Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Night Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 30, 2013

Nomination nights are always exciting for Big Brother and this week was no different at all. We finally saw someone take a swing at the power couple and while they might have said “it makes no sense!” the rest of us saw the Exterminators putting their plan in to action. Now it’s time to see what the nominees decide is their next move.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

3:30 PM BBT – Amanda is confident Elissa will go up. She tells Judd if they keep the noms the same then Elissa will be evicted.

4:00 PM BBT – Amanda says GM will do what she’s told her to so she won’t be targeted next week. Amanda is excited about the upcoming nominations.

5:16 PM BBT – Feeds return. McCranda has been nominated. Amanda is crying and goes to bed.

5:18 PM BBT – Amanda saying it doesn’t make sense. This will later become her mantra. She says she’d rather go home than see McCrae evicted.

5:20 PM BBT – Amanda up and on the attack. She’s going after Spencer then Andy then GM.

5:25 PM BBT – Andy and Judd walk in on Amanda yelling at GM. GM staying very calm.

5:30 PM BBT – Amanda continues to yell at GM. She tells GM that the whole house will be pissed at her and coming after her. Amanda believes any of the guys will save them if they win Veto.

5:35 PM BBT – Amanda back downstairs and crying. She says she wants to go home.

5:50 PM BBT – Amanda still crying and upset. Saying it doesn’t make sense and she wants to go and McCrae to stay. Amanda says she’s over it and wants to go home now.

6:15 PM BBT – Andy tells Amanda he’ll fight to win Veto. (No he won’t.) She says she doesn’t want to rob McCrae of his chance to play the game.

6:45 PM BBT – Amanda apologizes to GinaMarie for her earlier behavior.

6:55 PM BBT – GM again explaining to Amanda that everyone is alone, but Amanda has McCrae which makes them a threat.

7:30 PM BBT – McCrae is crying. Amanda tries to make him feel better.

8:00 PM BBT – HGs minus McCranda in the kitchen having dinner prepared by GM.

8:40 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy making up stories and building them off each other’s. It’s pretty hilarious. Andy jokes he had to work in the steel mill straight out of elementary school and already had a whole family at that age. They go on and on in different directions.

8:45 PM BBT – Amanda trying to comfort McCrae. She says they did everything they could. Couldn’t do anything differently.

9:00 PM BBT – Andy bumps in to Amanda. Tells her he’ll fight hard for the Veto. She still thinks she can trust him. No he won’t.

9:20 PM BBT – Amanda goes up to the HoH room and cries to them wit her apology.

9:50 PM BBT – Amanda tells Andy and McCrae that she’s ruining their game. She tells them to fight on when she’s gone. I’d seriously consider keeping spirit-broken Amanda and send him McCrae at this point.

10:10 PM BBT – Amanda says she cried at the nomination ceremony.

11:15 PM BBT – Alcohol arrives in the Storage room.

11:50 PM BBT – Andy says his DR questioning made him think McCranda and Helen weren’t popular with viewers. He became concerned over how he was viewed. Andy doesn’t feel like Amanda gives him credit for keeping her in the game this far.

1:10 AM BBT – Andy and Elissa joking around in the HoH room. They make a silly flappy-hand shake that he’ll protect her this week but is going to vote her out on Thursday. Lots of giggles.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs all off to bed. Veto competition ahead of them on Saturday.

The Veto on Saturday will be important, but not critical like last week. If either Amanda or McCrae wins the Veto then the other will go home. The votes simply aren’t there to save them unless they work on some serious brainwashing plans this week.

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    • I would like to see them at the final two. I have a feeling that if it is the two of them at the end, Judd will take it home.

      • Next week’s HOH comp will probably be mental, so that puts Elissa & Judd at a disadvantage.

      • It would definitely be a first. Seeing a hg come back into the game and actually winning the game would be amazing! In the past most hg who reenter the game end up getting evicted during the next couple of weeks.

        Out of the two I’d definitely like to see Judd win over Elissa.

    • Why would elissa and judd take each other, I think spencer is the best pawn for final 2!

    • Would love to see Elissa get to the final two but the way she talks about her and her husband makes me believe that one of the other players can so much more use the money. She was saying how her husband bought an ice hockey rink for her “wellness center”. With who she has in jury house, she could very well win it anyway.

      • Money should never be a factor. If you played a good game, you played a good game. If she felt that way i’m sure she wouldn’t bring it up so much. Honestly I think Judd will win over Her and I think Elissa wouldn’t mind that either.

      • You have to let the Jury decide if finances are a factor Josh. Some people vote on game play, some on finances, some on who they ”liked”, and some will vote against who they disliked more. If the final 2 contestants were smart, they’d do their homework and try to figure out what matters most to the people in the jury house. For me, what people will do with their money IS a factor in addition to HOW they played the game. I would reward a humble person the money over an arrogant person any day.

      • I agree, I’m just speaking my conscience. From a game standpoint, the best gameplay should be the deciding factor for the jurors. I, from a “personal” standpoint would like to see someone who could really use the money. Other than McRanda, and Andy of course.

      • I’m only speaking for myself. If I’m one of the Jury, I will throw everything out the window and decide on their game and game play alone.

      • Elissa is too dangerous to take to the final 2 with Helen on the jury. Helen gets paid some pretty good money to convince people to vote for her interests. She could convince enough people to vote for Elissa. Although Judd could just tell Jessie he wants to take her on a date and get her vote.

  1. This is why Andy is a floater, he keep stick on McCranda until they have no more power of nomination. Andy didnt want to be called floater but that’s what he’s done all along.

  2. Mcranda, Andy, Spencer, GM are my predictions how the eviction ceremonies will go. What u guys think?

  3. Stupid move on gm’s part. Not only was Elissa responsible for both nick and aaryn’s evictions she also has several friends that are losers in the loser house (I mean jury house) that will vote for Elissa to win it all. Why don’t you just hand Elissa the money now?!?!

    • How is it stupid to put up a power couple who (miraculously, because it makes no sense at all) made it to the final 7 players? That’s by far the smartest move she could have made. You are probably quite alone in this opinion of yours lol.

      • Finally, a houseguest with enough smarts to break up the couple who has been running the show. Surprising that the smart one was GM

    • it wasn’t elissa’s idea to put nick up she did it because thats what they all wanted

      • Oh yes the “the house made me to it” excuse. Do you believe it when your kids say that others make them do it

    • It’s the smartest move she could make, not stupid. If she didn’t make this move now, there would be a possibility of Amanda or McCrae getting HOH this coming week then the other the following week. (assuming as a HG you don’t know there is a double eviction coming up). That would leave the power couple in control two weeks in a row. Then it could steamroll from there.

      If they don’t get those two broken up now, GM won’t have to worry about Elissa because there is a good chance she’d never make it to the end anyway.

    • Actually a woman has never beaten a man in the final 2 of big brother US. Hopefully that will change this year (unless its somehow Amanda in f2 although I don’t know how that would happen!)

      • I can’t imagine any of the current guys winning against the current girls. Both girls have done more for the game these past couple weeks than any of the guys have done all season.

  4. I understand McCranda being upset, but why is Amanda stuck on this “it makes no sense!!” thing? She prides herself on being a smart game player, but then can’t understand why putting up a power couple in the final 7 is by far the smartest move GM could make. The fact that neither of them saw it coming shows everyone (including the other HGs) that McCranda’s power got to their heads so badly that they actually believed they couldn’t be put up together. That makes the whole thing so much sweeter lol.

    • It doesn’t make sense (to her) because she’s been controlling this whole game unlike anyone has ever done before her. One could say that Dan has controlled the game this well also, but even he was in danger at times. Amanda although a despicable person, has (as Dan said) played the game and she’s controlled almost every aspect of it. I’m hoping she leaves this week, but I gotta say I find it funny how she doesn’t realize that NO ONE can ultimately control everyone else around.

      • And to think Amanda wanted HOH Elissa to nominate GM alongside Aaryn last week so that she could control the outcome of the Veto to get GM out.

      • Indeed, that was her plan, she just hate to see people use their own mind and not take orders from her, what a hypocrite, I say send her packing please.

      • Indeed, she just don’t want anyone to use their mind to make their own decision, but to follow her orders, what a hypocrite, please send her packing.

      • Dr Will was the best game controller and manipulator and was so successful and won Season 2 because of it.

      • Will without Mike, Mike without Will as solo players neither has really shown anything. When one speaks of power couples, players let that power make it to the final 3 and 4’th

    • Amanda has used the argument to evict someone to “breaking up couples” like when Helen needed to go so Elissa would be alone. I could never understand why someone didn’t say to her, “YOU are part of a couple, so you should be careful slinging that argument around.”

    • She doesnt see her self as a bully. She sees herself as a victim. In her eyes she is the one that is right and she did no why would it make no sense? She’s right all the time! haha

  5. Just goes to show you that you can only intimidate people up to some point. Once, they figure out that they can take you out—-you are in a heap of trouble!

    • Definitely evict pizza boy this week. Amanda is already crippled. After Mcrae is gone she will be a soup sandwhich. Can’t wait to see her all alone in the house.

  6. I am rooting for Amanda to go to the jury house. Should make for some drama with Jessie, Aaryn, Candice and Helen waiting for Amanda! On the flip side, McCrae can show us if he has any game at all. He has been hiding all this time behind Amanda’s skirt! She did all the strategizing and planning all this time! Time to wear the big boy pants now bud!

    • No Amanda staying is better, she would have to worry if Jessie or Aaryn is hitting on MCCrae..that plus being alone will drive her CRAZY!!!!

    • Definitely take out Amanda first. Remember when Brendon was evicted Rachel really started playing the game and kicked some butt. Amanda won POV when it counted. Take her out first!

      • well just take whoever stronger first. In season 12 when rachel was evicted Brendon win HOH and Veto, too bad he doesn’t have anyone. Rachel at least have some people on her side when she’s gone.

      • I think the fear of McCrae is his social game. A couple days with Amanda gone, and some of these houseguests might forget why they wanted him out. They are all so wishy-washy.

    • I think too many people view McCrae as a bump on a log, but isn’t that exactly what he needed to do (for a great strategy) if he wanted to keep Amanda AND not bring any attention on himself? Look at how far she got him into this game (as a couple? That’s unheard of!) I think McCrae played his hand well this season. I’m definitely NOT a fan of Amanda, but I see McCrae as being one of the only few players in this game who truly didn’t commit any hate crimes, nor do anything seriously offensive (apart from his choice in women and personal hygiene). Amanda has been his obnoxious, racist, bully shield which served him well to this point, but now it’s time for him to win the Veto and continue on without her. I’m hoping it’s him & Judd in the finals (with Judd most likely winning).

      • For me, the fact that he’s stood by Amanda during all her antics are a mark against him. No, he can’t control her – but he’s been tired of her crap too, and tried to calm her down. If he had any brains, he’d have seen he was guilty by association and dumped her.

      • I can see what you’re saying about guilt by association, but that’s a dangerous path (in the game and in life). At this point in the game who’s NOT committed more heinous acts of hatred in it’s various forms? Spencer (the guy who jokes about sexually abusing children and fellow house guests)? GM & Amanda (the women who have said some of the most vile things to other house guests in addition to their unapologetic racist views)? Andy the guy who’s sat in the corner the whole game and laughs at every racist, sexist, hate-filled comment…then goes and tells the rest of the house people’s game (and personal) secrets? Elissa, the classic ”mean girl” who has talked trash about most of the house guests to cover up her own elitism and insecurity? Judd well, Judd’s just been a funny non-player which is why I don’t mind him going to the finals with McCrae. At this point in time, I’ll take guilty by association over guilty!

      • Why would I want to support McCrae at this point in the game? HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO WARRANT MY SUPPORT. He has depended on Amanda & Andy to get him through the game. He has been as vile in his remarks as Amanda. He supported her antics rants raves & threats which showed no respect for the other HGs. I am suppose to support a HG that screwed over all the other HGs while he was getting screwed in a pleasurable way by Amanda. His reading the Bible yesterday was a joke as he allowed Amanda to make fun of Moses who stuttered. I don’t think he deserves or warrants any moral support or game play support of any kind by viewers or the other HGs. He needs to be evicted just as Amanda does.

      • McCrae made one real decision after week one and it was disastrous (keeping Andy over Aaryn). He convinced Amanda that it was the right move. She let her hatred for Elissa cloud her judgement.

        Personally, I didn’t want Aaryn to stay and I’m glad McCranda is getting their comeuppance. From a game view however, keeping Andy (he helps Amanda feel she is in control because he’s her snitch and keeps McCrae’s dream of an all male final alliance alive) was a luxury that McCranda couldn’t afford.

        Cutting ties with Andy would have allowed them to keep their dirty little competition monkey (Aaryn). It also would have pulled Gina Marie closer to their alliance, thus isolating Elissa. Spencer floats and is not a competition threat, so the last HOH would have been the “house” against Judd.

        Massive mistake by McCranda, it will cost both of them their games.

      • Aaryn killed her alliance with 3AM the minute she agreed to Elissa ‘ back door scheme and chose Judd to play in the the veto comp. Amanda knew Aaryn had jumped ship and she called her out on it immediately.

        Only reason Andy is still in the house is because Aaryn bought the bull Elissa was peddling. When you’re on the block, best to wait until after you see who wins Veto before jumping ship.

    • I keep waiting for this game of his to show up. He is on the block now and he has been reading his bible in his room with only Amanda by his side. That doesn’t sound like good game play right now. He needs to socialize, without her, and make some inroads with the other guys in the house. Andy would keep him over Amanda, I think Spencer might consider it too.

      • I think he’s not campaigning because he thinks he’s safe. He knows how Amanda has acted, and he’s willing to let her sink her own ship.

    • the houseguests know it’s double eviction are they told on Thursday’s too.On another note,I can’t wait to see the footage of Aaryn in the jury house after Julie’s chat with her.Helen will
      be oh it’s ok,but Candace may get in her face.

  7. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind would like Elissa or want her to win…have any of u been watching After Dark at all? All she does is talk about herself and ‘one up’ everyone (basically rubbing her materialistic items in everyone’s face)…and she seriously needs to stop sticking her top lip out so much! I agree that Amanda has been a real B$&@$ this week but in reality she is the only player that thinks/plays the game 24/7! She is defiantly a bully in the house but then again everyone bowed down to her so she must have been doing something right! And PS Elissa needs to learn how to talk quicker and not take 20 mins to get a sentence out of her mouth…I believe she is the ‘disgusting’ one!

    • So glad someone else see’s Elissa for what she is can’t believe fans are routing for her she is disgusting Shame on GM for falling for it

      • Andy is very likable. I think it’s pretty insulting that so-called fans hate “the rat” because of his strategy, one which has been consistent since day one. These are the same people who hated Dr. Will, whose strategy nearly won him the game twice. Just because someone doesn’t rat for your favorite doesn’t make him an evil person.

  8. Would be awesome for McCrae to go first and then we get to watch Amanda slowly lose her mind. Perhaps she might even have a total mental breakdown by the time the finale comes and then Judd gets the money.

    • Really? You want Amanda to potentially go to the finals and watch her convince others that although she wasn’t liked, at least she played the game (exactly what Dan said in his interview with Julie). People tend to vote for people who make that argument!

      • Don’t know for sure. They may or may not vote for her. I’m just saying it’d be fun to watch her slowly melt down after McCrae is gone.

      • I think it’d be sweeter for people in the jury house to experience that with Amanda (while the fans watch McCrae and get introduced to him for the first time!)

        And you really need to remember that the jury is a lot more level-headed (unless something heinous happened to them) by the time voting comes around. I could easily see Helen, Aaryn, McCrae, Andy, Spencer voting for Amanda to win (not saying they like her over Judd, just saying they would VOTE for her over Judd).

      • McCrae’s had more than enough time to try and assert his own game; it’s way too late to see that happen now. Too little too late.

      • You don’t vote for people u like but for people that actually played the game…even if someone had a ton of $ already I would vote for the best player and if it was them then they deserve it!

      • Exactly. It would be a BIG mistake to take Amanda to the final 2. She isn’t a likeable person, but that doesn’t mean she won’t win.

      • Even if somehow mccranda stay, mccrae should not take amanda, unless if they’re trying to get married and split the 550000 dollars

    • I think she’ll come back stronger. Same thing happened with Rachel and Brendan. She was a terror when he was in the house. When he was gone, she turned into a tolerable person and a much better game player.

  9. McCray will be evicted! Remember those 2 letters from the former CBS employee saying that Amanda WILL WIN!

      • I think we should drop our X-File hats for now and just take a wait and see approach. If it’s true, that would be a huge devastating blow to CBS, but if it pans out to be another conspiracy theory started by a couple bored teenagers, won’t those who invested time into believing this as ”truth” feel silly? Not to mention the people around them won’t really believe anything they call ”truth” anymore…

      • it’s a troll by your dear friends at 4chan, There is an active thread about it, Much lulz all around at the gullibility of most big brother viewers.

    • Just because you read it on the Internet, doesn’t make it true. If so, I’m a French model. Bon jour.

    • Those letter came from 4chan, the same group who raided habbo, had bieber fans cut their hair. I thought it personally was a weak troll that would have no legs. Imagine my chagrin

  10. Vote out Amanda! I have always liked McCrae and would love to see how he plays the game without Amanda. He’s tried to shut her up when she gets crazy, but he’s too scared of her.

  11. All in all, Amanda’s mouth aside, McCranda played a good game, but stayed together to long and did not have enough alliance to stick with them to the end. Elissa is a weasel and does not deserve to win, because she is another floater riding the glory of her sisters fame. Spenser is an abusive liar, Andy floats like scum on water, Judd is riding everyone else’s coat tails and trying to coast to the end. Judd is floating right next to Andy. The only one who really deserves to win is GM. I do not care much for her attitude, but she has manged to play a decent game. She made alliances and knew when to keep quiet.

    • If Judd were a floater he would have voted Amanda out when Helen presented the option to him, last week of MVP. Judd stayed loyal to his original alliance, Goof Troop, to the point of being blindsided by them. Then his first week back he made a new alliance and is sticking with that. That is not a floater. Amanda and McCrae are floaters. They hated Aaryn until she gained power, they buddied up to Helen when she was in power. Amanda was the first person up GM’s ass once she won this week. Floaters float to power.

    • Elissa won HoH and just pulled the McCranda wool off people’s eyes through her nominations. She also had an ally (Helen) that she stuck with until she got evicted. That’s not floater behavior. She’s not a floater now just because she’s making new alliances, either.

      Judd made dumb moves his first time around, but he stuck with the alliances he made, which doesn’t make him a floater. And he’s definitely more strategic this time, and he learned from his mistake and is making alliances with the right people.

      I agree Spencer can f*** off. Andy is a snake but I can’t call him a floater either because there really is only one group of people he truly allied himself with for most of the game. He played buddy-buddy with everyone but in the end he was always only loyal to McCranda (until now, when it would be suicide to do so).

      GM didn’t make alliances; she relied on Aaryn to tell her what to do (Aaryn being controlled by other people). She kept quiet because she had no game of her own.

      • This season is weird about floaters. You say that Andy’s been loyal to one side and not a floater, but he’s still using a floater’s strategy. He’s got relationships on all sides and is always prepared to float if need be. But the fact is, he hasn’t needed to float from one side to the other because the house always votes unanimously. So although he’s always prepared to float to the other side, he’s never had to. That’s really helped him pretend to be loyal.

      • He’s made deals with people so that they wouldn’t nominate him, but he’s been Amanda’s lapdog for a looooong time. In other words, he made deals to avoid nomination, rather than to have options.

        I’m not going so far as to say this was a genius plan or anything like that (and it says something about the HGs that it took so long for anyone to realize what was going on), but I don’t doubt for a second that the only alliance he took seriously was the one he had with McCranda.

    • gasp you dared disparage a Riley, truth not withstanding prepare for some downward votes from the sheeple

      • I am commenting not as to an individual, more an apt statement on mass. I am not deluded enough to think I know anyone here or on Big Brother to comment as to their personality

      • I am not commenting as to any individual, simply an apt retort as to mass mentality. I not deluded enough to think I can comment as to the personalities of anyone on this board or the show.

    • Elissa lost all “glory” of her sisters’ fame when she no longer held the power of Americas vote. If anything, she has had a HUGE target on her back since the first few weeks of the game. I do agree with you about Spencer and especially Andy. They both used McRanda as a vehicle to get them to this point. Now they are jumping ship.

      • odd then, as a have not she requests and gets a wool blanket, openly states production does her favors. If this was any other guest you’d have been up in arms.

    • Andy has played a very respectable game. I don’t know if he can keep it up, but if he makes it to final 2, he deserves to win.

      Floater is a legitimate strategy and very difficult to pull off all the way to victory. I’d like to see him own it, but he’s embarrassed to be called a floater.

      • I have said in earlier posts that I thought Andy played a stategic game. He was able to maintain alliances without upseting too many houseguests and somehow was able to reconcile any differences. Any remember Porsche? Floated all the way to final 2 against Rachel.

      • Porsche did nothing to differentiate herself or to prove that she deserved to win. If Andy wants to win, he needs to be able to explain how his floating gave majorities to the people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get out their targets, and how it was his choice that decided which alliance would succeed each week.

  12. she makes me laugh when she keeps saying it makes no sense when off corse it makes perfect sense she is been breaking pairs up all season and she must be delusional thinking that she would never be nominated

    • She can’t figure out how GM would be so sure one of them is going. Even if GM didn’t have Spencer and Andy but only Judd and Elissa, she still controls the votes. The funniest part was when Amanda told GM she could have nominated a lot of other people ( there are only 6 options), Amanda kept running out of names to say.

      • typical behaviour of a spoiled brat who does not get her way plus she is a control freak this must be driving her crazy maybe she will self evict

      • That was when Amandas game truly ended…Judd Andy & I believe Spencer may have been in the room (possibly wrong on that) . Her true selfish petty nature came out and they saw it.

  13. I thank GM for giving AMANDA a full dose of confrontational REALITY THERAPY. ALMOST FEEL SORRY FOR HER SICKNESS.

  14. Hope the HGs stay smart and get McCrae out first. I don’t buy Amanda’s “I’ll leave the game for you” act, so I don’t yet believe she’s really having a nervous breakdown, but she’s still worse at comps than McCrae, breakdown or not.

    Get him out and then finish the job in the double-eviction.

  15. It’s about time!!!! Give credit where credit is due. …Elissa started the ball rolling!!!!!! Regardless to who needs the money…..may the best strategist (without being vile or mean) win. Personally at this point I really don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Amanda, McCrae, Andy or GM…..IMO….if I was allowed to choose, I would choose Elissa…..stuck up or not, she’s not mean, racist, a tattle tail, or afraid to get her hands dirty!!!

    • GM would’ve been OK if she didn’t allow Aaryn to influence her (even though she’s older). There is no excuse for the way they treated Candice…. NO EXCUSE!!!! Regardless whether she’s acting better or not…..its already done and in the REAL WORLD there are repercussions for the things we do…choices we make!!! GO ELISSA!!!

      • Cnadice brought some of it on herself. Her behavior wasn’t exemplary either. The only two people in this whole game who acted respectfully to others is Howard, and Judd. The rest allowed their ugly side to come out and play. They will all regret it, because they all have to go home and explain themselves to the people they know and need.

      • Howard kept his temper in check, showed loyalty, integrity, and more class then most of the other contestants this season.

      • On a personal level, Candice wasn’t able to suck it up the way Elissa did as she was able to put up with all the in-your-face insults she got from Amanda and Aaryn among others (ranging from physical insults to attacking her family).

        She could have either stayed classy throughout the whole ordeal or fight for her place in the game by actually playing it like making deals to go further and maybe, probably get GinaMarie kicked out before her.

      • Difference is Candice had Aaryn, GM, and Amanda on her… a matter of fact if you GI to you tube and pull up Big Brother 15Bullying Candice you will see it was those ladies, Perfect Judd, Spencer, etc…..Not many people ccould’ve kept it “classy”. Besides Elissa had a HOH room to hide out in….

      • It took weeks for Elissa to get HOH and before then, there’s no shielding her from getting insults left and right and right on her back. Her only protection was Helen.

        I agree that you’re right about Candice. I just wish she had more of thicker skin and maybe had a little more than just initial familiarity on how the game of Big Brother works. Personalities will always going to clash and dominate inside an isolated house. This season is an example on how extreme those personalities can go.

      • I’m sorry but I disagree. IMO the ONLY thing Candice did was go in that house being Black (biracial). GM is a follower….she followed Aaryn’s racist lead……Candice endured a lot more then most…. Please go to you tube and watch Big Brother 15 Bullying Candice…’s 34 minutes….come back and tell me if you feel like she brought this on herself…..

      • Candice going to Helen demanding a deal, then going to spencer saying “Keep my name out your mouth” showed her true character.

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        verb: prejudice; 3rd person present: prejudices; past tense: prejudiced; past participle: prejudiced; gerund or present participle: prejudicing


        give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.

      • I would also have to disagree. As a human being you can’t make people be racist to you. The things that were said about her and to her were downright racist and disgusting. There is no excuse for what they did to Candace. It’s one thing to not like a person because that person is nasty to you, but to treat Candace the way they did because of her color is unacceptable. Not to mention, IMO I think all 3 of them were jealous of Candace because of her life experiences and what she has accomplished and because she’s a beautiful girl. There was no reason for the other men to be nasty towards her other than the fact that they too were racist.

      • Did you ever consider that maybe she wasn’t liked because of her spoiled little girl attitude, instead of the color of her skin. Not making excuses for the other’s behavior as it was completely unacceptable. But Candice didn’t help herself in any way going to Spencer and saying things like “Keep my name out your mouth”. Frankly she played up to their opinions instead of rising above it.

    • I really like Elissa, but I’m not sure she actually has ‘game-play’. She has been a loner in the game with no allies other than Helen. Fortunately for her she has had success in competitions which gives her game-play in that respect. But, I doubt she has had any real strategy.

    • Finally, someone who is thinking about game play and not jealous of what Elissa has or doesn’t have.She brought a dead game alive and is the only person who made this season even worth watching!

  16. I hope McRae stays . I’d like to see him away from her . He was my fave in the beginning. He tried making her be nice. I think he outside if this is a good person… She is well the same outside. I feel kinda bad for him but prob fears for his life just a little bit lol

    • I wish I could agree with your logic, but he stood right beside Amanda when she was tearing people apart. That makes him no better than her. Her brutality advanced his game. I cannot respect that. He’s a coward.

    • You would think if deep down he was a good person, he’d be disgusted by Amanda’s antics.

      As it is, he only starts having problems with Amanda’s behavior when it sounds like they’re going to get in trouble with the other HGs for it–not out of principle.

      • The whole show is about what would you do to win 500,000.00 That alone tells you where these people’s lay.

      • Since when is that an excuse to talk about killing and/or raping people, harass them, deface things associated with a person/a person’s things, and spout racist, homophobic things?

      • I suppose then you had an utterance that some portion of society could deem offensive? People in glass houses and all that

      • Yes, I can honestly say I have done none of those things. Are you trying to argue that everyone says things like that? Cause that is far from the case.

      • nope, I’m trying to argue now you are quite assuredly deluded. If anyone was followed on camera 24/7 it is highly within thew realm of most likely they would utter or act in a way offensive to someone.

      • Something as offensive as saying someone ought to be killed so it’d be easier to rape her? No.

        I think you’re the delusional one here.

      • Mcrae has been telling Amanda to back of the bully tactics for a while now, but just like with everyone else, she doesn’t listen to him either.

      • When she was having one of her ranting episodes on Elissa Spencer (of all the HG’s to say anything) told McCrae that he needed to quite her down. McCrae scratched his stubble then tried to find his balls to scratch (with no luck) and said to Spencer “I’ll reign her in in a day or 2” and I quote him on that. He had no problem with her actions as he thought what she was doing helped his game. McCrae is a slug.

      • Agreed on that fly, but to Mc’s credit, he couldn’t reign her in if he wanted to, she owns his testies.

      • He only tells her that when he’s worried it’s ruining his game, though. That’s my point; it’s not that he thinks her behavior is deplorable, but that he doesn’t want to be associated with it when it’s putting a target on his back.

        Even when he admits to the others he’s sick of her behavior, it’s in the context of how she’s going to ruin his game/reputation–not in the context of how no one should be doing what Amanda’s been doing to people. He couldn’t care less what she’s doing when he thinks he’s safe.

      • He doesn’t mean it. He’ll tell her to stop acting a certain way but then he’ll go in and start bashing Elissa and calling her disgusting names. He’s a fraud and that’s why he’s game will be ending soon.

  17. Is it not kinda late in the game for Andy to worry about how he is being perceived by the viewers??? All of these HGs are in for a rude awaking when they get home. Judd & Elissa will receive the least of the fallout (of who remains) but the rest are gonna have to do some major image repair.

    • Andy’s post game reality will at the very least be all about his game moves though but I can imagine he’ll get the shock of his life being called by many as a floater. However, I believe that somewhere at the other side of the Atlantic, BB4’s Jun Song is proud of his floater strategy even if he denies being one.

  18. All if them have their faults. I think Amanda is the worst though. There is no room for bullying period. Just because their adults doesn’t mean it hurts any less. There is a major awareness campaign going on about bullying in children. Just because your an adult doesn’t make it ok.

    • In this game bully tactics are to be expected, however the house guests should no better then to worry about it. Any physical violence towards another house guest will get you immediately expelled from the game. We will never end bullying, the trick is to teach our children, and remember ourselves, to stand up for ourselves.

      • Just because physical violence would expel someone from the game, doesn’t mean that no one will ever be crazy enough to inflict it. And these rants of Amanda’s don’t really help to convince the other HGs that she’s not crazy enough to do something awful to them–she wants to win, but she’s shown plenty of times that she also can’t always control her temper.

      • Can’t argue there. So many lines have been crossed this season, I am shocked that CBS didn’t step in. The attacks went way to far.

  19. I give GM a lot of credit. Guess she is smarter than you think. That threat of everyone will come after you doesn’t hold water any more at this stage of the game. Everyone has to fight for themselves

  20. I just don’t understand this crazy lady (Amanda) now that she and McStinky are nominated, it makes no sense to her but it makes sense to her when she was running around pushing to evict other people week after week, what a bunch of huha and malarkey. She definitely needs some form of mental examination, I initially thought McStinky was going to be a good player in the beginning after winning the first HOH competition then he got blind sided by McTrouble (Amanda) and put his game under the blankie with her, I say send both of those stinky ass packing if it possible, this is the time some one from the remaining HG’s should use the Brittney goodbye message to Mike Bogie to either Amanda or McStinky.

  21. I think that Amanda could taint the jury with lies against the HGs she dislikes, especially Elissa! GO ELISSA!

    • There’s Helen to counter Amanda’s tactics in the jury house. That’s the most Helen could do now to redeem herself after her recent moves led to her own eviction.

      • What little credibility Amanda has left with the current jurors will be lost once one of the ‘Exterminators’ or Elissa gets to the jury house after what she pulled this past week.

    • Amanda can taint nothing anymore. She blew up her social game, and doesn’t have the skill set to save herself like evil Dick. The jury won’t listen to her, as she sent every single one of them to jury.

  22. The old adage of punching a bully in the nose again and watch them run away has come true again. What jokes Mcranda are!! After all of the pain, angst and anguish they caused to everyone, they cower and cry like the simpletons they REALLY are. I can only hope that what I have read is not true, that the fix is in for her – time will tell.

  23. OMG. Elissa’s plastic face just cracked and fell in the toilet. Cancel the rest of the game and give her the $500,000 for a new duckface.

  24. Was glad to see Amanda apologize to everyone and hopefully they can all keep the peace. I hope McCrae stays. The one person I don’t want to win is Elissa, seeing as how she apparently doesn’t need the money. Anyone else I’d be okay with, but I really hope McCrae can pull it off somehow.

    • Amanda told McCrae and Andy she doesn’t need the money either and they need it more than she does. She said she wa just in the game because she loves Big Brother. How comes its okay for Amanda not to need the money but its not okay for Elissa?

      To me, its about playing the game. They all have just as much right to play as anyone else. If who needs it most is the criteria for winning then Jessie and GM should be in the final 2.

      • U think Andy is gonna remember what she said the next time he slams Elissa for having money?? That is his biggest excuse for wanting her out of the game. He constantly repeats her having money to the other HG’s. I hope his ass goes right after Amanda & McCraes. Andy also knows that ELISSA is his biggest threat cause she knows hes a dam snitch & rat.

    • Just curious, how do those of you who say “Elissa doesn’t need then money” have access to their bank accounts….and what does that have to do with who deserves to win a game? Elissa is the only classy person on the show this year and for that reason, I would vote for her to win it ALL!!!

  25. Don’t forget it’s dbl eviction week. They should take out McRae first because she will be upset and hopefully not win the 2nd HOH. If she does she will put up Elissa and GM and Elissa will go if she doesn’t win veto. If anybody else wins HOH Amanda is gone 30 min after McRae.

  26. all i can say about Amanda is she is a total bitch who is an ignorant bully & treats people like dirt. I hope she to loses her job because of her filthy mouth & hatred towards everyone except Mcrea. her family should be ashamed.

  27. I want Elissa and GM in the F2!!! During the double eviction next Thursday, I want to see Amanda and Andy leaving the house. Can’t stand either of them!!

  28. Is Andy faking when he says he cant stand Elissa? He lies so much I cant tell if he’s sincere or if he’s just saying that to get Amand and McCrea off his floating butt.

    • Andy talks crap about anybody in the game that he thinks can beat him. He is afraid of Elissa as she knows his ‘rat/snitch’ status is true. Elissa does not let Andy sit in on her private conversations and that pisses him off. I think GM would keep Elissa over Andy if it came to that cause GM knows he is rat as well.

      • I think there’s a consensus that Elissa would be the replacement, but I’m not sure now what GM is thinking. I don’t think she trust Andy.

      • I also thought GM said she would not put up Elissa since Elissa did not follow Amanda’s demands to put up GM last week

      • GM told Judd and Elissa she wouldn’t put either of them up as a replacement. She knows Andy can’t be trusted. Elissa and GM made a F2 last night.

      • Although I can see GM putting Elissa as a replacement just to prove the guys her loyalty, she would still stay. Just this morning the Rat is pushing for Elissa to go next if it’s a double eviction. Until Elissa is in the house, the Rat is not going to be at ease.

  29. Elissa is the very last person I wanr to see in the final 2. Gina Marie could pay for remedial education and maybe a therapist for her eating disorder? Judd was already evicted he shouldn’t get to win especially with his horrible attitude. Spencer is a disgrace and Andy is a rat. No one deserves the money. They should keep it and have a great cast next year to which they give $1M . They can just say “expect the unexpected. I hope you enjoyed your experience, losers.”

    • As of yesterday GM explained to Elissa why she got sick. She does not have an eating disorder (as Elissa told her that Aaryn mentioned it). It was during the have nots and the slop was upsetting her digestive system as she was unaccustomed to eating it.

      • I’d say that too if I was trying to hide an eating disorder from America and someone I desperately sought approval from.

  30. Judd and Gina Marie final two! Gina deserves it.. she was the only one not afraid of Amanda and she made the best move ever when she nominated McCranda…No one else would do out of fear of the “Bully”.

  31. I loooove it when HGs cry that they just want to go home! Do us a favor, and go then! And what a crazy world we live in that GM has to be the person to explain to Amanda that she and McCrae are a threat because they are in a showmance. Amanda is pretty stupid. Usually people try to hide these things so that they aren’t targeted as a team. Amanda and McCrae “got married.” So ridiculous!

    • She’s a narcissist. She feels she should always be the center of attention. That’s why she doesn’t think it “makes sense” that she is on the block.

      • No, Elissa is a narcissist. Amanda just thought she had the votes. Thinking you’re in control of the game when you aren’t isn’t the same as thinking that everything is about you.

  32. I want Andy to win the Veto so bad. The reason being that he will be exposed as a rat. Amanda and McCrae will flip if he doesn’t use it and it will cause damage to his game. I’m tired of Andy going after Elissa. I hope Elissa, Judd, and GM wise up about Andy and form a final three and stick to it.

    • That would be awesome. The only reason he continues to go after Elissa is because she’s on to him and she doesn’t trust him. She’s the only smart person in the house because she sees him for what he is a rat (GM’s words, not mine.)

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