Big Brother 16: Derrick & Frankie Reconsider The ‘Save Donny’ Plan

Donny Thompson is sitting in the hot seat this week on Big Brother, but is there a chance for him to escape eviction from his seventh nomination of the season and third trip to the Thursday night nomination chairs? Yesterday we heard rumblings of a plan to flip the vote, but would it take hold?

Donny and Derrick on Big Brother 16

Derrick and Frankie sit down for a talk in the backyard around 4:30PM BBT 8/25 and discuss the situation with sending Donny or Nicole off to the Jury House. After an initial push from Frankie a few days ago to send Nicole out and keep Donny we hadn’t heard much from Frankie on the subject. At the same time it looked quite solid for Derrick wanting Donny gone. So what’s going on now?

Frankie and Derrick suggest they are motivated by what America might want (keeping Donny) and speculate DR could even make it a new Team America mission this week. It’s suggested that maybe they could go in to DR and ask for another $5K to keep Donny around this week.

They agree to consider keeping Donny and to check around for support. With just five votes this week and Derrick controlling his and Victoria’s it wouldn’t be impossible to pull this off.

Throughout the night Derrick and Frankie do their thing around the house. Derrick speaks with Victoria and reminds her how well Nicole would do in an endurance competition while Frankie has his talks with Caleb and Christine to push the same agenda. Later they regroup to discuss.

Jump to 9:05PM BBT to find Derrick and Frankie talking through the scenario in the HoH bathroom. Frankie points out there is enough doubt in the house right now that they have an in to save Donny. Frankie is confident that if Donny stays then he won’t be going after him while Nicole most likely would go after both of them.

During their conversation Frankie starts to say something about the impression he’s been given when we heard a reminder from Big Brother than they’re not allowed to discuss their DR sessions. Derrick responds that they’re trying to pull off a miracle and to give them some slack. It seems possible that this reversal of positions could be coming from production, but is anyone surprised?

At 10:00PM BBT Derrick is talking with Caleb about saving Donny but he doesn’t waste the opportunity to get in a few digs at Frankie and why Caleb, Cody, and Derrick make a great F3. We already know Caleb and Cody have discussed keeping Derrick over Frankie for the F3, so this is a supportive discussion to that angle.

So what could stop this “Save Donny” effort? Could the guy without a vote be the one to end it all? Jump to 10:40PM BBT Cams 3/4 as Derrick and Cody chat in the HoH room. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb brought up keeping Donny, but he shut it down fast. Cody says Frankie was floating the idea to Caleb. Derrick acts surprised.

Cody says Frankie is driven by his fear that Nicole would come after him and that is the only reason he’s working on others to keep Donny. Derrick starts to suggest that he also believes Nicole may come after him (Derrick) if they were to keep him. Cody disagrees. Again the hidden humor here is that Nicole may target Cody & Derrick if she gets to stay in the house per the advisement she received from Hayden.

These conversations go on and off all night. Another one takes place at 12:30AM BBT as Derrick and Frankie work on Caleb. Caleb is worried that Donny would win if he gets to the end, but Frankie points out they keep getting Donny in the hot seat and they could do it again.

Perhaps hedging his bets or just sensing too much resistance to the “Save Donny” plan Derrick goes to Nicole and promises her his vote to stay. Flashback to 12:45AM BBT for their discussion.

Minutes later Derrick conveys to Frankie that this is an uphill battle and might not be worth fighting if it’s going to hurt them. Derrick seems to have given up on trying to keep Donny, at least for now. Frankie appears to agree as he’s soon talking with Christine and Cody about keeping Nicole.

So we’re back to Donny getting evicted on Thursday night, but right now Tuesday hasn’t even started which means there is still a LOT of time left for things to shuffle. Should Nicole stay I think there’s a better chance of a power shift, but I know a lot of folks will be sorry to see Donny go. He’s put up a heck of a fight, but the odds continue to be stacked against him.

Something to consider is whether or not this was all for show. Derrick and Frankie were soundly against Donny’s proposal of using their freestyle Team America mission to keep him for an easy $5K, but now they’re working the house and easily giving up? Who knows.

What do you think might happen this week? Could the house shift and decide to keep Donny? Will Derrick risk Cody’s confidence if he decides to flip the vote and keep Cody’s target this week? It’d be a big risk when both nominees could end up coming after them.


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  1. This fits in with production’s idea for this week’s TA mission. A little clever editing to show Donny pitching the idea, add in a deadline change to nominations, instead of POV ceremony, and nothing about the “play” disaster. Viola! Production has something for America to vote on this week.

    • One can only hope that the house will see to it that Donny stays, but with all the flip flopping every so often, who knows. I just feel sorry for Donny who’s basically done all he can to stay and still gets put up on the block because all refer to Derrick’s suggestion to evict. That’s BB and their production for ya!

      • Does production really care? They are getting footage of both Derrick and Frankie trying to complete Donny’s suggested TA mission of saving him.

        (I really hope it works and Donny stays, too!)

      • Production mostly cares about ratings…it’s a known fact throughout all the networks competing, so of course they’re going to care how everything evolves. But they also have to keep a low profile with the viewers and house guests and not make it seem they’re desperate! :-)

      • I like to know what the ratings are for BB? I wouldn’t be suprised if this is the last year.

      • it’s because they are one of the 2 major broadcast networks for NFL. their Sunday ratings are through the roof in the fall, since they are the network to tune into for most of the afternoon AFC games.

      • I saw a chart of this year’s ratings compared to last year. Most weeks this year’s are down.

      • I am starting to reconsider Derrick in the F2. I really don’t think Derrick or Frankie could get the votes to win. That is probably what then think.

      • But he played a much better social game and was successful in manipulating the whole house. And he’s won 2 HOHs! LOL

      • Derrick is a good talker, if he was in final two, he would def be able to persuade the jury that he pulled the strings for the detonators. Although he hasn’t won much comps, he’s got the social game down to a tee, but he seems to get more aggressive now when he wants something done, I just hope for his game he doesn’t let anything make him slip.

      • IDK if Derrick could beat a Frankie in the F2. Sorry to say but Frankie has kick some butt….LOL Yes, Derrick played a social game but will the jury see that? I think Derrick as no votes in the jury right now. The thing is that on BB the jury talks to each other.

      • They could also look to Frankie like he comes from money. If i was in jury and I was voting for someone with a social game and someone with more comp wins, and one of them has a famous relative, I think I would be a little biased to vote for them to win.

      • You will need 5 votes to win. I don’t Derrick has 5 votes. He’s played a great social game but so has Frankie. Frankie right now has won more competitions then Derrick. A jury may see that.

      • What the remaining HGs don’t seem to realize is that assuming Donny and Nicole are sent to jury, that’s 4 friends (Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta) and 1 PO’d Donny friend (Zach), that will potentially vote together. 5 out of 9 total votes. Those 5 determine the winner, IMO.

        Zach has already said he’d vote Derrick over Frankie. I think the other 4 would, too.

      • Yep they ALL have said the same thing, even Donny has said he would vote for derrick as he has played a great game, him and Nicole talked about this the week before she was voted out before,

      • maybe and maybe not. Donny said, he vote for Frankie over Derrick. Frankie is won more, But will see!

      • Well, they can’t show the whole thing because it’s too long. Do you think they can scrape enough footage from the disaster to show without offending the former HGs and their friends/families? IMO, if they show the offenses, they have to make comments that CBS doesn’t agree with it (although showing it says they do.) It’s one thing to show trash-talking of HGs still in the game and another to show HGs making fun of former HGs.

        If they can scape enough footage together to show the play, then kudos to the BB editing staff. Either way, it should be interesting to see how BB production spins this week’s TA non-mission.

  2. It would seem that all production would have to do is tell Derrick and Frankie that if Donny is voted out then the TA gig is up. With the numbers still in their favor Donny could be voted out later. Of course, Donny could make a comeback but that could also be said for Nicole.

    • I was upset about Donny leaving at first but after a few days I now almost want him to get away from the dehumanizing treatment he’s had to endure since his few friends were evicted and now
      want him to join his friends in the jury house.
      After Donnie and Nichole leave I don’t know who I will root for next … Caleb?

      • They are so cruel to him, aren’t they? At least he would be with nice people in the jury house.

        I hope they post his mailing address like they did with Zach and Amber so we can let him know that lots of viewers love him!

  3. If Donny gets evicted, they can say (for the Donny fans) “we tried”…yeah right !..we gotcha !

    • Yep, in DR… “Sorry America, we tried to get my man Donny, our fellow Team America member saved this week but the house didn’t want to”. Derrick thinks he is fooling America in his DR speeches.

      • It’s kinda hard for Production to follow a story line, when your DR is not correlating with your actions. lol

      • I totally agree. Maybe the ones that only watch the CBS show are buying that bull. I’m definitely not. I get so irritated when I see mainly Derrick doing this

    • If Donny gets evicted, that is it for me. I have watched Big Brother since it first started years ago, but this year has been the worse.
      I wouldn’t mind if Derrick won, because he has played the game, but if Frankie wins any money(other than team America) then that’s the final big brother show that I will ever watch.
      Donny has really played the game, and basically by himself. He has been accused of not being very social, but you have to remember he is a lot older than these players. Bless his heart, he still believes that when someone tells you something, then they will stand behind their word, but he has found out that everyone has lied to him.
      Frankie makes me sick being so silly and he does not need the money, please oh please get him out.

      • I’m pretty sure that Donnie has met very few people in his life like these current HG’s and I imagine he won’t be very tempted to leave his small town ever again to seek fame and fortune.

      • It’s not just that Donny believes people will be true to their word (after all, he has followed BB and knows how it goes). I think any decent person would have a hard time relating to Frankies blatent man groping and graphic omments regarding things like dirty dildos from his asshole. Not only did Vic speak mostly Hebrew before she came in the house, she is so strange (when she isnt staring into a mirror). Cody and Christine were too busy fondeling one another, even though she is married. Devin and Joey were, straight up, mental. Derrick has spun everything so he could contol everyone in the house, Jacosta was either sick or babbling in tongues! Donny did form friendships with Nicole and Hayden, as they were normal human beings, even though they were younger. Donny even befriended Zach because he was amuzed with his stories and antics. As for his social game with the others, I think anyone would have a hard time relating to these weirdos! This has been one of the strangest casts I think I’ve ever seen on BB. I honestly am so disgusted and appauled by some of Frankies graphic sexual comments and actions that I find it hard to believe they can broadcast some of it. I am no prude, by any means, but I cant imagine living with that 24-7 and keeping any meals down! Donny has certainly done better with this bunch than most people would….

    • Lol, Cyril that is exactly what the entire Sunday night CBS show was for!!! It was an effort by CBS to rehabilitate Derrick’s image. Derrick lied to America saying he was TA and taking them to the F3, and he has done nothing but try to get Donny out every week. Derrick’s last words on the show were that he could flip the house to keep Donny, and that all he needs is word from Donny that he would keep him, and then said Donny it is on you! Way to spin the “mastermind” image for Derrick to the positive. Way to go CBS to put someone who hasn’t done a nasty thing to any one in that house as being the one causing his own eviction! Smh! Its just CBS’s storyline this week to keep the public watching to see if their fan favorite in the house stays or goes. Epic fail!!! Any long term fan of BB knows the drill!

  4. I believe thats exactly whats going on – especially Derrick. I’m hoping production is as sick of Derrick trying to “outplay” them like he is trying to bs with America. I’m sick of his lyin Dr’s, sick of his dirty cop strategies and soooo over him playin up to the cameras. I cringe now everytime I see him looking at the cam now cuz i know whats coming – more bs!

    • I can almost tolerate Frankie more than Derrick at this point. I have never been able to admire a sneaky, lying HG and at least Frankie owns up to being fake.

  5. I really want Nicole to stay but to stick with Hayden advice and put up Cody and Derrick if she wins HOH. But actually I would pick Derrick and Frankie because that would be a bigger power shift! Anyway I want Donny gone only because he hasn’t really won any of the recent HOH. Also if he would stay and win HOH he wont really do any big moves out of fear. If he doesn’t win than he will be nomited to be evicted again, boring boring!

    • If Donny does manage to stay – at some point in the game his vote will become very valuable and he could very well be the swing vote in the coming weeks.
      Meanwhile, I am patiently awaiting the unveiling of Pandora’s Box so that both Donny and Nicole, the 2 most popular HG’s currently residing in the BB house, will both be able to stay.

      • There Is a small chance that one of them one of them will survive – if they have a little bit of luck.

  6. For one thing Nicole is going to have to quit acting like poor me and get some kick ass attitude in her. She has another chance, and yet she has to play her heart out but at this time everyone does. Even alliance members are going to start turning on each other. I can’t believe that players are willing to be # 4 and 5 in an alliance at this stage of the game. I hate players that play other players game. Derrick is the ring leader so he is playing the game the best. But all the rest in that alliance is wimps. I want Donny to stay, but hope that Nicole starts fighting

    • Don’t forget Sir Derrick had decried that anyone in His Alliance caught talking to Nicole alone this week, will be targeted next week … such the case, she and Donny havs bonded quite well together with all the time that they have spent together, as a result …

      • That didn’t stop Derrick from taking Nicole into the very same fire room to talk that he just swore earlier in the week that if anyone was caught in that room talking game with Nicole that they would be instantly put on the block! lol Me thinks Derrick is slipping!

    • Maybe Nicole is just pretending to be weak due to her precarious position in the house. The last time she tried to get Frankie out didn’t turn out very well for her as I recall. But I’m hoping if she does stay that she wins HOH and does major damage.
      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Nicole and Christine wound up as the final 2?

  7. The reason Frankie and Derrick would keep Donny over Nicole is because they will be hated by America!

    • Yes that’s exactly what it is, and neither Derrick or Frankie want to be hated by America after BB and that’s certainly not in their long term plans to be sure. I suspect the DR has pointed this out to them already. Since Frankie is such a fame hoe you would think he would want to save the day and keep Donny in the house and earn America’s gratitude. If he were to do this it’s entirely possible that America would like him a lot better post BB.
      Maybe if the DR pointed this out to Frankie that a final 2 alliance with Donnie would make him a BB star and that America would root for them to make the Final 2, improving his stature greatly in the post BB world. Oh well, I can dream.

      • I think you are right. Plus, the fact that TA can be disband. The production could just end it, People just see the edit version. The people that have live feeds don’t know what questions are being asked 100%.

  8. I think production should have a new twist, the evicted HG should become the new HOH and the HOH that got them evicted should be the one evicted.

  9. Think TA was an alliance of Joey, Derrick, Frankie, Donny and America. Well Joey is gone and America has no say. C’mon on BB this is a joke!

  10. Big Brother 16 We need a very big twist this week.

    Just watched the Sunday episode and it’s really getting annoying, there’s no thrill coz power is always on the same side of the house almost every week. Witchtine needs to go.

  11. If Donny can pull off the miracle this week (I still have my doubts about that, though), and then pull off whatever he needs to do to make it to the end, then he’s basically won BB16. He’s been the target this entire season and this is his 7th trip to the block, like Matt said. If he stays, then it won’t be his last. That’s been a huge deciding factor for the jury in past seasons.

    Again, this is just speculation. I really think this is all for show, since BB needs the fodder for Thursday’s episode.

  12. Just wait …. just wait … the game is fixed for Donny to win, with Production suggesting in DR to influencing Frankie in some way to save him … based on what Frankie was reported saying… Hmmmm …

    The Guy already making $15,000 or more as TA and, likely as AFP for additional $25,000 along with at least $13,000 stipend to making it into Jury … it would be more the second place ….of $50K

    Production is scr@wed either way, if poor Nicole should be evicted this week if Frankie succeeds to flip the House and Donny is saved …

    • ahhhh Frankie could have been told by Production that the TA missions will end if and when one of them gets evicted…No more extra cash…Frankie ain’t gonna help Donny unless it will benefit him…

  13. If Cody were smart, hr would have taken Nicole, Donnie, and Christine and formed a new alliance because now his original alliance are all going to start turning on each other. That could have been guaranteed votes for him because Donnie and Nicole would have been indebted and Christine would do what he says. He could have gotten Frankie evicted and that would have only left Derrick, Victoria, and Caleb. Derrick is playing a smart game, while everyone was thinking Frankie was the puppet master, it was Derrick the whole time. I wish he would get evicted.

  14. I think we have to stop focussing on Donny for the win (much as I love him)…this season has been very predictable and it won’t get any better until “the cool kids” start picking off their own….the only way this season will get any worse is if the followers get rid of Derrick….he so deserves the win! (Although, if somehow Donny or Nicole manage to stay and become HOH and mastermind his eviction), we might still have some game….what would the lemmings do? who would they turn to to ask who they should vote for/nominate/evict?, without Derrick, the house would become one crazy mess!

    • Unfortunately, that has what the game has evolved to. All of them are floating thinking they will make Final 2 without evicting anyone from their alliance. Can you find a more dumb cast than this bunch? Only Derrick, Nicole and Donny has played the game. The others in the Big Brother House has not even earned their weekly stipend to essentially do nothing week after week!

  15. It is ridiculous for Production to encourage the flip flopping this way then, flip flopping the other way the next day. Now, if they really want to end the boredom these past how many weeks now, how about a Coup D’Etat to save both Nicole and Donny? Or a Pandora’s Box for Cody that if he opens saves both nominees? That would do more to provide some drama and excitement to the game than, these lame ass suggestions to flip flop over and over again! These ninnies would have to ask Derrick which way to go anyways!

    • In a perfect world, Victoria should have been encouraged to have withdrawalled from the game due to a medical emergency (and, yes, even offered compensation) that would have resulted I no eviction this week … Win-Win for everyone … Ha!!!

      • Maybe she was offered a withdrawal. We still don’t know if she faked it or not. Was the swelling faked? It could have been. It sure went away and hasn’t come back. Was the pain faked? See swelling above. Was the sweating faked? The doctors thought so. Was the fainting faked? Easy enough to do behind the closed br door. Or was it all real??

        If it was faked, should would turn down any withdrawal offer. If it was real, then idk.

      • If it’s treatable like what happened before in BB9 then they have clearance to stay on. If it was faked, Nicole would have noticed the moment Victoria didn’t answer her back that day while inside the toilet room.

      • Vic claimed it was her wisdom teeth. Yet, we’ve seen no evidence of pain, swelling, dizzy spell since then. If it was her tooth or teeth, she’d at least be wincing when she eats. There’s been nothing.

        Not answering someone is very easy to fake. Just lay there with your eyes closed and don’t respond.

      • In a perfect world the casting director should have been fired after last seasons horrific show and we might not be having to watch this seasons brainless mindless idiots who don’t even know where they are or why they are there…

  16. Here’s a thought….remember those “activity trackers” and how they were going to play a role in the game? Well, Donny has been riding that elliptical thingy like a mad man….could this be the week that the activity tracker becomes something very important? hmmmmm….

    • Oh! Great thought! Because it was used for Have-nots, almost everyone has forgotten about them. Because they weren’t removed after the Have-nots they could be used again for a twist.

  17. Donny should have a Donny BB Funeral and confess that he really isn’t just a groundskeeper, but actually a former CIA officer working incognito as a Professor at Harvard University, and his big secret is that he is an estranged relative to the stars of Duck Dynasty and raising money to fund his charity …

    • yeah His best friend is Phillip Sheppard the CIA agent on Survivor…they do secret missions together..

  18. I’m guessing production just wants more interesting footage than a failed “Broadway” play, which is why Frankie half-heartedly went around trying to get people to vote for Donny but why neither he nor Derrick is trying all that hard to have it happen. I’m guessing production isn’t actually trying to keep Donny around (unless the suggestions keep coming). While I’d love for Donny to stay, I wouldn’t like the idea of production trying to force people to get him to stay.

  19. It makes me so sad to think about how great this week would have been if Donny had just beaten Cody in the HOH competition. Donny, you spend so much time sitting by yourself, why are you not constantly thinking about what happened on which day????

  20. Production probably told them that even if they still plan to get rid of Donny to go out there and give them some footage of them talking about saving Donny and talking to other HGs about keeping Donny so on Wednesday night show they can make it seem like there is a chance Donny might not be going home. We will see wed night

      • I sure hope not just to me something is fishy with how Derrick half tried to change things then gave up and told nicole she is good. This is the master manipulator we are talking about after all

      • Either he wants to milk Team America for all its worth or he’s still afraid Nicole will once again win HOH the following week considering her stats in HOH competition wins which is 3.

        There’s a lot to consider for Derrick knowing one wrong move could derail everything he worked so hard for this season.

  21. Not sure why some people are hating on derrick, he’s clearly playing the best game and isn’t boasting about it. So at this point I would only be happy if Derrick or Donny win. Since Donny has been a consistent target and he’s been playing his own game.

    • People on this website don’t like or care about people playing a good game. They just want to see underdogs and “big moves,” even if it would make no sense for them to do said moves, and would jeopardize their games. Derrick is neither an underdog nor does he make big moves (technically, he makes EVERY move, since he is controlling the entire house), therefore, he deserves all the hate in the world.

      I’m pulling for Derrick to win the game, and Donny to win America’s Favourite. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one player able to control an entire house for the whole game without anyone actually realizing it, and for that alone, Derrick should take the game. And of course, Donny is the nicest guy I’ve ever seen in BB history, so yeah, I’m on board with giving him some money.

      • Very well said! I dont think that being a comp star is the only factor to be considered for a HG to win the game. There are so many strange and different personalities in the house this season. For one person to juggle so many different players and NEVER end up getting clise to the block, is a huge accomplishment! Donny is a very nice man and it has been refreshing to see such a kind and upstanding HG to balance out some of the less likable characters this year. He has fought very hardvto stay in the game. He definately has my vote for ABP. However, the winner of BB typically has done a fair amount of scheming and manipulation tocmake it to the end (Dr.Will, Rachael, Boogie). The only HG that fits the bill this season is Derrick. It’s an added plus that he is a working man with a family (although I dom’t normally consider which HG may need the money or how they might use it). With this HG,:his purpose for winning the prize is just icing. Unless something drastic happens in the next couple of weeks, I think this year’s stand-out player has to be Derrick. I hope the jury sees it the same way!

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