Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which four Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Last night’s show set us up with two new Heads of Household and their nominations are in so the house can start preparing for the next Battle of the Block later today.

Read on for the latest nomination spoilers:

Big Brother 16 Week 5 Nominations:


  • Frankie nominated: Jocasta & Victoria
  • Zach nominated: Christine & Nicole

No surprises here. We saw Zach practicing his nomination speech around 3:40AM BBT and it was a doozy as Derrick and Frankie encouraged him to go over the top in an attack on Christine. You see, they’ll earn $5K while he’ll sink his game with this crap. I’m getting tired of Frankie using Zach as his punching bag week after week with these missions.

After the ceremony was over Nicole was crying downstairs, but Christine seems to have not reacted to the “Zach Attack.” I’m guessing Team America will still be able to try again at the Veto Ceremony.

Victoria is extremely upset as well at having been nominated for the THIRD time by Frankie. (Okay, last week was Cody while coordinating w/ Frankie.) Why won’t Frankie just leave her alone and let her enjoy her summer camp, huh??

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Battle of the Block later today so keep an eye out and share the results soon!


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  1. Hate that Frankie uses Zach, but if Christine goes home it will all be worth it!! She admits that she “fell into” alliances and she adds nothing to the game. If the girls are leaving, let Christine go home this week!

    • Their target is still Amber or Caleb. They’re hoping to be able to backdoor one of them.

      • They don’t want to go after Caleb. Frankie and Derrick thinks Caleb is good for their game, Cody had a chance to put up Caleb, but chose not to. Zach had chance to put Caleb up and chose not to.

      • Cody had that chance. I believe Zack will do it if he’s offered the chance.

      • Zack wanted Caleb but now last night he changed to Amber. Amber wants Zach out bad. What a joke last night Amber was talking to Crustine saying how they are going to bring Zack down. And Amber says even though I only was HOH for a short time I’m controlling all the HOH’s. WHAT???

      • Yea, that’s what he said last night, his first choice was Amber, and his second choice was Caleb.

      • Last night or should I say early AM like around 2am pacific as her and Christine were coming out of SR. You have to turn the volume up loud though because she’s kind of mumbling.

      • If Zack doesn’t chill out and Christine and Nicole win BOTB he may just get back doored by Frankie.

      • I’m not sure Frankie will do it. It’s Zach who is hellbent on getting Amber or Caleb out.

      • I agree. I think Frankie is showboating on this “backdoor Zach” thing. It makes no sense for him to do that to someone so loyal. It’d be a dumb move. But hey, it’s been the season for that!

      • I haven’t watch the feeds today yet, but last night the plan was to ask Zach’s nominee to throw the BoB so Zach would stay HOH. Has that change ?

      • So he change his mind. Last night Frankie was asking Christine to throw the BoB.

      • I don’t think so. I think because Zack was kind of all over the place. Who knows why with Frankie.

      • Indeed, Zack was all over the place. He change his minds 20 times in 5 minutes. I couldn’t keep up.

      • I don’t know, I haven’t try to watch yet. Got a message from my internet company, I already went over my cap for the month, with 6 days to go. I have a cap of 90 Gigs per month.

      • If Zach gets Caleb out this week, I expect Derrick to try for HoH next week and take out Zach, leaving Frankie alone.

      • But Frankie also said if the whole house wants Zack back doored he would have no choice and tell Zack that’s what the entire house wanted. Never know with these house guests. Just have to wait and see.

      • If I was Frankie – no way I’d cut Zach at least until Derrick was gone. Why cut your best ally and leave Derrick & Cody together? Frankie is a smart cookie. He has to be thinking end game and know that Derrick will take Cody over him for an easy win. He’s the odd man out. And he has to know that Derrick is already plotting his demise, too. (Let Zankie evict Caleb this week and set the table for Derrick to step up and be HoH next week where he can take out Zach, keep Donny in his boy, Cody’s, back pocket to do the deed to Frankie the week after that, since Derrick knows Donny doesn’t trust Frankie.) Back to Frankie: Bloodless Frankie could win over Cody and Zach would do the deed and take out Derrick, preferably before Jury so Derrick doesn’t puppeteer that. Frankie & Cody take out Zach Attack after Frankie tells Cody that Zach went rogue & Cody should do it for Derrick. Frankie has Zach’s vote in Jury.

      • they do seem a little “romantic”, should have backdoored sneaky Wiesel frankie the last round. .

  2. This week would be a lot more fun and crazy if Jocasta and Victoria aka “The Dream Team” ;) actually won and Christine and Nicole stayed on the block.

    • You’re right. All hell will break loose if Christine and Nicole remain nominated. You’ll see some people scrambling HARD!!

    • Yeah I would like to see Jocasta and Victoria win BOTB. The week will be really exciting if they do.

      • Lol. This week BoB – next week HoH. Watch Victoria get swaggalicious. Well, once she gets over the shock of those 2 winning. Ha! Fingers crossed! So many people hoping!

    • I’m pretty sure it’s not going to matter either way. I see a backdoor coming no matter who stays on the block… well as long as the right person wins POV!! Yikes!

      • If the Detonators send Christine home, they should take Donny on as a member.

      • I think the two “frontrunners”, let’s say – Derrick & Frankie – knowing that Donny was the first Team America player, have to realize that America loves Donny. For that reason, I think they don’t want to take him very far – not F2 for sure. I think maybe Frankie is even worried Donny will win America’s Favorite if he lasts much longer. But if he leaves soon, maybe Frankie has designs on winning it?? IDK.

      • Exactly. I mean I’ve only seen this season and am almost done with BB15 and this season, the women are just boring. There were some horrible people in BB15 but at least they were playing the game.

      • I wish she had done a bit more research before coming on the show… she could have been a power player in this season!

      • Unfortunately, she said she didn’t realize the game began when you walked in. Look, I pulled for Brittany early on – I had hope in her and in Amber because they seemed to be strong competitors. But let’s be realistic: She voted with the house every time. So it irks me that she campaigned that no one voted their own way. Pot, meet Kettle. And let’s face it, she had no inkling there was an alliance, not until Devin told her – and Donny – my goodness, bless his heart, he tried to tell her and others. If she had stayed in, I just don’t think she would have targeted the guys. She said she’d let them run her HoH and her target was Victoria. May have been a smokescreen but I just don’t see her siding with Donny over Cody. Sorry – I don’t. But I do think she was ill-prepared. I don’t know how they recruited her but hindsight being 20/20, she should have done her homework. It’s unfortunate but at least she isn’t stuck in the Jury House with Victoria, Christine & Nicole. She has to be happy about that, right?

      • Hello! Brittney got Devin use thr POV on her. The other women in the house are smart.

      • She got voted out because they do see her has a threat, Brittney, in my opinion was the smartest woman player.

      • That was just a dumb move by a dumb player in Devin and thats why he aint in the game anymore… To top that off, stupid Devin put up an alliance member in Zack…. Dont know if she deserves credit for that… Shes been crying that story all season, only Devin fell for it

      • Hello that was smart of Brittney. She got the POV medal from Devin. To me that is smart. She got voted out because she was a threat. Listen to Derrick. Give Brittney credit! It was Donny is so likeable.

        See, they don’t see; Ca;eb as a threat, that is why he is not getting voted out.

    • Maybe a all girl alliance would have been the way. I think Christine better wake up and realize she is not part of the Detatnors. Detatnors will try to pull in Caleb. Donny getting put on the block for eviction by Cody should been a wake up call. The girls can pull Donny, Hayden or Caleb if they were smart.

  3. I’m guessing Christine didn’t respond the way Team America wanted her to, yeah? Looks like they’ll have to get the job done at the veto ceremony, which is still a good possibility with Zach in the house.

    IMO there will need to be a backdoor if an argument does in fact go down, so we’ll see. I also agree with you Matt in that Frankie is doing Zach wrong. He’s been playing him ever since Zach originally went on the block. Frankie was the one campaigning against him until he realized Zach had the votes to stay!

    • It’s Zach’s own fault for letting himself get played by Frankie. Only has himself to blame. He’s like a little puppy dog. He goes around making a mess in the house then sticks his tail between his legs and goes up to Frankie asking him if things are still ok, do damage control for me please!

      • He trusts Frankie so how is that letting yourself get played? If he knew Frankie was talking crap about him and still trusted him then he would be letting himself get played.

  4. Nicole and Victoria crying over getting nominated is so unbelievably pathetic. We’ve gone from a pack of bitchy psychos + Candice last season to a horde of spineless pushovers this season. Robyn Kass can’t cast women to save her life. I’m sadly coming to believe that Jun and Maggie may be the only strategically strong female winners BB will ever have.

    • the problem is, the 2 relatively strong female players were ignored/ scoffed at, and because they had a good idea that might also cause drama, they were voted off early. I really would love to see them cast a season where everyone absolutely HATES each other, too. plus, this dual HoH thing isn’t working out too well, either. they keep getting 2 HoH’s that are willing to work with each other, instead of a pair that want to go in completely different directions in the game.

      • As far as the dual Hoh goes it is still early in the game. Only 5 weeks in. It will get ugly once the men have no choice but to turn on each other

      • But the twist will be over. Too hard to make it work once they are down to 10.

      • strong(lol)… they didnt even understand the game thats why they couldnt convince anybody to go along with it… For a fact, Joey went to Devin and told him she was going to tell the group to take her off the block and put him up on the block…Who does that in BB… Brittany and Joey dont even belong in the same sentence as strong

  5. I’m also sick of Frankie using Zack. Once again Frankie takes the easy road in his nominations and puts the blame on Zack. Telling Victoria he wants to stay HOH that’s why he nominated her so he can back door someone. He’s also putting the blame on Zack for everything. I hope Frankie goes soon.

    • And who’s fault is this? Zach’s!!! He has no one to blame but himself for being Frankie’s little errand boy/punching bag. Blinded by his man love for the pink hair….

      • No Zack trusts Frankie. Until he finds out Frankie is throwing him under the bus it sure isn’t his fault. Just like Nicole trusts Crustine. Even though Crustine was throwing Nicole UTB. Zach almost told Nicole last night and I wish he would have.

  6. Very bad year so far, Jakesha and Zach are the only entertainment, and they will be gone soon, we need more eye rolling and speaking in toungs. Maybe this time with some ground rolling. So much for bb16.

  7. Zach continues to be used by Frankie because he trusts that Frankie won’t screw him. He became his puppet the second they made a Final 2 deal and hasn’t learned that he is simply a puppet for Frankie’s games. Also, I think he really looks up to Frankie and wants him to like him and will do whatever he is directed.

  8. I’m rooting for Nicole and Christine!!! I hope they knock Zach right off his throne as HOH!!! I really don’t see Frankie put either Amber nor Caleb. He doesn’t want any blood on his hands, plus he wants to stay in good terms with Caleb.

  9. I think I’m pulling for Victoria/Jocasta to win BOB. Then Victoria win POV and not use it. That would throw things in turmoil.

    • Well I’d like them to win and then Nicole win POV and have either Amber or Caleb sitting next to Christine. That would be fun to watch Christine have to scramble. I can’t stand her. And it’s too bad because I really don’t want the girls to get picked off.

      • That’s a better option. I want Christine gone. Zach is right about 1 thing, except for a little snitching she hasn’t done anything for the group.

  10. Victoria has been a floater for majority of the game. Her game mode only sparked in the POV, where has her game been in the beginning? I really hope Zach gets dethroned. I disliked him since Day 1 and his loud mouth gets nowhere. They need to backdoor Caleb.

  11. I loved Frankie before he actually joined the show and i still do love him but I don’t like how he’s acting. I’m sure he would do much better game if he was just himself, without pretending or lying that much. BTW, I don’t think he wants to stay as HOH, cause he wouldn’t be able to compite for HOH next week in that case.

  12. Zach was dethroned as Christine and Nicole won BOB. So the noms for POV are Jocasta and Victoria

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