Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Saturday Highlights

Saturday went from a relaxing day of bikinis and sunbathing to an all-out crazy fest by the end of the night. Someone forgot to tell these HGs it’s just Week 1 in the Big Brother house.

Zach yawns on Big Brother 16
Big Brother is wearing Zach out – Source: CBS

After a calm day Joey started to scramble when she realized how much danger she was in, but what did she do? She dug that hole of danger even deeper. Much, much deeper.

Joey made a house announcement then went to Devin and exposed her plans to get him out. Unfortunately for her this didn’t work like she thought it would.

Find out the highlights from overnight on the Big Brother Live Feeds and get caught up on where the house is headed next. Looks like we’ve got a fun week ahead of craziness.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, June 28, 2014:

9:30AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up call.

10:00AM BBT – Caleb resting out in the hammock and enjoying a beer. Nice.

10:20AM BBT – Hayden tells Nicole he had a “steamy dream” about her & retells the prelude to their “steamy” interaction.

11:00AM BBT – Zach invests some time in building a relationship with Donny. They talk in the backyard and then work out for awhile. Nice to see Donny have someone since he sometimes seems isolated.

12:05PM BBT – Caleb is walking around wearing Frankie’s shorts, because they’re the same size (no).

1:00PM BBT – HGs break out their swimsuits and hit the pool. Picture gallery here.

3:45PM BBT – Zach and Frankie get together in HoH and start talking game. They’re working on side alliance plans to keep them covered. Zach is building his with Cody & Derrick, but his F2 with Frankie is still solid.

4:50PM BBT – Devin urges Caleb to not get hung up on Amber and to focus on the game instead.

5:35PM BBT – Devin and Joey talking in the Living room. He’s asking again why she’s been making these questionable moves. She admits she played too hard, too fast. But never fear because Joey says she has “done the calculations” and has now figured out the game. She knows there can be no alliances and now knows how to navigate these pitfalls. Wait for it…

5:58PM BBT – Joey makes a house announcement. She tells the kitchen that Caleb is going to poll everyone to decide who should be the renom. No, he’s not, but he’s just saying that to cover his decision to renom her.

7:30PM BBT – Caleb and Devin talking about Joey. Devin: “She came, she saw, she didn’t conquer.” Caleb: “One down.”

7:55PM BBT – Victoria, Paola, and Amber talking in Fire room. They can’t believe what Joey is doing and how it’s actually hurting their games. Sounds like Joey has even lost their support.

8:25PM BBT – Zach and Joey in the hammock. He’s prodding her on what she needs to do. Joey admits she wants to see Devin go home. Zach agrees. Derrick joins & they start manipulating Joey. Now settle in for some fun here.

8:35PM BBT – Joey pulls Devin in the Hive and tells him she wants him to go home this week. She’s planning to name him to Caleb when he asks her. Devin just sits there and nods. Joey leaves to go back outside and Devin dances out of the room smiling.

8:40PM BBT – Joey is back outside talking to Derrick & Zach. Meanwhile Devin is inside telling everyone what just happen. They’re laughing and perplexed by Joey’s bizarre behavior. This didn’t help Joey’s chances. From now for awhile the HGs are going to be talking about this in various groups and pairs. Joey’s actions are not well received. She’s sinking her ship.

9:00PM BBT – Joey going around telling HGs about her decision that they should target Devin. HGs pretend this is the first they’ve heard of her telling Devin that, but really they all already know. Joey is oblivious.

9:05PM BBT – Caleb and Devin laughing about Joey’s behavior. Christine comes in and joins in the fun. All agree she’s doing a bad job with her game play.

9:45PM BBT – Cody, Zach, and Derrick agree that it’d be a great chance to get out Devin, but Caleb won’t put him up so forget it. Though if they get the chance soon then they need to take it and evict Devin.

9:50PM BBT – Frankie suggests Cody should have sex with Brittany to gain control over her. Cody says he’d never do that because her three kids are watching.

10:10PM BBT – Hayden and Amber agree that Joey’s actions tonight make the vote choice easy come Thursday.

12:20AM BBT – Devin and Brittany get in to an argument. It’s rather mild, no yelling, but both are upset at the other. Brittany leaves and goes to cry in the bathroom. When everyone leaves there she goes to cry out in the backyard instead. Eventually she comments that Devin acts just like her ex-husband.

12:45AM BBT – Britt getting support in the hammock from Pao. Derrick and Nicole come over too and chat. Derrick is being very supportive.

5:30AM BBT – Joey and Britt are still up and in the backyard. Britt tells Joey that Paola will definitely go home over her. Nope. Britt starts talking about Devin and how she thinks he might throw her across the room “like a chicken wing” if he got evicted. This girl has a serious problem with Devin.

Joey’s game is done. As much as some HGs might want to get Devin out now they also know Caleb will not put up Devin at the Veto Ceremony on Monday. Instead Joey will go up and she will go home. Team America!

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  1. Pretty much everyone is overplaying.

    Seems to me like jocasta and donny pretty much outsiders in house which is sad.

    • Donny is not a outsider, he said his game will be all based in making people believe he is not smart.

      Will be just like ADAm ( that flooter from season 13)

  2. Jaw-dropping moment seeing Joey baring it all and burning it all in just a single day tops.

    Was she preparing too freakin’ much to what will happen on Monday to the point that she just intently solidify her chances of going home? I just can’t with the stupidity!

    In all fairness, feeds were fun to watch because of it. Heh. :D

  3. I guess we can at least say this cast will not be boring! It looks like we are in for a season of lies and backstabbing if there’s already this much game play going on.

    • I like the look on Caleb’s face when Joey approached him. “Dumbfounded” could be the best way to describe it.

      • His now usual “Amber, Watch Out!” stalker face only happens 99.9% of the time. His dumbfounded face is part of the 0.1% difference. :D

    • I totally agree….I really like this cast so far. It’s nice for a change having a group of people who for the most part are fairly likeable. My radar is telling me that Frankie and Zach are going to evolve into the real villains this season….if so it should be a fun ride.

    • But that’s what happened last season too. Alliances never lasted more then a week.

  4. Once again, so many alliances are being formed, I can’t keep track of who the true alliances are. So far I am liking Cody, Christine and Derrick. Those three seem to have a real sense of how the game is supposed to be played. I would like to see them in Final 3.

    • Cody is the most handsome ever to be in the BB, but he is too boring.

      And the things is. Imagine how horrible would be if everyone would just lay low for the first few weeks?

      I dont like caleb and Devin… but at least they came to play and that is what they are doing

  5. Well let’s face it…we suck at choosing “players”. I was able to watch most of it last night and it was SAD. The plan now is to continually use Pow Pow as the nom pawn to get rid of people since she’s perceived as being weak in challenges. And there are soooo many alliances that you can’t keep up with them. You’re going to have to put up an Alliance Board, Matt just so we can keep up with them all!!!

    • At least we know El Cuatro is dead, Crazy 8’s is donezo, Double D ended before it began. Zankie (Zach+Frankie) could be the one to watch if it holds.

      Zach echoed what the feedsters were thinking about the Bomb Squad last night, a joke. Too many allies in one group and they already have one member getting targeted. Let’s see how long that one lasts.

  6. I went back and listen to that argument between Devin and Britt. My take is that Britt is seriously defective. Her ex-husband must be a saint if she was like that during their marriage. I mean, come on. She will have a break down if she keep this up. I saw the whole conversation and the way she recounted it to Paola in the hammack, doesn’t reflect at all what I saw. If she let stuff like that get to her, she’s not going to be there for long.
    Later in the hammack, Frankie had this to say: “We’re so an anti-BB15 cast”. I tought that was very funny.

    • I think the argument between her and Devin came out of nowhere. Something about bedsheets and lotion? And throw in some “You doin’ this on my kid’s birthday?” even though her birthday had already apsed an hour or so when the argument occured.

      Did you hear the talk on Twitter about the cast being barred from talking about BB15? They made shout-outs to last year’s HG’s but them talking about the season in whole seems to be a complete no-no now.

      • That must have happened recently because I’ve been watching feeds all day and they’ve talked about the whole racist issues last year. And no announcement thta they must stop talking about it.

  7. There’s usually always someone who can’t keep their mouth shut like Joey, but it usually doesn’t happen in week 1. Right now they all seem to be getting along, wonder how long this will last.

  8. I think Joey knew she was going home. With Devin and Caleb playing so hard and arrogant her only choices were play hard or sit back and wait to go home. I’m glad she decided to play hard. It probably won’t save her but it shook things up. People are now talking about the Caleb/Devin alliance and how they have to take them out as soon as they can. The Bomb Squad is all but done and with the 2 HOH twist it could be easier to do. If the next 2 HOHs each put one up then at least one will be on the block. Yes they could come down with the POV but I think it will show them that its not the Caleb/Devin house.

    • I think that was the intended effect although a plan to backdoor Devin is certainly not gonna happen this week. But it did get the ball rolling so who knows with next week.

    • Caleb is making his biggest mistake not putting up Devin. Because Devin is just using him right now. And if he would put up Devin, the girls would not be coming after him. But now they all know Cody has something with Devin and some of the other guys.

      Caleb won`t last. Im sure Paola and britanny will go after as soon they win HOH.

      Devin will still convice Britanny to keep him safe once both has kids

      • Brittanny hates Devin. She keeps saying how he’s like her ex-husband and bulldozes over everything she try to say. Just having a kid is not going to allow Devin to make peace with Brittanny.

      • I disagree, The last thing Caleb needs to do is evict the one guy who’s bigger and more prone to rash arguments then he is, as soon as Devin leaves the house Caleb becomes public enemy number one, he needs to keep that meat shield around as long as he can.

  9. Oi. Seriously, how did Joey get to be the first pick for Team America this year? I’m guessing she has a lot of friends and family that were able to vote for her, because she has no sense of BB gameplay at all! She actually reminds me a lot of Brian from BB10.

    • Joey was a fun, friendly person when I met her and she does a good job of giving off that vibe. The vast majority of voters probably never dug deeper than that to see she had zero BB knowledge and would most likely be a disaster in the game. Shocker, she is. It’s just symptomatic of these TV-only involved votes since it just doesn’t convey enough info for TV viewers to be fully informed. Ah well.

      And yeah, definitely way overplaying just like Brian did. Funny thing is though that I thought he had a solid BB understanding while hers is the result of absolutely none.

      • I agree most people don’t know anything except what they see on the 3 nights of CBS. I voted for Donny knowing unless he makes some friends FAST he will be gone soon. I think he might be making some progress. I just think he would be funny on Americas Team. Winning POV will help him.

    • I wonder if the reason she told people about the girls alliance because she won americas vote.

      I hope Donny or Frankies win the 2nd spot, because this will mess with them

    • I really thought it would be Frankie because of his sister’s fans. I would have bet money on it.

      • You’re right and he may be the next one. Usually anybody who has a big outside influence can get picked as in Rachael and her sister.

  10. Joey knew she was going to be put on the block as Donny’s replacement. As I said in a comment to another post, I hoped that the house would target someone else during the week and all hopes of that were lost the moment I watched her question Donny and Jocasta about Caleb talking to them about who they’d want put on the block. It’s clear she doesn’t know the game and how much her aggressiveness this week is hurting her. I know that there is a lot of time before Thursday, but I don’t see her being able to dig herself out of this.

    On different note, I really think that Derrick and Christine should make a F2 deal together. I think that if they do and stuck to it, they could really go far and take out Frankie and Zach. There is a whole lot of game left to play, so we’ll see how things play out.

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