Big Brother 16: Frankie Tries To Warn Caleb About Derrick

Frankie Grande sees the writing on the Big Brother wall and is trying anything he can to avoid eviction this week just days away from the season finale. Unfortunately for Frankie all his support has abandoned him and his advice is falling on deaf ears.

Caleb and Frankie discuss game moves
Caleb and Frankie discuss game moves – Source: CBS

While we’ve seen what an incredible game Derrick Levasseur has played from our vantage point at home his control and domination of the season’s moves has often been shrouded from the HGs who remain in the game. Now on his way out the door Frankie is trying to expose that position to the one person he thinks would do something about it.

Flashback to 2:20AM BBT (get the Free Trial now) as Frankie works on Caleb as to why he needs to campaign to keep him in the house. Of course without a vote this week, campaigning to Caleb is rather pointless but maybe Frankie knows that talking to anyone else is just as much of a waste of his time.

Frankie tells Caleb that Derrick has “played an impeccable social game” and has never even been nominated after twelve weeks of BB16. “I don’t think we can beat Derrick. I don’t know why everyone thinks that,” says Frankie. Caleb responds saying Derrick as never stabbed anyone in the back or thrown anybody under the bus. Heh. Frankie points out that’s what makes Derrick’s game so good. Caleb does not see it. Not in the least.

Caleb begins running through all the imaginary votes he thinks he and Frankie would have against Derrick. I’m not sure what reality Caleb is living it, but I don’t think any of us share it with him.

“I know he doesn’t have the votes that he thinks he’s got in the Jury,” says Caleb. According to Caleb, Jurors who won’t vote for Derrick includes: Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, and Hayden. Oh, Caleb. Derrick has all of those votes and those alone would be enough to give him the win with a 9-HG Jury.

“Any of us against Derrick is a good chance. That’s all there is to it,” says Caleb. Frankie tries to push back and warn him that Derrick has so much to fall back on that will impact the Jury’s decision.

Caleb goes on to reference the Survivor story that Derrick told him about. Caleb says Wood went for the honorable win instead of the sure thing and lost. He’s saying he wouldn’t make that same mistake. Of course that prompts Frankie to point out that means Caleb would take Derrick over him (Frankie). Caleb responds with “uh uh.” Yeah.

Frankie suggests they should have targeted Derrick this week and says they need to get Cody up there to get him to flip and use the Veto. They laugh at the absurdity of the idea, so no, they don’t think that could happen.

They return to the Survivor story regarding Woo losing. Frankie asks who told Caleb about Woo and Tony then doesn’t even wait for an answer. “Derrick!” offers Frankie. Caleb says that was awhile back, but it wasn’t. That conversation was just hours earlier that same night.

Frankie says Derrick is so smart and calculating in even the little things like telling Caleb that story. Caleb continues to insist that Derrick with just three comp wins won’t beat anyone at the end. At this point Frankie does concede that Derrick “would probably lose, but he’s definitely getting the $50,000.”

The conversation wanders from the topic of Derrick to whether or not the votes will go against Frankie. Caleb promises Frankie he won’t let him be blindsided if it comes to that. They go on to discuss various F2 scenarios and Frankie keeps trying to warn him about Derrick, but it’s just not getting through. “Against me, you, or Cody he’ll get one or two votes,” says Caleb about Derrick’s chances at the end. Heh.

When Frankie gets evicted on Tuesday night’s show Derrick will be positioned to win this game. That Veto was a $500,000 comp well ahead of finale night’s confirmation. Caleb, Cody, and Victoria will all take Derrick to the end with them and the Jury will give Derrick the $500K. Kudos, Derrick. Well done.


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  1. Derrick has this thing sewn up basically. All 3 people left after Frankie goes will take Derrick to the Final 2 where he will most likely win against any of them. He definitely deserves it, and he’s played an outstanding game, but I just wish he had faced some challenges along the way. He’s that good that he’s making it look boring and too easy. Caleb thinks Derrick wouldn’t get any Jury votes? In what world?? It’s hard to believe all these people are just going to let Derrick waltz to the end without ever nominating him or even really considering him to be the huge threat that he is. Well done to you Derrick, well done sir.

    • It is over at this point. Everyone left will take Derrick to Final 2. Frankie lost his chance to make his move with his waffling and not making a move to take Derrick and Cody out when he had a chance! And he had multiple chances when he was HOH to make that one big move. Add Frankie to the ranks of Helen and Judd who cannot make the big moves when it counted!

      • That,s becuz skankie was to interested in getting his face and pink hair om camera,thats really all he wanted to do was be a camera hog,with all his glitter ,and promoting his famois sister i,m glad the freak is going.

    • I am not so sure just yet. If Caleb wins POV next week and Derrick is not HOH, there is still a chance Derrick goes home. It depends on whether or not Victoria wants to play the game for herself or for Derrick.

      If she is on the block with Derrick next week she can easily save herself by telling Caleb he was actually Derrick’s target all along. She needs to tell Caleb, her week of anger at Derrick are contrived – a plan Derrick made up. I think eve the dense headed Caleb would put two and two together at this point. Then, he would vote Derrick out.

      But for this to happen, Cody has to win HOH and Caleb has to win POV.

      If Victoria should manage a miracle and win HOH then Caleb and Cody will go on the block. If Caleb wins POV then Derrick goes up as a replacement. If its Cody and Derrick on the block together, Derrick is going home.

      So its not over until the next POV is played.

  2. Derrick has really cemented his game as one of the best in history; but, there’s still time. Things could still change, but he just needs to stay on top of things. Caleb could still decide to evict Cody next week and take Victoria if he gets the chance; I doubt it, but who knows.

    Ideally, Derrick takes the next HOH and finishes the season as the first winner to never be nominated. He’s earned it.

    • I thought that too but now I think it hard to tell how well Derrick has actually played only because the rest of the house hasn’t played well at all. All of this loyalty to the end stuff and honesty has clouded the picture.

      Derrick seems to be the only one willing to backstab, lie and think about himself. The others are only worried about the F4 alliance.

      Look at this past week when Caleb wanted to put Derrick on the block. Derrick used the lamest of excuses about Caleb doing what’s best for the team, Is Derrick doing what’s best for the team or is Derrick working for Derrick? Caleb was right. Putting Frankie up was getting blood on his own hands and had Frankie won the POV and taken himself off the block Caleb would have had Frankie after him the next week. Derrick’s concern about Frankie taking off Victoria was ridiculous and was only in Derrick’s interest. It also made no sense.

      • That’s how good he is. And the cast is very dumb, but that gets said about every cast. Hopefully he comes back in season 20 for another All-Star cast to prove himself again.

    • He’s earned winning the season, but I don’t think it makes any kind of sense to claim he’s the best in history; there are several others who had to beat harder odds to get to the finals, and I don’t think we can so easily dismiss how dumb the HGs are this season in comparison to other seasons (and for sure, HGs in earlier seasons weren’t all geniuses either, but they in general had more going for them than most of the people in this season).

      He did excellent with some of the dumbest (and ultimately to his benefit, though I doubt he knew it from the start, most loyal) HGs in recent history, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best ever. Maybe if he’s in an all-stars we could finally see how good he plays against at least a few other HGs who are equals.

      • Not THE best, but I say one of for sure. Nobody else has managed to control from start to finish without getting nominated as long as he has. You can’t deny that this season of play stands up against any of the other best seasons of play.

        Plus, did Dr. Will in Season 2 really face a cast that was so much smarter? Or Dan in Season 10?

  3. Caleb is going to be in the same situation that Frankie was in, win the veto or it’s off to the jury house.

  4. What if Cody wins HOH and puts up Victoria and Caleb, like he said he would do. Caleb gets ticked off and all the things Frankie is saying now sinks in (not likely, but it could happen.) Caleb wins POV. Now its up to Caleb and him alone to evict either Victoria or Derrick. Hmmmm…..

      • It wouldn’t be Cody’s decision. In the scenario above, it would be Caleb’s decision. Caleb’s waffling is a wildcard.

        Cody is Derrick’s lap dog. Caleb has bucked against Derrick at least twice. Although Caleb is easily manipulated, if he gets his panties in a bunch, there’s no telling what he’ll do.

      • Caleb is definitely a wild card. The only thing he’s been sure about all season is he’s our favorite. Good dancer (not), smooth talker (not), cool dresser (not), and a good cook.

      • Unless someone brings up Amber and tells him there’s no future to be had with her! :-)

      • Victoria just offered to leave the game for Derrick. Do you think she would self-evict, if she thought Caleb might evict Derrick?

      • IDK, I was just repeating the retweet in Matt’s Tweets box. She may think she’s in love and it’s a romantic gesture. Who knows what goes on in her head.

      • Yup…he literally had to talk her into staying in the game so she would be a secure jury vote. She insisted that she would self evict if it looked like Derrick was gonna go up. She couldnt stand the idea of being left behind with people she isnt comfortable around. You bet she would do it again if she thought she could save Derricks game!

    • That’s exactly the scenario I dread. Or, if Derrick is in F2 but Frankie has had time to influence the jury as to how much Derrick has played the house.

      • Remember last year? When the entire jury realized Andy stabbed them all in the back, lied to all of them and was generally a double crossing rat, they voted for him anyway.

        I think its a defense mechanism jurors use to ratioanalize their own stupidity.

        Although this year there is an interesting dynamic at work. The HGs seem to value honesty and loyalty more than the lying and stuff. Maybe in this case, if its Cody or Caleb at the end, they will vote for the honest and loyal person.

        Which is why I think Derrick is taking Victoria to the final 2 if he wins the final HOH.

    • truly think he would evict Vic as he is always saying the guys are sticking together this season, and as we know , he is loyal to a fault

      • Derrick only cares about money at this point-he has used these players to get to the end and will probably never have any contact with them a month or so after the game

      • I completely agree. Derrick is there for the money not to make friends, which is why he will stab Cody in the back at the end, if he has the chance.

    • This is the death scenario for Derrick, especially if Victoria realizes she can save herself by throwing Derrick under the bus. If Derrick is on the block against Victoria all Victoria has to do is tell Caleb that Caleb was Derrick’s target this week just like Frankie was Derrick’s target last week. She can tell Caleb that Derrick has a F2 with her and he was planning to take her to the end.

      If she does that, along with what Frankie told Caleb, I think even the dense headed Caleb will realize he’s been double crossed. Then its good-bye Derrick.

      • The next question is would she ever through Derrick UTB? He basically told her that she wasn’t playing the game well last night and she still praised him. Is Victoria playing Derrick or is she just so enamored by him that she’d sacrifice her game for him?

  5. wow, caleb is dumbest individual to ever play this game i think. he doesnt see the writting on the wall….and skankie is writting it right in front of him. poor caleb, bless his heart.

  6. All you people who say derrick would be the first person to win without be nominated is lying because Dan Gheesling was never nominated not even once and he recieved all jury votes making ut a perfect game for him. SO kudos to them both

    • no one ever voted to evict Dan, in either season, but he was nominated/on the block in both BB10 & BB14. I think this makes him a better player than Derrick, but I still think Derrick should win for never being nominated in a season when 4 people were nominated each week for half of the season. It’s pretty amazing.

      • Just the idea that we on the outside recogize Derrick is as comperable player as Dan G, is a huge feather in Derricks cap! Derricks a name that will be remembered along side of other BB greats. Frankie, who tried desparately to get our attention, Caleb, and Cody will be long forgotten. That’s how the game works and part of the reason I love it so much……even through some shakey seasons like this has been!

      • I don;t think Derrick is anywhere near the player Dan was. In fact I no longer think Derrick is even in the top 3 or 4 BB players.

        Derrick looks good against this group of players because they all value honesty and loyalty and seem determined not to look like the snake Andy was last year. Derrick is the only one willing to lie and back stab to win the money. So in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

    • Derrick has to win either HOH or POV OR have either Cody or Victoria win both in order to stay off the block. If 2 different people win HOH/POV and one of the isn’t Derrick, he is automatically on the block.

    • Dan was nominated in season 10 week 2 or 3 with Steven, you don’t know what you’re talking about lol
      Love Dan though.

  7. You can have DR tell Caleb/Cody how Derrick is playing the game and they’re not gonna believe them. Cody will probably run to Derrick and tell him what DR said. lol.. There’s no contest. Derrick is gonna win. He’s playing with two schnooks.

    • NOt just two. The entire house was full of them. Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta were all bad at this game. Victoria may be the worst but Cody and Caleb are just no thinking about winning or what’s best for themselves. It amazes me how Cody is watching Derrick take out Frankie and Caleb next, yet Cody isn;t wondering if he is next! My goodness Cody – do you really trust Derrick if he wins the final HOH and he has to pick between you, Mr Popularity, and Victoria, the worst HG this year?

      Cody and Caleb won;t wake up until they are in the jury house or home and they realize they have no money and no fans. Caleb is going to be so disappointed when he checks his twitter account and only sees a few hundred new followers.

      • Right ! I have never seen a season where there’s just a mass of stupidity in the house. No one in the house compare notes. They don’t like to disappoint Derrick, so they never question him. lol ..and Caleb is just so out of it.

  8. The one big difference between Derrick and Dan is the seasons themselves. Both of Dan’s season he played with players. Derricks season has no clue how to play. Wonder how Derrick would have done in season 10 and 14?

    • Dan seems to be a fan of Derrick’s game play. If Dan and Derrick both played in an upcoming season, would they align or target each other sooner, rather than later?

    • Yes, I thought it was remarkable that no one this season, except for Nicole and possibly Hayden (but he was even late to the game), had any idea how to play the game. Donny understood who the threats were, but didn’t really try to do anything to counteract their game. Overall this has made this season probably the most boring (for me anyway) season yet. Derrick has played well, but he just hasn’t kept my interest because he has no competition. I would sum this season up as ho-hum. For the first time I’m looking forward to the end of BB.

    • You’re really going to say that Dan had better competition? Really?

      Frank and Shane were muscle heads with no social game. All they could do is win comps much like Cody, Caleb, and Hayden. Danielle from S14 was a better version of Victoria. She was a sheep but also won some comps. Jenn City and Joe were two of the most useless players ever. And Ian did whatever Dan told him to do. Don’t compare seasons. Both Dan and Derrick made their competition look bad.

    • Dan was good, but season 14 at least he only had little competition.
      Ashley, Joe, Jenn, Will all sucked.
      Brittany and Boogie were smart, but couldn’t win a comp.
      Danielle and Ian were loyal puppies.
      Frank was a gullible fool
      Shane really the only one who was even thinking of getting him out

    • If Derrick was playing with house guests who really used their brains, it would have been a different story. This has to be the weakest group as far as brain power is concerned! That is the very big reason all these house guests were hoodwinked. They did not use their heads at all! Even last season, Gina Marie had the smarts to evict Amanda when needed to! Amanda also took out Judd and Helen when given the chance!

    • I am thinking the same thing. Week after week I see Derrick working this group and I wonder how could they be so stupid. But as I have been saying, this year’s group has put a high value on loyalty and honesty – except for Derrick. So its easy for Derrick to manipulate them because he uses their loyalty against them. There is also too much trust coming from Cody and Caleb. Frankie understands this now.

  9. Derrick has played a great game. I have enjoyed watching him play the game. No other HG this season is even capable of playing in the same league as Derrick. Donny will win AFP just because he was so well liked, but he didn’t put forth enough effort to actually stay in the game. Zach was by far the most entertaining HG. Frankie just pushed the envelope to far and grossed everybody out, and People turned against him. I hope when he leaves someone has the guts to tell him what went wrong. Cody and Caleb are just too into themselves to see the forest for the trees. Poor Caleb….Victoria is just along for the ride, it has been a boring season for sure. They need to speed it up and put them all out of their misery.

    • love the way you summed up all of them – good job, hit the nail on the head. I think I will get teats in my eyes when the announce Donny is the favorite and they show Caleb’s look of shock and hurt. He’s a nice guy, love our military men, but he’s just so sure he’s hot and loved. I hope he gets rid of Frankie this week, he just HAS to go!!!

      • I agree that Donny will win America’s favorite, and never had a chance at winning BB. As for Skankie & Caleb …. they are both so self-involved & narcissistic they will be totally shocked that they didn’t win AFP.

      • Hey Kim, Cheryl here. Even better will be to see the looks on Caleb’s and Frankie’s faces when they find out that Donnie will be on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful..Hence the word BEAUTIFUL…OK, do you see Frankie’s and Caleb’s faces….picture it…Now LAUGH YOUR A$$ OFF…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL

      • That would be soooo cool, because while Julie is telling it, the camera’s should focus on Frankie and Caleb’s faces.

      • Oh, I forgot about the soap!
        YES, that will be like salt in the wound! I can see them going home & ripping apart their bedrooms in frustration while crying hysterically!

      • Yes, and through those tears, their words will be, (Frankie… I WAS ON BROADWAY, I’M A MEDIA MOGUL). (Caleb…I’M BEASTMODE COWBOY DAM-IT…AMMMMMBBBEERRR…WHHHYYYY).LOL..LOL

      • There was a tweet from Frankie’s mom telling the haters that they will do everything in their power to make Frankie win so get ready. I hope this doesn’t rob Donny of that title and money.. not only do they have Ariana’s fans on board to vote for Frankie but also Justin Bieber who tweeted a congrats shout out to him. : (

      • Hopefully Justin Bieber doesn’t tweet anything about voting for Frankie. Some of his followers are over 18 now. I’m not as worried about Ariana’s followers. Most of them aren’t old enough to vote.

      • I am sorry, but even if it was my kid and i had that kind of pull, i don’t think i would try to “make” him win. There are always going to be haters when you are in the public eye and you need to learn to deal with them. If Frankie were to win AFP, we all would know why

      • If you look at both Joan Grande & Frankie’s (tweeting by Ariana) twitter, they are going wild trying to get followers and voters. You’d think it was an election.

      • so not fair, just because of the Grande name. If it was any of the other hg’s families doing it, no one would care.

      • i don’t have twitter so have to rely on you guys and Joker’s to keep me updated. thank you all

      • I was wondering who was doing the tweets. Curiosity got the best of me this weekend and I looked at Franks Twitt page. there sure has been allot of activity with BB post.

      • maybe a well placed word on bold and beautifuls stars pages could help Donny .and Justin bieber is only giving shout outs to impress the sister and hes not on top of to many list his ownself .

      • I do believe it was last night or in the am that Frankie looked at the camera and told Ariana if she was watching to send out a tweet to vote for him for AFP. He then told cody or Caleb that if he wins AFP than he won it for him not for who he is

      • That’s so unfair. Frankie doesn’t deserve it at all. I’m sure he could easily ask his sister for 25k and she would give it to him anyway. Stupid.

      • I don’t think you can say much for the character of his family. Both Frankie and his sister seem to be entitled little snots.

      • I agree with you about the pride. he was probably never told no and had everything money could buy, after all this is the first time in awhile that he has been with regular people and it seems he just can’t make it on his own so why not get the family to help

      • What a sneaky little snake he is. The audience will boo if he wins AFP because they will know something is not kosher with the results. It would be a crime that an obnoxious entitled egomaniac get 25k instead of a very humble kind groundskeeper.

      • Donny without all that facial hair is not a bad looking man. He looks so much older with that beard. When he said he was only 42 I was like….no way! I thought he looked like a man in his 50s! Then I found a photo of him online clean shaven and was surprised. I don’t watch soaps but I would watch Donny on a soap.

      • I know, when Donny was HOH, he had a pic of himself and his girlfriend, and he was without the beard. He is a cutie pie. But I resent that remark young lady about him looking 50…lol, I’m 50 something, and…why you.. you…’s what us old 50 somethings say…lol

      • I’m a little worried that Frankie’s social media fans could change things up. Someone is running his twit & instaham feeds they show over 800K each. So just a few tweets and his fans will be voting..people I think don’t watch BB and my view, the twit page is vile just like his performance on BB

      • Ariana is on Frankie’s accounts. Both she and their mother said it was Ariana. The only thing holding it back from a possible non-BB watching landslide is that most of Ariana’s fan base aren’t old enough to vote.

    • Frankie is one of those people who when you give them an inch they take a mile. His very first inappropriate comments and “touching” in the house were fairly mild compared to how he is now. Since no one complained, he took that as a signal to let it all out and show himself as the disgusting, sexually predatory narcissist he really is. He should have been reined in early, either by the HG’s or Production.

      • you are so right. last night Frankie jumped on Cody to help his stretch and Cody yelled for him to get off, then later on he was whining that every time he lays down Frankie jumps and lays on him and he doesn’t like it. Um, a little too late for the whining, should have done it a long time ago.

  10. The tact Frankie needs to take is that Derrick is going to take Victoria to the F2 and dump Caleb and Cody the first chance he gets, just like he is dumping Frankie. If Caleb thinks Derrick won;t get any votes then who is the only person he can beat in a F2? Victoria! Which is why he will take her to the end.

    He can use the same story on Cody and Caleb. He can ask Cody why is Victoria here and why is Derrick working to keep her in the house every week. He can even suggest Derrick will turn on Caleb next – Cody knows this to be true already.

    If Caleb and Cody want to be stupid, there is nothing Frankie can do about it. But he has to try and I think using Victoria against Derrick is his best ploy.

    • Frankie’s outrageous persona is an elaborate defense protecting an inner life beset with profound self doubt. He cannot see that he has simply lost a game. He will only see this in personal terms, as a personal attack on him by ppl who have betrayed him.

      Ironically, it is Frankie who has made so many eviction deeply personal. He often impugned the character of whomever he wanted voted out. He even attacked the character of Donny, who is the kindest and decent man you could want to know.

      Frankie is living in his own upside down world where good people are bad and he alone and his interests are good.

      Good-bye, Frankie. And, get some help!

  11. Derrick will win this game! When final two he will take Victoria for a sure win! Most liked Donnie. Best one trying to play the game Nicole, Most stupid person ever to play big brother Caleb! Biggest Drifter Victoria, Most disliked tie Frankie, and Christine. Best one to watch was Zack. One who is in love with himself Cody!

  12. Matt..just got home from a play-till-you-lose baseball day( grandsons 9 &10). Thank goodness they lost the third game. Bad Mamaw! You have 5 new threads going and have answered posts from various people. I know this is your job, but I honestly do not see how you accomplish what you do sometimes and seem to keep your wits about you. I have nothing to gain from complimenting you so it is very genuine. I think you rock. I appreciate and feel that you care about your readers. Thank you for a job well done and I have very much enjoyed my first season of posting on the site.

    • It is too late for Frankie – he is on his way to the jury house. He WILL, however, win AFP. He has huge edge due to social media and the Grande fan base. CBS can easily right this wrong, though. On finale night – “Because of the unfair advantage this year, we are awarding another $25,000 for second place -Donnie!”

      • I sincerely hope that this is not the case. Can you image the outrage of the “normal” viewing audience?

  13. Frankie needs to talk with Cody now and point out that everyone wants to take Derrick to the final 2. It probably won’t do any good but he should at least try. Or even get Cody and Caleb together and continue to point out Derricks game to them. They seem to be so completely brainwashed and it’s probably a hopeless cause but it would be halfway entertaining to watch.

  14. What would happen if Caleb went to Victoria to strike a deal with her, by telling her that Cody is now voting for Frankie on eviction night and Derrick still plans to vote against her, and he will be tasked as the tie breaker ??

    Depending in her response, it could expose her true alliance with Derrick ??

    Eta: Victoria was pretty concincing tonight in her fake fighting with Derrick. Ha!! But, appeared to be a wee bit happy after the nomination ceremonies after she had been nominated, however ???

  15. Derrick has done a JOB..While the other were trying to play a game….That is why this has been the most boring season in BB history….Maybe with Frankie going to the jury he can at least sway some of the other jury members vote away from Derrick….I will never waste another season again watching someone work….This is also the first time I have ever felt kinda sorry for the whole group. Just knowing when they get out, and watch the DVD’s and see that they are the worst players in BB history…It is going to crush some of those BIG egos….

  16. So the HG’s have no clue that tomorrow is an eviction day. They keep talking about something exciting happening. Like they are going to go outside of the house. Getting money. They are going to be very surprised..especially little ole’ Frankie!

  17. Funny they brought up Survivor. Little do they know, Derrick is a perfect hybrid of both Woo AND Tony. He’s got Tony’s cutthroat demeanor and perceptiveness with Woo’s charismatic “honor” code allegiance with the guys. Assuming some freak occurrence doesn’t happen now till final 2, Derrick’s got it in the bag. Frankie’s only seen glimpses of Derrick’s manipulation.

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