Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 7 Eviction & Next HoH

Julie Chen returns tonight on CBS for an all-new Big Brother 16 live eviction show starting at 9PM ET/PT as the HGs prepare for the eviction vote between Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

After last week’s incredible house flip on the vote that saved Zach Rance it almost looked like we were about to get another shocking shift in targets. After Zach led a rallying cry to keep Nicole as a new ally his attempts were shut down by Derrick.

Now with Nicole expected to be heading out the door the numbers continue to swell in support of the guys alliance and the target is shifting to Donny. He’ll need to win Head of Household tonight for an extra shot at safety this week, but the Veto, his specialty, is still out there too.

Have you voted in this week’s popularity poll? Tonight’s two nominees are leading the vote right now so that’ll be a loss to the fans either way. Which do you think is heading to Jury tonight?

Join us tonight at 9PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother eviction.

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    • Wonder if he threw up Derrick & Cody together if Frankie & Zach would seize the opportunity to eliminate Derrick? Obv Victoria & prolly Caleb would be votes to keep him but if Frank/Zach/Christine go for it, Cody would not seek revenge except against Donny; he’d be ever so grateful to the 3 who voted to keep him and Caleb would be “good” with him quickly thereafter while they conspire to “Get Donny”. Derrick would be 4th one out and probably would have to immediately battle with the other 3 Jury Mbrs to return (same night) so the reintroduced evictee could complete for HoH. That would be good b/c Derrick wouldn’t have time to mist the other 3 Jury Mbrs or get info from them as to what Donny & others might know. If Hayden wins and returns, he could win that next HoH (probably endurance since it’s about that time anyway) so Donny could relax/strategize for a week with him to take out Frankie(Caleb as backup) with Zach’s help. Just don’t bring Zach in with too much info/too early.

      • At this point, Christine has no purpose for the Detonators except as a vote. Donny won’t work with her and he’s the last of the true outsiders. So she can’t spread lies or gather info from the girls. She’s just there at that point, other than a vote, to be Cody’s smush puppet. (J/K)

      • I was actually kind of hoping if he was HOH, he would put up Derrick and Frankie only for the entertainment factor because I think that would stir things up the most.

      • Oh my gosh…I’m with you. I can’t stand either one of them. I “DON’T UNDERSTAND” why Derrick has a hold on every one (ALMOST EVERY ONE.) Frankie is a lost cause. Donny is the only one who can see through Derrick. I want Donny to win but sadly the numbers are against him. I can’t stand Christine either…she is smitten with Cody and is all over him. It’s more than trying to keep him in HER pocket. “I” think she would rather have him in her pants. I feel for her husband,her parents AND his parents. I am “hoping that Hayden comes back and he,Donny and who-ever can get “Derkie” OUT OF THE HOUSE.
        Christine will fall shortly after. Yaheww!!!

      • I getcha but with so few remaining I’d be afraid it’d actually unify the guys and they’d just vote out Frankie (Cody/Zach/Caleb/Victoria) – no split house. Nothing Derrick can’t handle. The only vote Frankie might get would be Christine but she’d vote him out if she had to. After that, Derrick really runs the show without missing a beat and his legion is tight. But if Frankie isn’t on the block, Frankie may be able to rally enough votes to get Derrick out. Frankie being left in the house as Alpha Dog would not be as smooth as Derrick. Zach has issues with Frankie and likes Donny and would work with Hayden. Victoria would have issues with Frankie getting out Derrick. Cody doesn’t like Frankie and might work with him to evict Donny but would like to see Frankie go, at the same time. Derrick as the lone captain; invulnerable – smooth to the end. Frankie – not so smooth; he’s still vulnerable.

      • You always have great scenarios and your mind works light years faster and more in depth than mine. I would love to see Frankie out first. But I would also love to see Derrick and Frankie on the block together, no veto won, no BD. To see the last couple of days play out before eviction, knowing one or the other was going home, with all the manipulation from both of them, each thinking they would not be evicted and maybe even us not knowing until the last second…now that is the BB I love.

      • Again I agree completely. It’s too risky to put Frankie and Derrick. Needs to be Cody and Derrick like you described. That’d be the best shot of actually evicting him.

      • I absolutely love everything about this post. If the scenario you just described happened I’d be on cloud 9.

  1. Is it too much to ask for Nicole to give Derrick a nice hug on her way out and quickly whisper audibly (maybe within eyeshot of Christine The Lip Reader, too), “Don’t worry – I know you tried. Nothing’s changed – You still have Hayden’s and my vote at the end..and we’ll work on Jocasta and (inaudible) in Jury.” Then maybe add, with your hand cupped over his ear so no one can hear – as if you just noticed them watching, some inaudible word/name, then pull back your hand some and whisper slightly louder so it’s audible, continue: “(inaudible)…just don’t worry about him – you’ll easily get him out. I’ll tell Julie out there what’s coming next. The live feeders will love it!” Then continue hugging down the line and wishing people good luck and tell Zach, “See you in a week! Lol” and Cody, “I WON’T see you in a week, right? Lol” (since they joked about that earlier). If anyone looks weird, just say out loud, “What? He’s been kind to me when I was upset. I appreciate him – I almost self-evicted!” Of course, she can tell Donny in advance so he won’t worry.

  2. A bit off-topic but for those wanting to continue their Big Brother fix for the rest of the year, BB Australia is coming back for Season 11 next month on the 8th. Who’s excited? I heard they’re rebuilding the house to be mulitple stories high. :D

    • I’ve never watched Australia but I can order the seasons on DVD. Is it worth ordering?

      • Yup, it’s consistently fun and exciting all season long. If people find BBUS is frustrating to watch and BBUK depressing to tune in, BBAU is your anti-depressants. You can watch Season 10 is on Youtube. :)

  3. Catching up on last night’s Veto episode, and wow just wow. My ears didn’t blee hearing Zach’s confessionals in the DR. It’s not his usual producers-want-me-to-talk-loud narrations but I can still hear him loud and clear.

  4. I just want one week where we don’t know who is leaving. This season has been so predictable. Ready for some drama, please!

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