Big Brother 16: Cody Counts Out His Jury Votes

Last night as Cody Calafiore waited for the end of the latest Final HoH competition he spoke about his chances of winning the $500K and which votes Cody thought he could secure against Derrick Levasseur.

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16
Cody Calafiore on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Cody’s comments laid out a tight race between him and Derrick, but would it be enough to change his apparent dedication to the Hitmen? Here’s who he’s putting in his column and those going for Derrick. There will be a total of nine votes with five of those Jurors required to secure the $500K.

Flashback to 9:06PM BBT 9/19 to find Cody breaking down the count. He calls out the votes he thinks he has including Christine, Jocasta and Donny and thinks he may be able to sway Hayden. Maybe, he says.

In Derrick’s corner he puts Nicole, Victoria, Caleb, and Hayden as a swing vote if Cody isn’t able to convince him during their final talks and the Q&A.

That covers seven of the potential nine Jury votes while leaving out Zach and Frankie. Cody goes back and forth between 4-3 and 3-4 while trying to decide where Hayden belongs. Finally he admits that it doesn’t look good for him. Yikes.

If you think that would give him pause to reconsider taking Derrick to the end, well, then Cody might surprise you. Just a moment after expressing concerns over his chances of beating Derrick Cody declares that he hopes Derrick wins Round 2 so they “crush it in the finale.” Yep.

Even with his doubts of a win against Derrick Cody still wants to go to the end with him. Considering he’s completely alone for this conversation I don’t think he’s lying about his intentions and at no time did Cody express interest in taking Victoria. Yikes again. Good for Derrick. Bad for Cody.

The final vote count might be close between Cody and Derrick, but I don’t think it should be. Derrick should wipe the stage with Cody, but even a close win is still a win and I’m confident the giant check will be Derrick’s to take home this season.

What do you think Cody will do if he gets to make the choice on the Big Brother F2? Would you be willing to take Derrick or opt for the easy win over Victoria? I know what I would do!


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      • I agree. The best interests of my family and myself take precedent over anyone else I only just met three months ago. They can be angry with me. I’ll get over it.

      • If you’re a fan of reality game shows, you know when you take someone just because you think the jury won’t like the floater, you end up losing most of the time.

      • Did he ”lose” or did he just not get the money? There’s an important distinction here that depends on how a person views life…

      • Agreed. I just posted in another comment that when there is a clear choice between taking someone for strategy and the other for loyalty, strategy is the smarter choice.

      • Matt I hope one of them does take her to F2. While I’m not in the jury I guess you could say I’m a bitter fan so VapidVic for the Win!!

      • I’d say that, too if I were Woo. I’m sure he felt he did the honorable thing and in that aspect, he doesn’t regret it. But he is human, and I could almost guarantee you there is a different side of regret that overtakes him at times since he lost.

      • Staying true to the Hitmen alliance is a win – win either way. If the hitmen stay loyal to the end, the one who loses BB but wins the 50K will be famous for being “true blue” (loyal & honest). For guys like Cody & Derrick, it will get them a lot of love from the fans and guarantee a spin-off career of sorts if they’re interested. (we know they both are)
        Worst case scenario is betraying your final 2 alliance and losing the 500K. Then you look like a loser and a villain. Still marketable as a TV personality, but harder to live with b/c you will get a lot of haters.

      • If Derrick or Cody takes Victoria and win, they will get a lot of love from their families. As a fan of the GAME if they did what is needed to win 500K, I can respect that decision.

      • I don’t think Cody has any common sense. He just doesn’t seem to see that you shouldn’t mess with a married woman, and loyalty and the bro code shouldn’t come before the money. Isn’t that what they came here for?

      • As can I. But I also respect the person who says that they can’t live with the guilt of betraying somebody for the money. If they managed to make it that far with their integrity, then by all means let them be at peace in 2nd place with their integrity – I’m super impressed by people who can pull it off!

      • I don’t see where it would make any difference for any possible future prospects for Cody or Derrick. I wouldn’t see the Hitmen betrayal as making them villians.

      • They’re not going to get any kind of a career out of this. And if that’s what they think well then they are just as delusional as Caleb and Frankie. And I think I would choose 500k over loyalty to someone I just met.

      • I would too, but family members do get a bit more greedy than someone I just met or knew for 3 mos if they knew I won that much money! LOL

      • Especially when times” That’ He doesn’t have any money$$$ He Really Need’s “For himself an his Family”!!!, It’s a dog eat dog” World we Live In”!! ! So ‘ Yeah” ” He Regret’s doing what he Did”!!? So Derrick needs to Learn from his” Mistakes” Just Saying”!!!!!? God Bless. Everyone” Pace Out” Tommy McCown”P.S I Have the inside scoop” My Wife ” Know’s Everything” lol”

      • Hey hey now, you can guarantee that? Really? I don’t think Woo thinks the same way most people do and I totally respect him for it. I don’t know if I could make the decision as easily as he did (thus showing I have a lower prioritization of integrity than he did), but my heart is similar to his in the sense that I’d much rather come in second and feel at peace about who I am, than to come in first and try to buy my conscience back to normal…

      • Woo did the honorable thing and took Tony over Kass who simply rode both of their backs! He told Kass to her face that she did not deserve to make it to the Finals! While, Woo lost those monies—-he earned my respect and I am sure the respect of millions of fans!

      • Kass didn’t have a ticket to that ride .Derrick gave Victoria a flipping all season wrist band to his merry go round

      • Yep exactly! Cant buy respect. When reality tv dies and they all do, and the money is gone, you are left with yourself, your character. No amount of money is worth mentally trashing another human being. Derrick has a daughter. I am sure he would not like someone doing to his daughter, what he has done to Vic. Vic on the other hand is far from an angel. She is not me sweet and nice. She cant buy that. Her mom and dad have tried to buy everything for her. Her photo business is a façade. I went to her site. Any person with a smart phone today can do what she is doing. A real photographer could not have left their scheduled business for this long anyway. Remember those that think she is so sweet, The woman that tore through that pink hat out of vengeance for the purpose of making Zach so mad that he would attack her and then BB would throw him out, well that is a cold calculated vindictive unhappy harpy.

      • Well said! I know it’s hard for people to see it, but sometimes a ”loss” by some people’s standards, isn’t a loss for others… I think Woo ”won” in a lot of ways which impressed the heck out of me!

      • I hope Derrick win round 3 and choose Vic for F2. And if anybody ask him that question, did you choose Vic because you tought you could beat her more easily, I hope he answer: What you have done in my place ?

      • I agree….it’s 5k not $5.00. You can be friends after but for now this is a game to win and I’d do everything I could to be sure of it. Which means take Victoria fool!

      • I think Cody NEEDS to take Victoria to have a chance to win…

        But Derrick is good either way. It could possibly even look better for him if he is in there with Cody. Either way, he ran the house and made it to the end and would deserve the win.

      • Aww Matthew you’re killing me – really? You don’t see there is value in things beyond money? I may not agree with those that condemn taking the easy money – but neither do I downplay the value of being a person of integrity. Woo was an amazing person who sounds like he could truly change a person’s life – whereas Tony won a ton of money and will only be changing the ”stuff” in his life. I’m not saying Tony made the wrong decision, I’m just arguing that Woo made the right decision for who he is. :)

    • It has been earned. The strategy all along was to carry Vic’s deadweight for the last couple of months to the end, to have the best chance of winning. It’s called having killer instinct, winners have it.

    • That’s a pretty big dilemma. I’m confident Cody will go this way and take Derrick. But I’m not convince Derrick will take Cody if he get the choice. I wouldn’t be surprise Derrick take Vic.

      • That’s exactly where I am on my speculations. I’m 110% on Cody taking Derrick. I’m about 70%+ on Derrick taking Cody. Derrick telling Vic he was up in there air was to me the groundwork for him walking her down the path to eviction. Or maybe he just doesn’t want her all happy & shiny so he’s doing the uncertainty trick he used w/ her last week even though he knew. (See, now I’m talking myself down from that 70% I gave.)

      • I am more 50/50 with derrick taking Cody. Both HG’s has their best qualities if he take’s either one. I stand by my thought’s as Derrick making his mind up at the last second, I still think he should take Victoria over Cody though.

      • I think derrick will take the sure thing and take Vicky, I think cody will do the dumb thing and take derrick, and that my dear friends is the difference between being a family man with worldly experience and a young kid with no worldly experience!!

      • I can hear Cody now (if he has the balls to take Vic), with his speech to Derrick! “Thanks Derrick for doing the grunge work and keeping Vic safe this season so that I could win the $500k…sorry I didn’t feel I’d have gotten that if I chose you! But dems da breaks!” LOL

      • I thought Derrick would for sure take Victoria but after he won last night hearing him talk to Cody and even the way he talked to Victoria like he was preparing her I think he just might take Cody.

  1. The smartest move for both Derrick and Cody would be to turn on each other and take Victoria to the final two. What is more important to them, being loyal to the hitmen or winning 500k? I would choose the money over someone that I just met 3 months ago!

    • Smart yes, but you have to account for the effects of Cabin Fever and what I like to call Summer Camp Mentality. Ever been to camp? within a week of living with people 24/7 your friends become closer than family. Of course 6 months later you can barely remember them, but right now I’m sure Cody considers Derrick to be like a brother to him. He might take Derrick to the F2 out of a sense of loyalty.

      • Although we don’t know if Cody saw last season of Survivor, he has mentioned watching BBCan 2. If he thinks of those, then he might realize that strategy over loyalty is the better option.

        We know that Derrick saw Survivor, but don’t know if he saw BBCan2. Although, Derrick continues to lead both Cody and Victoria on I think he’ll chose Victoria for strategic reasons. He’s buttering up Cody in case it’s Cody’s choice or if Cody is the final jury vote.

        Survivor: Woo chose loyalty and lost.
        BBCan: Jon chose strategy and won.

  2. Shouldn’t it have been apparent to Cody, in that moment, that taking Derrick isn’t a viable option? He considered which votes he has on lock and couldn’t come up with anything. He has to know even Christine is a stretch at this point. I don’t get it, but I fully expect a repeat of Survivor: Cagayan.

  3. Sometimes it just comes down to who you are as a person in there. I don’t fault anyone for letting personal reasons come through like Cody is thinking and how Caleb was. It is just who they are. Then you have clear minded Derrick in there for one reason…to win. He knows he will still be tight with Caleb and Cody if he wins. When these house guests look back and watch the season, they are going to be mind blown how much Derrick influenced the house. They need a reunion the following week.

    • I’d give it a little longer than a week. It’ll take a while to watch all of the hours of feeds that they wanted and needed to watch to be able to process this season in a constructive way. But a reunion a few months down the road might be interesting as long as my FF and mute buttons are operating.

  4. if derrick and cody to make it to the final two we have no idea how the jury will vote, too many things could happen , what clips they show the jury the TA money , then you have the frankie played with my dingy under the blanket club. Cody may get frankies vote , and then zach will vote the way frankie wants or frankie will tell everyone what happened under the blanket, Which he will do anyway
    caleb may vote for cody since cody did get him out and he loves to be considered great,
    Christy will vote for cody, it may be a tighter than most think vote, As we have learned some jury members do not vote game play they vote with thier hearts and feelings. Look what happend when the red head won, some people voted against her just because they did not like her,

    It would of course be foolish for either derrick or cody to take each other,
    This could come down to the last person to come out, remember jersey boy was the deciding vote and he went against his man just because he had made a final two with someone else, vic could be that person. she plays feelings.
    It is never really over until its over, All prod, has to do is show certain clips and reveal certain things that can influence the jury and I think the TA money will have allot to do with it, Cody has a great chance against derrick,
    IF they learn that derrick will get an extra 50 grand, that could give who ever sits next to him the win, and if it is revealed derrick is a cop
    Anyone who sits next to vic, will win that should be a given she may get a couple votes from the more vintictive players who are sour.
    it would be a good show to have derrick and cody next to each other, I say cody would win, if they vote feelings and derrick if they vote game play, the jury may be split,
    It will be up to derrick and cody who ever wins this last comp, if they want a sure win or a harder line to tow,
    If derrick and cody do make it to the final two the knowledge of them being in a final two deal also will come into play.
    NO matter how the jury says they may vote it is not until they cast the vote that will tell how they view the players game or how they feel.
    that is what makes this fun, we have no idea only on what they will do they have not seen this show from start to finish, only what they saw for themselfs, that is why the secrets that pord, reveals will do allot to secure votes or sway the jury, or confuse them entirely

    • Here is how I think the votes might go:

      Derrick: Frankie, Donny, Jocasta, Zach and Victoria (if she is sent packing).

      Cody: Christine, Hayden, Nicole and Caleb (because Caleb already said Derrick disappointed him more than Cody did).

      Now if there had to be swing vote’s, votes I think may swing to one side or the other they would be: Nicole and Hayden. These are the two I am more concerned about who they will vote for more than the rest.

      • It seems Nicole and Hayden blame Cody for Derrick’s behind the scene actions? Derrick was nice to Nicole during her return to the BB house while Cody did nothing to try to earn her vote for him.
        Derrick’s jury management is superior than Cody’s has been and will probably help him win in the end.

      • I know they dislike Cody but Hayden also said he doesn’t care for Derrick either. I am sure one of them will vote with who the other votes for.

  5. I think it would be poetic justice if Derrick is in F2 for the jury to be a 9-0 for the other person and to tell Derrick, “Sorry, we couldn’t vote against the house.”

  6. Half way of the season most of us have said, Derrick can sit beside anybody and will definitely win the game. As the time progressed, we started seeing him working on Victoria as one of his options for F2. At this point, maybe his only option if he wants a sure win. The motivation is there and it’s crystal clear on why Victoria is still in the house. I hope Cody is thinking the same thing…..also I have never heard of Derrick saying “I will take Cody to the end” in DR..Have you guys?

    • Nah Derrick is too smart for the DR, he never reveals where he’s leaning to or thinking of getting rid of cause he keeps the answer to himself. I bet they ask him so many questions that they end up giving up cause he just ends up getting answers from them instead. Kind of makes sense if you think about it how many fewer times they would call him to the DR compared to the other HG’s.

      • Oh yeah, a lot of these players give away too much information in the DR, and Derrick is very aware of what’s going on there.

      • Yep, last night was pretty funny though on the feeds around 4 in the morning, the conversation between Derrick and Victoria with her crying “I feel so defeated” rant, she goes to Derrick and says “Someone” is telling her other things giving her hope and Derrick stood up and was about to run to DR and ask who’s been feeding her crap but she stopped him and re-worded her sentence by saying they ask her questions. He knows what production does and last night he was about to storm at them just for that too bad we wouldn’t of been able to get any word of it unless Derrick was ever pissed about it and revealed it himself knowing “they” would be pissed if he did.

      • lol Interesting.. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to show us fans just one time “behind the scenes'” the workings in DR?

      • It would probably have to be a staged DR. lol I would say that there is a lot that goes on in there that we would be shocked to know and they for sure do not want us to know. If they had tapes of all the actual events as they occurred in there this season, I’d pay good money to see that.

      • YES ! I would pay too to see them. I remember Dan G, Jannelle, Mike Boogie and Iann said some incriminating stuff after their DR sessions.

      • They could put that on with the DVD. You know like those movies, where they put, alternate ending and deleted scenes. BB could make an extra DVD in the box set in the form of a documentary “The Making of BB: Behind the scenes”.

      • Yeah that would be nice but again were talking about “Production”, when have you known for them to do a nice thing ha

      • Oh yeah, a lot of these players give away too much information in the DR, and Derrick is very aware of what’s going on there.

  7. Over the course of the past 4 weeks; I have heard houseguest and a couple of jury members state that if Vic, makes it to the final two, they would consider voting for her. If I were Derrick; I would not take Vic; it looks lame on his part and he has a very good shot at beating Cody. I think Cody, will be ok with $50G; Derrick, may even throw alittle cash Vic’s way. ( She did win 5K, plus her stiped money. I wonder what the jury will think about Derrick, Frankie and Donny being America’s Player’s? ( and the fact that they won about 20G’s) Should be interesting to hear their questions and commments. I believe Derrick, deserves to win the $500K; with that said; I want Donny, to win America’s Favotie Houseguest.

  8. At this point in the game, you can’t play for respect, loyalty, friendship, or a clear conscience. Keeping those things in mind early on may be beneficial to your game. But at this point, all bets are off. You’d better go with your gut feeling if you want to be the winner of the money.

  9. I don’t think Cody has his vote count correct anyway. He has less votes against Derrick than he thinks. Christine is going to vote for Derrick too. Oh, the indignity!

    Anyway, if Cody does win HOH and takes Derrick only to lose 9-0 or 8-1 he will be remembered as one of the biggest losers on BB history. Sure he will have $50,000 but Derrick will have $500,000 (not including his TA award).

    Forget the Hitmen, people will remember his season as the year the 2nd place guy gave away 1st prize. Which brings me back to Derrick. He has played a very good game, but moves like this are not Derrick’s doing. They are the result of people who are not in the house to win it or go home. The only one in the house with his eye on the prize the entire game was Derrick. The rest of them were in a frat house hoping for a keg party to break out.

  10. Just a thought guys and I was thinking about this yesterday, you know how they announce America’s Favorite Player right at the end of the night after they come back from the commercial break. What if they announced the winner as Frankie but immediately said well folks goodnight but barely giving airtime and blocked out the boo’s without catching the reaction of the live audience knowing there would be a reaction like that?

    • NO!!!! That couldn’t happen.This is the year of (barf) Expect The Unexpected……In other words, it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • lool KSJB I hate it when your right, why do you have to be soo predictable like BB16 was this season ha

      • Well now, Canman, please do not go back and add up my opinions that turned out to be correct and then yours, because you would have me beaten hands down. lol Hey, I’ve had to laugh at many of my screwed up opinions so far and I expect I’ll give myself a few more things to laugh about before it’s over. Even when you are being a little sarcastic, it makes a whole lot of sense. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have met and posted with you, in case I haven’t told you. Enjoy Survivor. I’ll be watching, always have, but I have much to do to prepare for holidays. Maybe I’ll see ya back next BB season.

      • It’s been an absolute pleasure to have met you as well and I hope you join us for Survivor and if it helps it’ll be my first time joining the discussion on Survivor fandom so I hope you join me for that on there cause you won’t be alone on being a newbie. As for next BB season it won’t be any fun if your not on there so there’s no way I’d miss it but before that I hope I get to see you for BBCan3 which I know will be fun especially how BBCan2 finished. As for your advice about BBAus you were absolutely right on that and it is worth watching and I’m glad I got the benefit of your advice on that, PS your sarcasm trumps mine any day which is why I always enjoy your posts and give you Upvotes cause you most certainly deserve it.

      • I’ll always remember you as Canman and how you graciously allowed me to give you that nickname. It wasn’t me who told you about BBAus, but it makes me want to watch it now. I’ve never had time to watch the other versions of BB as I have always worked 12 hr shiftwork until a couple of years ago and otherwise been very involved in my grandchildren’s lives. My spare time is spent in my flower beds, mowing, and housework and helping my parents. But I enjoy it. I love to watch Nascar and football too and seldom find the time to watch them as I usually have to DVR them. I hope I’l be able to do this again sometime. It’s been a blast.

  11. Derrick will probably get the votes of Donnie, Nicole, Hayden, Frankie, Jocasta, Zach too. I think he has this won as long as he makes it to Final 2. The only way Derrick loses this is if Cody wins the 3rd comp and evicts Derrick then, Cody wins over Victoria easily!

    • I would honestly rather Victoria to win than for Cody to win. Doesn’t have anything to do with deserve. I actually don’t like using that word. If I did, neither her nor Cody would be where they are. It’s just a gut feeling that I have, so yeah, I guess that would mean that he isn’t my favorite person. Victoria was by far not my favorite person in the house either, but if it was between those two, Vic would be my pick.

      • Hmm, You don’t like Cody, but it’s just a “gut feeling”. Cody has played a Flawless social game AND he won the Competitions when need be.
        I’m not sure if Victoria knows what SHOW she is ON!
        Cody is the “best friend” to EVERY Juror. Once Nicole and Frankie were evictedn the entire jury learned exactly WHO the puppeteer was, Derrick. with how tight this cast is, Cody has the upper hand.

      • Yes, gut, instinct, call it what you want. Saying Cody had a flawless social game made me lol. Neither Nicole nor Frankie will campaign for Cody. Derrick has always had the upper hand and will beat Cody hands down if Cody has the final choice and is gullible enough to take Derrick to F2. JMO

      • I didn’t say they’d campaign for him. They will, however, have confirmed the truth to those that may not know, but do suspect. This was an unusually tight group of people.

  12. Be a man and get the money!!!!!!!!!!! Cody you would be dumb not to take Victoria! This is big brother go for the money!!!!!!

  13. Cody is a fool if he wins Round 3 and doesn’t take Victoria. He needs to give Derrick basically the same speech that he gave Caleb (minus the hitmen part). If he doesn’t then it was total BS that he told Caleb about his game being more important than loyalty or promises.
    If game is really his primary reason when sending someone out, then Derrick would have to go.

  14. It’s simple, taking Derrick is a 450k mistake. Will he do it. Probably he will. If Derrick is in the F2 he wins, simple as that no matter who is there with him. The only one who may have gotten enough votes, Frankie with Caleb second and Cody third. That’s only because Frankie was playing for charity (could have cost him votes) and Caleb was more liked than Cody. IMO Derrick wins hands down.

  15. Cody is a business graduate. I’m 100 % convinced he has done the math and knows he has to take victoria to win. As a businessman he will go for the money and evict derrick if given the chance.

  16. Lets be honest people, Derrick WILL win the show either way if him or cody wins final HOH. Victoria does NOT deserve the runner-up 50k. She did absolutely nothing. Cody deserves it over Victoria. Hitmen final 2 over anything.

  17. Derrick will win whether he picks Cody or Victoria, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is 9-0 even against Cody. I don’t know if Derrick realizes this, though, so he might have thoughts of taking Victoria for the guaranteed win. But I think he will do the honorable thing and take Cody. If Cody wins round 3, it sounds like he’ll take Derrick, but if he’s smart he’ll take Victoria.

  18. Can’t stand Derrick sneaky cop! He needs to clear his throat or swallow his food. Disgusting.

  19. I finally figured out why Derrick is leaning towards taking Cody, if he is the winner of the 3rd comp. There have been a lot of posts about loyalty vs. strategy, mine included. Some lean one way and some the other way. But, most seem to be about taking Victoria is an easy win and taking Cody is a toss-up. We’re not looking at it from Derrick’s perspective.

    Derrick IS loyal to both Cody and Victoria. He IS trying to go with the one that HE thinks he can’t beat the easiest. He thinks that choice is Cody. He finally said his reasoning last night. It all comes down to that pact made during F5, when the guys all said that they would vote for Victoria, if she was in F2. He’s using that as his deciding factor.

    Although I switched from liking Derrick the best to losing respect for him for personal reasons, I’ve always given props to his intelligence and misting abilities. He is very smart. He knows that while fans think juries should vote for who played the best game, they are allowed and do vote for whatever reason they want. It’s “vote for who you want to win” and not “vote for the person that played the best game.”

  20. As has been obvious all season, Cody does not have the guts or the brains to make a “big move”….like taking Victoria. Such a wasted HG spot on BB 16 that SHOULD have gone to any one of a million other deserving applicants.

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