Big Brother 16 Fan Shouts Over Backyard Wall: Frankie, You’re Disgusting!

Last night the Big Brother 16 house went in to lockdown when a loud-voiced fan started shouting over the backyard wall to HGs. What they heard wasn’t all positive though.

Zach Rance and Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance and Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get the Free Trial now!) to 10:19PM BBT 8/18 Cams 3/4 to find Frankie, Zach, and Caleb out in the backyard playing pool. They appear to be alone. The guys are talking when the yelling starts and they scramble to listen.

The first part of the yelling is hard to hear as Caleb says “hey!” over it, but the rest is a little easier. “… Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!” shouts the voice.

Zach starts racing around yelling in return, “we love you! We love you too!” Frankie shouts “we love you back!” then adds, “what did he say?” Heh.

Zach is excited and suggests all the messages were positive including “Frankie, you’re the best!” Caleb claims “I don’t know what he said.” Frankie isn’t saying much at all. I’m thinking Frankie heard it more clearly than Zach did.

Caleb now confirms, “I know they said ‘Zach, we love you.'” Zach again suggest it was “Frankie, you’re the best” but Frankie kinda rolls off a “yeah, it sounded like that…”

Someone claiming to be the yeller posted on Jokers (via Hamsterwatch) that he actually yelled “Attention Frankie, America hates you! Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!” So if true then there was no mention of Caleb in there.

At 10:21PM BBT the HGs are sent inside and they continue to discuss what they heard. Caleb asserts that they didn’t hear it clearly compared to what Zach is claiming. I think he knows it was not all positive like Zach’s optimistic take on it.

Caleb says, “I think they said something negative towards me.” Zach replies, “No they didn’t!” Caleb differs. “Beastmode Cowboy, we don’t like you,” is what Caleb thinks he might have heard.

Yep, at 10:24/25 Caleb just about nails it with “hate you / love you / you’re disgusting” but he thinks the first “hate” was toward him instead of Frankie. Caleb seems to feel bad about that (as would most anyone).

If you want to listen to the event use the Flashback feature (details on how to do that) or grab the Two-Day Free Trial now and start watching! What message would you want to send Houseguests?


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  1. I have TRIED to not hate Frankie… However, I have thought he was over the top and disgusting since the night he told everyone he was related to Arianna… Before that, right after the BOTB when he came in like a lunatic on BBAD–he told Zach he plays “dirtier then a dil*o I just pulled out of my as$’…. At that moment-I lost all respect for him as a person and a game player.. what a GROSS thing to say!

    • Would love to see the fans out Derrick for the hypocritical puppet master that he is! Hopefully Hayden/Nicole offer Derrick the retribution so many fans want to see! #TeamZach

      • At this point in the game the other houseguests should already have that figured out for themselves. If they need someone to holler that over the backyard fence for them when the game is already in jury house phase then they truly are as hopeless as the people on these commenting boards keep lamenting. For myself, I don’t know, sometimes I think they really are that stupid and other times I think they’re just plain and simple too lazy to play their own game. Even if their big toe was on fire they’d still wait around for papa Derrick to come around and turn the hose on for them. Pitiful. Purely pitiful.

      • Agreed. Derrick’s doing really well with the people he has to work with, but the people he has to work with aren’t exactly star players themselves.

      • When you have a HG(Cody) who says ONE of the reasons he doesn’t drink water in the BB house is because it is hard to get, at his house their refrigerator has the water and ice in the door…that is a prime example of the entitled, lazy, young people that is being raised by a lot of America today…before ya’ll rip me a new one, I didn’t say all of America.

      • I agree these young punks think they are entitled to free crap,and are lazy and disrespectful,and i blame it all on their parents not disciplining them and giving them every damn thing they want,most of the young people today wouldn,t know what a job was if it bit them on the butt,becuz mommy and daddy gave them everything as a child and spoiled them rotten.

      • Lol. I didn’t know he said that. That is pretty pathetic. Lol. I started questioning Cody’s mental health status when he started hanging out with Christine.

      • Hey Kyle, I don’t have the feeds, but get most of the info from TV Grapevine where they give an update every half hour. That is where I read it and it seems to be a very reliable source..

      • They have no idea Derrick is a cop. They also have no idea Derrick has a final 2 with everyone. If that was yelled out while everyone was in the backyard it would make everyone question him.

      • Oh I won’t deny it, the fallout from someone getting the message through via the backyard fence that Derrick is a cop would entertain the living daylights right out of me. That having been said, it doesn’t irritate me in the least that Derrick’s a cop in real life or that he uses that particular skill set to further his fortunes in the game. If the house is misted on account of Derrick it’s not because he’s a cop, it’s because he’s rational, analytical, detail orientated, forward thinking and able to manipulate people to do his bidding. Derrick and cop are like what came first, the chicken or the egg? I think these skills are inate to Derrick and probably why he was drawn to a career in policing in the first place. Regardless of who Derrick is on the other side of the front door it’s on the houseguests to question the motives of their rivals, to think independantly, and, if it’s not too much to ask, play their own friggin’ game. With the exception of Donny every single one of them is totally content to let Derrick do their thinking for them. That’s not how you win Big Brother, it’s how you play Gunning For Second Place. It’s how you play to lose. Hopefully their mamas will have the foresight to carry a red, feel better lollipop in her purse for consolation purposes once they’ve been evicted and confronted with the sad reality that they’ve been outplayed every single step of the way by someone who came to win rather than lay around waiting for room service to carry it over to them on a silver platter.

      • I agree. Derrick being a cop doesn’t bother me. I think he’s been really nice to everyone in the house and I’m sure he’s a great guy outside of the house. I just don’t like his game play. I was all for Derrick the first two weeks then he started to get a little cocky. Then he made alliances with everyone. Whoever had power he was making an alliance with that person. I don’t like that kind of gameplay. Running to everyone even people in your own alliance (whichever alliance that is because there’s hundreds of them) and talking crap about someone that’s supposed to be in your alliance. Controlling Victoria like he owns her. And I’m not even a Victoria fan but the way he uses her. But everyone has their favorites he’s just not mine.

      • The funniest part of that is that when you watch it on TV (I’m too poor to watch the live feeds), Derrick screams cop! Like when he got everyone up in the HOH room and stood with his hands in his pockets commanding the room? Might as well have them handcuffed under bright lights. I think it’s hilarious!

      • Right?! And they all follow like little sheep… No one had to stay in the room or answer questions, but they all did. Derrick acts like a Boss!

      • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t watch the feeds, but I read the updates and watch BBAD, I think Derrick is playing an awesome game and he also seems like a likable person. I don’t get why people don’t seem to like him. Is it because he’s not an underdog? We don’t always have to root for the underdog. It’s okay to root for the person who is doing the best because they are working the hardest.

        I love Donny, he is the only other person I would want to see win, but he isn’t really playing a good game. As a superfan he should have known to create alliances early on, but he’s failed to create any alliances at all. That’s just bad gameplay. Instead, each week he buddies up to the person who is clearly getting evicted. He did this with every evictee started week 2 with Paola and is currently doing it with Zack. He is probably just trying to be nice to a person who is down in the dumps, but it’s bad gameplay to spend all your time with the person ego is about to leave. Atleast at this point it could get him a jury vote, I don’t know why he’s been doing it the rest of the season.

    • It’s never too late. Maybe we’ll get to see another fan get feisty and yell it. What a hoot that would be!

  2. Did they tell Donny what was said? Or Derrick? Curious. It would confirm to them what each already suspects. Would lift Donny’s spirits. Without him fighting for survival, it’s a waiting game.

  3. Someone please fly a banner over while they’re outside before they make them go in. Frankie and Derrick are the biggest liars.

  4. Next time, they should yell…”Jocuesta is coming back”..”be very afraid”

  5. Pretty crappy of people to yell negative things, IMO. Also, yelling keeps them (including one’s favorite players) from being able to use the backyard.

  6. haha Frankie did hear it and now he knows he is not liked!! I’m sure in real life he isn’t a back stabbing hoe bag!Yeah right! I don’t want to admit it but I do really like Zach now he has grown on me!! We do love you Zach!

    • opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one. i like Frankie, and i think he is playing a good game. someone not playing the game trying to mess with it is stupid, and wrong.

  7. I wonder if Caleb knows that the definition in the urban dictionary for beast mode cowboy is: A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing sexual attraction to farm animals. LOL He’s so dumb.

    • Seeing that the “definition” was only just added on July 28, it’s pretty obvious the person who added it is a Caleb hater trying to be funny and failing miserably. Urban Dictionary is pretty useless anyway–Caleb should laugh off the immaturity of the twit who made that entry.

      • Well… if the definition had existed for a while before BB started this season, it would have been funny. People who don’t like Caleb have plenty of other things to criticize him for, though. He’s had his share of bad moments on the show.

    • seriously? I just had the best laugh of the week, still laughing. I can see the look on his dopey face when someone tells him!! lol

  8. Are people getting Stockholm Syndrome or something and forgetting all the harassment he did to other HGs who went out the door, with little to no provocation and/or little to no encouragement from his alliance?

    No, getting harrassed back when he’s about to go out the door isn’t acceptable just because he did it to others, but it’s like everyone forgets how much of a jerk he’s been all summer just because right now a bunch of people we already don’t like are kicking him while he’s down.

    • I could not agree more. I won’t be missing Zach in the least. And ladies…if that’s the kind of guy you’re attracted to then I have to say you are setting yourselves up for a very rocky roller coaster ride.

      • The only reason I halfway like Zach is he has been nice to Donny’s face this whole time. He has never directed his hatred toward him. Sure he’s said bad things about him, but of that bunch he and Cody have been the only ones to have a real conversation with Donny. The rest just try to get info or are condescending to him, especially Frankie.

      • At least Zack has amused me this season, unlike the majority of house guests who have been boring. That doesn’t mean I think Zack would make a great potential spouse though.
        I guess I just find his immaturity funny at times and at other times not so funny. The BB house is going to be so boring without him but I can see why nobody can trust Zack and want him gone.

    • It’s funny that you said that, because I found myself doing that very thing. I keep the feeds on my computer while I work, for background noise. And all day yesterday, I found myself feeling SO BAD for Zach, and inevitably thinking “If I were in there, I’d…” And then all of a sudden I realized, “Um hello, you can’t stand that kid.”

    • While I agree with most of what you say, he was being told over and over again by Derrick and Frankie to go after (even amping him up and giving him pointers on his speech)Amber twice for TA mission and then they acted like he was out of his mind. Frankie also just kept feeding into it when he went after Nicole saying she is just evil and a liar. Zach is like a toy monkey Frankie just keeps winding up and watching go. He’s young, hopefully he will learn to control his temper in the real world.

      • He is very much like a toy monkey. He should have noticed what Derrick and Frankie were doing to him a long time ago. If I tell you, “Go do this,” and then you do it, only for me to berate you in front of others and act like you’re a lunatic, it’s your fault if you continued to be fooled by that over and over again.

      • I think Zach must have ADHD or autism spectrum,he acts just like my 16 yr old grandson who happens to have both.

    • I don’t know. Have you heard some of the misogynistic crap that has come out of the mouths of Cody and Caleb? There were times on the live feeds when Nicole and Christine bashed Amber like petty little mean girls. Victoria is horrifically shallow. And half of the crap that has come out of Frankie’s mouth has been repulsive.(As a gay man, I always root for the gay contestant but I cannot stand that horrid P.O.S.) Zach’s asshollery hasn’t been significantly better or worse than that of just about every contestant but Donny.(Amber actually wasn’t too bad either).

      • Not disagreeing that there are other crappy people in the house, but the fact that other people have done bad things doesn’t mean that Zach’s behavior is justified (either because he was doing it to crappy people or because other people were doing crappy things)…

      • Did you read my post? I’m not sure where it is that I “justified” his behavior. I was merely pointing out that his behavior hasn’t been better or worse in comparison to the vast majority of the other houseguests.

      • Which was completely irrelevant to what I said, unless you’re trying to minimize what he did by saying everyone else also did bad things.

      • Just because you don’t see the relevance doesn’t mean that there is none, unless you are trying to minimize the equally horrid crap that other houseguests have done so as to insure that Zach is bashed sufficiently, to your liking. It’s all relative at the end of the day, so if I find a loud-mouthed idiot more tolerable to watch than, say, the racist Caleb, the insufferably stupid Victoria, the mean-girl Christine, the fame-whore, deplorable Frankie that doesn’t mean I justify/minimize his behavior. It only means that he might be the lesser of most evils in the house. I find it hilarious that you would try to take the moral high-ground when discussing a show like Big Brother, one mostly devoid of any morality whatsoever.

        You might also want to revisit the definition of Stockholm Syndrome. We weren’t held captive by any of these idiots.

      • Or perhaps I was saying that the one person who people suddenly love (no doubt because he’s being picked on by other people we hate) shouldn’t suddenly get loved just because he’s getting picked on by people we hate, given all the equally bad things he’s done to them over the course of the game. He is no better than them, just because he ended up getting back what he gave them while he was on his way out the door.

        But keep up with your Zach obsession if you’d like. Not going to argue anymore.

  9. What’s the big deal about Derrick being a cop? All that says is he needs the money more than the others? Right?

    • IMO yes. He’s from a small town where a Sargent (like him) probably makes the same or less than an entry level cop in a big city. He said there was only about 22,000 in his town and that’s small.

    • How does that say he needs the money more Donny had to resign from his job to play he needs the money more

      • I think most people also feel Donny needs it. Mainly people don’t think Frankie needs it nor Caleb nor Victoria. Everybody else did have regular jobs or were unemployed. Caleb quit his job but his father is rich and has a construction company. Frankie has money and brags about it. Victoria doesn’t work and her family lives in a gated community in the best part of Florida. Others may have money but have hid it well from the other HG. Not saying any one with money doesn’t deserve to win. I stand by Derrick has played the best strategic game and Donny has played the best physical game (IMO). Donny has done his all alone. Those are the 2 I hope win.

      • Donny needs the money for eye surgery,so i think he desperately needs it more,than any one in the house

      • Exactly! This is not Big Brother Charity Edition – Derrick chose to work in a small town where his salary would be lower – Donny chose to quit his job to appear on TV – The winner will be the best player as determined by the jury not who may or may not need the money

    • If you watch his pre-interview, he believes it is a disadvantage for him to reveal that he’s a cop. Why is that? So it is BIG DEAL to him. To me?…I don’t give a sh*t what any HG’s make.

      • Because there are a number of people who hate cops—just read some of the comments on the threads. Pow pow (however her name is spelled) said if she had known he would have been her number one target. I wouldn’t doubt that there are others in the house that would feel the same and he would be long gone by now.

      • So there you go. (that’s one example)Yelling “Derrick is a cop” in the backyard can possibly taint his game…Fans that are against Derrick would love that though. LOL

      • Yes they would—-and a number of them will scream bloody murder the next time production interferes.

      • Caleb came right out and told Derrick that he hates cops,in a conversation with him a few days ago, i think it was all Derrick could do from hitting him tn the mouth

      • You know that has to be churning inside Derrick and it became personal even tho’ cool Derrick hasn’t really shown it.

    • Derrick is playing the best game with Donny hot on his trail. The others think they are playing BB but those 2 are making everybody else look like idiots.

    • It’s not so much that he’s a cop, but that he’s an UNDERCOVER cop working in narcotics – busting up drug rings. They’re trained to do a certain job, coercing people into giving them vital pieces of information that will lead to an arrest. Get it? He’s using his training and it’s getting him far in this game. This is just like another day on the job for him. THAT’S why he doesn’t want his profession getting out there. They’ll all know exactly what he’s been doing this entire game.

      • Good comments—I do think that just letting them know he is a cop would still be his undoing because some people don’t trust cops in general.

      • I don’t think Derrick is going to be working undercover when a returns to his job – I’m sure someone would recognize him – Hopefully he will be doing something less dangerous given that he has a small child

      • Derrick’s nose is unfortunate – Corrective surgery would greatly improve his looks – Sadly it looks like his daughter has the same nose – Most unfortunate – Luckily there are many talented plastic surgeons that can help and it’s a fairly minor procedure

      • So true about corrective surgery – he really needs to consider this once out of the BB house. One can’t help but look straight into his nostrils when he comes on the TV screen.

      • I think what bothers people about Derrick is that he has berated people for lying and claims he has never lied about himself in the game – Yes it is a game and he is playing it but that does not excuse the fact that he is a hypocrite – In addition he has gotten rather bossy with Donny and Victoria (i.e. telling them when to go to bed) and some people resent that

      • Donny should have just told him to respect his elders and shut up ,Donny is a lot older than him and is entitled to some respect

      • he’s not lying, it’s just an omission. I have a feeling if anyone asked him point blank, “are you a cop?” he wouldn’t deny it. He seems like a decent guy, shows respect to the women, equally friendly to all the guys………………get off his back

  10. Why all the hate on Derrick!?!? I just don’t understand it. Yes, he’s a cop and he’s not telling anyone… so what?! He is playing the game better than anyone in that house… and a damn good one! It’s called BIG BROTHER! Nobody gets through this game without telling some lies here and there. Atleast he’s not being a total douchebag like Frankie. Geez people.

    • Agree,Derrick is doing exactly what big brother is about.It is the stupid,stupid people in the house with him.Please next season put people in the game who know how to play.

    • Completely agree. He’s never been a douche to anyone; quite the opposite in fact. Going behind backs? Yes of course. Manipulating people? Yes of course. But he’s also quick to say, “Yes you’re going home. Make the most of the rest of your week here.” He’s always uplifting people.

    • You know how some BB fans are.. they complain about anything that doesn’t go their way. Derrick is an amazing player and he seems like a cool person I really don’t understand the Derrick hate.

    • Hey, Soup Dogg, my grandkids have some of those, with sirens on them even. They are toys but work great. I can’t figure out why no one in the area has done that yet.

    • I agree there should be a game of only people from 38 -50 instead of all these punks who think they are entitled,and lazy.

      • Hey,gerald, why stop at 50? I’m a “little” older. I can be interesting. Let me in on it. It would be groovy. LOL

      • I like that age range – compete on electric scooters, with a walker, we could rule! lol

  11. I just watched the highlights (fans shouts over the backyard) on feeds today. Caleb was visibly bothered by it, Frankie acted like he wasn’t sure what they’re yelling about,(RIGHT?) and wasn’t that excited. On the other hand, Zack was the only one super happy about it, and just went on and on about the incident….I have no doubt, the three of them heard what they were yelling, “loud and clear” lol

  12. Frankie is a poor excuse!!! Both as a game player and a person!!! If i were Zach I would tell Frankie that he can take his free trip to Africa and shove it wear the sun doesn’t shine!!!

  13. I find Frankie as disgusting as the people who yelled it over the wall. This guy is 32 years old, acts like he’s an eight year old and is obviously such a user and a phonie! He doesn’t care about anyone at all! I feel sorry for his sister and I certainly hope she is not thinking that what he is doing is right. I LOVE ZACH!!!!

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