Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 13 Saturday Highlights

Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother

The competitions are done for the regular season and the Big Brother 16 Houseguests just have one night of events left to go. Now their discussions focus on the critical choice of going from F3 to the Final Two on finale night. Having come this far, no one wants to be left out but that’s unavoidable.

HGs campaigned and discussed the season and their summer of Hitmen adventures on Saturday. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 20, 2014:

12:00 PM BBT – HGs finally get their wake-up call.

12:20 PM BBT – HGs up and moving around for the day.

1:30 PM BBT – Victoria asking Derrick about his relationship with Cody. She says she wished she had know so she could have been ready for this situation. Victoria suggests Derrick was fully covered at this point because both her and Cody would have taken him to F2.

1:50 PM BBT – Backyard is open again finally. It had been since Monday for the HGs. (Yikes.)

2:20 PM BBT – Cody discussing Chilltown. His dad explained Boogie & Will to him because he wasn’t familiar. Cody draws comparisons between Hitmen and Chilltown.

2:30 PM BBT – Derrick & Cody discussing prize money. Derrick pushing that even $50K is a ton of money.

2:50 PM BBT – Derrick tells the camera he’s just got one more step to go to get to the end.

3:30 PM BBT – Derrick discusses with Cody the idea of taking Victoria to the F2 and what a bad idea that’d be. Derrick says the guys all had an agreement to not do that.

4:00 PM BBT – HGs got carryout for lunch again. They’re having Greek food today.

5:00 PM BBT – Victoria interrogating the guys (nicely) about their alliance and why she wasn’t involved. Cody says you can’t have a tight 3-person alliance since one will always feel left out. She wants to know why she wasn’t involved in the naming. (smh)

5:10 PM BBT – Victoria says she could have out’d the Hitmen at any time to Frankie, but she didn’t, so she was trustworthy to them.

6:10 PM BBT – Victoria telling Derrick he would lose next to Cody. She’s campaigning to Derrick that he take her instead of risking the win against Cody. Derrick says it’s hard to be sure what the Jurors are thinking about them.

6:30 PM BBT – Derrick promises Victoria that he cares about her as a person. Victoria says she wants him to win.

7:00 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick discussing F2. Derrick wanted to tell Victoria he wasn’t taking her, but production said he wasn’t allowed.

8:15 PM BBT – Victoria pressing F2 again. He tells her he’s not allowed to say what he’s going to do about F2.

8:45 PM BBT – Derrick reminds Victoria that he kept her at opportunities when she could have been evicted like just last week at F4.

11:05 PM BBT – HGs are extremely bored. Cody tries to bribe Victoria to bite his toe. She declines.

11:30 PM BBT – Derrick talks to the camera and says he’s so bored he’s dying here.

12:00 AM BBT – Cody is frustrated that Derrick is playing such a soft game with Victoria. Cody, talking to himself, wants Derrick to just tell her that she’s going to Jury.

12:25 AM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria how the guys said they’d vote for Victoria if any of them went against their F2 promise and took her to the end.

12:30 AM BBT – Cody practices his F2 speech. It’s long, but if you’re interested, it’s there.

12:35 AM BBT – Victoria again relents and says that if Derrick takes Cody then Derrick better be sure he is going to win.

1:30 AM BBT – Derrick tells Cody he’s getting tired of these constant, forever conversations with Victoria about F2.

4:00 AM BBT – After a long night of chatting the HGs are finally all in bed asleep.

I’m becoming convinced that Derrick plans to take Cody unless he’s just working to surprise everyone including his Hitmen ally while he’s been telling Victoria to prepare for not moving on. It’d certainly be a massive shock if he flips on Cody. I just don’t see that happening at this stage.

You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it!

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  1. I think I figured out why Derrick is leaning towards taking Cody, if he is the winner of the 3rd comp. There have been a lot of posts about loyalty vs. strategy, mine included. Some lean one way and some the other way. But, most seem to be about taking Victoria is an easy win and taking Cody is a toss-up. We’re not looking at it from Derrick’s perspective.

    Derrick IS loyal to both Cody and Victoria. He IS trying to go with the one that HE thinks he can’t beat the easiest. He thinks that choice is Cody. He finally said his reasoning last night. It all comes down to that pact made during F5, when the guys all said that they would vote for Victoria, if she was in F2. He also said that he thinks that the jury might vote against him for making a cowardly move. He’s using those as his deciding factors. (Then again, I could be misinterpreting!)

    Although I switched from liking Derrick the best to losing respect for him for personal reasons, I’ve always given props to his intelligence and misting abilities. He is very smart. He knows that while fans think juries should vote for who played the best game, they are allowed and do vote for whatever reason they want. It’s “vote for who you want to win” and not “vote for the person that played the best game.”

    • Agree..and I can see this jury giving Victoria the win if she is in F2. Derrick would win against Cody..and I think he would feel better about himself for staying loyal. Cody would for sure take Derrick.

      • I do too as cowardliness plays a big factor in the Big Brother game when it comes to that kind of money to be won! With that said, I truly believe Derrick will choose Cody over Victoria!

      • Not sure,if Derrick takes Victoria?Maybe a little loyal to.But what if Cody takes Victoria??Has nothing to do with being loyal.Maybe Cody’s after a sure win!!! We have to wait and see!!!

      • Never. Never in a million years would that jury stomach voting for a do-nothing like Victoria. They all know they’d be the laughingstock of Big Brother. Victoria is a sure win. If either Derrick or Cody don’t take her to F2, they’ll only have themselves to blame when one of them loses.

    • Great post. So on point, and you’re absolutely right about the juries – as much as you’d like it to be voting for whoever played the best game – when you’re in there and feel backstabbed by someone, you probably don’t feel that they played the best game. Derrick’s got everything straight in his head. Everyone in the jury is so focused on loyalty that if he brought Vic, they would probably be a bit pissed (though you’re right that he’s been loyal to her too – but they won’t see that).

      • And keep in mind that Russell Hantz lost Survivor even though he played the best game that season, although the main reason he lost is because of the way he treated the other contestants! Point is, though, only chance Derrick has to win is if he sticks to his deal with Cody & votes Victoria out on Wednesday night!

    • Derrick is the only one who came in knowing it’s a game and continued to stay true to himself..the others played for the others..honestly if this was any other group of people, Derrick would not be able to manipulate the houseguest…for the sole fact of not being on the block, and I would have put him up after he had taken the 5000 for the snowman comp..the kids in the game played for their friends (alliance) not themselfs that’s the biggest mistake..8 person alliance just can’t ever work, and we know see why.

      • Derrick would have had a shot against any cast in history. And if he comes back for an all-star season, you’ll see. This cast was dumb, but so is virtually every cast ever. Derrick is one of the best, regardless of who he was against.

      • You are so right!! To never sit on the block EVER even as a pawn is crazy good!! Even after somebody mentioned it they never put him up! That right there would be my speech!!

    • yep, agree, even though I really thought derrick would take Vicky for the ‘sure’ win, BUT if the guys are bitter from being out played then they could easily through votes her way, SO even though I don’t [think] they would vote for her since they all know how clueless she is, they may be very bitter and do just that!! I once thought taking her was a guaranteed win, do have a tiny doubt now!! lol

      • I don’t think they would ever vote for Victoria. Every year we assume the jury will be angry at the person who stabbed them in the back and yet they still vote for the backstabber.

        I don;t know if production gets to them or just being out of the house gives them perspective but I think if Vic is in the final two the person she sits next to will win 9-0.

        If it would upset them that Vic is in the final 2 then why not be upset that she even made it to the final 3? You could argue that taking her to f3 in order to win the last HOH is also taking the easy way.

      • Bitter juries I think are rare. One is the season Russell Hantz did not get a single vote and Parvati Shallow wound up 2nd instead in Survivor. They gave it to Sandra Diaz-Twine instead. Majority of time, the best players win because at the end of the day, this is a game and lying, cheating, manipulating is all part of the game! Even Spencer in last season’s Survivor gave a very compelling speech of voting for the best player to honor the game! Tony the policeman pissed off a number of the jurors. I just hope Tony gave Spencer a check for thanks because he owed him one big one! That speech probably saved his ass and that $1 million.

      • Richie your right about bitter juries, but this season is different and that if you have Frankie in there and you have Caleb there as well, they would be bitter enough to tell the jury that they all agreed that if anyone took Victoria that she should get the money cause it would be seen as a weak and cowardly move to bring her. I love that you brought up Survivor so hyped for this season BvsW 2 and your absolutely right about Spencer and that Tony owes him for that win and he also owes Woo a check as well cause if he didn’t honor the alliance bond he wouldn’t of been there cause they asked Woo and the juries if he hadn’t taking Tony who would of voted for him and he had all the votes to win cause he was against a true definition of a floater who Spencer didn’t like himself.

      • lol What can I say Sunday morning coffee got me going and last night was so full of repetitive talk I had to vent out here glad you guys are up with me to vent with about what’s going on.

      • I don’t speak normal anyway, and today I can’t talk at all..strep I this is the only way I can vent today. My husband is happier than usual! So glad you were here, adding to the excitement. :)

      • I hope it’s not painful. Tell him that he needs to go be a good husband and get you some throat spray!

      • He’s asleep. Night shift for three days. I have some leftover Amoxicillin that I started. Strep has been in the schools around here. I thought I was being extra careful, but it’s hard to avoid all those little germs I guess. I will for sure have to poor a bottle of bleach on my

      • I used to get strep every 6 years…but when the last time I was due, I ended up getting a kidney removed instead. Found out the kidney was so infected that it shut down and had fused to my lung. I’m thinking that the reason I kept getting strep was due to the mold and mildew that was in our old home, because my children got that often as well. Since we moved here to Maryland into a brand new house (had it built from scratch), none of us ever got that again…knock on wood!

      • Damn I might have a solution that sounds a little unorthodox but it works and it’s my moms recipe for throats which always works. Ground up Coffee beans and honey mixed together (I say Coffee beans cause my mom uses a different item that she puts in her traditional tea which till this day I have no clue what to call in English but Coffee beans works) Take it in table spoons and eventually the honey works as a way to help clear your throat naturally, just another beautiful reminder of how beneficial honey is to us and why it’s so important in our lives but we sometimes forget how important it really is.

      • I keep a huge jar of raw honey produced in my area all the time. Love to smell coffee, but have never been crazy about drinking it. My husband does, though. So redroses, he will come in handy. Haha I’ll try that. Thanks, Canman.

      • It’s tried tested and true remedy and I love that you know the power of honey and the right to use your husband, “In Sickness or in Health”, the true backbone of marriage ha, your welcome though with the suggestion glad to see it doesn’t affect your witty nature though ha.

      • Husbands always have to add their two cents in when we can’t talk from either sore throats or hoarse ones…I lost my voice once for 3 days and he said the silence was so golden…what he forgot is that “paybacks are hell” and that when he least expects it is when I get my just dues from his comeuppance!!!

      • I love your spunky attitude, Joni, and always look forward to receiving and reading your replies. I’m sure your husband never knows what to expect.Keep him on his toes girl!

      • Hehehe. If I waited on him to spruce it up, we’d never have made it 3 years, not to mention 30 which we hit last June! hahaha Love reading yours too…as well as redroses and a few others! It kept me more entertained than the show itself! :-)

      • 30 yrs. is an accomplishment to be proud of. Hey it’s a good thing we had other modes of entertainment than the show. It took us all to liven it up.

      • I agree about Frankie being bitter but I don’t think Caleb will. Sure he is a big blowhard about how he can do everything better than anyone else but that is his insecurites talking.

      • In his exit interview Caleb said he was still more loyal to Derrick and thought of him as his bestie, so i don’t think he will be bitter either. He actually did say a couple of times that it is a game and though he was mad he understands it is a game. Although after a couple of weeks in jury with Frankie who knows……

      • But Frankie could make Caleb become the Superstar he’s counting on becoming, just as he “says” he helped his own sister become. But really? You still have to have the talent to take you to that level…geesh!

      • IMO Dan lost to Ian BB14 because the jury was so bitter towards him. He played a much better game.

      • Last year everyone was agains’t Andy but he won hands down minus Aaryn’s vote for Gina Marie. I think everyone in the jury knows that Victoria is a floater and will not vote for her over Cody or Derrick.

      • Victoria is not a floater. She remained loyal to her alliance, Derrick, no matter who was in power. Her loyalty didn’t waiver, even though she was on the block almost every week.

      • Floater is generic in this case for someone who didn’t win any comps. YEAH YEAH I know she won a VETO that Caleb actually won but took the money instead. Also, the BotB that Caleb Won as well. She couldn’t win her safety each week nor could she ever win an HOH. Not even in this week that she needed to. People in Jury will not vote for her and both Cody and Derrick knows this.

      • Not winning comps is not a floater. Plus, winning comps is only a way to help you get to F2, but it’s not the only way. I don’t see losing at all the comps as a bad thing, if you find another way to the end. Not everyone can win the comps. If you’re not as good at them as the rest of the HGs, then you need to find another way to the end. That’s what she did.

      • She stumbled on the way to the end. She was clueless all season and I say she’s a floater. She had to have a life jacket to float to the end and the name was Derrick, who saved her every single time. I say she floated to F3 on the life jacket called Derrick. Just my opinion. I deem him St. Derrick having to put up with her useless prattle all season.

      • From Wiki:

        “The typical Floater social strategy includes joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floaters goal is to stay out of the way as be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the Gamers take themselves out of the game. The typical competitive strategy choice for Floaters are selective or passive.”

      • Nice redroses, slap the dictionary in his face to get the point, love it and 100% accurate and totally support, for the last time people (minus you and me redroses) she’s a pawn not a floater.

      • There are a few more than the 2 of us that aren’t calling her a floater! I’m just getting tired of that term being used for her.

      • Yeah same here I totally get it and your right we’re not alone on that, I’ve read other posts as well who have sense to know the difference between a floater and a pawn and where she stands.

      • I’m one of them…I’ve been saying all along she’s not a floater. She has been loyal to and stuck with Derrick from day one. Bad at comps yes, but a floater no!

      • Agree 1,000 percent! It’s very annoying that so-called fans use that term all wrong. Thanks Redroses and BBFanUpNorth! Love your intelligent comments!

      • Hey Red Just wanted to get your opin on this…I’ve noticed on many of these type of websites people waste more time arguing over what’s a floater, what’s a pawn etc. Don’t we realize that these terms, used to describe moves on reality TV are relatively new & have never been set in stone anywhere. For every site that describes a floater one way, sure enough I’m sure another site can be found with a slightly different take. One day they’ll put them in a regular dictionary & I think the next arguments will be … “But that’s my opinion” Which “at the end of the day” all come down to opinions anyways!~ Peace~Debi

      • There were no floaters in this game, there was only one alliance in power the whole game, wait there was only 1 alliance period and everyone went along with what they said

      • Me either after you said she was a pawn, which is exactly the true definition of her! :-)

      • A lot of people have called her a floater this season. I never understood that. Just like when Caleb was saying the last time Frankie was up and got evicted, he said he was going to backdoor Frankie. Of course he was blindsiding Frankie but I think Frankie knew it was coming so I even question the blindside on that one too.

      • This season they all talked way too much to be able to backdoor or blindside anyone, who was paying attention that is. Hayden I believe was the only one truly blindsided!

      • Yup Joni…Your right! Funny with all of them making such a big deal about ‘practicing their speeches’ (I swear I’ve never seen a bunch so obsessed with their speeches, also unable to keep their mouths shut. Insisting on telling each other they where getting evicted, days ahead. I could actually picture Frankie (Or Victoria) putting on their make-up, so they could practice their speech regarding back dooring each other!

      • Go back and read the first sentence: and i quote “Floater is GENERIC in this case for someone who DIDN’T win any comps”. I Also stated that the JURY knows she is a floater and I stand by that as well. I do not believe I called her a floater but more or less stated what other’s have been calling her. I believe if you go back and look at most of my post’s, you will see where I never once called her a floater. But since you put up the WKI dictionary term, what does Webster’s has to say about a floater?

      • I think we’ll agree to disagree. And LOL @ the Webster’s comment, as if Webster had the BB definition for floater, back dooring or any other BB terminology. That’s funny! :)

      • that was my original thought exactly, But reading other comments will make you doubt yourself or it does me!

      • You can’t go wrong with your gut feeling when it’s your opinion. Stick with your own opinion, no matter what anyone else thinks. There aren’t any right or wrong answers when it comes to opinions and preferences. :)

    • Derrick already has majority of the votes in the jury house. Christine might not vote for him but, Frankie, Caleb and Zach will!
      Add Jocasta, Nicole, Donnie and Hayden and it is a slam-dunk. The only way Derrick loses is if Cody wins the 3rd comp and takes Victoria. I think there is a very good chance that Cody will take Victoria to Final 2. If Derrick wins the 3rd comp, he will also take Victoria. I do not see any of these guys wasting an easy chance to win that $500,000. Even if Derrick loses Cody’s vote, he has majority of the votes and will win just the same! Good for Victoria. I think she deserves that $50,000 just for being a pawn the entire season!

      • You might be wrong on that one Richie after what I watched on the feeds last night, check out my post and tell me what you think of Productions handy work last night.

      • Ahahaha. I was constantly wanting to hand Cody a tissue throughout the season and tell him to blow his nose! hahaha

      • It is so weird, I have heard people say that Cody had sinus issues all through this game and I tired to listen for it but it never heard it. What really bothered me was Nicole and Victoria’s whinny voices, and Christine’s laugh at times. The smacking from eating but as one prior BB player mentioned they do have mic’s on so that may be unavoidable.

      • He keeps snorting his nose contents back into his throat rather than blowing it into a tissue! Listen for that rather than sneezing!

  2. I feel bad for Victoria. The boys, especially Derrick, used her all season only to dump her when she was no longer useful. She really trusted Derrick and will be devastated when she finds out all the mean things he said about her. I hope Cody wins.

    • But what did they use her for? She was a backup vote along the way, but Derrick was never in trouble. She never got him out of danger or saved his butt. Meanwhile all along the way she was nom’d over and over and over, but Derrick kept her safe. She owes him.

      I can feel for her that she got to F3 and will fall just short of the end, but Derrick is the one who has done all the work in her favor so far.

      • They used her because they knew she couldn’t win a comp to save her life. She was never a threat to them and a perfect person to take to the final three, which is why they got rid of Frankie and Caleb. They couldn’t beat them in comps. Derrick has made fun of or lied to Victoria on many occasions to further his game. Vic is young and naive and he exploited that. Derrick may have done all the work in her favor, but it was only to benefit him, not out of loyalty to Vic.

      • so what then, it would have been better for them to evict her? no way. the rules are simple. at each round, someone has to go. it would be (will be?) equally unfair for Derrick to take her over Cody. one could easily say Cody was used too. but that’s a two-way street. Cody just didn’t do that much either except ride on Derrick’s tail. Derrick is the one who did all the critical thinking in this game.

      • But Cody could win comps when push came to shove than Victoria probably ever would against them!

      • EXACTLY. Last night on the feeds he’s making it sound like it’s her fault if he doesn’t win.

      • Victoria’s job, assigned to her by Derrick, was that of target shield. She was nominated so that they could shield who the real target was. She played the role perfectly. I see it as a vital role. Without her, they could not have so easily picked off one target at a time. Several of the true targets assumed wrongly that Victoria would be the one evicted. They thought that she should go before they did. She may have been lousy at comps, but she was a pretty good actress on the block.

      • She didn’t know about the Hitmen, but, she was telling Derrick that she could have outed them to Frankie. I didn’t think she knew about it until the other night.

      • She didn’t know they were called the hitmen, but she did know how close Derrick and Cody were all game. She just thought that she and Derrick were closer. I think she was trying to say she could have outed how close Derrick and Cody were. She’s grasping at straws to try and wiggle into the F2.

      • She has never liked Cody and on top of being hurt, there is probably a lot of jealousy over this whole Hitmen revelation. I’m not sure she knew Cody and Derrick were that close.

      • True. She may not have known. She’s trying her best to throw everything she has out there hoping that something sticks.

      • Don’t think she knew but she told them she knew and then she didn’t know-Derrick called her out on that last night and she kinda fumbled out an answer

      • She did do better than jury though (except for TA members) because I heard conversation early in season on LF or BBAD. They said they get a thousand a week in house, then jury gets 750. a week. So she got an extra 250 a week for staying in the house the whole time. Sure it’s not 50k or 500k but better than nothing extra.

      • He did save her and get her to the end but knowing he would vote her out. He only did that because he knew she would be easy to beat in the final 3. After listening to him go on and on and on last night with her I really hope he loses. He used her vulnerability to get himself to the end and that’s what I don’t like. She assumed that they were going to the end together. She trusted him and he just used her. Last night he’s telling her how would you feel if I take you and lose and only get 50k? Then he pulls the wife and daughter card. I was so angry watching him with her!

      • That’s about when I turned the t.v. off too! Sad to feel he had to stoop that low at all.

    • Derrick used both Cody and Victoria to his advantage in this game. Had one or the other been evicted, he would have just picked another player to use to get to the end. Derrick has a 98% chance of being in the final two. There is still that 2% chance that Cody could win the final round and pick Victoria to go to final two. Victoria would still retain 50% chance if Derrick wins the final round for HOH. I know it sounds like Derrick is going to pick Cody but you never know what is really in his mind this season, he has kept his mouth closed for the most part.

      • But we have seen this out of Derrick all season too. That really doesn’t mean much until Wednesday night or until he tells Victoria before hand. He told Frankie before hand when he was going home and I believe he hinted to Caleb that he was going home. He only said that the guys HAD a pact not HAS. Which leads me to believe that he still might take her to final two.

      • Except that 2 of the 4 guys are in jury and if Derrick takes Victoria, then 3 of the 4 making the pact are votes. 3 out of 9 votes is a lot. If Derrick believes the pact, then he’ll be worried about her only needing 2 more votes. He wants those 3 votes.

      • Votes that won’t matter because Derrick has the majority of them already. It might make a difference if Cody takes her though. Besides, Frankie has already said that he would like to see Derrick and Victoria in the final two.

      • Derrick said that last night. Frankie told both Caleb and him to take Victoria. Derrick then said that he thinks Frankie said that, because Frankie plans to vote for Victoria and to sway the jury in her favor. So, in Derrick’s mind he doesn’t have the majority of votes if he takes her. It doesn’t matter what the viewers think the votes will be at this point.

      • That’s exactly why Frankie said that, remember last year with Judd and his justification of what he said at the end when he walked out the door and who he told he would vote for even though he wouldn’t. Redroses your on fire love how your mind works.

      • MVP in my book for sure the way you started out the post today you set the tone that everything needs to be Fire! ha You got me and KSJB both on fire with you lol

      • Or maybe he just want’s Derrick to take her to make sure he wins the game. I am sure Frankie has his motives but to speculate otherwise is crazy ( I don’t mean what your saying is wrong, just saying Frankie knows what he is going to do more than we do).

      • When you over think a game (in Derricks case) that is when you lose. Derrick had a plan, well actually two plan’s. One was a backup just in case one didn’t work out. Now he is in a situation that can cost him the game if he picks the wrong person to go to final two (this being the case if he wins the final HOH). At this point, it would be in his best interest to lose to Cody and pray Cody will honor their agreement. Big chance to take to secure a spot in the final two but it might be his only option to get to final two without upsetting one of the other two left. I guess we will find out come Wednesday night on how he plays this game at the end.

      • This is the reason I hope Cody wins…but I still think he’ll choose Derrick over Vic, nonetheless. I also feel if he chooses Vic over Derrick, he may just win it all than if Derrick chose her, mainly for the fact that Derrick played everyone to get where he is, and Cody didn’t do much of that. Does this make sense?

      • It makes a little sense but in order to win you have to play. Now that could mean playing everyone or playing the game.

      • There is no difference between the two! Yes when people get evicted they take it personal but the time in jury house gives most perspective that it is a game and they got out played simple as that! Look at Jeff and Jordan and their season at the round table I thought for sure it was going to be a closer vote but even Jesse voted for her and I thought for sure his vote was Natalie! Derrick made it look so easy but you can bet he thought about every word he said like the night they called Frankie on his most powerful person in the jury bs he probably wanted to call him out too but instead he did the whole I respect your and yours and your game …jury management and that’s how it’s done!!

      • Comment’s like that and how Derrick handled the situation is what I believe will win him the game IF he makes it to the final two regardless of who goes with him.

      • Gee Derrick played everyone and isn’t that the purpose of the game!! Point blank you are there to win the $! Friends allies f2 deals go out the window when your sitting there on that last night. Your only thought process should be how do I win!

      • I know but some jury members will feel slighted by that. Hopefully they’ve had time to relax and take it all in and vote for the best of the F2 they feel earned it! I do pray this isn’t a bitter jury!

      • But who says they stick to that pact they made? They outed each other, turned on each other and evicted each other. I think that pact means nothing.

      • Derrick will pick Victoria in the F2 and change the name to “The Hitman and a Girl”……….with the Crow

      • Production told him he couldn’t tell Vic or Cody whatever his decision is and he seems to be abiding by that, even though Victoria is pressing him.

      • Derrick swore to Cody, according to Jokers, that he would take him to the F2. But later as Vic was pressuring him, he told her that he wasn’t allowed to say.

  3. Sorry, I am not impressed with the Hitmen and the comparison to Chilltown is ridiculous. Derrick played a great social game but at no time did I think that it was the Hitmen making moves or controlling the house. I felt it was Derrick. Plus, the Hitmen were part of a larger alliance and benefitted greatly from that alliance. Remember, it was Caleb who reversed the decision to evict Zach the first time Devon put him up because Zach was one of their own and one of their votes.

    Chilltown worked closely together the entire season scheming their way through the house. It was entertaining.

    Perhaps my perception of the game is a little off, but what exactly did Cody do for the 1st three quarters of the season besides float next to Derrick?

    I assume these guys are feeling good about themselves right now being in the final 3 and probably final 2 but they sound a little like Caleb when they make comparison of the Hitmen to Chilltown.

    • I think that’s a pretty good assessment of CT vs HM. Cody doesn’t realize how much of this was Derrick & he lucked out that Derrick was his partner. At the same time, Derrick probably doesn’t want to say “Chilltown?” more like me as “Chillmayor.”

      When Derrick is making moves but keeping Cody in the dark then they’re no Chilltown, but they’ve done well and made it far.

      • That is the way I saw it. I didn’t see Derrick and Cody, a team, I saw Derrick leading Cody. I know Cody won some comps, but still, if it hadn’t been for Derricks cunning skills, I don’t think Cody would be where he is now. Derrick just needed a body, it could have been someone else. Cody needed Derrick.

      • He pulled some weight, but he was one sled dog. Derrick was the musher, in control. He did the thinking and some manual labor, but he raised those puppies from day one to do the work.

      • He was lucky and that’s about what it boils down to for both of them (all three of them that are left).

      • That he wouldn’t. He was constantly asking Derrick what he should do, and never taking the initiative to think on his own.

      • Exactly! There is no comparison at all. Should have been called “S***man plus 1” :-)

    • I agree. Chilltown was the best and both Mike Boogie and Dr. Will played everyone in the house. In this season, Cody pretty much followed Derrick’s direction so, the comparison is nil. And yes, the big alliance benefited Cody and Derrick the most because they were never in serious danger of eviction compared to others in their alliance! The others were fools to trust them 100% and not use their heads and play their own games.

      • I don’t see the “hitmen” as anywhere close to any of the previous alliances that we all loved to watch. They may have made it to the end, but not nearly as well as CT, Renegade, Brigade and a few others.

    • I can’t compare this to Chilltown, Renegade or any alliance in the past. I don’t know if it’s just the editing, but I didn’t see them seriously working, scheming and strategizing together. That’s what viewers like to see. Derrick was scheming by himself since day one. There was no clear partnership. Even today we’re not sure who is he taking to F2…It should be just “Derricks Hitmen”

  4. Last night around 1:30am BBT Derrick’s talking to Cody right after the long frustrating conversation with Victoria and says, “Jesus himself would have to come through those doors and tell me not to take you to F2.” That’s the only way he’d consider not taking Cody. He says that whenever they (DR) asks him about taking Victoria he always says, “No. No ***** chance.” Derrick says let’s make a pact to have a great last few days in the house. I’ll be damned if I go home and see the feeds and see you playing pool by yourself while Victoria follows me around and cries. This is all after hours of repetitive talk he had yesterday with Victoria as she tried to campaign to him to the point he even called Production to talk to them cause he was fed up with it. I guess this answers our mystery of what Production tries to do with the HG’s and what they try and force feed them with. I’m actually glad Derrick stood up for himself and stood his ground even though after he talked to them they threatened him and told him he couldn’t tell her anything about a F2 deal or who he’s taking with him since he wouldn’t do what they asked of him which is to take Victoria to the finale, pretty pathetic of Production do you guys agree?

      • I know I was pretty shocked about myself and we were talking about this yesterday I think in the other thread about the mystery of DR and what they tell the HG’s.

      • I know and poof we get the answer right there. Damn I knew Production was sneaky but to go to lengths like this. For some reason I’m thinking they really want Derrick to lose since they weren’t expecting him to beat out their Golden boy Frankie and this is their way of getting payback for him being sent to the jury house cause they lost their ratings cause of him, Just my opinion on it I guess cause it doesn’t explain why they would try and derail his inevitable win unless they did this and he’s obviously smarter then that.

      • If Frankie Grande was their role model and golden boy this season, everyone in production should be fired!

      • I gotta say KSJB, redroses is on point on this, your wit today is sharper then scalpel and I have to agree also that today your killing it ha TY also

      • Just don’t give Trump anymore money that he has to be obligated to paying back is all! We all know what happens eventually when he can’t! :-)

      • You could be right about that! And they don’t feel he deserves that in addition to the $500k.

      • ??? did i miss something. I thought Derrick was guaranteed $550,000 if he wins. The extra 50k is for his participation in TA.

      • I think what was meant by that is, Derrick is guaranteed $50,000 extra if he wins. But if he doesn’t that will save CBS that much.

      • No, you didn’t miss anything. Things sometimes get out of order after Disqus sorts the comments. Then again, so does my brain! LOL

      • let me rephrase my above post: Derrick, as the winner of BB16, gets 500k. He gets an additional 50k because he was on TA and he won BB16. He also gets whatever he, Donny, and Frankie collectively won for the missions they completed.

      • Yes. If Derrick wins he gets a total of $575K. $500K (winning) + $50K (TA bonus) + $20K (TA missions) + $5K (snowman comp).

        If he comes in 2nd he gets $75K. $50K (2nd pllace) + $25K as listed above.

      • Aha! I forgot about his weasling out of that slip n slide comp to fill the small snowman and win the 5K. thanx redroses~!

      • It was the last TA mission right before Frankie was outted from earning that! He’s guaranteed that no matter if he wins the $500k or not…as well as the $5k that each TA member earned for successful missions throughout the season…Cody and Vic just don’t know it, though.

      • If Derrick wins BB16 he gets 500K, +50K for completing the last TA mission (coming in 1st place), +20K for all the successfuly completed TA missions, +5K for weasling (see my other post about this same subject) out of the HOH comp by filling the smaller snowman’s head. I think he does NOT get the extra 50k if he comes in 2nd. It’s only for 1st place. Cody and Victoria only know about the 5k he won for the HOH snowman comp.

      • I thought second place gets the 50k guaranteed. But the 1st will get the 500k plus with it being Derrick (if he wins), he’ll get the amount from all the TA missions he completed successfully as well and the last mission which was for $50k extra for being the last of the TA’s standing in the game. Maybe I heard that wrong. Either way, production seems to be egging him to take Vic instead of Cody to the F2…why I don’t know, we shall see. Maybe Production knows more about why than Derrick?? Maybe Vic really needs the money more than Cody???

      • Derrick does not get 50k as the last TA member standing. He gets 50k for 1st place as a TA member. OVER AND definitely OUT!!!

      • Except that is against the rules. The only exception I’ve heard about it Dick gifting Dani her college fund. I don’t think they could do much about a father paying for his daughter’s college.

      • Believe me, I didn’t watch this season so I could see Frankie..if anything, I didn’t watch a few times because of Frankie.

      • Frankie has reminded me of something all season and I just realized the other day what it was..remember those birds or whatever they are that stand up and you hit the tail and they fall over into water or something..between Frankie’s face, his profile looks like some kind of bird and that flamingo hair..that is what he reminded me of!!

      • lool It already is cause I’m laughing now every time I picture it thanks to you Hoosier1158, love it!

      • I’m still laughing about this! I think I’ll always see him that way now, he loves his bath so much you know…

      • Only if you’re from certain regions. People from the south of England say BUTT-EN. Darn, that made me think of Frankie. Miss his prancing little rear end soooooooo much. NOT!!!

      • I haven’t had a voice in so long that I forgot I could be funny and how to laugh so much. This has been a nice awakening and you’re a huge part of it. :)

      • You think it had to do with finding a way to make up for what they were all in cahoots with in the “double teaming” of her scenario as to why Production made this request of taking Vic to F2?

      • Maybe one thing for sure though we’ll find out what goes down on Weds and hopefully we’ll get the answers we deserve ie Frankie getting the proper reception, him finding out Donny is ahead of him in likability polls and eventual winner of AFP, and then the occasional banter from the jury and F2 and see what Production chooses to reveal in the finale to the HG’s.

      • Looking forward to the day! Until then, BBAD is pretty boring with the players left in the game. I was crying for Zach the past two days…he truly was entertaining and livened up everyone when he felt they needed to be! Frankie was an elaborate, over the top nuisance compared to Zach! :-)

    • Crap. I was hoping that Derrick had come around and cared about Victoria, even if it was only a little bit. This just shows him being two-faced to her again. He tells her how much he cares about her and then talks crap about her behind her back. He’s done it several times this season, including when he was talking to himself.

      I know it’s just a game and being two-faced is part of it, but it ticks me off because she has been so loyal to him and he turns around and treats her terribly. People wonder why I don’t respect him. This is an example. :(

      • Maybe they should have been reinforcing them the entire game or get rid of the rule. Selective reinforcement is unfair.

      • Nah they were just pissed that he wouldn’t listen to them cause they wanted him to take Victoria, He literally got so pissed you see pacing in the kitchen for mins while they were outside before he went to the washroom to call out and speak to Chris (production) that he was fed up and when he came out after the DR he got harassed by Victoria again before he finally just told her that he cant tell her who he’s taking F2 cause they told him he can’t and that he’d show her in the rule book cause she didn’t believe him and then finally just told her that the guys made a deal that if anyone took Victoria to F2 the votes would go to her str8 up and even that she didn’t buy until Derrick got fed up and told he didn’t want to argue anymore and that he wasn’t going to waste the last 4 days to be like that so for now I guess she put it to rest. We’ll see today if she brings it up again who knows but after yesterday Wow she really doesn’t get it and doesn’t give up.

      • Remember back when Frankie told Zach he would be going home that week? Frankie broke the rules on many occasion’s and DR/Production NEVER did anything to Frankie over it. So why can’t Derrick tell Victoria he won’t be taking her? Cody is dying to tell her she isn’t going but Derrick doesn’t want to tell her and he might be using Production for this reason. After all it is a game and a game that Derrick has played very well this year.

      • TrapperjohnMD that was Frankie, their Golden boy, he was treated like royalty in there and allowed to break all rules. They literally told Derrick that if he said to her who he was taking (which is Cody now officially) he would be punished. He was pissed when he got out of the DR probably even more pissed then when he went in like after the long frustrating talk he had with Victoria. He was tired of playing the game and was literally telling her let’s relax and enjoy the next few days in peace without talk about game.

      • Exactly, he put his sweat into this while others treated it like a frat house, that’s why I don’t blame him for having enough of it, watching him last night pacing back and forth it was like he was about to explode.

      • He brought this on himself by stringing Vic along all summer. Whatever the consequences, he deserves her wrath.

      • Derrick has told just about everyone on the jury that they’re going (and he did so for the purposes of manipulating their jury votes in his favour).

      • Which is why I like to bring up the question that if he is really upset at how Victoria keeps asking him about taking her to the final two. I know her voice is kind of aggravating but since he did tell the rest why not tell her now? Maybe because Production told him not too. Maybe because he hasn’t fully decided on who he will take. Maybe he doesn’t want to tip his hand to Cody just yet. Victoria will vote for him regardless so why not tell her and secure that vote? Maybe he could be afraid that Cody may try to win the vote from her. I am not totally buying all that Production told him not to tell her just yet. Let’s face it, we haven’t seen the DR version yet, only what he has said and done in the feeds. Unless someone had access to the DR footage that wasn’t shown.

      • she just doesn’t give up on harassing him about taking her to final 2, and since now he conveniently forgetting all the things he told her about them walking out the door together and taking her to the end, i think he is getting what he deserves and i hope she bugs him until show time on Wed.

      • Yup but then again, if he has to reap the stink of what he’s been doing to her for the past 6 weeks, then he’s gotta suck it up buttercup! Only 3 more days of having every last nerve touched if he wants the money so bad. It’s go time baby!

      • You are? Cool. Hey aren’t you the person who’s supposed to be determining who the winner of BB16 is? I heard somewhere that you will control all the votes in the jury house because you’re that important and powerful…. Wow!

      • Yes, I am the great Frankie J Grande! Me and my MILLIONS of followers will decide that I am AFP, and I (the great and powerful star) will dominate the Jury with my speaking skills! Muhahahahahaha!!!

    • Agree..I was watching when Derrick went into the DR and I heard him say “can I talk to someone in production,” before they cut his mic. I think Derrick has created a monster in Victoria! He needs to politely tell her he is not taking her to F2..I know he is trying to let her down slowly..but if this keeps up for four more days..Derrick is going to lose his mind!. Her voice is nauseating anyway..but, to have to sit there and listen to her go on and on about F2 would drive anyone nuts. She needs to shut it down..there really is no more to be said..let Derrick enjoy the last three days in the house without her being in his ear constantly. Cody is getting pissed too. I don’t get why they can’t discuss F2..Cody already revealed it Thursday night.

      • Do you blame her for wanting to fight for a spot in F2? She knows that the chance of her going are slim to none, but she has to at least try.

      • I don’t blame her at all..I think production is nudging her along right now. How many convos does someone have to have before it sinks in? Or, maybe Derrick is fooling all of us right now and he is taking her..who the heck knows!

      • Nah redroses your right I don’t blame her at all, she’s trying every which way possible to make it to the end so yeah I don’t blame her.

      • Yeah I know but that’s what he was trying to do and Cody last night was on his case telling him not to be soft and tell her harshly that he’s not taking her even though it’s against the rules.

      • She was waaaaay out of control on BBAD last night. Sweet girl but those mood swings are crazy to watch. Derrick definitely has only himself to blame – he’s always so worried about those jury votes – it would be much kinder to tell her (since she doesn’t seem to get the overwhelming evidence right in front of her nose).

      • GMaG, the sooner Derrick tells Vic, the better for all 3 to live in that house til Weds. It’ll give her time to accept the inevitable. Where is Derrick’s ‘compassion’ when it’s truly needed???

      • I agree, Cuddles, he has none. Phony to everyone so they aren’t pissed off at him when they leave the house. I’ve been very outspoken against Derrick all season and nothing I’ve seen has changed my mind.

      • To his credit, he did want to tell her. He fought with production over it last night. Production is the one that said no, you can’t tell her. They are trying to talk him into taking her to F2. So, I blame them, too.

      • He certainly does philly cat, he created the monster, now he should calmly (as he always has been with everyone else) deal with it (Victoria).

      • The thing about it is, Derrick and Cody discuss it with each other. Derrick swore to Cody last night that he was taking Cody with him to F2 . Why can’t Derrick tell Vic?

      • Which could be what production told him to do for the Live feed cameras. At the end of the day, only production (and the houseguests) know what’s really going on.

      • They (production) threatened him not to cause in my opinion I think they’re feeding her garbage and hope that he would take her when last night Derrick had a enough and told them he wasn’t taking her and they had to live with that.

      • Why don’t you, I love how you write about them ohh wait “You are not allowed to talk about Production” damn your right I could of avoided that, take it away KSJB ha.

      • “You’re not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other house guests!” “Stop that”! :-)

      • The key phrase in your comment is “Derrick created the monster.” Much of this is Derrick’s doing. He spent weeks and weeks misting Victoria, and now he has to backstab her. Only the eviction isn’t coming until Wednesday, making this a long painful backstab over a number of days. Derrick will make it to F2, but he’s got to really think about his jury speech.

        How funny. The most boring season ever is about to produce one of the most intriguing and entertaining finales ever.

      • Tell me about it, there’s this open letter I read online directed to CBS, Allison Groedner, Chris Roach, and Julie Chen explaining how they really let fans down the past few years and that ever since Arnold Shapiro was around, things just felt a little more balanced. He seemed to genuinely care about the fans and the quality of the game. Which is true if you think about it, ever since Allison took over she’s been playing with the reputation of BB as a way to promote and market as she sees fit while sucking the integrity of the game right out of Big Brother. What do you think? I personally feel that this person is right on the matter.

  5. I can’t imagine being in the jury and being spiteful enough for getting evicted that I wasted my vote on Victoria, even if taken to the end for an easy win! It would also be in the back of my head what all my friends and family would think of me voting to give a floater who won at nothing $500,000… Wouldn’t want that haunting me forever….”The Spiteful Jury who let a Floater Win”!

    • She was a pawn, but not a floater. She didn’t float from one person to the next. She remained loyal to her alliance, Derrick, the entire game.

    • Though I agree it would be a potential regret for somebody to think and vote that way, I still think there’s a certain logic in voting for Victoria. If she wins this season because she floated and got dragged to the end, future contestants may not be so willing to take a non-competitor with them knowing this COULD happen. As it is right now, people might have the warped idea that there’s only one ”right” way to play this game, when in fact the only ”right” way to play it, is the route that wins it. Last season Andy (sigh) won. Nobody was happy with that because of his rat-like strategy, but that’s what it took with that group of people in order to win. In the season Dan won, the winner needed to be a super actor and liar to manipulate others. In the season Jordan won, the winner needed to be sweet and innocent.

  6. Caleb’s exit interview, he said that the guys made a pact that if anyone took Victoria to F2 they would vote for Victoria, and if she is in F2 I will vote for Victoria. Now Derrick has said it. It is on the F5 minds and I think if either Cody or Derrick would take Victoria to F2 between Frankie and Cody , they could sway all the jurors to Victoria.

      • I don’t believe any of them thought she’d get that far…it wasn’t exactly a pact that they were literally considering on going through with. Derrick was hoping if the comps went as he wanted them that someone else would vote out Victoria, so he wouldn’t be where he is now with her. It was too late, though when it came to considering who would most likely win in comps in F5.

      • It was talked about the night that they said it. Someone started it by saying that if she makes to the the finale, I’m voting for her, because it means one of you screwed us all over. The others jumped in with a “me, too.”

    • I find for the most part, pre-jury promises don’t go very far. What ultimately decides a person’s vote is their perception of what is a deserving trait of the winner. Some might feel that a better manipulation and covert strategy is more deserving thus Derrick wins hands down. They might feel a better ”balance” of skill, wins, social, conscience, and right alliance loyalties is deserving, thus Cody will win. And yes, there WILL be somebody who says to themself: ”I refuse to give either of those two backstabbers my vote! I’m voting or Victoria to teach them a lesson!”… Time will tell what motivates each jury member.

  7. If Cody wins the last HOH, who’s to say he won’t take Victoria and flip at the last minute. Then again, Cody never thinks for hims is elf so he might take Derrick and comparing them to Chilltown is such an insult. Will and Boogie worked TOGETHER, the Brigade worked TOGETHER and got out their own member who was not trust-worthy, Dan and Memphis worked TOGETHER. Cody is simply Derrick’s puppet to get him to the end. Derrick, in hindsight, does not care about Cody as he’s said that the only “back” he has is his own. But it is the final three, you need to WIN, not hope to win.

    If Derrick takes Cody with him, do you think that Victoria will tell the jury to vote for Cody because she was betrayed by Derrick? I understand that Derrick is in a tough position, having to decide between two people he carried to the end IF he wins the final HOH. Then again, I think people are over-analyzing a lot of stuff

    • The last jury member doesn’t have time to persuade any other members, except for their final question and rebuttal.

    • To say Cody is simply Derrick’s puppet is discrediting Cody’s HUGE comp wins down the stretch. Derrick would have been in serious trouble had Cody not beat Donny in that boxing HOH comp. Cody also won the POV’s to send Donny, Frankie, and Caleb packing. He laid low in the beginning, but Cody really came on strong down the stretch.

      Derrick still ultimately played a superior game, but he wouldn’t have been able to do it without Cody winning some very important comps.

      • but that’s my point… nobody can win any reality show by making moves on their own. Cody may not have ever been a leader within his alliance, but he did know when a decision was ”good” for him and when it wasn’t. He wanted to save Donny (and we all wanted him too!) but he didn’t because it wasn’t good for his game.

      • It all comes down to how well Derrick can explain his game on live TV. Many of the jurors know Derrick is the mastermind, but Cody won the critical challenges AND revealed the Hitmen in full during Caleb’s eviction in a speech that will be shown to the jury house. Derrick will have a pissed off Cody on his hands if he evicts him, but it will make his jury management a lot easier if he takes Victoria with him — provided of course that the jury doesn’t go to the studio on finale night completely bitter and with the fullest intention to screw Derrick no matter what he says (e.g. Dan in BB14)

      • So? That proves nothing with Cody’s gameplay. Cody is a puppet, are you seriously defending him? Cody has no mind of his own, literally believing every word Derrick says when Derrick just uses him. Cody needs to start thinking for HIMSELF, not on how Derrick is going to feel. Plus, if Donny did win that HOH and Cody still won that POV, he probably would have saved Derrick anyway. Competition wins isn’t always a large factor in gameplay. Caleb was Frankie’s puppet for a long time until he realized that Frankie could not be trusted. Before that, Caleb, no matter how many comps he won, didn’t have a great gameplay because he was gullible and easily controlled.

      • Well said. People often forget that nobody wins this game on their own. They have to have other people working with them and for them. Derrick has had an amazingly effective strategy of getting people to work for him, but what he can’t control is whether people work with him – and Cody did. He won a lot of big comps like you said, and at the end of the day, if he didn’t win anything, it might be Derrick, Frankie & Caleb in the final 3…

  8. “Victoria says she could have out’d the Hitmen at any time to Frankie, but she didn’t, so she was trustworthy to them.”

    This is hilarious, as she didn’t even know that they existed until Cody told Caleb! So she couldn’t “out” them at all. She’s delusional, lmfao!

    • She’s saying and doing everything she can to get to F2. She is no longer eligible to try for controlling her own fate, but she’s at least trying to get to F2. She knows her chances are shot, but she’s not giving up. Kudos to her for trying.

      • Kudos but it’s too little, too late in my opinion. She decides to play the game when there are 3 days left? On a game standpoint, if either Cody or Derrick want to win they need to take Victoria but on a personal level I think many people would much rather they take each other. I am so conflicted because how would Victoria deserve any money. Meh, but as long as either Cody or Derrick win, I’m good. :)

      • I’m sorry? No, I’m not! It’s been great reading all the comments that my comment started. You guys are a hoot and a half! You, Cyril, redroses, Cuddles and GMaG…y’all got me laughing today….which was quite a feat. KSJB, I hope you feel better and that it’s NOT strep. Keep up with the witty posts…I need to laugh more. I may not comment further today (RA is BAD in my hands today) but I’ll be reading!

      • My oldest sister has RA and Lupus so I know a little of what you are dealing with. I hope YOU feel better. My measly little sore throat will be gone before I know it, RA isn’t that temporary, as, I know and am sorry, that you are well aware. :(

      • Ouch!!! Lot’s of rest, ointment and aspirin. My mom has it pretty bad, too. Hope you get back to where it’s lessened soon.

        Sharona, I’ve loved your posts this summer, too! I hope you’re there for SurvivorFandom! And speaking of fun posters, where has Doug been?

      • Hope you feel better tomorrow. I have a friend with RA – it’s miserable. Hang in there……. I think I can speak for all the other ladies and say we’ve enjoyed you too.

      • So sorry to hear that Sharona. I’m happy to hear though at least I can make you laugh…get better please.

  9. I may be very naïve, but I don’t remember any other seasons where Production interfered as much as they have this year. Don’t know if it’s always been that way and you guys just opened my eyes (first year on this site), or if it’s more blatant in BB16.

    • BB8 rigged it hard for Dick via America’s Player, and BB13 rigged it hard for Rachel via Pandora’s Box and the HG return twist.

      Truth is, every season that Allison Grodner has been producer (BB8 onwards), has had riggage to some degree. BB10 had the least amount of riggage, but even then there was the twist that allowed Dan to interact with the juror of his choice just a couple weeks before the finale. He played it well and the opportunity was open to all, but players shouldn’t be able to get in jurors ears like that.

      • Great details, thank you. It sounds like Allison Grodner needs to go – the Production inference messes up the whole concept of the game.

      • After watching BB for a few years I started picking up on things that indicated a lot of producer interference.
        What sealed it for me was someone mentioned a video on youtube of the *nerd herd* season where James is complaining to Janelle and Howie that things he said in the DR were being used against him in the game by other players. He was furious and swore he wouldn’t be telling his strategy to the DR after that.
        Plus over the years since they keep using the same comps over and over some of them tend to favor one sex over the other. Some of the VETO comps are unverifiable since they are not shown in full and they might be fudging the times on them.
        But I have to admit I enjoyed BB more before I became aware of the producer manipulation.

      • The endurance comps can definitely be fixed. Good example, the last one where Victoria complained that her lack of height hindered her. Since BB isn’t a game where the tallest person wins, it seems like they could find a way to adjust for differences in height when it can affect the outcome.

      • Oh yes GMaG, a lot of people caught that one I noticed. The tallest person did have an advantage in that comp and Surprise! the tallest person won. Maybe BB wants to make sure it’s a Cody/Derrick finale.

      • Yes I always thought that was unfair for things that required ”reaching” or stretching. A shorter person has to use far more of their body strength to reach compared to somebody who is only extending a little bit.. They need to adjust their approach to fairness in these things.

      • (laughs)… riggage. ;) I’m definitely using that word this week sometime to make me smile! And yes, totally agree that there’s been interference (but I’d go back to season 4 when it started by no longer taking everyday people)…

  10. I, for one, am looking forward to Weds. The laughter, the tears, the frustration, seeing all the jurists as they ask production’s assigned questions, listening to the F2 answer those silly questions (we all know the jurists have already decided who they’re voting for, right?), the sad faces, but, most of all, the happy faces … relieved that this season is over and they can go back to their mundane, but happy, lives. RIP BB16.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to know just how many people have ever changed their mind about their vote after the question/answer deal?

    • Sadly some of them try really hard to capitalize on their 15min of fame by doing the party & promo tours with other reality stars. In essence it’s a parade of models, actors and minor celebs who really hope to get a shot at doing something big for CBS again… I really hope certain people don’t get pulled into that like Nicole or Donny. I was sad that Michelle (season 11 I think?) got pulled into it and quit her career as a physicist and educator to go on the party tour.

  11. Hasn’t Derrick had a f2 with Cody since almost Day 1? Seems like he didn’t even talk to Vic that much in the beginning

      • @Joni Oh I thought Derrick and Cody were talking at least the first week. I remember them playing pool and whispering and planning. I know it is a game and all, but thisis why I hope it is Derrick and Cody F2. I feel Cody should win because Cody won when he had to. OBTW I spell my name like yours.

      • I am hoping it’s Derrick and Cody too, but I’m not sure Derrick’s strategy or should I say overthinking of what he believes the jury might do that could go against him if he takes Cody. Cody was well liked by many in the jury, whereas Vic wasn’t and could end up being a double-edged sword as well for him if he chooses her on the basis she was just a pawn for him. We shall soon find out. I can only pray Cody makes that decision for him by winning round 3 and choosing Derrick over Vic rather than Derrick winning!

      • So if Derrick picks Vic, it is going to go down as the last two players were one was never put on the block, and the other not winning a comp. I don’t consider her winning the one that Caleb gave to her the Veto.

      • Yeh, me neither! So yeh, that’s basically what Derrick will be faced with if he takes her with him. But I have a weird feeling when it comes to Derrick…especially with him going on and on about Vic begging him to choose her over Cody..blah, blah, blah the last couple days. He complains about her going on and on, yet it takes two to tango, right? I hope he’s not complaining to Cody and then ends up betraying him in the end if he happens to win the last round against him. I’ve not ever heard Derrick complain this much.

      • I haven’t found too many Joni’s that spell their name this way. My mother named me after Joni James (I never heard of her even when my mother gave me a CD of her songs years ago), so I tell people I was named after Joni Mitchell who’s alive and well today! LOL

      • What’s funny is that’s not her real name..just a variation of her middle name! Roberta Joan Anderson…even weirder is her maiden name is the same as my married name. And Joni James isn’t her real name either…it was Giovanna Carmella Babbo…now that’s a mouth full! LOL

      • Too funny. i wanted to ask you. I missed all three shows last week. my 3 month old grandson was in the hospital. We did dvred them. Any of them worth watching?

      • If you don’t mind watching D and C playing 24 rounds of pool which is basically what they’re left doing, so I FF through all of those. So not really! LOL

      • Sorry to hear about your grandson. It’s tough when babies are in the hospital. My granddaughter was born 3 months early last December, and only had to stay there until she gained the weight she needed. She’s now a chunky monkey at 9 mos. old and never had one setback since coming home! I’ll pray your grandson gets well soon!

  12. so I just found out BB Canada starts tonight I did not see season one but I will give season 2 a chance lol

    • Season one finale was hilarious. The winner determined by a voting error by one of the jurors….best yet….because the juror didn’t pay attention when the rules were announced she ended up voting against her friend for the win! Ha!

  13. I am tired of whiny Victoria I wish production would let Derrick tell her like he wants to. She is not going to give up until it smacks her in the face.

    • just had to shut off BBAD as she is still at it with both Cody and Derrick. I bet they wish right now that they would have kept Caleb, or they could gag her until Wed. Feel kinda sorry for Cody, but Derrick deserves every bit of the crap she is throwing at him

      • I wish they would go back to when they had the F2 HG’s in the house alone for like a week or least they could celebrate and have a good time. Victoria is ruining Cody and Derrick’s final days in the house. They can’t celebrate anything. She is so annoying.

  14. I am a relatively new BB fan, so has there ever been anyone that made it to F2 having never been on the block?

    • From another fan site: -By winning part 2, this means Derrick will make it to Day 97, finale night, without being nominated. If he wins part 3, he will be the first HG never to be nominated and only the third person to reach the Final 2 without ever facing a possible eviction, the others being season 4’s Allison Irwin and season 5’s Drew Daniel.

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