Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 10 Sunday Highlights


Sunday was a busy day for the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds as there was actually a lot of game talk about making a big move that could actually shake up the game finally. But then Caleb went to the Diary Room and came out with his mind almost completely changed.

There was a lot of talk about what almost might/could/maybe/probably won’t happen at Monday’s veto ceremony. But with these flip-floppers, anything is possible. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 31, 2014:

9:45 AM BBT – Christine and Frankie are the only ones up. Discussions of getting some Advil and going back to bed. Looks like the drinking may have taken its toll.

10:58 AM BBT – Derrick is getting a lot of hollas from production.

12:06 PM BBT – BB asks Victoria if she washed her hands after she used the restroom.

1:45 PM BBT – Victoria is telling Derrick about Christine telling her not to fold Derrick’s clothes because he has a preferred way of folding. Victoria says she wants to slap Christine.

2:12 PM BBT – Photobooth is open. HGs start taking photos with the BB selfies.

2:45 PM BBT – Caleb tells Nicole he thinks if he gets to the end he will win the game.

3:20 PM BBT – Caleb mentions putting up Frankie when Christine uses the veto on herself. He tells Derrick that they need to look at who can beat them at competitions at the end. Caleb says Frankie is more likely to beat them than Nicole. He adds that he doesn’t trust Frankie as far as he can throw him.

3:30 PM BBT – Frankie backdoor talk continues, but Derrick isn’t agreeing with Caleb. He says it’s too early for a move like that. He says they at least to talk to Cody about all of this.

3:40 PM BBT – Derrick continues to shut Caleb down, but Caleb is making a strong case that Frankie going is better for his game and Cody’s game. He thinks Frankie will come after him and Cody before anyone else because he doesn’t seem him wasting an HOH on Victoria and Frankie and Christine are really close.

4:30 PM BBT – HGs just enjoying the weather and the hot tub. No game talk.

5:50 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick are talking about how Cody told Caleb about Frankie and Christine’s final two and how he was mad. Derrick tells Cody that Caleb isn’t interested in putting Frankie up this week though.

6:30 PM BBT – Caleb and Cody are in the HOH room and start to talk game but Christine comes up. Caleb sees her on her way up and mentions how she won’t give them any time alone.

7:30 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick he’s going to tell Frankie he wants HIS HOH room to himself for a change.

7:33 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick that Cody thinks all the same things about Frankie that he does. Derrick still thinks they get Frankie after Nicole.

7:40 PM BBT – More fans are shouting at the backyard. They all go inside and are then locked down. The fans said that Frankie was destroying them in the Diary Room.

8:29 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick he heard exactly what the fan shouted about Frankie. Derrick continues to push for Frankie to stay.

8:47 PM BBT – Cody and Caleb decide they really need to talk and decide to lock the HOH door to get privacy. They think Nicole will target CHristine if they send home Frankie. They say they need to talk to her to make sure that’s what she does.

8:56 PM BBT – They let Derrick in the HOH room and he pulls out his “Devil’s Adovcate” bit about keeping Frankie. He’s talking about how close Nicole and Victoria are and says they girls might come after the guys. Cody tells Derrick that Frankie is a bigger threat than Nicole.

9:04 PM BBT – Frankie goes up to the HOH room and breaks up the talk.

9:55 PM BBT – Derrick and Caleb resume their talk. Derrick is still unsure. He says he needs to ask Nicole who she would put up next week before Caleb makes his decision.

10:08 PM BBT – Frankie is back to break up the talk.

10:33 PM BBT – Derrick is now doing that thing where he plants seeds to Victoria that he’s working on something to keep her off the block. That means he’s conceding to Caleb’s backdoor Frankie plan. He asks Victoria who he thinks Nicole would target. Victoria says Cody. She also says she thinks Derrick is working with Cody and Christine. Derrick plays it off and says he likes Cody but that doesn’t meant they’re working together.

11:10 PM BBT – Caleb and Cody are talking again. Caleb says he is torn because he doesn’t want to make a bad decision. Cody thinks they can beat Nicole over Frankie in competitions and also doesn’t think she’ll work with Christine.

11:17 PM BBT – Frankie pops in again, breaking up their discussion.

12:02 AM BBT – Caleb is acting distant and Frankie notices. He asks what’s going on. Caleb plays it off.

12:24 AM BBT – Derrick is doing the same thing to Nicole that he did to Victoria. He’s telling her that he’s working on something that could keep her. He asks who she’d nominate. She says Christine with Victoria as a pawn. She swears to him that she would not nominate him.

12:36 AM BBT – Frankie tells Caleb that Nicole said Caleb wanted to sit next to Cody in the final two. Frankie asks him if it’s true. Caleb just says any of the four of them would be good.

12:37 AM BBT – Nicole has changed who she would nominate to Christine and Cody. Derrick says he’ll see what he can do.

12:45 AM BBT – Caleb tells Frankie he currently is comfortable or trusting of anyone not putting him up. Frankie is offended he doesn’t even trust him. Caleb said it’s getting to the point in the game where someone is going to have to make a move.

12:50 AM BBT – Derrick tells Cody he is officially on board with backdooring Frankie. They talk about what a big move it is and they wish it was happening on their watch. They say that will score Caleb points with the jury.

2:13 AM BBT – Caleb is still torn on what to do and Derrick isn’t pushing one way or the other. He says he’ll probably put Victoria up and they can send Nicole home.

2:45 AM BBT – Cody pushing that Frankie is more dangerous than Nicole but if Caleb is convinced that Frankie will remain loyal then they can keep him.

3:30 AM BBT – Discussion continues with Caleb wavering but Derrick and Cody continue to push for it.

3:55 AM BBT – Derrick suggests that if Caleb puts up Frankie and they change their minds then they could still keep Frankie at that point. Caleb says that’s not a good idea and if Frankie goes up then he needs to go home.

4:07 AM BBT – Guys all agree that Frankie should go.

4:15 AM BBT – Cody says they should table it for the night, go to bed, and then reconvene in the morning. Caleb agrees and wants them to come back up when the music plays for one last chance to discuss. Derrick asks if they really need to do that.

4:20 AM BBT – Derrick heads downstairs and updates Victoria who was sitting in the kitchen alone and painting.

4:30 AM BBT – Cody and Caleb settle in for sleep as Caleb continues to waffle. Derrick asks Victoria to wake him up with the music so he can continue to work on the plan with the guys.

A backdoor plan is in full swing here and still looks uncertain as Caleb worries about the consequences. Once we’ve got Derrick on board here then they just need to get behind Caleb and push. Let’s see what happens in the morning.

So it looks like we’ll just have more of the same this week and Big Brother 16 will continue to more of the same. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. I so hope Caleb has the guts to carry out the “Frankie Backdoor Plan” He’s becoming a disgusting player like Spencer.

  2. Wow, Derrick sure has control over his stepson and nephew (Cody and Caleb). I wonder why neither of them questions Derrick’s push to keep Frankie. They have and had strong case evict him. Derrick suck at competitions, do they see that and he controlled most of the HOH plans. Hopefully, Caleb put Frankie up and they evict him. He needs to play Beast Mode Cowboys game not Uncle Derrick’s game.

  3. Caleb thinks America would be mad at him for evicting Frankie?!?! Oh, Caleb, you couldn’t be more wrong! Besides, you need to stop playing for AFP and play for what is best for your game. BD Frankie now, please!

    • I know!! If only Caleb knew how much more America would like him if he evicted Frankie this week – he would do it in a heartbeat. They all have no idea that America has turned on Frankie and want him gone ASAP.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re right. I hope not and Caleb will get mad if they keep pushing him NOT to nominate Frankie. Depends on how many times he gets called to DR this morning.

    • This could very well be a problem for Caleb if they have stepped in. However, I would have told Derrick it is Frankie or you, which one do you want me to do?

  4. Thanks Branden, 2nd thing I check every morning. What the heck am I going to do in 3 weeks? Survivor doesn’t have daily updates.

  5. I really think Derrick wants to be the HOH that takes Frankie out. It’s the only explanation of him going against the plan that clearly everyone else is on board with for the second week in a row.

  6. Nicole is still going to get evicted you watch. These ninnies still think they can float their entire alliance to the Final 2! It isn’t happening ninnies! Also, watch Frankie win HOH and put Derrick and Cody up! I will be laughing my head off if Derrick gets evicted by Frankie. That would be so ironic!

    • Totally agree! This BD plan is not happening today. If Frankie wins the 1st HOH on Thursday..Cody is going up. I think he may protect Derrick a little longer since he is TA.

      • Yeah I genuinely think Frankie has Derrick’s best interest in mind. One – he’s Team America. Two – both their grandfathers passed away. And three – Frankie thinks he can beat Derrick come Final 2.

      • Frankie won’t beat anyone he’s with in the F2. Will not happen, but, I don’t want him getting 50K either. Not with his vile behavior in the house.

      • Exactly, Frankie has said on more than one occasion that he trusts Derrick the most out of anyone left in the house.

    • If it’s Cody against Derrick, what makes you think Derrick would go home before Cody? Victoria would vote to keep Derrick, Christine to keep Cody and Caleb would more than likely vote to keep Derrick too. Given that Cody wins more competitions, Cody would more than likely be going home. People just trust Derrick too much…

  7. I think production is on board with backdooring Frankie as well. They didn’t give him a very flattering edit on last night’s show at all.

    • Why wouldn’t they anyway? They can’t edit out all of the the villainy he displayed the past week and it’s already showing in his DR sessions.

      I just have to laugh at one of his confessionals the other day when he was telling BB why Operation Save Donny wouldn’t work, all the while putting on make-up to tone his skin.

    • Why would production wish him to go? It gives them someone to villianize, gives viewers someone to root against… his shoes would be hard to fill after he leaves for sure. Christine is no villian, she is just an annoying, oblivious, and promiscuous married woman. Instead of good vs evil when Donny was in the house, it is now evil vs. nobody I can really find to root for.

  8. Caleb DO NOT bd Frankie. You leave Nicole and Christine and either of them will put you up. Put up Victoria and let Nicole go. Frankie is in lust with you and will not put you up. It does not help to make a big play if you are gone the next week. Not that anything matters. Derrick has this and deserves it. I think he is the only one smart enough to endorse the check.

    • My point exacty, why put Frankie against the wall this coming HOH? We seen him win before when he was on his last leg, no reason to motivate this guy for the HOH on DE night.

  9. “Derrick still thinks they get Frankie after Nicole.” — This guy is always on point.

    Derrick is on the money with when to take out his opponents. The loose ends are really only Frankie and Christine after Nicole exits. Would be easy to play Frankie against Christine, boring season but Derrick definitely has good foresight. This week is in the bag, all that has to happen is Frankie to NOT win HOH at DE if Nicole leaves and he will hopefully be sent home faster than he can strike a pose for the camera.

  10. Even though Nicole said she would put up Cody, his closest ally; Derrick is still on board with keeping her, CRAZY! Cody would go up as a pawn against Christine who is the target but if she wins POV then 2 of the guys would have to go up. Why has no one thought of this? You get Nicole this week ( to split her up from Victoria) and Frankie or Christine next, or during the DE. It should be a no brainer

  11. I think Frankie pissed a lot of people off when he blamed TEAM AMERICA failures on Donny! that was a dumb ass move & wrong. It was his stupid idea for the “play” to mock the other players. Bad idea. Who needed to see him in drag?

    I’m sick of Christine crawling on Cody! So happy to hear her family & goofy husband are pissed. After I saw her 12 year old looking husband with those stupid holes in his ear trying to look tough I could see why she was needing a real mans attention. I say their divorced in12 months.

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