoria about it. If she changes her behavior at all, it would be a red flag to Cody and Cody could start thinking a bit more about taking Victoria instead.

    If he says nothing to Victoria, he risks her blowing up everything he’s had going on with her. Again small risk I think as both Cody and Victoria seem to be brainwashed, but I think the only thing Derek says in regards to who he would take that can be trusted would be in his private diary room sessions.

    • He can’t say in DR. If he does, production could use that information to manipulate the other 2 HGs.

    • Who is to say that Victoria is not acting again. She knows she is going to the end, but playing the “game” for Derrick so that Cody believes that Derrick is NOT taking her to the end. She fooled them once, she may be fooling them again. She seems real relaxed with both of them right now.

  8. its so stupid. i want for cody to wake up, and take victoria.
    but i dont see CBS/Big Brother/Production allowing that to happen. theyve shown Derrick in the puppeteer light this season so i highly doubt theyd allow cody to blindside him. i really do think that cody may have thought of Victoria in F2 with him, but Production swayed him away, to honor derricks hard work.

  9. Derrick has done ALOT of work this season. but before i PERSONALLY can call him one of the best, i have to see him have his back against the wall. For me, it’s not about your raise, or fall, but how you pick yourself up.. aka.. how derrick gets out of those situations. there’s been no power struggle, so while one can say, thats amazing on his part, to hve done the mind play… i seriously believe he lucked out this season. sure, on another seaosn he can attempt the same strategies, but it wouldnt be as easy on a season with LESS team players and MORE individuals, which for me, watching him skate to the end in a season like that, would be he’s one of the best.

    • He might have used a different strategy with different players. Many former players and winners have stated they had a strategy and had to change after being in the house a few days. HG are different every year so the same strategy wouldn’t work on others.

      • thats my whole point. lets be hoenst, derrick was never even CLOSE to being on the block, unless it was from donny, nicole and maybe frankie but that was wen it was f5 or so.. derrick has never had to climb out of a hole. that doesnt make him any less of a player no, but i feel like if he had to, it would definitely add to him being one of the best.
        derrick had great gameplay as far as convincing hoh’s of who to nominate and things like that,
        but no one can deny that the big alliance didnt take a huge weight off his shoulders. because he had so much protection arround him, it definitely set the summer up for him to jus relax, and not go hard.
        which is good because he’s about to win now.

        but for me, to call someone the best, i have to see them go through everything.

    • Get that princess ready for the runway!! She’ll need a crown, and a sash that says “Expect the Unexpected”. Just remind her there are aircrafts landing every few minutes. :)

  10. Does Cody know that the little “spat” between Derrick and Vic was fake? If not, why doesn’t she use that to her advantage? She could stir things up a little with that if she really wanted to play this game. But of course, that would mean standing up to Derrick and we all know what happens when she shows any signs of having a mind of her own.

  11. Maybe, Cody is “playing” Derrick and Derrick is “playing” Cody….I cannot imagine either is fool enough NOT to take Victoria, bottom line is the 500,000 bucks….I cannot believe either one is honestly thinking “yah, I lost 450 grand, but am so happy my best buddy got it”…..

  12. Neither Cody or Derrick should be concerned about Frankie and his “influence” in the Jury house….pretty sure none are paying him any attention whatsoever….

  13. Derrick said himself the only back he has is his own. I won;t trust what either of them says because they are both worried about what happens if they don’t win the HOH. If Derrick let’s Cody think that he will take Victoria to the end, then how could he expect Cody to take him to the end if Cody wins the HOH? At this point they both need to protect themselves in the event the other guy wins the HOH.

    I like what Adam Poch said about it. Neither of these guys knew each other 90 days ago so why would you give up $450,000 to a guy you just met? If Cody takes Derrick he will lose by a wide margin, in my opinion. He may not realize that but he does sense he will lose. So why in the world would Cody just give Derrick $500,000 when he can win it himself? The same question goes to Derrick – although Derrick will win either way. He just does not know that.

  14. If Cody counts votes and thinks he doesn’t have enough to beat Derrick and still takes Derrick, he gets points for forming lifelong friends in 90 days and $50K.
    I only see Derrick taking Cody if he feels he can beat Cody. Otherwise, I look for him to still take Vic. He’s in it to win it – not for $50K. Cody was threatening to tell Vic she’s going to Jury if Derrick didn’t so he forced Derrick’s hand to do that. Miserable for Derrick to have to listen to her beg til finale night but it’s still better than Cody having any doubt just in case he takes Round 3.
    If they saw what we saw, Derrick would have it sewn up without question.

    • Cody was VERY insistent, and yes threatening. I wonder what Derrick would do if anyone threatened him like that in real life. I was surprised that Derrick handled it so well. I guess he knew Cody needed the affirmation and understood why. I think Derrick did it to appease Cody in case Derrick lost the next comp, but if Derrick wins it, that’s when we’ll see the real intentions of Derrick. I agree that the only way Derrick will take Cody is if Derrick is fairly sure he will beat him. I always read your posts and enjoy them immensely.

      • Hopefully bbadboy can tell us both that answer. I don’t have the feeds, but my understanding from what I have read, is that Derrick has only alluded to the fact that he wasn’t going to take Vic to F2, but he has make it fairly clear by doing so. He told both Cody and Vic that he wasn’t allowed (insinuating production wouldn’t allow it) to tell her outright, but he has done so indirectly. But something could have happened that I am unaware of. If so, maybe bbadboy will inform us.

      • I think you’re right. I don’t believe for a minute that Production told Derrick he couldn’t tell Victoria. Derrick doesn’t WANT to tell her because something may come up at the last moment where he needs her. Or, of course, he’s lying to Cody about F2. Either scenario is possible.

      • You are absolutely correct that there are a few scenarios that are possible and I’m sure that we are only seeing what THEY want us to see and know what they want us to know…for now. That’s why we have no idea what the truth is about where things really stand with any of the HGs.

  15. What I hated the most about this season was Cody/Derrick talking about how everyone is cocky and obnoxious but they are two of the most cocky people I have ever seen. The reason why they are both there is partly luck. Neither of them were great competitors and Derrick became relevant only after Hayden’s eviction. He was lucky Nicole/Hayden were two idiots which placed all the blame of Christine/Frankie for their doing. Still today Cody thinks Christine/Frankie had this master plan to evict him. How clueless is he. They have assumed everyone has been deceiving and manipulative when in reality they weren’t.

    Derrick has played a very good game, but one of the reasons why he’s strategy worked was because he looks like the average joe. No one was jealous of him and no one saw him as competition. Not to say he planned it this way, it’s just the cards he was dealt appearance wise and competition wise. Cody/Caleb had rivalry because they both wanted to be alphas. Frankie/Caleb both wanted to be the top competition beast. The girls were too preoccupied hating each other to get their act together. Nicole was so into Hayden that she started distancing from Christine which was 100% team Nicole. Christine decided to make up a rumor about Hayden/Victoria which caused Nicole to hate Christine and Victoria. It’s not that Derrick even maintained himself out of the radar, he was just as irrelevant to them as Donny was. The only problem with Donny was he didn’t have zero social game and Devin made him a target since day 1.

    Derrick made so many mistakes in this game like overselling everything but the fact that 99.9% of the people in the house were so self involved made his mistakes less apparent.

    So does Derrick deserve to win this. Yes just due to the fact that both Victoria and Cody played worse then he did. If he had been up there with any one but those two I’d say he’d have a tough time explain to everyone how he did most of the things he did. If you watched the live feeds religiously you’d know he had a big hand in somethings and in others he just took credit for them in the DR. Nothing came easy to Derrick as they show in the highlights, most people think he became friends with Caleb during the past week. But people who watch the feeds know Amber wanted to use Derrick specifically as a pawn when she was HOH and Caleb told her he’d have to put him up as well. So the friendship does go back to week 2. He spent a long time working on Caleb not one week.

  16. #1 Derrick has played smart the whole game. He is playing Cody so Cody will take him to F2. in case he wins the fil nal Comp. He will take Victoria.

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