‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 6

If the next vote were held today in the Big Brother 16 house there’s little doubt that Zach Rance would be evicted. Now it’s just a matter of how the HGs will make that happen come Thursday.

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
One is the loneliest number for Zach Rance – Source: CBS

Over the past few days the vote count has stacked up against Zach despite his sense of confidence in his alliance to keep him safe this week. He sees the four voting Detonators plus Caleb as his surefire way to avoid the tie-breaker by Nicole with the eight votes up for grabs. It’s not going to work out that way though.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 10:43PM BBT 8/4 Cams 3/4 to find Christine telling Cody how they can split the votes to keep it close and potentially avoid having Zach blow them up on the way out the door.

Hayden, Frankie, Victoria, and Caleb would all vote to keep Zach, explains Christine. Then she would join Cody, Donny, and Derrick to evict Zach. The 4-4 vote would let Nicole happily vote to evict Zach. It would all be planned to to make it look like just Caleb flipped on him while the majority of the house was in on the decision.

It kinda seems backwards to me if Hayden is set on evicting Zach that he’d suddenly agree to vote the opposite way. Just one flipped vote in the other direction and Zach would stay. The plan comes off a little half-baked to me, but I understand the goal and that part makes sense. It doesn’t really matter though as it didn’t last too long.

After a talk with Christine in the hammock with Derrick they talk with Cody about the 4-4 plan. Flashback to 2:57AM BBT 8/5 to find Christine, Cody, and Derrick whispering in the kitchen. Cody says he thinks the 4-4 vote is a bad idea. Derrick agrees and says they need to make it unanimous and do the damage control as he heads out the door. Yes, even Frankie is in on voting out Zach this week.

Christine says if they’re going to make it unanimous then they need to tell Zach before someone else does. Derrick doesn’t think anyone would tell Zach. Christine worries Victoria could slip up or Caleb could just flat out tell him.

The discussion wobbles on the unanimous vote but Derrick asserts that if they try the 4-4 vote and something goes wrong then they’ll have trouble. Derrick thinks they need to just hold tight for a few more days and see where things go naturally with the votes before trying to do more vote controls just yet.

Zach is headed out the door and would be the first Jury member if there’s a 9-HG Jury again this season like last. The HGs could try for a fancy split-vote with Nicole voting out Zach, but I’d be surprised for them to take that risk. It’ll most likely be another block vote.

Don’t forget though, Thursday night is our first Double Eviction event of the season and all these carefully constructed plans could fly out the door along with the second evictee amid all the chaos that we could get that night!


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  1. I’ll be honest. I’m gonna miss Zach when he gets evicted. He’s pretty entertaining to watch lol. I’d rather see floatoria or JokeCosta walk out the door.

    • La jokesta now has axed the Father, and his Son to help her win
      500,000 clams. Is this fair? How could she lose with such powerful
      Deities helping her win the loot. Personally I would think They would be very busy.

      But…. If she does win everything, Please! Sign Me Up, and I’ll join her flock.

  2. I love double eviction nights, can’t wait to see what happens! I agree, I am going to miss Zach as he is just good TV and I do hope he will be on the jury because his question at the finale should be a doozy!

  3. Hoping this comes true that Zach is evicted. We need a power shift and the Detonators need to be cut down a couple of notches. That way, other
    alliances has a chance to make their own moves. I am for more good game play. Hope the 2nd eviction is good. Rooting for Frankie, Cody or Derrick for the 2nd eviction. Go Nicole, Hayden and Donny!

  4. I am just excited to think there may be a move finally and the power may shift slightly. I am also happy Nicole was willing to make a move. She showed she has guts and brains. I know some like Zach and want him to stay but this is far more interesting to me, to have a player get evicted who is so smug about staying and has been such a jerk and evicted by Nicoles doing no less, I love it.

  5. I think everybody will vote for Zach to be evicted. Frankiw may vote for Zach so he can cuddle with him……..LOL If it is a tie, Nicole will send Zach packing

  6. Zack is so confident he has all the votes to stay, that he’s been rehearsing his eviction speech. He wants it to be epic..Right !…the Blindside will be epic..

    • This is BS. Christine is trying to ‘split the vote’ so she makes sure Zack stays. Jacosta is out the door, followed by Nicole in the double eviction. There is no way that zack is being voted out this week. Scumbags Frankie, zack Derek and Cody will be the final four,loke I said before. After this next episode happens the way I said, I’m done with this season. I refuse to watch the jerks win it all. The least competitive, most predictable, worse season of BB ever. CBS, no thank you.

      • Your in Denial buddy, really in denial, Zach is going home whether you like it or not. Also side note, the worst most controversial season of BB was last season just so you remember that.

  7. You know I was thinking about something, someone like Derrick, Christine or maybe Frankie would be in there best interest to take out at least one if not both of Jocasta/Victoria before jury. Not because their a threat to win but think about it, either of those three make it to the end its probably going to be on the back of a lot of cut-throat plays and blood on there hands and while not certain I’m pretty sure Victoria and Jocasta are the Jury types that will never vote for a cut throat game player over someone they just personally like. Your essentially down two votes if there in the jury and your not sitting next to someone who has as much blood as you do and then you factor in the fact that both Donny and Hayden (Nicole to a lesser extent) are still alive and could possibly make it to the end and your painting yourself into a corner because those types will sweep up the floater jury members who vote personally. Just a thought.

  8. Not a doubt in my mind what they are trying to do with the split vote. Frankie was adamant that Derrick and Cody vote to keep Zach and he and Christine would vote to evict. They are going to switch at the last minute which would give Zach 5 votes to stay. Derrick will figure it out before Thursday.

  9. From now on, any reality competition show that has a cop as a player will be on my DO NOT WATCH LIST!!! Between Derrick the cop & Tony the cop (Survivor) it just goes to show some ppl why some other ppl DO NOT TRUST OR LIKE COPS!!! Derrick has AGAIN pulled his last minute BS to flip the vote. When Donny is gone, I’ll be “D-U-N” DONE!!!!!!

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