Big Brother 16 Houseguests Hear Fan Shout “Frankie Is The Saboteur!” – Update

Tonight on the Big Brother Live Feed the BB16 HGs were treated to another round of information from the outside world via nearby shouting that lead to a lockdown. Turns out production didn’t get them inside before they heard the message though.

Caleb Reynolds retells the story to Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother
Caleb Reynolds retells the story to Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Flashback to 6:35PM BBT Cams 3/4. Get your Free Trial to watch it now. All cams are outside, but Donny is speaking at the critical moments on Cams 1/2. 45 seconds past the minute Cody, Caleb, and Christine pause their conversation and faint yelling can be heard in the background. Cody says to ignore it or they’ll be sent inside. Too late.

Big Brother calls for an indoors lockdown and the HGs march inside. Upstairs Cody asks what Caleb heard. Caleb suggested it was a police helicopter with a loudspeaker, but Cody balks at the suggestion. Cody hints that they can’t say anything right now. Feeds cut but soon return.

When Feeds return we can find Caleb talking with Derrick in the Fire room at 6:41PM BBT Cams 3/4. Cody tells Derrick they heard “Frankie is the Saboteur!” being yelled by the heckler. Derrick asks about the person saying Frankie was a cop, but Caleb says again they only heard the Saboteur comment.

So why would someone yell about the Saboteur when there’s not an actual Saboteur? Because if someone yelled “Frankie is on Team America!” they’d have no idea what he’s talking about, but since the Sabo was something they had going in the house the HGs could connect to it.

This latest information-invasion follows a recent event where HGs heard a fan yelling “Frankie, you’re a disgusting!” Frankie isn’t having much luck with fans near the Big Brother house!

Will this impact their game plans? Hard to tell. But now Caleb is saying the yelling could be from a Donny fan looking to flip the house and keep Donny safe. On the other side of the skepticism, Christine brought up that when she wondered aloud to Frankie about if America voted for someone to be the Saboteur, he told her that he’d be offended if he didn’t get voted to that role. Oops, keep your ego mouth shut on that one next time, Frankie. Sheesh.

I’m not a fan of game interference whether it comes from outside the walls by fans yelling or from production screwing with things. I’d always rather see the HGs compete in a vacuum and just play the game, but we rarely get that, do we?

Update: Cody mentioned he heard the yelling included Frankie was the Saboteur, Frankie was not to be trusted, and Christine was not to be trusted. Cody mentions Christine is “s**ting her pants” and she knows he heard. Cody & Derrick discuss this at 3:00AM BBT 8/25 Cams 3/4.

Caleb has shifted more towards Cody and Derrick for a F3 and is in agreement that they would need to get rid of Frankie, but doesn’t seem pressed to do that sooner than F4.

When Caleb spoke with Frankie he lied and said they heard yelling, but couldn’t make out what was being said.

It’s possible that no one will tell Frankie what was heard, but I would have really expected Derrick or Christine to take this info back to him. Perhaps they think it’s a better tool for them to keep Frankie in the dark. We’ll have to keep watching for more discussions on Monday.


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  1. This is the nth incident this season that someone outside have yelled beside the backyard. I wonder why CBS hasn’t sent in security to guard that part of the compound up to now.

    Okay so I guess it was from a helicopter. Maybe have CBS declare it a no-fly zone? :D

    • There is housing not far off. The studio is on the edge of the CBS lot. Wouldn’t really be able to keep constant security in the middle of housing. I mean I guess you could, but it wouldn’t be practical.

      • I think the only remedy for this is to cover up the backyard completely, with a well-ventilated and transparent roof that’s soundproof and still allow some sun to get in.

      • Ugh. You’re probably right, but boy would that suck. I always feel bad for BBCAN having no real outdoors besides the hot tub area. It’d be such a waste of awesome weather.

      • I loved how they did the simulated sun moving across the sky in the first house. Kills me that they lost that first house. 2nd one wasn’t bad, but the backyard in the 1st was amazing.

      • Yeah, the first house will always be special. But I gotta hand it to the BBCAN team, they managed to rebuilt the house from the ground up in its new location.

        The only thing I’m bothered though with the new house is how unstable the walls are in the hallway leading to the diary room if you notice how the cam shakes every time the HG’s enter the DR during eviction nights.

      • They have speakers out there, so they could always just play loud music or even white noise to drown out the shouting until they get it under control. Pretty fast compared to ordering the HGs inside.

      • Still not sure why they haven’t learned their lesson after all these years and do it like some of the other BB productions (like Canada’s) and build the house INDOORS inside a secured industrial building… a bit depressing with no natural light aside from skylights, but meh, it solves the security issue for sure…

      • It has to do I guess with logistics. Having the house inside Studio City is seen as more practical and economic. Same goes for BBUK’s.

        BBAU’s is located in the middle of an amusement park so in a way, it’s much more controlled since there’d by a clearance to prevent outsiders from lurking in.

      • and they might also build some of the sets on the rooftop and then lower them down with a crane? So it’s got it’s advantages.

      • and it’s possible they want the hecklers. They might even be the Hecklers they need something to stir the house up and create dialog.

      • That is more likely due to weather conditions in Canada, it can get very cold, probably helps with heating costs.

  2. wow good reason to consider getting rid of Frankie…lmao….if only it would happen…

    • I agree, I would actually fall in the floor if Cody uses the veto and puts Frankie up.

      • jmo As they said Frankie was the saboteur it appears that the shout out was a “ZACH ATTACK” fan message. Getting Frankie back for blaming Zach for the stealing incident. It had nothing to do with Donny I don’t believe.

      • Seems funny Cody did not want to say he he heard right away. If cop was mentioned Derricks name had to come out. Maybe Cody will nom derrick.

  3. Doesn’t matter if they believe it or not, getting rid of Frankie this week would be the wrong move strategically.

    • Getting rid of Frankie makes sense this week there is still numbers pull Donny or Nicole in whoever you take off block plus Derrick and Victoria make the three votes needed to send Frankie to jury next week it is still 5-2 to get Donny and then 5-1 for Nicole

      • well it is really dependent actually. It some ways it makes sense to strike first at Frankie now when you have the best shot at him… BUT… it also makes sense to keep him for one more week then take him out next week – hoping that he doesn’t backstab you first…. it’s the dilemma of not knowing when the ”best” time is.

      • I’d rather stab him in the back first. He has been good at hoh comps waiting any longer might mean he doesn’t get another chance depending how things work out

      • oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree. I am just saying the choice isn’t as easy as you think. If you stab an alliance member at this point in the jury house think about how that might work out? It’s not just about who is in the house, it’s also about who is talking to whom in the jury house and for how long…. There is a reason to keep Frankie for a while, which makes the choice tougher than you might think.

      • At this point (or even as early as when they all entered the jury phase), they should already been thinking of probabilities on who will vote for who in the end.

        I don’t think Cody or the rest of the house besides Nicole, Donny and Derrick has any foresight on how jurors will vote for them. Unless Cody does a Jon Pardy and somehow ditch Derrick and bring Victoria (if we get to that conclusion) to Final 2, no way will he garner even a single vote. As for Frankie, I don’t think he’ll get a single vote unless he takes out Derrick.

        Christine and Victoria especially are not doing a very good job on courting recent evictees of their vote. Donny, if he goes this week, is not gonna vote for those two.

      • naww don’t matter cause the people that are gonna vote for u are still the house nobody in jury wants to vote Derrick or Cody at this point and as Cody is HOH it would be blood on his hands not Derrick.. Good move for Derrick

      • Well I know which fate you would of fallen with if you were in the house this week Helen oh I mean Matt lol. Dude the best players of the game never hesitated on making a move ie Dr. Will, Dan, Mike Boogie, all made the necessary move to evict a threat when the opportunity presented itself. The way you talk you definitely would of pulled a “Helen” hence the name given to someone who chose to, not pull the trigger.

      • I think the best time is now, why next week? I don’t think it’s detrimental to Derricks game if he takes him out now.

  4. Matthew the only way these HG would pay attention is if they said something bad about Donny. Everything is Donny’s fault. If they get evicted after Donny leaves it will be his fault because he didn’t warn them, even tho he told them countless times. Production interferes so why not a fan that doesn’t like things.

      • Well I really don’t like ANY one interfering. But these HG are too stupid (I hate that word) to see the writing on the wall or in this case the loud speaker telling them something.

      • Since most of the HG’s have no idea how to play the BB game by all means let the fans have a shot at it.

    • If he’s smart throw Frankie under the bus but knowing him he will say get rid of Frankie after donny

      • yeah Derrick would make Frankie believe that he was the lone saboteur and that he should be evicted…. Derrick would have Frankies head spinning..

      • WHAT are you talking about? How would Derrick convince Frankie he’s the saboteur? They’ve literally been meeting ever week to discuss Team America missions.

      • don’t even try its all beyond his scope of understanding…..shhhh hes slow but we don’t make a big deal about it

      • Oh, I see. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people above weren’t being sarcastic and they actually believed what they wrote. They’ve misted themselves! :)

      • I believe what I said I was referring to Derrick getting Frankie to believing Derrick had nothing to do with Cody renoming him and the house believing that Frankie is the saboteur

      • Julie, I’m sure you meant to say that Derrick could make all the hgs believe that Frankie was the lone saboteur and he (Frankie) should be evicted. Makes sense, right?

      • Derrick could prob mist all the HGs into believing it and mist Frankie into believing its all his fault that the truth is coming out

    • He really doesn’t have to say anything; not like these HGs are going to start thinking for themselves or anything anytime soon.

    • Derrick’s mind works in strange and mysterious ways … and not always friendly ways.

  5. Maybe BBAD might be worth watching tonight see what Frankie says to this and see what Derrick does if he leaves Frankie to wiggle on his own and play for evicting him next week or does he try to help Frankie wriggle out of it

  6. Not sure if’s gonna affect this alliance, but a little chaos, a little drama is a good thing. lol

  7. Whoever is doing this needs to stop because production is going to keep the HGs from going outside if this persists.

  8. wellll Evidently there was a bored viewer (as we are great in #) that it took matters into his/her hands and tried to shake things up…We won’t know till BBAD if any changes may be coming (when Derrick gets Cody alone) Sometimes u gotta go outside the box but in this case outside the fence . All I gotta say is GO FOR IT!!!!!

    • Yes !..I say..increase the sortie, if this doesn’t work, a “drone” drop will be in order.

      • ha I like where your heads at Cyril, that is a genius idea, see what production does to stop that.

    • This is an awful comment and truly brings some insight into some of the things you’ve written on these boards this season.

      • ohhhhhh u think I care what u think??? Seems u just jealous cause u can’t write an interesting post
        Quit trying to steal my thunder……

      • A comment doesn’t give any insight into a person. We are commenting on a game made for entertainment. Plus wanting to see the group of malicious bullies get a taste of their own medicine is a normal reaction. Granted not everyone reacts or thinks that way but it is an understandable way to think. The biggest part of course we all cheer for our favourites it is a game and people cheer for who they like. We could all say by who you are defending provided insights into your character but we don’t cause we understand it is a game and everyone likes who they like for the game. Just because you cheer for someone doesn’t mean you would hang out with that person.

      • A comment is a great way to gain insight into who a person is. Especially when that comment condones illegal activity and cheating. It doesn’t matter who we’re rooting for. Encouraging this kind of activity is a disgrace to the game of Big Brother and I’m in shock anyone would be in favor of it.

      • Dude wake up and realize Production does worse for the game then a fan shouting out from the fence, If you don’t feel that Production has a hand in interfering in the game then you are definitely as naive as Victoria herself.

      • I’m sure production does influence the game. But it’s definitely not as blatant as someone shouting information over a wall. I think we can all agree on that. I am not trying to deny that interference happens. I’m just in shock that some people on this comment board are encouraging it. As a fan of the concept and integrity of the game I can’t imagine actually attempting to encourage people to yell game information to the houseguests from over a fence. The idea makes me both sick and sad.

      • Better way to put it rather than judging people for their opinions and comments and for encouraging it

      • What illegal activity. How do you know if they broke in Matthew says the studio is close to the outside of cbs property and a housing development is right there. His comments are among the first in this thread. I made valid points just because we say right on and if these people did break in doesn’t mean we would do the same. Most of us on here wouldn’t suggest anyone do anything illegal and if we didn’t read Matthews comment explaining how these people get close enough we wouldn’t have a clue how things are set up and most would assume that if someone was told to do something but while attempting it saw they would have to break the law then most would assume that person was smart enough to abort mission. Comments are more often than not misleading to how a person is in real life. Also if you trying to use comments on a comment board to judge somebody you are missing a lot needed to form an accurate reading body language tone of voice so on

      • Big Brother is on CBS’s lot and this area is not open to the public at this time of night, for both business reasons and game reasons. Like I said the game’s integrity depends on the idea that houseguests are not given access to information concerning the game from the outside world. This is CBS property and it is considered trespassing, not to mention it’s just poor sportsmanship.

        As for your opinion about not being able to judge someone’s character from their comments, I have to disagree again. For example, I’ve been talking with you for a couple weeks and not once have you ever lashed out at me or name called me (the same unfortunately can’t be said for myself). You have always kept your cool and really read the person’s opinion before you reply. Other people on this board are quick to name-call and don’t really read the person’s thoughts before they respond. I think our behavior on these comment boards does matter, and certain peoples’ opinions hold more or less authority based on their previous actions on this site. I have lost my cool at times on here, so I am no one to model your behavior off of.

      • Well thank you for noting that when I was responding to you earlier after a comment you made to someone else I almost got carried away and did that but slowed myself down and thought it out first. Lashing out at people just makes it so people aren’t willing to listen to your argument or point or opinion whichever fits in those circumstances. However I’m not perfect either I may not have with you but I have with others then later when I think about it feel guilty for lowering myself. Although sometimes when someone does it to you first it feels good to do it back until I remember what my momma told me 2 wrongs don’t make a right. No matter how right it feels when doing it

      • Yeppers you are both right… and truly at the end of the day whether a person is in the role of victim or antagonist, it’s just a message board about a (fake) reality show. We all have lives much more worthy and more important than getting bogged down with things in here n’est pas? You’re both great guys in my opinion and I respect how you both talk to other people… Having said that – back to the fun of sharing, supporting and debating about this show that frustrates even the sanest of people! ;)

  9. Does it really matter what they yell, no one is going to listen and Donny will still walk out Thursday as bad as I hate to admit that. I think it is funny how paranoid Derrick has become, he is afraid that someone will yell out he is a cop, he already thought they said Frankie was a cop tonight.

    • maybe he did hear ‘cop’ and decided to go ahead and throw somebody else under the bus before it was linked to his name, he is always thinking one step ahead!

  10. ss BAD NEWS…The play may be cancelled due to lack of actors…The HGs don’t wanna do it… so sad…

    • You are right so so glad …. Oh wait you said so so sad …… I’m trying to feel sad but it’s just not working

    • Nah actually they called Derrick into the DR to tell him that the play was a bad idea and that they wanted to them to use it to save Donny, true fact. If you have the feeds you can listen to the conversation in the kitchen between Frankie and Derrick as soon as he got out to tell him what production told him and Frankie stuck on his self image wouldn’t budge to the idea and said nah we’re still doing the play and now as it stands production may just cancel the play idea from what I see cause if they won’t save Donny then there’s no point of doing a mission.

      • I’m TRUSTING U TO BE TELLING ME A TRUE EVENT What u just posted is true correct??

      • Yea its true Julie no lie, and Frankie still won’t budge, even though Derrick actually was siding on saving Donny.

      • Well that helps me feel a little less hatred for Derrick and more for Frankie
        ( I know I said hatred but I don’t mean hatred I mean dislike but saying dislike just didn’t have the same impact )

      • Yea I know what you mean, I feel the same way about it and to be honest if Frankie doesn’t do it and especially now with this info given to the HG’s, whatever deal CBS signed to the Grande family that Frankie is using as a safety net will be gone and I can see Cody pulling the trigger on Frankie maybe even this week, remember Veto is still tom and he might pull someone off an put Frankie as a replacement.

      • Yep, been hooked since season 2 what can I say but love the game, not the show as of late though, last yr was the only yr I didn’t bother watching. I mean I even watched season 9 and in all the seasons none of them held a candle to last year.

      • Matt S. and I are also both Canadian. I’ll respect Matt’s privacy and not blab what part of the country he calls home. I have family ties to Southern Alberta but live close to Toronto.

      • Me I don’t care I live in winnipeg. But I also have strong family ties to both winnipeg and close to the GTA

      • It’s been a bit of a rough summer in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan in general with the torrential rains and flooding. We came through in mid July driving cross country from home in Brampton to home in Lethbridge. People who don’t know better have a really skewed idea of Winnipeg being some kind of frontier outpost, and a cold frontier outpost at that, I loved it. Beautiful city. For a major city it’s extremely livable and easy to get around. We’ll be back, the Human Rights Museum is still on my list.

      • When I was about 12 ( that was more than 20 years ago ) I went with my dad in his semi to North Carolina and met another kid at a truck stop there and he was from South Carolina ( sorry don’t remember where exactly truck stop was ). Well when I told this kid I was from canada from winnipeg, manitoba, Canada he asked me if I lived in an igloo. Goes to show you how some people don’t know much about other people. We were both young but really an igloo. I know most people from that area realize that we in winnipeg canada live in a house just like anybody else. Just surprised me how little he knew about Canadians.

      • Nothing surprises me anymore. As we were making our way cross country some guy asked me what time “they turned the Northern Lights on” and where in Thunder Bay could they best be seen. You can’t make that kind of stuff up. To my credit I waited until I was back in the car before busting out into my bwahahas.

      • I didn’t have a linkedIn to add you to. I actually found you on Facebook, (wasn’t going to give up looking for it once I kenw it existed somewhere “out there”), and left you a message through that. Maybe it didn’t go through? Totally awesome page, by the way. If Facebook continues to behave tetchily – success having clearly gone to it’s head, it should’nt be too difficult to set up a LinkedIn page and profile and I’ll get it done that way. Oh. Did I mention your Facebook is totally awesome? Totally.

      • Ah, the Harris years… and Ontario has been screwed, screwed, screwed ever since – first by Harris and his band of ignorant cohorts and then by the McGuinty push back / backlash.
        We have both family and friends living in the Whitby/Ajax/Oshawa corridor so we get out that way quite often. Whitby’s grown – a lot since you’ve been gone. Rest assured, you’re not missing out on anything unless out of control suburbia and the Walmartization of what was once a nice little place to raise a family is your thing.

      • I was just there for a job. Was working for EDS, servicing the computer at the Oshawa GM plants. I was living south of the 401 near the marina. I just remember my bench at the gazebo at the Lions park on the lakeshore. God I missed that lake.

      • Then Derrick could have refused to do it or gone to Donny and told him and he could have refused to do it, but that did not happen. the “play” went off as planned and Frankie of course is taking all the credit for it.

      • Yea but doesn’t mean they’ll get any credit for it, Production will make the call and tell em str8 up they failed and then it might click in Frankie’s head maybe that Donny maybe more liked then he wants to admit.

      • Frankie’s ego would never let him think that Donny or anyone else could be more liked than he thinks because he is always right and the world around him is always wrong.

      • The “play” is not a mission and tho they finally joined in the HGs were against it. But as there was a lock down they had no choice. I did read on a twitter post that production was not happy with the “play” scenario ..

      • Yea if you have the feeds, they talk about it at 5:13pm, even if they do go through with it remember who’s voting and If they’re really not happy with it which I can tell they aren’t cause they were clear to Derrick telling him specifically to save Donny they might just say sorry since you didn’t want to do the suggested idea this one will be a fail.

      • If Donny gets wind of this he should use the argument to get Frankie this week because of Frankie him and Derrick lost $ 5 G plus if him and Donnie went ahead they might get the mission as a result hard to say as they would lose Frankie instead but he can still argue to Derrick after getting rid of Frankie he still has numbers to get rid of Nicole and him after. Derrick can cover his tracks to Frankie blame Cody and Christine for making a move on their own

      • i,m hoping 1 of 2 things happen ,production tells derrick that if Donny goes team america is over and no more missions ,or as donny is getting ready to walk out the door tat he blasts TA & tells everyone that he derrick and frankie are TA and have each won $20’000 and watch the house explode

      • But apparently Donny is only allowed to reveal his involvement in TA he can’t name the other players in TA. But hopefully if Derrick doesn’t roll with it production tells Donny he can reveal it all on his way out the door.

      • of course, once Frankie had this idea in his head there is nothing going to stop him from being in the spotlight in front of the camera on BBAD, and i mean nothing.

  11. I despise game interference. These fans are far too crazed,

    And why is there not better security around the BB House?

      • Yeah. Gotta wait a couple more seasons to meet the age requirement though.

        Though production seems dead set on getting the show cancelled by then with all the stupid twists they’ve been trying the past few years.

        I’d make sure nobody gets near those walls

      • Probably wouldn’t get hired by a major network; the high end jobs usually require police/military experience and someone 22+.

        Though if they just need me to stand outside the house and tackle crazy fans, I am definitely old enough to get that job.

      • OMG u just described the perfect job for CALEB ..Am sure that CBS would consider the BMC for a security job.

      • Especially since he showed us all his “3rd degree black belt” karate or ninja or whatever skills( I don’t remember if caleb said karate ninja or what )

      • loool I couldn’t stop laughing at that 2day, imagine watching that on live feeds I almost choked on my food when I was watching it as it was happening, they only showed a 10% of that.

      • Brilliant. I wonder if Derrick can convince him to leave the game to do security.

  12. I hate waiting for BBAD cause I live in canada I don’t get it live. Most of the time it’s only 2 hours except 2 nights a week is it like that for those in US? It doesn’t start till 3 am CST or 2 am CST the nights it is 3 hours long which are Monday and Tuesday night only? Sorry just curious I don’t get tvgn I get BBAD on slice.

    • it comes on at 11pm CST for two hours Sat thru Wed. 12am on thurs or fri. morning after eviction. On Fri.evening it has the last three show repeats from 7-10. then BBAD at 10. but i think it only is for two hours.

    • Same here, I used to just watch it on slice, but since I got the feeds I just watch until they choose to block the feeds at certain times.

  13. They might not be doing a play but Frankie is pretend acting like Joey and he is being vile not funny time to change the channel

      • every time that pink haired freak opens his big mouth i wish some one would take a huge crap in it i hate that disgusting a$$hole

      • Frankie would prob enjoy it too much. It would fit with all the other disgusting things he has said. Ok I actually hope not I hope I am exaggerating but who knows with Frankie and honestly I don’t want to know

      • I can’t help but wonder who in the casting department thought Frankie would be loved by America?

      • You should have stayed tuned to see Donny’s rendition of Devin…it was priceless! Everything else could have been missed as well as forgotten!

    • My dog decided he had to poo just as it came on so we did a quick walk and i missed all but the last couple of mins when Derrick was doing Jacosta. Walking the dog was much bigger priority than watching these imbeciles.

  14. This just shows the hypocrisy of some of the Big Brother fans. Donny and Derrick are also part of Team America, yet Frankie is the one who gets the blame.

    • That’s fine with me I wouldn’t have minded if Derrick caught some too but it would have been a harsh way for him to get targeted I would rather see Derrick get targeted because somebody in the house catches on to his tricks but Frankie deserves it the way he thinks he is entitled and that he can’t do anything wrong cause he has a famous sister and America lives him for it and his “social media empire”

      • I feel sorry for the people who you have associated with these past few weeks. Applauding outside influences who break into CBS property and give the houseguests information from the outside is absolutely deplorable. Whether you’re a Donny fan, a Derrick fan, or just a Big Brother fan, it all comes down to the fact that we love Big Brother and respect this game. Shame on you.

      • just answer me a question Was it a slow nite in Slug City and u decided to come here and harass us good people????

      • Julie Tobin, I’m not interested in picking a fight with you. I think my comment about outside forces manipulating what’s going on in the house speaks for itself.
        As for who is harassing whom, You have commented on about 5 of my posts today and I think I have commented on only 1 of yours. If you feel you’re being harassed by myself then I truly do apologize.

      • nobody broke into anything ,there are apts and housing less than a block away.i .lived there

      • AND another question How do u know they broke in??? Was it u out there with the bull horn??? U seem to know a lot about it.

      • Julie he knows as much as what Victoria stores in her head not, he really doesn’t make much sense, like in one of the posts I asked him if he thought that Production played a clean game and replied with no answer, I told him that if he really thought that then he must be as naive as Victoria and that’s bad.

      • @BBFanUpNorth,

        You asked me that question less than 3 minutes ago. I replied as soon as I could. Go check your notifications. There’s no need to lie about things. Our posts will speak for themselves.

      • Oh no Joe this was just me relaying Julie some helpful information, there’s no need to be upset about things, our posts do speak for themselves your right.

      • What do you mean? You said that “I know as much as Victoria stores in her head” and that I “don’t really make much sense.” and that you asked me a question and I didn’t respond. This is clearly a lie, as I responded to you within 3 minutes, yet you claim I didn’t. There’s a record of it below. Why would you do that and then tell me you were just relaying Julie some helpful information and that I shouldn’t be upset? Do we really need to stoop to this kind of level?

      • he knows nothtng ,he just thinks he does ,i lived in the area for 5 yrs and still have friends living there ,there are apts,and homes very close to there anybody wity a bull horn or megaphone could say something loud enough to be heard from the BB house.

      • How is that being a hypocrite I just said it is fine with me. If they had yelled all three names I wouldn’t be whining about it. Yea I would’ve thought that sucked for Donny and yes for Derrick too even though I don’t like him but I am so tired of Frankie and all his disgusting habits ( too many to list here ) that I wouldn’t feel any sympathy for him. Maybe if he would have shown even a little human decency maybe then it would be different

      • Actually, you didn’t. In fact you only said you’d be fine with it if Derrick’s name was called out. You didn’t mention anything about how you would feel if Donny’s name was called out. That’s why I said you were a hypocrite. If this was an error from your brain to keyboard then I apologize. It’s an honest mistake!

      • Dude there is no ethics committee if we’re talking about Big Brother, in fact if you can establish a brain signal to compute this then understand that Production does more interfering in front of you then you would like to admit to yourself and if you can’t see that dude you can’t be calling anyone a hypocrite without you being an ignorant naive person yourself, just facts Joe you should check up on them.

      • What are you talking about? There is an ethics committee. It’s called the law. Breaking into the CBS lot is illegal. I’ve illustrated above and below why production interference is not on the same level as breaking into the CBS lot and shouting damaging information to the houseguests over the fence. These are two very different things.

      • I didn’t mention Donny’s name because I did have a biased opinion of being glad Donny was left out but I can see where the confusion came from

      • Keep separating yourself from me, gerald. You’ve said racist, homophobic, and horrible things this season. You take it to the next level each time you post. I would worry if you ever agreed with anything I said.

    • Frankie brought it on himself, you forget how he threw it all on Zach, that wasn’t Donny or Derrick’s idea, that was purely Frankie, remember “euthanize the kid” so stop sticking up for a player you try and paint as an Angel.

      • Outside influences giving information to the houseguests is on a whole other level. Frankie employing a tactic that he feels is best for his game is not the same as someone breaking into the CBS lot and shouting damaging information over a fence.
        Trust me, I think Frankie is no angel and I hope his time is coming.

    • Partly because Frankie takes most of the credit for the TA missions. it was his idea to use Zach on two missions which he took credit for as he talked Zach into Zachattack and believe me he is taking all the credit for tonight’s play……oh i mean mission

    • It’s not “hypocrisy”, joe, it’s the reality of what an annoying, self-centered, fake human being Frankie really is. Being part of “Team America” isn’t helping Donny now either, right ? And let’s not forget that as a member of Team America, it was Frankie that used Zach as a scapegoat to take the blame for some of the Team America mischief on more than one occasion. So, all of that being said, it’s high time that Fakie gets the “blame” for something !

      • Calling out Frankie for being a part of Team America and leaving the other 2 members out of the blame is the definition of hypocrisy. And don’t get me wrong. I agree that Frankie has earned all the hate he gets. But Frankie is not the only member of Team America. Fans would be FURIOUS if someone from the outside shouted damaging information about Donny. I don’t want to think about the outcry people on these comment boards would break out if something negative ever happened to Donny.

      • Just because “Fakie” is called out for HIS behavior as a member of Team America doesn’t mean that they are all the SAME…. No hypocrisy there…
        Fakie has been called out for much more than his behavior as a member of TA, after all. Neither Derrick, or particularly, Donny, have been remotely as annoying and self-aggrandizing as Fakie.
        And just WHAT damaging information would there be for anyone to yell over the fence about Donny ? He hasn’t done any of the backstabbing , scandalous things that Fakie has.
        Donny has never been my favorite or my pick to win. But, he’s a ‘good ole boy’ and I like him and the integrity, genuine kindness, and tenacity that he has shown in his game play.
        I had hoped for someone like Nicole or Hayden to win…heck…even Caleb, before he got stuck on Beast Mode Cowboy and his sadly ill-fated crush on Amber. Then, Zach was winning me over with his unpredictable and playful nature…but, now, things look bleak to me and I wouldn’t like to see any of the “Detonators” or “Bomb Squad” to win, although that now seems more likely than ever.
        Christine “screwed the pooch” when she immediately started screwing over any chance for a female alliance this season by backstabbing and throwing every other woman under the bus. I would like to have seen Joey stick around and a strong female alliance to have taken hold, but that’s moot now. It looks like the jury house may have a tough decision, picking between the lesser of two evils, in the end.

      • “And just WHAT damaging information would there be for anyone to yell over the fence about Donny?” THAT HE IS ALSO A SABOTEUR. This is exactly my point. Whether you like it or not, Frankie, Derrick, AND Donny are members of Team America. There’s just no denying it. Frankie got called out for being in Team America and the other two weren’t. It’s as simple as that. If someone from the outside had yelled damaging information about Donny’s game instead of Frankie’s people on this comment board would be foaming at the mouth. Yes, Frankie is vile. Yes, he’s obsessed with himself. Yes, Donny is a very nice man. But the fact remains that they are BOTH on Team America. That is why it is hypocrisy.

  15. I’m still hoping that Derrick would have Cody backdoor Frankie and save Donny this week, it probably won’t happened but I can dream . As much as I want Donny to stay it looks like he’ll be leaving this Thursday .

    • I’m dreaming with you Sandra, it may happen especially after what happened with the fan shouting Frankie is the saboteur and also that Frankie ignored Derrick’s claim that Production said the play was a bad idea which means they’ll fail the TA mission.

      • They should just save Donny this week that’s like an easy 5k , even Donny said they could evict him next week . Ugh I’m still hoping for a miracle ! Come on Cody !!

      • Here’s what each houseguest would say (in the DR) if production told them: “America wants Donny to stay.”

        Cody: What do you mean? I don’t understand. Let me go talk to Derrick, so he can explain it to me.

        Christine: They do? Really? That old man?

        Victoria: Stay where?

        Caleb: Beast mode cowboy. BEAST mode cowboy! BEAST MODE COWBOY!!! I’m sorry. Did you say something?

        Frankie: Of course you mean he’s America’s SECOND favorite player, right? Heck, I am “Frankie Grande.” Did you hear me? I am Frankie (freakin) GRANDE!!! Everyone in the galaxy LOVES me.

        Derrick: Whatever. Sorry. No can do.

        Nicole: I love Donny too. But that would me I would have to go, right?

        Donny: I love you America!

      • Hey Canman, just wanted to let you know, I’ve seen a couple of these type posts since this one you did, and you win hands down for creativity and humor. Made me shed tears I laughed so hard.:)

      • lol Thanks KSJB I appreciate that and I’m glad you got a kick out of it, the night I was writing it I couldn’t stop laughing, had to clean up my laptop twice lol

  16. You know I just had an awesome idea for big brother next year make it a international one you can pick from bbcan 1&2 plus by next season there will have been bbcan 3 so 8 players from bbcan and 8 from bbus all returning all star players they could even make it separate have normal bb us then after or towards the end last month or so start bbinternational

  17. Unbelievable I just started watching BBAD and even after production told them the play don’t count Frankie is still treating it like it is a TA mission telling everybody they have to take part. What an attention hog all he wants is the cameras on him. He prob thinks he is going to get acting jobs after this

    • Some of the HGs thought that Zach was annoying, while I found him very entertaining and less predictable. Meanwhile, Frankie is by FAR the most annoying person in the house…( I find the delusional Victoria a runner-up in the “most annoying” category….she’s clueless)

  18. Why on earth is Donny going along with this play it isn’t worth 5k to be associated with it

  19. Just want to say I’m so happy that Nicole won HOH and put up Cody and Derrick and that Donny won the VETO and decided to use it on Derrick. Nicole will probably put up Christine in Derrick’s place in hopes of backdooring her come eviction night, which is something she’d originally planned to do if she was to return to the house. Okay, so this is a fantasy of mine if it had gone MY way! :-)

  20. This year is the worest year for big brother its all one sided .getting to the point I dont want to watch it anymore

  21. I miss Rachel. She was entertaining. Cody. . do a move take Donny or Nicole off the block and put Frankie up. If Donny does go to Jury this week. . I hope Nicole wins HOH she needs it. Then stuff will be going down. That Whole House will be doomed. -evil laugh- Or if Nicole goes back and Donny gets HOH same thing. I hope DPOV comes back too. Only Hopes.

  22. Christine will tell him eventually since she can’t keep her mouth shut to save her life.

  23. Or they can make an indoor “backyard” like how BB Canada does theirs. Then this will never happen then.

    • Except it’s why he has such a good social game. Yesterday’s chat with Donny on the couch outside was total cop talk. A cop also won Survivor last season, could be a double win for cops this year.

  24. The fans yelling over the fence have had zero impact on the houseguests gameplay this far and, unfortunately, this event will have no impact either.

    Based on Cody and Derrick’s talk last night, Cody is ready for Frankie to go. He made no mention of the fan. He just doesn’t trust him, doesn’t want to sit in the final two with him, and is tired of Frankie humping his leg every time he gives Frankie a hug. I don’t think he’s going to back-door him though because he doesn’t want to ruffle Caleb’s feathers. He is, however, considering replacing one of the nominees with Crustine, I mean Christine. That would restore some of my faith in humanity. ;•)

  25. This year has been, ” Well Frankie is like a puppy that has not learned how not to hump Peoples Legs when he gets attention, So annoying, Derrick acts to be so ethical and tells everyone who he really is, NOT and Acts like Frankie telling everyone the truth was Well, Just that, for Derrick to say well you made your bed. Hummm if Derrick told everyone the Truth, He would be gone bye Derrick, smart not to tell anyone he is a Cop, I hope someone yelled it over the fence, Honor, Truth, he has none, and to comment on someone else, He should of just shut his mouth like he does for himself. This season the contestants are just going to let Derrick and Caleb Win this game and there ok with it, Donny makes so much sense but nobody is listening, Because of Derricks Police Training into Being Undercover Cop he has the advantage in the house, He has everyone Brainwashed I know the game is about having to lie, but to throw a comp. more then once is just not right, there should be a penalty if a house guest does that. Caleb with Frankie and Christine with Donny What is that. BS . this house is run by Derrick and will be won by Derrick. if you don’t believe me wait till the last day you will see this is unreal play this year, Donny made all the sense in the world to Cody but there again Derrick has everyone just where he wants them. LMAO GL anyone else in the house cuz this season was decided about a month ago. and the winner of BB 16 is Derrick.

    • Sadly, I fear there’s a very good chance that you’re totally correct. It’s hard to tell who’s the biggest FAKE…Derrick or Frankie.

    • Derrick throws a fit over every behavior he himself is doing. Try and form an alliance and you have to go. Sit around talking and you have to go. Its all very annoying no one ever tells him that. He even got to change his appearance to fit in but Donny can’t. He’s mad at Donny because Donny doesn’t trust him but he deserves that lack of trust.

  26. I hope it works and Frankie gets voted out. He’s a fraud and to say that he’s playing for charity is bs.

    • I totally agree. Everything that Frankie does is solely to benefit Fakie…uh….Frankie

  27. Is it me or is this a little much this season… makes me wonder if production is behind this???

  28. Frankie should not even be in the BB house, he is well kept and spoiled. Also this season it is so planned, you know every week who they will vote out and when will someone step up and play BB. Please get some balls and make a BIG move! It’s boring! Go Donny and Nicole…..

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