Big Brother 16: Derrick & Cody Plot Next Week’s Target

Derrick and Cody are standing in a strong position as we enter the final month of Big Brother 16. Yes, another month of the season remains with still half of the entire Big Brother cast in the house.

But now isn’t the time to grow complacent so the Hitmen alliance is already plotting next week’s target before they even send this round’s goal off to the Jury House.

Derrick plots his next move on Big Brother 16
Derrick plots his next move on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Flashback on your Feeds to 8:59PM BBT 8/26 Cams 3/4 to find Derrick and Cody upstairs in the HoH room. They’re working through who they want to go next and things don’t quite overlap. Derrick says he’s satisfied with Cody’s move to go after Donny and leave Frankie in the game this week. I can only assume that’s because Derrick wants the Frankie eviction as a feather in his cap, not Cody’s.

Derrick suggests that he could nominate Victoria and Christine then use Nicole as a renom if Christine escapes eviction with the Veto. Cody pushes back and says Christine is too much of a floater and won’t be a threat to him in any mental competition this season.

Cody instead says they need to go after Frankie. Derrick says he’d be willing to do that if they had the votes. They even think if Caleb wins HoH next week then it’d be possible for him to BD Frankie, but Caleb might unlikely to use Frankie as an original nom.

Cody’s biggest fear is for either Frankie or Christine to get HoH. Why not Nicole? Both Derrick and Cody say Nicole would go after Frankie, not them. I’m not convinced of that at all and we could get a big surprise next week if she pulls off the win on Thursday night.

It’s beyond silly to listen to Cody pine for Frankie’s eviction when he had the easy and obvious opportunity to make it happen. Derrick shut that down though and he may continue to do that even if he has the chance next week.

I think the trust between Derrick and Frankie is good enough to keep them from going after each other for a bit longer while Derrick may be more concerned about Christine turning on him. Derrick did return several times to needing to get Christine out quickly while Cody suggested she was no threat at all. I think Derrick will target Christine if he’s given the chance.

Their talk ends at 9:09PM BBT when Christine comes upstairs. Derrick races to the bathroom while Cody pretends to be asleep and acts surprised when she rubs his leg to “wake” him. They don’t want her to know they’ve been busy plotting.

Who do you think Derrick would go after next if he wins HoH? Is he protecting Frankie for now to make sure he gets the credit or could Derrick be hoping to continue working with Frankie down to the end? Share your thoughts!


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  1. It would be nice to see Derrick make a big move, instead of just the same old behind the scenes moves. He’s smart enough to realize that he needs some blood on his hands to put a feather in his cap (cliche much? LOL) for his finale plea. Next week would be a good time to start visibly leading. Nobody can fault how good he is at pulling the strings, but let’s see how good he is out front.

    • Derrick is a good social player. Most cops are. But BB is different and you are playing a game. I really don’t think if Derrick made the Finals he could pull the jury. Maybe, if he is in F2 with Victoria or Christine, he could win……LOL. We really don;t know how good Derrick is, he is playing behind the scenes and that could hurt him.

      • I think he’s got it locked up if he makes it. Cody is his biggest threat, but a lot of jurors have already said they’d vote for him.

        Plus, he is such a good manipulator with his words. His answers to jury can only help solidify him, while someone like Caleb who may be next to him will bury himself with his.

      • Jocasta, Zack, Donny (who will be juror), Hayden. Yes Hayden is mad but he talked about it before and said Derrick was playing the best and his vote would go to the one who played the best. He only needs 1 more. It takes 5. Of course things change in jury house so we will see finale night.

      • Donny has said that he wouldn’t vote for Derrick over Frankie, because Frankie has won more comps. So its possible he would feel the same about Cody if he won more comps.

      • Possible but he has said that he knows who pulls Cody’s strings. I think Frankie or Nicole are the only 2 who could beat Derrick in the end. Just MO.

      • Derrick is playing similar to Dan in Season 10, but I don’t know that he has the skills to convince a jury about how he ran the game. Dan’s speaking ability was always one of his better qualities.

      • Donny will not for Derrick. Jocasta is going to follow Donny. Hayden I just don’t see him voting for Derrick. Plus, Donny will talk to him. Zach I just Zach voting for Derrick,. If Derrick was in F2 with Victoria.

      • Zach, Nicole, and Hayden have all discussed voting for Derrick. As well as others still in the house.

      • Can’t depend on what they said. Donny will be evicted and can influence the Jury, plus five more Some of them could be pissed and based their vote on emotion….too early to predict.

      • That’s what I thought 2 weeks ago. He’s the manipulator, but not winning sh*t is not good for his resume either. Even he’s worried Cody could beat him now. Juries will consider everything during deliberation.

      • I’m sure if he just mentions to the jury how meaningless competitions are, he’ll be fine. Just ask them to name one time he would have been better off had he won a competition.

      • It really boils down to who can articulate their case to the Jury. He shouldn’t take Frankie to F2 though.

      • exactly! Derrick play a good social game but if he doesn’t step up and make a big move or wiln HoH or POV he will not win.

      • You are right…Derrick now needs to step up the plate and make huge moves. He has been hiding in the closet for too long and if he continues, it will hurt his game. You can’t always make others do your dirty work in the BB game, so either he steps up or gets shipped out.

      • Remember Derrick GAVE Frankie the HOH win so Frankie could see his recently deceased grandfather, then Derrick’s grandfather passed away. He’s been a part of all the TA shenanigans and no one has suspected him. He and Jocasta prayed together in the hive room… Derrick has a lot of personal connections in the house. He is a well liked guy. His game isn’t like Dan at all. Dan was always a target for eviction, and had to scheme to stay in the house. Derrick has schemed to keep the target off of himself. I think he’s playing a great game. Donnie’s game play is sh!t.

      • First of all, Derrick did not give Frankie HoH. He answer so I do you even would win HOH? You are a idiot!

      • Huh? I’m not sure what your 2nd sentence means. I tried to interpret it, but am dumbfounded as to the meaning.

        In the head-to-head comp right after Frankie’s grandfather passed it was down to Frankie vs. Derrick. Derrick told Frankie the answer while extending his hand to him. Then Frankie rang in and said it. Then Derrick shook Frankie’s hand and said congratulations now you can see a picture of your grandfather. How is that not Derrick giving Frankie the HOH win?

      • Derrick did not give the HoH to Frankie. Derrick never answer. You don’t know if he would have answer correctly.

      • OK, I did watch it again. It’s at the end of episode 14. As they are walking up to the podium, Derrick says to Frankie, “You want to see your grandfather, right?” (He said it twice.) Derrick stands back with his hands in his pockets as the music starts. Derrick tells Frankie, “It’s HOH.” Frankie hesitates and then rings in HOH. Derrick congratulates him. Frankie is named 1st HOH.

      • watch again! Derrick never buzzed in. He let Frankie buzz in. If Frankie got it wrong Derrick would have been HOH.

      • You’re right that Derrick didn’t buzz in. But, he told Frankie the answer. With Frankie’s nerves shot, he could have hit the wrong button. Then Derrick would have said, “I tried to let you see your grandfather.”

        Derrick purposely didn’t answer and told Frankie the answer. It may be semantics, but I call that giving him the win.

  2. Derrick is definitely the smartest player in the house, but he needs to make a big move if he is HOH next week. I think Frankie/Christine would be a good choice for eviction.. not sure which one first would be in his best interest though. Just have to roll the dice on this one.
    Although i really like Derrick, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nicole win HOH and shake up the house a bit!

    • But everyone knows he calling the shots anyway just like Donny said, that’s why when Nicole won to come back in the game Hayden said for her to go after Derrick and Cody.

    • I really don’t see Derrick winning another HoH. We know Cody can’t play for HoH.

      Caleb -Nicole and Victoria
      Christine- Nicole and Victoria, but could make a big move, but I doubt it.
      Nicole- Derrick and Cody
      Victoria- Nicole and Christine
      Frankie- Derrick and Christine or Cody
      Derrick- Nicole or Christine and Frankie

      • I think if Frankie won he will definitely put up Nicole. He can’t stand her and knows she’s gunning for him. Nicole will also put up Frankie. She wants him gone. Caleb would put Christine up. He was talking about how she makes him sick.

  3. Why do I get an eery suspicion that we’re going to get an endurance HOH on Thursday, and one that favors a tiny female (Nicole). I think we’ll get something similar to season 12’s endurance competition that Matt won. Something where it’s a big advantage to be small and light and where being big and muscular like Caleb isn’t going to help at all…. Just watch!

    And of course, if production knew Donny was staying this week, it’d be another mental comp! Lol!!

      • I totally agree Matt. Frankie has been more than capable in comps and considering they haven’t had the “big one” yet they could get one Thursday.

    • But Frankie has the body of a tiny female but is much stronger. He is the endurance threat. Caleb will be the biggest threat is being tiny is not an advantage.

      • Hopefully, Frankie’s circulation issues will get the best of him!! He can’t be cold for a long period of time..and his hands do something weird.

    • I hope it is endurance, it’s time for one. The guys with the big muscles usually don’t do too well. Hoping for Nicole to pull out the win! She has to!

  4. I wish Derrick would keep Donny this week and get Christine out the next. I know that would be a bad game move on his part, but can you imagine how angry she would be. :) :) :) (Just a dream, but a sweet one.)

  5. NoBallsCody keeps shutting down Derprick going after Ratine. Derprick better pay attention to that or his game could end quickly.

    • I gotta say. The nicknames you came up with (that no one else is using) make you look immature.

      • I’ve been using them since the first 3 episodes. If no one else uses them that’s okay. To change because I don’t have people imitating me would be immature. If you don’t care for my posts please don’t read them. That’s the great thing about fan sites.

      • It’s because they’re childish and not really that clever that makes them immature, not because people arent using them… That’s merely a side effect.
        And you haven’t been using them since the first 3 episodes… come on man. That was the first week of the show…

      • Gellie..come on..why do you try to annoy people? You’re like a gnat on a dogs’ pecker. Please be nice and people will want to post with you.

  6. Cody should just quit verbalizing who he wants to nominate because it doesn’t mean sh*t. …he has no say in the game.

  7. Not sure what these guys are thinking. Nicole is smartly kissing up to Cody getting exactly the response she wants. He thinks she is not a threat. Regardless, it makes no sense to go after a member of their alliance before they take out Nicole. If Frankie or Caleb win HOH, Nicole is going up with Christine. If Christine wins she will put up Nicole and Victoria. Cody and Derrick are safe as long as Nicole does not win. She is the only one in the house who would possibly put them both up so she has to go next. Christine may be a mystery but she has clear targets and can wait one more week.

  8. Cody commented to Christine last night that he thinks Derrick can beat him in the finals, Christine stupidly responded that she doesn’t think so. Cody has obviously been thinking about that and looking for someone to confirm that Derrick would beat him in the finals. Question is when Cody decides he needs to get Derrick out of the house, will he go and ask Derrick’s permission to do it?

    • Oh absolutely !..and Derrick will say, “not yet”.”maybe next week” and he will go along.

  9. Still rooting for Donny or Nicole whoever stays to win the next HOH! That way, we will have some excitement at least, on who is going to be evicted next! Not pitting my hopes on any of these guys to make any moves. Atleast, not until both Donny and Nicole are evicted then, they will be finally forced to eat one of their own!

  10. I think if Nicole wins HOH everybody will see exactly what Donny whispers to her as he goes out the door Thursday. Donny told Nicole he knows what’s going on BUT he won’t tell her till he’s on his way out. Why? Simple Donny still holds out hope he might not leave and he doesn’t want it to get back to Derrick and Frankie. He knows Derrick is number 1 even of the other HG are too stupid or caught up in their selves to see it.

    • Even Jocasta in the contest to find who will return whispered to Nicole that she wants her to win and go get Derrick and Cody out!
      Hayden also, told Nicole the same thing to get Derrick and Cody. I hope she wins HOH next and puts both up on the block with Christine and Frankie as replacement nominees!

      • Same here. I want to see Derrick talk himself out of that. He is going to be another Amanda, run the house till the house votes him out.

      • I think Nicole should use the opportunity to collect the other two girls in an alliance with maybe Caleb. If she wins HOH, she should make everyone tell her who they want nominated, and let them know if they don’t give her a name she will nominate them instead. I assume most everyone, even Derrick, will say Victoria and probably Christine. She needs to then use that as ammunition to let the girls know where they stand in the house. That could turn the three of them against the rest of the guys.

      • Never happen. Victoria is already working with her filling her in. Christine she will never trust again and she shouldn’t. Christine will put her up in a heartbeat. Christine has played both sides the whole game and she will do it again. She will work with Nicole to stay off the block then she will go right back to the guys.

      • She doesn’t trust anyone in the house. But at some point you have to try and work with a group to gain some ground. So do you think she should just nominate anyone without trying to make an alliance? Or should she put her trust in Cody and Derrick again? She doesn’t have a lot of options.

      • I think she should try asking everybody. The guys may surprise you by saying Caleb or Frankie. They almost got those 2 out before so they would turn on them 1st. Caleb doesn’t like that. I would HATE for her to work with Frankie because it could get them a lot further. Both Nicole and Frankie are HOH comp beast.

      • If Nicole becomes HOH, OMG, watch them betray each other. For personal advancement?..They have to.

      • Nope….Derrick will talk her into Victoria/Christine on the block….to back door Frankie. Whoever wins, take down Victoria, put up Frankie… And vote out Christine.. Exactly what Derrick wants anyway. Then Frankie owes him, Nicole is screwed, Victoria will hate her also. A Derrick win all around.

      • I think Nicole is a little wiser than before and won’t let that happen, but time will tell.

      • I’m buying a voodoo candle called “Ogun” warrior, on Thursday.. It’s only $6.95 lol

  11. This is the game people if your favorite goes home it only because the others feel threatened by them to win the game, to not watch the show because of that is crazy.

    • I said the same thing. Any real BB fan won’t quit watching. We may be disappointed but will keep watching. Only one can win.

      • So true and I am a big BB fan and I will not stop watching because my favorite left, like you said only one can win.

  12. Please people stop constantly complaining about the show!! (It’s not everyone, thx for the ones who doesn’t. Watch it or don’t, I don’t care but don’t come over here and start trashtalking the show!! Gosh you did it when Nicole left,when Zach left and now then Donnie is leaving! It’s a game, people goes home (and yes, I was rooting for them me too) but if you start crying and saying that you’ll stop watching the show EVERYTIME your favorites are leaving then stop annoying fans with it!! If you can’t be mature egnouf to realise that thr show is more then your favorites beeing on Tv then you shouldn’t be watching it, therefore you shouldn’t be here complaining! Thx
    #TeamNicole :)

    • If you really listen to comments you will understand that what people (me included) hate about the show is production. Their casting choices and interfering. The last cple yrs it has been more about good looking model like people. This year – Donny a good hearted honest person older than everyone else (no one closer in age than 11 yrs; Frankie famous sister who hogs the camera to better his exposure who attacks every male in the house; Caleb a wanna be model singer; Cody a wanna be model; Victoria a wanna be model; Amber a wanna be model; Devin a wanna be model; do you see a pattern here. I know many were fans and want to play the game, but it would be so much better if more wanted to play the game.

      • I will finish that for you “wanted to play the game instead of being on vacation”. I don’t think some of them are thinking about the money. They want the TV exposure.

  13. They better be careful, Nicole could be the first to come back from jury and win it… I would laugh if that happened. Nicole is a bigger threat then Christine.

  14. It is very upsetting to watch Derrick and Cody plan who they are going to evict. They don’t think anyone can change it up say Nichole

  15. How did Frankie change Caleb’s mind about the Amber lie? He went from loathing him to best buddies. That bob challenge for me, changed everything. Production saved Frankie, now how about Donnie?

    • Frankie wowed Caleb with his connection to Ariana. Caleb thinks that Frankie’s sister can help his singing “career.” As to your 2nd question. I hope they do!


  17. I want Donny to stay I hate to see Nicole go but I want Donny to stay he is the only one I keep watching for.

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