Big Brother 16: Victoria Takes Aim At Zach & Destroys The Pink Hat [PICS] – Update: It’s Trashed

Zach Rance is on his way to be voted out Thursday night and whether or not he wins his way back in is yet to be seen, but some of the Houseguests are forgetting he could end up a Jury member. A voting Jury member.

Zach Rance and the pink hat on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance and the signature pink hat on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last night Victoria Rafaeli escalated the on-again-off-again feud between her and Zach when she decided to destroy his pink hat. I say “his,” but as we saw earlier this season it was actually Victoria’s hat from a competition which Zach appropriated without protest. Seems Victoria thought now was the time to take it back and make it no more with an indirect attack on Zach.

Flashback to 11:54PM BBT 8/18 to find Zach sitting at the kitchen table with the pink hat next to him. When he leaves the room Victoria jumps up, grabs the hat, and runs to the bathroom to stash it but then races it to the Have-Not room instead.

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From the HN room Victoria shouts back to Christine “get me a knife please now!” Christine grabs one from a drawer in the kitchen and starts running. (What a great idea…) The Feeds cut a moment later and stay off for nearly three solid minutes.

When the Feeds return at 11:58PM BBT (get your Free Trial now and watch) Victoria is sitting in the kitchen smirking and rubbing her palms together. No sign of the hat at all.

At 12:07AM BBT Cody tells Caleb what happened. He says Victoria took the knife from Christine and “diced up” the hat. Caleb is shocked. He stands there mouth agape for several seconds as Cody retells the story.

Victoria comes over at 12:08AM BBT and is miming slashing with her hands. Victoria tells Caleb it was her hat and she wanted to do that to it. She says, “Sorry. You’re going to go around torturing me, talk crap about me, degrading me, and what else? F**k you. I’m not going to look stupid.” Caleb replies, “I need to go take all my stuff upstairs.”

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At 12:09AM BBT Victoria talked to the camera and says to her mom and dad, “I hope you’re proud of me.” She then lists off friends and says she hopes they’re proud of her too for “finally frickin’ standing up for myself.” Victoria also notes that she definitely got approval from DR first.

It’s not until around 12:30AM BBT that Zach realizes the hat is missing and goes looking for it. Victoria is taunting Zach in hopes of getting him to lash out at her. She thinks he might hit her and then be expelled from the game. Zach does not touch her.

Let’s take a moment here. Is Victoria a complete idiot about this game? The house has him locked for eviction and they believe he’s solidly heading for Jury. (They don’t know for sure about the twist this Thursday.) Just as we saw on Monday where Frankie berated a beaten Zach, Victoria is now following a similar path of beating someone who is on the ground instead of smoothing things over.

With their expectation that he’s done and gone WHY would you possibly be anything but at the very least cordial to someone who the next time you expect to see them is when they’re deciding whether or not to give you a HALF MILLION DOLLARS?! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

It was a rash and gameless move by Victoria fueled by her earlier feud with Zach and now that she has the upper hand she pushes it over the line. What a terrible game move. Okay, it’s not like many fans think she’s got a chance to win even if she hits F2, but does she think that too? Good grief.

Update: Victoria purchased the hat at Wal-Mart and brought it with her. It was NOT from production as I incorrectly reported earlier as I believed it was a prop from a competition earlier in the season. However, at 8/12 2:32AM BBT Victoria tells Zach he can keep the hat. So who did it really belong to?

So Zach’s pink hat is gone. (Note: it belonged to Victoria first and this is why she was allowed to do it.) Considering production provided the hat we may see a new one appear, but that’s no guarantee. Maybe Julie will surprise him with one before sending him back in to the house to compete for his chance to return to the game.

What do you think of Victoria’s decision to destroy the hat? Was it a smart game move or purely personal and vindictive?

Update 2: Victoria most definitely trashed the hat with the knife last night. We didn’t get to see her take a knife to it as BB cut the Feeds for three minutes, but this morning Victoria snuck the remains of the hat in to the bathroom, wrapped it in tinfoil, put it in a zip-loc bag, and then buried it in her belongings. Flashback to 11:59AM BBT 8/19. I have no idea why she had to hide it so deeply in so many wrappers, but that’s what she did. Here are the pictures:


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  1. its not so much about the hat as it is victoria going completely nuts and everyone treating zach like crap.

    • I was hoping zac read in the rule book about the HOH telling him about being evicted. I thought this was not aloud as shown on a couple of past BB I dint understand why julie doesn’t do something about it.

      • It would be awesome if the BB producers call Frankie on this and force him to nom someone else!!

      • Production told Devin he could not. They need to stay consistent with applying this rule. Otherwise it is blatent favoring one contestant over another. CBS PAY ATTN TO THE RULE BOOK.

      • Always nice to have a spelling/grammar specialist on the boards. These things drive most of us crazy, we just don’t call them out on it. Kind of tacky.

      • Yeah, it is tacky of people to say aloud instead of allowed. I like when others let them know they screwed up, because how else will they learn? Better to be told you’re making a mistake than to continue in ignorance.

      • Why is it tacky to point out a misspelling? Especially with such simple words? Deanna simply pointed it out, as I do when someone says should of (and would of, could of) instead of should have.

      • I don’t understand how BB can enforce the rules in one season and not in all seasons. It is either a rule or not. You cannot just pick and choose when it is allowed.

      • This is the misinformation that seems to be spreading, the reality is that even Brendon has denied that DR made him change his nominations, but nobody seems to want to accept that.

      • Or even enforce the rule early in the season and chose to ignore it later in same season. Live feed watchers (feeders) are not stupid. Yes we pay attention to the small or even large details. This may be my last year of watching BB or the feeds. Such blatent disregard for the hgs and the feeders is such a sign of disrespect for everyone involved.

    • I think Big Brother trying to bring excitement to the Big Brother House because it has become too boring now with this huge Detonator alliance still in power. What they should be doing is putting a Pandora’s Box or a Diamond Power of Veto twist. Unless, the Detonators are broken up into pieces, we will have more of this boring season continuing till the Finals. Nobody wants to make a big move! My hope is on Nicole or Hayden coming in and winning HOH! That is the only chance of even changing the status quo. I am surprised that Big Brother producers until now have done nothing to change the very boring status quo.

      • I would like Zach back instead but we can all agree that no matter who comes back (fingers cross its Zach, America loves Zach) destroys those dumb Fs in the house

      • Zach will stick with Derrick and cody. no change. and plus he isn’t that great in competitions

      • I want the BIG TWIST to be that 2 return to the game. I would love to see Zach kept in the game and Hayden return. Then there actually is a chance to break up this dominating but boring as heck Detonator alliance.

      • Torturers Victoria and Frankie. To the point Vic gets up and walks out the door. And Frankie begs (but does not get) Zach’s forgiveness.

    • Zach completely deserves it! He literally never stops talking bad about her, and went as far as to say he was going to make her life a living hell but then to her face, he’s nice and pretends to have her back. So yeah, she got mad and knew that yelling at him he would laugh in her face, she wanted to hurt him like he hurt her so she did the best way she possibly could. Yes, it was childish, but affective and you have to remember she had everyone else in that house except donny egging her on about it. and if zach would have done it to victoria, everyone would think it was soo funny and support him. & Zach is literally my favorite hg but that’s just how I feel about this situation

  2. The abuse of Zach needs to stop – Talk about kicking someone while they are down – I hope he returns to the house and evicts each of them one by one – Disgusting treatment for America’s favorite player

      • Once BB airs Frankie’s attack of Zach expect a groundswell of support to swing in Zach’s direction – I love Donny but he seems very down lately – Not nearly as charismatic and lovable as when he first entered the house

      • This is what happens when everyone ignores you and does everything to make you lose. It is hard to stay optimistic knowing your fellow housemates hate you. Remember they all work TOGETHER to make him lose, yet he won. He is the true winner.

      • Should they go into his bedroom and talk to him while he’s sleeping?
        Donny seems to think social interaction should just be handed to him. Here’s a thought: instead of being in bed while everyone is awake, maybe wake up and play pool with the other guys. Might actually further your game as well…

      • Why just adjust his sleep schedule, join in with all the cursing and vulgarity, too. How about a little flirting with the girls? Oh and let’s not forget lovin’ and huggin’ on Frankie. Don’t change, Donny. We love the man you are.

      • So you base the winner on who sleeps on the same schedule? Deep. You just love to hate Donnie

      • No I base the winner on who has the best ties with the houseguests. Donny doesn’t have social ties to any of them.
        This isn’t hard to figure out…

      • So true! This is the strangest group of houseguests when it comes to petting and cuddling. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      • He sits with them while they play pool, they ignore him. He sits with them when hey are outside, they ignore him. He sits with them in the kitchen, they ignore him. Christine is on his team during the BOB competition and gives the bones to the other players, they call him dumb, stupid and say he smells. Did you ever think he sleeps to avoid the constant bullying fool? Grow UP

      • Don’t waste your time with that troll. She gets on here only to comment on a personal level.

      • So he sits there and stares at them? So he’s anti social. How’s this: say something! Is it really bullying to not talk to someone? Are you kidding me?
        Also, Donny’s been going to bed early since day one. It’s not because of the “bullying” (there isn’t any bullying, btw)

      • Yep there’s a couple bully’s in that house and I can’t wait until they see how many people can’t stand them.

      • I agree. He’s been on the block 5 times and gotten himself off. Even when that idiot tried to throw the BOTB comp he won by himself. Whoever comes back I’d like to see them or Donny win HOH then the next week the other one wins. At least they would get 2 of that group out.

      • Donny isn’t losing because he’s not social. He’s targeted by Derrick because Derrick cannot control him like the others. That’s a fact. He has saved himself over and over. He has tried to work with many. They stupidly followed Derrick. Even Frankie after they went after him. Donny tried with him. Donny will win favorite because he deserves it.

      • I want one of them in the f2 and the other getting America’s Favorite. I don’t care which in which place.

    • There is no way that Zach is AMF. Forget it. Donny is the one who has America backing him.

      I agree though, that dumping on Zach is just wrong.

      • That would mean CBS would have to actually show what happened instead of airing the version of things they want the public to see. Fat chance of that happening although nothing would make me happier.

      • Don’t forget about Frankie’s 1.5 million followers on his youtube or whatever channel, plus his Sister’s PR Peeps .. Afterall, he was the 4th person to be voted to TA, after Joey … Ha !!! :)

      • His sister is popularity is probably taking a nose dive b/c of Frankie and his antics. If Frankie drops one more name, I’m gonna hurl.

      • I don’t think so…not all who listen to her songs watch BB! I think she’ll be fine! Some of the house guests had never heard of her.

      • I only heard of her because I watch the Grammys, Billboard Music Awards and DWTS where she’d made a guest appearance with Iggy Azalea and sang their song, “One Less Problem Without You!”

      • Frankie will win afm because when there is the vote for afm, Ariana will tweet vote for Frankie to win afm, with a link to the vote in the tweet, and she has around 16 million followers, and a good chunk of them who have never even seen this show before will click the link and vote for Frankie thinking they are doing Ariana a favor.

      • And since Ariana has shown her displeasure at what her brother has done…. they should not be a fan of Frankie whatsoever.

    • Yet he never had any problems kicking other HG when they were down. There is nothing likeable about this miscreant. I suspect his ‘little broski’ is going to hate him after all the crap he’s going to catch at school as a result of his ‘love affair’ with Frankie. There is a good reason Zach had to get his face reconstructed.

    • This is the biggest bunch of bullies I have ever seen. Frankie being gay should realize how hateful this is, yet he seems to be the leader of it all. He is a self-centered, mean spirited, evil, ugly person and I hope they kick him off soon.

  3. Let’s all hope it keeps Zach fired up and he comes back and takes them out. I’m worried derricks is in his head again though.

  4. I have ZERO Sympathy for the way ppl are treating Zach…mind you, this is a player that has been verbally abusive to other houseguests. Not only that, he ALWAYS has an asinine speech to give after Veto/Nomination meetings where he throws other ppl under the bus. All they are doing is giving his a dose of his own medicine.

    • While what you have said is true and I realize that Zach had to actually decide to do those things, let’s not forget that he received a lot of encouragement from TA in the hopes they can complete some missions. This isn’t all on me it’s 95% Zach and 5%TA. As I had said it was Zach’s choice to behave this way but he doesn’t share all the blame.

    • Zach was encouraged to lash out at other house guests so that Derrick, Donny and Frankie could collect a check – I hold each of them partially responsible for Zach’s behavior

      • Zach alone is responsible for his behavior. The time for blaming others for your behavior is past when you are his age.

      • Even if he was encouraged, he ultimately made the decision and it may very well cost him the game.Someone who is a loose cannon with loose lips, while entertaining; typically will not be a person people trust for long. If he would have just shut his mouth 95% of the time, he would not be such a huge target.

    • Zach was encouraged to lash out at other house guests so that Derrick, Donny and Frankie could collect a check – I hold each of them partially responsible for Zach’s behavior

    • Let us also remember these other house guests were all calling Nicole a liar and verbally abusing her when she was telling the truth! Derrick was the only one not to call her a liar to her face. He, of course, also called her a liar behind her back! None of them are in a position to give their holier than thou sermon. If Zach is able to verbally abuse others including Nicole, he deserves to receive it in turn! Do not dish it out, if you cannot take it yourself!

  5. No, Victoria, you’re not going to look stupid by carving up your own personal property to “show him”…but you left Beastmode speechless.

      • He’d best hide those bunny slippers really well so Victoria doesn’t find them and do what she did to the hat! LOL

    • Did she really look at the camera and say she hopes her family and friends are proud of her? What kind of parents encourage that type of behavior?

    • I doubt it. She brought it up to Cody last night, and then said something about having to check with production to see if they would let her do it. And then later, after talking to production, she told Cody/Christine something about production checking to make sure she was ok to destroy the hat. (I think making sure it was really her property).

  6. These house guests are really now bored out of their wits aren’t they? What do they think of the audience? Zach being evicted is no great shakes either. I do not see the status quo changing unless, Nicole or Hayden comes back and wins HOH. Then, we might see some real big moves in the game like putting Derrick and Frankie side by side on the hot seat. Now, that would be something! We need like 3 more Detonators evicted because these guys are going to try and float to the Final 2 if they can do so!

  7. I wanna see the “Frankie you’re disgusting” on an Aerial Banner, flying above the BB house. lol….this happened before,

    • Why doesn’t someone just take a drone and fly it in through the backyard and deliver whatever message you want your fav HG’s to read. The allowed airspace on a drone is 400 feet so it’s easy for anyone to do it plus I’d love to see Production try and handle that mess. Now I’m all the up in Canada so watching that action from here would be hilarious but don’t say you got it from me lol.

    • I just posted that on another thread. Only I want it to say Frankie and Derrick are the liars.

  8. So, now I am confused … Zach gets scr@wed over by his BS and Detonator’s Alliance .. and literally j@rked off by Frankie, and with the indirect complicity of the TA Alliance … and, somehow, Zach is p*ssing all over on Victoria ???

    • He already warned Victoria what he’d plan to do if he got put on the block…didn’t he??

      • And, he blames her for that ??
        It sounds that all of this is pre-meditated, along with earlier attacks on former and present House Guests ….
        And, why was he all chummy with Frankie last night playing pool outside ??

        Like Frankie, only a few more days of being a Drama Queen before his BB Life gets shutdown … Though, can only imagine with 4-5 weeks in Jury House, what his Rapper Jury Question will be and to whom ?? Ha !!! Should be epic !!! :)
        eta: By far, I am no supporter of Victoria and how she has played her game … but, she appears to be off of everyone’s radar, and under the protection of Derrick, after spending almost the entier Season on the Block, err, nominations …

      • It was…I’ve been saying all along that Zach and Frankie have been acting all this out to make good t.v. Whatever. But Victoria…I think that’s just a little too late with her and most will just laugh at her stupidity more than her actions of retaliation…geesh! I’ve never liked houseguests using basically floaters to further their game or as a means to an end. That’s just me, though.

  9. They all complain about how Zach is behaving – have they looked in the mirror lately, who’s acting like a 2 year old now. Zach is such a good person, and has been abused by every person in this house, for no reason!!

  10. I’m getting this weird feeling that five of these HGs are not in the BB house but at a petting zoo and then behaving like bullies on an elementary school playground. Geesh!

  11. I so wish the finale was in 3 parts, the winner chosen then results held until PART 2–having all HG seeing a little of what the secrets were and who was doing what behind each others back and PART 3 the HG seeing how America rated them via a #rating and not words actually said about them, they will get to read blogs in private THEN the winner that was voted on earlier in the game revealed and who got America’s favorite player, THE END ! this would let America see reactions from the HG’s as they find out!

  12. Has it been announced yet, if it will be an F2 or F3 yet? Perhaps, with an F3, America will have a Jury vote … similar to BBCAN this year … Now, that would be cool … :)

  13. IMO after watching Victoria for two months I’ve come to the conclusion she loves to play the victim in order to get attention from some of the dudes in that house. When she discovered they weren’t going to fall at her feet due to her incredible beauty she had to come up with another game plan. This is not the way you treat a fellow HG whose vote may decide your fate.

    • I have never gotten over her delusional statement early in the season when she declared herself the “prettiest girl in the house”…maybe prettier than that hag, Christine, but certainly NO one else !

      • Never got that bold assertion out of my mind either. So many reasons why that is just a stupid thing for anyone to say.

  14. I get that it was hers first/given down to them by Production, but then she said he could keep it, and/or people are thinking of it as his hat (which is why she cut it up in the first place)–so how does this not count as destroying someone else’s property?

    Or do they just want to make a technicality out of this because getting Zach out will result in higher ratings than Victoria getting booted for violating the rules?

    • The thing that I have the most issue with is that she destroyed the hat and then taunted him hoping he would lash out and possibly hit her; getting himself expelled in the process. As a girl the last thing I would ever want to happen to me is a guying hitting me. She is obviously extremely stupid to do something in hopes he would hit her. I think it should be against the rules to purposely try to get someone expelled from the game.

  15. I’m not the biggest Zach fan, but geez…. Victoria, grow up. If she told Zach he could have the hat, it belonged to him, and she had no right to destroy it. (BTW, is it proven that she destroyed it? Have the pieces been shown on camera?) Production should do something significant to penalize her. She should also stop whining about being afraid that Zach will physically harm him. Clearly he has no intention of doing so. Victoria is just asking for fans to dislike her. She has no one to blame but herself when she gets negative reactions after the show.

    • She went to production before she even did it, to make sure the hat was still considered her property.

  16. Victorias wasted space. The look in her eyes when she was looking at Zach before he realized the hat was gone. Pure evil! Zach doesn’t need to take anything of hers all he has to say is just wait Victoria until eviction night when I embarrass you on national TV. She will freak out.

  17. This is hysterical. Zach has been berating and harassing her all summer and she’s finally striking back by destroying a piece of her own property that Zach appropriated to remind her he thought she was worthless. Shred it. It’s a pink hat, people, not his testicles. Although that might not be a bad idea either.

    • Agreed. Is it stupid? Yep. Is it childish? Yep. Is it a bad game move? Yep. Who cares? It’s a pink hat, in a house full of extremely bored people.

      • You two just summed up my feelings about the shenanigans Victoria pulled w the pink hat. I’ve had a few good chuckles while reading the post and responses. Don’t get me wrong, Zach is one of my 2 favorite players. Yes, it was supremely juvenile on Victoria’s part. (Not gonna get into the fact that, yes, zach has been immature thoughout the season.) Let’s put things in perspective here… She did not attack his person. Honestly found this fiasco amusing.

  18. fence shout outs sent Caleb and Frankie a clear message…They are not liked nor are they favorites. Zach is the one that received the “We love u” message

  19. I’m sorry but Victoria calling zach evil and stating he was going to throw boiling water in her face….. Where does that idea even come from. That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever heard it.

    • I believe that it was reported on one of these threads that Frankie told Victoria that was what Zach said …
      Considering Zach had already said that if he had the opportunity, he would “… punch Victoria in the fact … ” earlier in the game …
      So, yeah, the Snake had struck again with paranoia in the House … Ha !!!!

      • Now that one I heard too, but I don’t think he really would…he just likes to threaten a lot with no action behind it (he’d get evicted from BB if that had happened and he knows it)!

    • If you didn’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, then consider it a lie. I’ve never heard Zach say that to her…have any of you? I believe that’s what she said to get a reaction from her audience (Zach wasn’t there)!

  20. I guess no one remembers that just 2 weeks ago Frankie was wanted out by everyone and Zach was the only one to stand up for him. Zach being treated like this by Frankie makes me sick. He should be the one person safe this week with Frankie having all the power. And if I have to watch Frankie screaming and skipping around like a crack whore one more time, I’m going to be sick. Grow a pair and quit flipping every time the wind blows

  21. I wonder if Victoria realizes that she is the biggest fool ever! What an embarrassment she is. She acts like a needy three year old. She really needs to go even before Zach. It seems like this year’s production people are running this show. Sad

    • She’s a pawn..every season has them. Spencer was Andy’s pawn! Rachel was Dan’s pawn, etc.!

  22. Watching BBAD. Sictoria is obsessed with ruining this pink hat. Where does this come from? She has issues. Major issues. Welcome to the game, day 60 Sictoria.

    • They’re missing their “true” friends and paranoia is abound ad nausea!

  23. Victoria is NOTHING in the house but a tool and a vote for Derrick. She’s certainly an outright IDIOT for kicking Zach when he’s down, since he [potentially could be voting for the winner. She has done NOTHING intelligent at ANY time during this season. In a word….CLUELESS. WHY did production EVER select such a loser for this season ?

  24. This is the same person that called Britt and Amber two faced fake. I am not looking forward to what she calls Zach when she makes her “vote to evict Zach” statement. She is the most immature HG BB has had in a long time. This is how she probably acts in real life. She has proven that she has shown up for the wrong show. She thought it was the Bad GirlsClub

    • lol She could never ever handle the Bad Girls Club even in her dreams. They would eat her up and spit her out before she even went to the first night out with the girls. Have you seen the Bad Girls Club this season, hands down she would of never handled the cast there or any of the other seasons lol, no hope literally.

      • I was just picturing her and Redd going toe to toe. She would pee in her pants. I don’t think she could even handle Alex the quiet one. I have not liked her from day one. I was.hoping she would have gone after Pow Pow. Can u imagine her bragging that she was in the top 7. Feel sorry for me, I live in So Florida. Hopeful she won’t be on the news.

      • looool Red would eat her whole without spitting ha or even handle Alex your right. If Pow Pow was still in the house a little long I would of loved to see her go at it with Victoria but if you remember in the beginning she never made contact with her cause she was kind of intimidated of her cause Pow Pow had that fire. Now that there are no females in the house she’s got that voice nobody thought she had besides screaming to the top of her lungs that she’s in the house with someone who’s related to one of her favorite singers. No don’t think just cause she’s from So Florida that I would put you in the same light and it doesn’t mean she carries the rep for you girls there. I have a higher regard of respect for you just cause you can acknowledge her as a lost cause for a spot on Bad Girls Club. If you asked this girl what Bad Girls Club was she’d ask you, “Can I do my makeup there and do you guys have extensions?” lol.

  25. I have a question. So if Zach’s hat was just a thing he put on his head and therefore, it’s ok for Vic to destroy it, Can Zach destroy Vic’s long rats nest extension she puts on her head? It is a thing. She’s told about everyone so…

  26. Maybe in Zach’s goodbye speech he can tell Victoria if she wants to win a comp some advice for you “take out your lice infected hair extensions”. Zing! On national TV I think Victoria would lose it.

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