Big Brother 16: Derrick Moves To Shut Out Caleb From Final 3

Last night on the Big Brother Feeds we saw Caleb Reynolds start to position his pieces for a run at the Final Two by working on Cody Calafiore that they should both be looking to sit beside each other and not an “easy win” like taking Derrick Levasseur.

Derrick Levasseur works his plan on Big Brother
Derrick Levasseur works his plan on Big Brother – Source: CBS

It didn’t take long for Caleb’s boasting and plans to take Cody to F2 to work their way back to Derrick through Victoria. Once alerted to the situation Derrick quickly went to work to do what many of us have expected for awhile and as he’s hinted to Cody along the way. Time to get rid of Caleb.

Flashback to 1:53AM BBT 9/13 Cams 3/4 as Derrick and Cody settle in for a discussion while Caleb is in the DR. Derrick might be trying to sniff out hints of betrayal by Cody regarding Caleb’s offer when he brings up talk of how they can make sure the two of them are F2. Cody doesn’t try to hide anything and opens up about his conversation with Caleb.

Cody tells Derrick that Caleb said he wouldn’t want to go to the end with someone like Derrick “because I think I would smoke them,” says Cody about Caleb’s claims. This is accurate from Cody’s earlier talk.

Derrick says he expects Caleb will tell them both what they want to hear. I’m surprised that at this point Derrick doesn’t mention Caleb having a talk with him around 10:35PM BBT the same night that he (Caleb) thinks a F2 will be the best plan for each of them.

Derrick tells Cody that his fear is they keep Caleb until F3 and then Caleb wins two of the last three final HoH comps and is able to split them up and the Hitmen don’t make it to the F2 together. Derrick says if he’s going to lose then he wants it to be to Cody, not Caleb.

Cody says he would feel terrible betraying Caleb and he worries that if they keep Victoria and a freak accident happens she could win in the F3 HoH comps. Really, Cody?

Derrick assures Cody that their odds of controlling the F2 are far better if they go against Victoria than Caleb. Victoria would have to win two consecutive comps to give her the power to choose. Considering her record, that seems highly unlikely when compared to odds of Caleb doing it.

They continue to discuss what Caleb might do. Cody worries that if Caleb really thinks beating Derrick is such a lock then maybe Caleb would take Derrick. Derrick says if Caleb really wanted to beat the best then Caleb would be trying to keep Frankie for a F2 pairing. Hmm, not a bad argument.

It comes back to Cody saying he feels “terrible crossing him,” but Derrick counters with asking Cody how bad he’d feel if they keep Caleb and he takes Derrick over Cody. Cody slowly admits he knows Victoria would never win in F3 and eventually relents saying he’ll do whatever they need to do to get to F2.

Do you think the Hitmen will make it to the Final Two? I’d say there’s just one Veto comp in between them and making it to the end together. It’s been an impressive season for them if they can pull it off, but they can’t relax just yet.


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  1. If things go as planned and Frankie is sent to jury over the next few days, then it makes all the sense in the world to send Caleb packing if he doesn’t win the veto.

    Victoria isn’t going to win any comps against Cody or Derrick.

  2. Ideally, Derrick wins the Final Four HOH and Cody wins the veto. Derrick avoids nomination, and Caleb may wind up bitter at Cody and thus securing another vote for Derrick.

    Derrick would of course be nominating Cody and Victoria if he wins HOH.

      • I think he’d save that. In case Caleb does win the veto, he wouldn’t want to give him any notion that he was trying to take him out. He’s certain that Cody and Victoria will take him to the final 2 no matter what, he’s not positive that Caleb will. So not putting him up initially would be like a show of good faith by Derrick, and would somewhat disguise his final two deals with Cody and Victoria.

        It’s a small thing, but it can be big. Personally I think if Boogie kept Erika off the block initially in BB7, Chilltown would have been sitting together at the final two. With someone as easily manipulated as Caleb, it could make a big difference.

      • Ronnie, you should get on BB. Your forward thinking brain picked up exactly what Derrick would also be thinking under that circumstance.

    • I’m rooting for Derrick all the way! I’m just going to be extremely nervous once the shut down thee feeds until Wednesday night after the 2nd eviction. Not knowing what is happening will drive me crazy lol

  3. As long as they win POV they got it made because Caleb cant compete in the HOH. Derrick can see the finish line, just Caleb because nobody considers Victoria a threat.

  4. Plan would be great But, I don’t think Derrick nor Cody could beat Caleb. Be great if they could.

    • It depends on what the next POV comp is. If it’s mental, it won’t be Caleb. If it’s luck, who knows. If it’s physical, Cody and Caleb have a 50/50 shot. If it’s endurance, Caleb has the best shot. Endurance is unlikely, because they are long and it’s a lot to fit into the 2 shows on Tuesday/Wednesday.

      • The big muscle guys don’t do well in endurance comps. They are too heavy. Franie has the best build for it but he is going to be out of there!

      • Caleb won the first comp of the season, which was endurance. (Meant to say 2nd comp, since he was in the 2nd group.)

      • A lot of people who know the game don’t try to win the first comp. They don’t want to put a target on their back. Traditionally the people with a good strength to weight ratio do well. Women and smaller men tend to have a better chance.

      • True, but half the house didn’t know the game at all (recruits) and Caleb still won his first comp (endurance.)

      • In the current scenario you are right. Victoria and Derrick wouldn’t stand a chance. It would be a toss up between Caleb and Cody. A 50% chance of winning is pretty good. I think it is a moot point anywayanyway, as mentioned earlier an endurance comp is not likelylikely.

      • I thought Frankie won the first comp and Caleb the second one! Could be wrong. I’ve slept since then!

      • That’s because the house was split. Frankie won the first comp in his group and Caleb won the first comp in his group.

      • But strength was also a big part of that first challenge. I don’t remember it being a pure endurance challenge (but then my memory sucks).

    • Are you kidding?, Caleb finished last in the veto comp yesterday, even behind Victoria.
      But if Caleb makes it to final 3 he might have an advantage since the first round is usually an endurance comp.

  5. Thanks Matt for your updates. Always look forward to your perspective on events of the live feeds.

  6. Celeb, Celeb, Celeb I wonder if you are better watching Big Brother than Playing the game but then again I wouldn’t have laughed at all the Idiotic things that you have done in the Household. Thinking that you are Grand Master in Martial Arts, Trying to accomplish a Bicycle Kick, & many more. I must say your world if full of Greatness but from our perspective……ROFL Sorry I just couldn’t hold it back anymore LOL It would be a lost to lose a True Jester but your time in the house is definitely up.

  7. I can’t wait until the finale and the houseguests not in the jury, who have watching from home, get to spill just how awesome a game Derrick has been playing. Of course, they will wait until after the votes for the winner have been cast before they open up the floor to them but I really hope they give credit where credit is due.

    • Want to see Frankie’s face especially when hopefully they show the clip of Victoria talking about her little talk with Frankie when she fake cried about being hurt by Derrick and in her DR, she said “jokes on you Frankie”.

      • If they didn’t show it already, they won’t. CBS is blatantly ignoring that it happened. At least last season they disclaimed and apologized for Aaryn’s racists remarks. This season was worse, IMO, and we get nada.

        ETA: Never mind! I completely misread your comment, Linda. Sorry about that! My mind was on THE incident.

      • I meant for the fake bad blood between Victoria and Derrick to be revealed to all … when Victoria fake cried to Frankie about being hurt by Derrick by planning to evict her and then since they have pretended to be mad at each other so as to fool everyone into thinking that Derrick does not have her vote in the jury. Frankie totally fell for her act and I just want to see his face when and if they reveal that part on the finale.

    • Do you mean last night before the POV comp when DR told him about the extra $50K? My gut reaction was because he was sitting on the block and it could be the thing that makes Derrick decide to evict him. He didn’t know that Derrick was already planning that. However, I’ve really no clue as to why.

      • I think maybe when he heard about the “mission” in his mind it was a chance for him to not be evicted cause Derrick is his TA partner and it was incentive for Derrick to keep him ( but hes not). I think those tears were of hope and a few more days in the house.

      • I don’t have life feeds. Did he look upset or tears of joy? I was going by Jokers Updates, which said upset. I don’t really know, though.

      • redroses, for not having live feed (which I don’t either) you have a tremendous knowledge of the details of this season. Don’t know how you do it, but thanks, it helps people like me.

    • Perhaps they finally burst his bubble & told him America despises him more than any BB player in history?

      Or told him only he thinks he’s all that and a box of chocolates, the rest of us think he’s a box of poop?

      Just a stab at a couple of likely scenarios.

  8. I think that Derrick is an almost lock for F3, no matter who wins the F4 HOH & POV. All 3 of them would take him. However, if he wants to keep his strategy going, anyone but Caleb needs to win that POV. If that happens then, it’s Derrick, Cody and Victoria in F3 with Derrick an almost guarantee in F2.

    Although I think that out of the 4 remaining HGs, Derrick is the most deserving to win for his strategy and almost flawless execution of it, I’d rather see a shake-up and see him get booted to jury. I don’t like the way he’s treated some HGs, his participation in the infamous “joking” and the pedestal that he’s been on all season. While Frankie is by far the most vile this season, my dislike for Derrick’s actions and words have rivaled my dislike of Caleb and Christine.

    So, although it’s a long shot and highly unlikely, I’m hoping for a Cody/Victoria F2.

  9. Who from this season would you most want to see on a Big Brother All-Star season? My number one pick would be Zach with Nicole as runner-up. Donny is cool and all but not really that entertaining to watch so he would be a distant third.

    • I’d love to see Zach back! Also, it would be interesting to see what Hayden would do, now that he actually knows the game.

      • I have to disagree with you about Zach. I think all stars should be about the best players of the game trying to see who’s the best of all. While Zack was GREAT entertainment, he really didn’t play the game well. He had a bad case of “running his mouth syndrome”

    • Big YES to Zach!!! and would not mind seeing Nicole for a return engagement too,Zach Attack did not win BB this season but by far the most entertaining of all the house guests,hands down.

    • I would love to Derrick to see if you can pull the same thing off but don’t he will find any sheep in an All-Star cast

    • If it was a season of All Stars instead of fratbrats we could see Donny’s game. He has such a sharp dry wit if given a chance to actually talk with someone it would be fun. And we know he can win comps.

      • That is true. I loved the sass he gave in the jury house.

        Hayden: “Do you have a thing for dinosaurs now?”
        Christine: “No.”
        Donny: “Do you have an attorney?”

        Donny imitating Christine’s laugh while guessing/hoping she’s next to walk in to the jury house. Christine walks in, everyone bursts out laughing.

      • Donny had nobody in his age bracket to pal around with. Casting should have placed another older person in the house or maybe 2. Donny was not comfortable with “kids”. He had game and knew how to play but he was rejected constantly. I think with a better group of people and a couple of them his age he would have faired really well.

      • Definitely!! If Donny came back for all stars, who could come back from past season and align with him?

    • In terms of entertainment, I would really like to see Zach return. But if we’re talking in terms of good gameplay, then Derrick, no question.

  10. I would like someone to have the smarts and realize that Derrick will win the game if they don’t do something about it. I admire Caleb for realizing that it is better for him to take Cody than Derrick. Of course, Derrick has other ideas of taking Victoria to the end, which really makes this game useless. I would like some action and have either Cody and Caleb or Derrick and Cody and see who wins. Victoria can go home. She has done nothing to the game. In fact, she is an insult to the BB game!

    • The genius of Derrick is, that he only shows his true self in the DR. 1 on 1 he always controls what the person he is talking to can relay to others, and in groups he is usually silent until he has a feel for the room.

      That is why nobody realizes anything about how clever he is, until they reach the jury house and compare stories (which is incidentally why he wants Cody in the final 2, so Victoria can tell the jury house her part of what a game he’s played.

      I think he is the very best player BB has ever seen, and I hope he wins.

      • I’m not sure that the final 3 evicted HG goes to jury. If Its a 2 hour show they can’t…even if its a 1 hour they stay on the set.

      • You are 100% correct. The last evicted HG does not go to the jury house. And after seeing the tapes im sure they know Victoria’s role in Derricks game.

      • He’s not always honest in his DRs, even though he’s supposed to be. He controls that side too. He definitely wasn’t honest about wanting to keep Donny. He manipulates every “scene” he’s in. As I’ve said elsewhere…great trait in a BB player, scary as a cop.

    • I think he’d take Cody to the end if he’s the one making the choice. I think he could persuade the jury that he deserves it over Cody and keep his pride that he didn’t take someone who couldn’t win anything.

      • If he takes Cody, I would respect him more as he did promise him f2, but he may not take the risk of losing half a million dollars as Cody may very well win.

  11. Ok, I have been a big BB fan since season 2, and I know winning comps and lying is part of the game. Having said that, outside of winning comps, what has Cody done to be in the final 2? He has no “game-play”. I understand that the remaining HG are as dumb as a box of rocks outside of Derrick. So I still don’t get why everyone things Cody needs to be in the F2 and possible beat Derrick. If someone has a good case, please share!

    • If Derrick and Cody are in the final 2, I see Derrick discussing all of the things Sir Cody did to help both of their games along (at Derrick’s hand). So, in essence, Derrick would be honoring his new friendship by taking him to F2, all the while taking him as an easy win. Of course, WE all can see Cody as a floater, while the jury members may not see it that way…

    • Honestly, I think Cody is a bit better than you give him credit for. By no means is he better than Derrick whatsoever, but I do feel that he’s had a pretty solid social game.

  12. I can appreciate Cody’s guilty feelings over betraying Caleb, but now is NOT the time to go all soft! Derrick has masterminded his way through the game, saying what needed to be said to whomever it needed to be said to. But this time he’s being totally honest. Caleb is not only a wild card when it comes to decision making, but he’s a determined beast when it comes to competitions. For Derrick’s game as well as Cody’s…Caleb must go!

    • Cody has played “soft” all game except when he won the morph comp! He wasted his two HOHs, not getting Frankie out earlier when he wanted to. He’s a sensitive guy.

  13. I would love to see Victoria in the F2, either against Cody or Derrick, but not Caleb, send Caleb home next…

  14. Hey Matt I need some clarification. When is the eviction that will be taped for Tuesday and when will the feeds go down?

  15. Derrick not not going to take Cody to the F2 if he wins the HOH. He will take Victoria. Derrick is not going to risk losing to Cody no matter what he is saying. I am certain he is thinking he didn’t come this far to take 2nd place.

    He crossed Frankie and will cross Caleb. There is no reason not to cross Cody too. Its time for Cody to start playing his own game. It is amazing how much loyalty there appears to be in this house, except for Derrick who has his eye on winning not making friends.

    • Derrick’s only true F2 alliance has been with Victoria from the first week … ironic, in a sense, as she was never included with the original BS Alliance nor any of it’s forms …

      As a super fan, of course, Derrick would never decline outright of an offer from another HG to accept an offer for alliance, etc…. If anything, Derrick really never said much , other than that he would think about it, and yep the other person was right, etc … never really said anything that could comeback to bite him in the @$$…

    • Sadly I think Cody’s playing for 2nd place, and his only chance at winning it all is sitting beside Victoria. Derrick sitting beside Cody, jurors give it to Derrick. Caleb, though I really don’t agree should win over Cody, the jurors will give it to Caleb for more competition wins and for loyalty and honesty, even if blind at times.

      Cody needs to convince Derrick, if Derrick is the final HoH, that he can still beat Cody even if it won’t be as easy of a victory as it would be up against Victoria. This is absolutely true I think, Derrick would still win, and at the same time gets to keep his Hitman alliance intact and Cody gets $50,000. I think Derrick has a chance of taking Cody, but if Cody is that final HoH instead, he could find it too tempting to evict Derrick.

      If I was betting on it though, seeing as Cody has a ton of remorse over the idea of evicting Caleb, I think Cody would choose Derrick over Victoria. Effectively selecting 2nd place over 1st.

    • In the UK? I like him, he’s such a crazy fool, especially since his head injury in that accident, but I think he has a good heart. British people respect someone who is a “little different” if they have a good sense of humor.

  16. I can not believe the people on here that want Derrick to win! He has been the one who talks terrible about every one behind their backs! To their face he kiss their rear ends! Being a cop he sure has given the police a real bad image of them! I bet his co workers sure don’t like the way he is acting on the show! When he was talking with the guys about Victoria and having all their way with this poor stupid young lady! I feel so sorry for her in real life!

    • actually DERRICK TOLD THEM TO HUSH …He told them that Victoria’s father watched the feeds and he added that he had a daughter and he would not want somebody saying that about her. Not exact quotes but close….

      • If I recall, Derrick was the one who suggested adding to the gang sexual assault against Victoria including using physical hip thrusting action ???

      • not that I recall him saying that. Maybe we should find the episode on YouTube and find out what was really said….

      • Probably a few posters at various times…it was a big and still is a big issue.. Maybe a poster in here can give u a heads up on finding it.

      • It’s out there on several sites. After Derrick said about Victoria’s father and breaking the computer, Frankie said he would do it, if he were in drag and wearing the beer goggles. Then laughter started to die down. Then Derrick said something about the Zingbot wearing the goggles doing it. He thrust his hips forward and said “Zing!” Frankie clapped and started simulating. Derrick almost doubled over he was laughing so hard.

        Derrick is guilty.

      • You do whatever you gotta’ do to fit in and not be ostracized. If you don’t mimic the social order, you get cast aside. That’s Big Brother (and real life, quite frankly).

      • To a certain extent yes, but I guess everyone has to decide where their ”limit” is in these things. As you can see, some people are more sensitive to this because it personally affects them more. For me, I was greatly offended last season by Elissa’s constant put down of people who weren’t as wealthy as her, or that Spencer & Amanda got away with some of the most foul racist comments imaginable whereas Aaryn got crucified for hers. So a good player would have to balance their own ethical stance on issues and also know when and how is the right way to speak up. I appreciated Derrick saying ”something” which in my opinion is a huge step up from saying nothing at all.

      • The difference between the crap spewed last season and this season are like day and night. When someone spews hatred for a group of people it is usually, but not always, done out of ignorance. While it is deplorable, those doing it can be taught that they aren’t correct.

        When someone talks about violence against a fellow human being, such as punching, raping, beheading, euthanizing and suggesting committing suicide and they are an adult, they are not ignorant of what they are saying. They know what the violence means.

        IMO this season of those talking and laughing about committing violence against their fellow HGs is so much worse than the insensitive things said last season. It goes far beyond “trash talking.” CBS blatantly ignoring it makes them just as culpable.

      • The video is on you tube and I watched it….We are both correct in a sense….u will have to watch it to understand. just go to youtube and type in Frankie Gande rape episode. There are several but the one I watched had all the actions and comments….happy hunting and viewing

      • Yes Andy, you are correct. Derrick was the one who suggested Zingbot and laughed as hard as the rest of them.

      • Not too many Big Brother players that haven’t trash talked each other though if you compare the language… It’s been very very rare that we get to see a ”Donny” in the house who actually speaks with manners, maturity and wisdom…

      • Glad to hear that Derek said that. I was under impression he laughed at Frankies comment. My admiration of Derek and policemen/women is renewed. It can be sad to see him manipulate people and their emotions but it is his professional and on the job training that kicks in and as you all say, it is a game.
        This is my 1st year watching BB and I am hooked. Wondering if thru the years anyone who won did not have to hurt people along the way?

      • He did both! First he was laughing and saying that Victoria’s father is watching. Then Derrick brought up the Zingbot doing it [to her]. He thrust his hips forward with his hands simulating Zingbot and said “Zing!” Then Frankie clapped and ran with that thought. Both Frankie and Derrick started simulating Zingbot raping Victoria. Then it was just Frankie doing it with Derrick laughing so hard he was almost doubled over.

    • So recently a cop shoots an unarmed teenager and you think this is what’s going to give a bad image of them? Ok that seems legit.

      • There is no comparison! That was completely outrageous beyond words!! But, that doesn’t change the fact that Derrick also gave cops a bad image, albeit much less so.

    • Don’t forget, Tony, the cop from new york, who recently won the last Survivor Cagayan …. he defended his game play as game play, but in real life …. having found all those hidden immunity idols helped keep his safety, but in the end, they gave him the votes …

      • Oh, I am defending either of their game play..

        Just commenting that we have had back to back cops potentially winning their respective games, wh just happens to be cops, with special skills and training that the other players may not have necessarily been afforded …. do they have an advantage over the others? Or, just able to use what they have to play a better game??

      • Nature vs. nurture. They wouldn’t be successful cops, if they didn’t have it in them. Plus they have training that civilians don’t get.

  17. If Victoria’s fake out on her to Frankie also had an effect on both Caleb and Cody to keep her this week over Frankie, and somehow she makes it to F2, whether on her own merits and/or dragged by another HG… it could earn her some jury merits, assuming it is brought to their attention …

    If Cody and Caleb should find out of this hoax before the Eviction Ceremony, they could still flip the House …. now where are those hecklers when you need them … Ha!!!

    The challenge for Victoria is, can she keep this act together till after the eviction and into the next HOH/POV for Derrick’s sake??

  18. Cody’s indecisiveness is making me nervous. Derrick needs to stay right on top of him. I think he and Victoria need to team up again and try to make sure Cody and Caleb aren’t alone together. We’re all looking forward to Frankie going, but Caleb is going to be just as rewarding. This season is making me nuts. I’m sitting here reading these great posts and letting the knowledgeable fans fill me in on all the details that go over my head, and I should really be cleaning my house! Oh well, I’ve been cleaning for years and the house will still be here after the season ends. Great BB fans and moments like this are priceless.

  19. The only way Derrick goes home now is if Victoria wins the next HOH and Caleb wins the POV. Caleb is closer to Cody and would take him over Derrick and if Victoria isn’t an option, then Derrick is toast.

    • Exactly. ? Derrick, imo, needs to roll the table and dominate the remaining comps to solidify his argument to the Jury that he is a strong player rather than just tell them he threw comps and manipulated everyone ….

      It would be so amazing if Victoria were to, somehow, beat the guys in the next HOH / POV, and make it to F3 ….

      Anything can happen in F3 and she would likely be dragged to F2 regardless who is with her …

  20. “Cody says he would feel terrible betraying Caleb and he worries that if they keep Victoria and a freak accident happens she could win in the F3 HoH comps. Really, Cody?”

    Yeah, really lol. I’m as big a disbeliever in Victoria’s ability as anyone, I’ve been vocal in how much I dislike her as a player. But look at what just happened to Frankie, he melted down in the Veto competition he needed to save his life. The pressure got to him. The pressure got to Zach during the Big Brother Comics competition (also for Veto). Victoria won’t win round one of the final HoH (endurance) but in the second, time-based competition, Derrick or Cody could have the pressure mount. Victoria’s time was better than Frankie’s when he had the pressure get to him. Then round 3 is mostly luck and how well you got to know your fellow houseguests. Cody, according to how this was written at least (since I didn’t see it myself to confirm) did say “freak accident” in regards to Victoria winning. So I don’t think he’s that ‘crazy’ for what he said. Let’s also remember how badly paranoia and panic can mount and weigh on your shoulders when you’re this close to the grand prize. Everything you do from here on is under your own personal heavy microscope, even moreso than earlier in the game, because now the prize and the half-million dollars is in sight on the horizon.

    • Just to add, all I’m doing is saying I can absolutely see where Cody is coming from with what he said. By no means am I suggesting they should keep Caleb over her if they have the chance to evict him. Caleb I completely agree is much more likely to win that final HoH than Victoria.

      • Depending on how the jury feels about each person. Although I was convinced Derrick would with from the beginning of the season, I would still take great joy in watching Victoria (naïve and unaware as she is) somehow win the game because the guys thought it would be so easy to beat her. Can she win a comp? Nope. How about figure out what’s going on around her? Nah, that ain’t happening. But what about the smarts to know she’s being used? Nope sorry, that just isn’t possible either. And to top it off she thinks that a 2lb bird can carry a 15lb baby. Or wait maybe it was a scarecrow. Ahhh good times. But yes, even though she might think she’s on the Price Is Right, she could STILL win this game.

      • While I can see how that would be funny, entertaining, etc. I just can’t actually, non-sarcastically get on board with any scenario that sees Victoria win $500,000 for doing nothing in this game. I don’t even want her to get the 2nd place prize of $50,000 and it annoys me she won even $5,000 in that house-trashing, juror-return fiasco. She’s one of my most disliked in the entire history of the show, nevermind just this season. I actually dislike her more than Frankie and wish she’d be evicted more than him, so ironically, the way things were going before the button was pushed would’ve been great with me. Not only would she be gone, but the final four would be entirely comprised of competitors, which I’m not sure we’ve ever seen and it’s something I’ve always wanted. Frankie is my second choice for eviction though, so I’ll take what looks to be happening this week.

      • Oh I completely agree with you. I also have a strong dislike for Victoria, not only what she represents in this game, but also what she represents outside of this game. Having said that, check this out –> If Derrick wins (which is fair cause he’s this season’s best player) then what happens for future seasons? A smart player would see the pattern for the last bunch of seasons and know that most strong players are taking one or two weak players to the end with them because it secures their votes, and it guarantees a loyal vote for them when the jury decides who wins. Like you, I prefer to see strong competitors duke it out near the end so that the truly deserving wins – but if I can have two loyal followers playing my game for me, why would I ever lift a finger until the final 3 when winning an HoH mattered? So you see, if Victoria wins, it sends a very important warning to future strategists and manipulators – it’s the JURY who decides the winner, and if you bring a weak player into the finals, maybe they’ll let the weak player win because you didn’t have the guts to play against the stronger player.

    • Or Victoria could win. If the Jury House decides to teach these boys a lesson (and a valuable one at that) I’d say it’s fitting. I like Derrick’s game this season, but I really do think that when somebody thinks so lowly of another person (like all the guys do with Victoria and the other women for that matter) then it’s time to put a dose of reality on their fire. Whose to say that Victoria wasn’t the best player? She did afterall play ”guppy” (I know, I know, she wasn’t really playing, but it WORKED none the less) and heck maybe that’s a winning strategy this season… won’t know until we see the final votes.

  21. I was beyond shocked Psycho Cowboy came in 5th in the POV completion, since he studied so hard.Then he sits there and talks as though he almost had the win! Unfrickingbelievable. Those sanitary napkins he put on his head must have taken all the energy from his brain cell. He frightens me – he gets that deep dark look in his eyes sometimes, like he could be a stone cold serial killer, or like a shark coming in for the kill. No humanity, just a belief in his own sense of righteousness and invincibility.

    Also, I’ve never found the answer as to whether a bad psychological evaluation is what got him out of the Army. If he does have mental issues (duh) how did he even get into the house?

    • If he has mental issues as a result of his military service, then how would be given a license to own and operate firearms in his hunting guide business??

      if anything, besides his Amber obsession issues, he has provided the viewers a number of entertainment this summer … Ha!!

      Perhaps, he took Nicole’s parting words to heart and decided to stop playing Big Baby and start playing Big Brother in the recent weeks?
      Would / could he get the Jury votes to win the $500k sitting against any of the remaining HG’s?? Even against Victoria? possibly a few of the nin-BS people and even some of the disgruntled BS people who were betrayed by him ??

      I gues that this could be said about Cody and Derrick, as well?

      Would be surprised if Zach and Frankie would vote for Victoria, as they appeared to expressed their desire for their dislike towards women .. Christine may not vote for her eiher, more due to jealousy that the prettiest woman survived … Ha!!!

      • I was asking if anyone knew why he left the army and repeating what I had read. Just looking for answers. Like the rest of your post.

    • GMaG, I was trying to find out if there was something online about why he was discharged. (Obviously he didn’t quit, since he only served 11 months.) I couldn’t find anything, but I ran across something I had forgotten about him…

      When Caleb didn’t want to get his head shaved, he falsely claimed he has a swastika tattoo on the back of his head. Who does that??

      • Well, according to the stories Caleb have told in the House, if i recall .. he was a Miltary Cop in guarding the POWs in Afghanistan? I think he also implied that he did not treat them well, not sure verbally and/or physically??

        During his last HOH, he told the HGs that he was one of the lucky one’s to be given the USA Flag that was flying at their camp once the war had ceased and they returned back home … I just figured that he served his Tour of Duty and received a full discharged after returning home ??

      • Caleb tells so many tall tales that it’s really hard to pick out what might have a shred of truth. This mom did confirm that he was a prison guard in Iraq, so that is the only part of what he said that I truly believe.

  22. Victoria could use the same argument as poor Donny, with never having a chance against the huge alliance of 8 in the BS from Day 2.. and, unlike Donny, she came tona resolved and recruited her sidekick, Robin to her Batman …

    She has been nominated at least 8 times, by my count and have survived them all, so far, mostly by using her incredible social skills to convince the HG’s in her final plea to keep her around … Ha !!!

    As with Derrick’s argument that he threw most of the comps to avoid putting a target on his back as a threat, likewise could be said about Victoria, ,. Why compete hard when her strategy is to play a damsel in distreas and put a target on herself?? It has got her to potentiall F4 and likely to F3 then F2 ..

    So, imo, I think it is time for her to shine and start winning the final comps in the last week of the season … she has already started by defeating the two Comp Beasts in the last POV, when it really mattered … Ha!!!

  23. If you are always talking up other people and saying what a great player they are and how bad you are it might work but it might backfire. Blowing smoke up peoples butts is a strategy but I’d rather see him play hard now and win stuff to control his own fate.

      • Well it seems to me that he always wanted Cody, Himself & Victoria in the final 3. Whoever wins that pivotal HoH in the end decides it all. If Victoria or Derrick win, then it’s a no-brainer who’s out (Cody), but what if Cody wins? Should be interesting.

      • I thought she was asking Matthew..but then again, we almost have the same theory. lol..How about that !

      • I know it’s a game and everyone wants the money. But, I believe that if you start an alliance on Day 2 and you play together for the entire game, you take each other to the end…i.e. Dan and Memphis. Derrick and Cody made their alliance on Day 2, they should be together at the end.

      • He’s covering all his bases. He told Cody, he’s on board of sending Caleb home, then he told Caleb, he’s on board of sending Cody home. Matt thinks he’s taking Cody. I don’t think so. He said in the beginning he came to BB to WIN. I think he’s not really sure if he can beat those two guys. I think he’ll take Victoria..

  24. I posted this on the Frankie losing the veto update: what would happen if Frankie got smart and blew up team America and outed Derrick? How would Cody respond??
    Frankie: Given the options … Take the team America money and go quietly into the night, or, as it’s not $$ from his personal pocket, blow the team and hope to secure the bigger paycheck. Worthy of a gamble. Plus, outs D as a master manipulator.

    • He was just sitting up in the HOH room, talking to the cameras and said he ain’t done yet..he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

    • He’d have to expose himself in the process. That would blow up his game and Cody/Caleb/Victoria would call it lying to throw Derrick UTB. I can’t see it working, even if he tries. I hope he does it out of spite, though. Then he would forfeit his TA winnings!

  25. I’ve been looking back at the summer’s action and wonder, how come every season the guys almost immediately band up against the women? Joey saw the writing on the wall and tried to form an all-girls’ alliance, they got wind of it, and pounced on her like a bunch of jackals. They’ve consistently treated the women as disposable and, as you saw with Amber, Brittany and Victoria, they have no respect for them. I really thought our society had evolved past this misogyny, but it doesn’t seem like we’ve done that at all. Frankie, Zach, Caleb, Cody and Derrick are all guilty of this. Hope next year is better, but not holding my breath.

  26. I don’t think I ever seen a big brother where someone had it locked up with five houseguests left! Let’s go Derrick couldn’t have done better myself!

  27. I don’t really have a lot of respect for Derrick if he wins. Respect, but not mad respect like Dr. Will, or even Dan Gheesling. Victoria and Caleb aren’t smart, and Cody is just a hair above them. So, first, the contestants were weak. But more so, the double HOH allowed a big alliance (started by Caleb and Frankie when the were first HOHs, and not really Derrick) to rule since they ALWAYS had someone as one of the two HOH’s and, therefore, people were afraid to make moves. This never happened in BB before, and I think the Double HOH hurt the chances of anyone challenging the large alliances. Derrick rode this alliance, and dopes like Caleb, to the end. It will be a nice victory, but not at the top of the BB all time list. Derrick is a good “wave rider” and created a few of those waves, but Dr. Will created all the waves and rode them all to victory.

    • Derrick is as good as either of those two guys, and you are overestimating their competition too. Not a lot of Einstein’s in that bunch either. Plus, this game has been played to death, 16 seasons, everybody says it is so familiar and predictable, yet one guy has been able to control the events of the entire season, flying under the radar, always staying off the block and out of mind, and has brought arguably one of the most ineffectual players ever, Victoria, with him to the endgame. If he makes it Derrick will be remembered along with the best ever..

  28. If Frankie is evicted next, can we assume that he will now reneg on his offer to introduce his sister to Caleb and opportunity to do a duet with her and meet and drag race against Bieber? Ha!!

    It also appears thay he will not be receiving the $25k in lieu of the AFP ifnhe does not win it, nas Donny appears to have the advantage at this point …

    It will be interesting to see the openings that Caleb will have after Big Brother, as well for the other HGs once this season ends, as they believe thst they are the Best One’s Eva … Ha!!!

  29. I wonder what would happen if CBS decided to make it an alliance free season next season allowing no alliances and everybody play for themselves and America becomes the 2nd. HOH and is able to vote?

    • No more of the two HOH twist..that was terrible. BB needs to go back to the basics..if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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