Big Brother 16: Houseguests Speculate On Mysterious Button

The Big Brother 16 Houseguests have pressed the mysterious button that arrived in their home and the clock has been counting down ever since. So what happens next? They’re not sure, but that isn’t stopping them from speculating on all the possibilities.

Big Brother Rewind button counts down
Big Brother Rewind button counts down – Source: CBS

As soon as the HGs saw the button flash up on the Memory Wall screens they began speculating on what this could mean for the game. Gotta love all of Caleb’s wild fantasies about the treasures it would bring them. You can tell he isn’t terrible familiar with Big Brother’s history of “surprises.”

Eventually the HGs all decided to push it together just as they’ve done everything together even though Derrick warned them this could be bad. As it turns out this could hurt Frankie the most, he just doesn’t know it yet. Or maybe he does.

While Derrick told Frankie that same night he was worried the button would result in Frankie being dethroned it’s still just a guess for them. All they know at this point for sure is the clock will hit zero at 5:35PM BBT on Wednesday. That will be right in the middle of the new schedule’s live eviction show.

Since the Veto Ceremony arrived a day early the HGs have come to the understanding that there will most likely be a live show Wednesday night, but the rest of their guessing has been entertaining.

Yesterday afternoon the guys gathered in the mystery room to discuss the importance of the mirrors and the word “GAME” written across the walls. Flashback to 12:15PM BBT 9/7 as their guesses run wild.

Someone suggests the mirrors hint that the HGs will have to “reflect on their game” and have a deep meaning instead of just being mirrors. There are lots of guesses on the repeating word as well but it seems they’re just bored and killing time with ideas. The button is going to turn their week upside down so that’s what I’d guess was behind the design, but we know a lot more than they do.

When the timer does hit zero the HGs will “rewind” the week and do it all over. Frankie will lose his HoH and Veto win along with his safety. If he wants to avoid eviction, as he thinks the guys are coming after him, then he’ll have to win them all over again.

Considering the clock hits zero at 5:35PM BBT that seems a little late in the hour to get a new HoH, noms, Veto comp, Veto ceremony, AND a live eviction covered in just 25 mins. So either the timer isn’t exact or we’ll just get a few parts of the do-over included in the show.

No matter what happens we’ll keep you covered with all the spoilers, updates, and results as it happens on the shows and on the Live Feeds. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get all the news sent right to you.



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  1. I am going to throw it out there that this is Production’s way to protect Frankie for a F3 guarantee … as he just has to really win the POV then the following HOH comps to secure his spot … Otherwise, he would have had the opportunity to compete in next week’s HOH, as the outgoing HOH this week …. so, he may not necessarily want to win the HOH Rewind comp??
    Not that I am suggesting that the comps may be Pro Frankie .. just putting it out there … Ha !!!! :)

    • I really don’t see this as a good thing for Frankie. The guys had one chance to get Frankie out before F3. Now they have two.

      I know there’s been a lot of production-protecting-Frankie paranoia, but how in the world is wiping out his immunity a pro-Frankie move in the least?

      • Agreed. He will be at his most vulnerable unless he works his arse off to win HOH again but he has as much of a chance to win head of household this Wednesday as the rest of the house except Derrick.

      • He just needs to win the first POV in the Rewind and then will have to chances for survival for next week with HOH and POV ….
        Is there any hints on whether it will be a Q&A time comp and/or a T/F or a Random Luck of Chance …
        Victoria is primed to win an HOH, so my bet is a long shot for her to win in the Rewind HOH Comp … Ha !!! :)

      • Forgot to realize that part about the veto but yeah, the house then should make sure Frankie doesn’t get that Veto win (if he doesn’t win HOH) for a chance to get him out.

      • I would love for her to be the one to send Frankie to jury. Jury would gain some respect for her as well.

        What if sh’es been faking her bad game play this entire time…lmao

      • She is .. and, she did say that to Donny during the week when Nicole had been evicted the first time from the House .. If recall, something about that she was not “as dumb” as they think she is … and, that there was no need to make herself a target, etc …

      • I just have this feeling that Production was just as surprised as anyone else when they planned this Twist, that Frankie would have ended up with so much Power the past 2 weeks ..Ha !!!
        Guess we will just have to wait until after Wednesday’s live show, and judge for ourselves once the comps have been revealed … :)
        It is difficult to read Derrick, as he talks alot about nothing and uses the phrase “Trust Me” and “I promise ..” to everyone, but he has never had to come through with anything … but, has been rather consistent with his protection of Victoria …
        Caleb is the one that appears to be on the bottom of his list and is also the one that appears to be more commited to Frankie (based on his promises made to Caleb) ….

      • Matt, do you know if the show is planning on being delayed 30-35 minutes for the President’s speech? Maybe CBS knew.

      • The president doesn’t make speeches in the afternoon. Press conferences yes, speeches never. I believe his speeches are normally 9e, 8C, but we’ll see.

  2. I think it would be funny if they went ahead and did the live eviction vote. Told the person who was being evicted they were evicted and THEN rewind the week. That would really cause a riffle. Maybe.

    • It would if it wasn’t Victoria getting voted out. If the votes were flipping and they were going after Cody then we’d get some fireworks from him staying and having to change his F3/F2 plans.

      • Yeah, that’s why I said maybe at the end. I forgot Frankie had won veto and didn’t use it while I was typing it. :[

      • Derrick is lucky as all get out that he didn’t win that Veto, use it on Victoria, and force Caleb up on the block in the thought that he (Derrick) and Vic could vote Caleb out. Now THAT would have made for some fireworks especially when Caleb got to stay. That could have changed everything. Ah well.

      • Any indication on what the votes would be for Cody vs Victoria, as of now ??
        Caleb — Victoria
        Derrick — Cody
        Frankie — Tie Breaker

  3. Anyone else notice that Frankie was actually pretty nice/civil in the nomination speech yesterday, as compared to his any of his previous speeches?
    Also, find it weird that he starts of with “I luv ya, but … ”
    It would be nice to be a fly on the wall in the DR sessions ….
    In both the shows and in particular the BBAD episodes the past few days, Frankie just seem calmer and talks as if he knows something more about this week’s twists than she should have knowledge of … He sure has commented about foreboding of his existing in the Big House … Hmmm …

    • Frankie wasn’t on BBAD at all last night (Sunday 9/7 12 to 2 AM). Cody, Caleb and Derrick were each called to DR during BBAD. Frankie was no where to be heard or seen.

      • At the begining they flashed on him for about 5-10 seconds but there was no sound. I am glad no Frankie but it made me realIze just how Cody and Caleb sound. Not too bright I would say those 2 are pretty dim bulbs in the light bulb package. It is a pretty close race between Cody Caleb and Victoria for the dumbest HG of the season.

      • Yes I watched it all and never had to cuss anyone. Was he asleep? Didn’t they stay up a lot playing hunt the mouse? or maybe he was evicted ?

      • Thanx Hoosier ~ BBAD starts in about 9 minutes tonight. I hope he was up all day and is back in bed so I don’t have to see or hear him ~~

    • I agree…and Frankie has let it slip a few times about things the DR told him and we get fish…I have NO doubt in my mind this game is Rigged for Frankie….

      • You are so right. I have been watching the feeds and there have been many times when Frankie starts talking about stuff the DR tells him, it goes to fish. They are feeding him alot of info..more than the others. I don’t get it..they see how much we all can’t stand him.

  4. Is anybody else having trouble loading disqus

    ETA: the disqus website that is BBN loads fine and so did comment section

  5. production cud still be pro frankie, him goin thru this, tis wk, and actually surviving it wit set him up to have te best campaign for jury votes out of the remaining hgs. unless hes with derrick where itd b equal, but theres no way they wudnt vote for frankie to win, if he survived this rewind nd went to f2

  6. Now I thought they may be onto something when they brought up the mirror talk. bc they will see this week’s game played over. idk. I think everything in the room is a clue.

  7. Just like these morons to have to decide to group push the button. Shocked they don’t all have to make a group decision to wipe their butts after a dump.

  8. I would love it if Victoria won HoH, someone won veto and Frankie would be sent packing. In some part of me, I think she is faking this whole “weak” player thing. On the live feeds, she isn’t dumb like they edit her on the episode. She knows what’s going on and who is a target, a threat and who not to worry about. I really wish it was true. Like when she was speaking to Nicole, she knew Frankie was a huge threat and if Victoria won HoH and made a power move, I would gain a lot of respect for her.

  9. Ever wonder how these HGs know what’s going to happenn? i believe bugs are planted. I would have never guessed the button erased everything. do the HGs know the summer was extended?

    • I don’t mean to sound like I think I’m a know-it-all, but honestly, I do think there’s a chance I could’ve guessed about the game being rewound. As Matt said once, it’s not that crazy of a twist, so it’s feasible that after several guesses, rattling off any idea that came to them, that eventually they’d spew out the right one. I would be reading into that room’s design, and not only is the word “Game” upside down at times, but it’s also in reverse on the wall in some areas. The reverse image of the word could have me eventually guessing about ‘rewinding’ or ‘going back in time’. I’ll never pretend I would quickly or easily guess that though, and who knows, maybe I don’t guess it at all, as some players (like Jeff Schroeder) have spoken about how much that house messes with your head, especially when you’re in it for several weeks.

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