‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 9 [POLL]

The Big Brother House continues its pursuit of the difficult-to-evict Donny Thompson this week as the next eviction draws close. Will they finally get out their seven times nominated target or could he slip through their fingers again?

Donny Thompson counting the votes on Big Brother
Donny Thompson counting the votes on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The majority alliance had planned to send Donny home long before they knew another Houseguest was returning to the game. Now with Nicole Franzel back in the mix their options are split between sending the returning HG back to Jury and keeping their eyes on the bearded prize.

Five votes are once again up for grabs this week as eight Houseguests remain in the race. Three votes will be all it takes to evict and no tie-breaker can come in to play this round.

Last night we saw an odd push to keep Donny by Derrick and Frankie as part of their Team America alliance. Considering they completely rejected his pleas for help during their latest TA mission this was a curious series of moves. Doesn’t look like that really matters anymore though.

As of now that plan is dead in the water, but with two days left to go it’s always possible that we could see it return as a subject of interest. I’m doubtful of that though and if things remain as they are now then Nicole will be safe and Donny will heard to Jury.

Both Victoria and Derrick promised Nicole their support and vote to stay during private talks last night. Nicole also approached Caleb who was willing to give her his support and promised another vote. That right there would be enough for Donny to go.

Frankie is sure to go where the rest of the guys go even though he has worries that Nicole is more likely to come after him than Donny might. Christine has been vocal about her dislike for Donny, as she does with most of the HGs, so there’s not much of a chance she goes against this plan.

I’d consider both of those votes going against Donny as well. That’d be yet another unanimous eviction vote this week with Donny evicted 5-0.

Who do you think will be evicted on Thursday night? Things may appear back and forth now, but one of them has to go so let’s vote.


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    • As bad as I hated to click Donny’s name I realized unless he gets a miracle he is gone.

      • His spirit is weak and probably getting evicted would be the best thing for him. He needs to get away from these people. As bad I hate to see him go, it also bothers me to see him so lonely. Godspeed to you, Donny. Go eat, drink, and be merry and come back to get your check for AFP.

      • Their cruelty towards him has broken his spirit I’m afraid. I almost want him to get away from the BB house too.

      • He’s not giving up. Still fighting to stay but I think he would be so much happier in jury. BowTie, Hayden Zach plus production loves Donny. There would be people to talk with no more slop and no more fratbrats.

        We love you Donny and you’ve lasted longer than I would have in that hot mess.

      • Bowtie as you refer to her as has name. It’s Jocasta. And she was Donny’s best friend in the house.

      • Forget miracles. Producers trying to flip votes (which it sounds like they’re doing) will do just fine.

  1. If they need three votes to stay…Derrick, Frankie, and Derrick’s scarecrow. What is so complicated about that, Derrick?

  2. This saddens me. I think Donny was the most upstanding player. The only time I think he lied was when he was playing with Team America. I think he will win America’s Favorite this year tho.

  3. It would be idiotic of anyone to NOT vote out Donny. Donny is well-liked by all, and would win against anyone at the end. Nicole could only possibly get Hayden, Jocasta, and Donny’s vote to win.

    • Actually it would be idiotic to play Derricks game. These people need to think for themselves otherwise Derrick will walk away with the big prize.

    • Donny and Nicole would have the same people: Jocasya, Hayden, Zach, and each other for sure. Donny probably couldn’t get anyone else. Nicole miiiiight get Christine depending on who she is up against. Both of them need the majority alliance to be bitter against each other if one of them end up in the F2 with Donny or Nicole.

      • Seriously???!!!! Please name the season WITHOUT a gay player. And it’s not the worse season ever. It may be mediocre but it is far from the worse. I will not even address the gross comment.

      • I didnt say that BB has no gay player, I mean that not everyone in that house is gay.Or you believe that every hg is gay?

      • Worse BB ever.. Too predictable,no one really playing their own game. Except Derrick…if he wins he deserves it…he has played a great social game…not much winning on his part but he seems to be controlling everyone….
        Someone please kick that rediculious CALOB out…
        U go in and lie manipulate and deceive. That’s the game. But Calob omg he needs mental help…u know that this person u see is actually what he is out side the house…..

    • That is what the world is coming to..To many people think it is ok..the show has been all about trying to convence fans that being gay is the way to be ..

      • It is ok to be gay! You should be more concerned about your poor sentence structure and horrific spelling.

      • Just so you know I have seen all 16 season and I can say this year is all about the gay guy!! I think if a man that is not gay done all the things Frankie has done they would be in jail..He is a nasty person , very nasty person..Even for a gay guy he is very nasty.People are just scared to say what they feel about it cause of people like you joethehobo and disqus.I will say what I think of the show .You can’t do a thing about it..LOL being gay is wrong in my eyes ..If you think it is ok that is your right..

      • What I said is very true..In my eyes it is ..Joe no one thinks what you say is true.Why do people hate Frankie so bad?? cause he is very nasty and most of the world want clean not nasty perv!!!

      • Well if no one agrees with me then I’m in good company because anyone who would agree with what you just wrote deserves no respect. Big Brother is just a game. What you wrote about gay people is real life. It’s 2014. I have no words.

        I still think you’re trolling though. Your account is BRAND new and I honestly don’t want to believe anyone would actually mean what you said. If not, hey, congratulations. Your views are so outdated and ignorant that someone assumed you were trolling!

      • Just so you know , I can write what I think about the game..You are a very rude person who has no life other then snapping on what people write own here..What I said has a lot to do with the game..I also can say being gay is wrong..There are more people that think it is wrong then people that stand behind it..Also just so you know ,we that have family and kids are sick of TV with so much nasty things on it..That is why Donny is so liked cause he is not nasty like nasty Frankie..you need to talk about what you think of the show and not what others think..We can think this way..just like you can think yours.

      • What are you talking about? What you said has nothing to do with the game. What you say matters, whether you believe it or not. Even on this internet comment board. And it’s not good enough to just “agree to disagree”. Anyone who is willing to spread racist, homophobic, or ignorant comments is opening themselves up to scrutiny. Like I said, if you want to talk about the game, then talk away. That’s what these forums are for. But we DON’T need to be spreading ignorant comments like you just did. You can’t say things like that and no expect to get feedback from it. The fact that you use words like “nasty” and “wrong” just shows how we need MORE tolerance on tv, not LESS.

        We can despise Frankie for many things. Him being gay should not be one of them. Why don’t we focus on the hundred other things about his personality that make us cringe?

      • I can say I don’t like him cause he is gay and nasty ..I also can say it is wrong..You can’t do anything about it..I have the right to say what I think is right or wrong..

      • Also I said nothing racist, That is you trying to put that out there..I love all color of people just cause I say gay is wrong has nothing to do with your comment.

      • I love that. “Oh my god, I’m not racist silly! Being intolerant of race is wrong! I’m just intolerant of gay people.”

      • You need help !!!All I can say!! I’m done with you!! Grow up and know that all people do not think your way. You are really sad to think people can’t say what is wrong or right..Why is it you can say it’s ok but I can’t say it is wrong?? Go pop your air head..

      • Words have impact, and as long as you continue to spread ignorance and intolerance you will always be called out on it. I’m sure I’m not the first person you’ve encountered who said this and I will not be the last. I hope you never come to realize how hurtful and destructive some of the things you said can be.

      • A man with another man is wrong!! A girl with another girl is wrong ..I can say that and I can call you out on you turning on the Bible ..God took out a whole city for man being with man..They all turned to dust..The Bible says it is wrong ..Are you calling the Bible wrong???Sure you are and you will see one day when you meet your maker who was right..I teach my kids that being gay is wrong..I go by the Bible and not people like you..

      • Do you also not wear mixed textiles? Do you not eat shellfish? Because those practices are strictly prohibited by the bible. Please don’t act like you “go by the bible”. You choose to disobey the bible every single day and don’t even realize it. Stop focusing on the “do’s and don’ts” and instead focus on being a good person.

      • You must not know your Bible well ?? Shellfish are in the old testaments..Me making a stayment is not being wrong..I have not called you one name but you have called me many names ..So who is the BIGGET??YOU

      • Also, kimberly, if you are going to make such bigoted remarks, work on your spelling so at least you sound a tad smarter.

      • Oh, I see! So you can pick and choose what you want to obey in the bible? That seems like a cool religion!

        Also, YOU must not know your bible well, as Leviticus (which contains most of the mentions to homosexuality) is the Old Testament.

      • HAH! She deleted her account after she found out she was quoting the old testament. How embarrassing.

      • But people like kimberly think being gay IS crude. There’s no reasoning with these people.

      • Why is it that you can say that being gay is ok but I can’t say it is wrong????? Cause people like you think it can only be one sided…I will not bring you down for you thinking it is ok…He is very nasty and wrong to do those things on a tv show..

      • Also Joe you must have a lame life to go and check how many comments others have made..lol So now who is really the crazy one here? I have what they call a job! I don’t have time to comment like a loser like your self..

      • How hard do you think it is to check someone’s profile? It’s literally one click away. Is that something you really think only people without jobs can do?

      • Since the beginning of the days there were always gay people so the world is not coming to as you implied.Television is no trying to convince anything.If you think TV can convince you of anything then you’re dumb.

      • 20 years ago you did not have gay people on TV saying they are gay..So yes I can say that..I have to met my maker one day just as you do..I can say gay is wrong..Would I say they are going to hell not my place for that..I can tell my kids that being gay is wrong and very nasty..If being gay was ok you would see the animals doing it..You don’t though..

      • Just thought I’d pop in here and say that some animals do show homosexual behavior…look it up. There are many stories about it, and it’d be good to educate yourself on this topic :)

      • Lol I’ve seen news stories on gay penguns from NBC, CBS, etc. I’m pretty sure not everyone at those networks are gay.

      • I’m not going to me my maker because I’m not a vampire from true blood.Also animals are gay too so it’s normal for them.Stop trolling!

      • Yes when they are as nasty as Frankie has been in the house..No one wants to see him all over all the men..he is a very nasty person in the house..Just like last years..So I do care that they start thinking of what people want and not all the nasty people on it..

      • Frankie is nasty because is mean person not because he’s gay.Christine is nasty and she’s not lesbian.So being nasty has nothing to do with their sexuality.

    • looks as if that is the case hahhaha
      taking the non homophobe to a new level at best

  4. As much as I hate to see Donny go he will be much happier in the jury house. No way will he make it to the end even if he stays this week he will be miserable. Then Nicole wins HOH and shakes things up. At least I hope so. Nicole is more physical than Donny and I think she has a better chance of winning HOH. Besides on the LF tweets somebody started a fund for Donny. Wonder if I could get them to set one up for me??? LOL

    • Same here, I’ve accepted donnys fate this Thursday, he’ll be happier in the jury house with his friends. He won’t be stressed anymore being nominated every week. But unless there’s a twist where he and Nicole could stay then I’m all for that.

    • Sad but, both of you and KSJB above are so right. It can’t be good for Donny’s overall well being to be left alone with those 6 vultures. I’m hoping for a BB twist that keeps both Donny Nicole safe or for Donny to go and enjoy the last few weeks of BB.

      My vote goes to Donny for AFP this year. Although I’m a 16 year BB fan, I don’t vote on reality shows. This year I’m voting.

      • Hopefully, the best part of the season is yet to come – watching the vultures attack each other. That could be delicious carnage – I hope.

      • Says a lot about our society….that the decent people are in jury and the bottom feeders are still in the house. Just saying.

    • At least the HG’s will talk to Nicole and she can hang out with them at times while Donny is totally ostracized.

      • Donny goes to bed at 8:00 pm and refuses to talk game with anyone unless he is on the block. I love the guy, but he ostracized himself.

    • Why would Donny need a “fund” ? He’s been pulling down thousands of “G’s” as part of Team America and will likely win the cash prize for America’s Favorite Player.

      • He had to quit his full time job to be on BB and plans to marry soon. I’m hoping he will soon find employment after his return home.

      • I would be surprised, if his old employer did not hire him back, if he had quit his job, actually ..

        Wonder if Christine will keep her barrista job, considering how she has been portrayed? From what she has said, neither she nor her DH have much of a credit score/rating …

        Still, for many of these folks, a minimum of $13k for jury members is not that bad, as compared to what they were probably earning, in their jobs ..

        Zach was unemployed ..

      • If his old job has already been filled I don’t know if they could let him come back under those circumstances but I bet Donny won’t have any problems finding another job after BB.

      • I think Zach will have something going with CBS. And I think Donny will have many opportunities offered to him. As for Ratine…she trashed her former co-workers and and employer early in the season. I think she’s done there or any other service industry job.

    • maybe BUT I would be happier if he gets to stay for at least one more week, wins HOH, and POV and stirs up a little $h1+, sends at least one person to the jury before him that has so belittled him in the house, Donny cant be lead around by the nose while Nicole can I am afraid, but then again this is a game that is being played and we know how it goes from week to week, the one that we want to win does not, or the one that we want to leave does not, I also think Donny has accepted that he wont make it to the end, but I also think he would really like to stay and get at least one person out of ‘that alliance’ before he goes to the jury, kinda like a little satisfaction or something like that!!

  5. I agree with everyone, that it was hard to vote for donny in the poll. He is my absolute favorite this year. I can only hope and pray that he wins America’s favorite player orize. The rest are all loses and can go y o h-ll.

  6. Please, please, please let the planets align so the laughing hyena, Christine, goes home next week. She’s horrendous. BTW, did anyone else notice how relaxed and funny Nicole was on BBAD last night. There’s a whole lot more to her than they’ve shown in the past. Cute girl.

  7. Last week, I swore off BB…well, I’m a fraud! I’m still watching—even sat through Frankie’s grotesque and demeaning drag act of Joey. I’ve been reading all the blogs, posts etc….I can’t stop watching! I know Donny is going to jury, but like so many of you all have said, I think he needs to be there. The HGs are just rotten to him. Last year, the people were racist, ignorant jerks, but I’d rather watch Spencer pick his nose and talk nonsense, than to listen to Cody suck his snot and let Ictoria and Christine pet him day and night. Amanda may have been a bully, but she wasn’t MEAN. I know that sounds contradictory; after all, she is the one who terrorized poor Alyssa during A’s last HOH, but–I never heard her spew the hatred that these folks have. Christine is the type of Christian that make people hate Christians. I can’t stand that kind of hypocrisy. The things that come out of her beak are just wrong. SO–I’m glad Donny will be in a place where people will show him kindness. He’s a terrific guy. Once he’s gone, though, I can’t wait to see what those cowards start to do without their whipping boy. Let the games begin!

    • This is ridiculous. The cast last year was vile, hateful, racist, ignorant, and mean-spirited. This cast may not be the most explosive, but at least they’re not any of those other things to the degree of the cast last year. We also have Derrick this year, who is one of the best players to have ever played the game ever, and Donny who is one of the best personalities to have ever played the game. Recency bias at its finest.

      • I agree that Derrick is one of the best players– ever. And I love Donny! The only thing we have a difference about is how I seem to perceive the nastiness of this year’s cast, as opposed to last year’s cast.

      • It’s probably because you didn’t watch the live feeds last year. They couldn’t show all of the nastiness of last season on the broadcast show because it was- well, too nasty.

      • You’re probably right…I don’t think I did see the Amanda you did. Frankie and Cristina seem so mean to me…I can’t imagine how bad Amanda was! I’m glad I didn’t see it…

      • I wouldn’t say that Frankie and Christine are “mean”. Do they gossip? Sure. Do they trash talk? Maybe. But I think the fact that we despise them might make them seem meaner than they really are. Don’t get me wrong. They are despised because they earned it. But are they MEAN? I wouldn’t say that.

        Amanda would personally attack different houseguests. For example, she told Elissa that she’s a bad stepmom and that she shows favoritism to her son. Things like that are over the line. I haven’t see anything Frankie or Christine did that goes anywhere near that.

      • I don’t know everything! Maybe you’ve seen something from Christine and Frankie that I haven’t.

    • oh man u must have missed a lot of BB last season……Amanda was one of the most vile, hate spewing, foul mouth females to ever grace a tv screen….omg have u got it wrong…

      • I didn’t see the live feeds. I did watch BBAD, and I DO remember how nasty Amanda became…I just don’t remember her being as mean as Frankie and Christine.

      • Like I said u missed several shows cause so far they have been mean rude and crude but too date nothing they do tops what Amanda said and did..

      • Of course they never showed Amanda in action on the network shows so a lot of people are unaware of how vile she truly was. Count yourself lucky!

      • Frankie would have made a great villain this season if they had given him a more realistic and accurate edit.

      • Demanda wanted Jessie’s throat slit and her blood used as lubricant when she was gang raped. As bad as this B!tches are Demanda was truly vile.

      • Spencer also talked about child pornography. He was a disgusting pig. I agree with all your comments above except saying this season is the worst. I don’t think any season past, present or future will be worse than last season.

      • Wow. I had no clue how bad it was last season. WHY didn’t I catch all that stuff? I watched ALL the episodes and a lot of BBAD, but I missed the truly appalling things. So, maybe this cast isn’t so mean after all. I have watched every episode of every season, and this has to be one of the slowest. No—not even that–it’s safe. Is that how any one else sees it? Safe? Anyway, I do love this game, and even though I swore it off, it’s impossible not to watch! I still think Christine and Frankie are mean. And snarky. And Cody sucking his snot still grosses me out. And that concludes my dissertation on the “Mean Cast Of BB Season 16.” Have a great night, everyone! :)

      • Most of the disgusting things were on the feeds last season. It was bad. But that’s a perfect word to describe this season “safe”. And I agree I think Frankie and Christine are a couple of nasty people.

      • Do you remember Britney and Ragen on bb12 at 12 am on Showtime. This is when Showtime wasn’t edited. They were so vile against Rachel, I am surprised they made up after the show

    • “Ictoria” and “Crustine” have coasted by in this game by being tools for the guys. It may have taken them further in the game, but it won’t make either of these hags the winner.
      Can’t stand either one of them, anymore than I can stand the egomaniacal, “Fakie” ! They are all SO unworthy, as are so many of this season’s HGs !

    • As a Christian at least Christine realizes she is an imperfect sinner and needs help spiritually to stay on the straight and narrow path. Imagine what she would be like if she weren’t Christian?

      • She may be pretty busy in confession for the nest year or so, asking for forgiveness, after the show has ended …. Ha!!!

      • Jocasta was a far better representation of Christianity than Christine no doubt about it.

      • This is post is absolute nonsense. “Imagine what she would be like if she weren’t Christian”? How ignorant can you be?

      • She would be like she is cause she isn’t a Christian. Saying you are a Christian doesn’t make you one. She may be attending church and pretending to be but judging by how she acts what she does and says continually I don’t believe that she really is. I know nobody is perfect and she could be a Christian who made a few mistakes except for the fact she makes the mistakes constantly and doesn’t try to stop making them

      • I have to disagree with you on this one, Doug. Who are you to try and define someone’s relationship with god? There are Christians who are good people and Christians who are bad people. Christians judging the merits of other Christians just opens up a can of worms, not to mention is prohibited by the bible.

      • I didn’t judge her relationship with god I said I don’t believe she is a Christian. In the traditional sense is what I didn’t say. You can be a believer and have a relationship with god and not be a Christian. I have no idea if her beliefs are true or not. That is between her and god. I believe there is a god or higher power or whatever you want to call it but I don’t call my self a Christian. I don’t believe in the church. But that is beside the point and my own personal issue due to some bad experiences. I am saying she isn’t what I would consider a Christian. You might consider her one to you or anyone else simply believing you might call that being a Christian. Who is right I sure don’t know I just have my own humble opinion

      • Poor Christine, celibacy doesn’t seem to be agreeing with her.
        But our spiritual journey is made up of baby steps I’m afraid, it takes practice to reach spiritual maturity.

    • You have to hate the racists last season but, as to game play, last season was way better. We had Judd’s eviction, Helen’s eviction, Amanda’s eviction and getting to put Amanda on the block for like 3 or 4 weeks and her paranoia is a lot more better than this season. This season starts with 8 people of out of 16 house guests forming one huge alliance. If Devin and Amber were not evicted, Donny and Nicole would not even be in the house! Absolutely, ridiculous! Big Brother should have broken that alliance the very time it started by inserting twists in the game to do so!

  8. Anyone else notice how Victoria has been leeching to the guys lately? Think it was with frankie last week, when he was HOH as Derrick tried to distance himself after the Zinbot zinged Cody (err, Christine) and, last night on BBAD she seems to be back with Derrick then, ended the epiaode with her head on Cody’s lap, while him caressing her back/shoulder … deapite his constant comments to the guys about her …

    She is starting to work, err play the guys, err game now ..

  9. Based on this season so far, I have a suspicion that they may be another flip-flop in the 24th hour, and Derrick will “Make it So…” he will make his decree and his people will follow … Hail Derrick … :)

  10. I just sincerely hope that “pig snout”, Derrick, doesn’t win this season, although he has set himself up for the win pretty cleverly. Still, I hold out hope that someone in the house will be smart enough to get him out before they get down to final 3.

    • You know, for people who are such fans of Donny and what a nice guy he is you people sure love to personally attack the houseguests.

      Trust me. “Pig Snout” will be laughing all the way to the bank and be remembered as one of the best people to ever play the game. What did YOU do with your summer?

      • What does one have to do with the other? Donny has played an honorable game against all the odds, while others, like Derrick, have banded together with a ‘pack mentality’ to lie, manipulate, coerce, threaten, bully, and pick off the others , one by one. There’s a world of difference between Donny’s “game” and Derrick’s. Derrick has safely positioned himself to run the show by controlling the votes of his group, week after week. I give him credit for being a “master manipulator”, but do I want it handed to him on a silver platter when he’s never even been on the “block” ? HELL NO !
        As for me and MY summer, I’ve moved into a huge new Victorian house and having to work very hard to clean and fix it up. It’s been a lot of work for someone 66 years old, but it will be well worth it in the end, since the rent will be next to nothing for 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, all the original wood around the decorative arches and windows, the high ceilings, the bay window looking out onto my huge open and covered porch, a beautiful yard (that I maintain), and a large area for my vegetable garden next year, not to mention the brand new appliances, including a new washer and dryer that were furnished by the property management company.
        So…yeah…I’VE had a successful summer…but, I WORKED for it. How about YOU? What did you do with YOUR summer, besides playing “devil’s advocate” and judge of other post’ers ??? HMMMM???

      • See what you did just there? You gave a rational argument about Derrick’s character that wasn’t just a personal attack on his appearance. It’s a much better look on you and people will respect you more for it. Who you want to win the game isn’t a right or wrong answer, but listing qualities about someone’s physical appearance that they can’t change makes you seem superficial and makes you look like you don’t know what’s going on in the game.

        P.S. Congrats on the new place. It sounds great. But at 66 aren’t you a little too old to make fun of someone for how their nose looks?

      • After watching every season of BB, I think I
        “know” what’s going on in the game. It’s the “high-school” mentality of a group of ‘insiders’ that act like a pack to pick off the others that has always bothered me, but, particularly this season….because it has lasted longer than previous seasons of ‘pack behavior’.
        The fact that Derrick has used his “cop” skills to advance his game has been somewhat offensive to me, since he has misrepresented himself since day one. The fact that I grew up in an era when cops were often referred to as “pigs” and the reality that Derrick, the cop, happens to have what resembles a ‘snout’, because you can always look directly up his nostrils is an unavoidable truth. So, “damn me” for saying so, but it doesn’t make it any more or less visible to the viewer. Frankly, I’m surprised that Zingbot didn’t take that extra step and go there when he pointed out that Derrick was the only non-good-looking-guy in the house this season. To his credit, Derrick seemed to concur and didn’t take offense.
        If he was just another guy on the street, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to his somewhat un fortunate features…but since I see him 3x a week, every week, ALL summer, I feel just as comfortable pointing it out as I do to point out that Christine and Victoria are no “lookers”, either, even though the delusional and grinning idiot, Victoria, declared herself “the prettiest girl in the house” early this season.
        True, it has nothing to do with the “game”, but, as TV personalities, it’s to be expected, don’t you think ?

      • It’s your choice whether to like Derrick’s gameplay or not, but making fun of someone’s appearance just for the sake of making fun of them is just unnecessary. You clearly can be articulate if you want to be, so why choose to take the low road?

      • Not to get involved but the HGs are tv personalities who signed up to be on a tv show where they knew their every move was going to be criticized and in today’s society looks are part of that criticism. I am not saying it is right but these are facts

      • That’s a fair point, but the same people saying these nasty comments online are the ones criticizing houseguests for saying nasty comments and lionizing Donny for not sinking to that level. It’s very hypocritical. We like to think that once someone signs up for a show it’s no holds barred and they released themselves to the wolves. We forget that they’re regular people who just wanted a chance to play Big Brother. I certainly think someone who admitted they are 66 years old is mature enough to not call people “pig snout” and be able to articulate why they don’t like a certain player based on their gameplay and not their genetics.

      • Hey, Joe…we all have our crosses to bear. NONE of us are “perfect”..we ALL have imperfections, and sometimes they happen to be amusing because they suit that person’s vocation….a bald-headed hairdresser is also amusing to me, just as some people have funny sounding names. I remember coming across the name Tiny Weiner in a phonebook as a kid and I rolled with laughter. Life’s too short to avoid humor and spend your time analyzing and criticizing others for what they say or feel, don’t you think ? And you don’t have to be 66 to figure that out…..I HOPE :-D

      • If you’ve noticed, Big Brother HGs often take the “low road” themselves in their gameplay. I’m not “making fun” of his appearance “just for the sake of making fun” of him. I’m pointing it out because it’s a fact.

      • Calling Derrick “pig snout” is not pointing out a fact. It’s making fun of him. Look. You’re old enough to say what you want when you want. But own it. Don’t throw out a comment like that and then pretend it wasn’t what it was. You’re smarter than that. You said yourself, at 66 you don’t care what people think about you. So own it.

      • LMAO….Even at 100 I’ll expect to find humor in the mundane differences that we have as humans. Of course I realize that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but I find it amusing that a cop happens to have a nose/snout that reminds me of a little piggy…I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed this feature, although I may be the only one on this thread who will point it out openly….I do find at 66 that the older I get , the less I care about what others think of my observations and opinions…after all, I’m only speaking for myself, and not for everybody else or to please or conform to what others believe is proper BB etiquette. :-D

      • “While others, like Derrick, have banded together with a pack mentality to lie, manipulate, coerce, threaten, bully, and pick off the others, one by one.”
        Welcome to Big Brother. That’s exactly what the game was designed to be.

      • Um, robinkilgore,…are you married? If not, I do a lot of gardening and have a lot of construction and re-construction experience. Whaddya think? Just kidding! ( Sort of…) :)

    • I think the attacks on Derrick aren’t unfounded, if not a bit on the mean side to call out his looks. There is something unsavory about his approach, though not ineffective in the least, obviously. Perhaps its the police smell that lingers after every sentence, reminding us of our own personal experiences with some cops. The sucky thing with Derrick is he deserves to win, but I don’t want him to.

      • That’s a MUCH better reason to justify why you don’t want Derrick to win. The personal attacks are so unnecessary.

      • I just want to see Derprick’s face as he walks out the door before VapidVid. I would stand and jeer.

  11. It seems that Caleb has positioned himself quite well into both the ends of the Alliances in at last an F3 position. He has come a long way in the game since Amber left and may have redeemed himself among the Jury .. they all think he is a simple pawn that can be manipulated to do their bidding, but Caleb has also been loyal to a fault ..

    And, yes, his Beast Mode Cowboy persona has been somewhat a joke, but he truly believes in himself and believes that he is all that .. somewhat an huge ideas of grandeur one might say ….

    • I agree! Caleb is in a really great spot right now. The only problem would be if the houseguests notice that. I think he can certainly win the game if he sits with the right person at the final 2. But he may not be able to articulate it well enough to the jury in order for them to take him seriously.

      • If you have been watching BBAD recently, Caleb has the ability to perform quite well in monologs and Beast Mode Cowboy Rapping …. and, is actually quite entertaining with all his stories of his accomplishments and abilities …

        It would be interesting to see him answering to the Jury .. as I think he could sell himself to anyone, as he truly believes in himself, other than to Amber, but she is not on the Jury .. Ha!!!

      • I agree 100%! I can see Amber just shaking her head watching him describe his game to the jury.

      • I think it would be tough for Caleb to articulate his worth without it sounding like one of his fantastic boasts.

      • Absolutely, agree totally … which is why Caleb could possibly pull it off, as he truly, believe he is all that, albeit in a delusional way …

        He is, in his mind, who he is …

        He could argue that his unfounded love for his Queen Amber clouded his game with obsession and once she left ….

      • Donny told Nicole the reason his social game was lacking, is because he did not want to seem like he is ruling the roost with all his stories. Then along came Caleb. Can you imagine the game change if Cody hadn’t lied to Donny and had put Caleb up instead. Cody had a heart and was upset he put Donny up. That’s when Crusty didn’t have a hold of him.

      • Cody’s regret, in hindsight, like many in the BS Alliance, in the end, would be not playing theie own respective game, instead of Derrick, if everything continues to play out as Derrick wants ….

      • Lol So true. I like fish, had it for dinner tonight, but I would not have it every single day. Except when he was on slop. Just asking, why do they have fish so much.

      • Frankie only eats fish, no chicken or red meat. The other HGs can eat what they want, but are too lazy to cook it.

    • Of the remaining HG’s I believe Caleb is the only one who will feel genuine regret about the way he has treated Donny in the BB house and will apologize for his behavior.

      • I couldn’t think of anything. You obviously know something I don’t, so that’s why I asked you what he needs to apologize for. Or can you not come up with anything?

      • Could you possibly have a debate without using an attack mentality? People come to debate and some just to comment without debating. If they don’t want to proceed in a debate with you, why can’t you just politely stop without being like an immature punk with the “I thought so” inferences.The way you speak is very condescending, pushy, harsh, critical. It’s off putting, makes people uncomfortable to post when you are on a thread wondering if joethehobo is lurking in the wings. Are you just an old grouch? It’s like everyday is a bad day. Why can’t you just be nicer and a bit more positive? Most of us have said things in the moment, but your moments drag on and on. Is it too much to ask for you to be more thoughtful of others and stop being so negative, intimidating, and rude? I’m not just referring to this whole thread, but many others in the past. I’m sure you will say something to the effect that I am ignorant and if people are afraid to debate with you they shouldn’t post. But who made you the site monitor? No, I will not ever proceed in a, what you refer to as a debate, if you reply to a post I write, so don’t waste your time. It’s like asking to be attached by someone who seems to think he is more intelligent and what he has to say is more important.

      • I really am sorry if I ever hurt someone’s feelings or if I intimidate someone from posting. I do admit that I take things a little too seriously. I have noticed that the commenters on this site are a little biased toward one way of thinking and the devil’s advocate in me wants to change that, but I take it to a new level further than just talking about Big Brother. I may be more aggressive than the average commenter on here but I don’t think I have ever been mean to someone, with the exception of maybe one commenter who started saying things like being gay is wrong and nasty. That’s who I called ignorant and I still stand by what I said to her.

        But I do see what you’re saying. I can sure calm down when it’s just about Big Brother. I love this game and everyone else on here loves this game. I think I’m used to being able to debate things with close friends and forget that not everyone is up for it every waking hour of the day like I am. I will say, however that for every 1 attack on mentality as you call it that I have made I have received about 20 from other people on this site. I tend to stay away from the personal attacks even though it’s been very hard at times.

        I also am aware of the fact that I have made myself a pariah on this site because of my opinions on the game and that is my fault, but what isn’t my fault is the few occasions when certain people have straight up lied about things that I have said in order to discredit me. These are the two instances where I have said something like “Oh, now that I proved I didn’t say that you’re nowhere to be found? Interesting.”

        Look, I’m not stupid. I know this site runs on a mob mentality. I will certainly continue to post when I feel either the show or the people on this site give what I think is an irrational point of view. That’s what this site is for, and since everyone on here seems to have a very similar point of view, it’s easy for the irrational ones to start being regarded as truth. I will be conscientious of what you’ve said, though. I have tried to keep the personal attacks to a minimum in the past and I will be extra careful in the future. As long as it pertains to Big Brother. Now if someone continues to post racist or homophobic comments that extend beyond the game? You can bet I’ll be there ready to play ball.

  12. Unfortunately, perhaps the worse mistake made this season was Production allowing the BS Alliance the ability to form to begin with and allowing them a full day in the House together … hopefully, they have learned moving forward and not repeat this in the future …

    • Interesting theory, but I think the Battle of the Block had way more influence on how this season went than just the order of who entered the house first.

      • The combination of the two just created a bad dynamics and unfairness to the second group, as they never had a chance, imob…

      • I don’t know. The members of that alliance were Amber, Devin, Paola, Nicole, Joey, Cody, Frankie, and Donny. 5 of those people were evicted at least once and it looks like this week will make 6. While I don’t think making alliances off of arbitrary reasons like entrance order or proximity, the second group had the very same opportunity. Either way, like I said, after this week 6 out of 8 people in that alliance will have been evicted so it doesn’t look like they had that big of an advantage. Actually, after this week there will be more people from night 2 in the house than night 1. You may be right, though, maybe next season it could be a huge advantage if they did it again.

      • Gotcha, for some reason I thought the BS majority came from the first bunch …

        if you notice, Devin had an almost direct and/or indirect roll in the decimation of this group, for a fear of lack of trust … Joey, Paola, and soon to be Donny, perhaps … and, of course, himself … Ha!!

        imagine what if, had Devin remaind in the House this season ?? Ha!!!

      • I know! Think how different things could have been! Again, I’m not saying you’re wrong. If they did the same entrance gimmick again next year they could certainly have an advantage.

  13. These houseguests might want to rethink about evicting Donny, because a couple of them are going to have to get their lazy butts out of bed to give the live feeders something to watch before 3PM in the afternoon everyday! LOL
    You know the old saying: “Ya snooze, ya loose”!
    But seriously, if Donny goes most of the early risers will be out of the house, wonder how production is going to handle that? Most of the remaining hg’s have not hidden their disdain for production telling them what to do. I can see several being made to get up, and being ticked off about it. Look forward to more moaning and groaning, and attempts to sleep on the couches! lol

  14. Please stop the insanity. “Calob ” let me guess now he a professional drummer. CBS make sure the straight jackets ready for Calob when he realizes no one likes him and he creeps everyone out…….lol

  15. I can’t stand it any longer….please production,,,go in and tear the microphone off Calob’s chest……I can’t take anymore of his stories…. His poor family….he’s gonna go home and all his relatives will have moved out of state……lol

  16. Why can’t Christine keep her hands off of Cody for one consecutive minute? And, her incessent cackling laughing is so irritating. She never stops…NEVER! I just people vote for Donny to be AFP and vote to NOT reward TA for that ridiculous “Bored-way” show of Skankie’s. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t creative, it wasn’t worthy of being a mission. What’s the mission? For Skankie to once again hog the camera and audition for what he hopes will lead to work in theater? Then tonight, there he is again, tap dancing for attention. I can’t stand that slug.

  17. Why can’t Christine keep her hands off of Cody for two consecutive minutes? And, her incessent cackling laughing is so irritating. She never stops…NEVER! I just people vote for Donny to be AFP and vote to NOT reward TA for that ridiculous “Bored-way” show of Skankie’s. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t creative, it wasn’t worthy of being a mission. What’s the mission? For Skankie to once again hog the camera and audition for what he hopes will lead to work in theater? Then tonight, there he is again, tap dancing for attention. I can’t stand that slug.

  18. It hurt to see Donny cry –Karma will come back Frankie and Derrick
    Team America it showed they do not what 5k, –5k is morer in your pocket
    than you had , but you WAS TOO SCARED to vote. and Frankie think he
    know morer than the others. Just like Team America is going to along with
    what he say and do.—HA HA FRANKIE no 5K–Derrick that was your little
    girl money. Come on ,drop Frankie like a hot potato–play your game

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