Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 6 Saturday Highlights

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16

After a wild ride on Friday the Big Brother 16 cast prepared for a very important day for the Power of Veto competition. The house has started to divide and this would set up some important decisions for later in the week. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 2, 2014:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs waking up.

10:45 AM BBT – Frankie and Christine talking game. They’ve got their eyes on Derrick and especially Donny. They think Donny is a genius because he won the spelling contest and uses words like “osmosis” and “diluted.” Frankie says Donny’s “Harvard Medical” t-shirt was intended to be an ironic disguise but he never feel for it like the other HGs did.

11:42 AM BBT – Feeds return from picking the Veto players. Caleb, Christine, and Victoria were picked to play. Frankie will host.

12:35 PM BBT – Frankie talking with Nicole. He doesn’t think any of the picked players would use it or go against what Nicole wants.

1:45 PM BBT – Feeds return from a short break and we find the Have-Not food for the week: Pea Lime Pie. Nicole has to pick 3 HGs for the week and goes with Frankie, Cody, and Hayden. Frankie says production will have to give him a sleeping bag.

1:55 PM BBT – Camera zooms in on Caleb napping with a hat marked with “Amber” under the brim.

2:00 PM BBT – Frankie said he would sleep the rest of the season in the HN room for $10K. Seems the cold isn’t a life threatening concern when there’s cash involved.

2:15 PM BBT – Quad Squad meeting. Nicole telling Cody that she thinks Christine & Frankie were pushing for him to go up on the block to make sure Zach went home, but she thinks it was a trick so Cody or Derrick would go home instead.

2:45 PM BBT – Quad Squad renames its alliance as “The Rationale.”

4:00 PM BBT – Derrick talks with Cody about Nicole. He doesn’t trust her and says she’s definitely working with Hayden and possibly Donny. Derrick says it’s too early to send out Frankie and they need to keep him if he gets nominated.

4:55 PM BBT – Derrick working on Christine that they need to send Jocasta home this week if she stays on the block to keep their numbers advantage.

5:10 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto competition.

9:00 PM BBT – BBAD begins but Feeds are still on Loops. Donny, Derrick, Cody, & Hayden are stuck in the HoH room napping and chatting. It’s a time Veto comp with individual performances so it’s taking forever. During BBAD we can heard audio bleed from the competition. Zach is yelling that he’s missing a puzzle piece. (He wasn’t.) Lots of frustration and yelling from Zach.

10:25 PM BBT – Feeds finally return nearly 90 minutes after BBAD was airing footage from inside the house. What bullshit.

10:26 PM BBT – Christine has won the Power of Veto. Everyone is very animated and describing the competition. There were comics featuring the HGs and a trampoline and zip line. Sounds like last year’s Veto comp.

10:40 PM BBT – Christine beat Nicole by just thirty seconds in the competition.

11:15 PM BBT – Zach talking with Cody and Derrick. They want him to go tell Nicole she’s not his target so they can try to save him.

11:30 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody talking game. Derrick wants to keep Zach. Cody wants to expose Frankie but Derrick pushes him to hold off. Cody’s not going to do that anyway.

11:45 PM BBT – Christine says she won’t be using the Veto.

3:15 AM BBT – Hayden wants Zach gone this week.

3:20 AM BBT – Derrick thinks Christine will try to keep Zach here.

4:00 AM BBT – Derrick talking game with Nicole. He doesn’t think Christine will use the Veto. Nicole wants Zach gone because he keeps saying she is his target.

4:10 AM BBT – Zach talking with Christine. He thinks it’ll be a 8-0 vote on Tursday.

Things really do not look good for Zach and he seems to have no idea of what’s going on. The house has fractured around him and he’s at risk of falling through the cracks. You can thank Team America for nudging him in to this situation as a result of his outburst speech to Christine and Nicole last week.

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    • I hope that JoCasta is the one leaving, but that’s not a waste. She’s not playing, she should be out before jury.

      • I don’t see Jocasta leaving though. They’ll get rid of a bigger target who is playing than one who is not and if Christine isn’t using the Veto, I see Zach going home before her. Since it’s Double-eviction week, one can only hope Frankie is put up and evicted, not giving much time for anyone to overthink it! :-)

      • Why on earth would you want to see the most interesting players to leave first? Imagine a show where we are watching Jacosta, Victoria and Donny and Nicole conversing at length. It would be unbearable.

      • Because there are plenty more of the interesting ones to go around than just one or two that are less interesting at this point in the game! :-)

      • It is for nicole, Jocasta is least threatening person their and is in no against nicole. Nicole basically did detonators dirty work. Sure a boring person will leave, but that doesn’t help nicole

      • I agree with you. I wish Christine would use veto but it doesn’t look very promising. And Derrick wants to keep Zach and since Christine and Frankie want Zach to stay it looks like he’s safe this week. Bad week for Nicole. I hope Zach doesn’t win in DE and go after Nicole.

    • Nicole should have not listened to Derrick and Cody. If she was playing her game, she should have put with Donny, Cody/Frankie and Derrick/Zach. That ensures that two groups are split and have to fight each other. Jocasta and Victoria should not have been put on the block because that would have been two votes on your side. She had 4 votes without the Detonators support and she could have removed 2 votes on the Detonators side if they are on the block. Now, Nicole could be a target for nothing! Detonators will stick together meaning they have 5 votes including Caleb.

      • And even if Christine won POV, you can nominate Caleb on the block effectively, still removing 2 votes from the Detonators side and still sending one of them home as it should be!

      • Christine won’t use the Veto, though unless someone convinces her differently. Caleb can’t be nominated this round, but Frankie sure can be..Caleb is safe by his and Victoria winning the BoB! I don’t see him being put on the block again during the DE either.

      • With Jocasta and Zach on the block, the Detonators have the 5 votes to save Zach. You have Derrick, Cody, Christine, Caleb, Frankie and so, they have the majority votes now. Nicole’s HOH was wasted. She is also a possible target now of the next HOH!

      • for some reason, i think Christine will vote to evict Zach.
        I think detonators need to convince Victoria to evict Jocasta

      • Christine and Frankie are working together with Zach. Christine wants Zach to stay. She wants Jocasta gone. She also wants Derrick and Cody gone.

      • That’s exactly why I’m hoping Hayden can pull off a win. And it will be funny because nobody will have time to kiss butt.

      • But I’ve also heard the majority of the Detonators have wanted Zach gone too and now that he’s trapped on the block, they have the votes to evict him as well as save him!

      • I hope Christine is convinced to use the POV. Frankie and Zach need to be sitting next to each other come nomination time.

      • “Ditto”. She shouldn’t of trusted them. Especially smooth talking Derrick. If Zach doesn’t go and Nicole thinks he’s going then Derrick and Cody better watch out because if Hayden wins HOH (which I’m praying for) he just may go after those two for betraying them.

  1. Idk if Zach would leave. I really want Zach to go but Christine & Caleb are basically the swing vote. If it’s Jocasta and Zach, than either Christine & Caleb are the swing votes and I don’t really know where Christine stand since she confuses me on the feeds. Caleb will do whatever people tell him to do since he is easily manipulated

    • I don’t think Caleb is the swing vote, because he is more attached to Derrick than Nicole. I think Christine is the swing vote. The one other swing vote is Victoria.

  2. I don’t think it’s Team America fault for Zach in trouble. You can blame Zach, and his Dr Will wannabe game play for him possibly leaving.

    • I’m not saying it’s entirely TA’s fault, but they definitely exacerbated the situation and the two people he pissed off w/ that speech are now putting him and keeping him on the block while wanting him to go.

      • I think he is safe. Derrick and Cody want to keep him now. That’s Derrick, Cody, Christine, Frankie and Caleb voting to keep him. Doesn’t matter who the others vote for. He’d be safe.

      • Derrick and Cody change their minds every couple of hours on who to keep on who not too. Derrick is so paranoid at this point that he doesn’t trust anyone but Cody.

      • Derrick is very good at confusing people, being that they don’t know he’s a police sergeant and has worked undercover. He’s hard to read on purpose and is very convincing too! :-)

      • I think they were all hoping Caleb would lose BOB and he would go home. Backfired now they have to save Zach. Derrick was all for Zach or Frankie leaving until he got called to DR. He did a 180 when he came out. If I was in the house I would view it as suspicious. Cody is looking at him funny.

      • Maybe production put a bug in his ear which I truly believe they make suggestions to try and keep the game more exciting for the viewers. I don’t think they rig anything but I do believe they get a little involved. And production probably thinks Zach adds some drama to the house and don’t want to see him go where as Jocasta is boring. I want Zach gone because I think it’s better for Nicole’s game and I’d like to see her at the end.

      • True, but Derrick being who he is, they may have given him a cue to start getting others in the house paranoid with his convincing skills by changing his mind!

  3. Zach has been writing checks with his mouth that he can’t cash since the season started. He should go home before he embarrasses his little brother any more. School is starting soon and that poor kid will catch sooo much crap because of his brother’s “Zankie” escapades. I’m not saying it’s right, but it will happen.

  4. Wish Nicole had won. Christine’s going to screw her HOH. Counting votes, she doesn’t have enough to evict Zach. However saying that it’s a long time till Thur. The votes will go back and forth several times.

    • I’m with you. I was praying either Nicole or Jocasta would of won. From what I could get on the feeds I think Jocasta came in 3rd ahead of Beast-loser-Cowboy, Zach and Victoria came in last. If Derrick and Cody don’t vote what Nicole wants they are screwing themselves because they will then have Hayden, and Nicole after them along with Frankie and Christine. Derrick is so paranoid and it’s just hurting him because Nicole and Hayden are on his and Cody’s side. Nicole even warned Cody that Christine wanted them backdoored.

    • Yes. The house lines are drawn and there are 3 sides–Derprick/NoB@lls Cody and Fakie/Zach and Ratine and Donny/Hayden/KnowNothing Nic. With the brainless Crazed Caleb and Princess I am a comp beast being the swing votes. Oh well we had hope for one day.

    • She never had an alliance with them. She even told Zach and Frankie to put up Nicole last week. She’s always throwing Nicole and Hayden UTB.

  5. It appears Jadabadabadosta is on her way out. I really do not like , that she brings her religion on the show, not a place for religion! Apparently it did absolutely no good. She must have the most losses in big brother history,
    That would make her the worst player in BB history, if I were her I would Stop Praying, or find a different godt

    • So, if that happens..Nicole is in real trouble. With Frankie and Zach still in the house and them finding out that Nicole really wanted Frankie to go..because you know someone will rat her out..she could be going up on Thursday during the DE, unless Hayden wins one of the HOH’s. Nicole really needed to win that veto..stupid 30 seconds!

      • Nicole will be the next to leave unless she wins veto or Hayden wins HOH. I only hope that if Hayden wins HOH he turns around and puts Derrick and Cody on the block together for lying to him.

    • Odd that you believe religion doesn’t belong on the show when the only reading materials provided are a rule book and a Bible.

    • So… should the muscle-bound morons leave their muscles at home? Should the princesses leave their makeup at home? Should the smart people leave their brains at home?

      No doubt as to whom you voted for.

    • it’s a “reality” show with all different kinds of people competing. They chose jacosta for a reason and I’m sure her faith had something to do with it. At least she is being who she is, she’s a minister for goodness sake! There is nothing wrong with being who you are and sharing your beliefs with others. I have never seen her pressure anyone into believing what she believes. Jeez, half this country is Christian….why would it not be ok for her to talk about it? It’s her job, it’s her religion, it’s a huge part of her life.

  6. Derrick is Helen from last year. If he doesn’t take out Frankie or Zach this week, I have no doubt Frankie will be the one evicting Derrick. I can even see it happening during the double eviction.

    • My faith in him has dropped so much in the last 10 hours. The paranoia of the house — and Cody’s stupidity — is finally getting to him.

      • Let’s wait and see what happens. I’m still confident in Derrick. Once the veto ceremony is over, then we’re going to see how well he can play this game.

    • Totally agree with you. I really want to see Frankie sitting in that orange chair. Now, I want to see Frankie beat him to the punch.

      • Yep it would serve Derrick right if that happens. He’s getting on my last nerve.

    • Derrick is obviously dumb if he believes a threat like Frankie is going to just let him win it without a fight! Last season, Helen and Judd kept saying that now is not the right week to evict Amanda and both got evicted deservedly early in the game! You take the threats out when it is there before you—-not when it is convenient for you. By then, it is too late and no hand wringing is going to save your ass! The same goes for Cody. Even Christine will probably go after them given a chance.

  7. They are going to mess around and Christine is going to win. She needs to go home. She is a floater and hangs on to people. Untrue to her husband and touching the men in places that should be off limits for a married woman. That is the only reason they are keeping her. To play with them in bed. She kisses around on them and doesn’t even clean, cook or look good. Are they touching her under those covers as well?? Remember they are men. They can’t help them selves.

    • I don’t mean to be rude or judgmental, but have you seen Christine? Does she strike you as someone guys like Zach, Cody, etc would want to “play with in bed”? I’m not trying to say she’s ugly or otherwise criticize her appearance (though I know how much it seems that way) but she’s got more of a “geek look” to her, and girls like Amber or even Brittany (despite being 6 years older than Cody and Zach) or even Victoria seem more like the type those guys would “not be able to help themselves” with. You’re kind of pigeon-holing men with that generalization, and somewhat insinuating that as long as it’s a woman, any woman, they have no control.

  8. I was hoping Nicole would have played a smarter game being HOH. In the beginning I liked the convo between Nic, Hay and Donny. They made a lot of sense in their selections and also to put up Frankie as a replacement nominee. Her big mistake was spilling the beans to Derrick. Surely she realizes what a big wheel he’s become in that house. Or not.

    Now my hope is she convinces Christine to use the veto by telling her she wants to put up Donny or Caleb. Once the veto is in use to stick Frankie up there and watch the two of them stab one another in the back all week. That could be good entertainment for the ppl watching live feeds. lol

    Note: Nicole knows Christine has been lying to her so I doubt she would have a problem lying to Christine as well.

    • Unfortunately, Caleb is safe, since he won the BotB. I doubt Christine would believe that she would put up Donny. IF she does convince Christine to use the veto, I think Christine would use it on Zach, because that’s what Derrick wants. Not sure she’d has the votes to send either Zach or Frankie home. I hope I’m wrong!!! Nichole’s only hope, as I see it, is for Christine to use the veto on Jocasta. That’s not looking very good, though. (I’d rather have your scenario!)

    • She makes me want to smack her…her touching the guys and allowing them to touch her is very aggravating knowing she’s a married woman, as am I. At first I believed she was just playing flirtatiously with them…not anymore.

  9. Paranoia was already getting to Derrick and Cody last night. The two can’t seem to agree on what to do with the situation right now. Derrick trying to save the old alliance at this stage of the game is his biggest mistake. Frankie/Christine wont hesitate to put both of them on the block. They also have to deal with Nicole/Hayden….and of course Donny. lol

    • I have no idea what Derrick meant when he said that he would be at the “bottom” of an F4 alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Thanks to Christine’s veto win, he’s on the bottom of the Detonators right now! Zankie would easily take her or Cody to F3 over him. What he should do is go with the new alliance until F6 or F5. There should be a DE around that time, and when it comes, move to evict Hayden.

      • Now, if Christine will only use her head and use the POV, they can backdoor either Frankie, Cody or Derrick. Imagine 3 good choices and a huge power move too! Getting one or even two of those guys will swing the balance of power to the other side!

      • Donny’s trying to convince Nicole to lie to Christine and get her to use the POV, promising that she will BD Donny when she will actually BD Frankie. Nicole says she is done working with Christine, but doesn’t want blood on her hands.

        This is foolish. She said yesterday she didn’t want to waste her HOH on Jocasta but doesn’t want to do the required work to avoid such a result. This is the moment where Nicole’s gaming skills will be revealed. There’s no guarantee that this deception will pay off, but not doing it sends her back to the bottom of the totem pole. If she can get Christine to use the veto, Frankie goes up, she forces Derrick and Cody into her alliance to stay on the upper hand, and she has a big week for her endgame resume. If Nicole lets this veto flush, D&C get away and go back to the Detonators, her HOH is wasted, she goes back to the slaughter line and I have no sympathy for her.

      • Yeah, Nicole has to step up to the plate. If she has to use lies and deception, that is part of the game. Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie and Dr. Will used that to get further in the game. These supposed super fans should be doing the same thing! Sometimes, just planting the seeds of doubt is enough to ruin someone else’s game!

      • Exactly what I’ve been trying to say all along. Well said! Now to see it play out this way! :-)

  10. This is totally off topic from what everyone else is discussing, however I felt it needed to be said! I am a bit annoyed that everyone in the house thinks that Donny is something other than a school groundskeeper because he uses big words and has intelligent conversations. This is clearly stereotyping people who have blue collar jobs. I am a teacher and find my conversations with our amazing custodial staff more stimulating than the ones I have with other teachers. Just needed to vent.

    • I agree but he is “dumbing” it down as well. I caught him correct himself last night on BBAD. He started to say “They aren’t” then stopped and said “aint” . Now why would someone correct their language the wrong way?

      • Honestly, I think he probably thought it didn’t “sound right” to say “aren’t”. I am from North Carolina and many people use ain’t!

    • Some people think that the supposed meniality (is that even a word? if not, it SHOULD be) of a person’s job is directly proportional to their intelligence.

      Those people are idiots. And bigots. And I’ll stop here so this doesn’t turn into a political discussion.

    • Since when are diluted and osmosis big words? Sorry, but imo anyone who has finished high school should be familiar with them.

      • Oh, I don’t consider those big words either! They are terms that should be in everyone’s lexicon. Someone mentioned that Frankie or another house guest considered those “big words”!

      • I do believe that it was Frankie and Chris who decided that Donny was a professor because he used those two big words, and he spelled the longest word in the first pov

    • It also takes a very smart person to play dumb really well! I believe Donny fits into that scenario quite well! LOL

  11. I’m not sure why everybody is against the detonators and wants Jacosta, Nicole, Hayden etc. to prevail. Let all those weak bums who aren’t even playing the game go out now so then the real competitors can duke it out down the final stretch. Why would you want Frankie gone and see the game lose one of it’s smartest players rather than Jacosta who just sits around doing nothing (except losing competitions from time to time)

    • Because it’s not that fun watching one person stampede to the end. Nicole and Hayden are fighting back, and people love to see power shifts.

      Of course, from a personality standpoint, Frankie is a fake, preening camera whore with no respect for personal space, but that’s just me.

      • Exactly, what good is watching Derrick and Cody romp all the way to the finals without even having to work for it? If they make it to the end fine. However, they have to earn it!
        If these house guests were watching Survivor, Derrick, Cody and Frankie would be the first targets! In Survivor, they target the strong first. In Big Brother, the strong float to the end because the weak do not have the sense to use their heads and fight back. Now, that we have Hayden, Nicole and Donny making their moves to change the status quo, why is that not a good thing?

      • As an avid watcher of Survivor, the exact opposite is true. They have to win the team immunity challenges so most of the strong people make it to the merge. They target the weak first

      • Do you subscribe to the live feeds? Because I only watch the show and Frankie seems fine. He seemed pretty obnoxious in the first couple of episodes but I’ve grown to like him (I usually don’t like the gay people on big brother so this is new). And I’ve also heard that people don’t like Cody and Derrick but they seem like stand up guys to me. Is there something I’m missing having not watched the feeds. My favourite 5 right now are Derrick, Cody, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole in that order. Is there anything I should know about any of those 5 that would change my mind?

      • On the feeds, Frankie constantly gets into bed with people and cuddles up to them even when they don’t want it. He buddies up to HGs and then trashes them behind their back. He whines more than anyone about being a HN. He’s playing the game very well, but usually his behavior is the kind of “fake” behavior he accuses Amber of possessing. He’s constantly putting up a persona and it’s just obnoxious.

        Cody up to this point is all bark and no bite. He talks about all the big moves he’s going to make but has never actually made a move on them yet. Derrick makes moves that squash drama and good TV, but that’s just because he’s putting his game over entertainment as he should. That’s about all I’ve got on the list you’ve put down.

      • I don’t see how Cody has had many opportunities to make said moves, and act on what he talks about wanting to do. He had one legitimate chance, and yeah, he backed out (backdooring Caleb when he was HoH). I actually (unbiasedly) think Cody was probably right to not act on Caleb too soon, I mean look, now Amber is gone and Caleb can’t get jealous over her hanging out with Cody anymore, which was the primary reason Cody thought Caleb might come after him, for personal reasons. It’s good to see you point out that while Derrick tends to squash drama, that he should, because it’s good for his game. You seem like a level-headed poster and thus I usually read your comments.

        Davy, I also like Cody and Derrick, and from my perspective I don’t think either one of us have solid reason to change our minds — at least not yet.

  12. I have to disagree with you on this one Matthew, it’ll be close, but I think Zach has a legitimate chance at staying this week if he does what Derrick says.

    If you count the votes, Derrick, Cody and probably Frankie are all lock votes to keep Zach. (Derrick and Cody putting their necks out for him and Frankie having no idea what’s really going on.

    Hayden and Donny are the only lock votes to get rid of him.

    That’s 5 of the 8 votes available, what you have left is Caleb, who can easily be persuaded by Derrick to get rid of Jocasta, all Derrick has to do is say that at least Zach has done things in the house and Caleb will be on board to keep him.

    Now all Zach needs is one more vote to stay, you have Christine and Victoria. Victoria could be persuaded by either Hayden or Derrick so it’s kind of a toss up. Christine on the other hand seems to have been kind of ostracized by Nicole.

    Honestly, it’s anyone’s game, but I will say that I think that Zach has a pretty decent chance of not getting evicted this week.

    • The only reason that I’m iffy on Christine is due to Zach’s reign as HOH last week and his tendency to blow her game up. She might still want to keep him for the Detonators, but it’s not as clear cut as some may think.

      • Christine has changed her mind about Zach and wants to save him. Her, Frankie and Zach are tight and want to be the final 3.

      • Really? Where/when did you hear this? Did it sound for sure or possible just BB-style lip service? Sorry for all the questions but I just really want you to be right and I want to have real reason to believe…

      • A couple days ago Frankie, Christine and Zach were talking about them being the final 3 left out of the detonators and they made this circle with there fingers. Christine and Frankie have wanted Derrick and Cody gone. They are threatened by them. Now tonight Christine wants Zach gone and is spreading lies about him wanting Derrick gone. She told Derrick this. So now Derrick is back to wanting Zach gone and said they will just replace Zach with Caleb. Christine and Derrick keep flip flopping so who really knows who’s going. By Thursday it could change 20 more times. Lol

      • Dang, I went from excited to sighing. I don’t want Derrick or Cody targeted, they’re arguably my favourites. Then of course the flip-flopping on the Zach/Jocasta vote. Like you said it could change again but I really want Jocasta gone, especially over Zach who I think is bringing entertainment to the house. I would even take Frankie going over Zach but I really don’t see Christine using this Veto, as Nicole would tell her she wants Frankie up and gone, and if Christine wants final 3 with Frankie she won’t do it. I feel kinda bad for Nicole who really thinks she has Christine but she isn’t fully working with her. Anyway, thanks for the info Lavendargirl. I appreciate it.

      • No Nicole is on to Christine now. She doesn’t trust her. Nicole and Hayden are working with Derrick and Cody and they really have their backs but Derrick is so paranoid he is always questioning them just because they talk to Donny. Derrick needs to trust them because Frankie and Christine want Derrick and Cody gone and if Derrick screws up with Hayden and Nicole they will all be after him.

      • When I’m not watching feeds, I can always depend on your “up to the minute”….thanks Barbara W.

      • At first I’m like what? But you mean B Walters right. Well no more updates for tonight I have got to go to bed. I spend too much time on the weekends watching the feeds. Early morning tomorrow at the gym. I’ll be falling asleep on the treadmill. Lol

  13. I know BB wants the show to be interactive. But, really, I dont like at all the interference in the game. And, America doesnt really need the gimmick to make the show interesting. Do we get to dial in during the Superbowl and choose which players are on the field?

  14. I feel like everyone saying that Derrick is just paranoid and an idiot are kind of off base considering what happened in the DR. I’m not saying that BB told him something blatant, but I have a feeling that they knew Derrick is smart enough to interpret their questions, so they simply insinuated not to trust Hayden and Nicole.

    Regardless, if my (as well as many others) suspicions are correct, I think that is just flat out unacceptable for the DR to do. I get that Zach is one of the most entertaining HG’s, but from a game perspective it makes total sense for Derrick and Cody to want him out. But magically, all of a sudden Derrick is totally against this? Yeah, this could potentially ruin Derrick’s game just because BB wanted to hold on to Zach for another week.

    If I’m mistaken on anything, feel free to correct me, these are merely my interpretations from what I’ve seen on the feeds.

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