Big Brother 16: Derrick Flips Zach’s Closest Ally

The light at the end of the tunnel continues to dim for Big Brother 16 Houseguest Zach Rance and his former ally Derrick Levasseur isn’t doing him any favors as he flips Zach’s final ally.

Derrick Levasseur takes hold of Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur takes hold of Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The decision had already come down through the house that Zach Rance would be this week’s target for eviction from Big Brother, but as we’ve seen several times, Derrick has gone along with a plan only to change everyone’s mind later. Not this week though.

Frankie remained as the last person to stand behind Frankie with the support and expectation that Jocasta would be going home. No one needs Frankie’s vote to evict Zach, but in interest of continuing to work with Frankie Derrick worked to make sure he had Frankie on board.

Flashback to around 7:30PM BBT 8/4 Cams 1/2. Derrick talks with Frankie for awhile and even suggests he agreed that they would keep Zach. Now he starts to work on Frankie and gets Frankie to express concerns about Zach, namely Los Tres Amigos. Zach had previously disclosed that he had a F3 deal with Cody and Derrick. Derrick admits to LTA, but says it was never serious.

Jump forward to 7:55PM BBT. Derrick starts to turn things around on Frankie telling him that from what Frankie is telling him he thinks they might need to get Zach out this week. Derrick is effectively convincing Frankie not only that he should want Zach out, but that it’s also his idea.

As for losing a number in the Detonators, Derrick says they can use Caleb in Zach’s spot without bringing Caleb in to the Detonators. It’ll be a continuation of the Bomb Squad for Caleb while the remaining four Detonators stick together.

Keeping the momentum rolling, Derrick even rolls in that they need to get Donny out next for his decision last week to turn on the Team America mission.

Wrapping things up, Derrick says he’ll try to go smooth things over with Cody about LTA and working closely again with Frankie. Heh. Of course we know that Derrick is already very closely working with Cody and is well aware of this whole plan, but Frankie doesn’t know that.

Derrick continues to control the Big Brother 16 house as the rest of the HGs just play right along.


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  1. No. Not Zach. :( This is the hardest part for me every year. When the players i love want each other out. Zach, Nicole, and Derick are by far my favorites. Nicole killed her nomination speech by the way.

    • Zach is a punk can’t wait to see him gone! Nicole I like, but she failed somewhat as HOH she should have worked hard to convince Christine to back door Frankie she blew her chance to make a huge move! This game you only get a few chances to make a big move an when you don’t history prooves it usually comes back to bite ya.Derick is see making it to the end with Frankie or Cody he is a detective in real life an is very good at reading people an manipulating them.

      • Zach tells it from the viewpoint of “Zachs’ World”, which is not a world of reality, even in a BB house.

      • Your just like Zach all mouth, you wouldn’t call me that to my face
        Or you would be sucking fruitloops thru a straw!

      • I think Nicole did great as HOH. She put Zach up and if POV was used she would of backdoored Frankie. She didn’t try to convince Christine because she didn’t want more blood on her hands. She’s getting someone out from that alliance so why get your hands any dirtier. She didn’t want Christine pissed off at her and Christine wouldn’t of used it anyway. Now that she knows Christine is a snake she can play her like a fiddle.

      • Christine isn’t even working with her.Who cares if Christine gets mad there comes a point when you have to play the game for you an not everyone else an what happens….. happens.

  2. Why is it necessary to flip Frankie too? Does every vote have to be a shut out? Derrick has too many alliances and lies out there right now. He better watch himself before Thursday’s double eviction.

    • Zach might be going but Frankie isn’t & Derrick didn’t want an upset Frankie coming after him for revenge over the deceit. Derrick doesn’t care if it’s a shut out vote, just that Frankie is on board regardless of how he votes.

      • If they do know, they need to get rid of Zach, because Zach is out for himself. He has already said he doesn’t like anybody in the house.

      • That is true. Zach is definitely unpredictable and doesn’t really understand the game. Do you think Donny will be their target for DE?

      • Donny is to nice now. If you get rid of Zach and Frankie. They seem to be playing the game. Donny may go up, because he is so unpredictable.

      • I agree. But Derrick is playing too many people and if they start talking he’s going bye bye. He has a final 2 with Cody, Frankie, Victoria, Nicole and who knows how many others.

      • Derrick has final twos with a lot of people but he’s great at convincing people to do things without making people seem like his idea. Even if he got outed as having a final two deal with everyone in the house he can go back to the detonators and say “it just kinda fell in my lap, of course im going to say yes to help us get more information from the other side of the house”… They will very likely believe everything he says lol… Dude is a big brother beast. He gives away very very little but he’s always agreeable when people want to talk, then manages to work his agenda into the conversation later kinda under the radar.

        Nobody else stands a chance imo… I imagine he is loyal to Cody with their F2 deal and all the others are just for protection.

      • He’s said many times to the feeds that his only F2 deal that he’s loyal to is Cody. All the others are jokes that he’s just playing along with right now.

      • Thanks for the insight as always. I have liked Derrick’s game play from the beginning, but just feel he is getting in too many alliances. It has to hard to keep all the information straight.

  3. Go Derrick!! He is hands down the best gamer this season! Hope he takes it all the way to the finish line and wins this thing.

    • Derrick is a silver-tongued, master manipulator and I think Donny is the only HG that suspects it. IMO, Derrick has the best chance of winning this season.

      • The problem with Donny is that he never makes a move, If Donny is not careful he could be voted out.

      • He is very well liked and respected by most HGS, but being likable is far from the same as having allies.

      • He has a lot of allies. I don’t think alot of people will vote for Donny. He doesn’t have any alliance which is different then having allies,

      • An ally can be just a friend or a person with whom you connect with in a normal situation and I think that is what you are meaning, not to put words in your mouth. If I use the word ally in association specifically to the BB house, I would be referring to an alliance type ally. I’m just explaining what I meant and I see your point also.

      • Donny does not have alliance that we know of, but he has a lot allies in the house. Why do u think Derrick has put him on the block?

      • You said it well my friend. I don’t think our friend Keith may have understood the context of the comment..

      • I think you might be a bit confused by what I’m saying… Looks like KSJB is doing a good job of explaining though.

      • No I was not confused. Donny does have allies in the House that is why he is been saved twice. He may not have alliance formed, but Donny has people watching his back. I am saying if he (Donny) does not make a move and form an alliance soon he will be taken out by Derrick,

        Alliance or Allies, he better (Donny) make a move quick, Or else he will get evicted,

      • I was in no way trying to say what you meant, I was trying to explain what I thought about what was said. You are always very good with words and I would never embarrass myself by trying to speak for you. I’m sorry if it appeared that way.

      • Then it is me who should be apologizing to you my friend. I had thought you were helping to explain my meaning (and you absolutely nailed my intended meaning right on). I apologize for misreading your support.

      • Oh believe me, you had my support, I did not want you to think I was trying to put words in your mouth. I was just speaking from my viewpoint of what you said, but I was with you completely on that one, and you definitely owe me no apology.

      • Cool, and please don’t worry about putting words in my mouth. I appreciate anyone who is willing to explain things with an earnest attempt on my behalf. There are times when the community needs to support one another.

      • Thanks for replying, Matt. I don’t always use the correct words to get my point across and I appreciate someone hanging in there with me until I am able to express myself more clearly, especially someone like you who has been very accepting of me and my opinions. I welcome a differing of opinion and debate, but I don’t like misunderstandings left unresolved.

  4. Derrick continues to impress. He can make people do whatever he wants, and convince them that it was their idea. I hope his wife is paying attention, cause you know he uses these tactics on her too. lol.

    • Derrick really stands out this season as the best player / manipulator … that’s all fine and dandy until the rest of the HG’s see what is obvious to the viewers at home, then look out… they will know that he has to be eliminated or he WILL win. Happens every season, one strong player runs the house for most of the summer, then they get a well deserved target on their back and the next thing you know, … they’re evicted !!!!

      • Occasionally you have someone who is just a flat out Big Brother genius and takes it all the way playing an awesome game. Derrick will likely win this season. He is probably the best player ive ever seen in the house besides Dr Will and Dan.

      • Don’t leave out Evil Dick. He made everyone hate him so they let him stay in the game figuring they could beat him in the F2, then won the final HOH and selected his daughter, the dimmest bulb in the box. What choice did the jury have?

      • The primary difference with Derrick though is that he’s incredibly subtle with his ability to control the game, many times he’s managed to convince people to do what he wants by making them think it was their own idea.

        Only player that I know of that has managed to do this is Dr. Will (don’t misconstrue, I’m not saying that they’re comparable players, Derrick still has half a season left). Dan kind of managed to do this, but even he mostly had to resort to just flat out lying to people.

        People constantly misunderstand who Derrick is by comparing him to Amanda or Helen or someone of that ilk. But the obvious difference is that people like that were incredibly obvious with their manipulation and everyone knew what they were doing.

        It takes a special player to make people do the things that you want without them even realizing it, so far, Derrick is proving to be one of them.

    • I think that Derrick should return to big brother when they have an all stars season.

  5. You have to remember that Derrick didn’t want to do this. He tried to convince Nicole to settle for Jocasta leaving because she can’t be controlled, but Nicole is too smart to be mind-warped. It was only after Nicole didn’t budge that Derrick knew he had only one option to keep her happy. Nicole controlled the week, but Derrick convinced the rest of the house that their ally (his included) needs to be the first to walk out the door on Thursday. Derrick and Cody playing both sides simply can’t work forever. Assuming nothing changes, I’ll give this week’s victory to Nicole.

    • Which is just such a weird thing for Derrick to go along with.

      Nicole can’t play in next HoH & unless he really thinks Nicole commands anyone outside of Hayden, who wouldn’t put up Derrick anyway, then why is he cutting out one of his own numbers? Doesn’t make much sense.

      • Derrick was backed into a corner this week. It’s not always going to work out to pick a side and convince the other, especially when there are less people. He’s going to scramble eventually when he can’t cover all of his bases. I don’t know why people are worshiping Derrick so much when it was Nicole who controlled him this week. He couldn’t get her to change her target, so he was forced to convince the house to vote out his own and their own ally.

      • Derrick is turning lemons into lemonade and then selling the lemonade as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      • The thing is that the lemonade he’s making and selling has a little poison in it.

        He took a sip.

      • But that’s what I don’t get. Why would Derrick think he needs to give in to Nicole on this? She hasn’t threatened him over possibility of Zach staying and he’s got the numbers even better if Zach does stay.

      • I think it is because of Derrick and Cody’s side alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Derrick and Cody were talking about being able to go to either side of the house if it became necessary. He needs to leave the option open. Nicole believes Derrick is on her side and he needs her to keep thinking that.

      • That’s what I was trying to say below. :) Derrick doesn’t want to choose a side until he absolutely has to. The longer he stays in the middle, the better chance he has of staying safe and controlling whoever is in power.

      • Exactly. I think it is just a matter of keeping all his side alliances under wraps. When he convinces Frankie to go along with it, the only side alliance he is cutting out is LTA. Maybe not the absolute best move for him this week, but it is something he can work with and he’s showing loyalty to his newest “final 4.”

      • Yep I agree. He knows she wants Zach gone so why go against her and upset her.

      • I think it’s because Derrick’s play is overrated. He was very easily forced to go to work to meet Nicole’s desires. She didn’t have to do much because Derrick did the dirty work for the week. He is actively pursuing getting his own ally evicted because Nicole told him to do so.

      • You’ve lost your mind. Derrick has the detonators and now an alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Instead of voting against Nicole immediately after trying to gain her trust, he’s playing “the hand he was dealt” this week. If an HOH has a target that they won’t budge on, trying to sway their opinion is only going to make them doubt you. Derrick smoothed things over with the detonators and even got Frankie on board with the plan, now when Zack goes walking out the door he isn’t going to have a scorned Frankie coming after him.

        To sum up, Derrick lost an ally in Zack but he gained 2 from the opposite side of the house in Nicole and Hayden. Instead of having Nicole and Hayden targetting him in the future for going against them, he loses Zack but doesn’t have anyone coming for blood later.

        Sounds like for an “overrated” player he has played about the best game he could’ve given the situation this week. You have to pay attention lol, don’t hate on greatness.

      • Matt, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think Derrick needed to give in to Nicole this week. They had the numbers they could have voted out Jacosta (like they voted out Amber/Brittany) and be better protected for the DE with a plan in place. I could see possibily making pseudo alliance with the other side after this Thursday evictions. Unless DR is suggesting they want Zach.

      • If he wouldn’t of went with Nicole he would of had 3 more people after him. And his own alliance has already brought up his name more then once. He has a final 2 deal with Nicole so of course he has to cover his ass by going along with her.

      • I disagree. I think that Zach staying is worse for Derrick’s game since Zach is closer to Frankie. That is an extra vote for when Frankie decides to turn on Derrick. He now has convinced Nicole they are in an alliance together and she won’t nominate or vote him out, and he still managed to stay safe with the rest of the Detonators. The only person left in the house that Derrick isn’t in an alliance with is Jocosta and she is no threat.

      • And when push comes to shove, Derrick is great at being able to change his tactics to conform to what he needs to manipulate whomever he chooses…and comes out smelling like a rose in the house…so far.

      • Yep so far is right. People need to start talking and find out he has deals with everyone.

      • I think people are impressed with Derrick because he still won’t be a target after this week. Nicole will end up a target because she is the only girl to win 2 HOH’s. And we all know the guys are going to want a threat like that around. Not to mention Derrick knows Nicole is targeting Frankie and is holding that information until he needs to use it. While Nicole might have won the battle this week, she is not likely to win the war.

      • As long as Derrick can keep the house voting together, he doesn’t have to draw a line in the sand and pick a side. It also means that he doesn’t have to get HOH or POV and get dirty. He gets to continue to manipulate everyone.

      • He definitely wouldn’t have to worry about HoH with Zach there, but I can’t say I’m completely confident Jocasta wouldn’t nom him given the chance. Of course a Jocasta HoH isn’t terribly likely and that might be more of what he’s banking on here.

      • But Jocasta KNEW all the answers in the last HOH. She won!!!
        She just screwed up and got eliminated first.
        Honestly, I totally agree. He doesn’t see her as a threat to win, and if she would get HOH, as long as it isn’t a DE, she is so far out of the game strategically, there is a good chance that whatever she does would give him something he could work with.

      • Well, the week is not over so, not really sure what to make of it if Derrick is really serious about evicting Zach. We will know soon enough come eviction time. I hope though, that Zach is evicted! Rooting for Nicole, Hayden and Donny. Hope one of them ends up winning it!

      • Those are the 3 I want in the end. Then I would be happy with either if them winning.

      • Derrick and Cody (mostly Derrick) are playing both sides and need numbers on both sides in case somebody flips on them. As someone else said if Derrick doesn’t get Frankie to flip then the line is drawn and the Detonators are done. This way he keeps both alliances intact and stays sitting pretty. Saying that though the DE could draw the line.

      • I agree. Zach isn’t a close ally of Derrick’s but is close to Frankie. By limiting Frankie’s power this week and getting Zach out, Derrick furthers his game with the Detonators and with the Rationale. BTW all alliance names have been really lame this season.

      • I think Derrick is worried about upsetting anyone. After all he has a final 2 with Nicole. (And everyone else). He’s worried in this case that he would have Hayden, Nicole, Donny after him. Also Christine would be after him and a few others have mentioned his name. He’s trying to build an army around him so I think that’s why he’s going with Nicole on this one.

      • Derrick is doing a two for one switch. One unpredictable house guest (Zach) for two more stable house guests (Nicole & Hayden).

        If the detonators voted to keep Zach, Derrick burns bridges with Nicole (and to Derrick’s knowledge at least Hayden). Zach stays, but who knows what crazy antics Zach will come up with that will expose Derrick’s game. So in this scenario Derrick keeps an unpredictable ally, Zach and ticks off at least two other house guests. Derick’s all about control, so Zach is a problem for him.

        In the current scenario Derrick has gained confidence with Nicole and Hayden, eliminated the unpredictable Zach AND weakened Frankie and Christine (with Frankie’s approval!).

        Going into the double elimination, the three biggest targets in the house are Frankie, Christine and Donny (probably in that order).

        Nicole got out her target, but Derrick won the week.

  6. Derrick is playing a great game. At this point, I want him to win. I don’t want any of the women (they aren’t very good players, what a terrible season for female players) or Cody or Hayden (so quiet I often forget they’re even on the show–boring is not good) to win!

    • Agreed. And I enjoy seeing someone in control who isn’t a jerk, doesn’t yell or threaten.. basically still acts like a nice guy.

    • Derrick is playing with fire. He has an alliance with everyone and it’s going to come back and bite him. And as far as the girls Nicole is playing a great game. She’s winning and she knows the game she’s not stupid. She caught on to Christine and is now playing her. I hope Nicole, Hayden and Donny make it to the end.

  7. So want TA mission for derrick to reveal he is a cop or frankie reveal his sister and then see who isn’t doing missions

    • Yeah, could happen before it’s over and would definitely be an interesting scenario. Neither one would bite because it is too risky a reveal and could be the nail in their coffin, and they both think they will make it to F2. Since they wouldn’t have Donny to try to use as a scapegoat, I wonder how they would apologize to America for that one.

      • also considering Donny would be the only lone willing to do it, this would show their hiding something.I really want production to turn this on F & Der since they have used it against Donny in every task. I’m sure Donny now realises that he was thrown UTB by Frankie on the first task. I dont blame Donny for turning it down.

      • While they failed the task to get a houseguest to start a fight, Donny didn’t do anything to help that task. They have each had times where they took the backseat and let the other two do the work.

      • Derrick & Frankie were wanting to throw Donny under the bus BEFORE Donny not taking the last TA mission so that excuse is a red-herring. Derrick is NOT helping the perception of cops one little bit!

    • yeah, i think they are making to much fuss about the mission that donny didn’t want to do…. for them it was easy because that douche frankie was hoh and couldn’t vote and zach is derrick and frankies pet… donny was the only one at risk and i think he played it smart. i really hope none of frankie or derrick wins… they just lie to everyone, that’s not really such good game but other than donny no one can really see how they are played like retarded puppets :)

      • This is a game for $500k, lying is a big part of winning. Frankie was playing a good game but has now shown up on some people’s radars. Derrick, while controlling the whole house, hasn’t even been mentioned by most of the houseguests as a target/threat.

  8. Getting upset with Frankie and Derrick wanting to get Donny out. Wish Donny would step up and confront Derrick in private that he knows they are after him. Just not this week or they will get him on the DE.

    • I’m not really expecting Donny to survive DE. Fingers crossed that he does, though!

    • Why is it such a cardinal sin for Derrick to want Donny out? He’s one of the few people not buying into his game so of course he’s gotta go in Derrick’s eyes.

      • Yes, I think Donny has Derrick pegged and he intimidates Derrick and threatens his gameplay, so therefore it would be a correct assumption that he’d be crazy not to want Donny out. But I just can’t help it. I want Donny to stay because he has really just started his gameplay and I truthfully think that he is the only one that could even get close to the level of play Derrick is at. I would love to see these two in the F2 and whichever one won it, I would be happy for. Now this is all subject to change.

    • This is a house where the slogan seems to be “you are either with us, or you are against us”. And sorry, but Donny hasn’t done much to be a part of the game. While sitting back and waiting can be a good strategy, he needs to form some tight alliances within the house. His only hope to survive is to win key comps. I do like Donny and am hoping that he wins veto during double eviction and then wins HOH right after.

      • Donny observes. He’s very smart. And he does have somewhat of an alliance with Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole. They worked together this week and Hayden and Donny talk game a lot.

      • I only watch BBAF don’t have live feeds so i don’t see Hayden and Donny talking game? Maybe I missed it. IDK, I just get a bad feeling from Hayden.

      • Hayden has done anything either except act dumb. He has to be the most boring player. He clings onto other peoples personalities and copies them. He doesn’t fit in anywhere, not even by himself. And I can’t believe Nicole would even consider having anything to do with him. I get such a fake vibe from him, he creeps me out. Can’t wait for him to be gone.

  9. I really hope something changes and Zach survives this week. I think the best chance would be if the Team America mission were something like “Who would you like Team America to try and save this week? A) Zach or B) Jocasta”. Assuming Zach is chosen to be saved I think Frankie, Derrick, and Donnie would make that happen and thus Cody, Christine, Caleb, and Victoria could probably be swayed as well. Zach is very entertaining and Jocasta does nothing for me so I really hope something happens to save him…

    • I really hope that doesn’t happen. I never liked Team America, and if production pulls this stunt to save Zach I will be really upset. Why ruin a blindside? I want to see Zach get blindsided on Thursday.

  10. If Derrick wants to win, he needs to start voting out good players. Zach is good at the HoH competition and could vote Derrick out if he keeps him.

  11. I love Derrick, he is playing the best game by far this season and his game play is comparable to some of the great BB players in history.

    • Absolutely. I can’t say he’s the most entertaining to watch, because he doesn’t create much drama, but that’s why he’s so good. Seems like a good guy outside the house, and he’s playing the game well.

  12. Derrick can sit beside any of the player in the house(F2) and win. I don’t think he cares who, but don’t think for second they’re not aware who’s playing hard here. He will play (cut throat) eventually and by that time he will be the most wanted HG to get out. Will he be able to get out of that chair like Dan G?…that remains to be seen.

  13. I wonder when all of Derrick’s lies and manipulation will come back to bite him. The sooner the houseguests open their eyes, the better

    • He has himself covered pretty good as of now. I love watching him play and hope he makes it to the F2 at least, though for now,I’m going to reserve judgment on who I would like to win.

  14. Love me some Derrick. He was my pre season pick to win and I am glad he is doing well in the game. He needs to start fading into the background because he could eventually make himself a target.

  15. Convincing someone to vote a certain way is a good game move. Making that person believe that they were the one who thought of it, is a great game move.

  16. I just want Zach out, he will be out and Jocasta will not be a pawn nominee after this.

  17. Derrick is definitely a smooth talker. I hate that he wants Donny out. I like Donny. Donny’s decision not to do the last Team America challenge was the right decision.He’s trying to win 500k not 5k. The other Team America players have seemed willing to have Donny leave from the beginning and I don’t get it.

  18. So, what is it with cops this season and these type of cut throat, lying, deceiving and blatant back stabbing and Jedi Mind Tricks? First, Tony on Survivors and now, Derrick in Big Brother ?? ;)

    • There are good cops and bad cops just like there are good /bad people and good/bad teachers,etc. I don’t know anything about the real Derrick the cop and would never impune his character as a policeman/detective, whatever he is, based on his gameplay so far in the BB house. If his training has assisted him in his excellent ability to play the game, then more power to him. If he was saying offensive,cruel things about women, talking filthy mouthed, being dirty minded,etc., like a couple of the HGS, then I would be concerned about his character, but in my opinion, he has been able to maintain his dignity while playing the game.

      • Exactly, my point …. they have had oodles of training in their respective profession, and, have an advantage in these types of reality shows, especially, if, in this case, Derrick, as an under cover officer … as, Tony said, in Survivor, it was just a game, in the character that he portrayed to win a $million …

        Having said that, he better hope that the perps in his local precincts do not have televisions, as his life as a undercover cop may now be a bit compromised … Ha !!! :)

      • I’ve thought about that myself. Surely, he was planning not to do anymore undercover work before he came on BB. You’d think that could put him in a lot of compromising situations that would possibly endanger his life, that is considering his undercover work was dangerous to begin with. Maybe he was undercover at a day-care watching out for PB&J sandwich stealers or something.

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