Big Brother 15 Week 6: Attempts To Flip The House Failing Again

Amanda worried about eviction

Once again America served up an opportunity to get out a controlling player from Big Brother 15 and once again the HGs are pushing the idea off for a later time.

Earlier this weekend the 3rd nominee, thanks to America’s voting, was revealed to the house and per our own polling no one should be surprised how that turned out. After the initial shock wore off inside the house the nominee went back to her worrying and fears while others began looking at their options.

On Sunday afternoon (Flashback 4:50PM BBT 8/4) Helen spoke with Elissa and Jessie about the possibility of evicting Amanda. At this point Jessie had already won the Veto and would be eligible to vote once she saved herself. Elissa suggests that if they could have had Spencer onboard then he’d the 4th vote they need, but Spencer was the anticipated renom. Jessie suggested Judd for the 4th vote and then Andy for the 5th. Ohh, bad idea with Andy for sure.

Jump to 6:35PM BBT on Sunday and there’s Helen taking this plan to Andy. No, Helen, don’t tell Andy! But yes, she tells him. Andy is very hesitant and says this is not the week. Judd pops in and Aaryn pops in. Now we just had to wait for Andy to run this info back to Amanda.

When Andy does go back to Amanda he amazes us all by not telling Amanda what Helen said about evicting Amanda. He does, however, warn Amanda that she needs to be more friendly with Helen to get her back in the circle of trust.

After Andy leaves Aaryn says that wasn’t what they were talking about when she pop’d in on their convo in the Storage Room. Aaryn quickly pieces together that there must be an “Evict Amanda” plan. She’s right.

A little later Andy does finally reveal Helen’s plan to McCranda when they’re alone in the Lounge. This sets Amanda off in another mini-breakdown as she heads outside and starts crying on the couch to the other girls. Amanda says she thinks the same thing that happened last week is about to happen again this week. Helen immediately consoles her and says she’s safe this week and Candice is going home.

At 7:35PM BBT Sunday (8/4) we see Helen and Andy talking. He convinces her this isn’t the week to evict Amanda. She goes to go get Jessie to tell her the plan is off and Andy whispers “it’s fixed” under his breath.

Since all that drama there have been scattered discussions on the idea, but everyone seems to agree this isn’t the week to evict Amanda. They want to wait for a later time for whatever reason. Judd even commented to Aaryn “why would I want to evict Amanda over Candice this week? That’d be a terrible game move.” Sigh. So yes, they still want to evict Candice as their main target.

You can lead a horse to water, folks.

Do you think the Big Brother 15 HGs will change their minds and flip the vote again? There is still a LOT of time between now and Thursday’s live eviction. Anything can happen so what would you like to see go down?


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  1. These people are so freaking stupid. We’ve given them not one but two chances to evict Amanda and yet they won’t act on it. This season is filled with wimps and I’m over it.

    • Exactly. America wants Amanda out, not the house. The strategy of getting Amanda out now IS a bad idea for quite a few alliance members.

      So many people are upset because the house won’t seize the “gift” America has given them. Most of the house has no inkling America is putting Amanda up. The strategies these HGs have used will bite them in the ass (Helen, I’m mostly looking at you girl) but for now protection is important NOT evicting your alliance. The time is coming, it’s just not this HoH.

      Just because they are making strategic moves and not burning Amanda at the stake does not make them wimps. Poor alliance decisions and previous game play might make them wimpy contestants but keeping their butts safe from McCrae’s radar is a key strategic decision.

      $500k on the line and you’re not guaranteed Jury if you betray your alliance. I would think carefully about risking my $500k just because I had an itchy trigger finger.

      Patience. It’s gonna get good starting with double eviction.

      • I agree completely!! BB fans keep saying that Amanda game sucks and she “thinks” she is running the game, but they want her out so the game can change …this is very contradicting! Although Amanda has her outbursts, she is the strongest player in the house! So which is it fans, do you want players in the game or week people? If Amanda was a guy, I do not think she would be hated, in fact, I think she would be rooted on …

      • Yeah, the previous week could’ve been spent on GM and this week could’ve been spent on Aaryn. The HGs all ready know they’re going to cut these girls loose at some point, they just have no concept of when. That could’ve been something America answered for them, but instead the opportunity was not taken because of all the Amanda hate.

    • 3rd times a charm. Hopefully we get to vote again and with it being a double eviction everything happens so fast we might be able to still get her out this week.

  2. I’m so tired of this season. The cast is mean and boring. I have pretty much stopped watching live feeds cause it’s the same thing every week. Amanda or Helen decide whose going to leave, everyone picks on or gets in arguments with that person if they try and save them self, or they get in a fight and target anyone else who is trying to save them and they go home the next week. You only have to tune in for Sundays show see who the target is and you know what is going to happen. BORING!

    • You are right it’s only good if a male decides who leaves or stays. Helen may talk too much but she’s puppeteering and we don’t get that often from the women on the show. Amanda is volatile but America is screwing with her game which isn’t exactly fair.

      • What does anything I said have to do with it being a male or female? I don’t like anyone commanding an entire show on how to vote. Helen does talk to much about everything with everyone which sucks as far as game play is concerned she needs to listen more. As for Amanda being screwed with by America if any of the house guests besides Jessie would step up and make a move the person being voted MVP by America would probably be Aaryn or Ginamarie.

      • Thank you, someone else who can agree and respect the fact that Amanda IS a player in this game.

    • If you think they are giving her too much prop, then why the strong desire to get her out?

    • If they can’t get Amanda out, how would they get Helen or Elissa out? What you want and what they want are very different.

      • Unlike Helen I think amanda would flip on them in a second. so put up helen for next MVP

      • I agree I think Amanda would flip in a second. But I still want Amanda to go up. I think with double eviction she may just go this time. But if Helen or Elissa go up instead I’d be happy with either of them going.

      • Helen’s the biggest flip-flopper in the house.Helen needs to go.Not MVP material 4 sure!!

      • MVP is not what it was the first 2 weeks. MVP is now the 3 nominee so yes helen for MVP. Plus she hasnt been on the block yet

      • I think the others would vote out E, and due to her antics it is possible that Amanda, mc, and Andy may also …

    • Elissa hasn’t been doing anything. Helen is making the whole thing turn to garbage. She has been trying to break up the alliance. She said they need to send Elissa and Amanda. She is playing this all wrong!

      • Why are you upset with Elissa and Amanda? Elissa used her MVP strategically and won PoV. Other than one HoH, GM has been useless as has Spencer and Andy. They need to go first.

      • I think Andy is playing a good loyal game. I feel that he wants the knockouts to be final six and is ultimately loyal to the goof troop …

      • Right now Helen is totally on the wrong track, she thinks Gina is going to win America’s favorite and can’t seem to see what vile piece of work Spencer is. If he hangs on and gets to the Jury house, I will be scared for any woman stuck in there with him. He really does seem to hate women.

    • We need to not put anyone up and let the hgs play the game fair and square. BB is not supposed to be a popularity contest with America. It’s supposed to be the ultimate social experiment and a strategy game, like human chess. We should not keep having a say in the game.

      • Agree! I think it is unfair that Amanda is even an option, she has played the game well enough that she was not nominated by the hoh …

  3. Amanda needs to go…then Andy he can’t be trusted…he’s going to float hs way all the way to the winner chair!

    • Andy won’t make it that far because his time is running out! Does he really think McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Judd going to keep him? He won’t make it to Final 5, maybe, not even make it to Final 6 because Elissa could get slot number 6. Once, they evict, Candice, Jessie, Spencer, Gina Marie…Andy is next!

      Who knows, he might even get evicted ahead of the others! His usefulness is almost over!

      • Nope Amanda has spoken, Jessie, Judd, Spencer. Of course she changes her mind every time the wind blows.

      • You have to consider that Helen or Judd can win HOH which means they are safe! Amanda has won nothing so far! My money is on Andy getting evicted before Final 5 because there is no one left to evict! Amanda will throw Andy under the bus because he is expendable!

      • But they all love Andy and not one person mentions his name. I think unless they wake up Andy will float to the end.

      • Andy is flyin’ way under the radar.Only an inch or 2 off the ground.Can’t crash that way.Easy landing at the end.That’s when his landing gear comes down.I don’t like it,but that’s where it’s heading.

      • Do you really think Aaryn isn’t going to blow it again before long? The power of her so-called “double HOH” is getting to her quickly. I guarantee she’s going to say something that sinks her soon.

      • Well, she did stuck her tongue in Candice back because she had just won $5000. And when GM called Candice a “degenerate”, Aaryn was laughing.

      • EXACTLY! These girls are disgusting, and are way overdue to be leaving the house. Unfortunately, as history has proven and is continuing to prove, BBHGs don’t have very good memories.

      • I wish whoever put the Amanda video together, would do one for GM and one for Aaryn. Then everyone would see that Aaryn and GM are both equally racist and disgusting. And worse than Amanda.

      • Wow!!!! I just watched that. I REALLY hope she also faces some sort of repercussions outside the house. If you have to constantly ask “Is that racist?” then hmmmm….

      • I think we agree they’re bad, we just all have different degrees of bad and different opinions about who is the worst.


      • It was probably one of Aaryn’s fans trying to redeem Aaryn’s image by making Amanda look worse. A lot of people seem to be following that shiny object..

      • You know what, you might be right, maybe that PR firm her parents hired. Thet certainly could have hired a professional to do that.

      • Aaryn did not stick her tongue out because she won the money. Didn’t you hear Aaryn on the live feeds telling McManda and GM that Candice said finally something good happened to me and Aaryn was saying isn’t she grateful that she made it halfway and she was saying a lot of other things she should be glad about. So she was sticking her tongue out in reference to Candice’s comment not about the money.

      • No I don’t think it makes it okay at all. But it wasn’t because she was jealous of the money that’s all.

      • Come on. I don’t agree with what she’s said or done in the past but sticking your tongue out is not racist. She would of done the same thing if Elissa won and acted that way too.

      • Don’t any of your remember Aaryn talking to GM about how she was nervous coming into this show because she knew she was going to have to be around black people!!! She didn’t know how she would handle it, and she said she can’t handle it, she wants them gone fast, she can’t stand the fact they are even there. It was on youtube

      • I wonder if there will be another “live” delay or audience full of employees for the double eviction. Just in case Aaryn gets evicted.

        Worst case scenario Aaryn wins HoH after double eviction.

        Only Amanda would take Aaryn to F2 to guarantee a win.

      • Helen and Judd also have deals with Aaryn and I am sure it is for a Final 2 too! Why do you think they have been coddling Aaryn? Judd concocted a lie to get Kaitlyn evicted over Aaryn and that tells you something!

      • It tells me Judd is gonna capitalize on his good standing with McCrae once Aaryn gets shown the door :)

        Helen’s deal with her is pretty much BS. Aaryn certainly doesn’t mean it. She appeased the beast but she only needs a good DE for Helen to be up or out.

      • Aaryn doesn’t have to do anything! Remember she has Helen, Amanda and Judd all covering her back! 3 sure votes against anyone on the block with Aaryn. You need 3 votes just to break even and one more to evict Aaryn! You know how hard that is? If I had to pick just one house guest who will be in Final 2 at this stage of the game—-I will pick Aaryn unless, her coddlers suddenly drop her like a hot potato. I do not see that happening!

      • Yes, Aaryn is a racist which is why they want to take her to Final 2! That is Helen, Amanda and Judd. Only one of them can do so but, we may have to wait another 9 weeks or so, to see who ends up in Final 2 with Aaryn!

      • They may end up with a stomachache on finals night sitting next to her, then. For certain that’s the night everything will come out to the members of the jury – and then the you-know-what will really hit the fan!

      • Did I happen to miss all the evict Andy game talk? Because I have never heard his name mentioned as a potential nominee …

    • Andy is not a floater, he has an alliance that he is ultimately loyal to, first the knockouts and then the goof troop. Andy has actually been the glue keeping the knockouts together.

  4. We’ve all been spoiled by Dans amazing game play and bold moves during his time there, now this cast isn’t living up to it and its not very entertaining at all. The most drama comes from Aaryn and her racism, which why is SHE still there?! I’m tired of all the whining and playing it safe that they’re all guilty of. I can’t even say that I have a favorite player at this point. McCrae or Helen will probably win, but neither of them are really playing the game, just playing it safe.

    • Aaryn is not the racist, that title belongs all to Gina Marie. Being stupid and mean does not make you a racist, but using the N WORD DOES!!!

      • It’s not just that word. Being judgmental of other cultures is what makes you a racist. Aaryn has shown that she is judgmental about African-Americans, Asian Americans, and even homosexuals.

      • Aaryn isn’t a racist? That’s pretty funny. So her comment about “go make some rice” to Helen had nothing to do with Helen being Asian. And then when she was mocking Helen in the kitchen using a fake Asian voice, that was just a misunderstood comment? Being stupid has nothing to do with it. If racist words come out of your mouth, stupid or not, you deserve the label of racist.

      • You cannot fit ignorance I guess. If your label fits then we are all racists. Guarantee something has been said by all people that at one time or another fits your narrow point and if anyone says different than they are not telling the truth. I am not condemning the entire world for saying PC incorrect comments like all do, but true racism is something entirely different. Racism should not be tolerated and by you dumbing it down no wonder it is still running rampant in this country. Fight the fight for racism and do not waste the fight on just total ignorance. Education can fit ignorance!

      • racist – a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others. Being mean, ignorant or stupid does not make you a racist, but this does and the N word does exactly what the definition describes. If you want to hate because someone is mean, ignorant, stupid, cruel then fine but call it what it is, and if you want to hate because someone is in fact a racist then know what the word means. If you are truly racist you hate all people of that race, you do not pick and choose. Look at Amanda who apparently hates Jews and who made defamatory comments about the Holoocaust, definitely African Americans (she was the one that wanted Howard gone and accused him of something he did not do), and Gays. At least know why you are hating someone.

      • “Look at Amanda who apparently hates Jews and who made defamatory comments about the Holoocaust,”
        Are really talking about Amanda, don’t you mean Spenser ?
        Amanda is jewish.

      • Yes Amanda made comments about Jews. That is my point and her comments were not nice.

  5. I actually liked Amanda, until she attacked Jessie a few days ago. Now I see that she is just a mean bully, and would like to see her evicted as well. However, I kinda think it may be a smart game move to keep her there, maybe even to the final. Why? Because she has made enemies with EVERYONE in the house (except McCrae), so no one on the jury will vote to give her the win and the money. So anyone sitting next to her in the final is almost sure to win. Early in the game, you want to evict the strong players who keep winning the challenges, but by around this time in the game and forward, you want to keep the highly despised, because you want to sit next to them in the finals to gather more votes for you to win.
    I think the one to keep an eye on is Andy. He has successfully been able to play both sides of the house, and is pretty much liked by everyone. At this point, I think he has an excellent chance of winning it all.
    Personally, I’d still love to see Helen evicted as soon as possible (maybe this week, since it’s a double-eviction, please???)! She seems to control the house, for whatever reason, telling the HoH’s who to nominate, and telling the HG’s who to vote for — and for the most part, everyone does as she says. I don’t get it. She has too much power, and needs to go! She’s also a liar and two-faced, and likes to stir up drama.

    • “She’s also a liar and two-faced, and likes to stir up drama.”

      Yeah…it’s Big Brother. Would you rather everyone played nice and played with their hand completely revealed? Deception is part of the game.

      I agree Andy’s game is going incredibly well for him. His loyalty to Amanda/McCrae will prove exceedingly beneficial once one of them is evicted. Andy, McCrae, Spencer will join forces and bulldoze Helen’s remaining “House”. If Elissa flips, there is your Final 4.

      I like to play “How long till Andy sneaks in to the conversation”. He just appears. Like magic! His Andy Sense must tingle when he knows people are talking.

      • Actually, I would rather everyone played nice (no more racism, no more bullying, etc.), but you’re right, I also know that’s not reality, that’s not how the game is played. LOL
        I know everyone in the game lies and is two-faced, but Helen seems to have honed it to an art form. I get nauseous when I see her being super sweet to someone, hugging them, comforting them, consoling them, being their cheerleader, and then rushing out of their presence to tell the other HG’s that they need to evict that person. And the day of the Amanda/Spencer fight in the backyard… what was the purpose for Helen rushing to wake up McCrae? To “protect” Amanda? In that showmance, Amanda clearly wears the pants and doesn’t need her man to “protect” her. And from what I saw, McCrae basically did nothing but sit on the couch, and he even backed up Spencer’s argument once. No, I think Helen just enjoys sticking her nose in others’ business, hoping to stir up drama. All of the HG’s are liars and two-faced, but Helen is just 10 times better at it than the others.

      • The racism is insufferable, I completely agree. I think Candice has been treated disgustingly in particular.

        You make great points about Helen’s cry on the shoulder, stab in the back strategy. She has said it is part of her game play. I think she does genuinely feel bad about what she has to do to win the game though. Mom Helen is upset about being having to stab someone in the back and Player Helen is sharpening her knife and waiting.

        Very different game play and I am not comparing their strategies but it reminds me a lot of Shelly. She ultimately betrayed R/B but those diary rooms and her conversations about wanting to be a good person and being a good example to her daughter…betraying then really got to her. I could see Helen dealing with the same emotional rollercoaster. “I like you as a person but I need to win this game…”

        But in the Game of Big Brother, you win or you’re out.

      • I think it is criminal for BB to make Candice wear the clown outfit eviction night. They should let punishment be over Thursday am.

      • Why? She’s not the first one to be evicted in a unitard and she won’t be the last. All part of the game.

      • Yeah, the Curse of the Big Brother Costume – those who wear one are doomed to be evicted that week.

      • Helen’s political background prepared her well for this. She’s acting just like the politicians she deals with.

      • I don’t think Elissa will flip on Helen. I think she is a very loyal person, almost too loyal for BB. I do see Andy flipping if Amanda is evicted. Then I could see Andy joining Helen’s alliance for real.

      • If Helen flips first and gets Amanda out the door it takes Andy whispering in her ear, “she flipped on Amanda. What keeps her from back stabbing you?” And McCrae telling her, ” You think Helen will take you to F2? She will sacrifice your safety to save hers. She can’t win against you, Elissa”.

        Or force her to vote with the house to evict Helen if such an HoH occurs.

        Elissa is incredibly loyal but she has not wanted to carry out any of Helen’s plans. She has vocalized her displeasure and put up a renom against Helen’s wishes. She’s not good under extreme pressure or anxiety. Once the heat was really on Elissa is when her eccentric behavior popped up. Helen has taken note of it and has even expressed her concern of needing to cut Elissa.

        Now who in the house could possibly know Helen has doubts about Elissa and would work with McCrae. Who has a friendship with Elissa that could share such vital information? Who could plant such a seed of doubt?

        Andy will be holding out the apple.

  6. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with the HGs this year. They are all off their rockers. Aaryn should have been evicted eons ago, Amanda should have gotten booted last week. I’m just watching to watch at this point.

    • It is mind boggling to me that Aaryn is still in the house but the last two HOH comps helped her a lot. And it looks like Aaryn will be around for at least another 3 weeks thanks to Amanda. Even Mccrae has been telling Amanda to stop coddling Aaryn. My guess is She is not telling anyone but she wants to take Aaryn to the final 2 because no one will vote for Aaryn to win.

      • I agree with you…stuck for another 3 weeks…so sad! I want to just go in and just remove people myself. And the crazy thing is that I don’t dislike Mccrae…it’s just his attachment to Amanda that annoys the heck out of me. I pray that those two don’t make it to the end. I pray…pray…pray!

      • Ikr mcCrae would’ve been a bad pizza boy without her and I think she’s playing him

      • Aaryn will be safe for the next 4 weeks at a minimum and has an excellent chance at Final 2 now! Helen, Judd and Amanda all want her for Final 2 so they will end up knocking each other off when it gets down to F5 because there would be no one left! Helen and Judd would be at a huge disadvantage because Amanda and McCrae are two votes plus Aaryn who is closer to Amanda. They better wise up now as Helen and Judd both making a huge mistake keeping Amanda in the game!

      • but Aaryn and Amanda are both sooooooooo racist. Amanda should be booted out right with Aaryn.

      • You need to look up the definition of racist because just because you are mean does not make you racist, but maybe it is just me but the use of the N WORD is what I consider to be the most racist in the house and news for you that word came out of Gina Marie’s mouth and Kaitlin’s and not Aaryn’s. Just because you do not like someone that is of a different race or disagree with them does not mean you hate the whole race. Aaryn really liked Howard and did not want to put him on the block that was all Helen and Amanda. Not unusual for two pretty girls when in a house together and someone starts a lie, Spencer, that they do not like each other and sorry but that has nothing to do with their races but that is the female hormones and the contributing factor of the lie.

      • But they both have made racist comments. The N word is not the only word that can be used in a racist comment.

  7. We can hope that somehow Amanda will get evicted during the double eviction. If not then let’s hope that BB keeps giving the MVP to America. We’ll keep nominating Amanda. It’s made for some good drama in that house. I doubt that BB would want to take that away suddenly.

    • Are they even asking/pondering “Who’s the MVP?” – as to who keeps nominating Amanda, week after week?

      • Spencer has figured it out. Andy too I believe has figured it out but, Amanda and Helen still cannot wrap their heads on it! So much for deductive reasoning! Come on, who else can nominate you week after week when Elissa does not have MVP?

      • If you don’t know/suspect it’s America’s vote, and you think it is not likely to be the same MVP each week, like it was with Elissa – then you would have to assume more than one person is nominating the same person…a consensus is building.

    • Yeah would love to see amanda always be the MVP nomination and they will be tired of it at some moment and finally get her out

  8. Assuming power doesn’t shift I see the pecking order as such: Jesse > Spencer > Ellisa > GM > Helen no1 really has the balls to put up Judd till then in my mind

    • You forgot Amanda. Amanda has already asked Gina Marie to put up Judd as the renom but, Gina Marie refused! Judd is loyal to McCrae and Amanda—-a decision he may regret down the line!

  9. Yeah so…..this show has become unbearable to watch. I used to love this show. Where did this horny, racist cast come from?!

    Anyway….how many times do we have to serve Amanda on a silver platter to these idiots?

  10. Get Helen and GinaMarie OUT..they are the most annoying HG’s EVER. GinaMarie thinks she is God’s gift to the world and Helen is the bossiest and she is a closet bully. I can’t stand either of them. If GM doesn’t stop feeding her face..she will end up looking like a’s starting already.

    • Thank you! I was wondering if someone else was annoyed by these two. GM is so trashy and her constant eating habits are gross. She needs to learn refinement. Whereas Helen cant stop talking with food in her mouth and needs some refinement as well. We do not want to see what they are chewing. You also were spot on with their personalities. They need to go!

  11. I don’t see why andy or judd think that they will benefit from amanda staying this week

    • Amanda staying longer means Andy stays longer. With the target on Amanda, no one is looking at Andy. His loyalty to Amanda/McCrae will be very beneficial once either of the couple is evicted. Whoever is not evicted will work with Andy (since he has proven his loyalty) and Andy gets a nice ride to the F5 at least. People like Andy and both alliances think he is true to theirs. Keeping Andy’s power player alliance alive a bit longer guarantees there are targets in front of Andy to hide behind, he is protected by his alliances and is not found out to be a snake. It’s nothing but positives for Andy really.

      And Andy and Judd both need to be on McCrae’s good side. Sending his gf home and not to Jury would not do either any favors.

      • Andy won’t make it to F5 because he may not make it F6 even. Let us go thru the most obvious scenario. Candice goes, then, Jessie, no surprise there. Then, who is next? Spencer, Gina Marie, Elissa, Andy and not necessarily in that order! Where is Aaryn? Well, she is safe because Helen, Amanda and Judd are all coddling her. So, we have McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Judd, Aaryn as the Final 5. Elissa might even make it to F6 because Helen trusts her and is a realiable ally. Now, if he was using his head, it is in his interest to get rid of Amanda and bring himself a notch higher on the pecking order at the very least!

      • Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

        Andy’s pecking order is higher if he stays with Amanda/McCrae and even Judd.

        Helen will get rid of Aaryn after Amanda is handled. If she is handled. Aaryn will get Helen out because she can’t win against her (unbeknownst to her, she won’t win against anyone).

        They are all keeping friends close and enemies closer. For now.

      • Andy’s shelf life is limited and he is about to reach his expiration date real soon! I do not see him making Final 5 because all those slots are already occupied! Helen, Judd and Aaryn are not about to give him their slot! And neither would Amanda or McCrae for that matter!

      • Helen trust Andy more than Judd. Judd is starting to get suspicious that he may go sooner.

      • There is no way Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Aaryn stay in that house together once Jury starts. Not with Spencer, GM Jessie, Andy and Judd around. Worst case Aaryn or GM win another HoH. You can guarantee one of the power players will be evicted. If Jessie, Spencer or Helen wins HoH that also would guarantee a power player goes home.

        I just don’t see Andy getting evicted before one of A, Am, El or Helen. He might be put on the block but he won’t be evicted next to any of those 4.

      • I meant it as Andy would be in a better position with Amanda (“hell”) than with the rest of the house (“heaven”).

        I should have said “reign in Hell than serve under Helen ” :)

    • Judd is particularly stupid considering Amanda wants to get him out soon. But Andy is in an alliance with Amanda and McCae. They protect him.

      • And Judd doesn’t know that Amanda wants him out. America only knows that because we watch the stuff that Judd can’t see …which is why the BBMVP is a stupid twist that ruins the integrity of the game inside the house, IMO.

  12. This is seriously the STUPIDEST cast ever. What is wrong with these people? Can’t they see Amanda is pulling the strings?! First they let Aaryn stay, and now this? Smdh. Pathetic. Come on big brother, better casting next time please? I’m about ready to quit watching, it’s just gotten THAT bad.

  13. Okay so I get why they are doing this. Candace being in the jury house would be BAD for Aaryn since she is a racist, hence the reason to evict her before jury and keep Amanda till then. With Amanda being in jury, and having been on the social side of the house, votes will go more to who played the best game and not so much as going against those who have committed great game “crimes”, as how it would be voted in jury with Candace. It all makes sense… want your best friends in jury not your worst enemies.

  14. I agree on “Why” is Aaryn still there, but at least she has WON something (Twice). Amanda has done NOTHING but THINK she is in Control!!!!!

  15. This game is getting predictable and stupid, as everyone is afraid to go against “the house”, which is McCranda & Helen.
    I’d like to see Jesse, Judd, Andy & McCrea out. These are the floaters in the game. Then lets get down and dirty about WINNING!

    • Um you forgot the floating Amanda, her game is vote with me or get voted out, thats not playing the game. Plus her only real game play is in McCreas pants

      • would be sweet revenge for Jessie if Amanda was evicted this week…after “telling” Jessie she was “gone” next…like it’s within Amanda’s control. yet she/mccrae don’t like people to tell them they control the house. protest on one hand, threaten on the other..

      • I hope Jessie wins HOH because she has nobody looking after her back. She needs to put both Amanda and McCrae on the block and we can nominate Aaryn for MVP nominee assuming we still have it to ensure, that close alliance of three gets busted for good! If all three remain on the block—-one of them gets evicted guaranteed! Also, you nullify 3 votes as they all cannot vote!

    • I totally agree with you that Jesse, Judd and Andy are floaters. Personally, I really like Jesse, probably one of my favorite HG’s, but I don’t think there’s any way she’s going to last much longer. But in Andy’s case, he may be floating so far under the radar, and successfully playing both sides, that he could make it to the end or at least final 4.
      One reason why I would love to see Amanda get evicted is I think McCrae would actually start playing the game with her gone, and I think he has the potential to play a really good strategic game. He was playing a pretty good game during the short time before he and Amanda hooked up. But as long as Amanda is in the house, McCrae isn’t doing anything and isn’t playing the game. It’s as if his brain went numb when he hooked up with Amanda. I was slightly encouraged when he kind of chastised Amanda for the way she attacked Jessie the other day, and kept telling her to apologize (which she refused to do). I still think McCrae knows the correct way to play the game, but he can’t play his game as long as Amanda is in the house, probably because he’s afraid of betraying Amanda. But I think Amanda’s poor social game, and McCrae’s association with her, is totally destroying McCrae’s chances. If/when Amanda is evicted, I think McCrae will then rise up and be a force in this game! Just my opinion…

      • Liked Jessie till she started pimping herself out to Judd for his loyalty. UGH sorry but that makes her no better than Amanda using McCrae>

  16. I know we get so see more than these people do but how can Helen trust Andy so much? It is so obvious he is a floater and goes back to everyone else with what he knows. Didn’t Helen hear how Andy went back to Amanda to tell her what Jessie said? Amanda even divulged to Jessie it was Andy!

    Helen is full of hubris. She really thinks she has everyone fooled with her BS. Andy is playing her like a fiddle.

    In the meantime, Elissa is the smart one surmising Spencer could be the vote they need to get Amanda out. Had Helen listened, then convinced GM to replace Jessie with Judd, Helen would not have needed Andy and Amanda would be going home. Since GM wanted to put Judd up anyway, it might not have been that difficult to pull this plan off.

    Then Helen would have the gratitude of Candice to help her fend off any retribution from McCrae. This is what makes Amanda the best player. She may be paranoid, but a little paranoia is needed to avoid dumb moves like Helen makes.

    • Helen is gonna be tied to the tracks as Conductor Andy drives that train over her.

      My only guess is because Amanda and Helen are not directly telling each other the information Andy is passing, Andy has remained mostly undetected. Judd also thinks Andy is working with him. Andy is great at talking to people, extracting information and being in the right place at the right time.

      Would be easy for him to say, “Amanda knew about the plan. So I had to say it came from Jessie and not us to get the heat off” to Helen. Sadly, she would probably buy that.

  17. get some balls and kick amanda’s sorry ass out of there she is acting more like rachel then elissa

  18. You got to realize most of these people have no incentive to flip the house
    Mcrae: Amanda’s his closest ally
    Andy: Very close Amanda ally and can get far by playing Helen vs Amanda later.
    Aaryn: Amanda is kind of shielding her and is her friend along with final 4 deal
    Judd: As far as he knows he still has final 4 with Amanda, Mcrae, and Andy. Also helen has her whole evict guys thing so not smart move for him.
    Helen: Some incentive, but w/o the votes she is just putting a target on herself and is smart not to flip
    Ellisa and Jessie: They see the writing on the wall and know they are soon to be boots, but w/o help they are done and better hope one of them win hoh to get amanda or really on the other side out.
    Spencer has incentive to flip, but while on the block its better not to stir drama. If he wins Hoh he hopefully will shake up the house
    Candice: She should be campaigning a lot harder, but with no real allies and a racist house she is prob done.
    Lastly Gina Marie is basically in lala land with HOHitis and whose only ally is aaryn no matter what side she is on her best bet is to be taken to end as a goat.

  19. The only way to carry out a plan like evicting Amanda, or any plan, is for Production to tell Helen, there’s an effing elf in the house and not to trust him.

  20. I hate when america has so much control in the game. I think i am done watching. Mvp nomination needs to go

    • I totally agree TAS! America can see everything and it’s not fair. Let the house guests go at it themselves!

      • I’d have to disagree Traci. America actually only sees what production wants you to see (despite what people believe). Even the live feeds have a standard time delay in broadcast as well as ”We’ll be right back” blackout period to limit what we know. That’s not to mention we don’t know what happens in the diary room or in conversations where mics are turned off or cameras aren’t focussed on certain people. Even the MVP hasn’t really done much. It only waters down the nominations, but at the end of the day we (the fans) have no control over who goes home – that’s up to the contestants…

      • Totally agree. I hate when they go to “We’ll be right back”. Can last a few seconds to minutes.

      • Yeppers. We do get a lot of information, but there’s still a lot more that is left out. That’s why I tend to smile when people say ”How can they not see what’s going on?!!” The answer is because they are seeing & hearing different information than we are!

    • I agree with you, Shed. I have been a huge Big Brother fan since the first season, but I think the MVP is the worst idea yet. And it’s funny… For the first couple weeks, America chose the MVP who then chose the nomination, but America kept choosing the same person (Elissa), so ever since then, America has been the MVP. It’s like Production realized what a bad idea it was (because America kept choosing the same person), so they tried to shake it up a bit by making America the MVP, which is only making things worse. IF the MVP continues, I’d personally like to see Production tell the HG’s up front that America is the MVP — this might encourage the HG’s to be nicer, knowing they could get the power to nominate someone if America found them likable. As it is now, the HG’s are paranoid about which HG they suspect is the MVP, and this is just more justification for them to turn on each other and be bigger bullies. I wonder what will happen to the MVP when we get down to only 4 people left in the house — if 3 are on the block and another is HoH, no one will be eligible to vote. I liked when there were only 2 on the block, less confusion and easier to back-door someone. I haven’t quite gotten to the point, yet, where I’m ready to stop watching the show, but the MVP twist just makes this season less interesting to me than past seasons, and I hope Production drops the MVP twist after this season.

      • It lacks teeth that is why. They should have allowed the viewing public to vote out one of the three nominees in a double eviction week! Even just once and now, these house guests will be scrambling like rats not knowing what hit them! You have to instill some real fear for the house guests to act!

  21. If Amanda know it was america that put her up, she will put america up for eviction?

  22. Is it true that every HG who makes it to the jury is awarded $13K? I thought I heard Aaryn say that

    • She’s not Jesse. She’s just not tight with any alliances within the big group… As much as I love Candice, I’ve gotta say ruined her game by getting too wrapped up in Howard.

      • She’s not but she is black and Howard did hurt her but he’s no threat either but he is black smdh

      • Candice ruined it for herself and Spencer. if she allowed Spencer to continue lobbying, he might just have succeeded but, she ended up exposing Spencer’s plans which was designed to benefit her and Howard—-big, dumbass move on her part! Amanda probably was laughing her head off after that one!

    • Candice is not the threat. Aaryn and GM do not like her. The other HGS must enjoy Amandas abuse.

  23. Andy will jump ship if he knows it is sinking. He only tells Amanda half truth. So his loyalty is not fully tested. He knows he will be discarded by McCranda in the F3. Helen could take him too, but he knows also that Helen could take Elissa instead of him.

    • Cyril, I hope so, I am so discouraged by these HGS. Andy says he doesn’t really talk game. Right? You just play tattle tail game. Ugh! Andy, I am friends with everyone. blah blah blah

      • Oh I think people just view him as a annoying fly on the wall for now… I really don’t think he’ll survive beyond the final 5.

    • Andy won’t make it to Final 5 as all the slots are taken. We have McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Judd and Aaryn! Anyone else is expendable and will be on the chopping block as everyone is playing safe! Then, they will go against each other but, Amanda and McCrae have the edge as Aaryn is closer to them! Helen and Judd will be at a huge disadvantage!

      • All talk and no action. They were talking about taking out Judd and Amanda too and that was last week still. Still, no sign of life. I would not get my hopes up especially if they manage to evict Jessie next because the alliance can just float to Final 5 easily! They will use the remaining floaters to take each other out if they win HOH and naturally, they will go along with it!

      • It really depends. Right now the power players (Helen, Amanda) will want potential ”flippers” cause they’ll need them to turn against the other side of their alliance.

      • There are definate cracks in the Helen/Amanda alliance. They will go after each other as soon as possible, not Final 5.

  24. Ugh! Okay. last week Helen said this is not the week to evict Amanda, so Howard goes. She did say but next will be the week to evict Amanda too Elissa. Again, I am teased at the thought this could happen. Dumb dumb move. You do not tell Andy anything. Argh. The only glimmer of hope is it is a double eviction this week. Fingers crossed that whoever wins HOH then quickly noms put up Amanda and McCrea. The talk has been McCrae out first to see Amanda reaction and impeding break down and wrath? Where is the games play? At this point I am skeptical, I figure that will happen McCrae, Amanda Andy, Judd, or Aaryn will HOH. So, the tag line of expect the unexpected, I am so over it.

    • Yeah, we’re probably not going to see any ”moves” until we’re left with about 7 people left in the house… then they’ll start to eat their own.

      • I know, it’s a painful wait while we lose the remaining hopes of anyone with a slight amount of decency…until we’re left with the pack of rats.

      • It won’t be until they are down to Final 5 which is McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Judd and Aaryn!
        Then, they have to take each other out while, Aaryn waits it out! Aaryn is still going to be safe! After Candice, Jessie then, who is left?
        Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy. Those 4 will get picked off one by one unless they win HOH and start putting other people up! So it will be 4 boring weeks of snoozefest if they manage to evict Jessie right after Candice. I hope Jessie wins HOH and puts up both McCrae and Amanda and we can nominate Aaryn for MVP then, if none gets off—-one of them is guaranteed to go home! If one gets off, put Helen or Judd as the renom! No way to escape for them then!

      • I hope we can tell jessie that, i’m still in doubt jessie will put mcCrae and Amanda up

      • Hopefully, she makes the right decision as she is a huge target now. It is in her interest to take the big threats out if she can! Then, it can end up a free for all with the other house guests scrambling and forming new alliances! And if Jessie can be a beast in competitions, she can impact this game greatly and turn the house upside down!

      • It would work for her to win hoh because even if she went next week she would make jury, which is what she wants.

      • And Jessie has my vote for America’s Favorite Player because she deserves that $20,000 even if she gets evicted. Better if she makes Final 2! I will be rooting for her all the way!

      • You’re thinking about this too much in advance Richie. There’s enough schemers and control freaks in the house to make sure that when we’re down to 5 votes (8 people in the house), that people will definitely flip. How will they flip? It all depends on who’s still in the house, who’s got the most control, and who’s got tighter alliances…. right now EVERYONE is in an alliance somehow. That’s why we’re seeing ‘fringe’ players like Candice, Jessie, Spencer (and maybe GM) on the outs…

  25. I’ve watched all the BB’s. And I agree with some of you…these people are just plain mean/nasty. I’m wondering why no one has commented on GM’s DISGUSTING remark about “Candice being such a piece of crap, even her own mother didn’t want her’. (She didn’t say it to Candice) What in the world, or game play, is gained by saying that? These houseguests seem to me like a bunch of bullies/cowards/racists and are saying and doing things that have nothing to do with game play. JMO

    • Richie, tons of people commented about it…including myself. I think there have been so many comments beyond imagine that most people are just starting to feel they’re normal.

      • @Matt. Yep…seems like we have a ‘new normal’. Next year has to be better…I mean the bar is so low…how could they do worse? Can you imagine being the parents of these people? Besides Candice..would you want any of them as a ‘friend’?

      • You’re so right about that! Now mind you, I know a LOT of people like Helen who are cold & calculated (which is kinda normal for many people in society). But I’m with you that Candice seems to be the only person in the house that has been more of a ”victim” than a perpetrator.

      • Candice is not the nicest person in the world either from what I saw, but she doesnt’ warrant the comments from GM. GM is horrid!

    • OMG, I did not hear that. That was horrible and so beyond mean. Always hated GM from the first N word comment but now being adopted I seriously hate her more. She is one disgusting mean hate filled RACIST!

  26. this is the worst cast yet. they sit around moaning and being paranoid. The other casts had fun and made games up to do and were fun to watch. I wouldn’t pay for live feeds, they all look dead laying down in bed anyway. Do Amanda and McCrae ever come out of bed except to eat and be in competitions?

  27. Anyone know how the Double Eviction will work this week? Still 3 nominees but no MVP?

    • If we don’t vote Wed night then they will either take next person after Amanda or not have one. The show is very fast paced. They will vote quickly then have quick hoh, then have like commercial break to decide who to put up. another commercial then pov, then back in and vote. show should end with another hoh underway.

      • Hope it is Helen and someone wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae which assures someone of the Power goes home and shakes things up some.

      • It should be Aaryn if we go by the polls. What I would like to see is who wins the next HOH because that could be the key to who is going home! I hope it is Jessie because they are all going to target her and she atleast, is playing the game as best as she can and she does anyone supporting her in the house!

      • That would really suck for the 2nd hoh. No benefits, room for a week, no letter, etc?

  28. Why can’t Helen figure out that Andy is a snake, running back and forth around the house, telling everything he knows. If she is so smart, what is she missing?

    • She might not be missing anything… Try to find a person in the house that SHOULD be trusted right now (unless you’re McCranda…and even then McCrae is starting to see that Amanda might not make it to the end with him).

  29. I wish America could vote off the second person Thursday. hat will never happen though. I think my prayer will be that Spencer or Jessie when HOH.

  30. Usually production can put a bug in the group to get someone evicted but that won’t happen because they are planning on Amanda winning.We shouldn’t waste our votes on her.By the way how stupid are the people that they can’t figure out what’s happening in the game.MVP by us and double eviction.That’s what happens when they hand pick out of malls or wherever,instead of real viewers and fans.

  31. The upside is Amanda can’t win the game. Everyone knows she’s a big mouth bitc! who has to eventually go.

    • But McCrae can – and she would be good for $50K if he does and she is still around.

      • Unless McCrae gets clown-shoed, he’s in that F2. He’s too good at competitions and has a great social game. His social capita will only climb higher if Amanda gets evicted.

        Dick went around slamming pots and pans to piss people off and he won . Amanda pulling off a win isn’t unfathomable with a stacked Jury and GM, Andy or Aaryn (ugh) by her side.

      • The pizza delivery boy cannot make it to the end chained to Amanda. He has to drop her this week in order to stay in the game!

  32. Come on people! Everyone knows CBS won’t let anyone evict Amanda. They have already chosen her to be the winner. Game over.

    • Considering she’s a personal friend of Grodner, no surprise there.

      The ex-production staffer already said she’s the winner & fixes will be put in for her to stay & win it all.

      Sad day for fans of BB.

  33. This is the most frustrating season of BB. They are all playing the “wait and see” game. These houseguests are clearly looking for 15 minutes of fame and if they lazily win a few dollars, it’s icing on the cake. CBS should shake things up and soon.

    • Yes, they all seem overly concerned by getting blood on their hands or a target on their back. Gameplay takes a back seat to “just making it to jury”. And why do the hoh noms have to decided by a house consensus? These hgs are weak.

      • Yes, agreed it just seems like jury is all they care about. They still get paid while being in a plush BB jury house. Argh!

  34. Look up Amanda Social Warrior on youtube… It will show you why America is after Amanda, rather than Aaryn. Amanda makes Aaryn look like a saint! She is absolutely disgusting!!!

  35. The fact that they have a perfect opportunity to break up a duo, McCrae and Amanda, and get one of the most horrible people out of the house yet they are taking out Candice… It’s so frustrating!

  36. Someone needs to make a Ginamarie video to show how bad her comments have been. As well as one for Spencer! Aaryn and Amanda are getting the brunt of it all (they should) but GM and Spencer have said things just as bad and sometimes worse.

    • I agree with you. Just to keep it fair, each and every one of them should be exposed.

    • I so agree with you. Spencer and GM are just as bad, if not worse. They are both pigs. This comment is not excusing Aryan or Amanda in the least. They all deserve to be scrutinized to the Nth degree.

  37. What do you think will happen when Aryn is in the final two?BB will be deluged with complaints and will not be able to have a live show.Thoughts Matt?

    • you’re joking right, I think we’re all rooting for Aaryn now… why not, everyone in the house this season suck anyway. Go Aaryn Go… she’s easily the best of the worst players ever.

      • Ah don’t worry, her daddy will buy her another all-wheels ATV, or maybe another horse. She’ll be ok.

  38. I’m really hoping for a couple of quadruple evictions in a row, just to clean up this house…. come on CBS, we need a whole season do-over.

  39. If none of you already know it, Amanda is a Friend of Allison Grodner’s.

    It was initially rumored that Elissa was to be the sure winner, but since then it has been revealed that Amanda is a Grodner pal.

    Funny that perhaps CBS & Allison don’t see eye to eye on her being the “winner”

    If they did, then they would not accept Americas vote for her to be 3rd on the block.

    If you do a google search you can find the info from a former production staffer who left after the 2013 contestant selection.

    According to the staffer twists will be put in play that allow Amanda to either come back if evicted or remain in the house.

      • Yeap. But as they say, there is no smoke without a fire. I’m keeping my ears open on this one. Wait and see.

      • I for one, won’t be shocked at all. We all know the RR fix was in and sure enough, she won.

      • Most rumors that sound pretty far fetched turn out to be reality, unlike the reality of ths show.

    • Yeah I gotta say Scotty, I doubt they’d be so obvious. BUT if in fact there is a legit fix, I guess we’ll see it. The Rachel fix was subtle and not really as obvious as one wants to believe…she did have to work for it, she didn’t just stay in bed all day like Amanda does – and even though I REALLY don’t like Rachel (whiny self-absorbed ‘escort’), she was pretty intelligent, strong and had a good intuition on what people were thinking & feeling.

  40. Why evict Amanda??? I love her! She is no different than Helen on trying to rule the house!!

    • YouTube video: Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warrior. Nope, Helen my have some control of the house, but not that much Amanda is still there.

    • It has zero to do with her trying to rule the house. I could actually respect that strategy if she were playing against anyone with an iota of common sense. People want Demanda gone because she is trash!

    • Sounds like you haven’t seen the Youtube video yet? (Amanda Zumerman: Social Justice Warrior)… Check it out then if you really feel she’s the same as Helen after that you’ll have an interesting argument on your hands.

  41. Why can’t we just go back to a normal 2 person nomination? I feel like the third nominees are so pointless and it’s always been a vote between 2 nominees anyways. The third nominee is just a waste of space.

  42. It’s just like high school and being a superlative. No one wants to vote out the homecoming queen ‘Amanda’, even though she is also the class bully. They’re afraid she will come back into the game and & get revenge.

    • According to a ex-production staffer, if fact the fix is in for Amanda to win. Just like RR was hand picked to win so is Amanda.

      • The RR fix was SO incredibly ridiculously obvious. Totally ruined that entire season.

      • I agree. Season is ruined. I would bet the fix is in and either Amanda or McCrae get the HOH next. Cause you know we are all hopeful with the double eviction. Or if someone else wins, no one would think to break Amanda and McCrae up. Something stinks! Any other season that would have put a giant target on them, the marriage and engagement, screwing, and taking over the HOH room. Enough I say.

      • I think Elissa is the only person who would be willing to make a game changing move. I hope she is the next HOH.

      • Maybe Jessie? I kept thinking Helen. I am just not amused by these HGS choices.

      • Jessie would probably make a power move if she wins HOH. She has nothing to lose as Amanda and the others are all targeting her! If I were her, I will go all out to win HOH and POV each week and take out all the strong players and turn it into a free for all then, even Jessie would have a chance at that $500,000 or atleast, $50,000 for 2nd!
        She needs to be like Danielle Donato, ruthless, take no prisoners, evict all the threats one by one even is she has to go down herself! She has been nice for the most part—time to turn to the dark side and give them hell! Go Jessie!

      • I don’t know guys……if Jessie win…we’ll have to watch Judd(YUK) in the HOH room all week, smooching her up and running back and forth with information. Add to that, she will never put up Helen. This girl is just so CLUELESS. I have to say, I honestly don’t know a one of them that would make a move.

      • There is nobody left in the house to make the smart game play. Jessie I think is playing Judd as Judd is trying to play her! She may be more loyal to Helen as Amanda has gone all out to target her! Still, if she can be a beast in competitions with a take no prisoners attitude to boot—-they will have to fear you! Look at Amanda, she is able to instill fear thru her threats when she has not won any HOH or POV! Jessie has won atleast, a POV, she might be better at competitions than previously thought and can change this game a whole lot!

      • It is so obvious, and in our face. Funny how America was given the chance to have power and the HGS do nothing. The HGS just kowtow to Amanda. Amanda knows she has the game on lock you hear her in the DR that rants and attacks. Then she just goes back in sloth mode.

      • I don’t doubt that the fix was in and Amandaho probably was aware of the fix. However, I think that has since changed. I really don’t think CBS, the producers, or anyone else in the right mind would support Amandaho now.

  43. I am to expect the the unexspected? really? That would be true if the HGS played the game, flipped the house and Amanda was voted out. I have come to understand that is just false advertising! Instead Candice is to be evicted. What a waste time. No game play and vile ppl to win BB, is what is happening.

  44. The houseguests this season are just so stupid. I had hope that they would be doing so many backstabbing after Nick’s betrayal, but nope. They are too afraid to do anything. I won’t be surprised if Amanda makes the final two without winning any competitions because these houseguests are too scared to do anything.

    • The sociopath homicidal sloth Amanda, win. No surprise, the fix is in all of America’s face. I try not to buy into the conspiracy when it came to BB, but this year to many things, I can not help it.

    • I disagree. America NEEDS to be in this one. This season is full of horrible players.. and not just game wise. I mean, very horrible people, period. We would LOVE to evict with our own votes some of the vile, disgusting trash in this house. I would happily vote to evict Demanda, Aryan, GM and Spencer!

  45. We need True or False trivia. They should ask the HG. True or false? America believes this is the worst cast ever inside the BB house? HG have lost jobs while inside the BB house? Has a HG family hired a PR for them? America would like to see a redo with another group of HG? America has been the MVP and voting on who they want on the block? They should only be told what the correct answer is. Don’t tell them who has lost jobs and now has a PR, It would liven up the feeds watching them try to figure it out.

      • Yep. ignorant fools, with no brains. I do believe Candice will fare well outside of the house. I hope there will be justice served by America to those who deserve backlash for their antics.

      • Me I would take money out of Aaryn and GM envelop and put it in Candice and Howard envelop. Then I would say to these 2 ((insert derogatory adjective here)), go ahead, sue us.

      • Mawhawhawhaw. In a perfect world. What about Amanda?Since I believe the sociopath homicidal sloth will win. I would gather all the HGS she tormented and have a class action suit, and divvy up the winnings! Justice served.

      • I would put a big chunck of Amanda’s money in Jessie’s envelope. Wait until Jessie hear how Amanda was talking about her.

      • What about Candice envelope, Amanda wanted to eat her. Maybe the HGS are scared that Amanda will show up at their door after the season and off them.

      • Go for it.
        I wonder a lot what will happen at the end of the season. I am sure their contract prevent them from sueing CBS, but what about sueing each other. Because what happens in the house is way over what you should be exposed in that house. And what Howard and Candice were exposed to, can certainly be argued to be a civil right violation, which is then a federal crime.

      • I more than agree I would not be surprised if someone like Gloria Allred took their case.

      • Yeah I’d include AManda on that. Maybe even with producers saying: ”Your cut of the money is being kept by our legal dept to pay for the lawyers currently in court against the Puerto Rican civil rights activists!”

      • I think a combination of justice, vengence & education would make me feel good about the end result. ;)

      • …and a ding to their pocket book. From what ever they win they have to give to charity to groups they affected and go to counseling.

      • Yeah, Candice has my votes for America’s Favorite as of right now simply because of everything they’ve put her through.

      • I want to too but her gameplay…:/ I like Candice as a person but as a BB player she was clueless.

    • What a great idea!!! Especially not telling them who got fired, has pr, etc. Again…GREAT IDEA.

    • lol. Now that made me laugh! (Wow people are really coming up with some good zingers this season… time for all of us to submit our fave entries for the Zingbot!)

  46. I don’t really expect to see a lot of smart moves with these players, when their goal is just to make it to the Jury. If you’re in the Jury, it only means one thing, “YOU”RE A LOSER !”

    • Agreed to the loser. Sadly they will be staying in nice digs and still on the BB dole, in the jury house.

      • Oh yes, plus the money they’re getting while in the Jury house. I guess what I’m saying is if the players are aiming high, we get to see more strategy being played. I just hope they don’t become bitter Jury.

      • I want to see a bitter jury. Why, to actually see game play, and all of them to figure out what dumbasses they are, and gave their game away to win.

      • I honestly believe their “pay” should be docked for every inappropriate and offensive thing that comes out of their mouths. If BB won’t kick them out, then this would be just as effective. Hit them in their pocket books! I realize that this will not happen…it’s just wishful thinking.

    • There are only 3 major prizes to be won and that is $500,000, $50,000 and the $20,000 for America’s Favorite Player. Of course, each house guest gets their weekly allowance which is probably going up each week they remain in the house like other reality shows.
      That is why they grab monies when it is before them! I agree that if I was in the house playing Big Brother—-I will be trying the hardest to take out the strongest house guests first chance I get and use a good social game too to boot! For most of the house guests, they see this like a vacation for them where they get paid for very little work! In real life, you will be surprised at the number of people who will do as little as possible if they know you are paying them just the same! Why sweat it when you are getting paid just the same and most of them have no clue on how to go about playing this game too—-that is why they suck at it!

  47. These hgs are so stupid and I mean really stupid. They seem not to care about how they will be judged or viewed once they leave the BB house. I would never embarrass myself the way that many of them have. They seem not to care about having to face the real world soon……….and the real world can be a b*tch.

  48. I was reading on Big Big brother and they said Spencer “Jokes” about child porn. How do you “joke” about that? He is a very disturbed man. I’m not even gonna get into what he said. He makes my skin crawl. Anyone see or hear his comments? Says Andy was uncomfortable and for once Amanda was speechless. It says that it was on Live feeds 7:06 BBT yesterday. I don’t have live feeds but hope that is untrue

    • Yes on BB after dark Spenser was trying to back peddle about his disturbing comment. He said America will not appreciate what he said, so people will be mad at him. Spencer is well aware of what he said Crazy to think he compares his Christianity to Howard and Candice. He says that he would dump his religion because of them? I can tell you I am sick. Obliviously, the rehab he was is didn’t change his thinking. Could you imagine him drinking ahhhh!

      • I wonder if his Family,Friends and co-workers are appalled and caught off guard by the comments he has made or if that’s the Spencer they know.

      • Woah now Emma. We all want some form of vengence & justice – but what this guy needs is some serious counseling and education. If all he receives is punishment and vengence, then he’ll also be filled with the need for vengence…then where does it stop? Hopefully he loses his job UNLESS he receives some long-term counseling and behavioural therapy.

      • Well, his job is on the line. The railroad put him on unpaid leave pending a hearing (only reason he hasn’t already fired is because he is union). They know that every single word from their mouths is being recorded. How stupid can they get?

      • I definitely missed that! You obviously are NOT kidding. I would ask you what was said, but if it involves anything about child pornography, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. I always said that Spencer was a pig, but this is just too much! Was he joking? Not that it would excuse it, but DAMN! And btw, he has a girlfriend…not a wife. I’ll bet she’s running for the hills at this point (if she has any smarts at all). He is quite the sicko perv…and that was BEFORE the child porn comment! Where did BB get these hgs? From a dumpster behind a “run-down, charge by the hour” motel? Yikes and double yikes!

      • Just when some of the house guests are getting all kinds of negative attention for their HORRIBLE character – along comes another one and does something to match of exceed how bad it can be! I am really really disappointed by casting this season!

  49. At least Candace will be getting some vindication this weekend if she leaves, when she finds out America hates Aaryn AND that Aaryn lost her job.

    • I’m hoping Candice isn’t the type to seek that type of vengence…she strikes me as a person who would rather see Aaryn educated and transformed instead of punished and become even more hard-hearted than before (which really doesn’t help anyone).

  50. These lemmings are too scared to step up. Little do they know that this is double eviction week. It will be wild. I vote to evict Andy.

  51. No Amanda is too important to the group, and does all the strategizing for them!!!

    • She is violent and threatening. Screws McCrae and sloths in the HOH room. Strategy no.

      • I found you! I just commented that I saw some posts here labeling Amanda and McCrae as the “house sloths”, and now I know where I saw it. Great branding! LOL!

      • Yes, that was me :) I also said Judd was a HOH amoeba letting the sloths Amanda and McCrea soil his sheets. I would have locked them out. Hey, if I am HOH and can not use my room, I have the key and I would lock it. After Judd’s 24 hour punishment think about crawling in nasty sheets? Ewww

      • The thought is just too hideous!! Eww, yuck, and totally gross!! So, we have lemmings, cockroaches, amoeba, and sloths…what a song that would make! LOL

      • Oh, I have also branded Amamda as preying mantis that will eat McCrae’s head off after she is done with him. I have called her McCrea’s dark fae succubus, since she is sucking the life-forces out of him. I think McCrae has been castrated be her, if she is evicted perhaps he can find his lost jewels and play the game. I have said that McCrae needs to get the blood rushing into his head on his shoulders, ranther than the latter.

      • I just saw another term by Yellekk-“Lemmings”. SO, we have Lemmings, and cock-a-roaches, and sloths…oh my! This is way more entertaining than what’s going on in that house!

  52. This cast of trashy girlz woulda be a great cast for bad girls club but def. Not for bb15

  53. What do you think about when Helen says in her good by speech to everyone “I’m the one that got everyone to evict you” its in every speech …

  54. Helen is a cockroach, scurrying here, there and everywhere – stabbing everyone in the back.

      • Andy is a bigger cockroach because he has no loyalties! He will sell others out when it suits him then, go do it again! Think Brutus, you know the guy who stabbed Caesar!

      • Nice analogy. Andy play this social butterfly floater game. Who buzz buzz buzz in everyone ear, more like an annoying nat. Someone get a fly swatter and smash his game, please.

    • Amanda is like a sexist man, she hates women, Jessie Candice, Helen and Elissa. She hates to get dressed up like GM and Aaryn want for her faux bachelorette party. Just because she is screwing McCrae talking marriage. That is all game play.

      • I don’t like Amanda, but she’s playing a good game. BUT, I’ve seen a few comments here about her and McCrae “slothing” around the house, and it’s so true…they are the house sloths. But aside from laying around the house, most of the energy they actually DO expend is on game play. Anyone agree? And be honest…

      • Yep. Don’t like her people skills, her lack of kindness, her elitism, her gold digging, her racism, and her hypocrisy… but she is playing a strong game IF you consider ‘strong’ the right word for being in control.

    • I agree in some ways. I see some comments about how Amanda is a slut because she walks around in her underwear and is messing around with one person. I don’t see how underwear is vastly different than wearing a bikini all day. The guys walk around in their boxers. No speedos yet unfortunately.

      Amanda is fooling around with McCrae and yes, it might be in poor taste sometimes but I don’t see how it makes her a slut. Judd is going back and forth between Jessie and Aaryn and he’s called The Stud.

  55. I’m not sure who I will vote for when it comes to Americas favorite player. I just don’t have a favorite out of this group. CBS should use the money to do Public service announcements speaking out against racism and bullying. Then again when they allow it to happen it would be kinda contradictory to their actions or lack there of

  56. GM is bawling her eyes out, and they’re trying to console her right now. She hates herself for being so stupid and she can’t even….they should just increase her dosage.

    • Is that the only reason she is crying? Because she can’t spell Chicago? She should be crying because she can’t even speak English! Most of the hgs are morons this season.

    • That is why they need to take an IQ test. I think average is 150 so, anyone scoring less than that should not be a house guest on Big Brother! And we expect these guys to strategize and manipulate others?
      They probably do not know what that means.

      • Okay. I stand corrected. An IQ score of 100 is reasonable for all aspring house guests. Most of the winners of Big Brother and Survivor I am sure have an IQ of 100 atleast! It is not asking too much I think to require applicants for Big Brother to take such a test! We need more people with average intelligence in the house then, we will have better game play!

      • Agreed. The only flaw I see is intelligence doesn’t mean they will attain tolerance or not be prejudice. BB need to put in the contract that certain things said will not be tolerated and you will be dinged. There would be no need to warn the public before watching.

      • Exactly! Someone can be extremely intelligent, but still be a psychopath or a sociopath…

      • That is true but, not all intelligent people are like that. More than likely, it is the insecure dummies that will do something stupid because they have nothing going for them! The smart ones know that they are playing for $500,000 and play smart to win it! The last winner of Big Brother, Ian was a geek and so, with the last winner of Survivor, Cochran is also a geek. You have to have some intelligence to manipulate, keep people on your side while, you lie to their faces.
        Dummies like we have now have no clue how to even play the game!

      • That is why you need to vet people. You hire a private investigator and pretty much you have so much info on everyone on the internet to ferret out a lot of the racists and bullies out there!
        Not 100% but, atleast, you can bar people who are racists or bullies for that reason alone! And it should be stipulated on their contracts too that you can terminate their services for their racist behavior or being a bully but, CBS will not do it because it is drama for them!

  57. These HG cannot seem to make up there minds about anything! America should be able to do all the voting in this game,never mind the houseguest.

  58. Sitting here thinking how great of a show would it be if McCrea voted Amanda out That would be a big rating show

  59. This takes the cake! What is wrong with these people. Haven’t they watched BB in the past? Also, when will the HG wise up to the fact that Andy is a rat and cannot be trusted.

  60. I have loved Amanda and McCrae’s gameplay since almost day one. Tired of hearing all the Amanda haterzzz out there. Not ALL of the votes went to Amanda for the MVP nom, even if the majority did. That girl is playing hard and managing to still rule the house while being on the block 2 weeks in a row. She has her priorities straight, I believe. She wants to take Aaryn to the final 3 and possibly the final 2 to get the big win for herself. That’s what this game is all about, is it not?? Amanda is fun and funny, entertaining and smart. And don’t EVEN get me going on my pizza boy! I think we’ve seen the last of the MVP, by the way. No possible way they can give that vote to America in the double eviction. Just not enough time for it. GO McCranda!!

    • Did you not see the Youtube video (Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior)? having said that, i can’t deny how much control they’ve managed to attain which is good for them…

      • No, I guess I missed that video, but this is about BB15, not some youtube thing that has no bearing on this game.

    • I don’t honestly think that people are downing Amanda’s game. I think it’s because they really, really don’t like her. Her game is top notch, and I don’t need to like her to want her to stay in the game. She is a strong player, and she should stay, imo. But, since she’s been on the block, she’s been unraveling. She’s become way too agressive on a personal level which people have been responding to in a negative way.

      Wow, that was a “wordy” response…sorry ’bout that!

  61. I don’t get it. They are removing the benign players and leaving the PLAYERS in the house. Remove Aarian, Amanda, & Andy. Triple A …
    the bigot, the mouth, and the snitch.

  62. I have a good mind to start campaigning to get Andy on the block as MVP just for being stupid!

    • He has been the preverbal throne in the side to getting Amanda out these past two weeks.

  63. It would be a bad game move for the men to evict Amanda. As much as i hate Amanda, she will protect the men in the house. If Amanda is evicted. Then Judd and Spencer and Mccrae would become targets of Helen and Ellisa. Helen wants this to become an all-female game, that is why she is kissing Aaryn’s and G.M’s asses.

  64. WHY do these boneheads think that Candice is such a threat that she needs to be the one to go?!

  65. I couldn’t help myself, but I laughed so hard when I read about the GM grammar debacle! Other hgs went to comfort her because she was crying over writing the hoh blog (or the inability to do it). And I apologize ahead ahead of time-but I laughed when they told her she was ‘special’.

  66. Amanda needs to pump her brakes not her hips she needs to think more game play not play house w mcrea n needs to stop trying to b a boss bitch

  67. Helen bugs me she plays off like a nice lil sweetheart she’s dangerous she’s sneaky watchout for her she flipflops plays a good game she might go to the end

  68. Andy need to go.He just need to shut his dame mouth.I hope Amanda go home.If she don’t in if I get another chance to vote I going to vote Andy out.May be if we get Andy out. then we want have know body run in tell Amanda them nothing. in we will finally have a game I just hope it don’t be to late

  69. Amanda needs to go next so the other houseguests can actually start playing the game and her evil spell can finally be broken. I cannot understand why Helen doesn’t get that Amanda is her biggest competition.

  70. It IS McManda, since the
    day they became a couple < not that other silly name! And no it is not the time for Amanda to go yet.

  71. Amanda has got to go people! HG keep saying they want out couples and strong players but it looks like they got a brainfreeze when it comes to Amanda. These are the worst players of all time. #1 Rule – You don’t take strong players to the finals if you want to win this game !

  72. Get Amanda out! She is stupid & McCrae keeps telling her! Plus she got racial just like she told Aaryn not to be! Dumb bitch has backed herself into a corner & it is going to affect her the same way it has Aaryn & GM. Bye Amanda time to kick bricks!p

  73. What I am not getting from all this talk about who should go is who you want to win. A floater? Andy , Judd or Jessie? Helen should take it home. So far she deserves it. I am pretty sure Aaryn and GM will keep doing her bidding in hopes of ending up in the final. Helen is smart enough to know that and hopefully smart enough to know Candice would be more loyal to her than Spencer so I hope he and Amanda will go this week.

  74. The only thing this double eviction ensures is that Candace and Spencer will be leaving the house. And that will likely be the last episode I watch. I just cannot watch a show that glorifies racist nonsense. I’ve wanted to be sick everytime I watch – not entertainment CBS. If it were Candace who’d flipped Aryan’s bed and tried to provoke a fight, she’d have been tossed out of the house faster than anyone could say “boo”. Amanda bullies everyone and constantly makes racist remarks as does Aryan, yet when Candace stands up for herself, she’s labelled “threatening”. I don’t need anything this sickening in my life, thanks but no thanks. Helen is an idiot who’d evict her own mother if it meant another week in the house. For all of her “disgust” at Aryan and Amanda’s behaviour she sure did buddy up with them awfully quick. She’s supposed to be Candace’s friend for Pete’s sake!

  75. Duh, because they are allied with her, I tried to tell America but you won’t listen to me!!! Lol. Should have voted for Aaron or Jessie!!!!

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