Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 3 Sunday Highlights


It was a very quiet Sunday in the Big Brother 16 house, but that doesn’t mean the house guests didn’t have fun. There were plenty of game discussions and silly antics for you to catch up on.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 13, 2014:

8:15 AM BBT – Zach and Cody get back up after a very brief nap. They decide to make omelets.

8:34 AM BBT – Cody and Zach admit to having crushes on Brittany.

9:25 AM BBT – Zach and Cody have finally gone to bed.

10:00 AM BBT – Feeds are down. Wake-up time.

10:25 AM BBT – Feeds are back. HGs moving about. Jocasta, Devin, Hayden, Donny and Nicole are outside sitting on the couches.

11:55 AM BBT – Donny is talking to Nicole about Zach being related to Amanda from Big Brother 16 (the Team America mission). She says she can see a resemblance.

1:10 PM BBT – Derrick and Donny discuss the Team America mission. They got Nicole and Victoria to buy it.

2:00 PM BBT – Derrick and Nicole are talking about the veto ceremony. There’s some concern that Donny won’t use the veto. Derrick is afraid Devin has or will threaten Donny not to use the veto on Jocasta.

3:13 PM BBT – Photo booth is open. HGs are taking photos.

6:32 PM BBT – Christine and Amber are talking about how Donny will need to be backdoored when his time comes (which seems to be soon as Christine says he’s “done for”).

7:16 PM BBT – Frankie gives Zach a kiss while Zach is in bed. When he walks away, he says he’s kind of in love with Zach.

9:11 PM BBT – HGs get an indoor lockdown. Apparently people were outside the studio shouting “We Love Big Brother!”

9:45 PM BBT – Cody says he’ll nominate Jocasta and Victoria if he wins HOH.

11:05 PM BBT – Christine, Frankie and Zach are discussing who they’d put up next week. They all agree they’d put up Victoria and Jocasta with plans to backdoor Donny.

12:15 AM BBT – Derrick now telling Caleb about the “rumor” regarding Zach and Amanda. He wants Caleb to ask Amber what she thinks.

12:40 AM BBT – Amber and Brittany talk with Derrick to make sure everything is still going as planned. They are worried that Devin might not get renom’d like they expected. Derrick promises all is well and at Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony Devin will be named as the renom. Should Donny try anything funny then he’ll become the next target.

4:25 AM BBT – Caleb tells Amber about the Zach rumor. Another point for the mission. That’s at least two of the three they need to succeed.

So Donny might be working on being America’s favorite, but right now he’s on a lot of radars in the Big Brother 16 house. Do you think Donny can get out of this mess?

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  1. Poor Donny.. I really hope he wins HOH next. I also hope that Devin stays and Caleb goes than Devin wins HOH next. How amazing would that be.

    • I’m so ready for Donny to leave, he has become extremely tiresome and annoying.

    • Yeah but they’d have to probably make a VERY strong move and put up strong players (Derrick, Cody, Zach, Hayden or Frankie) and the 5th should be the renom if the POV is used.
      Donny/Devin can’t afford to put up a pawn/backdoor anyone because they won’t have the votes, I don’t think. If Jo goes home this week, that is one less vote they have…Nicole will stay with Xtine until she is evicted, Brittany will stay with the boys (erroneously feeling there is strength in numbers by not realizing her number is coming up long before theirs). If Double D can control the plays for 2 weeks, and evict Derrick and Cody (Brittany’s weaknesses), then they can at least get her to their side. Devin needs to stay cool.
      But they also need to elim Xtine so Nicole will get out of the hammock. Don & Dev are the next targets so what do they have to lose – really? Take out Cody so the girls wake up. Derrick won’t have quite as much sway without his undercover lover prowling around making the girls purr.

  2. I really hope that Donny or Jocasta or even Brittany win the next HOH. I want someone who hasn’t been in power (Derrick, Caleb, etc.) to win so we can see the house scrambling.

    Also I am no longer a fan of Christine due to her rumor mongering regarding Donny.

  3. This was really not the right time for Donny to be spreading rumors. Derrick and Frankie should have taken lead on this one.

      • Derrick knows a lot more about Donny’s situation than Donny does, and how Derrick handles things is going to say a lot about whether he’s actually as committed to the TA “alliance” as he says he is.

      • He already said he’s committed to “his” game. And who wouldn’t be? If that requires throwing your forced “alliance” under the bus, then do it! :D

      • Bah…the fact that he doesn’t realize it pegs him as a bad player. Once again I don’t get the viewers’ lovefest with a specific houseguest (first it was Joey, then Amber, Zach, now Donny…all turds.) America just sucks at picking houseguests.

  4. I did like Christine, not so much anymore. Her laugh is irritating, she is constantly blowing her nose..but, the main reason is she is picking on my Donny way too much lately. She is in a perfect spot in the house, not on anyone’s radar at all. They all are freaking out because Donny is talking game, but, when they talk game, it’s OK. It would be awesome if Donny won the next HOH..hopefully, it will be questions.

  5. I am almost hoping Donny doesn’t use veto so Devin stays in the house and Donny remains second on the pecking order

  6. Donny’s life in the house is dependent on Derrick. He’s very influential,and a good manipulator. He can help him out if he’s true to TA. He had to realized that Donny has a big fan base by now……..and growing.

    …I could care less about Frankie…he should be evicted.

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