Big Brother 16 Episode 30 Recap: Even More Of The Same


I feel like I’m writing the same Big Brother 16 recap over and over and over. Do you guys feel like you’re watching the same episode over and over and over? All summer long, Big Brother 16 has just been more of the same. And this week is no different.

The episode picks up in the middle of the slippery Head of Household competition. But we get a flashback to just before last week’s eviction where Frankie is begging the other housguests to keep Donny over Nicole. But I’m not sure what the point in this footage is because it didn’t happen. We also get footage of Nicole finding out what Frankie was trying to do.

Apparently this was all to build suspense for us. You know, get us thinking that maybe Nicole might just win this HOH. But that’s not what happens at all and Big Brother has wasted our time once again. In the end, Caleb fills up his snowman first and wins Head of Household. He’s not feeling too well after it (and neither is anyone else), but he’s got the key this week.

It’s time for Frankie and Derrick to talk about how America didn’t vote for them and for Frankie to work his magic on the non-Live Feed watchers by looking into the camera and telling America he does not care what we think. So there you go, non-Feed watchers, there’s a look at the Frankie a majority of fans have been watching all summer. He doesn’t care that you liked Donny. He only cares about himself.

And the Frankie crap carries over to the rest of the people in the house. Frankie gets upset when BB tells Nicole to put her microphone on and says she’s talking game. Christine says maybe she’s not talking game. So Frankie then goes on on Christine for defending Nicole when that’s not what she was doing at all. It’s nice to see Frankie’s true colors coming out in the TV edit.

But Frankie isn’t the only one over Christine. Victoria is annoyed by Christine finding everything funny. She says that Christine’s giggles are fake and that she laughs 24/7. So we get a very annoying montage of her laughter.

Nicole gets to work on Caleb. She tells him that she doesn’t have anyone in the game, so she is free to offer her complete loyalty to him. She tells him she doesn’t understand why she’s such a target. He tells that she’s good at the game and has won the most competitions. She reminds him of his strong record too and says they’d make a great team. Nicole doesn’t get anywhere because Frankie made sure to let everyone know that Nicole gave Christine advice in the HOH competition. Sorry, Nicole, there’s not changing the minds of this group of HGs. Not this summer.

As if Christine’s giggle segment wasn’t annoying enough, we get one on Derrick’s latest punishment. He won the $5,000 and 5,000 “hollas” for the rest of the summer. Yay for the most annoying episode of the entire season.

It’s Have-Not time. Which I think is the first time we’ve seen it on the episodes this season. Derrick volunteers to be a have-not to try to off-set his $5K win. And since no one volunteers, Caleb picks NIcole. And that’s her second week in a row. So it leaves her in tears and Frankie again gets what he wants (it was his idea even though he’s only been a have-not once).

So Nicole is obviously going up on the block, but who is going up next to her? Christine is the one everyone is looking at, but Cody needs to keep her off the block because she’ll never come after him. So Cody tries to work Caleb and even suggests Frankie, but we all know that only Derrick has any control in the house. So even though Frankie going up would be sweet, sweet television, it doesn’t happen.


At the nomination ceremony, Caleb goes with Nicole and Christine as nominees.



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  1. So happy they finally showed the real frankie on the show. I was a little curious as to why they quit giving him a good edit so I got on google. Turns out TMZ posted an article this morning about frankies rape “joke”. Victorias family wants him and his whole family to apologize.

    • He will not mean it if he is made to apologize- What would hurt him is to be “put of the BB house by CBS” No punishment would ever be enough for me.

      • Oh I know, he will do it only because his sisters PR rep will tell him to to lighten the backlash. He has no sympathy or remorse for anything he has done or said in there or he wouldn’t still be doing it.

    • remember he said to the camera he doesn’t care if America doesn’t like him I mean after all his sister is famous

      • And he still thinks he is going to win America’s favorite player. Oh how I can’t wait to see his face when they announce that Donny wins. I hope they do a close up on him when it is announced. That will be the highlight of my day lol

    • Did I miss CBS’ apology for dropping the ball on yesterday’s fiasco? Or did CBS just add insult to injury by not even mentioning it? Hmmm, let’s review CBS’ response….
      1. They let it go on for way to long.
      2. We’ve heard nothing about them even reprimanding the HGs in DR.
      3. They let the offending HGs stay in the house, instead of expelling them.
      4. They gave the HGs a SECOND round of alcohol knowing that Victoria, Cody and Caleb had already been drinking.
      5. They failed to even mention the incident, let alone apologize!

      Did I miss anything?

      • Nope that sounds pretty spot on to me. They may have Julie say something about it on thursday though. If I am remembering correctly, thats how they handled the Aaryn situation.

      • I don’t remember what exactly was said, but they did address the situation since it was all over a bunch of different news articles. Basically a shitty attempt to cover their own butts, without actually doing anything about it.

      • Welcome to big business social media & entertainment. We’ll provide everything for you including a pile of disclaimers! ;)

    • Ugh… I was genuinely disgusted when I saw the clip- disgusted. No excuse for that. Makes me want to take a shower and get cleaned off just thinking of it.

  2. Check out TMZ..Victoria’s family is really upset about the “rape jokes’ and demanding an apology. This is not good even for Ariana.

    • they want Arianna to apologize too, which IMO is not necessary. She wasn’t there and did not say it, but it would probably be in her best interest to make some kind of disclaimer to the effect that she in no way supports or condones his behavior. Her new cd just came out and this could hurt the sales, but on the other hand it may help them as people love controversy

      • Last season it was the racial remarks that was headlining, this season it’s the “rape joke” Haven’t they learn from last season. You’re on TV and become a public eye. Be mindful on how you carry yourself in the house, Their are repercussions..

        You can play the game and be a decent person.

      • Well said my friend! Though personally I cannot bring myself to be their judge, but I do agree with the sentiment that it IS possible to hold your head high in the house and play a solid game. Donny did fairly well, Jordan won the game, and others have made a good stab at it. What they need is more people with smarts & awareness to give us somebody to cheer for. We’ve seen enough of the spoiled brats, self-proclaimed evil masterminds, and of course enough of the wannabe models & actors.

      • Isn’t the saying there is no such thing as bad publicity I think this is the exception though. This bad.

    • Without seeing it I thought it might not be a big deal. You know, they’re trapped in the house for days on end. But then I watched it. I wanted to smack him. Hard. He thinks he is funny. You can tell by the way he looks at the camera. Starting to feel like I did with Aaryn last year.

      • have you ever noticed that almost every time he says or does something he looks at the camera.

    • Yep considering more than half the articles on the internet have Ariana’s name beside Frankie’s when referring to the rape joke. Frankie’s family is still quiet on this one which also looks bad for ariana considering every other time she has been quick to come to his defence idk maybe she thinks being quiet and not speaking about it is better for her if that is the case she needs to fire her publicist.

      • OMG. Are you kidding me. Those paparazzi are ruthless. lol They will stalk her for answers.

      • Good I hope so. Not that it is her fault what Frankie does but I want to see her stumble through whatever she has to say I hope she condemns her brother from it and says how disgusting the remark is it would hurt Frankie that his sister threw him under the bus and hurt his “public image” that in his own head is wonderful

      • I wonder how Ariana & co. Thought this would turn out… Bet they’re praying for the reprieve of him finally getting evicted now.

  3. His joke was tasteless for sure but demanding his sister and parents apologize is ridiculous. The person that should be apologizing is Frankie.

    • Yep, I think Frankie’s parent need to come out and say they do not condone it. That be good for him and his sister.

    • The demand to make Ariana Grande apologize is simply to get the opportunity to meet her. I know a lot of people who would do the exact same thing that Victoria’s family is doing.

      Not that it excuses Frankie, of course. He SHOULD apologize, but the rest of his family has nothing to do with his actions while they are in the house and should be left alone.

  4. Looks like Derrick isn’t ready for Frankie to go yet…Caleb was talking he was ready for it Derrick shot that down

    • The only reason i can see for Derrick to keep him around is that he figures he can beat him in final two. I really don’t know what his reasoning is.

      • BB has been known to try to sway housegusts in the DR to either vote someone out or vote to keep them. I think after all this bad publicity that has stirred up around frankie, they may stop trying to protect him and try to sway housegusts to vote him out. Up until tonights episode they have only shown frankie in a good light on the show. Now they are starting to show how vile he can really be. I think even BB production is ready for him to go.

      • Isn’t it incredible how the script has flipped? He started out as a BB darling and now he is almost universally loathed.

      • When BBAD came on a few minutes ago I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Glad you heard it too cause I thought I was dreaming!

      • … Either hell just froze over or a miracle has truly taken place and we’re about to get some action this week.

      • Sounds great,but if these idiots remain true to form, they will change their minds 5 or 6 times before veto ceremony tomorrow. Just don’t want to get my hopes up that we might see some action in this game yet

  5. What about the cop Derrick who is also laughing about gang rape? Everyone in that room laughing should be reprimanded in some way and ?frankie needs to be sent home bypassing the jury house. All of them are vulgar and crude most of the time! Christina as a women should have been the most offended but no one has the balls to tell Frankie to shut his mouth!

      • Huh? Well she hasn’t been rubbing on any of the girls. I will say, if her husband weren’t such a laid-back, gentle guy, she’d be facing a very unpleasant reunion.

      • Hello bi-sexual means she likes women and men. Cody is a threat so Christine going to flirt with him more! But, think she was close to Nicole until Nicole got close to Hayden!

      • I think after the rape joke Derrick will be facing some kind of reprimand or suspension at the very least if he is lucky enough to keep his job

      • Yup It happened last season. They’re on TV 24/7 and we’re not That’s the difference.

      • Did you check out the article I mentioned about ariana a ad if you did. Did you see the similarities that I saw or I am I reading too much into it

      • Let’s hope he doesn’t. He’s a scary copy. Wouldn’t trust him not to twist testimony or manipulate a jury. His behavior and willingness to do whatever it takes to get money could give the local defense attorneys a field day in court, if he’s a witness on their cases. He has to be viewed as ‘tainted’ now.

    • When I watched the video, I wasn’t sure that Derrick was talking about rape. Frankie had made the joke about the zingbot having sex and he was laughing at the thought of how that would look. He did make the comment about her father seeing this on the feeds. Frankie kept going but I think Derrick was more trying to move the conversation to zingbot. Maybe I will watch it again but my original take was that Derrick was trying to sway the topic.

      • When I watched it I thought Derrick was the one who brought up zingbot but I could be wrong I could only stomach watching it once and barely at that

      • Derrick, being a cop, married and having a daughter himself should have shut it down immediately instead of letting the conversation go on. For cripes sake, someone in this house has to be an adult!

      • It was Derrick that brought up Zingbot. It was right after Frankie said that he could do it in drag with the beer goggles on.

  6. Earlier today we were discussing Frankie’s crass behaviour on the Saturday highlights page. Several people were wondering what is family thought still nothing from them on that front. Then somebody asked if Frankie’s whole family was messed up like Frankie. I found an article about Ariana now I’m not comparing it to the rape comments made by Frankie. But it talks about a lot of similarities between her and her brother not in so many words. But talks about how she is diva with crazy demands does whatever she wants never explains herself or apologizes. Oh and has a serious hate on for Mariah Carey as she feels she was dissed by her. Apparently you can’t even mention Mariah’s name in her presence without her going off. The article was on celeb buzz called there is a “problem” with Ariana Grande. Here is the link check it out and tell me if you can see the same similarities I saw between her and her brother. www dot celebuzz dot com/2014-08-28/ariana-grande-diva-behavior/ obviously the dots are real ones. I had to post it this way so my comment wasn’t held for approval.

  7. Frankie was appauling…..that is not a joke or funny one bit and for everyone else in the room is disgusting!!! Derrick should have put a stop to it with him being a cop…..I would not want him to be a cop for my town after the way he acted. Doesn’t he have a daughter… would he feel if that would be said about his daughter?

  8. The only thing interesting about tonight’s show was Frankie’s edit. They didn’t even try to disguise his behavior since last Thursday after the live show. Otherwise, this episode was a combination of boring and depressing (I can’t STAND watching Nicole cry – I hate that she feels so defeated).

    • I missed the first 15 mins and I forgot to set it to record but I font feel like I missed much as at the 15 minute mark after it came back from commercial they were still showing hoh comp

      • You missed nothingggggg. They spent way too long on the hob comp. apparently absolutely nothing occurred in the course of four days.

    • I wonder if they are going to put up the disclaimer they had to use last year. I am beyond disgusted with Frankie and all the other houseguest that just sat there and didn’t really try and stop him. They all have moms, most of them have sisters and Derrick has a daughter. Can they even imagine how heartbreaking it is for an innocent victim to go through that?

  9. Frankie is the most disguting man and i say that loosely on the planet! His rape was not funny at all ! I hope he gets kicked out of the house because that would be the worst possible out come for him!

    • I’m still hoping that CBS will be pressured to expel him… no TA $, no jury, no stipend… nothing but shame.

      • I wish they would do that to! That joke was beyond disgusting as a survivor of rape myself there shouldn’t be jokes about rape at all! He deserves to be gone!

      • I am truly sorry and can relate. We have been dealing with Frankie inapproately touching, grabbing and talking to all the HGS. I have said long ago this needs to stop. The I love you and hugging to the point where a HGS is uncomfortable, he keeps pressing. He pushing his way in bed, and even the restroom. At the beginning of the season everyone was worried about Caleb and Amber. It was addressed, and Frankie is getting away with bloody murder every week.

      • Very true if it was a guy doing these things to a girl something would have been done already it’s like production is afraid of offending someone if they put a stop to it

      • I agree with you all the way!! I am also a survivor of rape and that was disgusting and disrespectful.

  10. Does anyone know if the jury members have access to BB house once they are evicted? I know they can watch parts of the T.V. show but what about Internet access? If Frankie gets BD’d I hope he tells them about the rape joke. If Victoria is F2 she may win the 500K. I would give her my vote. Rape is not a joke…only asshole Frankie would think that!!!

    • Jury house is just like BB house, no internet or phones. Tv is only used to watch the dvd that the evicted housegust brings

  11. I don’t think Frankie is aware of what happened outside
    hes not mentioned it since I been watching
    but Cody Caleb and Derrick were all 3 called to DR after the incident

  12. On BBAD Frankie in walking around in a blue crash test dummy suit. Little does he know his game will be crashed, and the door will hit him is the a$$. Celeb, Cody and Derrick talking the HOH comparing notes, too the point Caleb is making a Frankie take a seat veto speech.

      • yeah, the attention whore. Well, the joke will soon be on Frankie, when Caleb makes him the replacement nom. King Derrick already said to Nicole yesterday not to quit, he is working on something and will talk later. But, no promises.

      • Is it bad if I suggest they use Frankie as an actual crash test dummy as punishment for his vile month. In a survivable crash though and he can use the seat belt. I don’t want to put his family through losing him so soon after his grandfather.

        Ok I am being sarcastic here I don’t actually want to see that but it was nice to think about for a few seconds.

      • Lol ok now maybe I can say spare him but barely lol

        Nobody deserves that IMO but he he shouldn’t be getting away with it Scott free either

      • Believe me the guys are thinking about their games being attached to that. Plus, Frankie is yet again digging his grave with his world travels, money and experiences…keep doing that Frankie. Cody is done, and Caleb is going to tell Frankie too kicks rocks tonight. He wants to sleep in the HOH room/bed by himself.

      • Caleb should almost grin and bear Frankie up there tonight otherwise Frankie might figure out he is jeopardy and start campaigning and sway some people to keeping him or be able to talk his way out of what people are yelling

      • That has already been talked about. Derrick, Caleb, and Cody all agree. Cody says he will have Christine on board, Derrick says Victoria will agree.

      • Let’s hope that Frankie really does go over the top with the boys to the point where they won’t back out. I know they’ll back out even though they’ve set the plan in motion for a backdoor scenario. What we need is for 1 or 2 of them to get really angry with Frankie so that they don’t back out last minute.

      • We all need to make sure we have champagne for Thursday night so we can toast if Frankie is booted

      • Looks pretty good that it could happen as of now as long as they don’t listen to anything Frankie says after being renomd

      • Love it…holla let the door hit you n the A$$ Frankie. Holla you got backdoored by the most loyal guy in the house. Holla burn!

      • Emma, I haven’t been watching feeds. I checked the yelling incident, but is the backdoor Frankie confirmed now or it’s just talk?..nothing is for sure yet?

      • It is looking very promising. Derrick, Cody and Caleb. Caleb is strong in thought that Frankie will target him, and he wants to pull the trigger first.

      • It has to happen first and they can’t let him know that he is /maybe nomed…..This is gonna be tricky but they can do it if they keep their heads together..

    • I thought it was funny how frankie came in while they were talking about backdooring him and frankie starts talking about how this is their last week to backdoor someone since they will all play in the rest of the vetos. I laughed so hard at that :)

      • It was funny, plus the had the audacity to make the Victoria seat speech, then make fun of Nicole to Derrick. Derrick had enough, excused himself with Nicole eating mushrooms by herself, I don’t want her to do that. Of course Frankie couldn’t handle that, asked for help off the bed from Derrick and ran downstairs with him.

      • You gotta admit he’s got a pretty good sixth sense about when NOT to leave Derrick alone with anyone.

  13. Derrick did say earlier and made it clear to Cody & Caleb
    that if they put Frankie on the block that he had to be voted out
    there is no letting him stay

  14. King Derrick hasn’t given the final stamp of approval yet and I think he will talk Caleb right out of it.

      • Sort of. What irritated me is when Derrick is wishy washy. He throws out that 3 girl and 3 guys will be left. Pfffttt, Shut up Derrick…Caleb is thinking. Just saying, Caleb know he is Frankie’s target duh.

      • He keeps saying he is all for it..but, then puts out all of these different scenarios on what might happen this week with DE and Nicole. The only reason he is wavering is because of TA. If he puts up to much resistance Cody and Caleb may start to wonder why..If Cody and Caleb approve, which they do, then majority rules!

    • Celeb and Derrick are in HOH talking. it is so good. Looks like Frankie. Derrick is wavering…stop it Derrick. Frankie just came in, game talk stopped.

      • What Derrick is afraid of is that Frankie will worm his way out of an eviction.
        If Frankie goes up and does not leave he will go after Caleb Derrick and Cody with all hes got.. Derrick said if they put Frankie up he has to go….no second guesses

      • Exactly. They are just solidifying that Frankie will definitely go and agreeing no matter what. Plus, if you can see the feeds Frankie is grating on everyone’s nerves. No one is talking game to him. the room clearing has already started when Frankie come in. It’s priceless and funny.

      • Oh my sweet sweet Emma, you know last minute that the boys will switch their minds and go with Nicole. Give it another 2 weeks until they turn on Frankie.

      • they can’t wait another 2 weeks if Frankie gets HOH 2 of 3 will go up
        and D & C & C know this is Frankies plan

      • Julie … you said “Frankie will go after …… with all he’s got” What does he have? Nothing. It’s at least 3 against 1 (not counting Vic, Chris and Nic). Frankie is nothing and he has nothing.

  15. The plotting is going good, king Derrick and beast mode Caleb. Woo hoo. Come on, please. Caleb is thinking to pull the trigger before Frankie does on him.

    • Why doesn’t Caleb just ask Nicole who she would target? Derrick could lie and tell Caleb she said him..and that would end any BD talk.

      • Derrick wants it quiet. Caleb will no even share this with any of the girls. They want Frankie to be surprised and then they know he will explode…and it will be an easy evict Frankie.

      • I don’t have the live feeds. Is Nicole’s target really cody? Or is Victoria finally starting to break away from Derrick?

      • They were talking about Cody being obnoxious at times and they both talked about evicting him
        Nicoles real target is Christine at this time

      • Does it matter Dana? Victoria is the stupidest player i have ever seen on this show and i have been watch BB since season 1

  16. I just read a quote that gives me hope Frankie will get his here it is. “Selfish people lose so much in life, because even when they realize they are wrong, they don’t know how to ask for forgiveness or show regrets”

  17. This has been the worst BB Ever!!!! They may have another season but many of us will never watch again. I question what the producers have & have not been thinking. Not good taste for sure. After Nicole leaves there will not be one decent person in the house!

  18. Watched BBAD tonight/this morning: In the HOH room Caleb was not bowing down to Derrick about backdooring Frankie. Cody was there also and he was backing Caleb. I hope Caleb doesn’t have a change of heart before the veto meeting!

  19. On BBAD Christine shouts out to her mom and dad but ignores her husband Tim guess she has Cody on the brain

  20. I really hate that competition. Not just because they do it every year and need new ones but because someone could really get hurt. That’s not entertaining to me. I know some like seeing people fall down over and over but I hate it. And Frankie, when he said Donny didn’t do his part at TA challenges and was the weak link. I wanted to reach in and yell at him.

  21. For those that don’t have feeds
    Derrick and Cody shook hands and agreed to backdoor Frankie….

  22. Frankie also said this, early this Mon morning:
    Mon 2:03 AM BBTFra: There’s no need for it to be in this movie… all of a sudden there’s a rape scene. What?! It’s great. You have to watch it. NT – MattSF
    Mon 2:03 AM BBTFrankie: Humans technically don’t need sleep. You can’t die from sleep deprivation. NT – PowerofVito
    Mon 2:02 AM BBTDerrick telling Caleb that Christine is a better competitor than Nicole. NT – eureca
    Mon 2:01 AM BBTCod shaking head to Fra about rape scenes. Fra: Why? You don’t like rape scenes?!? Cod: They have no need to be in a movie. NT – MattSF
    Mon 2:00 AM BBTDerrick talking to Caleb alone in the HOH room about if he is gonna backdoor Frankie or not. NT – eureca
    Mon 1:59 AM BBTCod: There’s a rape scene? Fra: Yeah. Cod: Naw. I don’t have to watch that. Fra: You HAVE to watch it. NT – MattSF
    Mon 1:57 AM BBTFrankie talking about Showgirls: There’s a rape scene that ends up being so ridiculously graphic. NT – MattSF

  23. Does Frankie have something on all the guys? I think he has slept with all of them at one time or another.

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