Big Brother 15 Week 9: Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother another HG will be sent to Jury and this time it’s down to Aaryn and Andy. There’s little doubt which one of them will be evicted. The HGs decided days ago that this is Aaryn’s week to say goodbye. Elissa will consider her HoH a success with Aaryn’s eviction as that was her original goal coming in to power last week.

As for who gets power next, well that’s going to decide a lot. There will be six players competing for HoH, but I’d argue that only four or five of them will really be trying.

Andy and Spencer might be part of The Exterminators alliance, but they’re sitting right in the middle and might not want to risk alienating either side by having to name the next set of nominations. I’d expect Andy to most likely throw this comp and possibly Spencer as well with all that in mind. Judd and GinaMarie will be playing hard to win.

Should McCranda score a win tonight then watch out, Elissa. If it’s anyone else’s win then McCranda are likely to find themselves split up at the next eviction.

These are going to be some exciting days ahead on the Live Feeds. If you haven’t signed up yet then now is the time. You’ll can watch everything from now to the end of the season plus everything that’s happened so far thanks to the Flashback DVR feature! Sign-up now, get the 2-day free trial, and then get the rest of the season for $9.99!

Who do you want to see win HoH during tonight’s live Big Brother show at 9/8c? Join us tonight during the show and find out! I’ll be here live blogging the entire show so don’t forget to join us especially if you’re area is blocked out due to NFL preseason coverage.



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  1. the big question is… will Julie Chen do the interview we have all been waiting for her to do or will she give a sweet send off to the Jury house?

    • She may get a dig in but since she is going to jury Julie can’t say anything about outside news. Like you lost your job. We will hear from her on final night (I hope). Julie is very professional though.

    • Oh gosh, I almost forgot about that! I can’t wait to see what she says. I am also hoping that the final night when we find out the winner will also be a much longer show so that we can hear how people really feel and get the reaction from Aaryn, GM, and Spencer about what the world thinks of them!

    • Pretty sure it will not be a live audience tonight and I am sure Aaryn’s PR person will be front and center to make sure his client isn’t harrassed.

      • I’m surprised you didn’t say a PR representative’s appearance wouldn’t be for the reason of making sure Aaryn doesn’t say anything offensive on live television.

        Either way, I don’t think anybody will be with her. Aaryn can speak for herself as well as field any questions herself. Houseguests are most often very subdued and mild-mannered during eviction interviews, regardless of how they were in the house. Much like how politically correctly they answer Julie’s questions from the couches right before they start the voting to evict.

        Yes, even Amanda would seem like a different person in an eviction interview. I would bet on it.

    • It’s a nice to imagine Julie lowering the boom on Aaryn, but I don’t think it is going to happen. She might mention that some of the house guests considered some of her remarks as being racial, but I don’t think you will hear anything about public outrage.
      And, as for the PR person, don’t you think even telling her he/she is there representing Aaryn would be a breach?

    • I’m glad to see more people want Amanda gone.. I do to but McCrea is just as bad. Guilty by association. Sad cause he was my early fav.

      • I had high hopes in the beginning for McC, he kind of reminded me of my little buddy Ethan. But, it didn’t take long to see he is a follower, not a leader, and not too smart.
        It still cracks me up when I think of his digs to Elissa … Calling her Eva Braun, and saying even Hitler had children. Ahhhh, no he did not!

      • Wow! I had no idea he made comments like that… I loved Ian last year… I was hoping McCrea was gonna be a bit like him. I thought he would have been a leader to…Amanda needs to go first. I’d like to see who he is without her and how he would play the game.

    • Amanda should have gone home a long time ago…she’s the biggest b!tch I’ve ever seen! How come nobody seemed to notice or care when she was taunting Candice and
      throwing racial slurs at her? Why is Aaryn the scapegoat everyone focuses on when Amanda’s WAY worse???

  2. I feel sorry for Julie tonight after yet another racial night last night of Amanda and Aaryn saying they don’t like Asians- when is it going to end??? Mean nasty poor excuses for human beings! I hope GM or Judd get HOH!!!!

    • Right, Julie is very professional. I saw “The Talk” after the first time they got on a rant like that. Julie was very upset and offended, but reminded everyone that as much as she would like to shake some sense into her she thought she would rather explain how hurtful her rants were. Go Judd!

    • unreal what they said then she said I what fired rice & pretaining to talk chinese that was arryn
      Amanda was saying other nasty stuff

  3. Elissa did a nice job of evicting the one hg who could not win the vote for 500k. Kudos!

  4. I believe that Amanda was picked during selection to win the game..I’m really disappointed in the whole CBS/BB not doing anything about her threats

    • While I don’t think the show is scripted in detail, it does seem a broad outline for the season is created by production and they use comps and gimmicks to achieve the desired result. Amanda seems like the beneficiary

      • I’m not naive, I know that production manipulates outcomes to their liking, but may I ask what evidence you have to support this case of Amanda being the beneficiary, other than her alleged rigged Veto win? I don’t buy that rigging accusation of that competition for a second, so I’m curious, do you have any other evidence behind this?

        If Amanda was being benefited, would they have allowed her to go up as an MVP nomination twice, and sit on the block on eviction day as well and take that risk? When it would’ve been easy for them to lie about the voting results and instead put the HG with the second most amount of votes up on the block, and nobody would’ve been the wiser?

      • Did anyone really look close at the pov comp. last night, didn’t Amandas ball seem to flow a little slower then the rest, it gave her enough time to get to the other side , where as the rest of the HG had to run back and forth but she just walked slowly. just saying.

      • She just figure out better than the other how fast to roll her ball. The ball could not be slower on it’s own, the player control the speed of the ball.

      • It could if there was a sustance on the ball track she was using to slow it down. You never know what they are willing to do to fix the outscome and keep fans coming back to see what will happen.

      • Ohhh the conspiricies. Just face it Amanda sadly won the POV. It wasnt rigged. I dont like Amanda but I dont think its rigged.. I also dont think that the game is rigged for her to win. These HG are just too stupid to evict her. But it looks like McCranda is in trouble this week.

      • I think the way it works is that you pick someone or several HG’s to support, and whenever they don’t win it must be rigged. There might be some input by the producers to help with gaining more excitement in the game, but I don’t believe they hand pick the winner, nor fix the games for those they want. Heck, if GM and Elissa wouldn’t have dropped their balls (no offense), they would have won that comp. Yes, Amanda took a lot of breaks and is out of shape, stamina-wise (must be the smoking and 6000 calories per day), but her method was solely to make sure she kept her ball in play (kind of what she does with McCrae), and it worked. I can’t stand her, but she won…life goes on.

      • It’s scripted, Amanda will win! Did you notice that they kept showing everyone dropping their balls, but very seldom showed Amanda actually rolling her ball and catching it? Most of the time she was standing around trying to catch her breathe.

      • That was how she won. She didn’t just roll it balls to the wall, like the other HG’s did.

    • This might be a stupid question… Since the houseguests vote on who they want to win how can the game be fixed for Amanda to win? Is CBS like you better vote for Amanda to win or we are going to sue you. Is it in their contracts that they have to vote for a Amanda to win? I just don’t get how people are saying Amanda is the chosen winner. Maybe just maybe production is helping her get further in the game and giving her hints about things but how can they make the houseguests pick her to win.

  5. I’ve got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like McNasty is going to win HOH bad. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. I wanna see Judd or GM win HOH tonight. For sure they will put up Hobo and Amanda and the rat as a replacement. Come on, Let’s make it happen !

    • That would be nice but in a way I think it might be fun if Spencer or Andy won and make them pick a side. Anyway Allison called and we tried to do a 3 way call with you but you didn’t answer. She wants to know who we want evicted this week.

  7. I thought I would never say this but I hope GM wins this!! Even if McCrae or Amanda win we still have hope for Elissa winning POV. GM would nom McCrae and Amanda

    • I dont want McCranda having the satisfaction of putting up Elissa. I would have Judd or GM win HoH and put up McDontShower and A Man Duhh

      • I don’t want them to have time to put up Elissa! I want them on the block this week and one of them out the door next Thursday.

  8. After reading all comments on here, I think this site should be named BBAmandaBashersonly.

    • So after America put Amanda up on the block twice with the MVP nomination, you think it is only the people on this site who dislike her?

      Perhaps people just cant get into her disgusting behavior, bullying and lack of personal hygiene.

    • Don’t be discouraged Stephanie. There’s about three of you that likes Amanda in America.

  9. If an Exterminator wins, prepare for an exciting week on the live feeds. If McCranda pulls out a win, expect a boring week on the feeds.

  10. I’m hoping with all my heart that Judd or GM wins HOH tonight. With my luck, I know Amanda or McCrae is winning HOH tonight. Elissa and GM or Elissa and Judd are going on the block. Elissa wins POV and GM or Judd will be going home next Thursday. As the saying goes” Hope springs alive in the human breast.”

  11. Would love to see GM win tonight especially because McCranda thinks they will have GM after Aaryn leaves. And McCrae telling Amanda he trusts Andy more than Aaryn. Wait until Andy backstabs him and twists the knife.

    • That’s my hope as well! or Judd. They’re the only two that I feel will actually go after McCranda and finally we’ll get to see one of them out the door!

  12. SO amanda now picking on chinese people makinf fun of them last night what a pig she is Arryn of cause was laughing

  13. I’d love for GM or Judd to win. I think Andy would be to scared to put McRanda on the block. Spencer hasn’t won any comps yet so he’s a wild card.

  14. If we use “the force” Star Wars style, Amanda and McCrae will not get HOH. May the force be we you Judd or GM.

      • It will be on 10p.m. PST due to football. Ugh. are you going to watch online or football or both?

      • On Directv I have CBS 2 NY, which has the Jets Game. But I have access to the canadian channel Global. I hate Global, but it will have to do for tonight.

      • Oh, I have Dish. The Chargers and 49ers game is on before BB. I do not have Global and no access to Canadian channels. I will have to settle for updates and check online. So, who do you think will get HOH?

      • I wish for Judd. There a new thread open for the Live Show. Come there and I’ll post a bunch of update.

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