Big Brother 16: Caleb Making Final 2 Plans & Counting His Chickens

With the Power of Veto competition out of the way the guys are moving on to plotting their next moves on Big Brother 16. Caleb is way, way ahead of that and already counting his winnings as he makes F2 deals that could trip him up on his way to finale night.

Caleb Reynolds is getting ahead of himself on Big Brother
Caleb Reynolds is getting ahead of himself on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Caleb started working Cody on making sure they were the Final Two in a private talk last night where he pushed the angle of going to the end against a real competitor is a better win than going there against someone like Derrick. Seriously. He said that.

Flashback to 9:55PM BBT 9/12 Cams 1/2. Caleb is telling Cody that he’d rather go to the end with a toss-up decision than to go there with an easy win like he says there would be with Derrick. Caleb suggests that every season someone like Derrick gets to the end because everyone knows they can beat that player. Oh, my goodness. Caleb is going to be shocked if/when Derrick wins this whole thing.

Caleb continues to rattle off why it’s such a better game for the two of them, as “beasts,” to get to the end as it will amaze the audience who expected them to be the first ones to go this season. Cody is agreeing with Caleb all along the way, but would he relay this conversation back to Derrick? Yes, but more on that later.

Fast forward to 10:22PM BBT as Caleb is talking with Victoria about F2 scenarios and specifically F2 with Cody. He’s running through who he thinks would vote for him at the end if he were up against Cody. This is funny. Caleb is sure Derrick would vote for him over Cody. Oh, Caleb.

Caleb tells Victoria he believes he could beat Cody and starts counting up votes. He rattles off votes from Derrick, Donny, Nicole, and Zach. Victoria cuts him off at Zach and says no, Zach would vote for Cody over Caleb. He adds Christine and Hayden to get him to 6-3 over Cody, according to his guess.

Now that both Cody and Victoria have heard this plan from Caleb, will they run it back to Derrick or keep it to themselves? I thought Cody might keep this in his back pocket and Victoria might consider in inconsequential. Nope! Both told Derrick.

Jump again to 11:44PM BBT Cams 3/4 as Victoria relays this back to Derrick telling him that Caleb wants to take Cody to the F2. Derrick tasks her with getting to the bottom of it, but now he’s on alert and knows he can’t keep Caleb in the game another round. I think this was always his plan, but now he has the justification.

I think most of us having been seeing this coming for awhile now that once Frankie was gone Derrick would target Caleb and head to the F3 with Victoria and Cody. It’s his guarantee to make it to the end. And no, I don’t think Derrick would take Vic with him as it could cost him a loss of respect. He has both beat, knows it, and doesn’t want to gamble with making anyone bitter.

As for what happened later with Cody and Derrick’s conversation when they compared notes on Caleb’s F2 offers, I’ll be writing that up shortly for more discussion. But in the meantime, what do you think of Caleb’s extreme confidence here? Will the weight of his hubris sink his game or can his comp strength overcome any situational blindess?

Update: I’ve added an article covering Derrick & Cody’s discussion about keeping Caleb or sending him home next after Frankie.


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    • Yeah he actually speculated that if he didn’t make f2, that he is a definite shoe in for AFP. Let’s see AFP….a date with Amber….winning Survivor….The Bachelor…a singing career….Mila Kunis…this guy’s got plans!!!!

    • He’s not the only one. A lot of HGs had their heads up their asses this year. This is how Derrick has been able to play such a good game. None of these people, including Cody, have been playing the game.

      I don’t recall any attempts to flip people or the house during the season except when Devon was evicted. Victoria during the rewound week was actually more intent on playing Derrick’s game helping Derrick get jury votes than she was saving herself!

      Even Frankie who is going home this week is pretending Caleb is his target if he stays instead of breaking up Cody and Derrick which is the only plausible strategy for him to stay. Sure it may not work, but what does he have to lose?

      Last week Victoria should have targeted Cody by telling everyone Derrick had a final 2 with him. This week Frankie needs to work on Cody telling him Derrick is planning on taking Victoria to the final 2. Again, what does he have to lose?

      Will someone besides Derrick please play the damn game!

      • Nope, no one is playing well except Derrick and Derrick deserves to win! I won’t be happy til the overly-confident-entitled-vile-Frankie leaves! I am sick of him and then Caleb has to go, he is living 90 Caleb-La-La-Land! Lol! ;)

  1. Had there been actual endurance comps this there has been for the past 15 seasons, Caleb would be much closer to winning than Derrick. I like Derrick and believe that he deserves to win, But this season has been unfair. We had more strong and athletic players this year than any of the past years and there have been only 2 real endurance comps. (the 1st HOH comp in which Caleb won, and the kite comp) that’s it. I believe it has been a deliberate thing by production to keep the weak and mental players in the game (Frankie and Donny) and get the more athletic players out. Had there been more endurance comps like every other season, then Caleb and Cody and maybe Derrick, would have dominated those and have a much bigger chance getting votes in the end..not to mention..I like the endurance comps..they are much more fun to watch..the comps this year have been the most boring ever..I am hoping it will go back to normal next year.

    • Agreed. It’s shameful that we haven’t had as many endurance comps this year – I love them because it’s not always the person you think that will win that does – I bet Nicole could have won an endurance comp or two. It could have been a different game with some more shifts in power.

    • Wonder why we didn’t get those endurance comps? Frankie seemed to do fine in the bowl fill-up one. I enjoy the endurance ones. This whole season was strange.

      • Frankie Show, wouldn’t allow that to happen. Frankie wouldn’t have held up. I agree, I love the endurance ones, as well.

    • I think Frankie would do good in endurance too, he won the first competition in the house and he sure is fit. Donny would have struggled.

      • Frankie would have lost it on an endurance comp that involved cold rain/wind, though. That’s why I think it’s so strange that he wants to do Survivor so badly.

      • Right, he couldn’t be a HN because of bad circulation in his fingers. Well what is he going to do when it’s cold, raining and no fire. Can’t get special treatment out there

      • I didn’t know bout the circulation in his fingers, but from how he was doing he has proven he can really compete despite of what the competition would be.

      • And CBS production didn’t help Frankie at all, ya right! Whatever, it was rigged, set up, and edited for Frankie to win! But no one likes him in America cause he is an a$$ hole and he proved that over and over again! Also, many people do not believe Frankie won Team America, that was a fixed by CBS production.

      • The snowman comp. Derrick couldn’t make it, Frankie did fine. What show are some of you watching? Hell, Donny could have beat Derrick and Vic. Gimme a break. Frankie and Christine were right on top of Caleb, the beast. Caleb has been worthless.

    • I got one word for you – DONNY – he’s the reason there weren’t any physical/endurance comps this season. Production knows he would have done poorly in those against the younger and more athletic Caleb, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick. We went like 7 weeks straight with only mental competitions so Donny would have a chance of winning those. Kinda lame, but it’s true.

      • I think by now everyone knows that production tweaks the game to favor the outcomes they want. I don’t think it was done specifically for Donny though. I believe production was just as surprised as everyone else at how well he did in the comps. He was slated to be Mr. “nice guys finish last” in the pool of week 1-4 cannon fodder. Fans have complained for a long time that only the athletes have a chance in the game and I think they were trying to level the playing field to favor some of the more interesting players. Imagine how entertaining things would have been if players like Jacosta and Paola had lasted longer?

      • Not! It was all rigged for Skankie Frankie! Frankie was and is Evil! It all has to do with Frankie’s sister and it was rigged and it back fired…..cause we now got to see and hear the Real Frankie and it isn’t good! He is Vile, rude, cruel, spoiled, entitled, and sick!

    • There will be an endurance comp with the final 3. Don’t see any difference from other years though. BB always intervenes and manipulates the game because of ratings.

    • REALLY?? endurance comps or not they are in the final 4!! and because of the 8person alliance — that alliance won at least 75% of the challenges, but I do agree it has been boring, when those 8 took over the house……………boring

    • Ya, you are right. ….I think All Comps. we’re to help Skankie Frankie the most! I can’t stand Frankie, like most Normal people! Lol! ; )

  2. I almost feel bad for Caleb because I think he will be the most hurt by the eviction – he’s a bit crazy, yes, but I think he truly values the people he’s working with and doesn’t want to go behind anyone’s back or be untruthful (see: telling Frankie he thought about backdooring him). I think he’ll be truly heartbroken to be evicted next week (though I want that to happen!).

    • Well he just needs to remember he’s playing big brother and his not the best player in the house, he needs to slowdown on his dreaming. I know what you mean, Calebs loyalty may come from his military background but his being delusional is so out of this world.

    • He’s been rather shady too & in telling people what he was considering, he was covering his own as@, not because it was weighed heavily on his conscious… & this he even admitted to. By the way, just because he’s been “loyal” doesn’t mean the most easily manipulated player in BB deserves to win…. my thoughts.

      • Oh, I don’t think he should win, by any means. I just think he’ll take it the hardest of anyone, being kicked out before F2. More personally than realizing it’s a game.

    • Caleb, is only worried about losing Skankie Frankie’s lies about hooking Caleb with his ( Frankie’s sister for a duet and a recording contract he promised Caleb on the live feeds! Frankie has been enticing Caleb with Fame, Fortune, and his sister and her connections! Which Skankie Frankie will never honor cause Frankie is an A $$ hole and most celebs don’t care for about or Frankie! These people think they are All better than they are!! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! ;)

  3. I think he would take Victoria actually. Because even though WE know that the jury seems tentatively to side with him, HE doesn’t know that and he’ll be questioning everything in his head…they’re already bored to tears as it is right now. Victoria would be a slam dunk win and he’s gotta realize that.

    • I think Derrick will throw the last comp if Cody and Victoria are in the F3 with him. He knows they will both take him. Then he doesn’t have to betray Cody or Victoria.

  4. As long as Caleb doesn’t win the final POV his goose is likely cooked …

    I would not mind seeing a Derrick vs Caleb F2 and each addressing the Jury on thetheir respective game … think Derrick would still win due to Jury management as Caleb lacked a bit of social skills, imo … Ha!!

    Derrick, on the other hand argue that he was loyal to Victoria, his F2 from week 1, all but manipulated everyone with his huge Alliance and threw comps to keep the target off his back and only won when he needed to … afterall, he has come in 2nd in at least 6 comps … blah blah blah … and, by having his sidekick who was his pawn on the block, week after week, she shielded him from being nominated…

    The Jury has already started to acknowledge this, so may not be much of a stretch ..

    Cody, on then other hand, is a wild card, and may be associated with this thing with Christine, which might be negatively appreciated by the Jury ..

  5. If this house was smart they’d figure out Derrick is the manipulator of the house and if they dont get him out he’ll win. Sure Frankie is a big target, but it’d be safer to keep him this week and try to backdoor Derrick. Its either now or never, cause Cody and Victoria are loyal to Derrick, and will follow through with his plans. The best thing for Caleb would be to use the veto on frankie. Frankie votes derrick out, cody votes Victoria out, and Caleb can be the tie breaker and get Derrick out

    • Here lies the rub, all but Victoria, and possibly Frankie, left in the House, are not bright enough to figure this out … both Cody and Caleb have been misted by Jedi Derrick to believd that he would not win against anyone but possibly Victoria.

      During BBAD bot Cody and Caleb were suggesting (well more so Caleb) that it should be them in F2 due to them being the remaining comp beasts once Frankie is gone ..

      For Derrick’s game, it is better that they not tell Frankie too far in advance, as Frankie could stir things up that could out his game .. even Frankie had acknowledged that Derrick has been playing the House …

      • I don’t see how. Maybe if Cody hadn’t told Derrick about their conversation but he did. He’s not using it. I will admit I’m a Derrick fan and want him to win.

      • #TeamDerrick!!! He’s played a flawless, game. No blood, on his hands. Being a police officer, has it’s Perks. The knowledge he brought to the table, has been awesome. Never once on the block! Who does that?? I like Caleb, but his honesty, is costing, him, his game. His parents, raised an good, human being, but they should have let him, in on the real world. Not everyone plays, life, the way they do. Keeping it real. ….

      • He’s no saint, now. Not to drudge up the past, but let’s not forget how he planned to ‘put Amber in her place’ & called her a ‘hoe’ when he found out she would target him after HE put HER on the block. Also Cody having to stop him from putting icy hot on her face/feet, the throwing of the pillow at her face as she slept (no matter how hard)… this is the way he treated a woman. In terms of his honesty/loyalty, the other HG’s how told him how much they admire this so now he goes for broke. His confessions to Frankie & Cody about considering to vote them out wasn’t because it weighed so heavily on him… he was covering his own a@s in case it got back them as he even confessed to in his DR segment. So yes, he can be kind, fun, funny but let’s not go too far about this kid.

      • It’s not happening. Derrick, has to much, influence on, Cody. If Caleb doesn’t win the POV, it’s Good Bye, to Caleb!!!

      • Remember Cody has wanted Frankie out for a long time. He knows Derrick would go up. No way he’s using the veto

      • Yes, that’s is what Caleb wants but Derrick and Cody already told him no when Caleb suggested it. They don’t trust him enough to let him have a vote.

    • No doubt, if Derrick is in F2 he wins, and so he should, not a big fan, but judging by who is left in the game he deserves to win, Victoria, no, Cody, is the male Vicky, he has done nothing but hang out all summer. Caleb, I’m not sure he even knows what game he is playing, Frankie is in the game, and so is Derrick. In my few Derrick played a smarter game, as well as a cleaner Game then Frankie, thus I’d like him to win.

    • Why in the Hell would anyone in their right mind keep Frankie? Frankie doesn’t play the game, Frankie plays a Nasty game and he goes for personal attacks! Frankie must go, Frankie has proved to be a Horrible human being, and a lot of people believe that CBS production has been helping Frankie and also many people believe/ and know that there is No way Frankie won to be on Team America. …CBS production made that vote! It has been fixed! America has watched Frankie on the Live Feeds and found out his Real Horrible Personality. ….he his such a mean and sick nasty person!

  6. It’s amazing how Caleb survived all the way to F5, where he based his entire game play on false and incomplete information. It’s working perfectly in his world, because he’s still there.

    • This is someone else’s quote, but I think it’s hilarious….

      “It’s Frankie’s Universe and Caleb’s World and we are all just lucky to exist in it.”

    • They carried him as they knew they could manipulate him, both sides of the house, actually, as much as them keeping Victoria as a pawn, except that Caleb could win comps, while Derrick could control Victoria’s vote .. so, would it not be ironic, yeah I have said it before, should we have a Caleb vs Victoria in F2 ?? Ha!!!

      • He just have to win the last POV and blindside whomever is not HOH … then win Pt 1 and 3 of the final HOH of the season ….. :)

      • If Caleb wins POV next week, you don’t think he’d drop Victoria like a lead balloon? (Assuming that Victoria isn’t HOH)

        I think that Derrick & Cody are locks for F3. It’s between Caleb and Victoria for the 3rd, depending on POV.

      • If he was thinking of the end game, err $500k and BB Immortality…

        It was funny to watch both Caleb and Cody on BBAD play downing losing to each other, so as long as they both made it to F2. As they both were comp beasts, while Derrick would’ve been a floater. So, if they lost to one another …they’d be okay with it .. afterall, they made it on BB16 and to F2/F3 and already won in life with the fame and potential. … blah blah blah
        which all BS ..considering all they talk about how they plan to spend the $$$..

        as someone once said, all but Derrick, needs to start playing to win for themselves and not for Derrick and/or 2nd Place …

        And, yeah, I am as delusional as Caleb and still anticipate the Warrior Princess to start playing and winning down the stretch, as ling as it is not too soon yet…. Ha!!!

  7. Caleb is only concerned about the fame he thinks he will have once the game is over. A duet with Ariana, his own hunting reality show, going on Survivor, coming back for all-stars. I don’t know how he is gotten this far, he literally told everything he knew to everyone. He needs to go next, for sure.

    • So how does Caleb get away with all the plugs for his business? Crazy. Can’t wait for him to go to Google and see what “beast mode cowboy” really means. Total egoist. Frankie is the biggest narcissist I’ve encountered. The posing and obvious feeling that bb is The Frankie Show is too much for me. They both need to go. I’m team Derrick all the way.

      • I never was, but now that we’re down to F5, he’s the obvious choice over Psycho Cowboy, Frankie (hopefully, almost doesn’t count), Cody, and our little Miss Victoria. Don’t like him as a person, but have tremendous respect for his game play.

  8. I do feel slightly bad for Caleb with his innocence and delusions of grandeur. This is going to haunt him for years knowing what a fool he was made of during the entire summer. He always acts like he will take being evicted like a good sport but when he is up on the chopping block I think his tune is going to change dramatically and everything he did for ‘the alliance he created’. Frankie’s water works will start soon also when the boys tell him he is being cut.

    • They still think eviction won’t be till next wednesday and anticipates another double eviction with Finale next Sunday this morning’s BBAD episode .. and, do not want to tell him, if at all, till at least after the POV ceremony. And, I would suspect the eviction ceremony will be sudden and quick without much advanced announcement..

    • He’s not innocent at all but I do think he’ll be spinning this story for the rest of his life. In his mind, he’ll come out the winner and be responsible for every big move the house made. Mental illness is always sad.

  9. I wonder what it would be like to live in Caleb’s bubble for a while? He seems so far out of touch with everything one must wonder what colour the sky is in his little bubble world.
    Must be nice to be so damned cockfire sure of yourself when in reality you have no foggy clue what has been going on right under his nose.
    I imagine he still believes that Amber will be waiting for him with open arms at finally night.

  10. Caleb told Cody he was taking him to the final 2. Derrick used that to convince Cody to take out Caleb.

    Think about that. Derrick is so unbelievably good if he can convince anyone of that.

    • Another argument Derrick could use with Cody is – who would you rather face in the round 1 endurance comp – Caleb or Victoria LOL!

  11. Matt I’m surprised you think Derrick would take Cody to the Final 2 if it were up to him. I think he might lose respect from the jury but ultimately win, but from hardcore Big Brother fans, I think he would actually gain tons of respect. I think it would be, and I don’t use this word often, epic if Derrick cut Cody at the Final 2 in favor of Victoria. The look that would be on Cody’s face….

    However, if it is the three of them in the Final 3, Derrick might just throw the last HOH to ensure he doesn’t have to evict anyone. He’d never have to reveal that he had two final two deals this entire season and thus, wouldn’t lose a jury vote.

    But, since we know he looks up to Dan Gheesling, he might cut everyone from here on out – Frankie first, Caleb next, then Cody – to make the Final 2. Who knows.

    • love what you said, Derrick throw the last HOH to ensure he doesn’t have to evict anyone. Cody could evict him and take Victoria! lol That would be a huge move

    • I agree. Derrick cares more about the money than about respect. Victoria is the easier one of the two to win against. If Derrick is the decision maker for F2, I’m betting on him taking Victoria.

      • Agreed, with Derrick’s training, he has the ability to separate his emotions from the game, unlike the others who are constantly looking for reassurance and approval before making a move … a trait that most, if not all, past winners have possessed…

  12. Well, he’s got a 1/4 chance of making the final 3, then a 1/3 chance of controlling the final 2 after that. So it is doable, but he needs to win to get there.

    I’m still betting on Derrick though.

  13. Ok lets say for thought……Next HOH and either Cody or Victoria wins ….Cody’s noms will be Caleb/Victoria Caleb wins Veto and Derrick has to go up with Caleb as the decision maker sends Derrick home???? Would this happen. Victoria wins HOH (big one I know) puts up Cody and Caleb and one of those wins Veto Derrick goes up and decision maker is either Cody or Caleb. It has possibilities. But I think they all want Derrick to go to the F2 with them. Brilliant game plan on Derricks part.

    • All 3 of them want Derrick in the F3. Unless Frankie convinces someone of Derrick’s strategy, it’s almost a lock for Derrick going to F3. Since they are coddling Frankie into believing he’s safe until the vote, Frankie won’t have time to throw Derrick UTB much. Caleb is pushing to tell Frankie the truth the night before eviction, but they think the eviction is Wednesday night.

  14. What Im curious about is: How does the f4 Hoh and veto work with evict on Wednesday? I know Tuesdays eviction will be taped prior to Tuesday, but when will Hoh and pov be, before Wed or all live Wed?

    • It depends on what they plan on showing on Tuesday & Wednesday. They’ve got 2 HOH comps (really just the end of the 1st one), 2 noms, 2 POV, 2 POV ceremonies, 2 evictions & interviews, plus the luxury comp to show between the 2 hours. It’s a lot, so it’ll be interesting to see how they split it up.

  15. Caleb is so clueless it’s not even funny anymore. If he doesn’t win that next veto Derrick will just about have this game wrapped up. I only wish I could be sitting next to Caleb when he watches this season. Seeing the look on his face when he realizes that Derrick was playing him for a fool the whole summer would be priceless.

  16. I was shocked Psycho Cowboy came in 5th in the POV completion, since he studied so hard. Then he sits there and talks as though he almost had it! Unfrickingbelievable. I’ve never had an answer as to whether a bad psychological evaluation is what got him out of the Army. If he does have mental issues (duh) how did he even get into the house? He frightens me – he gets that deep dark look in his eyes sometimes, like he could be a stone cold serial killer, or like a shark coming in for the kill. No humanity, just a belief in his own invincibility

    • The one thing you can appreciate most about Derrick is his single focus and that is to make as much $$$ aa he can …. as someone once said …. Nobody gets between Derrick and his money …. Ha!!

  17. I kept snickering at Caleb and Cody’s conversation and wish the camera had drifted to Cody’s face at any point during it. Especially when he started in on loyalty and betrayal (and Cody had just mentioned his HOH where he almost backdoored Caleb which Derrick discouraged him from) and then whenever he started talking about people like Derrick. And then, this was especially funny, starting to use statements that about an hour or two before that Derrick himself had said. I really hope someone points this out to him.

  18. Happy to finally see somebody agree and think that Derrick would take Cody to the final two over Victoria. That’s what I want and what I think will happen as well, and thus it’s comforting to see someone like Matt Boyer agree since he covers the show so closely.

    Thanks Matt for the re-assurance.

  19. This article points out why I don’t really have a lot of respect for Derrick if he wins. Respect, but not mad respect like Dr. Will, or even Dan Gheesling. Victoria and Caleb aren’t smart, and Cody is just a hair above them. The double HOH allowed a big alliance (started by Caleb and Frankie when the were first HOHs, and not really Derrick) to rule since they ALWAYS had someone as one of the two HOH’s and, therefore, people were afraid to make moves. Derrick rode this alliance, and dopes like Caleb, to the end. It will be a nice victory, but not at the top of the BB all time list. He’s a good “wave rider,” but Derrick didn’t create the wave like a Dr. Will.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Will and Dan felt the heat of the seat, whereas this kid rode the waves 10 toes over!

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