Big Brother 16 Episode 36 Recap: The Jury Steals The Show


The Big Brother 16 houseguests had a moment of deja vu when Big Brother sent the game into a rewind, but that didn’t last long as almost everything is playing out differently this week.

But it was really the jury the stole the show in this episode.

The episode picks up in the middle of the rewind Head of Household competition. And HGs are trying hard to make sure it’s not an exact rewind, meaning they do not want Frankie to be HOH again.

But Frankie is definitely giving them a run for their money yet again. Cody and Caleb aren’t far behind, but Caleb blazes ahead and wins the competition this time, sending Frankie into a frenzy of nerves and worry. But he’s acting like he’s not worried. But you can see his head spinning. And rightly so. Cody is already ready to make it happen (sending Frankie home that is).


As soon as Frankie and Caleb are alone, Frankie asks if he is keeping the nominations the same. And Caleb says he doesn’t want to. Caleb tells Frankie it doesn’t matter who goes up because Victoria is the target. But Caleb tells us in the Diary Room that this is the time to make a move (and not waste his HOH on Victoria).

Caleb goes to Derrick to ask if a backdoor move would be better. Luckily Derrick is always on and tells Caleb there’s no point in doing that and he should consider putting him up outright. Caleb still has a lot to think about, but Derrick wants Frankie up, so you can expect that to happen. Right?

So the week is really shaping up to look like a totally different week. Even Derrick and Victoria are on point with their plan to make it look like Victoria now hates Derrick. The only thing that looks the same is Cody in his dinosaur costume.

Caleb is again wavering on Frankie. He is afraid he’ll win the veto then come after Caleb next week. But Derrick reminds Caleb that if Frankie doesn’t go up and wins the veto, he can use the veto on Victoria and make Caleb send home Cody or Derrick. And Caleb buys that fear. Caleb is on board.


It’s time for a luxury competition. The HGs are told to go upstairs to the HOH room. There they find snacks and a TV screen. The screen comes on and the jury comes running in. They immediately start jumping on stuff and throwing their belongings all over the house.

The jury then heads outside. They learn that they get to actually win $5,000. They jury members have to search the house for tokens that say “knock out” and they get to knock out players to help decide who wins. The HGs get to play too, though. They get to bet on who will win the competition. So if the person they bet on wins, they get the money. Frankie picks Zach, Victoria picks Hayden, Cody picks Nicole, Derrick picks Donny and Caleb picks Jocasta. No one picks Christine.

Hayden wins the competition which means Victoria also wins $5,000.

The jury heads out of the house again and the HGs are really upset that the jury destroyed the house. Even though that’s what they were told to do and that’s what the whole point of the game was about.

It’s time for Frankie to talk to Caleb about what he should do. Frankie, of course, pushes for Caleb to put Derrick up next to Victoria because he has never been up. Frankie reminds Caleb that he’s never nominated Caleb. Frankie goes on to make a lot of good points, but Caleb has already let Derrick in his head.


And it’s Derrick who got through. Caleb goes with Frankie and Victoria as the nominees.


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  1. They need to wait until the eviction on Tuesday and the person start to leave .then say that there is a fast forward to when Frankie won the veto.
    And suprise them all

    • And add some dancing cows that are juggling puppies while mooing the national anthem and you’ve got another successful idea on how next season will be the biggest, boldest, and most surprising season of Big Brother yet! ;)

    • Just tell them, since, the remaining house guests do not like to make a move, the viewers were asked to vote and they voted that all the monies, $500,000 (winner) plus $50,000 (2nd place) will instead be donated to charity! Wouldn’t that be fun seeing the expressions on Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb and Victoria’s faces?
      Ha ha ha! That would be a pretty funny but, cruel joke to play on them! They probably will be close to having a heart attack over it!

  2. It’s pretty damned sad when the only exciting thing to happen in the past two weeks have to do with jury. Shows how dry and uninteresting these HG really are

  3. Say what you want about Victoria as a player, but the girl is a damn good actress when she needs to be. If we weren’t in on her plan with Derick, I would have totally bought that she hates him right now.

    • Absolutely .. same way as she has been sandbagging the comps and acting dumb this season, when she told Donny that this was her strategy … that girl sure has fooled a lot of people this summer …. Ha!!!

  4. Anybody felt any sympathy for Christine tonight? Both the HG’s in the House and on the Jury appears to have a bit of contempt towards her … Ha!! First, nobody chose her to play on her Team, and she was the first to be knocked out by Jocasta in the luxury comp ….

      • I also feel badly for Frankie having to leave. I also have a magic wand and can turn my self into a bird and fly away.

      • lol. just take him with you when you go! I can picture it, kind of like Victoria and the crow……………

      • You guys are funny! My comment about Christine was sarcasm, but I forget that people can’t hear the tone in my voice when I write; hence the magic wand comment! I felt no sympathy for Christine. None. And I couldn’t be happier about Frankie leaving! I’ll be doing a tap dance to “Happy Days Are Here Again” while showing off my ‘jazz hands’ when his nasty azz leaves the house.

    • no. didn’t feel any sympathy for her tonight or during the reception she got when she arrived at the jury house. However, I did feel bad that she was booed. I remember saying out loud when she was evicted…”oh my gosh, they are actually booing her”.

    • Actually think the Christine hate is misplaced and overblown,there is a double standard being applied to her because she is female and Cody said himself he never felt Christine was in love with him or crossed the line anyway,not a big fan of her game but save the boos for someone who really deserves them,like Frankie.

      • It wasn’t just the fondling of Cody, although that has gotten the most press. For me it was her participation, laughing and saying it would be funny, in THE incident. Also, the horrible treatment of her so-called bff. Add to that the evil stares, cackling and nasty comments. She came across as a very vindictive person. All of this while spouting how good of a christian that she is. She didn’t act very christian on the show.

      • My dislike of Christine really has nothing to do with the Coy fondling. It’s that she’s so hateful. She said horrible things about every one of the house guests except Cody and Derrick. Listening to her on the feeds was dreadful. I feel the same about Frankie for the same reasons. They are hateful people.

      • Agreed that there does seem to be a double standard.

        Some more observations:

        * People who go on a reality show proclaiming to flirt and caress their way to the top are viewed as ‘good players’ – but if it isn’t a stated strategy it’s considered a moral failing…

        * Back seat commentators conveniently use faith against a person when they object to their behaviour (Christine), but do they use faith for why a person is likeable (Donny)? Maybe people of any belief system (believer or non) have areas in which they are a jerk, and areas in which they are good… Dan’s a perfect example of a jerk and a likeable guy at the same time!

  5. Best part of episode- Jury members! Would rather watch an episode of those in the Jury House then these “froot loops”

    • Yip he truly is deserving of the win… But I still wonder out loud if he brings Victoria to the end if it wouldn’t be ”better” for us as fans if she won the money. Not because she deserves it, and definitely not because I like her character, but because it would send a valuable message that just because you drag a weak player to the end of the game doesn’t mean that you have it all wrapped up.

      • Would like to see that happen if anyone thinks about doing the same thing— fair warning don’t do it. I have never been so sick of watching this exciting game turn into nothing.

      • Agreed. But again, Derrick does deserve the win, it’s just that in my opinion he took the easy route to winning and everyone seems to be ok with just conceding that it’s the ONLY way to win. I personally feel that the contestants (and yes us fans also) need to be reminded that it’s the jury who picks the winner based on who they want – not on a group consensus of what the ”right way” to paly the game is…. Imho, I think the ”right” way to win is the way that ultimately wins the game. So it might be that Victoria ends up being the only person to play it the ”right” way this season.

      • I don’t understand how he took the ‘easy’ route… It’s not easy, no matter what game you play, to be the last one standing at the end. And he still isn’t even there yet. Apparently if you were on this show you’d win the money just like that, since there’s an ‘easy’ way to do it…. smdh

      • Ummm…. maaaybe it would be best to read my post again? Seems like you might have missed something – like all of it and the general point.

      • And let’s be honest, Ian actually knew what was happening and even planned on portraying a meek and naive image to get the results he did. Victoria on the other hand is…well…less than self-aware, or socially aware, or well…any kind of awareness actually.

      • Derrick has been 2 steps ahead of everyone throughout the entire game. If he’s thinking about final 2, he may very well realize that Victoria will be a vote for him along with the fact that he can easily win against Cody. What has Cody done? Derrick has been working on his closing argument, no doubt about that. I just don’t think with all the “super fans” in the jury, that they’ll vote for Victoria.

    • There was a cop on last season’s Survivor who won the million dollars and who played a carbon copy game similar to what Derrick is doing play by play according to the cop’s manual.

      • The similarities end at them both being cops. Tony was purposely abrasive and in peoples faces. Derrick is the exact opposite… good try though?

      • Plus Tony had a couple of immunity idols that came in very handy and, at times, seemed a little unbalanced.

      • Tony was also super paranoid and constantly making hasty moves. Derrick is far more deliberate and self-controlled.

  6. Derrick is the man!! Smartest game player in the house. The rest of them are just idiots for not playing their own game

  7. This has to be the best episode. Seeing the jurors come into the Big Brother House sure was exciting! Ha ha ha! Happy Hayden at least, got $5000. Don’t think he has won any monies this season. Nicole was also awesome in the competitions. Too bad she wasn’t as good in the HOH and POV when she was in the house. Victoria also, getting $5000 is cool. Glad the other guys did not win anything. Best of all is the huge mess those left in the house had to clean up! lol

    • The returning HG seemed much smaller than when they were in the house. Zach wasn’t particularly funny, Donny wasn’t charming, Jocasta was just plain annoying, Hayden was weird, only Nicole stepped up with 3 pucks and she still didn’t win.

  8. Hope Vic wins it all cause the others have played follow the leader and made my BB show so dull that I ,for the first time ever, can’t wait for it to be over.

    • No, no no no no no.

      If you went in the house and asked Victoria what game she was playing, she’d have to go into the DR to ask production. >.>

      • Very true, which is why it would be such a valuable lesson to all current and future players. Don’t take the easy way out and pick the weakest most naïve person to drag to the end because they might just beat you! ;) I wouldn’t be upset if Derrick won (he does deserve it after all), but it would be a funny and important lesson if the jury went with Victoria instead.

  9. Derrick will go down in Big Brother History as one of the great players of the game. He’s easily as good as Dan Gheesling, but far less dramatic. Kudos, Derrick. Well played.

    • As much as I hate to admit you are right. I don’t like him personally but I got mad respect for the game he’s played. I think he will be the first player to never be nominated unless I’m mistaken but from what I researched no one has done it from bb2-bb15

    • I will say that Derrick is one of the greatest if he wins, but I have a hard time putting him in the same category as Dan… just because he has not had to fight back from any adversity at all. Yes, that is due in part to his great gameplay, but an all time great BB player has to be able to turn things around when their neck is on the line and we’ve just not had a chance to see him face any adversity.

      • The thing is, though, that Derrick HAS faced some adversity. Donny didn’t trust Derrick from the jump. Derrick’s name has been thrown out there a few times, but he’s changed their minds so fast, that it never comes to an out and out war. But I don’t think that means he hasn’t come up against it. It’s that he’s got contingency plans… People usually have one or two goals, and can’t see past that. If things don’t go their way, it turns to a battle. Derrick doesn’t do that. If it doesn’t go his way, he has backup plans in place, so he just takes a step back and goes in a different direction. It’s actually quite brilliant to watch.

    • I agree Derrick is a great player, one of the best, but still not in Dan’s catagory. Dan beat some good “players” where Derrick got put in the house with “idiots and floaters”, sometimes I think he’s the only one playing, the rest just showed up for TV exposure and free food. Anyone agree? Even a little bit? lol

  10. i love how everyone is being negative about Derrick yet he’s played the best game so far. he hadn’t won many comps but his head is always in the right direction and he’s smart. why do you think he’s in the final 5? Victoria sucks at comps but they’re keeping her for that reason. Caleb needs to pull his head out of amber’s dreams and get to reality cause he’s definitely clueless at this point. Derrick or Cody need to win. I love Victoria as well but she has just rode a free card to the final 5 because they know they can beat her in comps. therefore I’d prefer her not to win but I wouldn’t be upset. Frankie needs to go back to his fantasy life and get out of that house. he’s not as hot as he thinks and just because your sister is famous does not mean you are bud, ;)

    • My negativity towards Derrick has nothing to do with his strategy, which has been executed extremely well so far. It has to do with the respect that I lost for him as a man and officer of the law for what he has said and done. He was my pick coming into the house. Now I do not want to see him win.

      • I don’t get you people. At all. Man of the law? Seriously? It’s a game you tard. It could have been worse, he could have acted like Frankie.

      • Well, that comment was way harsh. And, yes he is a police officer and as such he should stepped away from the “joking” that occurred concerning Victoria. I can not believe that a policeman would laugh at or even slightly participate in talk that advocated the physical or rape of another person. He could have found a way to have excused himself…or he at least should have.

      • Right. The fact that he at first tried to stop it was completely negated by him instigating more of the horrific incident. Plus it wasn’t just his participation and laughter in THE incident. He has treated some of the HGs horribly and has lied to the viewers multiple times. Some of his nasty comments, especially the ones said to himself, are beyond trash talking and are against those he is supposedly aligned with.

      • You guys are just … ridiculous.

        He’s played a near flawless game — and here you guys go trying to discredit him for something Frankie said. You guys are looking for ANYTHING… analyzing EVERYTHING derrick did, said… how he walked, how he farted, how he showered, how he ate… ANYTHING to discredit him.

        Why can’t you guys just admit it. He played a flawless game, and you can’t stand it that he is going to win over the 4 other numbskulls in there — one of which you think should win more than him… and I, along with the majority, have no idea why.

        Even the JURY knows his game was flawless. THAT’S how well Derrick has done.

        But, go ahead — pick him apart for what Frankie said. He is a “Man of the law”, after all — even though NO ONE in the game knows this.

        Go back to your cats and crocheting while you stare at the live feeds analyzing and discrediting a perfect game. Have fun.

      • I don’t want any of the remaining 5 HGs to win, but I know that they have to have a winner and 2nd place.

        Also, just because we have different opinions of who should win, there is no excuse for your name-calling. I understand talking good/bad about the HGs, since that is why we’re commenting in the first place, but that doesn’t excuse tearing apart other people who are commenting.

      • Andy, you are awesome!! You have just said everything I’ve been thinking throughout this whole game….thank you!!

      • I agree with you 100%. People seem to forget that this is just a game. The hate Derrick is getting is just nonsense and the officer of the law bit was very lame. But this is the new PC America where people will dislike you if you do or say anything they don’t approve of.

      • I mentioned as police officer, because while the HGs don’t know it, we do. They are trained to prevent violence. Instead, Derrick instigated it more and he did it after things were dying down and it should have been over with. If he had stopped, I wouldn’t place as much blame on him for just laughing.

        It’s not just his participation in the incident, which was appalling, IMO. It’s also the other things that he has said and done. I can’t respect that. It may be just a game, but these aren’t actors in there.

      • If you want to condone “joking” about violence, then that is your business, but don’t attack me for not condoning it.

      • You saying that you don’t condone joking about violence offends me. You are a terrible person to me now. Your computer should be thrown out a window and run over by a steam roller. I HAVE SPOKEN! MY OPINION MATTERS!

      • What kind of a man speaks to a lady in such a way? Tard? I guarantee you that your IQ is far below hers and you definitely proved it without me saying so. I’m sure you probably brow beat your wife also, if she is still around. Because someone has a differing opinion is no reason to act like a jerk which you obviously are. Why don’t you try being respectful of others opinions? I will respect your opinion, but as an individual, you deserve no respect for your brow beating ways. Be respectful if you want respect.

      • I agree, he should have announced he was an Officer of the Law and made a citizen’s arrest and broke that whole mess up. Its his job to protect young Victoria’s virginities from off color remarks.

      • No need for all of that. He should have walked away as a concerned father first, as a disgusted human second, and as a show of respect for his profession. And what kind of person would call that incident “off color”? It was immoral and unethical to say the least.

      • In a perfect world we would all be little angels like you and the other resident scolds around here who talk a great game but undoubtedly fall far short in your everyday lives. You have all the advantages the HG don’t so don’t even presume you would act any better.

      • No one on earth is perfect. We all make mistakes. The difference is that people with a good heart, like KSJB, try to treat people kindly and after making a mistake will try to learn from it and do better next time.

      • You might try extending that courtesy to the people in that house, being that you aren’t there, and don’t have to live under those conditions. Glass houses.

      • We are outside the house and use this site for our opinions on the people inside the house. It would behoove you to remember that.

      • Behoove all you want but it seems certain people around here are allowed to have opinions and others aren’t, and if you don’t agree with the resident scolds then you must abuse women or approve of it. Your absolute certainty about what is in the hearts and minds of people you don’t know and casting aspersions on their morality or character is very off putting. It might behoove you to remember that. You aren’t the only fish in this pond, but you seem convinced you are the biggest..

      • Well. Isn’t that special. What I see you doing is treating this forum like your own personal catbox, scattering your little turds of self-righteous wisdom, personally attacking people who dare to disagree
        with your twisted standards of conduct.

      • I didn’t presume anything, Obsidiandog, and you shouldn’t either. Shows ignorance and immaturity to make presumptions about people you don’t even know. So I’ll keep that in mind when dealing with you in the future.

      • At least you have a modicum of self awareness with your comments about immaturity and ignorance. Good for you.

      • So you agree that calling a person a tard for having an opinion other than yours is decent? If you agree with the opinion about Derrick, that is one thing. But 100% agreement with a person who is being very ugly with a lady that was just offering her opinion…come on, Triston. Can’t we agree that is very disrespectful?

  11. Zach brought a much needed jolt of fresh air under that pink cap,welcome back old friend,you been missed!

  12. How annoying was Victoria whining about having to clean up. She won 5k so boohoo. If anyone wants to come mess up my house a lil and I get 5k its fine with me.

  13. How many mattresses were turned over in that mess? I remember only one mattress flipped last season and that person got in a whole lot of trouble….

  14. I don’t get you people. Every year there is someone ” in charge” and every year you all gripe about the same thing. If Derrick is smart enough and the rest are not, to get to the end the best way that he can, then why not? You do what you need to do to get to the end. Frankie became to arrogant for me. He started to feel entitled! I don’t care who his sister is; it’s his game not hers. I pulled up his bio and he is more successful then most of you realize. He has worked with some pretty big stars on and off Broadway, he comes from a well to do home life. His mother is a CEO and his dad is an Mechanical or Electrical Engineer from FLA. Granted, it is their money but, he grew up in, near, or around it. Also he is 31 (ten years older then his sister). I do not feel sorry for him because he is a “FAN” of the game and he knows how it is played. He got played before he could play Derrick. Don’t forget, he did try to get rid of the guys weeks ago when Nic and Chris were HOH’s. He also had that elaborate scheme to get rid of Amber. Therefore he is not stupid, he got HIT by the HITMEN before he could get off his shot. Least we forget he got rid of Zach “for his game”. Now Derrick is getting rid of him for Derrick’s game. Nic told them weeks ago to get rid of Frankie.

  15. OK! “THE INCIDENT” was wrong. However, if you look at it from Derrick’s standpoint, other then saying something like, “hey guys, this is uncalled for or let’s not do this”, he went along with the guys for his game. I’m not saying he was right but, his job outside of the house had nothing to do with it. There was no crime committed. I understand why he did and/or said nothing. I am a survivor of such an awful and horrific case (35 yrs. ago and yes he went to jail for 20 years) but, Derrick going “cop” on everybody may have given him away. Frankie said he was a cop weeks ago but Derrick dispelled that theory to the “crew”. I truly cannot understand why so many of you take it personally! It makes one think that you have no life other then Reality TV. IT IS A GAME and NOONE WAS PHYSCIALLY HURT!!!!!! Vic tends to speak her mind, with that being said; if she wanted to stop it, I have no doubt that she would have spoken up. Let’s remember, it was FRANKIE who started this NOT Derrick!!!!!!!

  16. This season hasn’t had much suspense or excitement, but I have had lots of laughs watching BBAD. They’re a pretty funny group! I’ve liked this season much more than the nastiness of last season. Last year was so down and dirty from the beginning. I found it uncomfortable to watch.

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