Big Brother 16 Episode 31 Recap: The Backdoor Plan That Almost Was


It was almost an exciting, game-changing episode of Big Brother 16 as Caleb had plans to backdoor Frankie, but just when everyone got their hopes up, Big Brother 16 continued to flatline.

The episode picks up right after Caleb named Nicole and Christine as his nominees. Derrick lets us know that Christine is his target because he doesn’t care for her and he thinks she might nominate him if given the chance.

Christine, meanwhile, says she’s in this game alone and has to win the veto despite being in with the guys the whole time. She doesn’t quite understand why Caleb nominated her.

Nicole is upset because she’s back on the block and because nothing in this game ever changes. She goes to Derrick for comfort and he helps talk her down and get her head in the game. Anything for a jury vote, right Derrick?

So what happens if Nicole wins veto? Caleb says Victoria goes up and goes home. But Derrick decides to work on his get Christine plan out. It takes very little effort for him to get Caleb and Cody on board for Christine to go. Derrick is working hard on keeping his shot at $500,000 (sitting next to VIctoria in the end) solid.

So Nicole and Christine both know they have to win the veto. There’s no other option.

Derrick is looking further ahead than this week. He decides to get Caleb away from Frankie. He does that by building up Caleb’s ego and then makes sure to knock himself down by saying he’s not good at the game and no one will beat him in the end. He tells Caleb the top contenders in the game are Caleb, Cody and Frankie. Caleb takes it all in and agrees with it all.

It’s time for Christine to find out why she was nominated. Caleb tells her that if one of them wins veto, they’re removing her from the block and putting up Victoria so Nicole goes home. Christine is annoyed by them and doesn’t really believe them, but she pretends she’s right there with them. Derrick remains aware of that, though.

But before any actual veto plans can be made, it’s time to pick players for the competition. Joining Caleb, Nicole and Christine on the block are Cody, Derrick and Victoria. But overshadowing the ceremony, was Frankie wondering why he didn’t get picked and even stuck his hand in the box to find his chip.

That puts Frankie on Caleb and Cody’s radar and are ready to send him out. Derrick is there, so he’s got to keep those two thinking in the way that benefits Derrick most and that’s Christine needs to go this week.


So let’s see who gets their wish. At the veto competition the HGs have to cut wires to defuse “bombs” and the first person to cut the wrong wire and blow up their bomb gets a dinosaur costume for the week. Caleb is the next person out followed by Victoria. Derrick decides to blow himself up, with hopes that Nicole will remain in the game, but Nicole also blows up and Christine wins the Power of Veto.

So Derrick’s plan for the week is out. So what’s next? Caleb has an idea.

Caleb saw Frankie whispering to Christine right after she won the competition and that didn’t sit too feel with ole Beast Mode. So Caleb’s tables are turning and Frankie could be in trouble. Cody finds out that Frankie whispered to Christine that Cody and Caleb sucked in that competition. And Cody tells Caleb. And his ego is bruised. So now Frankie is REALLY on his radar.


More backdoor Frankie talk goes around and it’s starting to sound like Caleb is going to make the huge move. Even Christine is on board. But guess what, he doesn’t do it. He nominates Victoria. Sorry, America. More of the same. Again.

The TV edit makes it look like Derrick squashed the plan, but that’s not how it went down on the Live Feeds. Derrick was actually on board to backdoor Frankie and Caleb changed his mind after a conversation with Frankie. Good editing, CBS.


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  1. Ok. After watching this episode I see why Derrick had to get Caleb to renom Victoria and not Frankie. Nicole should not have told him he was like dan. That’s the type of person you want in jury. Not n the house. What was she thinking??? Also, loved derricks DRs this episode. Where have these been all season?

    • Nicole has been blabbing her mouth off. Why I do not know. Hayden told her to take out Cody and Derrick. The same with Jocasta. So, if you know he is the biggest threat in the house,
      why the hell tell him to his face? So, she had a slight chance of not being sent home and blew that chance away! Unbelievable. “Loose lips sink ships.” And Nicole just sunk her ship.

    • I know, but sadly, Nicole was not aware that there was a possibility of her staying in the game, so she didn’t even think of keeping her mouth shut. And, of course, Derrick’s been supporting her during her breakdowns all week, so she probably thought she could confide in him and nothing would come of it.

      That being said, it was Caleb that chose not to renom Frankie in the end, which would’ve ultimately saved her. Derrick went with it because, ultimately, neither choice would have damaged his game, and apparently that was all CBS needed to make it seem like it was all his idea. It wasn’t completely.

      As for Derrick’s DR, I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve always liked Derrick best of the male HGs, so his sessions were extremely welcome tonight.

      • She hasn`t thought about keeping her mouth shut all season long. This is far from the first time she said something she wouldve been better off keeping to herself.

      • So Caleb wasn’t swayed by Derrick? I feel so lost. Usually I know what’s going on, but this week has been crazy for me and I haven’t watched the feeds or after dark since Thursday. Either way. For Derrick, Nicole going to jury is GREAT! & I’m almost glad to see her go myself bc she has had plenty of opportunities and has failed miserably at this game.

    • Unfortunately, the only 2 people that actually spent time with Nicole this week were Derrick and Victoria … and, whatever she said to either of them, always made it back to Derrick, in one form or another …
      So, it was more strategic for Derrick having volunteered to be a Have Not this week, as it gave him a lot of time to gaine Nicole’s Jury Vote, if he makes it to F2 …

      • He’s a genius. Last night was the first time I’ve seen him explain his strategy so well in DR. I was about tired of him, but I’m back on the Derrick bandwagon now.

      • Win or Lose. He’s the best player this season. and i think he will be invited for and All Star season. I don’t see him on anyone’s radar at this time.

      • Well, according to Derrick last night, while talking to Caleb …. they both agreed that Caleb is probably the best player and best liked this season … Ha !!!! :)
        If Victoria will actually start throwing the comps and sandbagging everything, over the final 2-3 weeks, and end up winning it all … She would be the ultimate genius .. Ha !!!
        And, have to admit, that Frankie, currently vying for the Villain (err, goat) role this season, may possibly make it to F2, at this rate and could argue as being the most deserving to win … Afterall, he is playing for the kids of Africa … Ha !!!!

    • It may be next week where the action picks up. Victoria could be sent packing after Nicole the way these guys are packed like sardines in a tin. Not looking good for a big move tomorrow. Atleast, with Victoria gone, one of Derrick’s minions would be gone for good! Next week for sure, someone is going to the jury house from this horrible bunch, they all deserve the jury house except, Derrick. Even Nicole and Donny played some sort of game although, the odds were stacked against them succeeding!

      • I said except, Derrick meaning he, Nicole and Donny at least played the game and deserved to win. Everyone else can go to the jury house.

      • Donny just played for Donny’s Game and to win POV .. as he admitted to Julie and to TA … he had no social game, due to various reasons …. and, like Derrick, the only people that he tended to speak with, were usually the one on the Block with him … unfortunately … which mostly were non BS members …

  2. Too bad Derrick blew up, allowing Christine to win. If Derrick had won, he could have kept noms the same while (possibly) talking Victoria and Frankie into voting out Christine. Then Nicole could have stayed another week, and maybe some alliances would have changed. At least Christine would have been gone… rather have Nicole around a little longer than her.

    • Derrick does NOT want to be in a position of power – at all. That will severely jeopardize his game.

      • He’s in power already the dummies just don’t realize it. I wanted Nicole to stay and almost anyone else to go and he could have made that happen. Boo hoo you get blood on your hands. I respect people far more for being willing to do that as all of the greatest players have and doing it well. Yeah its a strategy and its working for him but I personally hate it.

  3. I hope the blood bath amongst the alliance kicks off really bloody

    Metaphorical blood that is you know get blood on your hands

  4. I really don’t need to watch Frankie putting on makeup at the dining room table. Tad odd and that’s what the bathroom is for not to mention they show him preening more than the women. Derrick has been pulling the strings and only Donny for sure was on to him and I don’t understand that. Can’t they see he is controlling them? And Nicole said it wasn’t until she got back into the house that she figured out there was a big alliance. I mean really? I also can’t stand that Derrick just gives in at comps and they all keep saying they don’t want blood on their hands and being wimps. Like Nicole said they are playing as if 5 will win.

    • I have hated on D – bomb most of this season,but I have come to the realization he is that good!One comp he has won and literally can start a fire and make you think you did it.Believe you me I hate being wrong and even more to admit it.But if Derrick wins this game he might not be the best but he’s in that conversation!Im hating no more why hate in somebody that is doing it, and doing it well.Sir Derrick you have earned my respect.

      • Totally agree. How he treats the week’s evicted HG is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen such good game play with the jury members. This was Dan’s demise in season 14. He should have won.

      • Well you have to admit that it is kinda funny and smart strategy on his part, in that he would lay down the Law (pardon the PUN) and order everyone to not talk with the “target” during the week, or they will be the next target, next week and/or moving forward … Apparently, it applies to everyone but Derrick … Ha !!!

      • I have never hated him. He is very nice to people to their face anyway and thats good for jury votes. However if people ever realize that how much the jury may favor him over them, they could get rid of him. I don’t see it happening because they are all mostly dimwits.

    • The very good players like Derrick win comps when they feel like they need to win them, he could have without question won the veto last night if he wanted to do it.

      He is responsible for putting everyone out of the house and he doesn’t have a drop of blood on his hands that is what the top notch players do.

      He doesn’t have to win HOH tonight because everyone has other targets and none of them are him.

      • He doesnt win comps though, no blood on his hands. yeah thats a strategy and he is doing a great job. But I want them all to play, really play, win comps, get blood on their hands and make moves. Not be so passive. He plays like he’s guaranteed to be in the end but what if they suddenly catch on to how he has been playing? Not likely but possible. Keep playing as if 5 will win and someone will turn on you eventually. He’s not a target YET but that could change.

      • Will was entertaining, fun to watch and a totally different personality, not to mention a very long time ago. Besides you can like that style of play all you like, doesn’t mean I have to.

    • It is amazing how, as Derrick stated last night, and to almost everyone .. that he continues to talk himself down as being a weak and non-comp threat and that the Jury would not give him the votes, as a result, in comparison to Caleb, Cody, Frankie, and yes, even Christine, who have been “Beasts” in comps this season …
      Should be interesting, if the second HOH Comp this week is a physical / endurance comp … to see if he will actually attempt to win or throw it, depending on who is remaining …
      Cody and Christine appears to be the two main targets, as Derrick has been thrown Cody under the bus to everyone … Ha !!!

  5. Does anyone else have a CBS pop up promoting Ariana Grande’s album? Speaking of Ariana, the other night on ET they reported that she was one of the celeb’s whose nude pictures were hacked. Of course she said no.

    • Not only did she say no but she tweeted something along the lines of you should know my a55 is cuter than that. CONCEITED. now i see it runs in the family.

  6. Derrick puppetmastered Caleb.

    Caleb was going to make the move and Derrick talked him out of it after Nicole compared him to Dan.

    The rest of those fools still don’t know that Derrick is playing all of them to take Victoria to the final two.

    • Hard to say, as from reading updates on here, they totally ignored the whole Monday morning Frankie / Caleb talk, while Derrick conveniently slept in, rather than confirming their chat with Cody/Caleb .. Hmmm … thought that was kinda fishy when first reported ….

      • I don’t believe I ever said I disliked him. I dislike his style of play yes and all of their passive styles. It is not my fault you never read the post by Branden or by people who watch the feeds so that you would know what really happened.

  7. Interesting edit for Pro-Derrick this week …
    Disappointed, but not surprised that the network / Production totally ignored what happened over the weekend .. So, I guess Frankie is still being potrayed as America’s Glitter … Ha !!!
    As for BBAD, Cody sure made a final attempt to flirt and snuggle quite a lot with Nicole last night … Wonder if that made Christine jealous ?? Ha !!!!

  8. Really, this big brother group has not back bone! Grow one and put someone thats a danger up! I would take Victoria to the end with me because she has done NOTHING and no one would vote for her to win!!!! Lets put up Frankie who thinks hes the world because of his sister! Derrick needs to win this year the rest of this group needs out the door! Derrick I am a big fan, no only have you played this game right, with respect, sneaky, and without being rude or mean, you have honored the blue! Every show i have watched that has a cop in it, is a disgrace until you! Your wife, daughter and family blood and blue should be very proud of you. And even if you dont win, you have won in life!!!! Good luck! Win HOA and make a HUGE move and show the world you have worked your way to the end to be the first to make that move in the house! I WANT IN THE HOUSE AND I WOULD TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN, I NEED TO PUT MY NAME IN!

  9. That POV comp definitely favoured both Derrick (as a cop who is trained to remember facts, and every knook and knannies) and Christine (a barrista, for customer orders, etc.) while as noted for Nicole, her long term memory is good, but short-term, not the best …
    And, Cody … Mr P@rnographic Memory or, was that Caleb?? Ha !!!!

    And, yes, I believe that Frankie would have done well, as well, being a former Broadway Dancer, he would have to have a good memory .. and, that it was a colour game … Ha !!!! :)

      • Not necessarily, I think it favoured those 3 … It was just unfortunate, as Nicole later stated that she had a poor short term memory, but had a strong long term memory …
        As a graduated student nurse .. she would have proven to be astute with a strong mental ability, in theory … She was, afterall, in the Top 4-5 in her graduating class, if I recall correctly, from previous discussions amongst the HG’s …
        I suspect being a Have Not the past 2 weeks may clouded her mental state a bit this week, unfortunately … and, may have indirectly affected her in the POV …

      • I agree about being a have not. That’s the purpose. I’m not one that believes production makes comps for certain ppl considering that most are used over and over every year.

  10. i hope this team america thing is now dead,donny’s gone there should be no more missions . frankie can get all the $ he want’s from his sister’s fame

  11. most boring season ever!! So sick of seeing all the moves they coulda shoulda done during the show and not done!

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