Big Brother 15: Week 6 – Counting The Votes

Aaryn counting the votes

The next round of Big Brother 15 voting arrives tomorrow night and while no one has any idea what will happen during part two of the double eviction fun we do have a good idea of who will be walking out to meet Julie first.

Several HGs flirted with the idea of flipping the house on the HoH’s wishes this week of a Candice eviction and instead going for a bigger target. That flip ultimately flopped and fizzled before it ever really took off. Now with just one day left the votes look set.

There are three voting options for HGs this week: Amanda, Candice, & Spencer. Amanda is the MVP nominee and Spencer is the renom after Jessie saved herself. 11 HGs remain with 3 nominees and 1 HoH, leaving 7 votes up for grabs. 4 votes nets an eviction this week on BB15.

The flip-attempt involved Helen, Elissa, and Jessie which left them one short. Jessie thought she could get Judd and Helen thought she could get Andy. Neither Andy or Judd are interested and Andy even revealed that plan to McCranda which lead to tears from Amanda and a promise from Helen that she’d be safe again this week.

Without a fourth vote the flip won’t even be attempted and will lead to all three of those HGs shifting back to supporting the majority and evicting Candice with a unanimous vote against her.

There is still time for things to change and we’ve definitely seen that happen on a Wednesday (remember Week 2?). If anyone is going to flip over to become the 4th vote then I’d expect it to be Aaryn. She spoke with GinaMarie yesterday (Flashback to 4:55PM BBT 8/6) about her distrust of Amanda and how they could work with Helen and Elissa. GinaMarie didn’t want to have anything to do with that plan and believes she can better deal with Amanda than Candice in the game. If Aaryn was hoping to get GM’s approval for a flip, then it’s not going to happen.

Interestingly, I think if McCrae had ended up getting HoH this week there would have been a better chance of evicting Amanda. His vote would have been out of the mix and Aaryn wouldn’t feel an obligation to follow GM’s lead if she wasn’t the HoH. But GM won and McCrae will be voting.

Come Thursday night I expect Candice to be the first of two evictions. The real mystery ahead is who will be the second. Who do you think is going home next?


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  1. these folks are just going to let Amanda and Helen roll over them all…. maybe they will figure it out when they are in the sequester house.

  2. What if the second vote goes to the MVP without telling them who the MVP is? It is a way for the show to create major turmoil within the house because Amanda gets evicted and they are left wondering who the MVP is for payback. Hmmm

  3. Hope the new HOH put Amanda & McCrae, and because MVP in double eviction is kind of impossible, one of them will out of the house if none of their alliance won POV.

      • or getting rid of McCrae, this people are afraid of strong people in competition and one who had most competition winning is McCrae and Amanda won nothing.

        I doubt that will happen because half of the rebel (kaitlin and howard) who might put both up is already gone. it’s up to Spencer and Jessie now.

  4. It sucks that Candice let her emotions towards Howard ruin her game. She is very perceptive. Even telling Jessie that if she wins HOH, she needs to put up one from each power couple (McCrae/Amanda and Helen/Elissa) and if one comes down, put up the other person. Whoever wins HOH, needs to realize they will not be a target the following week if they can pit Helen and Amanda against each other. Those two are just waiting to turn on each other.

  5. I think there is a good possibility to flip the house, but not on Amanda, but on Spencer.
    Ellisa and Jesse both like Candice over him
    Helen has her vote out the guys mentallity
    Now all they would have to do is go to Amanda and say I think Spencer is working with Judd and one of them is mvp then she would convince Mccrae+Andy to vote out Spencer.
    It would hurt Judd, which they want and leave a target in the house for Aaryn/GM also Candice is not a game threat at all.

    • I am thinking they do see her as a threat if she and Amanda or Aaryn are with her then the jury will see what scumbags they are and vote Candice the winner especially after they got burn when they got were sent packing but some one who promised they were going to the end with either of them

  6. Go Jessie! Win HOH next! If Jessie does not win HOH next, she is going home. They have already decided it! So much for a double eviction! This is a big joke! Another week wasted and 4 more weeks after that!

  7. these dummies probably send Jessie or spencer home second. don’t know what game they playing.

  8. Well it looks like Candice will be evicted Thursday night and after Big Brother just announced the biggestjuryever twist on Facebook, she will also be the first member of the jury as BB15 will have a 9 person jury. Too bad Amanda isn’t getting evicted.

  9. Random thoughts.. Aaryn had said at one point that she had enough money now to get her boob job. Wonder if she uses the money differently when she finds out what America thinks of her. She has lost 2 jobs and her family hired a PR. GM is a pageant coordinator and cannot coordinate a HOH blog without a break down. Andy is a professor, I missed what he is a professor of somehow. Candace will probably have great relief to get back to her kids as a pediatric speech therapist once all is said and done. Amanda probably is successful at selling real estate as she can BS with the best. Helen is probably also very successful as a political consultant due to her BS abilities. Spencer is.. no words for him. “joking” about child porn is unacceptable and if not criminal it should be. Maybe next year they should look into the option of putting a psychiatrist in the house. I think they should all be sequestered after the finale for 30 days for some in depth evaluations!!

    • Just a thought,anybody know what happened to past guest that got crucified on the blogs past seasons.I know some got it pretty bad last couple seasons.

      • I’m not sure where some of them ended up. I know that there are villains from past seasons but did any of them lose their jobs? Is this the first season we have seen HG actually fired from jobs? I can’;t remember.. This is also the first season I have been a BBAD viewer. I have not ever signed up from live feeds. I lose enough sleep watching BBAD, reading the spoilers and blogs. I just can’t throw in the live feeds, I would never get any sleep lol

    • Doesnt seem to matter if they flip now, this is the most hateful bunch of airheads I’v seen in a while, whoever makes it to final two, or three will all be hated by the jury. A petty ending to a petty bunch

    • I could be wrong, but I think that Andy is a Communications Professor, of all things! He is definitely not practicing what he preaches, or professes!

  10. Why wont they tell houseguests about us being MVP voters.I think it may make a difference,at least to one or two of them who know how to play the game.

  11. They should change the name of the show to The Amanda Show. This whole BB show has been all about her. Her nasty mouth, her fake wedding with all it’s frills. Very discusting and sooo boring.

  12. Some one really needs to do a psychology paper on this cast. Nothing that has happened, other than the first week’s David eviction has made a lick of sense…
    How does it make more sense to keep Amanda over anyone in that house, let alone Candice or Spencer or Jessie…

  13. I wonder if they will tell the house guests that go into the jury house that america was the one who put them up. .

  14. GM’s HOH blog is hilarious. She says she is playing nice, staying cool and working hard for us(her n Nick).. She will see him soon. He has probably changed is name and moved. lol He did state that they had a date planned during an interview. I wonder if he still stands by that.

  15. These people are a bunch of
    spineless wimps! Geez, make a big move, people !!! ( I was being kind by just referring to them as wimps.)

  16. GM’s blog, oh my! So you are not going to start any of your sentences with a capital letter, GM? It took her 45 minutes to write two or three short paragraphs and she mostly wrote about her love for Nick. ROFLMAO!

  17. I think that the biggest trouble maker in the house is Andy !!I dont like Amanda at all .,She is definitely a bitch but shes an in your face bitch where Andy acts like your best friend to your face and then runs behind your back and tells all he knows and adds more stuff to it!!! I hope people in the real world see him for who he really is !!! Seriously , Who will ever trust that back biting snitch again after he acts like that for the whole world to see ! He has caused more trouble on this big brother then anyone else on any other season Hes a snarky little bitch

  18. does no one in the house realize that u can b evicted with 3 votes this week? for example, there are 7 votes if 2 vote for Spencer, 2 vote for Candice, then 3 votes to Amanda evicts her.

    so really all it would take is to convince 2 HG’s Spencer is target, let them vote him, while Helen, Elissa and Jessie vote Amanda.

  19. I’ve watched Big Brother every season it’s been on and never has there been such a cast as these people. Simply out of courosity I read to see what other nasty and hateful things these people has done next. Also never in the history of television shows has soo much hate and racial slurs been tossed around and out there. For a TV network to continue to air such garbage is just so wrong on sooo many levels. Because of this me myself have made the decision to never ever watch any CBS television programs as long as I’ve got breath in my body.

  20. I still have hope, Amanda will be voted out, Jessie wins HOH, put anyone and Aryan up, Aryan is voted out…

  21. If Amanda could win a single competition (McCrae only has the first IIRC), I would understand being afraid of crossing them. But they can’t. So I can’t for the life of me understand why people are so adamant about not voting her out. I just don’t. She’s loud dead weight. How is she helping these other people at all?

    • It’s time to lose Amanda. I am tired of watching her parade around in her underwear. She is disgusting with her fat ass hanging out. Not a pretty site. She is a bully and a loud mouth and two faced. Next to go should be the 2 racists, GM and Aaryn. Then when those 3 are gone we can maybe have a good game. I feel for Candice who has not deserved the treatment from those 3 pigs

  22. I just hope the guests don’t loose sight of just how EVIL Aaryn is & how someone so CRUEL doesn’t deserve to win!!

  23. Andy, is there an Andy in the show ?? Oh that’s right the kid who runs back and tells everybody…. the SNITCH :)

  24. I am sick of Amanda being in this house! Right off the bat it was clear she is the type of person who wants to control others and somehow she got some false sense of power in the house and went nuts. Lucky for her no one in the house has the balls to make a move, so she will continue to walk around acting like a high school girl who thinks shes the greatest thing and that everyone should bow down to her. After watching the episode today and seeing how delusional she was to her actions, I just feel bad that McCrae has to deal with her, poor kid didnt know what shitstorm he was walking into

    Ironic how Amanda was the one who went to talk to Aaryn about not being racist and a bully, now look who really is the racist and bully… And I am confident that the day she gets evicted will make for a very entertaining show (yelling, etc)

  25. I just watched Big Brother Wednesday and I had to laugh. After Amanda called Candice “Shaniqua” in the veto competition, Amanda received the spray tan “punishment” and now…it’s like hearing the pot call the kettle black! LOL!!!

  26. Come on Helen……come out with your political and maternal b.s. and coax Aaryn who now can’t stand Gina Marie, to vote out Amanda with you, Elissa and Jessie. There’s your 4 votes to evict Amanda!

  27. laughed my ass off last night when MCrae
    said he could scratch through the dry wall to get away from Amada right now LMAO

  28. What the hell people ? Why not let Amanda do her thing, she is playing a great game! Would be nice to see the hard players get to the end strategically speaking… Mcrae, Amanda, Helen,Andy, Judd. Cut the rest. Then see how they deal with being strategic, when only the strong are left to try and manipulate the manipulators. Would be interesting. See how that goes.

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