Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 9

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the live eviction show where we’ll also find out who will become the next Head of Household.

We’ve been tracking discussions on the Live Feeds and things look certain for how tonight’s vote will go and that’s reflected in the predictions below.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Eviction Predictions – Helen or Spencer?:

Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Source Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Junkies Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Live Aaryn Gries
Aaryn Gries
Zap2It Aaryn Gries
Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Fix Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Access Aaryn Gries

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Wish it was Amanda but bye Aaryn…. her downfall is not evicting Amanda instead of Helen.

    • Go cardinals! And I agree- there are so many that need gone – too bad we can only do it one at a time and its been a long time coming for Aaryn- Andy is a floating tattle tale snake though and needs out- not sure who is worse though- him or Amanda????

    • I’m not crazy about Aaryn but I’m so ready for Andy to be gone. He was offended when the robot called him a floater, but that is all he has done. I can’t stand him!

  2. Can’t wait!! You have no idea how America views you…poor thing. After the show, it’s going to be a rude awakening!

  3. Well Andy is just like last years winner floated the whole game an won in the end , this year they have Rachel’s sister on it why not have a game without having anyone that is related to people that have been on the game before …I know next year if they have anyone on there that is related to anyone who’s been on the game I for one will NOT be watching it again

  4. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Elissa seems very unconcerned that she may be nominated this week /go to jury??? She has said very little about it but did tell Judd & GM that need to win HOH…is it just me or am I missing conversations??

    • She probably assumes (rightly so) that she can’t 100% trust anyone, so there’s no point in sucking up for safety. If I were here I’d also just assume I’m in danger and get myself prepared to play for Veto.

    • She told Judd she knows she is going home next. I could be she is just happy to have gotten Aaryn out and hoping she can win POV.

    • I think the Exterminators have a plan to evict Elissa. We just have to wait for the HOH and the nominations. It could be Elissa on the block with McCrae or Amanda or McCrae and Amanda with a backdoor plan for Elissa if one wins POV! I do not trust the Exterminators considering Andy is part of it and outside of Amanda, Judd and the others seem to be listening too much to Andy and what Andy wants! Judd also has not told Elissa about the Exterminators and they are supposed to be working together? I believe Judd has betrayed Elissa at this point!

  5. Imma be pissed if this “F You Aaryn” banner and all these streamers go to waste tonight.

  6. I think this seasons cast is the most petty, superficial and unlikabe in the history of the show. Judd is the cream of the crop and even that is a low bar.

  7. Why can’t family members be allowed to do something that they love and want to do just because their family did the same? That’s like me not being able to get pregnant because my sister did. Silly reasons- they are people who like to do the same things and should have the same opportunities!

    • And oh ya- buh bye Aaryn. I guess when Jessie was trying to get with more than one guy on the show she was made out to be a loser or a skank but if you go liking another one it’s all good- nice double standard – NOT

    • You’re right. They could be thinking about all that would love to play and don’t get a chance. I did get tired of Rachel. A lot of people complained when they had a bunch of other returning players. My guess is jealousy because they want to play.

  8. The only way Elissa has any chance of staying this coming week is if Judd/GM were to win HOH but for some reason I feel as if Amanda will win HOH ugh!!!!

  9. I wish it was Andy so Aaron could win HOH and put up Mcrandy, but she can’t be trusted.

  10. is there a link where you can watch live on computer? FOOTBALL IS TAKING OUR TIME!!!!!!

  11. Hi Julie, I choose to evict Andy… That way the Mcrandas are left in the house with no allies. As long as neither wins HOH the next two weeks, both are as good as gone by next two Thursdays. Afterwards get rid of Aaryn and GM and the final three are Judd, Spencer and Elissa…

    • I was actually hoping for a switch and Andy would go out until last night when Aaryn and Amanda were making fun of Asian people again. Every time I get behind someone in this house they do something dopey and I can’t support them anymore. Andy is a snake and I would love to see him go, but Aaryn deserves to go tonight.

  12. I’m afraid to watch tonight .. Have a feeling Mcranda will be HoH and We will have to watch their disgusting selves gloat and be mean . Unfortunate that McRae got mixed up with her… He doesn’t seem to be mean hearted like her really.

  13. Wish it was Amanda, maybe the rest of the HG will wise up & next week we can say bye bye to her. For this week I think the HG’s will be convinced that. It’s time for Aaron to go,Andy can be controlled much easier.

  14. I have been waiting since week 2 to see Aaryn walk out the door. And of course on the week it’s going to happen my local CBS station is showing pre-season Rams football instead.

    • WE have a Jets game here and the show will be broadcast recorded at 2am! I’ll record it and watch it tomorrow. Hopefully BB fans will give us the details on this site when the show is over.

  15. While I think Aaryn should have been removed weeks ago, based on what has been said Andy might be the wiser choice for the house because Aaryn has shown she can be manipulated by “The majority” and that is the not Amanda and McCrea side of the house now.

    The problem is that she is a strong physical player based on her victories and so it’s dangerous, but I don’t think as dangerous as leaving Andy in.

    • There is also absolutely no way she stays loyal to Elissa, so Elissa would be shooting herself in the foot trying to get Andy to go now.

    • I agree. While both are low life rats turncoats weasles or whatever u wanna call em Aaryn may be the lesser of 2 evils in this eviction. Aaryns greastest fear is that she is afraid of Amanda in a physical sense not game play sense. She is scared to death that Amanda would hurt her bodily . She really is. If she stayed that fear would still be there and she would continue to do Amandas bidding. Andys usefulness has played out for the most part . Everybody knows hes Amandas # 2 dog. For whatever reason as bad as she is I think Andy should go this week…

  16. Everybody make sure to check your local listings – the Jets are playing a per-season game tonight. BB will either be pre-empted or switched to CBS’ sister channel. Not sure which states this will effect.

  17. I want it to be Andy. He doesn’t have the guts to make a big move. Although, I don’t agree with Aaryn’s ideologies she is a better game player than Andy. It will be interesting to see Aaryn’s exit interview with Julie though.

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