Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 10 Wednesday Daytime Highlights


It was an interesting day in the Big Brother 16 house as Derrick took a hard-to-watch approach on securing his jury vote from Nicole but the HGs were treated to a special meal (because apparently they deserve it?). Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 3, 2014:

9:55 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up call.

10:08 AM BBT – Feeds back. A few HGs are moving about.

10:15 AM BBT – Nicole and Christine getting reading, making breakfast and moving about. HGs head outside before the lockdown is called.

10:42 AM BBT – Nicole and Derrick are talking outside. She tells Derrick that she feels like everything she tells him gets back to Cody. He says “If that’s truly what you feel, you’re going to look really dumb on camera if you think that.” He says if you think 90 percent of what you think is true, you’ll look dumb. He says “look at me” and is coming off pretty disgusting to Nicole.  He keeps telling her “you’ll see” and expects a text message apology when she watches the show back. He tells her he’s really offended and doesn’t give up until she’s in tears.

11:02 AM BBT – After a half hour of beating her down with a smile on his face, Nicole apologizes to Derrick. SHE apologizes to him.

11:11 AM BBT – BB asks the HGs to decide on a special meal that will come at 2 PM.

11:18 AM BBT – Indoor lockdown.

11:30 AM BBT – HGs decide on In-N-Out burgers even though Frankie and Victoria don’t eat meat.

12:16 PM BBT – Frankie goes to request a latte from Starbucks (hmmm.)

12:23 PM BBT – Nicole tells Victoria she’s embarrassed about getting evicted again.

12:31 PM BBT – The guys are talking about what to do if Thursday is a double eviction. They say they have to make sure Christine and Victoria go up. Derrick suggests Christine be the target.

1:20 PM BBT – Action in the house has died down. People are resting or sleeping. Nicole and is helping Victoria study events in the house.

1:30 PM BBT – Feeds cut. In-N-Out has arrived.

1:46 PM BBT – HGs eat their special meal together at the table.

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  1. At times, Derrick takes his cop skills a little over the line with some HG’s..the way he berated Nicole today was terrible. Sad thing is she’s right..she will watch it back and see that Derrick told Cody just about everything. Calm down, Derrick!

      • What a smug thing to say. Project? Isn’t most of the stuff on this website ‘projection’? That’s what makes it interesting-people’s opinions.

      • Talk about smug. I see you doing a lot of amateur psychoanalysis in this thread on the basis of watching a reality game show and pontificating that this is what these people are like in their real lives. You don’t know any such thing. “Mental terrorism”? You don’t think that’s a little over the top? That’s projection by someone who probably gets pushed around by men. See how easy that is?

      • Mental terrorism? That escalated quickly… He’s doing what he has to to win $500,000 (without being homophobic, racist or profane). At most, it would be strategic bullying.

      • You make a good point however, with so much negative crap coming from players this year and last year, I think that many of us wish that all the deceitfulness that is often needed to win could be done so without hurting anyone’s feelings. It was not necessary for him to talk to Nicole the way he did. It could have been softer (nicer).

      • I’m really not sure he effectively gets the point across and successfully gets her to absorb the guilt, to the point of apologizing, if he isn’t brash about it. Maybe he could’ve though, who knows, I’m obviously speculating, as there’s no way of knowing for sure. Just my thinking.

      • Exactly. All he had to say was well when you watch the show you’ll see you’re wrong. Even though she has him figured out and he’s the biggest liar. He didn’t need to humiliate her and then she’s the one saying sorry. He’s the one that’s going to need to apologize to her big time after the shows over.

      • He never said that when Nicole and Victoria were in the room….only Christine (since she’s one of the guys!) hahaha So I think what he said to Nicole was mild in comparison!

      • I hope so too. The only problem is I want Frankie gone also. Let Derrick go first then Victoria win HOH and put Frankie up, he doesn’t win POV and let him freak out all week.

    • Cop skills, maybe. But he’s not the kind of person I’d want on my local police force. Too skilled at twisting facts, and too easily swayed by the temptation of making side money. Bad cop.

      • Sigh…this is a game. I don’t know how you’re equating what he’s doing in Big Brother to manipulate fellow houseguests to win prize money, to what he would do in real life at his daily job as a police officer, with real-world threats and suspects. Come on. I think he’s intelligent enough to separate real life from the game, and know where to draw the line on tactics. You have no idea what he’s like as an actual cop.

      • Exactly, “to manipulate fellow houseguests to win prize money”. To benefit himself. Would you want him writing up reports to be used against you in court, if just a little manipulating of the facts helped the case and made him look like a better cop? This is his personality. This isn’t just the game. Your basic personality traits come out in high-pressure, prolonged situations like this. Look at Caleb, look at Frankie, look at Christine. And you can drop the ‘sigh’-it’s patronizing.

      • I think you were a little sensitive to that ‘sigh’, it was just because this is an ongoing thing, people using what they see in the game to make judgments on players in their daily lives, and not thinking that these players know how to separate the game from real life. But alright, if you took that the wrong way I apologize, as it wasn’t intended that way. Derrick or any other cop, wouldn’t make a difference in writing up a report against me in court. Tons of cops could easily do the same thing with manipulation. I don’t see how or why though, without $500,000 on the line, Derrick (or most good cops, suggesting not corrupt) would overtly manipulate against my favour. I stand by what I said, confidently, as neither you nor I can assess what kind of cop he is, and what he’s doing in the game can easily be entirely different from what he would do in his actual job, with real-world criminals, but again I’m sorry if the delivery came across as rude. Caleb, Christine, Frankie, I can say the same thing, we don’t automatically know just based on what we’re seeing on TV and on the feeds, what kind of people they are in their daily lives. Traits come out, but with those three you’re talking about just interaction with others, as opposed to with Derrick you’re making assumptions on how he handles his profession, and how he deals with people at work. Not just how he deals with locals, friends, family, etc when he’s off-duty.

      • OK, truce. I respect your opinion and let’s hope you’re right about Derrick being different in his career as a cop. Peace out.

      • Thank you, I hope I’m right too lol. I can tell you post with intelligence and with backing up your opinion, which I will always respect even when I don’t agree. If it’s ever revealed that Derrick actually is a bad/corrupt cop, I’ll be right there to say “dang” and admit I was wrong.

      • I’ll say”dang”, too. That’s what makes this interesting. Agreeing to disagree. Your posts are great. I’ll look for them.

      • You don’t think that cops manipulate reports? My son’s ex used identity theft to get a debit card for his bank account. She then proceeded to rob him of over $4K, which is grand larceny. Every withdrawal had a video. When it came time for the pretrial, he wasn’t allowed in the court room. She was charged with stealing $400, which is petty theft. She plead guilty. Case closed. There was nothing he could do about it.

      • I wasn’t saying that, or at least I wasn’t meaning to. Ideally you’d like to think ‘good’ cops out there, not just not corrupt, but generally good cops, wouldn’t manipulate or at least would minimize that, but I know it happens, for sure it does. We unfortunately don’t live in an ideal world. My main point was just to not automatically think that Derrick’s in-game manipulation mirrors his methods in the real world, in his daily life as a police officer/sergeant. I would imagine (though I can’t know for sure) he differentiates and uses a different approach when up against real-world crimes, cases, suspects, etc.

      • Well then I apologize for reading and commenting on it. I know you don’t know me and thus can’t trust me, but I can tell you I won’t exactly be sharing that info with anybody, if that helps at all. Sorry to hear about what happened though.

      • I don’t think he’d get away with acting like that at his job, but he’s really passive with the manipulation where Frankie is outright obnoxious when he’s angered.

  2. See Derrick has a mean streak in him the way he went off on nicole he is a bully short and simple wait till nicole sees she was right about him and the way he turned it around and made her apologize for calling him out. Derrick better watch himself if he sees her after they have all gone home and had a chance to watch themselves

    • Yeah, there has been other instances too. He yelled at the guys “Victoria is mine” and left. He was angry. It happens, but to go as far as he did with Nichol is really awful. Have seem him do that to Vic too when he wants them to stop and behave how he wants. In his interview, he says, I knew I would be good at this because of my training and I will use that”, which I feel gives him a huge advantage. Nichol is very smart, which he knows, so he pushed her. When Vic tries to show her own mind, he stops it. They are only there for his use and he controls everything. Wish he would go first. Nichol, whoever tell them all so they see. Hayden would have.

    • Did this happen on BBAD? I missed that if on the show that aired last night. Did the conversation happen in front of other HG’s

  3. I’ll admit that it was tough to watch seeing Derrick make Nicole apologize to him for speculating that he’s in a final 4 with the guys, but he even said in his pre interviews that he’d try to find each HG’s weaknesses, and exploit them.

    I’m pretty certain that he knows what tactics to use on who. He wouldn’t use this same tactic on Caleb or Cody because he knows that they’re too headstrong.

    Call him a bully all you want (which is a word that is WAY overused I might add), but I’m pretty certain that he’s just trying to keep her from spilling this info to Victoria or Christine, because then he could be in a bit of trouble.

    • It doesn’t really matter. Whatever info Nicole has and shares with the others is branded as lies by Derrick and everyone believes it!
      There is not such thing as “trust but, verify”. Don’t know where that phrase came from but, even in real life, one has to be skeptical if something seems to good to be true! In the Big Brother House, whatever Derrick says is “as good as gold” so, nobody can go against or even question it.

      • Though you’re right, keep in mind that Derrick does not have access to the feeds or DR entries. He knows he’s in a good position, but he doesn’t realize that pretty much everyone trusts him 100 percent.

        He still needs to nip things in the bud as a precautionary measure. Which I think is what this was.

    • Well said Jake. He did what he had to do, he most likely knows what to use on who and what not to, and the word ‘bully’ is massively over-used, and used incorrectly more often than not.

  4. Maybe all the crying girls are getting to him, the convo probably wasn’t necessary, I really hope Derrick doesn’t trip over his own hubris. So far he’s managed not to be too much of a dick but the pressure is mounting.

  5. Great gameplay by Derrick. Might come off as cold, but it worked. This isn’t a playground, this is Big Brother, so enough with the childish talk of bullying and even worse, talk of “mental terrorism”. Lots of people loved when Dick was, well, being a dick, and he was far worse than this, but Derrick does something that upsets Nicole and it’s an issue. Dan made Danielle cry and that was one of the best moves the game has ever seen. Derrick getting Nicole to feel guilty and apologize to him is just smart, as “nasty” as they may sound, and will only help his game. Argue the process if you want but I find that to be blurred rather effectively by an inarguable result.

    • Dick was unashamedly a d**k! He made little effort to be anything else. They don’t compare. Derrick pretends to be a nice person, caring about the other HGs. Making fools of them. I don’t say that his conversation with Nicole was bullying or mental terrorism, just an example of his skills in reading people and using those skills against them. I guess you call that ‘playing the game’, but it doesn’t make you a decent person.

      • He doesn’t need to be a decent person right now, he needs to be an effective game player that increases his chance of winning the money, which is what he came here to do for the sake of his family. I think for the most part he still is coming off as a decent person to the houseguests. He’s been there for Nicole when others have left her in the dark just because she’s being evicted (namely Frankie). He’s consoled her, consoled Victoria when needed, and for the most part he’s stayed in good graces and played a good social game. If he hadn’t, he would not only not be this far, but not be this far without ever being on the block. Maybe there’s a way he could’ve done this without making Nicole cry, that’s up for debate, but I’m not sure the result is. Getting Nicole to take on the blame enough to say sorry for it will ensure she doesn’t plant any seeds about him to other players that could hurt his game.

  6. This is exactly why I can’t stand the way Derrick plays the game. He’s not only a cocky dictator but then he has to humiliate her. What an ass! She has everything figured out and he’s saying she needs to apologize to him. Give me a friggin break. I hope the past house guests that get to watch the show when they come back for the finale and get to talk I hope Derrick and Frankie get called out big time.

    • It’ll come back and bite him later when the jury makes the final decision…same as for Frankie! So I’ll try not to take it to heart at this moment! However, I agree it was insensitive and uncalled for, especially when she’s already down…and out soon! Victoria did the same thing to Zach when he was in that position. Poor move on her part.

  7. It’s so brilliant how Derrick not only got Nicole to not target him, but he even managed to get HER to apologize to HIM. EVEN THOUGH she knows she’s leaving this week. And yet we get phrases like “is coming off pretty disgusting to Nicole”. He’s sending her home with her jury vote going him pretty much guaranteed. And we’re being told to think that’s disgusting and not brilliant. Apparently we need to be told exactly what emotions we should feel for whom and when. It’s pretty insulting.

    You just know that if this was Dan or Dr. Will we were talking about, sites like this would be wetting themselves with praise and adoration for pulling off a move like this. Oh well. Keep trying to knock down Derrick’s game all you can. He’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with $500,000 and he will be remembered as one of the three best people to ever play the game by all of the other sites. The fact that the houseguests pretty much know there’s a double eviction tomorrow and NO ONE is targeting him speaks for itself.

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