Big Brother 16: America’s Favorite Player – Vote To Award Your Fav $25K [POLL]

The voting is now open on for America’s Favorite Player to be decided. Which of the season’s sixteen BB16 Houseguests will earn the title and the prize? The polls close 10AM PT on September 22nd and fans will want to be sure to vote every day to support who they think has earned the title.

Big Brother 16 Cast
Big Brother 16 – America’s Favorite Player – Source: CBS

There is plenty of drama online regarding who is going to win with Frankie asking his sister to campaign for him while his mother suggests that’d be no different from any other HG’s family from doing the same. It’s certainly possible that Frankie could win through their efforts and I wouldn’t see that happening without it, but with six more days of voting and twenty votes a day there’s still a solid chance for Big Brother fans to vote in their own AFP. That has raised a lot of “support Donny or Zach?” discussions.

Based on our weekly popularity polling Donny could be the leading favorite with nearly fifty percent of the vote week after week in our polls. However, our polls are certainly not official and do not have the same voter pool as CBS will be collecting in their official AFP poll here so support your own favorite.

Remember that the Final Two HGs are not eligible to win the prize, so for example if Derrick and Cody are in the F2 and Derrick actually got the most votes then CBS would go down the list until they reached the first HG not in the F2. CBS would not announce that they had to do that though.

Who will you be supporting to win America’s Favorite Player for Big Brother 16? Vote now in our unofficial poll (these votes will NOT count towards the official results) and share your thoughts below.

You have 20 votes a day, everyday through mid-day Monday. Go vote now in the real poll!


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  1. I think it’s important that Frankie doesn’t win AFP. I was only worried about the Grande campaign, however I’m now also worried about votes being split between Donny and Zach. Evel Dick and some other that have a large following are campaigning hard for Zach. Splitting the votes could give it to the Grand campaign. I don’t care if it is Donny or Zach, as long as it isn’t Frankie. I think most of this site’s voters are all voting for Donny. Please don’t let the split spoil things.

      • I have been looking at other sites and post. There are still a lot of people who do not see Frankie for what he is. They continue to support Frankie/Ariana. It is possible that he could win without CBS rigging this.

  2. Donny deserves and needs the money! Frankie is using his sisters fame thinking she will lead him to win America’s vote…it’s ONLY a popularity contest to him and my popular vote goes to DONNY!

  3. My favorite player was Donny. I wish he had won but it is looking like Derrick will win. I just wish they weren’t so blind. He is such a manipulator but he is very good at the game and you have to give him credit. This has been the most boring, predictable season of Big Brother that I have ever seen. Please make next season better. Add some more black people I think that would be fun too. We want to see some risk takers. :)

    • The reason it was so boring and predictable is because of how brilliantly Derrick ran the house. I don’t understand why its a bad thing watching a Big Brother master at work.

  4. Frankie’s pull clearly wasn’t strong enough when America voted overwhelmingly NO to the mission. He even offered to follow anyone who took a screenshot that they voted yes on the mission. Donny is ahead on the Polls across the board, followed by Zack.

    • The split voting is obviously going to hurt Donny’s chances of winning and that will be a huge shame for Frankie to pull it off because of that and the Grande family.

      • I know. That has been trending on twitter of NOT to split the vote, because Frankie could benefit from it, The message is out and I hope voters do the right thing. Zack has a lot of followers, but has never passed Donny, while Frankie’s number is just sooo low.

      • Evel Dick is promoting Zach and he has a lot of BB followers, since he does his Dick at Nite show.

      • Yeah, Went to his twitter and he is supporting Zack. It’s probably gonna be neck to neck, but I still think Donny will win….God ! I’m gonna be really disappointed if he doesn’t win. ..I’ve been going to Polls after Polls like crazy. lol

      • Not only that, look at what happened to Matt’s poll. Some wisea$$ decided to dump ~10,000 on Zach. I don’t like hackers. :(

  5. The only thing Victoria knows how to do is take the tweezers to her face and sit around with that cold blank stare all day. It would be a travesty if she were in the F2!!!

  6. It is really a shame that the Grande’s are enlisting the help of Ariana’s fans to help Frankie win AFP. $25k to them is a drop in the bucket. He has
    already won and made money on BB. He has gotten his sister and himself better known. It’s almost down right greedy of them to essentially take that from someone who is more in need and more deserving. If he wants to help that charity in Africa why not ask their fans to donate!!! This is about Frankie wanting the title of AFP as another way to validate his delusions. I too would like to see anyone win AFP other than Frankie. I have voted for Donny but,I loved Hayden, Nicole and Zach too. Zach was so very entertaining. I hope that they all go on to do bigger and better things. I hope that Frankie goes back to riding his sisters/family name’s coattails to be the you tube “mogul” he thinks he is where I won’t have to see him anymore.

    • You hit the nail on the head. They are only doing it for publicity for both Grande’s. Her singing career and his whatever career. It scares me that CBS just might give it to him to make her happy as they have a lot invested in her.

    • Frankie and him caring about Africa in any way unless maybe if I was going make EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM is a load. This whole Grande Family need to check themselves. Do they really want to encourage these two rich bratty narcissists to continue acting SO self centered . . . me, me, me, “Oh enough about me,” “What do you think of me?” It’s embarrassing and boring to watch. It’s a sickness. It’s a sickness of our society, celebrity, and fame. Frankie talks like being famous really MEANS something. You know what would mean something. Why don’t you and your sister go to Africa and volunteer, instead of just throwing money at it.

  7. Zach is hands down my favorite player this season. I totally agree and don’t want to see Frankie win it. And I think Donny will be ok since he’s got a Bold and the Beautiful contract plus TAs money, but I’d be happy for him if he won AFP too.

  8. I am pulling for Donny to win AFP. He is certainly a memorable character and in a good way. Derrick (IMHO) 100% deserves every dime he is going to win – no argument. Neither Derrick nor Donny were my choice to win in the beginning – but for AFP – I have to give it to Donny but I am not taking for granted he will get it. The Grande Army is in place so that would be a bummer. Donny does seem to truly need it – I don’t think it would change him from the bright, humorous, humble, compassionate person he is. He’s the real deal – He is a superfan. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t get an alliance (other than TA) as he would have been great to watch “work”. He tried, bless his heart, but being the “old dude” in that house – his hands were tied. But he was a warrior and fought the good fight and tried to warn people. They didn’t listen – They ratted him out – They’re keeping him company in Jury now. Go, Donny, for AFP!

  9. Gotta give it to Zach—loveable jerk! His exit when he stood on the coffee table and rained Fruit Loops was just too hilarious/memorable. What a character! I haven’t drank the Donny Kool-Aid, but my guess is he’ll win America’s Fav Player, so good on him! (I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t.) And to voice others’ sentiments, just not Frankie (aka Fakie).

    • I also agree Zach should win. Donny was more phony in my opinion. Zach was a pleasure, someone who was not afraid to speak his mind. there are too many sheep on this show, they all follow the leader , making it very predicable. dee

  10. From here on out we should all refer to him as “Ariana’s Brother”. Because
    that’s all he is and all he ever will be.

    To see zach or donny win AFP would be a wonderful bonus to this season, but, to never see Ariana’s brother again would be a reward too great for words.

    I am ready for BB16 to be over. Every minute it continues is another minute we have to think about Ariana’s brother.

    • I don’t even want to think about Ariana either. Reports keep coming out that she not only looks like a Bratz doll but she acts like one too.

    • Donnie deserves AFP but has a formidable opponent -the pre-existing Grande fan base. Not at all fair nor what the true fans have in mind. CBS really should consider 2 AFP awards this year- one for the Grande fans and one for the BB fans.

  11. I do not get the Donny love. Absolutely horrible social game. I’d honestly rather Frankie win, and I hated Frankie. Frankie was at least shown to be a smart and competitive game player.

    • ….it’s important to know the difference between America’s FAVOURITE player and the ”winner” of Big Brother. Nobody on here has argued that Donny is the best player and deserving to win Big Brother, but he is our FAVOURITE player because of his humility, sportsmanship and all round solid character.

      • Who Donny? If so, then yes, you’re right. Donny isn’t perfect by any means, but does that cease to make him humble and a good sportsman and any less deserving of America’s Fave Player?

    • he wasnt THAT bad of a player. Every person that left the house before
      him cried at his goodbye message. He made it as far as he did because no
      one had the heart to send him home. Everyone always commented how
      funny, entertaining, and versatile he was; each personality in the
      house, no matter how different, felt comfortable being around Donny and
      felt that they could be themselves with him. Also, he was such a
      mysterious player (winning comps at odd moments and keeping to himself
      most of the time) that everyone suspected that he was really some
      Harvard-graduate genius, when, in reality, he was no more than a
      groundskeeper. If only he could have just played up his role more, and
      taken more advantage of being the most likeable/feared in the house —
      my bet is, he would’ve gotten a LOT farther

  12. Ultimately it comes down to CBS. CBS per its terms and conditions can elect to disqualify essentially any vote – for any reason. If it is determined that one player has a disproportionate number of votes – one could assume that they would evaluate the situation. It could really go either way depending on what the final numbers look like.

  13. I voted for (and will continue till the end) Donny because IMO Donny was the one who stayed truest to his real self. He lied the least and did try to get along with everyone. That’s why I knew from the beginning he wouldn’t win. In BB you have to lie and backstab to win. The one who does it with the least bloodshed usually wins (I expect Derrick to win). My problem with Frankie and players from last season was their cruel heartless attitude toward others. As boring as this season was it was better HG than last years.

  14. oh I hope Donnie wins America’s player and they all get their noses bent out of shape…especially Frankie and caleb

  15. Please people don’t split the votes. You’re just going to give Frankie the win if you do. Most everyone wants Donny to win so I’m voting Donny. I would really like Nicole to win but I’m not voting for her because it’s less votes that Donny will get, therefore more votes for Frankie.

  16. In order to vote, there should be a question about Big Brother to allow you to cast your vote…..that way the Ariana fan base would automatically be disqualified….because 10 year olds are not Big Brother Fans….

  17. WOW Zach has surpassed Donny according to this site vote. I’d prefer Donny. I’ll accept either one … but NO one else!

    • Matt tweeted 48 mins ago that Zach went from single digits to over 50% and the count went up ~ 10,000 votes. Obviously it’s a hacker

  18. I am gonna vote Donny in any poll . I like Zach…good dude in his own demented way….butttt I feel like if Zach gets the AFP Frankie will somehow turn it around that It was because of “Zankie”.
    Frankie deserves no credit in Zachs being a popular HG.
    None what so ever

    • I wouldn’t want to take the money from Zach who would most likely give it to his mother and brother just because Frankie would “take the credit”

      I’m Team Zach for America’s Favourite Player :)

    • Really good point. That actually makes me hope Zach doesnt win. Frankie is so deluded. In his mind, everyone on this season was probably popular only because of him. ugh I can’t stand him. Wait until he hears how many people didnt like this season because they found it predictable/boring, even him.

  19. I have visited three Polls and Donny is still ahead. I’m surprised to see Zack surpassed Donny on this site/BBN. I don’t see any movement on Frankie though. Which is good.

    • Matt tweeted 48 mins ago that Zach went from single digits to over 50% and the count went up ~ 10,000 votes. Obviously it’s a hacker.

  20. Matt, please add an update to what happened to the numbers. It’s either someone from Zach’s team that did it or someone from the Grande camp trying to split the votes. Either way, your fans need to know that ~10,000 of Zach’s votes weren’t actually people.

    • That was me, oops. I went on 10,000 different computers and voted for Zach because I really want him to win.

    • Really – I hate the fact that you can vote 20 times a day. CBS should allow one vote, total, per IP address. Then you know that the person who wins is actually the favourite – not 10 people voting 200 times from one computer. That’s not an accurate representation of who the fan’s favourites are – it’s basically who has more time on their hands and is able to vote 20 times a day for a week.

      • I agree with you, but my post was about what happened to Matt’s poll, not about the real poll. Some hacker added ~10,000 votes for Zach to Matt’s poll, skewing the actual numbers.

      • You can’t track by IP Address anymore. A lot of people use mobile devices which use mobile IP addresses which are very dynamic. They change often. Also, you could vote on one IP Address, then someone else in the same area on the same network could later vote and have the same IP address you had which would void their vote.

        The only way to fix it is to force users to create an account and then force them to validate their email address before they could vote.

  21. I don’t want Frankie to win AFP but I’m also not a Donny fan. Both Donny and Frankie won some money already, so my vote is for Nicole. I think she played a good game, was a good person and deserves to get something too.

  22. Donny already got money from Team America. Plus, he was a sweet guy, but not a very good game player or very entertaining. I’m definitely voting for Zach for keeping the season interesting!

  23. Why not Caleb he was the most entertaining person on bb fk the rest of them l watch bb to be entertained not for who we feel sorry for. Donny did nothing but whine about who did not like him and why did they want to vote him off he was boring as hell.he just took up space just like Victoria. . Even Zack is a good candidate for AFP ..Come on you guys vote for the right person who made us laugh and played the game .

  24. I don’t understand why everyone is on the Zach train all of a sudden. He was a total douche right along with Frankie up until a week or two before he got booted. And anyone who would follow Perez Hilton’s advice needs to be slapped upside the head! He’s as bad as Frankie! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’ve been a Donny fan from day 1 and he’s geting my 60 votes (2 of my own accounts and my husband’s) every day! He’s the only player that everyone (except the witch Christine) said they truly liked whent they’d see his farewell video. I just hope the split votes between Zach and Donny don’t leave it open for the self proclaimed queen to win it. That would just totally be the suckiest ending to a boring BB possible!

  25. I’m only worried about celebrity intervention with the voting. I would hate if someone like Bieber or Ariana to post a link to the site and have people how have no idea what BB is vote for Frankie. I for one do not think it is fair. Only people i feel should do that is fans and the house guests family.

    • I mean proof that Donny has more likability than frankie would be the fact that as soon as he walked out the door, he was offered an acting gig, Frankie was offered a ride to the jury house.

  26. I hope Frankie wins cause he did more than Donny. Donny pretty much just sat back, wasn’t into the game much and Frankie is funny!!!

  27. I hope Frankie wins cause he did more than Donny. Donny pretty much just sat back, wasn’t into the game much and Frankie is funny!!!

  28. I am voting for Nicole over Donny. The two were both good at the competitions and both were nice people. Reason I decided to vote for Nicole is that she didn’t win any money whereas Donny won money for being on Team America.

  29. I absolutely love Donny but I think Zach deserves AFP. Donny won TA money and got a role on that soap opera. Zach was by far the most entertaining.

  30. I want DONNY to know how much America really loved him because he was a great guy no one appreciated him in the house and to not talk to him in the end are bullies and children BIG BROTHER WE NEED A GAME FOR PEOPLE OVER I LIKE 50 but lets say 45 and no other I would like to be in it but also would watch but I wouldnt be in big brother unless it was over 45 I am 61 I am funny overweight a women been married 37 years like to enjoy stuff but like DONNY honest believe others as honest I was a minsters daughter i think it would be funny because if people are like me like to play tricks funny tricks on people not mean but I think we would d be more enjoyable to watch even to the end not l I keep Cody Victoria and derrick are now boring

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