Big Brother 16 Episode 9 Recap: Derrick Hatches A Plan


Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 16 picks up right after the Head of Household competition that left Nicole and Derrick in power.

Nicole did not want to be HOH this week, she tells us. She might not be celebrating, but Zach is. He’s celebrating his safety and the fact that Devin should be the next guy out the door.

We also get footage of Devin blowing up the Bomb Squad to everyone he can find before the eviction. “If I’m the first one to run and tell …” maybe they’ll team with him, Devin says in the Diary Room. Don’t count on, Dev.

Cut back to now, and we’ve got Devin telling Derrick not to feel bad if he has to put him up. Derrick realizes that Devin wants to go up so he gets two chances to save himself. Caleb agrees with Derrick that Devin doesn’t need those two chances. So the plan is clearly to backdoor Devin.

Since Devin is quickly blowing up the squad, Christine decides to tell Nicole about it before someone else has the chance. Her hopes is to keep Nicole’s trust. But since Christine is all Nicole has, she says she has no choice but to trust her.

Derrick and Nicole are now forced to talk for basically the first time ever. They talk about how they’re playing the game and who they need to nominate and who they don’t want to nominate. They strike up a plan to nominate Amber and Caleb on separate sides so that Caleb will want to save the side Amber is on. At this point anyone going up is a pawn just to make the plan to backdoor Devin work. There’s just one problem. They need a fourth nominee. They’ve got Amber, Caleb and Jocasta. But that fourth option is not easy to find.

Now it’s time to get Caleb on board. And all Derrick has to do is imply how grateful Amber would be if he throws Battle of the Block so Amber comes right back down off the block. Derrick throws in the phrase “Knight in shining armor” and he’s on board. So Caleb fills Amber in on the plan and everyone is seemingly OK with it.

Nicole, still frazzled about what to do moving forward, decides to talk to Donny about what to do. She mentions Amber to him and tells Donny that Derrick will be putting up Caleb. Donny asks Nicole how she feels about Christine and says if the “8 person alliance isn’t dealt with soon …” That wasn’t the best idea for Donny, but of course he doesn’t know how close Nicole and Christine is.

To make matters worse for Donny, Amber overhears Donny telling Jocasta and Brittany about the plan Nicole just told him about. So Nicole gets really nervous about Donny and thinks he’s stirring up too much trouble.

So at the nomination ceremony, Nicole gets to go first and Amber and Donny show up on the board. As for Derrick’s nominations, he stuck with the Jocasta and Caleb plan. Devin mumbles “sometimes the back door is the only door.” He knows what’s up. Of course Donny is confused and upset, but he’s clearly not the target. Nicole immediately regrets her decision, but what’s done is done.


Team America time. The members have to spread the rumor that one of their fellow HGs are related to a past Big Brother HG. So now is the time when I insert my person opinion. I HATE this mission. I think it’s as equally stupid as it is unfair. It could easily make an innocent houseguest a target and I find that very unfair. Frankie comes up with idea that Zach is related to Amanda from Big Brother 15. They decide to say they’re cousins since they’re both from South Florida. Again, this task is stupid and dangerous. But whatever.

Nicole decides to tell Donny she feels horribly for putting him up and decides to make a deal with while she’s at it.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block competition. It’s a take on Harry Potter, and like Nicole said, Caleb looks like Harry Potter on steroids. It’s hilarious. In the end, Donny and Amber win the competition, taking themselves off the block and dethroning Nicole. Not only was she dethroned, but she has magically disappeared! Will she ever return!??

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So that means Caleb and Jocasta remain on the block ahead of the veto. And since Derrick reigns as the sole HOH, the Devin backdoor plan is in motion.


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  1. Why is it OK when everyone else tells someone something they heard, but when Donny does it, the whole house wants to get him out.

  2. Hello guys, I’m new to this site, and I do enjoy reading the articles. About the game, I’m surprised at how well Donny is doing in terms of challenges. 1 BotB win, 2 vetos, and a clean sweep of Have-Have Not comps have proven him to be a threat in challenges, and it might not be long before he gets HOH. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get targeted soon; these challenge wins will only make him a bigger target if he continues to win.

      • Sadly, his name is being floated around by the girls…and the guys. He’s a target, even as early as next week.

      • Well, I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming. I want to say that he was too competitive too quickly, but with the Bomb Squad targeting him so early, I think he really didn’t have much of a choice(based solely on TV edits).

      • I’m hoping for Derrick to protect him because of TA..(if he cares about fan base)…we’ll see.

    • I think Donny is better then they think he is. I think they are judging a book by it’s cover.

      • I was mad at Frankie comments last night on Donny during the comp. But I loved how Donny proved them wrong again by taking both big boys out of it. I just hope it doesn’t hurt him by making him a target.

      • The only people who seem to be targeting him as of last nights episode are Devin and Caleb. However, I do believe that he is a bigger target than what the show says.

      • I think Derrick wants Donny out and he has alot of say with the hg. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. OMG Victoria is driving me CRAZY with the chomping and smacking her mouth while she is eating

    • I actually got online to say just that. Her princessness is annoying anyway, but the chomping and smacking is super annoying. Somebody please put her out of our misery next week!

    • i was going to say the same thing also its like every year there is always one or more that are annoying when they eat this year it her “royal heinious” last year it was bitch amanda

  4. Just watched the episode and OMG, Jocasta looks like a wreck on that last confessional!

  5. I agree I hate the mission or task I am worried they will target Donny for starting this rumor or Zack for being apart of the rumor. I also don’t see Frankie doing his part which makes me mad. I liked Frankie but starting not to because of this. Loving Derrick’s game though.

  6. Well, Caleb didn´t even needed to throw the game. Jocasta was so slow and she looked like to be sick. Even with Amber trying to place a frog head… outside of the board… they won it pretty easy.
    Caleb didn´t needed to make any stop or go very slow.
    I think that Victoria knows something about Frankie… she was to direct to make questions about his sister.

  7. Team America should get a vote being its the most twisty summer. . they should say “America we are going to have a secret double eviction but the house guests wont know who the evictee is america gets to vote and send someone packing.”

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