Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Friday Night Highlights

BB15 Week 7 Nominations

Coming down off the high of a Double Eviction the Big Brother 15 HGs prepared for the next round of nominations on Friday. There was no Have-Not competition as the new HoH picked them after the latest HoH comp. Well, they really volunteered, so even less drama this week all around. By the end of the night a new plan came up for a “big move” but I think we all know how that’ll turn out.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 9, 2013

4:30 PM BBT – Aaryn discussing the DE competitions with Helen. Aaryn felt very confident and knew she would win the Veto. Helen was frustrated with her performance in the HoH. Said she knew the answers, but got flustered.

4:50 PM BBT – GinaMarie once again takes a jab at Candice’s adoption. Stay classy, GM. [Update: I’ve received several concerned questions asking if this comment for GM to “stay classy” was a joke. Yes, this is obviously a sarcastic joke.]

6:24 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Nomination Ceremony. Jessie and Spencer are on the block. Hugs all around.

6:30 PM BBT – McCranda discuss Helen needing to go next week.

6:55 PM BBT – HGs worry Judd will be an angry juror. He requested all his belongings and all of his cigarettes.

7:05 PM BBT – Aaryn pointing out there are few HGs she could be up against and survive. She wants Spencer out this week, but Amanda doesn’t want that.

7:30 PM BBT – Amanda pushing the evict-Helen idea on Aaryn and says they can’t trust her.

7:35 PM BBT – Aaryn and Andy discuss their F4 deal with McCranda and how they’ll have to face off against them. Aaryn thinks her and Andy will be able to beat them.

8:35 PM BBT – Andy and Helen in HoH room discussing upcoming Veto. Andy wants to tell Jessie not to be worried and to take prizes if they are offered even though she should be very worried.

10:10 PM BBT – Jessie asking Helen if there has been any talk about the plan for this week. Helen says the plan is to save Jessie with the Veto. Nope.

10:25 PM BBT – Helen tells Spencer he is safe this week and that she told Jessie the same even though she’s not.

11:40 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa talking in the Lounge. Helen is worried about Andy because his nominations were not a “big move.” They wonder if he’s more loyal to them or McCranda. Helen thinks Aaryn is more loyal to McCranda as well.

11:55 PM BBT – Jessie working on Aaryn for support. Aaryn says she wants to keep Jessie there this week.

12:30 AM BBT – McCranda discussing getting to the end of the game. They think taking Elissa to F3 could be a good move. Amanda says they’ve controlled every single nomination and eviction so far. She wants to make sure they don’t go up on the block together by manipulating the situation.

1:10 AM BBT – Andy tells Helen and Elissa that this isn’t the week to make a move. Apparently there’s never a right week to make a “big move.”

1:40 AM BBT – Amanda tells Spencer he’s safe. They just have to make sure Jessie does not win Veto.

1:45 AM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae that she wants to BD Helen if Jessie gets the Veto. McCrae does not like that idea.

2:30 AM BBT – McCranda have the back bedroom all to themselves and they’re putting it to good use.

Lots of potential with Saturday’s Veto competition, but the odds are stacked against Jessie. She’ll have to win Veto to keep herself safe unless this “evict Helen” plan takes root, but considering HGs wouldn’t even vote out Amanda when she was already on the block makes me think that won’t go anywhere.

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  1. I enjoyed Elissa’s tirade last night on bbad regarding how long she sometimes needs to wait for a Towncar to get her to an NFL game.

  2. The HG’S need to watch what they say, are they even thinking about Candice and Judd on the Jury? I hope Helen wins.

  3. Poor Jessie. They are all ganging up on her. I hope she wins POV and gets someone else evicted! If she can just last long enough to win an HOH—-she could really upset the apple cart on Helen and Amanda! Go Jessie! Win POV!

  4. I am so sick of GM. Get over your insecurities and start playing the game. So far the HG are playing personally and not strategically. Boring. I don’t even get excited anymore.

    • I was just saying that a few days ago. They are playing personal instead of making moves that is best for their game.

  5. Think about this: GM is 32 years old. 32! How embarrassing. Her parents must be soooo proud. How one’s maturity becomes so stunted is beyond me…

    • NOT always….but mostly….she is probably a reflection of her parents’ views. I bet they’re cheering her on and can’t figure why all don’t love her. Geesh. Aaryn also. Remember them old commercials? You’re TAUGHT to be a racist? BTW…on BBAD last night…GM was super quiet…any idea why? Also heard Elyssa/Andy talking GM might be anorexic/bullemic. Whew

      • Super Quiet?? She knows her time in the BB house is rapidly coming to an end..
        I am not much about making fun of how somebody looks or dresses on BB.. I do think that GM is a racist/bigot of the highest level/order. But I will not discuss her mental or eating disorders ( if it’s true) and foremost I will not make fun of her for possibly having a learning disability. I will say that she is a very sad person and it will take many months possibly years to remove the stigma from her name that “she” has placed on it. It will be a very long time before GM can function in the real world again.

  6. I liked helen, got too bossy! She evicts people , says they are wishy washy…with her! They have to be….she has way too much control, get rid gina marie cuz she has filthy mouth! Jesse, i dont think earned to win! Andy, riding on coat tails. Aaryn, she does win competitions…just do not care for her, personal!:-) spencer, rides on big coat tails…mckray hmmm would be great if he back doored his chic, that would give him right to win all! Elissa? I just cant see her winning, but LA snob that she may be, never know? I just dont know who i want to win?!

    • Just to clear the “snob” people of LA, you might want to know that Elissa is from Kannapolis, North Carolina.

      • I just QUIT WATCHING!! Been fan for yrs but u attack game audience? I am done, will tell all i know on fb!! Bye
        Sent from my iPad

      • What, you attackp everyone’s comment? Maybe i hit a family member? It is BB remember…everyone changes opinion daily, dont attack an audience member! I seen alot more than this on here…please i quit watching now, hope your lil buddy yoga girl goes home!! Thank yourself

    • there is something wrong with elissa, her lips are really weirdly shaped. Is that just botox or is she just butt effin ugly ?

    • Helen and Amanda are both dictators and the other HG’s are allowing those two idiots to treat them like fools and dummies

  7. I think the season should just stop right now and write a check to McCray for the whole amount first and second place. He is the only one in the house that seems to be playing this game and not insulting or demeaning a soul. THE END…

    • Sadly he’s not even playing just laying around with Amanda, but that seems good enough this year

    • I will not write a check for Pizza Boy because he is guilty by association with Amanda, I know he tried to cool down Amanda but could not do it because he has no sets of you know what, besides don’t want a dime to go that bully bitch Amanda

    • I know, it’s getting boring. Did you catch that mini peptalk Helen gave Aaryn during the double eviction where she was trying to say Aaryn was making big Janelle-like game moves? I was thinking, REALLY? By getting out Judd? A big move would be getting out McCranda or Helen, but it doesn’t seem like any of these dummies are going to do it!

    • I hope Airin wins. She is pretty. I like the show when they argue. Do they know they are on tv ?

  8. I do understand that this is a game intended to eliminate other people what I don’t condone is the personal attacks against a person based on their race or assumptions of who they are In Survivor the dude the one from the south who was terrible was removed under pretenses that he was to sick to continue with th game and Jeff Probst always at the end called this individuals out on their conduct so in that sense Survivor producers have higher moral ground then BB there is no excuse for the behaviour of this HG Ginamarie should have been booted out pronto after her remarks on Candice Aryn out Amanda out and Spencer as well how low are you going to go for ratings this show has become painful to watch

  9. If they backdoor Helen this week, which I do not think will work unless they makes deals with a lot of people, Helen has only herself to blame. She missed an opportunity last week to get rid of Amanda. She should have convinced GM to put up Judd as the replacement nominee and then convinced Spencer to make a big move and get rid of Amanda.

    Once Andy said this week is not the time, Helen should have realized immediately that Andy is playing against her.

    • Helen turned down 2 chances to evict Amanda and like Judd could pay for it dearly! She has only herself to blame! Then, she targets poor Jessie who was lobbying to evict Amanda by exposing Jessie to Aaryn and Gina Marie! Aaryn runs to Amanda to tell about Jessie lobbying to get her out! That is dumb because if Jessie succeeded—-it would have benefitted Helen if Amanda was evicted and she stabs Jessie in the back?
      Helen might be manipulating half the house but, she is not really playing a very smart game. It will become apparent when Amanda backdoors Helen and like Judd, the look on Helen’s face would be priceless! And I think they have the votes too with Aaryn and Gina Marie on Amanda’s side.

      • It’s because Helen knows that once Amanda is out, the target would then shift to her. And basically everyone in the house knows that Helen is basically running the house and can manage to put a seed on whoever is HOH to put a target on someone’s back, getting put up for nomination which she did on Candice as a replacement nominee alongside Howard.

        She keeps on insisting she’s not running the house and can only do big moves if she has the support to do so. Unfortunately, she blabbed the plan to Andy who managed to sway her out last week on flipping against Amanda. That or someone like Jessie who, in case she saves herself, can win HOH and do what needs to be done.

        When this “right time” will happen depends if the house turns on Andy next week so that they can, at the very least, weaken McCranda.

      • Helen should realise that she will be a target sometime. If Amanda is evicted ahead of her—-her chances of survival and getting to Final 2 is greater. Once, she is evicted—-it is over, she will have a hard time getting back in the game and even if she does—-she will have a huge target on her back when she does! Brendon got back in but, got evicted in short order! Helen could get evicted as soon as this week if Amanda gets the ball rolling! Aaryn and Gina Marie are on Amanda’s side and you only need 4 votes to evict this week!

      • Helen is an idiot and does not know how to play the game. They are eliminating the players who pose no threats to themselves. The HG’s in general are all doing whatever they think is going to cause the least waves. The BBAD shows are extremely boring as 99 percent of the time its just the HG’s talking about useless stuff not related to the game… its kind of like watching a afternoon women’s talk show where they discuss the latest shoe sale at Macy’s…. BORING… All the houseguests ever seem to do is eat, smoke and laze around.

    • Getting Helen out this week. I think wouldn’t be that hard as long as Spencer wins the veto. All Andy would need is three votes. Which he could easily get from Amanda, McCrae, and most likely Spencer. and Andy breaks the tie. Andy has basically already telling Amanda. Helen is coming after her.

      • Helen is going to get backdoored this week as Aaryn and Gina Marie are voting with Amanda so, Helen is due for her own backdoor this week if plans do not change! The expression on Helen’s face when she gets put on the block would be priceless! Just like Judd’s I cannot believe this is happening to me! Welcome to the club Helen—-you certainly deserve it!

      • Helen’s going home ? And they have Okay’d this with Andy ? I really doubt Andy will do anything during his reign as HOH. He has no balls.

      • Andy is Amanda’s minion. He will do anything Amanda asks him aside from the fact they do have the 4 votes to evict who they want! That is McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie. Too bad for Helen because she did not use her head like Judd! She can join Judd in the sequester house!

  10. I’m so thankful we have such an accurate and active BB fan site. This season of BB has given me inspiration at a transitional time in my career and life. I’ve been honored to see the strategic moves each player has had to make, both
    social and competitively, to remain in the game this far. This is definitely a season that provides a lesson in perserverance and gritting it out without giving up. A don’t quit before the miracle happens, if you will. Each player has given up their whole life for a summer to lay it all on the line and go all out for victory. I have nothing but respect for their moxie. Go Spencer, Go Gina Marie, Go Andy, Go Helen, Go Amanda, Go Mcrae, Go Jessie, Go Aaryn- I respect all of you and wish you nothing but the best.

    I love this game. Thank you all for providing such a lively place for discussion of our favorite game. Go BB!!!

    • WOW If u were watching a true version/season of BB ur excitement would be better understood. What u are watching on BB15 has very little to do with a “true” season or how the HG’s actually play the game. Hopefully if season 16 comes about there changes in the casting that will bring the real BB back to our TVs.

    • I already saw this comment, You just copied and pasted this. You’re assuming a false character…I don’t believe you at all !!!

  11. OK, Matt, I usually don’t see much to call you out on in your blogs, but one thing stood out to me.. the “Stay classy, GM”… she needs to get classy in order to stay that way. :)

  12. Can we have some twist please? I’m pretty sure this week is going to be boring as hell! No paranoia, no backdoor, no show! I am good with everyone being HOH but not Andy.

      • What I really, really, really want to happen is for any of those two nominee to get a Coup d’ etat or a Diamond Power of Veto.

      • Yeah give Jessee the power to take herself off and put Amanda.. That would be a super episode…

      • I hope it goes something like this:

        Andy open’s Pandora’s Box and Big Brother asks him which one he considers the bigger threat among the two nominees. He will be told that either answer will result with a reward and consequence. Once he chosen what he thinks is the bigger “threat”, he’ll be handsomely reward with treats from Candyland but the consequence is allowing his chosen “threat” to be given a special power that could save him/her from eviction. Andy will think otherwise that by choosing who he thinks is the bigger threat, they will be bestowed by some punishment.

        How’s that for a surprise? :D

      • When I think about it, he might be the first one not to open pandora’s box. That’d make the production mad, so very mad

      • What if they told him there was $10,000 in it but, there are consequences to opening it? He might just bite. And wouldn’t it be something if the consequence is that both nominees on the block get off and HOH has to nominate two new people on the block for eviction! Now, Andy has to choose who among Aaryn, Gina Marie, McCrae, Amanda and Helen to put on the block! That would really drive the house crazy!

  13. So here’s the thing. As much as I hate to admit it Amanda is the only one playing the game, but even then only a little. I’d have more respect if she did things herself and won comps instead of bullying everyone else into it.

    • I’d have more respect for her as a gameplayer if she keeps off from being too personal over getting nominated and from feeding the trolls so she won’t make a bigger fool of herself.

      • I agree. I like how when she’s nominated it’s personal, but if anyone else acts that way she attacks them.

  14. Alright, I really don’t like making fun of anyone’s looks, but has anyone ever noticed that GinaMarie looks like one of those troll dolls from the 90s?

  15. Amanda is not playing the game…The other HG’s including Helen & McCrae are playing it for her ..

    • …piece of trash is right…she is such a low life. I was saying the other day that someone should get in touch with Jamie Lee Curtis, who is a staunch adoption advocate, tell her how GM treated Candace over her being adopted, calling her a degenerate and everything else she said to her..Let Jamie Lee get ahold of her and teach her a thing or two about adoption..then she can pull those trashy blonde extensions out of her hair!

  16. Hate to say it but Spencer seems to be in an ideal position to make to final 4 if not 3. I don’t like the man not because of his comments (which were wrong) but there is something truly shady/sneaky & an underhandedness about him that has yet to come out. I could not like this man outside of BB. I simply don’t trust him..

  17. Awful to say…but IMO GM is seriously unbalanced. And I don’t say that as an attack, just an observation. The ridiculous carrying on over Nick (the crying, screaming, keeping his personal belongings in her bed for weeks, etc., etc., the outrageous behavior toward Candice. When she is ‘up’, kissie kissie with everyone…when down…whew the level of rage. She’s either running around on some high or super quiet, middle ground. They’re all so afraid of Amanda, but is GM that I’d worry about…cross her on the wrong day…whew.

  18. I’m so tired of all the talk of poor Jessie. I’m wondering how this chick made it past the psych exam! She’s so annoying that if they leave the camera on her long, I find myself changing views. She needs to go. She’s like nails on chalkboard.

  19. “8:35 PM BBT – Andy and Helen in HoH room ”
    I’m watching BBAD from last night, just heard Helen tell Andy that she hope Ginamarie win the $25,000 for America favorite player.
    Do I really need to add a comment on that one ?

    • That is sick joke but, the house guests are mostly sick in the head racists and bullies so, no surprise there!
      Helen being a good manipulator herself has been manipulated very well by Gina Marie and Aaryn that she thinks they are both angels. She will find out the truth when she gets out! And worst for Helen, Aaryn and Gina Marie are both going to vote to evict Helen!

    • She’s been saying that forever and I don’t get why. Everyone heard the comment she made about Candice’s mother and they’ve said nothing except praise for GM. Despicable. Oh, and Helen keeps saying Aaryn is just like Janelle… oh my.

      • She is really delusional. In that same conversation, she said she has a Master degree so doesn’t need the $25,000. Why is she there for then ?

      • Yet she got mad at Jessie because she said she doesn’t need the money. Wow.

        Amanda and McCrae have been plotting a plan to get out Helen next week! *fingers crossed*

  20. On BBAD also around 9:15 PM BBT, Elissa and Andy are in the HOH and having a long conversation about GM suspected bulimia.

    • I think GM might but if she so concerned with her weight she wouldn’t drink coke all day, everyday! It just adds pounds…

      • Does she drink diet or regular coke? If she drinks diet coke, then it is being used as a filler (something to makes her fill full). Remember, diet coke is almost/ or is calorie free. Same thing with coffee unless you add lots of cream and sugar like I do, lol. If you go back and listen to the conversation, Andy mentioned purging. Also, why would production care if GM has bad eating habits, why would Elissa care, and why would Andy ask Elissa if Helen knows? Why would Andy/Elissa say that Asryn should not be telling people about GM? Trust me, the girl is bulimic.

      • She drinks all kinds of coke, both regular and diet. I also heard Aaryn say that GM takes way too many fiber pills and taking too much fiber makes the food pass through your body way faster.

        I believe she is bulimic or has some kind of eating disorder. I hope she gets help for it as well.

    • If you know anything about bulimia, you will know that GM is indeed bulimic. I’m not a psycho-therapist, but based on some of the things that GM said (she would rather be skinny than……), the way she eats (lots of food in a short period of time), and frequent trips to the bathroom after eating. GM needs help and should not be allowed to continue on BB.

      • Yes, I heard with Elissa said. Bulimics normally have terrible eating habits. They eat tons of the wrong kinds of food then they purge.

      • Well, maybe this will end up helping her later. Hopefully her family is smart enough to get her the help she need when she get out.
        I remember also that Elissa was saying that Aaryn was wrong to spread this in the house. Andy was agreeing.

      • Since she lives with her parents, I bet they already know. This is not something that she just started yesterday. I hope she gets help for it, though.

  21. Dumb stupid people in this house. When Amanda and Helen are final 2 I hope all the others are happy for them because they put them there on their own silver platter. Go idiots?!?!?

  22. Little Weasel Andy has no game, all he does is reveal other peoples plan thinking that he, Amanda and Pizza Boy will be the final three, he will soon find out when he is back doored by Amanda, the little Weasel just makes me sick, a rat who is doing Amanda’s dirty work.
    As for Aaryn and Ginamarie, they will get what they deserve when they get out of that house, they are both scum bags and deserve a big boo from the audience when ever they are evicted from the house. Ginamarie, a New York jackass trash.
    Helen, don’t care much about her anymore, she is a two faced bitch, I felt sorry initially for her, but she makes me want to puke when ever she opens her mouth, she is now buddy with Aaryn and Ginamarie, wait till she finds out about the rice and nail comment from Aaryn/GM the two racist bitches.
    Elissa, grow some nerve and play a game and stop depending on Helen.
    Jessie, I feel sorry for her, find a way to be involve and play the game and stop eating Ice Cream all the time.
    Spencer, the big house is waiting for you where Bubba will take care of you.
    Pizza Boy (McCrae) grow some set of cajones, you are nothing but Amanda’s bitch, she will discard you as fast as lightening if she wins the 500K, boy, you have been PW, dumb ass.
    I hope they bring Judd or Candice back so that we can see Amanda on a stray jacket being wheeled out of the house to a mental institution.
    CBS thanks for wasting my summer this year for giving us these sorry sacks of contestants, none of them deserve the 500K, CBS should raffle the prize money to the viewers for putting up with this nonsense this year.

  23. I have a funny feeling that Helen may be backdoored this week. Could be wrong, but now Andy is all buddy buddy with Jesse, telling her she isn’t going anywhere.. I know Andy lies his butt off and rats out everyone, but something is weird today.

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