Big Brother 15 Week 6 Player Rankings


It was a crazy week in the Big Brother 15 house. From fights to blindsides, it was arguably one of the more exciting weeks for some. But for those people who were Judd fans (and that’s a lot) it was one of the worst weeks yet. This is going to be a particularly tough player rankings because while they thought they were making a huge move getting Judd out, I and a lot of others, beg to differ.

Big Brother 15 Week 6 Player Rankings

1. Jessie. Not only did Jessie win the veto to get herself off the block earlier in the week, she was able to escape a certain-elimination during the double eviction. And she tried her best to get the house to flip on Amanda, which would have actually been the biggest move of the season, unlike the ridiculous Judd blindside.

2. Adderall. According to the house, playing Big Brother on Adderall is like an athlete on steroids. So that could explain why Aaryn wins every mental competition she plays in. This week she got a third HOH under her belt and won the power of veto that allowed her to follow Helen’s orders to remove Jessie from the block and evict Judd. While I think Aaryn’s move to get Judd out was foolish, the house left her no choice. She has solidified her place in the house by doing what they all want. So I guess that’s as good game play as any.

3. Spencer. It always gets tough around the third-place rankings. Spencer gets this spot because he’s not Helen or Amanda. And because he has done a pretty fantastic job deflecting any wrongs he’s made in the game on others. He’s gone from a sure target to just the pawn no one wants to see go. He’s got Andy backing him 100 percent, so he can ride that for a few more weeks at least.

4. Helen. I’d rather eat Spencer’s beard than rank Helen this high, but I’m trying to be at least partially unbiased. Even though Helen helped spearhead Judd’s eviction, she was all wrong about it. There really was a Grasshopper’s alliance and he really wasn’t MVP. That all being said, she really is running the house. She’s running it poorly, but she’s running it nonetheless.

5. Amanda. Just like Helen, she deserves to be in last place for her ridiculous paranoia and just how wrong she was about Judd. I mean Judd even squashed an earlier plan for the alliance to turn on Amanda and she repays him by forcing her paranoia on everyone else. But despite all of her shortcomings, she has managed to scare the house so much that they aren’t willing to touch her. Not even when America presents her to them on a silver platter. I think Amanda may have invented a new strategy that we don’t quite understand yet. That or she really is just a bully.

The rest

6. Andy. I think I keep underestimating Andy. He has himself poised greatly in this game. But he won’t move up until he makes an actual move.

7. McCrae. Just for putting up with Amanda and reeling her in when she gets too far gone, this guy deserves a medal.

8. Elissa. She’s lying low, which is where she needs to be after being that big early target.

9. Judd. This will likely be the only time an evictee doesn’t rank last. And that’s because GinaMarie is still in the game.

10. Candice. See above.

11. GinaMarie. I don’t care what competition you win, you don’t mock adoption on national television. GinaMarie is a sad and disgusting human.

I again realize some of my rankings won’t be very popular, but they are my rankings. So please feel free to share your own in the comments section below!



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  1. I love adderall’s game, i mean aaryn’s game I can see amanda helen aaryn final 3 if they work together

      • Spencer’s full of crap. There is no way he found that many hard up girls. He might have sleep with 30 hookers. I slept with well over 100 women and they talked about guys like him trying to put the hustle on them. I used to hang out in clubs all the time and I know his type(couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse)

    • GM may have said some nasty things, but she is deficient in many ways. It is hard to criticize someone who is not capable of self control. Beside, Candice is a horrible pot-stirring racist who baits her. GM mostly reacts rather than starting stuff. JMO

      • That’s not true. GM started attacking Candace w/o Candace saying or doing anything to her. When Aa and Candace were arguing GM jumped in, which made it two against one. Time and time again GM has said (and continues to say even now that Candace is gone) very nasty and disgusting things about Candace behind her back. GM said and I quote “Candace is such a degenerate that her own mother didnt want her” – behind Candace’s back to other HGs – now you tell me where/how does GM have the right or audacity to make that disgusting statement. I don’t care how uneducated GM is it still does not give her the right to say the things she’s said about and to Candace. GM is a very nasty, racist, disgusting human. She’s not provoked she’s ignorant.

      • That’s one of the worse thing she said, and she was saying it to Aaryn in the HOH, and all Aaryn did was laugh with an air of approval.
        The 2 are dispecable human beings.

      • SahMirah – I agree with you. I find GM to be so very unattractive due to her mouth and her mannerisms. She is loud, vulgar, uneducated, mean and all over low class. I do not feel Candice stirred the pot; she defended herself. She stood there at one point allowing Aaryn and GM to call her names and talk “ghetto” before Howard carried her out of the room. They disrespected her and her property by tossing her mattress and they never missed an opportunity to ridicule her. Candice is a speech therapist; much higher in social standing than either of those other gals. This has been a very controversial season…I will probably not watch it again if they continue to bring in this caliber of House Guests.
        Also, I heard that the reason Candice did not get to watch the HouseGuests videos when she was evicted was because they are being given the opportunity to re-tape them since the things they said to her were said when they did not know she would be on the jury. Personally, I think that is hog wash. Whatever they said was how they felt about her, unless, of course, it was too hurtful and that was why it needed to be re-taped.

      • Well said.
        By them having to re-tape their goodbye messages shows their true colors and BB should have allowed her to see the original messages so that she could see how they truly are which would give her the ability to have a full picture of the people she’s voting for.

      • And Candice going through all of the girl’s dressers and then wear their things without asking could of had a little something to do with their dislike of her, not the racist comments because those were mean, but can understand why the did not like her. Also, read today that Candice did not pay back one of those US loans that people got after they applied after Katrina happened in Louisiana and I am not talking about the aid that was free. So does that mean we are now paying for the loan she didn’t pay back? Also, it did not show on the show but did on the feeds Candice was making really nasty comments outside of the bedroom door before the mattress episode. Candice should not of been subjected to the racist slurs but the girl was not all cotton candy.

      • I don’t care about not laying back loans, that doesn’t give them the right to treat her the way they did. I don’t believe them when they talk about her taking their clothes because they’re liars and I have caught them in their lies. If she did wear their clothes without their permission then they should have said something to her about it instead of talking about her behind her back. As for the bed flipping she didn’t say anything nasty outside the room. Jessie came out of the room and said they had taken her bed and was messing with people’s things, Candace then said they better nit be touching my stuff (which they were) and when she went in the room is when she

      • saw that her things had been thrown on the floor and her bed was flipped. So again there was no justification for their actions. They are disgusting. I’m sure a lot of the HGs have done things in their life that maybe questionable and no one is talking about them. To to mention, Candace shared with the girls early on (because she thought they were friends) that she had an STD before and they started talking about her and teasing her for that. They are childish, self-centered and full of hate which is why they behave the way they do.

      • How is Candice racist?! You’re delusional. From the beginning Candice hasn’t said anything rude to GM or behind her back. GM has been saying disgusting things since the beginning. Obviously, because of jealousy. GM put her up for personal reasons, nothing about game. Candice finally stuck up for herself.

      • GM was jealous from the moment that Candace told her she won Miss La. And competed in the Miss USA contest. GM had said her claim to fame was she won the Grand Supreme Overall Pageant after trying for 6 years.(I’m sure everyone has heard of that pageant. Right) GM can’t even spell Chicago and Candace is a college graduate. DUH. GM you think you look good after that exchange with Candace. I guess that’s why you think you and Nick are going to be together forever.Besides you have to pay for all that plastic surgery when Candace’s came naturally. Beauty fades dumb is forever. Besides Candace can get a job when she gets out. Just remember this phrase GM. ( Welcome to Mc Donald’s may I take your order)

      • I applaud your commen!. It is totally spot on! She wears coloured contacts, has fake hair and got a nose job while Candice is au naturale.

        Jealousy brings out the worst in people. But in GM’s case she doesn’t even need jealousy to bring it out but it made her even more disgusting.

      • “mostly reacts rather than starting stuff” Really??? She attacks first, then when confronted attacks some more…she is well aware of her comments, but has never had to face the consequences of those actions…well at least that was until she went on national television and is showing the world who she really is…so when she gets out of the BB house, she will face a life lesson her mother should have taught her long ago…it will be a costly lesson but sometimes that is what it takes to teach a life lesson…

      • Hmmm…I don’t know. She made a comment in the hammick with Aaryn that “no one should tun off the lights for fear of not seeing Candice.” Candice is almost the same color as most Southern Italians. GM should know that. Moreover, GM should stay away from the racist comments considering she’s Italian.

    • Well it does appear her childhood consisted of doing pageants; receiving crowns, and having a mother not allowing or showing her child how to be a productive member in society….i don’t feel sorry for her, she is 30 something and is able to know the difference between what is right and wrong. We can’t nor should we make excuses for her bad behavior…She chooses to act and behave in the way she does and now when it is all said and done will learn one of lifes lessons, which her mother probably should have taught her as a child…that one’s actions have consequences…ie loss of job for being racist is just one of those tough life lessons and one that is costly but in the end she continues to act this way and has no one to blame but herself…

    • I felt sorry for GM at first but, after seeing how despicable she is. You reap what you sow. Dumb and no class. Just another Yankee. Never heard of northern hospitality.

  2. Aaryn played the best game of this week because she took out one of the big threats in Judd. It would have been nice if it was Amanda but, she probably figures that Amanda and Helen would take each other out and whoever survives, Aaryn will evict next time out. She is playing low key but, has made the right decisions for her game so, I think she deserves Number 1. Jessie played the most of her bad cards being the target of everyone in the house and to survive one more week deserves the Number 2 slot. None of the others have played much of a game except Helen and Amanda.

    • Wow, big move. Helen tells you to do it or she is next. Must of taken a lot of guts to fold like a lawn chair

      • She also has won each HOH she has played in. THe woman is a beast in competitions whereas the others do absolutely nothing but whine like Amanda!!!

      • Have you not realized that Aaryn only wins HOH’s because the others are throwing the competitions to remove any chance of getting blood on their own hands?????? If they others would step up and actually try for comps, perhaps we could be seeing good game play coming from the house…however what we get from week to week is the Helen and Amanda show with Aaryn and GM as their puppets and putting up the player that most threatens Amanda’s and Helen’s chances of staying in the game; or the game play…of course most of these picks are stemmed from paranoia but none the less, if they feel threatened by a houseguest informing the house about their game play, they are going home…leaving the blood on Aaryn’s hands instead of it being on either Helen and Amanda… Most boring season ever, each week we know who is going home and no big moves will continue for probably a few more weeks because until there is nothing left to do but start playing the game…this same scenario will continue …… Again worst BB in entire history….

    • yes he did, but really so has Big Brother, i can’t remember seeing her on the TV show since she lost her MVP power and was put up, she won veto, had a house meeting backfire and then seems to have disappeared.

    • Well if that isn’t telling I don’t know what is. Thanks for the head’s up. She’s been added.

      • Heard her mention this week she was not call to DR for many days, Helen answered her that maybe Production forgot she was still in the game. So I guess that was an easy mistake.

    • Well she’s kinda crying not wanting to evict everyone. Youre playing big brother , your job is to evict someone each week

      • Its not everyone. Its people she was aligned with and are her friends. I wouldn’t want to evict my friend/ lesser threat in the house if people like Amanda and Aaryn are still there.

  3. Elissa talking about how Adderall is an unfair advantage is biggest joke in BB15. this coming from the woman with an unfair advantage from the start with the MVP and Brenchel’s so called army

    • That was a very ignorant thing to say. Just because she is Rachel’s sister does not by no means that she is Rachel. Why would this be an unfair advantage. Rachel was not very liked to begin with.

    • Don’t discredit the benefits of adderall to this game. It gives Aaryn focus amongst all the paranoia and madness that’s going on. Helen confirmed as much when she said she knew all the answers to the last HoH but her head wasn’t clear. I definitely think it is an advantage for Aaryn.

      Aaryn’s already one of the better competitors and the adderall only gives her an additional boost.

      And don’t forget that adderall is considered a performance enhancing drug in the NFL with many players getting suspended because of it. Not because of the physical benefits but because of the mental benefits. All those players attest that adderall allows them to focus amidst the chaos of an NFL game.

      • But, not if it is prescribed ethically, with a justifiable reason. It doesn’t take a lot these days to convince a doc you need it.

      • People with ADHD have different brain chemistry than everyone else. The medication gives them the things they are lacking. So adderal doesn’t give her an unfair advantage it puts her on a level playing field

      • What if she does abuse it, like taking double up her dose just before a competition ?

      • And Amanda has admitted to doing do, which is probably why production doesn’t always give them their meds because they probably believe that they are abusing the fact that they’re on the med.

      • What if she doesn’t have ADHD, and she’s getting the drug from the street? no one really knows anything..period. …but I know she gets from the

      • I doubt that. I’m sure BB made sure the drugs were prescribe. They wouldn’t let street drugs get in the house.

      • No not yet.
        I tought I would watch a good movie, got a free weed-end of Cinemax, but there’s nothing very interresting. Not even on IFC

      • I don’t think they have free access to the meds; they have professionals behind the scenes that give them their daily dose when it is scheduled to be taken as prescribed by a medical doctor…they don’t have the ability to take more unless she is cheeking them and hoarding pills inside the house…not to hard to accomplish… The way Amanda acts, I would say she is skipping her doses, or refusing to take it thus explaining her over the top paranoia in the house…

      • You can tell by the way she is uncomfortable in social situations that she definitely needs it. If you watch the feeds carefully you can actually tell when she has missed a dose or is late in getting it. She is the poster child for ADHD!

      • To not take Adderall would be unfair with anyone that has ADHA because they cannot function, sit still or handle any type of social situation. Seriously, Amanda takes it also and hey it does not help her except to be a racist bigot bully!!!

    • I agree 100% with your comment. Good work Ayorkiemama, we need more of your comments !

  4. They should have voted Amanda out then Helen on double eviction night! That would have the biggest game changing move this season! Now they are just handing the game to them!

  5. Here,here, for the Gina-Marie ranking. My personal antipathy for Jessie may be clouding my judgement here but I don’t believe Judd handing her the Veto or escaping eviction or considering a flip deem her first rank. Escaping eviction and flip consideration was defined and directed by others.I’d shove that pathetic little nymphomaniac down the scale and hopefully off the scale completely next week (TY). Adderall Aaryn takes first place in my book and I now better understand what you are doing with Andy’s ranking. By the by, where does Elissa rank?

    • That is what I don’t get. Everyone is giving Jesse props for winning the veto, but Judd actually won and let her have the veto. And boy did it bite him in the booty.

  6. Aaryn is playing a good game. She’s doing really well considering her position in the house weeks ago. It isn’t Helen running the game though, unfortunately that is all Amanda.

  7. If Aaryn hadn’t made those comments, she would be the person I would like to see win the game as of now. She was basically left for dead a few weeks ago, and now look at her..

    If she does get into the Final 2 however, depending who she’s up against, I think I will want her to win. All comments she made aside, she’s made a HUGE comeback and she’ll need the money anyway to fix her life once she finds out she lost her job and all. (Not that I feel sorry for her, just saying she is going to need money to help her out)

    • Her family hired a PR rep for her, Brad… I don’t think she’ll be scrounging for money anytime soon. Extra is always an obvious bonus but this girl’s family doesn’t appear to be hurting for money…. not in the least.

  8. Candice ranked 10 because of what. can definitely should have got number got 7 at least for dealing with GM’s mouth. I think Candice has been a better woman from not punching her in her face.
    its not a race card is a human card no one deserves to be treated in such a way.

      • Yes, indeed! I must say one thing, Candance looked so pretty in her clown suit (eviction night),

      • Yes she did. To think when she first got the suit Aa and GM was laughing behind her back making fun of her saying how she was going to look so stupid in the clownie yard, but what makes it even better is that nit once did she look bad in that outfit. She always looked good and the things she did with that outfit neither Aa or GM could have thought of doing. Like Candace said before she was evicted she looks fabulous in anything – and she rocked the hell outta that clownie tard. Go Candace!

      • Yes, Candice rocked that clownie tard. I was think about checking online to see if I could buy one for myself…..hahaha!

    • Because she started an argument with at least 2 people (and that’s what they televised I’m sure there were others). Because”I was raised to stand up for myself and fight back). It’s not fighting back if you start it!

      • Actually GM started it. She’s been personally attacking Candice from day one. Candice finally decided to stick up for herself.

      • If you recall Aaryn, GM and David all made racist comments about Candice. Those were just the ones BB aired I’m certain there are more. The funniest had to be David refering to Candice as “black Candice” as if he were in the deep south circa 1753! It’s all just so sad.
        Aaryn and GM making comments about not being able to “see Candice in the dark” harken back to the worse racist days of this nation’s past. Why would adults be saying those kinds of racist things on a national televised TV show?
        The very idea that you suggest that Candice started arguments with people without cause is absurd. Why should Candice accept such racist treatment from other adults when she was chosen to appear on the show just as they were.
        GM can’t even write a coherent sentence in English (or Italian). Would it be right for the house guest to make fun of her lack of education?

  9. It’s too bad the hamsters don’t know all that we know. Aaryn’s best move would have been to put up Amanda and McRae, pull McRae off the block with the veto and put up Helen. That would have shook the house up a tad…

    • I agree it would have made for a great week. However, Aaryn would have been out the door nxt week.

  10. Ginamarie is an ignorant individual. I am ashamed to live anywhere near her. These are the people we call Bennies down here at the REAL Jersey Shore!!!

  11. I think Aaryn should have the number one spot. She has been making friends with everyone and her actions have been a lot better since the first two weeks. She was practically out the door and now she has 3 HOH’s a POV and is in a good position. She has been playing the game the best. And Elissa doesn’t even deserve a ranking. Who’s Elissa???

    • No, she doesn’t deserve the first spot. The ranking are for the whole week, not just the last 48 hres. Branden gave her second, and I tought that was very generous, because of the last 48 hres. But for the rest of the week, all she did is hang out with GM in the HOH, and laugh at the “degenerate” comment”, showing her despicable human being side. And even in the last 48 hres, altough she won 2 competitions, all she did, was do what she was told by Helen, under menace. Not a single game tought of her own.

      • I agree. Asryn has being doing really well in the comps. However, the decisions that she made were not her own. They were not even decisions that would further her game. I do believe the rankings are wrong, though. The “house” should be in the #1 spot.

      • I disagree…she’s winning, making friends and safe when she was ready to walk out the door even before jury. I still think #1 spot.

    • I don’t think she deserves the #1 spot because of the reasons captian555 said. Also I think Elissa deserves a ranking! She has managed to go from the #1 target in the house to practically invisible. Thats pretty good…This is very smart on her part.

    • RIght but she’s also doing the bidding of her former enimies. Also she’s a bigot and a racist and does not deserve to win the $500K.

  12. I agree that Aaryn is NOW playing a very smart game. HOWEVER if the NFL doesn’t allow Aderall neither should BB. All of the mental comps she won are thanks the Aderall which helps her focus. Also, the things she said in the beginning of the season are inexcusable.

    • I agree, its cheating. If these houseguests really do need adderall for medical purposes they shouldn’t have ever been allowed on the show.

      • Right, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle. Discrimination against someone with a medical condition is fine, but wow people are ready to lynch someone for a racially mean ignorant comments. Two wrongs do not make a right!!!

      • As someone with a sister who has ADD and ADHD and is medicated for it I by no way am discriminating. I even have a mental condition i am medicated for. I understand that it is needed to as you say “even the playing field” however she was not taking the medicine appropriately. She was saving them for competitions to help her. That is what I believe is unfair. Also I’m just pointing out the NFL believes it is performance enhancing and does not allow players to take it even if they have ADD or ADHD.

      • Well then Ian should not of been on the show either last year and I enjoyed him. ADHD is a medical condition just like any other and why should someone be penalized for a medical condition. Sorry, but that is just wrong.

    • Judd got anti-anxiety meds. That would be a nice bonus in the BB house. I guess he shouldn’t have been allowed on the show either. What about Spencer’s high blood pressure? If you’re going to discriminate, you better discriminate fairly.

      • The medication the other houseguests take are not in any way giving them an advantage in comps. Also they took them appropriately while Aaryn did not. I see how you may feel Judd has an advantage but he really doesn’t receive any help for comps from his medication. I’m just saying the NFL believes its a performance enhancer and doesn’t allow it.

  13. Also THANK YOU FOR FINALLY GIVING JESSIE CREDIT! A lot of people disregard her and despite the MANY punches being thrown her way, she has managed to play a good game while not being a push over like many of her houseguests. I like Jessie and I’m excited to see her play her game! I want her to win HoH to do what the others are afraid to do, put up Amanda!

      • I disagree. IMO, Jessie is far from being normal. However, she is the only person in the house (currently) who has a normal thought process.

      • Really? Change your social circle immediately! Jessie is a narcissist, passive agressive, whiner. If she’s not at the center of attention then there is a problem! That’s when the whining begins.

  14. I agree with the rankings, but I am not happy about all the jokes about Adderall. The meds that are given to people with ADD/ADHD are meant to help them focus and to lessen the chance that they become distracted. Having said that, it also means that a chemical issue has blocked their brains from working the same as a “normal” person’s. So I really believe that the meds are leveling the playing field. The real advantage in the game is being able/allowed to say and do whatever you want without realistic repercussions. Yes, Aaryn and GM have lost their jobs, but since CBS is paying them (although just a “stipend”) they are employees of the company. I cannot imagine that under “real” working conditions that employees would be able to spout such hate and disgust and not be fired. This behavior, left unaddressed, would warrant serious lawsuits in the “real world” that BB pretends to be. I also think that Amanda crossed the line with her behavior and should face due consequences. I think that a major wake-up call for her would be to discover that America voted her butt into that 3rd seat more than once!

    • You are assuming Aaryn actually has ADHD. She gets what she wants(because of money). Why should I believe for a second she needs the meds. She has proven by her words and actions she is morally bankrupt.

      • You are right we will never know for sure. She does well in memory type comps which shows intelligence, which is a shame since her racism is not due to ignorance, but is a conscious choice. You must be so proud to be her supporter.

      • Someone with ADHD is on that particular drug so that they can concentrate. Intelligence and racism are not intertwined. Intelligence has nothing to do with an understanding of what is racist; that is education and the two do not necessarily go hand in hand unfortunately.

      • Watching the Joker site and Elissa was talking about how she thinks Aaryn was stockpiling her Adderall for an advantage in comps. She said people were being called into the diary room alot probably to take their meds so they could not keep them for later. There are very few intelligent people out there that would say the things Aaryn has said. Gina Marie is just ignorant. I guess you are saying Aaryn must have been raised around racist people(family).

      • First let me say I don’t know for a fact. Just what I’ve read. Aaryn is a student…but also had 2 modeling contracts cancelled. As to the Aderall (sic), I understood it to also be a Peformance Enhancing Drug, therefore banned by the NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympics, Etc.

        I bet Candice wished she could take it and ‘tune out’ all the taunting during comps and be able to concentrate with Amanda screaming at her.

      • Have you ever been to Texas and the southern section of the USA. I was in Alabama on business and my tounge almost fell out when the guys sitting next to me in a hotel bar starting saying, Nword this and those Nwords that…not one person in the bar looked up except me and my co-worker. Even the bartender keep right on mixing drinks!

      • I am definitely not a supporter and as a minority, I am offended by her remarks, but as an educator with students who take Adderall and as an aunt with a niece and a nephew who take meds for ADD, I am trying to be fair. I am not the kind of person who exhausts myself trying to find a reason to dislike others. Aaryn will answer for her behavior; I don’t think that her racist remarks are a symptom or a side effect of taking Adderall. I think that you have taken the discussion in a different direction. We are talking about two different things.

      • Aaryn is a typical Western bigoted, racist. Her “meds” can’t define her world view. Her parents, family and friends did that!

    • Do you work in the real world because I do and I hear a lot worse than the comments that some of these house guests made. Granted, it is always made in a “joking” manner but it is not anything that you do not hear each day if you work in the “real” world. Aaryn did not btw lose her job since she does not work. The girl is in college which is probably part of the problem; her agent stopped representing her. As for GM do not think hers was a job either but more of a hobby, and do not think she got paid to do it but she probably paid them to run the pageants and charged the girls to compete in them.

      • Bella Petite Magazine. Google that name and in the Entertainment section, the editor in chief in a editorial, list the reason why she is firing her and will never use her again in her magazine.

  15. 2 problems:
    1. You rank spencer 3??? So make comments about watching kiddie porn is ok? And
    2. It’s not ok to mock adoption on national tv but is ok to mock and make fun of learning disabilities (both gm dyslexia and calling aaryn “adderal” Aand saying she shouldn’t be aloud to take her meds because it gives her an unfair advantage. It doesn’t give her an unfair advantage it puts her on an equal playing field making her brain chemistry similar to everyone else’s!)

    • ‘making her brain chemistry similar to everyone else’s’

      Well they better UP THE DOSAGE. That girl is way out in left field and has a thinking process I just don’t get.

      And maybe if you need meds to bring you up to ‘equal’ you shouldn’t be on a reality show with multiple competitions.

  16. Aaryn didn’t really lose a job so to speak. She’s in school and was in a modelling agency on the side. The only one who lost a job was GM.

    • No she did. Clownie was a cover girl for Bella Petite Magazine. Google that name and in the Entertainment section, the editor in chief in a editorial, list the reason why she is firing her and will never use her again in her magazine. She was also drop by the modeling agency that was representing her (Zephir).

      • And TMZ reported that fellow students at her college had petitions to have her expelled. Don’t know if true or not, or if it will happen…but was reported. She can always go to work for Hustler or some other rag up to her standards.

    • It does not matter. She’s exposed a being an ignorant racist and a bigot. She made fun on Helen, Andy and Candice but now acts all buddy-buddy with Helen in order to stay in the game. Helen is going to be really suprised to see the racist jokes Aaryn made about her. Additionally, Andy is likely to be crushed when he hears her comments about his sexuality.
      Even if Aaryn goes on to become the president of the USA she will always be a petty, ignorant, bigoted, racist in my book. She’s simply one of the most vile humans I’ve seen in the BB House and that’s saying a lot!

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I was just pointing out that Aaryn is in school and losing a modeling job doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

  17. Judd should not have been evicted – but he might have won if they didn’t do it -I just don’t like the way it was done. He is an upstanding kinda guy – I think he will win Americas Favorite at the end of the show, Gm is a horrid, nasty, evil woman – Aaryn is pretending to tollerate everyone (seems like she was tipped off because she is acting completely different than she was at the start of the game) – and why oh why is EVERYONE listening to Helen – and then crying about evicting people. Strange group indeed. Sadlly, it seems like Helen is the only one playing to win the game…..but I don’t like her game.

    • He might come back.
      As for AFP, depend if Judd come back, because the AFP is usually somebody that makes it at least to final 4.

    • I think Candace should be voted AMP. She’s been through so much and was done wrong by so many people. Helen, Andy, GM, Spencer, McCrae, Judd, Amanda and Aaryn have either said something very nasty about her behind her back, called her nasty names or said something very racist. She out of everyone in that house has endured a lot and the most crap.

      • agree Sah…I am hoping Candice gets it. Judd? No way in hell…..he got played. He played the game and lost. Knocked out fair and square by BB rules. Trust the wrong people…and out you go. Hell I think Candice should get the 25g’s just for being wise to Amanda from the getgo.

      • Not only was she wise about Amanda but she was wise about everything. She was the 1st to suspect a guy alliance. She suspected when her and Howard were on the block that others were going to try to tie the votes so that Aa could vote her out, which was true. She was very observant and had smart. She played the game as good as she could given the circumstances and situation. I hope everyone votes her AFP, if they don’t bring anyone back. If they were to bring any HGs back I would hope it’s her and that she goes all the way to the end and wins.

      • Candice was not a great player. She let her emotions get in the way of her game. In addition to that she talked too much!
        Additionally, deciding to become Bffs with Howard really sealed her fate.

  18. I think my son put it best. He is adopted and said “Mom doesn’t she know that adopted kids are born in people’s heart”? He then went on to say that he thought she was jealous because she was not adopted.

    • Adopted children are TRULY the ‘chosen ones’. Loved by those who parted with them for their own good…and cherished by them that were blessed.

      BTW Beautiful what your child believes and true.

    • Your son got it right. Gone are the days when people look down on adoption. The opportuntiy to provide a child love and direction in life is truly a blessing.

    • I saw her with on BBAD from last night having long talk with Spencer. They seems to be getting close. I hope for her that they just stay friend.

      • Jessie is 20 something right?..she’s just a “lonely girl”..too bad her days are numbered…but remember she warned them, that Amanda needs to be taken out, and she is right.

      • Isn’t Jessie 25? She doesn’t act like it, that’s for sure. Yes, she is needy and and very attention seeking, and I can’t stand the way she whines all the time. Guess I’m not a fan, eh? One thing is for sure…when Jessie leaves there will be a lot more ice cream available to the other hgs! That was so bad…my apologies…lol

      • lmao @CudaDebbie:disqus I went back and watched the first episode…where they interview and talk to the hg’s. I think poor Jessie has gained 30 lbs since in the house. They had footage of her playing volleyball with the same clothes she’s wearing now…but they fit THEN. Must be impossible in there…nothing to do but eat. She does smoke but when on lockdown….well anyone who smokes knows what happens when you can’t. EAT, EAT, EAT.

      • I saw her walking around the pool table on bbad last night when she was playing Spencer, and I noticed that when she walked fast her tummy would bounce. I acknowledged the weight gain before, but when I saw that I went “DAMN!”…

      • I remember Jessie and Candice having a convo about them being the same age. And Jessie said that she wasn’t “grown up” like Candice was.

      • She was questioning Spencer why he looked so comfortable being up on the block. It wasn’t obvious at all the she was begging Spencer for info…not obvious at all…

  19. You know, I don’t even know which hg to back anymore. The closest one I could tolerate (but not always understand what he was saying) was Judd. I guess I could still vote for him as my favorite player though. The best indicator for me is the hg that doesn’t act in a despicable way or say horrible things (you know what I’m talking about). But the pool has shrunk considerably…

  20. GM no class, Aaryn a bigot, Spencer a child porn lover they should all be sued for their raciest comments especially GM about Candace and her Mom. Spencer hates women he talks down to his so called girlfriend GM is dumb as a post. Aaryn a poor little rich girl and raciest.

  21. GM isn’t smart enough to understand anything, or even form a sentence really. She sat in her HOH room like queen bee acting like she knew it all. Big Brother had to add a human clown for ratings.

  22. I posted previously that Helen and Amanda wanted Judd out because they could not control him. As sweet of “good ole boy” as he is, he can hold his own against pushy women. That’s been an uphill battle for most of the dudes this season (Jeremy was an exception. However, making em cry is doomed to backefire, that’s why the J-man is kicking his hills up in whatever hick town he’s from).

  23. Just when I thought GM could not get any lower she downs Candice for being adopted?! I thought that was outrageous. There are so many kids in the world who never got apodted and wetn thru life without a family. Candice is one of the lucky ones and GM should respect that.
    Additionally, not only is GM ignorant and a bigot she lacks any grasp whatsoever on reality. The idea that Nick would have her as a potential girlfriend is laughable. She needs to accept that. If Nick is into chicks he could do a lot better than GM. She’s making herself look like a nutjob holding onto his personal items.

    • GM is uneducated. Everyone knows that most women who give their children up for adoption do it to better their children so that they have a better life.

      Aha, Nick is playing nice about GM when he gets interviewed but he’s said the same thing over and over. “It was a faux-mance but then I realized her feelings were true”. I’m sure he’s into girls and he is totally not into GM. He just feels bad for her and is a nice guy.

  24. I need clarity. I read somewhere that Amanda made comments about Candice saying something about her “greasy, nappy hair.” Is this true?

    • Go to youtube and seach:
      Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior
      Getting close to 200,000 views in 10 days.

  25. OK from the GF…Judd got screwed, Helen’s the best so far this year, Elissa has just gotten boring and this yr is so bad, GM should win!

    • GM is the pits! She should go back to Staten Island and get into a community college stat! Her level of ignorance is not a good look.

  26. Best ranking ever. Adderall at 2 and evicted houseguests above GM. This ranking is the only thing that’s made me smile about this show and its offensive batch of nimwits all week. As an adoptive parent of a bi-racial child, I have NOT been enjoying this season (and I’m a HUGE fan since season 1). Thanks for the laughs, needed them!

    • From everything that I have read, Aaryn lost her part-time job, Gina Marie, Spencer and Amanda got fired. Karma’s a bitch….

  27. The only reason Aaryn has won so many comps is because the others are throwing the games…this way they don’t have to get blood on their hands; while forcing Aaryn to put up those individuals that Amanda and Helen believe are a threat..for Helen she is worried that person could expose her for running the house, thus they must go….and why we see her puppeteering Aaryn into doing the dirty work for her….Amanda just uses bullying to control the house, and is in great denial of how big of a bully she is…Many had the suspicion that the MVP the past three weeks was in fact America…we handed them Amanda on a silver platter, yet poor game plays and paranoia win out over playing a good game and getting out big players that have a really good chance to take home the big money….I don’t get why everyone is so afraid to make a move, or vote against the house….worst BB in the entire history of BB

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