Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Sunday Highlights


The action in the Big Brother 16 house got off to a late start Sunday as houseguests slept really late. Most of the day was spent talking about the Amber backdoor plan and Zach rehearsing the speech he plans to deliver to Amber (that Team America has encouraged so a fight can break out and they can earn more money).

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 27, 2014:

9:25 AM BBT – Frankie is awake and talking with Caleb outside. Caleb is questioning what Zach told him last night about Amber said about him. Caleb has been up all night after that conversation. Caleb doesn’t believe Zach.

1:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut and HGs get another wake-up call. They finally start moving around the house. Good grief.

1:50 PM BBT – Jocasta pulls Hayden in to the Hive. She’s trying to find out what he’s planning to do. Hayden says no matter what happens, she’s not the target.

2:15 PM BBT – Donny and Derrick agree that Amber is more worrisome than Caleb because she’s smarter and thinks for both of them. Derrick is going to keep TA together so he doesn’t end up on the losing side of a future America’s Vote.

3:10 PM BBT – Photo booth opens up. HGs get excited for more pics.

4:00 PM BBT – Caleb starts bending Jocasta’s ear over Amber. He’s upset to discover that Amber didn’t go on the date with him out of sincere interest. Zach and Frankie both told him overnight.

4:22 PM BBT – Frankie tells Cody that Zach is going to go off on Amber at the veto meeting (If she fights back, Team America’s task is complete).

4:33 PM BBT – Zach is rehearsing what he’s going to say to Amber. It’s ridiculous and makes no sense, but with Frankie and Derrick egging him on for their own agenda, he’s excited about it.

4:41 PM BBT – Zach is still trying to get the others to ditch Christine for Hayden but Frankie tells him they can beat Christine later but maybe not Hayden. Zach agrees.

6:30 PM BBT – HGs cleaning. Game talk paused.

6:45 PM BBT – Caleb telling Zach a few things to say to Amber during his speech so she’ll feel small. Caleb thinks the plan is to just get her on the block to keep her from blowing up the alliance.

7:47 PM BBT – Frankie and Donny talking game in the HOH room. Frankie tells him he won’t be putting him up at the veto ceremony. Donny promises to not nominate him or Derrick next week if he’s HOH.

8:30 PM BBT – Hayden and Frankie talking about using the veto to get Amber on the block. Hayden thinks her reaction will be fun to see.

8:45 PM BBT – Frankie tells Victoria that even if she doesn’t come off the block, she will not be going home this week.

9:30 PM BBT – HGs are having a memorial service for Frankie’s and Derrick’s grandfathers. Frankie and Derrick both eulogize their grandfathers.

10:06 PM BBT – Cody and Frankie are talking about Zach and how he’s making their game more difficult than it needs to be. Frankie said he thinks everyone but them and Derrick would backdoor Zach if given the chance.

10:45 PM BBT – Zach going over his speech in the HOH room.

11:22 PM BBT – Cody and Hayden talking about how Caleb can’t know the veto is being used on Victoria.

11:30 PM BBT – Frankie telling Nicole what’s going to happen with the renom. Nicole is amazed and wonders how they convince Caleb to do these sorts of things.

12:15 AM BBT – Frankie telling Christine about the plan. He’s thinking of giving Caleb the credit at the Veto meeting just like Caleb asked him to do.

12:30 AM BBT – Frankie tells Jocasta he doesn’t know what Hayden is going to do. Jocasta doesn’t seem to buy that Frankie wouldn’t know at this point.

1:45 AM BBT – Derrick concerned about the fallout from Amber’s renom. Frankie doesn’t think he’ll mention it being Caleb’s idea at the meeting.

2:15 AM BBT – Caleb is pretty excited about the upcoming meeting. He wonders who will get the credit. Derrick promises it will be Caleb.

2:25 AM BBT – Frankie is going to keep his speech mysterious rather than naming specifics. He wants to warn Caleb just before the meeting that it won’t be Jocasta coming down like Caleb expects. Later Frankie will say it was Caleb’s doing, but not in the Ceremony.

2:40 AM BBT – Hayden tells Nicole that he knew about Zach’s nominations speech. She’s upset that he didn’t warn her.

3:50 AM BBT – Zach practicing his speech with Frankie and getting ready for the Veto Ceremony on Monday.

So it looks like Amber is the target this week, but one other thing that is becoming more and more apparent is that Zach is digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

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  1. What the What is going on in the BB House. When did the tides turn and everyone go against Amber. Seriously, I hope it blows up in Zachs face. I seriously do not like Zach and hope he goes the way of Brittany. As for Amber she has gone from one of my favorites to me thinking, why do you believe what everyone tells you. And the Derrick/Frankie/Donny alliance is getting old. I don’t like the side of Derrick that I am seeing and hope that he is evicted right after Zach. Donny is my favorite and I hope he goes really far but i think if they are successful at getting Amber out of the house then the next week Donny will go. But it baffles me because they have so many other players to choose from like Christine, Nicole and Hayden.

    • Frankie and Derrick will keep Donny around as long as TA is in play. They want to keep trying to win money each week. I am assuming they were told that once a member of TA is voted out, the missions will stop. So Donny is safe for now.

      • I’m not so sure about this season. I don’t understand their logic at all. Keep the floaters until the end?

      • They seem to want to keep the people who are easier to control. And possibly easier to beat at comps. Who wouldn’t want to go against Jocosta and Victoria in almost any competition.

    • Amber had approached Christine in the BR about getting the women to join forces against the guys and Christine ran straight up to the HOH room and told them what she said. That’s why they want her out. WTG Christine. You moron. lol

      • Seriously a moron. They will look back at this season and ask so many questions. Like why did they act like freaking morons. And they will see that from day 1 Derrick has been running everything. Is that the Police detective in him?

  2. Isn’t it obvious by now to the non-alliance members what is going on? Every week its the same players on the block and the same 4 guys walking around totally comfortable. Its like each HG is just waiting his/her turn to be evicted. At this point the floaters still outnumber the alliance if they can drag Nicole’s dim-witted self away from Christine. Unless these HGs wake up and grow some cajones this season will be boring and lame.

    Maybe Amber will out the alliance and turn the other HGs against it, but my guess is they will continue to play the sheep on their way to the slaughter. As horrible as last year’s cast was for its meanness this cast is polar opposite.

    • I don’t understand how Christine doesn’t jump ship and start a new alliance with the rest of the house. After this week, it has to be clear to her that she is number 5 in the alliance of 5. After Amber goes, I wonder how they will keep Caleb from losing it. I imagine no matter what Amber has said about him, he was planning on spending the summer with her, either in the house or in sequester.

      • Lot’s of clueless people in this house. Likeable but clueless. When Amber goes, Caleb will switch to 24hr beastmode so that he can win the game in her honor. Hide and watch.

      • Either beastmode or Derrick will once again convince Caleb that getting rid of Amber was Caleb’s idea and it was one of the greatest moves in BB history. Derrick seems to know how to work Caleb, stroke his ego and then make him think he is the one calling the shots.

  3. I think they should all be evicted of the house…….LOL In my opinion nobody wants to make a big move. If they do they think they will be evicted. It just looks they are more interested in staying in the house then playing the game. It is boring!

  4. Of The 16: half are female. Half are recruits, I think.
    Females –
    Recruits: Joey, Paola, Brittany, Amber (all 4 should be gone this week).
    Fans: Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta (1 of whom is in an alliance, 1 is with the Alliance member & other 2 are not)
    Males –
    Recruits: Devin (gone), Caleb (next to go probably), Cody (in an alliance), Hayden (is he a recruit??
    Fans: Frankie, Derrick, Zach (Alliance), Donny (non Alliance)

  5. Ok you have an alliance of 5. But who is number 5. If Frankie wanted to make a move. Let’s say Hayden uses the POV to save Victoria, Frankie has to put up a renominee? Well, the person that is doing a lot of talking is Zach. He doesn’t care about anyone in the house and he said it. The big move Frankie could make is putting Zach up for the eviction. He is the biggest threat. What he said to Nicole was uncalled for. If Frankie thinks Zach is taking him to the end, he is crazy. Frankie needs to cut off with Zach.

    • Oh no how dare Zach call Nicole a fruit loop dingus… come on now, that’s not even a legitimate insult.

  6. Wow. I’m actually “excited” about seeing an upcoming show…it’s been awhile. Wouldn’t it be great if Caleb and Amber ended up being the big argument at the veto ceremony? I know it’s too much to hope for but a man can dream. Finally TA is getting interesting.

    • For being a so called super fan Christine sucks and does nothing. I want to see her face when that boys alliance nom her so she realizes how dumb she really was trusting them.

  7. I’m hoping after Zach put Christine on the block she wakes up and sees they are only using her and like the fool she is she gives them the info they need from the other side of the house. If you want to keep claiming the ‘superfan’ status you need to gather up all the other HG not in the detonators and start playing against these dudes. Otherwise all of you are walking out the door. On Thursday there will be CA,CO,DE,FR,ZA and AM,CH,DO,HA,JO,NI,VI minus who gets evicted. That’s 6 against 4/5. I know they didn’t include Caleb in the detonators but he would still count in their group than the other.

  8. After watching the feeds last night I’m gonna stop feeling sympathetic towards Victoria and start calling her Shallow on a whole new level. Last night after the eulogies she goes upstairs with Frankie and starts talking about how there were so many ugly girls and that her and Frankie were the only two beautiful people left?? Well there’s the proof there of how CBS is casting on looks over brain but after last night no way I’m seeing this girl as the so called innocent one in the house…

    • You are just now going to stop feeling sympathetic towards Victoria? You are a sucker for a DG(dumb girl). She has always been stupid and saying ignorant things And by the way she is not cute. She has the weave of a barbie doll pull and grow and she hasthe shape of pear with an apple stuck on top. Maybe if she took out some of that weave she would have room to think but I doubt it. And I think the other houseguest are dumb for keeping her so long. She is whiney and does not deseve to go to the jury house. But that’s just my opinion.

  9. If Amber is evicted, Caleb will turn ALL of his attention to the game and there’ll be hell to pay. I don’t expect Frankie, Zach, or Derrick to make it till the end. If Christine had a wit of sense she would secretly blow up the ‘Detonator’ alliance and form a new power group to pick off Frankie, Zach, Cody, and Derrick and give us a group of ‘floaters’ that outfoxes the foxes in the house while they still have the numbers.

  10. 100% team Derrick, I think he is playing one of the best games I have seen in a long time. Don’t get me wrong I like Donny but Derrick is my favorite this season. Zach is an idiot that allows people to manipulate him if it blows up his game it is his own fault.

  11. I am so sick of the direction of the show. It is very disappointing. And for them to let Zach do anything but clean the bathrooms is so wrong. Zach is a trouble maker and has no commonsense. I do believe he is gay but that is a different story. I think he would jump into Frankie’s arms if Frankie would have him but fortunately Frankie has better options. Zach must go and take his idiotic behavior with him. No wonder he is basically a loser in real life and is depending on the show to give him attention.

  12. The best idea is to backdoor Zach this week. Please do it, but I bet Frankie is minus his ballz.

  13. And Nicole is so worried about Victoria getting it on with Hayden. Well I would not worry Nicole unless,,,,,,

  14. Zach is so so so very Gay. He’s just waiting to come out after the game. I’m just saying…. Its ok Zach, its ok to be gay. As you kiss Frankie goodnight.

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