Big Brother 16: Week 12 Veto Comp Scenarios

I don’t want to blow this out of proportion, but we really could be a looking at a F2-deciding situation today on Big Brother 16 with the next Power of Veto competition. The stage is set for a very high-stakes competition and everyone knows it. Thanks, Caleb.

Derrick and Frankie prepare for the Veto competition
Derrick and Frankie prepare for the Veto competition – Source: CBS

With only five players left in the game this week, again, all of the remaining HGs will be competing in the Power of Veto with the return of “Big Brother Freakshow.” While we know it’ll be the same competition as last week we do not know if it’ll be the same six “freaks.” Considering Big Brother slightly changed up the see-saw comp with more and differ “seeds” I would hope they’d also take the time to do new faces. I’m fairly confident they will do that.

So how could this next all-so critical Power of Veto turn out? Let’s run through the scenarios.

To set the stage we’ve got Caleb as HoH with Frankie and Victoria as the nominees.

Should either Victoria or Frankie win the Power of Veto then they will definitely use it. Derrick has been outspoken as a volunteer for renom so Caleb would likely look in that direction first, but I don’t believe for a second that Derrick won’t fight that tooth and nail if it comes to it.

I don’t think it’d be that telling for Caleb to renom Derrick as I don’t see him thinking of this as a chance to get Derrick out the door on his first time in the orange chairs. If Frankie is down from the block then he may try to talk Caleb in to a tie-breaker against Derrick, but I’d be surprised for Caleb to seriously consider it.

Frankie coming down from the block would shift the target to Victoria. Victoria winning & coming down would keep it right on Frankie as it is now.

If Caleb wins the Veto then Frankie will lean hard on him to use it and put up either Cody or Derrick, but as before, I don’t see Caleb going for it. He’s stuck to this evict-Frankie plan so far even when he went blabbing the back story. He may be honest about his intentions, but I don’t see him retreating just yet.

Should Cody win the Veto then it will not be used. No chance. He won’t risk Derrick going up and he flat out has no reason to use it on either Frankie or Victoria.

Now here’s Derrick. Is there any question about what would happen? Derrick would never use it. Simple.

I believe this Power of Veto comp comes down to two players: Derrick & Frankie. They were twenty some seconds apart in the last round with the other competitors minutes behind. Just as the see-saw comp was originally between Frankie and Caleb I think we’ll see a similar repeat with this one too.

Both are very smart guys with great potential to win this competition. Last time around we saw Frankie hopping from foot to foot while Derrick calmly reviewed the mash-ups and made his picks. Derrick might not be so reserved in his methods this time around.

Should Derrick win the Veto then Frankie goes to Jury. No question. If that happens then Derrick and Cody will only need to win one more comp, the next Veto, to secure the F3 with them and Victoria. Derrick has started to hint this scenario to Cody with “maybe we should send Caleb out next and keep Victoria,” so don’t be surprised if/when they make that move.

If Frankie pulls out the win like he did last week then the evict-Frankie plan is obviously dead in the water and Victoria is the most likely target. Cody, Derrick, and Caleb will then be forced to restart the plan and try again next week.

I think most fans will be sitting on pins and needles today waiting to hear who wins the Veto. This is huge for the rest of the game and will decide a LOT so do not miss the outcome. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you’re sure to catch the results as soon as we know them.


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  1. Caleb is a moron, but he is loyal. That could be good for him if he makes it to the end. Speaking of the end, it’s still “Bomb Squad until the end!” to him. I wonder what his reaction will be when he is told that Paola survived longer than the Bomb Squad.

    • Hopefully he goes home but expect the unexpected or in this case expect production to do whatever is best for them.

    • This week? Shouldn’t sunday just be re-runs until tues/weds live show? (well not re-runs but old content we’ve already read about here)

      • I read it should happen today but I thought we wouldn’t see it until tuesday. I guess since tues/wed also has live/evict they have to do it this sunday?

      • We should see the POV on Sunday and eviction on Tuesday.

        There is also an additional show next Friday, so I’ve no idea if they are going to push through everything and do a live eviction on Wednesday, a la DE style, or if the eviction will be next Friday.

      • Sun, Sept 14, 8-9PM ET/PT – Nominations & Jurors’ visit episode
        Tue, Sept 16, 8-9PM ET/PT – Special Eviction & Power of Veto episode – F4 revealed
        Wed, Sept 17, 8-9PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F3 revealed
        Fri, Sept 19, 8-9PM ET/PT – Special episode
        Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minutes

      • Tuesday isn’t a live show. Julie said a “special eviction episode” I’m assuming veto will be today/tonight and the ceremony maybe saturday or sunday. Then Matthew has said the eviction will possibly take place on Tuesday during the day and feeds would be down until after the episode. I think it maybe sooner bc they will have time to do another HOH, nom, veto, and veto ceremony before wednesday’s show. right??

      • gotcha. I’m just wondering when the actual eviction will be that will air Tuesday. Seems like last year feeds returned before the special eviction episode aired. Does anyone know for sure?!?

        Also, I’m thinking Friday’s episode will be the F3 looking back at the season.

  2. Okay but how amazing would it be if Frankie left this week, Caleb left next week, and then Cody won the final HOH and blindsided everyone by taking Victoria? As much as I want Derrick to win, if that happened, then I would be very impressed.

    • And then victoria gives the speech of her life describing how she’s been playing dumb the entire game and used it to make it to the final 2. Then she wins the 500k ! I’d love that ending if Derrick doesn’t take it.

    • I’m pulling for Frankie to go and for Derrick to run the table from here on out in terms of HOH competitions. He needs to be the first person to win the game without ever being nominated, because it’s just so incredible.

      Anyone besides Derrick winning would be a travesty.

    • I predicted that several weeks ago. I think it’s very possible. Though, Derrick is pretty smart and has a very good chance of winning the final HOH

      • So do you think Derrick will win it all? I know you’ve been rooting for him. Lol. Actually now that Donny, Nicole and Hayden are gone I’m hoping Derrick and Victoria are the final 2.

  3. This is going to be interesting. I would like to see Derrick win veto. I worry if Derrick loses Frankie could succeed in convincing Caleb that Derrick needs to go home.

  4. If I have to watch Caleb pull his nose hairs out one more time, I’ll have to remove him from my list of Most Intelligent and Charming Bachelors of 2014.

  5. I would love to see Frankie talking to Julie Tue. He needs to go. So tired of LF having all 4 cameras on Frankie bathing. Sick.

  6. Looking forward to results today. Please dont let Frankie win. Dont think anybody else would use POV except Victoria and we know thats not happening.

    • It’s a horse race, like KSJB said the other day. It’s going to be a “photo” finish between Derrick and Frankie (morph pun intended.) They’ll cross the finish line as Caleb and Cody are rounding the bend. Victoria will be trotting along the other side of the track.

      • Now, now Victoria is a photographer and pays attention to details. She will step and win this comp.
        Although I would love for her to win just to shake things up.

      • I am sure she is looking at the pictures saying “My eyes are prettier than hers; my lips are nicer than hers; my nose is better than his, my hair is thicker than hers and that is her studying!

      • How does Victoria winning POV shake things up. She’ll just do what Derrick tells her to, although I wonder if her target is Cody. Something tells me she wants Cody gone so Derrick has no one else to take but her.

    • This year the feeds will switch to the jury house so we can watch this years two showmances: nicole/hayden and zack/frankie (kidding of course but it’d be interesting)

    • Should go down sometime Mon till after show Tue. Tue is not live eviction, its taped. Then feeds will be back off and on till Wed live eviction. I think thats what Matt said Wed night. Or Thu morning.

  7. Someone should tell Caleb that when it comes to Big Brother… “Being honest isn’t always the best policy”!!! If his constant need to keep spilling to beans to Frankie is the reason that he gets sent packing and kicking his rocks to the Jury house, then he will have no one but himself to blame!!

  8. Frankie is in a win or go to jury situation but if he does win then things are going to get interesting because I think he talks Caleb into putting up Derrick and Derrick is toast.

    The person in the best seat is Victoria, she is pretty much a shoe in to get to the final 3 and maybe even the final 2.

    With either Frankie or Cody/Derrick going out with the first eviction that would leave either Frankie vs Cody/Derrick & Victoria and I like Frankie’s chances to win that HOH if it’s him against Cody & Victoria which would send Cody to jury unless he wins the veto and if Frankie does get sent packing, the only chance Caleb has of staying is if he wins the veto and it would 3 against 1 if you want to count Victoria along with Cody & Derrick.

    All of which means Victoria is golden in getting to the Top 3 unless a target wins the veto and takes their self off the block then she could get sent out.

    • What makes you think that if Frankie wins POV and Caleb renoms either Derrick or Cody that Victoria would stay?

      • I agree, I see either Victoria or Frankie leaving next and don’t think they’d vote a replacement nominee out of the house just yet.

        I almost believe Frankie is going after Caleb next and going to leave Cody alone now.

      • Caleb and Frankie would be freaking idiots to pass up the chance to take either Cody or Derrick out, to hell with their alliance.

        Seriously would it make more sense for Caleb and Frankie to team up and go against Cody & Derrick or team up and go against Cody/Derrick & Victoria?

        Keeping Victoria they have a two on one advantage because she wouldn’t win a comp that had questions about what she had for lunch.

        There are only five people in house not to make a move now would be one of the dumbest moves in the history of the show.

        Keeping in Cody or Derrick to evict Victoria is just moronic.

      • It may make sense to viewers, but that’s not how the HGs are talking. If you go by their words and actions, it’s going to be either Frankie or Victoria going. I’m not talking about IF they actually used their brains for the first time all season.

        So, from what you know about their perspective, rather than your wishful thinking, what makes you think Victoria will survive eviction, if Frankie wins the POV?

  9. So. Here’s what happens. Frankie wins POV. Derrick goes up. Frankie talks Caleb into voting out Derrick in a tie breaker.

    Next week. Frankie wins HoH. Puts up Caleb and Cody. Cody wins POV. Votes out Caleb. Final 3. Cody wins HoH, votes out Frankie and the Final 2 is Cody and Victoria. BWAHHAHAH

  10. If Derrick wins POV, Frankie goes home. If Caleb doesn’t win next week’s POV, he’s gone. Cody will win Round 1 of the final HOH with it being endurance. Derrick will beat Victoria in Round 2. And Derrick will win the final round of the HOH, evicting Cody, and winning 500k with a vote of 8-1, Cody being the only vote against him..

  11. I hope they don’t use a picture of Victoria in the competition cause she might get mesmerized by it and never finish……..

  12. I just read on Jokers, that DR said if Derrick and Frankie are F2 the winner will get a $50,000 bonus for being TA. If this is true, Derrick will not be voting Frankie’s butt out the door this week like I was hoping.

      • The only thing I can think of is back to my old theory of there being something in Ariana’s record contract about Frankie being on BB and making it to F2.

        To be fair, that bonus should have been ONLY if they all made it to F3. To have a bonus for 2 out of the 3 is just wrong.

      • I can just imagine how things are blowing up over the sites and twitter, etc. I was already a very disgruntled viewer. Now I can’t find a proper word for how I feel….enraged maybe?

      • Seriously, how far will they go to keep Frankie? Would they threaten anyone’s money for voting him out? What are the limits? Now we see why Frankie has had no limits.

      • how about “uses”? We’ve been hooked on the show for how many years, so they dump this crap on us knowing we’ll probably stay with it just to see who wins. Don’t think I’ll be watching next year tho

      • I’m anxious to find out how Derrick and Frankie got everything twisted. And why did production let it go on for a while. They hear everything and know what was said, you would think.

    • if Derrick thinks Frankie will win maybe just maybe he will still get rid of him cuz 500k for him is better then 550k for Frankie

    • Yep they were talking on the feeds that they get a bonus if they make it to the end together. I’m so friggin ticked off. WTF is production really wanting Frankie in the end? Don’t they know that America hates Skankie? Please let Victoria win POV. That’s the only way Frankie will get evicted because then Derrick and Frankie will be on the block together.

      • There is a slim possibility that either …

        A. Derrick figures out that any bonus is not worth jeopardizing $500K or

        B. Cody still votes for Frankie (out of spite) and Caleb backs Cody up with the tie-breaker.

      • This pov could be so easy for production to just hand the veto to frankie. The houseguests do not know their time or the other players times until the results are all in. They could easily change the times to where frankie has the shortest and nobody would ever know for sure. I fully expect frankie to win this veto and it pisses me off!

      • I fully expect Frankie to win the game. God only knows what is going on that we don’t know about. What is obvious is enough to make me vomit.

      • I know I am just a drop in the bucket of water but I will be done with BB then because the players did not win the game production did.

      • CBS did and this has all been a huge commercial for Ariana, with Frankie being the star. No telling what they are paying him for his summer.

      • The whole contract thing is true. I used to work in a hotel and had a guest that was a family member of a former houseguest. The houseguest was not supposed to tell anybody about what went one with production, but of course they did lol.he then told me stuff that really made me start to hate big brother production. He told me how they make them say specific things in the diary room even if they dont want to. If they refuse to say it they would wake them up every 30 min throughout the night and call them to the DR until they agreed to say it. Usually it was negative things about other houseguests even if they didnt feel that way. They did this because that kind of stuff is good for ratings.

      • Competition rigging has been illegal since the old TV game show “What’s the $64K Question?” If they got caught rigging a competition, it would be a legal nightmare for them.

    • So how do people get this info? How would people know what is said in DR. I believe that production says things to the HG to help shape the game. But how can someone say, other than speculation what has been said. Are LF showing Derrick and Frankie talking about this?

    • Here is what I sent to CBS…

      Dear CBS BB Production Team,

      I’m shocked and outraged! I just learned that Derrick and Frankie were offered a $50,000 bonus if they made it to the final 2! How is this in any way fair? The viewers voted for THREE Team America players! IF there was a bonus for staying together, then it should have been offered to ALL three players for making it to the final 3.

      You have blatantly ignored Frankie’s and Derrick’s involvement in laughing about raping Victoria, Frankie’s violent threats to punch other house guests, euthanize Zach, and Frankie telling Jocasta to go kill herself! Let me add in the sexual predator behavior that Frankie has tried with Zach, Derrick, Caleb and Cody! I can only assume that you AGREE with him. I suspect that Frankie’s so-called social media followers are from his sister’s fan base, which is mostly tween girls. Are you really okay with tween girls following and approving of a man-child who thinks rape is funny?

      It was bad enough that Julie Chen praised Frankie in her last EW interview. But, your constant interference in saving Frankie is outrageous! Are you sleeping through the Live Feeds? Are you ignoring the social media outrage and pure hatred for Frankie? Is this about CBS owning Ariana Grande’s record label? Do you care that you are turning Big Brother fans away by the droves? Are you signaling that this is the last season, so you don’t care about fans?

      Since you ignored my last letter and all the letters from other fans that have written you, I assume you will ignore this one, too. I guess it’s time to start notifying the Big Brother sponsors of your actions. Perhaps a response from them will prompt some action, like a disclaimer and apology on a live show. It was done last year for Aaryn’s racist’s remarks. Frankie’s behavior is far worse!!

      I can’t even begin to describe the disgust I feel about you protecting that narcissistic, misogynistic, vile, vulgar, man-child, sexual predator.

      Former CBS Fan

      • WOW, redroses, I wish I could put words together like that. Great job and I’m sure you speak for a whole lot of people. Thanks. :)

      • Derrick and Frankie have won enough from TA, without Donny, so why a bonus???? Why did they even bother to have Frankie on the show? Just give him a huge check and be done, he and sister must be already affiilated with CBS why make us suffer thru all his pawing of the straight guys, insulting women, etc???

      • They were talking on the feeds a little while ago and only one of them has to make it to the end. If one of the TA wins they get a 50k bonus. So Frankie and Derrick both don’t have to be sitting in the F2. Now Derrick has more reason to get rid of Skankie.

    • Both Matt and Joker’s Updates reported that if either Derrick or Frankie are the winner, they get $550K, instead of the $500K. They don’t have to do it together, so it is still OK to boot Frankie this week.

      • I read that a while ago and updated that Jokers had clarified their post. So wonder how the boys got it messed up or were they told that just to see what a reaction it would get from the sites, and then production clarified it accordingly. I’m all paranoid again or am I?

      • When they were talking in the bathroom after their DR’s this morning the way they were talking about if they go to the end they get a bonus it made it sound like they had to go together. A few hours ago when they were talking they said if one if them goes to the end and wins.

      • I’ve had a shoulder problem and just started PT for it and it is very aggravated. As much as I dislike taking meds, I took some last night and I missed about 10 hrs of my life.Wow! But thanks for update. I’m way behind and have ballgames(grandkids)all afternoon!!!

  13. Kinda off topic but does anyone know how close the opinion poll results for AP match the actual winners over the past seasons? Just curious… Thanks!

      • My first thought is that is it very close but not everyone votes on the poll (obviously) plus I have noticed that Derrick has moved up considerably on Donnie. Is this due to longevity in the house or appreciation for his game play? Be interesting to know.

  14. Cody has got to realize now what Derrick is up to. He has to unless he is as dumb as Caleb, Victoria and Nicole. If Derrick is hinting to Cody they should keep Victoria its for one reason and that’s to take her to the final 2.

    Cody needs to smarten up and get out of Derrick’s butt and this week is the week he should do it. He needs to vote Victoria out to ensure Derrick has no one else but him to take to the F2. It amazes me what sheep these people are.

    • It’s sure easy to see everything from OUR perspective. Try being locked in a house with no way of knowing whether someone is lying or not. Sometimes what we consider blatantly obvious, they have no idea to it.

      Derrick has done a wonderful job making people think he and Victoria aren’t as tight as they really are, and that’s why they’re not putting two and two together.

  15. From Joker website they do not have to be in the F2 together for the winner to get the 50K bonus, if the winner is a TA member, the winner gets it.

  16. I’m really hoping since Victoria is studying this time, and with her being a photographer, she’ll pull one out of the hat!! that would be AWESOME! I know she said the first time being a photographer was to her advantage but as we all watched, clearly it didn’t help her at all. maybe a little studying will click with the other half and HOPEFULLY she’ll win!! WISHFUL thinking I know but here’s to hoping! :)

    • Yeah, hopefully with the redo she can make it up for last time. It really took her a while to get one combo of HG’s right. But she was quite fast on the others.

  17. Just heard Derrick and Frankie talking a little while ago on the feeds about the extra 50k the winner gets. They DONT have to both be in the finals. If one of the TA wins they get an extra 50k. So I feel better. Now win the veto Derrick and evict Skankies butt!

  18. I would love to see Vic win her first competition. Wait, did she win a veto? Anyway, I’d love to see her win tonight, take herself off and Derrick go up!

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