Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Monday Night Highlights


It was quite the exciting night in the Big Brother 15 house. That is if you like hair dye and paranoia.

Seriously, it was not an exciting night in the Big Brother house. But there’s still some campaigning from Candice going on and you can see the desire to make a bold move in several houseguests’ eyes.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, Aug. 5/Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013

4:35 PM BBT – GinaMarie calls the others into the living room for her de-coning ceremony. She gets to take the dog cone off.

5:20 PM BBT – Amanda just had another spray tan (she looks ridiculous now) and Elissa and GinaMarie were ripping on her, trying to get some of the tan.

6:20 PM BBT – Amanda has her final spray tan session.

8:00 PM BBT – Amanda and Helen are AGAIN talking about Judd being MVP. They are AGAIN convinced he is the MVP despite thinking otherwise the day before. And I’m about to throw my computer and TV out the window.

8:10 PM BBT – Amanda is still talking about Judd being MVP and I seriously want to kill myself. I try not to add commentary to my Live Feeds highlights, but this unfairly putting a target on Judd’s back is driving me insane.

8:18 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Jessie she knows she’s being portrayed as a “bitch.”

8:36 PM BBT – Aaryn and Jessie are still talking about the game. They think Andy and Judd are sitting pretty. But Judd really isn’t with Amanda and Helen being wrongly paranoid about him.

8:40 PM BBT – GinaMarie is really happy with her hair after dying it. She’s showing it off to everyone.

8:50 PM BBT – Elissa has also dyed her hair. It’s a darker color than before.

9:02 PM BBT – Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking about how good GM’s hair turned out. GM jokes that she’s now a target because of her hair.

9:25 PM BBT – Houseguests are all having dinner together except for a napping Amanda and McCrae.

10:45 PM BBT – Candice tells Helen she thinks McCrae is MVP and that he might be trying to get rid of Amanda since she’s bringing down his game. She also thinks McCrae, Judd and Spencer are working together and want Amanda out.

11:05 PM BBT – McCrae and Spencer are suspecting a double eviction soon.

11:12 PM BBT – Helen still wants to figure out how to keep Candice.

11:28 PM BBT – Candice is campaigning to Helen, Andy, Jessie, Elissa and Judd. She tells Judd she’ll cook him bacon every day if he keeps her.

11:33 PM BBT – Amanda is upset because of the spray tan. She says she’s ugly.

12:00 AM BBT – Jessie with Elissa talking about having tried to save Candice. They’re frustrated and don’t think it’s going to work.

12:55 AM BBT – Helen telling Andy that she wants to backdoor Judd and she thinks McCrae is MVP.

1:25 AM BBT – Jessie and Candice talk about Candice’s pending demise in the game. Candice tells Jessie she has to put up big players if she wins HoH.

2:20 AM BBT – Helen wants to focus on evicting more guys before they go after Amanda.

2:35 AM BBT – Candice has a strategy for Jessie. Tells her to put up one HG from each power couple (McCrae and Amanda along with Helen and Elissa). Then if one wins Veto to replace with the other member of the couple.

2:45 AM BBT – Amanda and Andy discuss next noms being Jessie & Spencer with Judd as their backdoor option. Amanda wants to make sure Candice goes this week.

3:30 AM BBT – Judd and Spencer are rehearsing for potential HoH questions regarding past comps.

4:00 AM BBT – Judd and Jessie are cuddling up in bed with some more kissing.

Candice remains the target, but people are getting restless this week. And then people are starting to wonder if the double eviction is coming up. Things could still get very interesting this week.

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  1. This is still a snoozefest and we are all going to fall asleep if Jessie gets evicted next! Go Jessie! Fight hard and win HOH!
    Jessie is our only hope or this season is done until we are down to last 6. That is 4 weeks boring nominations of Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy! Aaryn is going to be safe as always because of Judd, Helen and Amanda!

    • I could see spencer putting up amanda and ellisa putting up aaryn making for semi-intereting week.

      • Not too sure about Spencer now because he has been cowed by Amanda. Didn’t you hear he will try and get on Amanda’s good side and repair the trust? Only Jessie is our hope. She needs to win HOH or she will be evicted by Amanda and her crew! And if Jessie goes, the rest would be even easier to pick off one by one for the next 4 weeks! If no one is going to make a move—-you pretty much know who is getting evicted week by week!

  2. Getting rid of Amanda is NOT the move. McCrae is the move. Get him out, Amanda will self destruct. He is a strong competitor…she’s done nothing but use her mouth. By eliminating McCrae….you get them both.

    • The problem with Mccrae is that he’s likeable and they all seem to want to play the game with him.
      But you are correct, getting Mccrae out is the move.

    • Getting mcrae out will only change Amanda game… nothing more.
      Mcrae is a toy for Amanda during the time she is on the house, nothing more. And she gets full control over 1 vote.
      In some point Candice is correct. At some point people will see that Mcrae is Amanda Toy and, if they cannot take out Amanda, they can take out the best vote of Amanda.
      (even that nobody thinks that Mcrae has the head for taking out anyone on the house…)

  3. ” I try not to add commentary to my Live Feeds highlights,” unlike the other dude who does highlights on here

    • Hey now, both Branden & Matthew do a good job of staying neutral. It must kill them both to not get more involved with commentary & responding to our comments…

      • Branden Yes, Matthew No

        I think every matthew article I read, hell post what happens, then include his own commentary in parenthesis, remaining very clearly not neutral

  4. Amanda looks like a roasted chicken. :D

    She is on the point… to be kicked out.
    Some people now are thinking the same thing that Spencer tried to do last week and was shoot down by the STUPID Candice. But i cannot see anyone flipping, unless Helen and Alissa get on board.
    Andy is the ultimate Floater… If Amanda goes he will lose his strategy and people will start to see him has a bloater that talks only what he gets to be good for him.

    Spencer can be right. He thinks that there will be a Double Eviction right away and that there will be a HOH and Veto that is based on Questions.
    Mcrae too thinks that a DE is getting near but he doesn´t bother with it. His only mission is to protect Amanda. (WTF? going to a BB house and the only thing he thinks is how to get Amanda out of the bench?)

    • Trying to work Andy is a lost cause. They need to get Judd’s vote. If someone reveals that Amanda wants to backdoor him, he might be encouraged to vote her out. It also depends on how the double eviction works, if they start filming stuff for Thursday’s show on Wednesday night, the houseguests might realize that it is double eviction week.

      • That should serve Judd right. He is not using his head and believing everything Andy tells him! So far, he has no clue that Amanda is trying to take him out.

      • I could see Amanda working overtime with the paranoia and Helen telling Jessie and/or Judd about Amanda’s idea to get him out. Amanda feels the need to tell everyone if she thinks she is onto something. We can only hope that it will get back to Judd.

      • Judd is not listening to others. He trusts Andy too much which is a very bad thing. He should remember the maxim: trust but, verify! If you cannot verify what has been said, then, you cannot trust it to be true!

  5. With Amanda’s need to control everything that happens, I would worry about her on jury. Even if McCrae doesn’t make final two, that puts him and Amanda as a two person voting block, and I can see her taking pride in convincing people to vote for who she wants to win. This could be disaster if either of the final two was the one responsible for her or McCrae’s eviction. They do need to get her out, and turning Judd against her is key this week.

    • Exactly. There is absolutely no way I would want Amanda on jury because that’s a vote gone if Mccrae is in the final 2 and even if he is not she could still try to bully others about who to vote for.

  6. It’s called an Elizabethan collar. “Dog cone” is a bigoted term disrespecting animals.

    • So it’s not ok to disrespect animals, but it’s ok to disrepect Elizabethan era. I see how it is.

      • This was a popular women’s accessory in the Elizabethan era. Hence the name. Read a history of fashion book once in awhile.

      • lol… not too many posts make me laugh Phillip but you definitely got a good chuckle from me here – good work! :)

    • Really?! I’m pretty sure vets call them “dog cones” because they are used to keep dogs from messing with injuries, etc. It’s not “bigoted” at all! If anything your comment is “bigoted”. Why are you making fun of the collars they used to wear in the Elizabethan era? Anyways, who cares what the technical term is for it or reading a “history of fashion book” for that matter?! You’re looking way too deep into it. Sounds like you may have too much time on your hands, Harry.

  7. Aaryn continues to be totally unlikeable while at the same time escaping nomination and eviction. Candice is such a bad game player. McCrae MVP? McCrae putting up Amanda to get rid of her? Interesting theory there Candice but no one is going to believe that.

    Helen was annoyed at Elissa for wanting to keep Candice and vote out Spencer? Then Helen is trying to figure out a way to keep Candice? Elissa is right. They will need Candice when they go after Amanda and McCrae. But at the same time, Candice is a lightning rod.

    Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa need to make a final 4 deal. Once these two alliances square off, the only winners will be Aaryn and GM. If those two make final 2 I think CBS will be very embarrassed.

    • Aaryn is already guaranteed a last 6 slot as Helen, Amanda and Judd continue to protect her from eviction! The rest of the house guests should be using their heads and thinking about what is on the horizon. So, you are evicting Candice, then, Jessie then, who goes next? Duh! It is one of you guys—-Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy. After you are all gone, those left will fight amongst themselves who gets to take Aaryn to Final 2! Now, if Andy was using his head—-he will be on board to evict Amanda as his chances are better if they evict Amanda! If not, he is going like the rest. Shocker!!!

  8. Amanda upset because she thinks the spray tan makes her look ugly. Uh, it’s not the spray tan, it’s her face and personality that make her ugly.

  9. all of them are idiots and not one of them has a clue how to play the game. not one of them deserves any money. worst cast in big brother history.

  10. This group killed themselves. If you’re on a criminal trial jury. Would you let someone bullying change your vote if the accused was innocent?
    Think, if someone always told you “NOT TO TELL” any one what they say, I would
    be pressed to think you are always lying.
    No body checks on the stories they are told. Why? They take eveverything at face value, playing BB. REALLY!!!

  11. if Amanda goes up again I think they will relize that its America not someone in house

  12. I don’t understand why everyone wants Amanda out at this stage of the
    game. Imagine if Voldemort died in book two or three- you really need to
    keep the villain around until the end or you have noone to root

    • It’s a house full of vilain, knock one out, and there’s plenty left to root against.

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