Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 7 Wednesday Highlights


It was another slow day in the Big Brother 16 house as Nicole realized there’s no hope left for her. The HGs did start getting some frightening clues to tonight’s Head of Household competition that lead to some quite entertaining Live Feeds. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 13, 2014:

9:30 AM BBT – Some of the HGs are up after the wakeup call, but they start going hack to bed.

9:50 AM BBT – Nicole tells Donny if she’s going home she’d like to know so she has a chance to enjoy her last day in the house.

10:37 AM BBT – Frankie, Derrick and Christine talk about Nicole’s fate.

2:11 PM BBT – Nothing going on in the house. Donny and Caleb are the only two up.

3:42 PM BBT – Nicole asks Zach if they got anywhere last night with Derrick and Cody (about keeping her). Zach says he has no idea.

4:14 PM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria that Nicole is going home.

4:55 PM BBT – Donny is packing his stuff.

6:50 PM BB – Nothing going on. HGs playing Jenga and other games.

9:12 PM BBT – Derrick tells Nicole she doesn’t have the votes to stay.

9:23 PM BBT – Nicole asks Cody and Zach if she has their votes. She wants to not be wearing athletic clothes if she has to go out and talk to Julie.

9:33 PM BBT – Cody talking about how when Nicole leaves he won’t be able to cuddle anyone. Caleb and Zach tell Cody that he does that with Christine. Cody says he doesn’t and says it would be inappropriate since she’s married (he does and we all know it). Caleb simulates with Zach how Cody and Christine sit. He tells Cody they bear hug. Cody denies it.

10:04 PM BBT – Zach mentions Victoria going up on the block next and Derrick quickly says no. People seem suspicious and Caleb asks why it would matter.

10:22 PM BBT – Donny and Nicole are making fun of the other HGs. They talk about how weird it is that Cody and Christine are always touching each other. Then they say Christine’s laugh gets on their nerves. Donny then imitates Cody’s baby voice and how he whines all the time.

11:11 PM BBT – Nicole screams after seeing a skeleton in the mirror in the kitchen.

11:25 PM BBT – HGs locked out of HOH and a ghost shows up in the bathroom mirror.

11:28 PM BBT – They all go into the fire room and turn the lights out and watch for more things in the mirrors. Ghosts appear. Everyone screaming and laughing.

11:44 PM BBT – Christine and Frankie see more ghosts in the storage room.

12:15 AM BBT – BB starts making announcements and giving clues to the next HOH on the TV screen (I think). HGs are all gathered around taking it all in. Feeds are cutting a lot. The clues are things like Zombie symptoms and zombie outbreaks in particular cities.

1:00 AM BBT – HGs still up and trying to remember times and locations in the clues. Donny wakes up and joins them. Frankie gets yelled at to stop writing down notes.

3:00 AM BBT – Nicole telling Cody how sad she is to be missing out on things yet to come like Zingbot. Says it’s tough as a fan to not get to be there for much of what’s left.

So Nicole is heading home tonight and the HOHs are in for a zombie-themed HOH. You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. Zombie-themed HOH? In that case, Victoria may actually have a chance of winning HOH … Ha !!! :)

  2. Well, there you in the heck is Frankie able to take notes? There are no pens or pencils in the house. Who wants to take bets that he wins one of the HOH’s tonight? Sounds like production told him to stop…but, with that little weasel..he is probably hiding them somewhere.

    • You would think, as a former dancer/actor, in a stage show, one would expect Frankie to have a p@rnographic memory … Ha !!!

      I am a bit disappointed with Frankie, as, if I recall in his “clean-slate” speech last Friday, that he wanted to play the rest of his Big Brother experience with integrity and honesty, in order to respect his millions and millions of fans and followers ….
      Hmmm …

    • Production knows that Donny goes to sleep earlier than the others. If they wanted all of the HGs to have an equal opportunity to win, why would they have waited until Donny was in bed? Do you think for one second that they would have given the information if Frankie had been asleep? For that matter, Frankie could have already been given the info prior to this, like in a DR visit. Is my paranoia working overtime here? I am honestly hoping that the information has nothing to do with the actual comp and at least for this one, that production interference is not an issue.

      • Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t understand why it’s productions job to make sure everyone is awake… If Donny goes to bed and isn’t awake for the clues, then Donny should wake up! I like Donny and actually wanted to see Nicole win because she actually was a player and a watcher. I don’t really think production is trying to mess up his game by playing these clues later…

      • Not taken the wrong way at all and it isn’t their job to wake someone up, but it should be their job to make sure that each player is equally informed. Donny has to put a lot of effort in trying to block out noise to enable him to sleep. If he is trying to sleep, how is he suppose to discern the usual chaos from something important? Should he stay up all night just in case something relevant happens? Should it be an unfair advantage to the other HGs because of his sleep schedule? Then maybe one morning about 11:00 they should give out all the information for the next HOH comp and see how that goes over.

      • I completely agree! He complained about how people are up all night long and he is the only one to keep a normal schedule and production “rewards” him by giving clues during abnormal waking hours. It is not fair. Poor Donny! I was just thinking how if I saw clues being given out, I would not call any other house guests into the room!

  3. I love memory-based games. Every details always count and tend to be nerve-wracking which makes for rattled housemates.

  4. NE one heard anything about evicted guests re-entering house…? Or is BB going to wait until Frankie gets the boot…then bring someone back…SMH

    • If there are now 4-5 jurors in the can in 2-3 weeks’ time, we might be able to see an evictee brought back via a comp or America’s vote, which way production chooses.

      • Bet it’s a comp like last year where they all play, the last one of the evicted still standing comes back. OR one evicted HG wins and becomes one of the two HOH

  5. worst season of BB ever…ill take racists over these dummies anyday…hiw can you be told multiple times about alliances and still not know whats going on…just saying

  6. For those of you who watched BBAD this morning, did you hear/catch what Nicole said to Donny, re: Cody and Christine ?? Pretty, a continuation of what was reported (above), but then Nicole said to Donny, something about not entirely recalling what she heard, but, Cody and Christine was doing whatever under a blanket/cover, then suddenly Christine pulls out her hands, and made some sort of comment about … “…..ewww, that it was really hard there … “… eeewwww !!!

    Nicole was indeed relaxed and wearing regular clothes again (ditched the sweat pants, etc) last night and enjoying her last night in the House, as she was pretty sure that she would be leaving at 7pm PT tonight …

    • I have no idea what is going on with those two, but Christine’s husband has every right to be FURIOUS with her! As for Cody, he has no business cuddling with a married woman. This season has been so weird with all the cuddling and petting going on.

      • Cody is a pig. He’s even acknowledged that he shouldn’t be doing all this stuff with Christine. It’s garbage. I feel terrible for Christine’s husband. But who knows, maybe he knew ahead of time that Christine flirts with other dudes, but nothing comes from it.

      • On BBAD, the other guys called him out on his cuddling with Christine and Cody denied it. They told him they have all seen it, and he looked like the cat who ate the canary, he knows what he is doing is wrong. I’m wondering if he will back off from the cuddling.

      • If he does back off..Christine will probably want to self evict..she couldn’t take her man crush not putting his hands on her.

      • I really hope we get that Brigade/Britney moment with Christine and the Detonators. I would love for them to pull her aside and tell her that they used her and she will not be going any further.

      • She did say once she embarrasses her husbands friends sometimes, however I don’t think she’s humped any under the covers before.

      • *(Oh my gosh, it corrected my correction!! I WROTE disgusting not decreases or Rees, what is going on. I’m done, just done.)

      • LOL…… been there done that, and I’ve done it more than most. The wonderful world of technology!

    • I have read other comments on here that they have been dry humping in the bed. Caleb called Cody out last night about the other night when Cody and Christine were on one of those long chairs by the pool..Christine was already sitting on the edge..Cody gets in behind her..puts his arms around her..practically grabbing her boobs..his hands were right there…I saw it, Zach saw, and Caleb saw it. I know his instructions from King Derrick was to schmooze with Christine..but this is a married woman..but, Christine has loved every second of Cody’s attention. At times, it has been difficult to watch.

      • Cody tried to deny that so much, but the other guys wouldn’t let him. He said he only had his arms around her for a minute, but they called him out on it and said it was like an hour. It was funny to see Zach and Caleb re-enact what was going on. I hate to say it, but since Amber left, Caleb has really grown on me.

      • He’s still cuckoo, but a more game-centered cuckoo than someone that emits a stalkerish vibe. Glad that Amber being gone helped that. But the scarf NEEDS TO GO!

      • Definitely still a little off, but at least he has shown the loyalty that none of his other alliance members have. And he is still delusional, but its become more entertaining.

      • His Adam and Eve task was the highlight of last week’s POV episode. Can’t help but laugh about especially seeing his clashes with Victoria in the DR. :))

      • Those were some funny moments. I think he is a good hearted guy, but just a thinks a little too much of himself.

      • He’s just 23 I believe, just about my age (turning 24 later this month). He still have a lot to go to in life like me.

      • Yeah, he’s young and hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of the ups and downs in life. But I think people, especially on this board, were getting too carried away calling him abusive and a stalker. It bothered me that people would label him so badly based on what happens when you are trapped in a house that long. Not to mention a lot of his feelings about Amber were because the rest of the house was egging him on.

      • Can you imagine if Caleb had a wife in the BB house acting that way and he was on the outside watching? He would be a basket case. But so would my husband. I would have more respect for my husband. I don’t know what the deal is with Christine and her husband. Frankly it isn’t my business, but as a married woman she should expect some condemnation from viewers for her actions and Cody should show respect for her husband,also. It takes two.

      • I think the most blame goes to Christine. “guys will be guys” – that’s the motto right?! Christine is in charge of her own actions. SHE is the married one, Cody is just going along with it b/c hey… why not?! Her husband has to be fuming at home! Christine has proven herself to be a blatant liar. I don’t feel bad for her, or the aftermath she creates in her relationship. Cody is denying everything – b/c he knows it’s not appropriate…but why stop it?! When he goes home, no blood on his hands…but her… yeah… she’ll have a lot to deal with!

      • I’m with you. She has lost respect in the house for her actions and could find herself out very soon.

      • I know what you mean it makes me sick too to watch. Several weeks ago King Derrick called Zach out for making a joke about Christine fooling around with Cody. He said don’t even hint that she’s married. So I don’t think he’s happy with what’s going on. I think he meant just stay friends and talk. Pretty sure he didn’t mean for them to feel each other up under the covers.

      • ….and she did give up her HOH bed to Frankie this week..guess she didn’t want to be that far away from Cody while he was sleeping. I hope ZIngbot embarrasses the hell out of them with all of this fooling around that they have been doing.

  7. I’m still wondering why there hasn’t been another endurance competition yet. We’ve had 1 so far this season. Is it because they know Donny won’t win and want to give him a chance at being HOH? Hmm….

    • Donny already was HOH, but I’m guessing you’re referring to him being post-BOB HOH? Just an educated guess, we may get one by the time BB brings back an evictee like last year.

      • I meant it as he’s not winning an endurance HOH, which is why there haven’t been any.

    • I’m thinking tonight might be the endurance comp where they go back and forth on a slippery surface to fill a container. Not sure if they would do it in pairs like the egg comp or if they would let them do it on their own. If its in pairs, I would look for whoever is randomly paired with Donny to throw the comp.

      • They were up through the night studying clues..looks like it could be questions. Donny was asleep. I love Donny..but, he has had a very hard time adjusting to these kinds of late night sessions…adjusting to the house in general..he gets up early..sits outside alone up until early afternoon just about every can tell he gets aggravated if things in the house don’t go his the have-not this week. If the HOH is questions tonight..he should have made an effort to get up out of bed.

      • You are so right about Donny not changing his sleeping habits. It should have occurred to him by now that most of the plotting happens at night. I do like Donny as a person, but he hasn’t seemed to adjust to this game very well.

      • A lot of times BB will use that for a veto to throw them off. I thought I heard someone say they had to wear athletic clothing, that’s the only reason I think it might be endurance and then use the clues as a POV or BOB.

      • But not this early when veto is 2 days away. They may have already forgotten about those clues by then.

      • That’s why they do it this way. To throw them off and start forgetting about it, but we will see tonight. It just seems like this season has been a lot of questions and not a lot of endurance or skill comps.

      • I can’t seem to recall that happening in the few seasons I’ve been watching BB. Can you cite me examples?

      • Not sure. But they could use it for BOB, that takes place on Friday. So they would only have to remember for an extra day.

    • I think because the guys were so fit they were trying to give the gals a fighting chance. Didn’t help a lot as in the chicken wire game. That favored slender fingers but 2 guys won.

      • After seeing last nights episode, Zach might be a good person to win HOH. He has been acting like Frankie’s friend, but seeing his diary room session about still wanting Frankie out, gave me some hope that he is just acting about forgiving Frankie.

      • That, and, appearing to be somewhat friends, and possible alliance with Nicole this week, knowing that she would be leaving, despite, one of the instigators in lying to Christine about Nicole wanting to blindside her this week …
        Perhaps, earning Jury votes and/or that if she or Hayden returns to the House, a possible ally ?? Hmmm …
        Wondering, if Zach is lying about lying about lying that all his forgiven to Frankie ?? Hmmm …

  8. With all that testosterone in the house I find it sad that the only one with balls to make a big move is leaving tonight.

    • Women are an endangered species in the BB house. To think the most recent season where women dominated the final 2/3 was only three seasons ago.

  9. Well going to watch the feeds from last night. Will see some of you here tonight. Have a good day everyone.

  10. I think it is about time Big Brother made some changes to the way the game is played. Big Alliances being formed which makes the game boring with those not being in alliance targeted week by week. Why not have a Diamond Veto competition each week? Make it after the HOH. It is only use is good for that week so, use it or lose it like in Survivor. However, have the power to save someone off the block in addition to one’s safety. That will discourage the house guests in alliances to just essentially sit on their butts and not even making any plays because they know they are safe! Also, make the house guests use strategy to stay in the game. Big Alliances will not be enough if a Diamond Veto can neutralize the huge power of big groups floating from beginning to the end! That should not be encouraged. If there were 3 or 4 alliances in the house going against each other, there would be more and better game play because nobody can afford to just float around doing nothing!

    • I don’t know if they have ever asked or not, but I think it would be good to go the the viewers and ask for ideas they could use. I’m sure we have plenty of them and see the game from a perspective which they don’t. If they use an idea suggested by a viewer, give the viewer a reward, for example, a trip to the BB final. Another way to get viewers involved. Anyone got any pull… Ariana?

  11. Another comp. that Derrick won’t win so he can just tell everyone what to do,and Frankie get’s to cheat and win.At least taking over the hoh room will really be his.Ugh.

  12. Got to give Beast Mode Cowboy a thumbs up for calling Cody’s butt out last night on BBAD!!! Cody knows dam well that both he and Christine can’t keep their hands off of each other!! Totally was LMAO when Caleb got Zach to help him demonstrate that cuddling position to which Cody claimed only lasted for 2 seconds!!!! 2 seconds my @$$!!! Everybody in that house has seen it!!! That dude hasn’t even tried to hide it!!! But the very minute he gets called out for it, he denies to the hilt!! If I was Catherine’s husband.. To quote Caleb, I would say “Get to packing and hit the rocks”!!!

    • I know that Caleb is a little crazy, but, honestly now that Amber has been gone for awhile, he is growing on me just a little!!

      • He is better than he was but he is so wrapped up in himself.You know how he was always talking about his node in his breast being swollen. I absolutely think it would be hilarious if the Zingbot called him, “Breast Node Cowboy” instead of Beast Mode Cowboy. It would probably mess with his mind so much thinking people outside the house were saying that.

      • The only reason that he is buddy buddy with Frankie again after he was so pissed at him two days ago is because now he thinks that maybe he has a shot of being Ariana’s backup singer!!

  13. Did you see his pjs just laying in the middle of HOH room last night? This group of people are pigs. They don’t even make their bed. I don’t think they even wash the sheets.

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