Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 6 Nominations & Battle of the Block

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS to kick off Double Eviction week. But before we can get to the night’s usual events it’s time for the HoH conclusion!

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

Last Thursday’s episode left off with a cliffhanger when these smarty pants HGs were surviving round after round of questions thrown at them. It all came down to a tiebreaker question and one HG lost by just ONE count. Ouch!

Along with the HoH results reveal we’ll also get the nominations which turned out to be a more serious round of judgment than we’ve seen in most recent weeks. Nice!

Can’t wait to find out who goes on the block and who wins BotB? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 18 Preview:


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  1. Derrick is so paranoid that he is being played by everyone that it is affecting his usual good strategical gameplay. He is starting to make a few mistakes. His decision to throw shade at Nicole will come back and bite him. Christine’s all over the place and now that Nicole has eyes wide open regarding her, Christine has no choice but to choose an allegiance. She will never make it to the end…the sooner the better. Cody hasn’t done much lately but I think he is beginning to question, maybe doubt, Derrick and hopefully he will come out of Derricks’ shadow and start playing. Why can’t people just say no to Frankie? Nicole let him stay in the HOH room overnight. WHY?? When Frankie comes up and hugs someone, I just wish one person would say”get off me”, or when he says that fake”I love you”, I wish someone would say”no you don’t”. He takes too many liberties with people and seems to have no boundaries.

    • I watched Jeff Schroeder’s interview with Amber. He told her that this is about the time that people start to crack from being in the house so long. That might explain Derrick’s behavior.

      On another note, why was Frankie sleeping in the HOH room? In another post, someone saw either Cody or Hayden eating a snack. (I’m not sure if this is true or not.) I saw Caleb snacking, too, but I’m not sure if his slop time had started, yet. What’s the point of being a have-not if you can just get around sleeping in the have-not room and eating slop? Isn’t there a punishment for breaking the have-not rules?

      • HNs weren’t decided until yesterday. Frankie is sleeping in the Ice room right now, so the previous night wouldn’t have been an issue for him to sleep in HoH room.

        But overall, yes, it seems production is getting very lax with the rules. Caleb was sleeping on a set of pillows in Ice room to avoid the cold/hard beds and completely defeating the whole purpose of it. They obviously knew and let him do it anyway.

      • When I checked the feed this morning, Caleb and Victoria were sleeping in the HOH with Nicole. Now Caleb and Vic are tied together, if Caleb is a HN, Victoria is not.

      • So Caleb choosing slop during the POV just means slop? I thought it meant the whole HN. I guess if they meant for him to be a HN for 2 weeks, it would have said HN, rather than slop. (I think I just answered my own question. LOL)

      • I was glad Matthew answered that. I wasn’t being dismissive of your question. You had me wondering about it. I didn’t think he was a HN but I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to give you any misinformation.

    • Derrick goes into issues with Nicole….Derrick comes out of the DR….she has told three lies and is playing him and Cody. Hmmm? I went back on flashback yesterday to when Ratina and Nicole were sitting on the couch..Ratina for sure said to put either Derrick or Cody up if Zach or Jacosta come down…Nicole was telling the truth to Cody in the bathroom. Derrick can’t seem to believe that Frankie and Christina may just be playing him and Cody..may be time for Cody to start pulling away from Derrick.

      • Jun had a good line about this. Yes, the DR asks you questions that make you second guess your moves, but they don’t out and out tell you what to think. If you let the DR sway your game, that’s your fault. Staying focused on the goal and avoiding bad influences is part of the mental endurance aspect of playing BB.

      • The DR gives production a chance to sway the game…. they have been giving away secrets to their favorite hg’s for a long time.

      • If Derrick keeps going down the path he is on I very much agree that Cody may be better off with Nicole and Hayden. More than one person has mentioned they feel production interfered. I don’t have the feeds so I didn’t see any indication of that but I’m listening.

      • I think production puts a bug in their ear. They want the game to be exciting for the viewers and they think it will be bad if Zach goes. Production I’m sure would rather see Jocasta go since she’s very boring. Production doesn’t control what they do but they have a way to get the players questioning their decisions. JMO.

      • As they should up to a certain point. For us the viewers, and the live feeders, JoCasta leaving is much better than seeing Zach leave.

      • I get what your saying but I don’t want Zach ruining Nicole’s game. So if he doesn’t go after her fine but otherwise I want him gone. I think he’ll be staying so don’t worry you’ll have exciting feeds.

    • Maybe she figures keep him close so he isn’t downstairs plotting against her and it’ll maybe make Derrick & them doubt Frankie.

    • Well said, especially about Frankie. The vibe I get when Frankie says I love you means nothing but an insult. The touchy feely is no boundaries and liberties. You are right in point. Say if Caleb was doing that, the house would implode. It is a double standard that he gets away with being in a HGS personal space.

      • And I don’t get it at all? I’ll just keep watching and reading and shaking my head in disgust and bewilderment until he is gone, and if I had my way, it would be this week.

      • My issue is two well three fold. One Nicole is on the right tract to backdoor Frankie,she is on point about her reasoning. Two Derrick in the DR would not vote out Frankie, yet he would in a heartbeat vote out Donny. Three Donny not putting them up okay, good for the TA game so he thinks, as Frankie and Derrick are plotting his demise as keep both running the bus back and forth over Donny like road kill, because he didn’t go through cause it was bad for his personal game. Both Frankie and Derrick are thinking of their own personal games, why is it the Donny being made out to be the TA criminal for thinking that about his own game. Ugh.

      • All good points and at least Donny said he would agree to BD Frankie.The thing that I really haven’t gotten a grasp on yet is why has Derrick ALWAYS been so dead set against Donny? It seems to be more than just the fact that he isn’t in an alliance with him. I honestly get the feeling that Derrick just has never liked Donny. Am I missing something that is obvious to others?

      • I too am confused why Derrick does not appear to like Donny. You are right since day one. I thought they would make a great team, both are low key, strategic thinkers. Derrick has barely had any conversation with Donny. The only reason he has talked to Donny is TA. Now, he is yet again, gunning for Donny. It made my stomach upset in the DR that Derrick would throw out to America that Donny let America down, to the point that Donny is a selfish games player? Derrick really tried to soil Donny’s game play to America. I can see Frankie doing this to Donny, it seems to be in his nature. But, Derrick really confuses me. I am sad that Derrick would pair up with Zack and Frankie…and never consider Donny.

      • Maybe Derrick realized very quickly that they were both as you said low-key and strategic thinkers, so he instinctively thought Donny would be his biggest threat and has played his game with that in mind. I don’t know. It just seems he has been “after ” Donny since the start. And I wrote a post about Derrick using Donny as a scapegoat to America during his vote to evict time. This is one aspect that I don’t like about Derricks’ game. And now I don’t care for this thing he has going about Nicole lying, but I would still have to say he is very good at BB strategically.

  2. Cody showed us that he’s incapable of playing this game without someone(Derrick) pulling his strings….the kid has no game,…no game at all

    • Now Cyril, he is too busy rubbing on all the girls. He doesn’t have time for all that and since Derrick will keep him in the loop without Cody having to do the work , Cody has been in a win-win situation. But that is about to change and he is going to have to start thinking for himself or he is going to find himself in a world of hurt, on the outside lookin’ in.

  3. It was so funny this morning when Derrick and Nicole were up at the chess was like 4am..(I was on flashback..not still up!) She got the “Nicole, please put on your microphone.” Two seconds later, Christina comes flying out of the rock room, looks up and sees them..this girl is all over the place..reminds me of Andy.

    • Wouldn’t make a very good spy would she? Between the belching and blowing she’d give herself away fairly quickly and I’m not ridiculing her, she just has some bad manners and draws attention to herself in many negative ways.

      • That belching and blowing her nose a thousand times a day is getting on my nerves!

    • Amber Borzotra ‏just tweeted:
      “Uh-oh… @mariiiahkay, I feel for you, girl! #BB16

  4. Hey everybody. Man the feeds have been hopping the last 48hrs. Can you believe it took over 4 hrs for POV.

  5. People, I LOVE Donny! He should have never told me that (Caleb) he didn’t want to be put up with Victoria. LOL

  6. Frankie is so FAKE! The feeds have started showing more of Frankie’s faces when he is not happy, which I’m glad. Nicole calls him the actor.

    • All depends on what happens Thu. Hope he goes home. Then Thu at DE they finally put up Vic and Jo and 1 of them leaves too.

  7. Wow do I ever want Zach blindsided. He thinks he can act anyway he wants because he has the numbers. Well I sure hope the numbers turn on his smart ass.

  8. Amber Borzotra ‏just tweeted:
    So weird watching that house on my TV! I was living there 3 days ago but now I feel like I just dreamed the whole thing! #BB16

    • Amber seemed to be in a daze the whole time she was in the house… no wonder it felt like a dream to her. She was a non-player this year and deserved to go home early.

      • Still up in the air. Right now if nobody changes their vote Jo. If Zach runs his mouth (VERY POSSIBLE) then he will go.

      • Is that a joke? I have no idea they keep going back and forth. Derrick is so friggin paranoid. Last night on the feeds he wanted to keep Zach. Now this evening on the feeds they want to get rid of Zach.

      • Look under the thread week 6 veto comp results and look at this jerk posting and he goes by the name B-ry but on one of his post he used my name followed by a few filthy words. I’ve flagged several of his posts. He started by calling Emma some disgusting things and I stuck up for her. Now he’s attacking me and everyone that comments on my behalf.

      • I know, I saw his comments. He cuss me out, so I flagged him twice. He was distasteful….well, as usual Lavendar doesn’t backdown…Cool !

      • Well I’m not responding to him anymore. I just keep flagging his comments. He keeps going after Emma too. Maybe if everyone ignores him he will disappear. Lol

      • I was gonna respond to him and make him mad lol but his comments were being censored already, so I just ignored him

      • He will go away eventually. I don’t like him using all these different names. Hopefully Matt sees all this.

      • Yeah, His style of writing looks/sounds familiar. How do you change your name? Can they have multiple accounts here?

  9. Good show but you have to wait till Wed to see the head shaving. LOL He is such a whiner before it happens.

  10. Just watched the episode and Victoria used what I believe is a slur??!!! I am sure that I heard it on a Sopranos episode and it wasn’t used in a respectful way! Did anyone else notice? She said it in the DR after winning BOTB.

      • She said something like “Now I can get rid of these “jamocks.” I am not sure if that is the correct spelling,but in the Urban Dictionary it is an offensive term and Tony Soprano used it to describe a group of Israelis.

      • I don’t think so! Tony Soprano used the term that Victoria used to describe some Israelis in an episode of the Sopranos! BTW, I found it with that spelling while I was waiting for your reply, Captain555. Cool etymology on that word!

      • No she is from Israel. I think she has dual citizenship. She talks about them living there and going to visit every year now that they live here.

      • Haven’t you heard the crow attempted kidnapping? If you haven’t got the feeds I think they put it on Youtube. It’s hilarious and supposedly happened on the beach in Israel.

      • I guess it was: Jamoke, which mean a clumsy loser who is incapable of doing normal human tasks.

      • Nicole did tell Derrick that she wanted Zach gone and he agreed but that don’t mean nothing…

      • I know…usually I have some sort of idea who is going, but not this week. I kinda get the feeling that Cody and Derrick are lying to Nicole..but, then I kinda get the feeling that they are not..this eviction has me baffled!

      • Christine and Nicole were talking and it seemed like she was in agreement to use the veto but not sure on that either

  11. Christine winning is a terrible result for my liking. I’ve seen it too many times before, where people someone (Zach in this case) are supposed to be aligned with, don’t actually end up saving them when they “should”. Then again, it’d probably be a tie-breaker even if he got those votes. Zach needs 5 votes and he “should” have the Detonators (4). Hayden, Donny and probably Victoria will vote to evict him. Caleb doesn’t want “weaker” players there but I still think he votes out Zach over Jocasta. 4-4 and the tie-breaker comes down to Nicole, who would vote out Zach.

    As it’s been said, while Zach is polarizing, I’ll never understand fans wanting players actually doing something out of the house over players like Jocasta. The only hope I have left is that Nicole really wants Frankie out so she asks Christine to use the Veto, but she would be asking her to use it on Jocasta, making the nominees Zach and Frankie, and Christine being the reason TWO Detonators are up seems unlikely, even if she does dislike Zach. I’d rather Frankie go home than Zach but I’m not confident at all this will happen.

  12. I have a question. Does anybody know approximately how many alliances there are in the house now? i don’t get live feeds but i do read a lot of updates and i am so confused. it seems like every time i read something there is another alliance. lol

    • I’m not sure some of the HGs know how many alliances they are in, let alone the viewers knowing how many there are! LOL

  13. Ok, Tonight, Derrick/Cody agreed to vote out Zack. We’ll see if they will agree to keep Zack tomorrow.

    • Sucks so much…this show is nothing without Zach. Why rock the boat before you have to? There are so many reasons to keep Zach. He’s a bigger target, he can actually win competitions unlike Jocasta, and you are gonna have Frankie and Caleb super pissed at you.

      • If only stupid Christine didn’t win the veto… ANYBODY else would have taken someone off the block and backdoored Frankie.

      • Are u not watching the show??? Caleb runs the house and at the end of the day it will have been his idea and plan that sends Zach out the door (if he goes). Frankie could care less as long as its not him leaving and with Zach gone that gives him more camera time.

  14. Hi. I haven’t seen any big brother updates since the 3rd. Is something wrong with my computer?

    • Hey, Andrea, don’t know what the issue could be because nothing has changed as far as the updating..still getting them as usual.

    • I am having the same problem.don’t think it is the computer.Must be a bad link.Someone needs to fix it.

    • Yes, something is wrong on your end. Your ISP is using out of date DNS and sending you to the wrong web server. You’ll need to clear the DNS cache and try the site again.

      • Just tried that and it did not work. I have tried firefox and internet explorer both are same tried different computer same response, this is the last article that comes up. The tweets are up to date though.On spoilers Aug 3 last post.

        Any other ideas? Miss reading the articles

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