Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 12 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur

It wasn’t business as usual for Sundays in the Big Brother house as the Veto Ceremony arrived and settled who would be on the block for the surprise eviction coming up. The Houseguest think they have an extra day, but Frankie isn’t wasting any time as he continues to work any angles that could keep him in the game.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 14, 2014:

9:40 AM BBT – HGs got their wake-up call. Veto Ceremony ahead today so they get an early start to the day.

10:55 AM BBT – Frankie alone practicing his Veto Ceremony speech. He’s rehearsing mistakes in his speech to sound spontaneous, but they’re not.

11:10 AM BBT – HGs gathering outside for Ceremony. Caleb says he doesn’t mind leaving third because he knows he’ll get AFP. Caleb’s worry is that Frankie could win because of his sister’s following, but notes they are “like 12 year olds.”

11:50 AM BBT – Veto Ceremony is over. The PoV was not used. Frankie & Victoria remain on the block.

12:59 PM BBT – Caleb retelling Derrick everything Frankie told him last night about why he should not keep Derrick in the game.

1:27 PM BBT – Frankie asks Caleb to tell him if he’s going home because it would be wrong to blindside him after them working together all summer.

2:05 PM BBT – Derrick is mad at Frankie and wants to blindside him.

3:09 PM BBT – Photo booth  is open.

4:58 PM BBT – HGs working out and chit-chatting. Nothing major going on.

6:45 PM BBT – BB gives the HGs booze.

8:36 PM BBT – Victoria is a little drunk and Derrick is trying to get her to stop drinking. He’s afraid she’ll say something she shouldn’t say.

9:15 PM BBT – HGs are talking about who might visit the house tomorrow. BB told them to look decent, so they are certain someone is coming in the house.

10:05 PM BBT – Frankie has Caleb thinking on Derrick now. Caleb and Cody are talking about how Frankie says he doesn’t think the jury hates Derrick like Derrick says. Caleb still thinks they can both beat him in the end, though.

10:15 PM BBT – Derrick has joined they conversation. They’re trying to decide when to tell Frankie. They consider doing it just a few mins before the eviction.

10:30 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody discuss putting each other up during the F4 since only Veto matters and they don’t want Caleb to get worried and flip on them as the sole voter. Derrick works on an idea for how they could still put up Caleb without him getting mad.

10:35 PM BBT – Victoria, who is drunk, tells Caleb that she’ll vote for him in the end and that he’s played the best game.

11:04 PM BBT – Derrick is annoyed with Victoria. He’s playing it up with Cody, but he is actually annoyed with her.

11:18 PM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria she’s getting sloppy and she needs to stop saying so much stuff to people.

11:26 PM BBT – Derrick reminds Victoria that they haven’t evicted Frankie yet and she needs to stop being messy or she could get evicted.

11:40 PM BBT – HGs are all going to bed.

11:53 PM BBT – Derrick gets up, gets some medicine and water and goes to the back yard by himself.

12:03 AM BBT – Everyone is back in bed.

1:00 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria are in the backyard again having another conversation.

1:55 AM BBT – Conversation still going on. Derrick is coaching Victoria on trying to enjoy the game. He starts to run through all the Jurors not liking him.

2:00 AM BBT – Derrick is alone and talking to the cameras. He says he almost slipped up and told Victoria the truth about his background.

2:10 AM BBT – Derrick, still alone, apologizes for anyone upset at him, but he’s trying to play the best game he can. Says he’ll listen to the fans who tell him how his game was.

2:15 AM BBT – Derrick heads to bed. Everyone is asleep now.

So it was an early night for the HGs as Big Brother shut off all the lights and forced them to go to bed. Why? So they can get up early and record footage to air during tonight’s Big Brother After Dark since it can’t be live due to today’s special eviction. That also means once the Feeds go down on Monday we won’t have Live Feed coverage for you again until after Tuesday’s episode.

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  1. Sorry – did that say that they weren’t going to be having any live feeds until after Tuesday’s show? When do the feeds shut off for the season; do you know?

    • Feeds will go down on Monday afternoon then come back either Tuesday or Wed after the show.

      I do not yet know when the Feeds go down for the season. I’ve asked, but it’s tough to get info out of the CBS team on that.

  2. It was kinda funny watching BBAD this morning, towards the end between Cody and Caleb, yet again .. implying how much of a Beast that they both were and giving kudos to one another not minding which ever of them should win .. blah, blah, blah …
    Then, Caleb does on to say that America loves them, err, Him, and that it is all but a shoe-in for AFP … and, even goes on to say that he has done no wrong to nobody and has played an honorable and loyal game … blah, blah, blah … while just nods his head in agreement ….
    So, while talking about Frankie about his betrayal to the alliance incident .. can someone explain to me which specific incident that Caleb was referring to? Was it the Amber thing ? The Zach thing ? Nominating Cody couple of times thing ?

    • It was the throwing all bias alliance members under the bus Nicole/Christine when they were hoh and Frankie got nominated

  3. With all the talk about Derrick’s game … just have to remember that he was supposedly an undercover cop before entering the House this summer, and really had to act in his role and go with the flow and sometimes even say and do things, to ensure his cover and getting called-out, as his life may have been at risk …
    I am not condoning his actions, what he may have done and said in the House .. he is just playing another undercover role this summer .. and, anyone who had started to see through his cover, was eventually eliminated … Donny, Nicole, soon to be Frankie, etc …
    Now, whether or not he deserves to win all the $$$$ Already, $25K for TA and Comps, quite possibly the $500,000 for winning and $50,000 bonus as the TA member … Not too bad for a few months of work … And, yes, compared to all the other HG’s remaining in the House, he has been literally up all night constantly thinking about the game and planning moves and things to say for most scenarios in his head ….
    Having said that, he definitely needs to start winning the comps, sooner or later and control his own fate and to confirm his game to the Jury …. HOH would guarantee his safety and not have any blood on his hands, as he would have to choose if he wins the POV, if he had to choose between Cody/Caleb for F3 … Then again, he could argue his loyalty to whichever he brings to the F3 ? Hmmm … is it worth the risk ???
    His worse case scenario is for Victoria to win the HOH and neither him nor Victoria follows up with a POV win, especially if she did not nominate him, due to their fake spat …
    Speaking of their fake spat, is it worth it for them continue it on, even though Derrick would have voted to save her against Frankie, and/or should they continue it through to the end .. when the F1/F2 has been decided upon ??

    • I think Derrick should win he has played the best other than Donny whom I was really wanting to win. I don’t know what it was but some thing about Donny won me over maybe it was he was such a nice person I don’t know but I sure hope Donny gets to win some kind of money!

      • While Donny was one of the most likeable houseguests this year, his game was terrible. He never even tried to talk game to anyone. He formed an alliance on day 1 with Devin and once Devin outed that, Donny didn’t try to form an alliance again. He went to bed early, by himself, and woke up early every morning by himself. Then when he tried to start playing the game with Zach and Cody on the block, he approached everyone who was close to Cody trying to get them to turn on him. Nice guy, bad game play.

      • Agreed. Donny is a very nice guy… bad gamer! I don’t think that warrants him deserving of the money.

      • He already made $15K or so for TA Missions … plus his stipend .. and, possibly a recurring role on a Soap Opera to name a few …
        Of all the HG’s this season, he is the last person that I would be worried about, about not being able to find employment … especially, considering he had to resign his job as a groundskeeper …

        It will be interesting to see what happens to Derrick, as his undercover assignments may have been blown, by now … Ha !!! Though, if he does win, he could take home at least $600K when you add in all the bonuses from TA missions and comps … Likely would just lie low for a year or two or three …
        Zach was an unemployed university/college grad before entering the House, and made a decent $$$ for a 3-4 month summer job … Pretty sure that he may have some opportunities after the season has ended ….

      • I just wished that they’d have let poor Donny hang around in the kitchen long enough grab a snack after he was knocked out of the jury luxury competition. Poor guy.
        Moments like that are why he will win AFP, with ease.

      • If he wasn’t so close to one of those knock out pucks they might have let him get something to eat.

    • I think it’s a good idea to continue the spat. If Caleb/Cody are convinced she will vote against Derrick, it makes them even more likely to evict her and keep Derrick. And even without competition wins (which are useless), he still has a great case to the jury. He owned the game, most of them like him, and he made it to the final four without ever even being nominated.

    • In order for Derrick to win two things need to happen. 1. He needs to get past the final four without being on the block period. If he is on the block then he needs to either win the POV or be saved with it. 2. He needs to win the final HOH to secure him in the final 2. Anything less than these two things COULD result in him GOING home.

    • They weren’t all idiots. The non idiots just got evicted first. Lets start with Devin. This dude knew Donny was going to slide through the entire game, and Donny was doing a great job at it, until he got on Derrick’s radar.

      Amber knew there was an “all guys alliance”, she tried to start something to break it up, there goes Amber.

      Then you have Hayden, Donny, and Nicole. They knew what was up and that’s why they went home.

      Caleb isn’t stupid, he’s just way too loyal. Cody is in a 2man alliance with Derrick. Frankie…well, I guess you can’t be good at comps and smart. He knew what was up, but still didn’t take his chance to get Derrick or Cody out.

      Nice to know the idiots have been kicking out the non idiots though. If only they weren’t so stupid… /sarcasm

      • Despite Devin’s mental breakdown .. you have to admit that he was him would created this beast of an alliance … He added Christine and Amber to the Alliance, as an after-thought, to be snitches against any chance of an All-Girls Alliance, which resulted in Joey’s and eventual Amber’s demise … As well, indirectly put a target on Donny’s back when he called him out on being a Spook, A Professor, etc, then later apologized to him publicly about how nice of a guy that he is, with integrity, etc ….
        And, Christine’s role as a rat, destroyed any chances of a Nicole/Hayden Alliance moving forward …
        Too bad Devin is not around to benefit from his master plan .. Ha !!!

      • I agree. Had Devin not approached the girls about being in the BS, I doubt they would have made it that long without being outed. But he had two girls, who were opposite in almost everyway and they were able to work as double agents for the BS alliance. Too bad for Amber, it also worked against her as well. And Christine, as much as I don’t like her, I almost wish she was evicted before they brought a jury member back. She was the one with the most dirt on the BS/Dets alliance.

      • Absolutely, Christine was in a perfect world for the first few weeks on both sides of the House .. and, as a SuperFan, did not make any sense for her to make that move to blindside her just newly created with Nicole/Hayden, at the time, imo …

      • Like I said all idiots! I know some people in here bow down to Derrick, but he never would make it this far with real players.

      • I guess you can say the same about every winner, then. Dan during the coaches season was back stabbing people left and right. Of course he came in second, but he shouldn’t have made it that far. Even Ian admitted during the finale he had no idea what Dan had promised everyone, even after everyone knew what he was doing as he was doing. Same for the All-Stars seasons with Boogie winning…and those were supposed to be ALL STARS.

        It doesn’t matter what kind of people are in the house, as long as you have a very good/convincing social game and are able to win comps when you have to, that’s all that matters.

      • No! I never said Derrick was a bad player. I said, Derrick would not make it this far with good players. Derrick was good because the rest of the HG were stupid and made bad moves. He capilized on that and that was good for him, but he also was playing with some HG that made bad moves.

      • I’m not saying you said Derrick was bad. Or at least I don’t think I did (I’m at work, lol.) I was saying every season has stupid players. Everyone season people make bad moves and make bad alliances.

        The entire house wasn’t stupid. The non-stupid side of the house just couldn’t ever get the power to do anything about it, or when they did there target won POV or something happened. I think the biggest problem for the non Derrick alliance was the BotB. The Derrick alliance (I call it that, because there’s too many names for that big group) had all the strong players and all the weak players ended up getting tossed into the BotB comps because the HoH didn’t want to lose power. It was just one big mess of a season.

      • Remember, last Season in Survivor .. where both Cops were butting heads against one another, as they could not trust one another ?? Ha !!!

      • Wonder how this season would have turned out, if not for the huge 8 person Alliance and the double HOHs w/BOTB … They must have messed up Production’s plans in how they were able to manipulate the game with this twist … just too bad that Nicole was the ONLY victim, eh !!!

        Derrick had the protection of the Alliance winning so many comps and their focus to eliminate the non-Alliance .. and, also everyone keeping Victoria around as a pawn did not hurt either …

      • Yeah, so much for the BotB twist, lol. But honestly, everyone likes Derrick so much, even if he didn’t have the huge 8 person alliance, I wouldn’t see him going up. Sure, everyone liked Donny a lot, too, but Derrick had a lot more in common with the people in the house, unlike Donny.

    • Just because most of them did not play the game well (or at all) doesn’t mean Derrick isn’t good.

      • True. I think he would have done well in a season with other houseguests as well. Would have been interesting to see him and Dan as a team in Season 14… too bad he’s a few seasons too late!

      • I don’t know that Dan and Derrick would have played as a team if they were in the same season. Both are equally shrewd and I think one would have gotten the other out as soon as possible, because they would have been huge threats to each other’s game. Just my humble opinion.

      • As long as they didn’t know he is a cop. I think that knowledge would have changed his game dramatically. The fact that BB allowed that to be kept secret was a good thing for Derrick. I’m sure there are things the other HGs could have kept secret too, if they wanted to. I think there should be a rule that if you chose to keep a secret, if by some circumstance, you reveal it, you’re out of the game. That would make people think twice about keeping secrets to begin with.

      • Wouldn’t it be a hoot, if at the Finale Show that Donny stood up and finally admitted to everyone that he was a former Spook who is now working as a Professor at Harvard University ??? Ha !!! :)

      • How can you say Derrick is a good player when the rest of the HG are idiots. Derrick would never make it this far with good players! I know their is some here that bow down to Derrick. but IMO all he as done is brainwashed the others.

      • Not to mention working as an uncover cop … he had to be and act and talk like the perp or whomever he was trying to convince, otherwise he may not have survived long in that job ….
        Unlike most of the other HG’s this season, he was able separate his / the game from being personal .. and, in the end, had a goal that was to win the $$$$ .. regardless whom he may have had to hurt intentionally or unintentionally … while some are constantly looking for approval, acceptance and validation from the other HG’s ..
        As have been said .. This is ONLY a game and no one is going to DIE once someone is evicted and/or the season is over …

  4. I would like to know what about Caleb makes Caleb think he’s AFP. I mean, it’s comical to watch them all make deals and plans, oblivious to what’s really going on around them (the stuff we get to see). But seriously, to think so highly of yourself as to assume that all of America thinks you’re some spectacular person/player..c’mon!

      • I agree! While Frankie has narcissistic tendencies, I think his is more a product of entitlement. He has some clarity about “haters”, but thinks he’s above them (and all of the “regular” people.) Caleb is a true narcissist. He honestly can not see anything negative about himself.

    • He can’t imagine a world where he isn’t loved and wanted by everyone. Just look at his read on Amber.

    • Because he probably thinks that everyone in America will vote for him because they’re scared he’ll “Judee-Chop” them!

    • That’s how he grew up. He’s a grown man and he should be able to discern between being confident and being arrogant to the point of narcissism, but there is an obvious disconnect.

    • Contrast him with Nicole, who is America’s second favorite player, and would never dare to think that she might be as popular as she was this season.

  5. The only chance Frankie has is to convince Cody that Derrick will cross him too before the game is over. Derrick is going to take Victoria to the final 2 because he did not play this game this long to take 2nd place. Remind Cody that Derrick is always playing the game, always talking strategy and always turning his wheels. That is a sign he is not here to win 2nd place at the end.

    So if its Derrick, Cody and Victoria at the end, Derrick is taking Victoria to the final 2 to assure himself the $500,000.

    Cody is dumb so this may not register, but Cody knows Derrick is already talking about getting Caleb out next week. At some point Frankie needs to come right out and tell Cody not to play Derrick’s game but to play his own because when Derrick talks about what’s best for the alliance, her really means what’s best for himself.

    • Cody has a better chance at beating Derrick in the final 2 than Frankie. (Which would be no chance against either, hehehe.)

  6. Caleb’s narcissism level is astronomical! .. Can’t wait to see his face when Donny wins AFP..

  7. Caleb’s nomination speech, OMG ! The whole thing was horrible! “The Queen protects the King, and sometimes you have to be a Pawn” then he had to dig in to find the pawn that was way down deep in his front pocket to hand it to Frankie. haha. Did we really need the visual of the pawn from the chess board to understand the metaphor?…They all want to live up to what Zack had set up for them, but they’re miserably failing on their speeches.

  8. Just when I think Caleb can’t possibly be anymore clueless he goes and says he knows he’ll win AFP smh. He’s going to be in for quite a surprise when Donny gets it.

    • Well, perhaps Frankie’s family, Sister and Mother may have something to say about that, as it was reported that they may have starting tweeting his followers to vote for him as AFP …

      • And, no Queen waiting for him at the end to give him a smack on the lips … Well, maybe a punch, as he stated that he would run to Amber at the Finale Show and lay a kiss on his Queen, if I recall him saying the other night ….

      • Here lies the rub … Frankie’s ego would go out of this universe if he would be crowned AFP … as this would vindicate him that he was evicted because he was different … blah blah blah ..

        So, which is the worse of two evils, Frankie or Caleb in winning AFP ??? Hmmm ????

      • Caleb(we know there is no chance, but the question is there). I say that because, if Caleb won, it would be because of voting from actual viewers. Since he is a narcissist, his already inflated ego, in his opinion, would be justified and I think he would then become absolutely unbearable to be around. Frankie is already unbearable, but if he won, it would be because of his family intervening and how could he possibly get worse than he is.

      • Caleb isn’t even the running. If Frankie wins AFP, he’ll gloat and preen, and then after the show it’ll depend on how good of a snow job his family does to convince him that it was him and not Ariana. They can’t shield him from the real world forever.

      • If Donny wins AFP, then the viewers stepped up and did more of the voting. If Frankie wins AFP, then his family did a heck of a campaign. I agree that no one else is in the running.

      • I agree with that. And i’m damn sure voting for Donny and I hope the rest of America will as well. He deserves it over Frankie, Caleb, and everybody else this season.

    • Well it goes back down to Caleb’s gullibility in this game, as everyone has been stroking his ego, Derrick, Cody and Frankie, in telling Caleb that everyone likes him because is the Beast Mode Cowboy, American Veteran Hero and is just an all round likeable and fun guy to be with and have been loyal to a “T” to his Alliance, though perhaps a bit misguided .. yada yada yada …
      They even convinced him that if he doesn’t win 1st Place, he is actually better off coming in 3rd, as he would get both the Stipend and $25K AFP in addition to what he has already won in comps …
      Yeah, yeah, I know … even doing the math, 2nd Place still makes more $$$ … Ha !!!

  9. Anyone else notice that while the HG’s got booze again last night, during BBAD, Frankie was acting like his previous drunk persona and start hugging, grabbing and snugging with the Guys, yet again, but this time, they all either pushed him away and/or appeared to make an effort to stop him from continuing …
    And, yes, for a person who was supposedly leaving this week, Victoria, drunk or not, has been acting pretty happy and giggly, more than usual, compared to her previous times having been on the block ..

    • Andy, I think now that the show’s coming to an end, the guys aren’t afraid that they’ll look homophobic if they push Frankie away. I’m not saying that any of them are…I think they’re pretty open-minded; but now that Frankie’s game is done, they’re done with letting him get too touchy-feely anymore.

      • I agree that they were afraid it could hurt their game before. That is sad that they didn’t give their HGs and most viewers more credit than that. We don’t see Frankie as gay, but we see him as abnormal and disgusting. I think it would have only taken one of them to speak their mind in front of the others to put things in the right perspective when it all started. And America would have had a much better season of BB if Frankie had have been given some boundaries by the HGs. It probably would have helped if production had set a few boundaries for him, too, since he had none of his own.

      • I think that Frankie would have claimed that they were homophobic if they said anything. And lately, once someone claims that your homophobic or racist, that’s what makes the headlines, not actual facts behind the story. So if Cody told him to stop 2 months ago, Frankie would have been claiming he is homophobic and the headlines would read that there is someone who hates gay people in the house, not that someone finally told the predatory gay man to respect their personal space.

      • Absolutely, that’s the thing is that he acts as he is drunk, as I swear his personality switches to a different personality …
        Imagine if a guy did that and hit on one or all of the women in there ??
        Wondering if Victoria feels left out ?? Ha !!!

      • The HGs don’t know anything about headlines. I am speaking from the aspect of being inside that house. And I still think things would have been better for the HGs and viewers if they had stood their ground early on. And I also think if they had have set boundaries for him, Frankie would have been out a long time ago because he would have went nuts if the expectation was for him to act like a halfway decent human being.

      • I think the houseguests were extra sensitive to how the public would view them. Especially after last season.

      • That is a VERY good point and I’m sure could have played a big part in their decision to play it the way they did. Sad.

      • I know! I wish they had put a couple of stronger personalities in there who would have stood up to Frankie from the beginning and just told him like it was!

      • I agree. They act extra sensitive when they think the cameras are on them, but forget to act that way the rest of the time.

      • I agree.. I found it very odd that the HGs let him rub/cuddle/flounder all over them..They should have set boundaries from the beginning!

  10. Was the discussion of Caleb using the phrase ‘heard dat’ on BBAD or during the show last night? Because today, I was going to be a smart azz and write ‘heard dat’ on every comment about Caleb, but the site won’t let me make the same comment more than once on any particular thread. So, to those of you who get what I’m talking about, here’s a big ‘heard dat’ to Caleb’s cluelessness!

      • Oh, my BBAD, I stand corrected, the past couple of weeks, when I wake up at 5am or so, I just turn on the tv to BBAD for the white nice, while tend to fall back into a zombie state as I lay in the bed before getting up to get ready for work …. Ha !!
        As a result, it sometimes is hard to distinguish now what I watch on the episodes, watch/hear on BBAD and what I read on this site .. as sometimes everything gets repeated in the various media venues .. :)

    • It was on the show, most definately because I heard all about dat too and I only saw network last night. Meanwhile… in keeping with the twin themes of “heard dat” and Caleb’s truly awe inspiring levels of stupidity… Sweet baby laying in the manger, is there a parent alive who’s heart doesn’t simply swell with pride knowing no matter how much their own kid may have effed up over the course of an adolescence Caleb’s been running around dropping the bar ever lower making their own particular society’s special little screw up an ever more precious snowflake? I digress… Now, where was I before my heart just began overflowing it’s britches? Oh yeah, “heard dat”. You can still be a smart azz… just screw around a bit with the lettering. I’ll start you off with a hearty, “Herd dat”.

      • LMAO! ‘…society’s special little screw up an ever more precious snowflake..” Marianna, you are a poet. And, I heardeth that!

      • So, anyone gonna go out and buy this season’s episodes on DVD?
        Imagine of all the Caleb out-takes, Bloopers alone you would get … Hours and hours of laughter … Ha !!! :) :P

      • Once is enough for me for now, but it’s a thought for when I get a little older and need a good chuckle. I’m sure the BMC will be the first thing that comes to mind. hehe

  11. Unless Caleb wins the final POV of the Season, it is actually a good thing that there may only be about a day and bit before Live Eviction on Wednesday, if they are planning to blindside him … as more than likely it will be Victoria and either Cody or Derrick that will be nominated, as they had discussed last night …
    Now, wouldn’t it be ironic if Victoria won the HOH … she likely would nominate Caleb and Derrick to hide their secret alliance and Derrick doesn’t win the POV … Wonder what Cody and Caleb would do, should either of them win, having the one and only decisive vote ???
    As someone have said, Derrick really needs to win at least one of the next 2 comps and 3 of the last 5 comps to control his destiny in this game …

  12. Just saw that the HGs are doing tie dye shirts. Derrick says he wants to make his say “Dad Bot.” He must not remember his Zingbot imitation. :(

    • Where is his head? He has really never shown any remorse for his actions in that, has he? How can he not realize the impact of it?

      • Maybe because Frankie was the one that did the grotesquely offensive imitation of Zingbot raping V’s virginities, he doesn’t think what he did was so bad? Yes? No? Maybe? I think I forgot to take my meds this morning.

      • Has anyone heard of, if Production had given them a verbal warning to Stop and Cease that type of behaviour? Otherwise, they may be still totally unaware of their actions and negative reaction by the viewers, well, mostly online feeders …..
        Then again, possibly why they have all seem to be acting more civil to Victoria in recent days, since the incident ??

      • My theory is that Christine was such a negative force in the house that once she left everyone seemed a little more civil. I’d like to think production would have stepped in, but I doubt it—otherwise there would have been some sort of apology made. Either in a taped segment to V’s family, or we’d have seen more of it in the tabloid TV shows.

      • If it takes production to intervene for them to realize that kind of behavior is inappropriate, that is a sad testament to their moral and ethical standards.

      • Unfortunately, with this cast ??
        During BBAD in a conversation last night between Caleb and Cody in the whole deserving to win AFP, etc .. Caleb basically outline the reasons why he should win the AFP and one of his points were that he had “… done nothing to wrong nobody …” in his game, and goes on to talk about his game as Beast Mode and other points .. while Cody was just nodding his head in agreement …

        eta: I do not have live feed, so only read about the incident on this site in various threads/posts … and, wondering had they been on one of those Booze Nights during this incident? Not that being drunk would be a defence .. especially when some do not drink, etc …

      • Cody’s good at nodding. I don’t have live feeds either. No drinking before or during incident. They did receive boos later that evening.

      • I agree, but I got reamed out on the jury takes over article’s comments for saying that I disrespect Derrick for his behavior.

      • I can guarantee you that Derrick’s, wife, family, and profession is not happy with what he did. I honestly feel there will be an apology from him to Victoria and hopefully women in general. Not discounting all the other HGs culpability; we were just discussing Derrick in general. I’ll have to go back and read that jury takes over article.

      • Derrick doe snot seem like the type of person that would behave that way. I think in the house he is just hanging out with a bunch of immature young guys. Derrick and Frankie are both in their early 30s and that behavior is inappropriate for two grown men, but in order to fit in he made a joke and has not thought much about it. I am positive that the subject will come up once he leaves the house and he will apologize. I just think he is a nicer guy than what we see on the show.

      • I read somewhere that BB told them to stop after 10 minutes. I’ve no idea if it’s true or not.

      • The fact that Derrick may not think what he did was so bad is what troubles me. Because I think Derrick is a decent man and his actions out of character. I think when he is able to view the whole incident, he will have remorse for his actions. I hope I’m right about that.

      • Think it was that whole group mentality, and once it started someone had to up-one on the others, unfortunately …
        Considering, early on in the season when Zach made that reference about Punching Victoria in the face, Derrick had been the only person to make a comment and suggest to Zach that, that type of comment was not called for, and later Zach apologized in DR and said it was just a joke … if I recall … ???

    • Have any of them mentioned it on the feeds since then? I would guess that they’ve totally forgotten that conversation and will be shocked to hear about it when they leave the house.

  13. do ya’ll realize that this is BIG BROTHER-anything goes -lying-cheating-back stabbing- no morales -no romance or alliances- friendships can stand in the way of winning ===whatever it takes to win ===you do========= -WIN WIN WIN is the goal

  14. I don’t understand why everyone hates on Cody so much? He has played a good game, has won comps when he needed to and has stayed true to his alliance. Everyone says he whimped out and didn’t put Frankie up…he listened to his alliance and did what the majority wanted, that’s a good game move. You don’t want to piss off and go against your alliance! Also they still needed Frankie then to get them all further…now they don’t so it’s time for him to go! I would like to see Derrick and Cody in the final two. They have stayed loyal to each other all along and played good games. Would like to see Donny or Nicole win America’s Favourite (sorry Caleb LOL).

  15. So Derrick has won.. Frankie is gone on Tuesday and everyone else wants to take him to the end where he will win in a landslide. No need to watch the rest of this season..

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