Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Tuesday Night Highlights


It was quite the eventful day in the Big Brother 15 house with fights and a house meeting. During the evening, things broke off into secret paranoia-fueled chats and aside from one break for a nail party, there was non-stop game and smack talk.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 30/Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4:45 PM BBT – Judd paranoia continues. Amanda is telling Aaryn she thinks Judd wanted her out. Aaryn agrees and they say they need to get him out soon.

5:10 PM BBT – Howard leans over and whispers something to Amanda (screen capture). She laughs and says “thank you.” A minute later Amanda says that Howard told her when they get out of the house he wants to “f**k the sh*t” out of her. She says she’s creeped out and wants to talk to production about it.

5:33 PM BBT – Several of them are talking about what Howard apparently said to Amanda. They talk about him being hypocritical.

6:18 PM BBT – Helen and Andy are talking about whether or not Judd was trying to flip the house.

6:24 PM BBT – More Judd talk. This time it’s Helen and Andy. They’re talking about when to get him out. Andy says if this week is a double eviction he’d put Judd up and send him home. Helen and Andy are actually exchanging lies about Judd now. Incredible.

7:00 PM BBT – Candice bashing session going on in HOH. Of course it’s being lead by Aaryn and GinaMarie.

7:41 PM BBT – Candice bashing still going on. Now they’re counting votes to get her out instead of Howard.

8:14 PM BBT – Aaryn and Amanda are arguing over the racist stuff. Aaryn thinks Candice made Amanda think Aaryn was racist. Amanda says no, it was all her. She says there’s no point to keep talking about it, they’re in a final four now so to drop it.

8:35 PM BBT – McCrae seems to be annoyed with the way Amanda talks to people and is playing the game. He tells her to cool off. She gets upset.

8:38 PM BBT – McCrae expresses to Andy how mad he is at Amanda and how pushy she was with Aaryn (and everyone).

8:59 PM BBT – Aaryn is crying over how much she hates Candice and that people are back to being friendly with her.

9:40 PM BBT – Now Jessie is crying to Helen. No good reason why.

10:33 PM BBT – Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie are again talking about Candice and how to get her out instead of Howard.

10:37 PM BBT – Helen tells Elissa to trust her and Andy this week if there’s a double eviction. She says don’t question the things that we do, meaning she wants Judd to go.

10:58 PM BBT – Candice telling Helen and Elissa that she thinks the vote will be a tie this week and Aaryn will break the tie and evict her. Helen gets freaked out and heads to do damage control.

11:06 PM BBT – Helen goes to talk to Andy about what she thinks is a definite plan to evict Candice. She’s 100 percent convinced that Aaryn is going to break her promise and that Judd is somehow involved.

11:15 PM BBT – Amanda says she’ll make sure Aaryn tie-breaks in favor of evicting Howard.

11:45 PM BBT – Judd tells Andy that he won’t hesitate to nominate Jessie as a pawn so HGs don’t think they’re working together.

12:15 AM BBT – Amanda telling HGs she feels in danger with Howard in the house.

12:22 AM BBT – Amanda announces to HoH room that Howard “stood in the kitchen and says ‘I want to F the S out of you when I get outta here.’ Feeds cut to Fish.

1:00 AM BBT – Elissa still worried about Aaryn, but Helen promises her it’s a none issue. They discuss upcoming lockdown starting at 5AM. Sounds like an endurance competition is on its way.

2:10 AM BBT – Amanda and Jessie talking in the hammock. Amanda pushing Jessie to just vote out Howard this week and then worry about Candice later. Amanda going on and on about how Jessie just needs to do what Amanda wants, not what Jessie wants.

3:15 AM BBT – Amanda pointing out how badly Candice’s house meeting went for Candice. Aaryn says she won’t go to another of her house meetings.

3:35 AM BBT – Judd and Jessie arguing. She’s upset that he’s not telling her things.

4:15 AM BBT – Andy pushing McCrae on needing Judd to go. Andy has been at this “evict Judd” game for awhile & it seems to be taking root.

5:00 AM BBT – HGs are on lockdown until Thursday night’s HoH competition.

So despite all the crazy stuff Amanda has been up to, it sounds like Howard is still the target with a possibility of it being Candice. But with Helen on the case, she’ll make sure the person walking out the door has her stamp of approval.

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  1. Im really getting annoyed by Andy, Amanda, and Helen they are doing the most and these houseguest are to dumb to even see that

  2. Did Howard actually say that to Amanda or is she just continuing to be a crazy bitch?

    • If it weren’t true Howard should be the one to go to producers. Those are serious accusations. She’s a pig ! This is the trashiest bunch ever.

    • That’s another lie, that’s how dangerous Amanda is, if anything she (A) said that to him. If the houseguest believe that, they are a bunch of dumb people.

      • If it was a lie, that just goes to show you how calculating and devious Amanda can be. For her to think that up that quickly…just sayin. Female Dan Gheesling. Don’t like the bully players. Stop telling everyone what to do, Helen is starting to get on my nerves too with the dictating to HG’s. I would love to see a flip happen..makes the game fun and interesting.

      • I have no idea what Howard said but if Amanda is lying why would she go to production? How could she know whether or not production has what he said on audio? If Amanda did go to production then I think there is a high probability that Howard said what she claims he said or something very close to it.

        If it was a lie, Amanda was just tell it to the rest of the house and leave it at that.

    • No one else heard it. Not even the Feed watchers. (Production would have the audio though so they know what was said.) We did see him whisper something to her. She laughed & said “thank you.” Then a few mins later she claimed it was something very bad.

  3. I would need to hear Howard say it myself or other reliable people heard it. She and now Helen are really becoming power hungry. I don’t know who I want to win But I am getting so tired of Amanda and Helen and calling all the shots. And the stupid things is they are not even telling one another the truth. Amanda, America wanted you out I hope you go. I don’t think so but I do not believe half of what you say and your Boy Toy may finally be seeing u for the pushy self centered person you are.

  4. Aaryn, Spencer, and Gina Marie all should have been evicted by CBS, for all the RACIST REMARKS AND WOMEN BASHING BY SPENCER!!!!!
    This is gonna be a nation-wide RIOT if one or especially 2 of them make it to the final 2.

    I never thought a broadcast company could promote Racism. CBS must be run by the kkk or hitler wannabees.

    Their licensing should be revoked for promoting RACISM

    • There is only one way to get something done. Thru the sponsors. They have the ultimate power. Don’t send a complain letter to CBS, send a complaint letter to the sponsors.

    • a nation-wide riot over big brother? hahahahahaha. CBS run by the KKK? oh my god hahahaha.

    • Are you kidding??? You’re overreacting worse than Elvira (Elissa) would about….anything.

    • Sooooooooooooooo ……… we are back to this story again. Jesus people put this in the grave. It happens in real life daily, unless you live in make believe.

    • i think that it should of been stated in the begining of the season back when the bb show started that there will be no racal remarks aloud in the bb house

  5. Poor Candice isn’t the brightest player to ever play to game. And what a turnaround from last week. Everybody was on the get Elissa out train and now nobody has mentioned her really at all this week.

    • Candice has two things working against her. Her extreme unfamiliarity with the game of BB and her failing social game. Part of the latter is not necessarily her fault.

      If she manages to stay this week she really needs to win competitions. She has certainly been treated poorly by other members of the house. She has been subjected to a lot of things within the house most BB players have not had to deal with. I don’t think she was in the wrong at all to react and finally take a stand against her aggressors. How long could any of us take that BS before we snapped?
      However, it was extremely damaging for her game which is unfortunate. I’m glad she decided enough was enough but within the game of BB it was poor execution.

      I really feel for her even though she is not someone I am particularly rooting for. If Howard ends up walking out I hope her bad game play goes with him. She’s been dealt a very bad hand in Big Brother and is playing badly with those cards.

  6. If Howie did say that to Amanda it’s a part of his game play! But I seriously don’t think he said it!! I cannot stand Amanda and now I want her and Helen out before Aaryn!!! Smh

    • Let’s just make sure we vote her 3rd nominee every week, sooner or later, she won’t have the numbers, I sense that Aaryn has had enough of being their puppet (not that I agree with the way Aaryn has acted in the BB house,) and we can get Amanda out of the house. Her walking around in her tiny underwear yesterday was so disgusting. I can’t stand her. Bully.

    • He did say it. That’s why she went to production. I don’t think he meant it though. He was being sarcastic. But it’s still wrong to say.

  7. So where was Judd when all of this Judd-is-MVP-not-Howard paranoia is going on? Has no one relayed to him at all about what’s in Helen’s paranoid mind?

    When I checked the feeds earlier (about past 9 or 10pm EST), he was chillaxing at the cockpit area with Spencer.

  8. I’m amazed at what lengths these HGs have gone to this season. It has gone beyond lying and backstabbing into the area of bullying and degradation of others. The only strategy any of them seem to have is the “lets do what Amanda and Helen want” strategy. And it’s working…..For Helen and Amanda!

    • Be patient. There is lots of time yet. Once the main targets are out the final 7 or 8 will eat each other. Real backstabbing will commence.

  9. Ok, let me repeat something I said before, for the record. It would be a grave injustice if Candice or Howard are evicted before Aaryn.
    Ok, having said that, if I look at the situation objectively right now, I think it would be better for the excitement in the game to keep Howard and Amanda, and evict Candice this week. There, I said it.
    Hopefully Aaryn will exit next week.

      • Captain, Honestly, I don’t care. Since the delusional queen isn’t going anywhere this week, I would love to see Amanda leave. Don’t think that will happen, though. I would love to see Candice stay. I think Candice is about to shake up the house! I got my popcorn ready.

      • She will need to do better than that house meeting yesterday. But you could be right.
        How will they fit all of this drama in the CBS broadcast tomorrow ?

    • I agree with you but it looks like Helen and Amanda want to keep her for a while. From that alliance, only Elissa still want Aaryn out now.

      Which reminds me. Last night Elissa mentioned she is being nice to Aaryn but made it clear she still does not like her. I have to give Elissa credit for improving her game play and at least trying to act okay with Aaryn. At this point Elissa looks like she is not an immediate target and even Aaryn said she thinks things are okay between her and Elissa. What a turn-around.

      • omg.. Aaryn is lying.. Aaryn and Gina Marie are trash talking Elissa every chance they get..Sad to know there was no turn around on Aaryn’s part..

      • And what do you think Elissa is doing? Every other word out of her mouth is Aaryn. Even last night she’s whining to Candice and Elissa did you here Aaryn say were playing a game and you don’t show your cards in poker. So what’s wrong with that Elissa. Then she said Aaryn rolled her eyes in the kitchen. OMG she’s psycho. Even her own alliance thinks she’s crazy. Everyone even says Elissa is constantly talking about Aaryn.

      • Things are not okay between Elissa and the delusional queen. Elissa does not like her and I doubt she ever will. Elissa is just being nice to her because she is HOH.

      • McCrae (of all people) had a talk with Elissa and somehow got through to her about her need to “PLAY NICE”. Elissa is trying (but I’m sure it ain’t easy) but will it last is another question.

  10. I am beginning to believe that BB15 is a total waste of my time. I am a BB fantic and in other seasons “NOBODY CAME BETWEEN ME & MY BB”. In previous seasons you could not drag me from my PC (feeds) or the TV for BBAD. But this season I have cut my viewing time on BBAD and the feeds as well. The people chosen for this season are one of the most pathetic groups of individuals I have ever seen. As viewers we have had to endure racist and bigoted comments and actions and despite the efforts of CBS to do damage control it continues. We have heard women being degraded in the worst possible terms and have seen several women degrade themselves with their actions. I realize that BB is a game of manipulation and lies. But when those lies can damage the character of a man then somebody needs to step in. More needs to be done than throw fish on the screen when the subject is talked about. Maybe if Amanda didn’t put herself in the position of acting like a common slut her accusations against Howard would be believed. During Rachel Riley’s first season she was told to tone down the suggestive/sexual way that she dressed. (Rachel commented about production talking to her about it.) But it’s okay for Amanda to go topless anytime she likes? And the big black guy in the house scared her with a sexually suggestive remark?? Howard and Candice have been treated so bad that I cannot come up with a word to describe that treatment. CBS should and could do more than put a warning on the screen. . Amanda is over the top with these accusations. I don’t want to continue to watch these people belittle and degrade so wrong .

    • I don’t believe Howard said anything bad to Amanda, but don’t slut shame her. There is nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality as a man or woman. I don’t believe her because she lies all the time to further her game and this would the nail in Howard’s coffin, not because she goes topless sometimes and therefore deserves harrassment. How she dresses and behaves with McCrae shouldn’t determine whether people believe she was harassed.

      • Sorry but they all lie all the time. You can’t just call out Amanda when they are all doing it! Why would she lie about it! Eventually Howard will find out what Amanda said. Then we will see if its true!

      • There are lies told for game play and then there are lies told to damage a persons character. Amanda chose the 2nd kind of lie.

      • Until I hear what Amanda said before Howard made his comment, I don’t believe a word of it.

      • what are u watching??? Amanda “SLUTS” her way through the whole house and everybody sees her.. not just McCrae…

    • Sorry, I cannot agree with you. Amanda did nothing to ask for Howard’s comment. It was disrespectful and rude. Amanda is not the only BB house guest to show her boobs. She is a very domineering personality and has a little bit of free spirit but calling her a slut is way over the top.

      As for Candice and Howard, I am not sure what kind of bad treatment you are referring to. Howard was a target because he is considered a threat in the game. Its not personal. Candice was a pawn and again, it was not personal. Candice made it personal with her attacks on Spencer in front of the entire house.

      • To be honest:I feel like that u have been an ass today. U went through the post I have written in this blog and made snide remarks on about 98% of them. U have ur opinion and I have mine. I seldom if ever respond to any of ur postings as u consider ur self to be a BB expert and the resident know it all. I have run across ur kind before in chat rooms. Ur kind always tries to run the chat and u push ur opinions on others because they don’t agree with u. I come to chat to discuss and debate BB happenings as I enjoy discussing the show. I try not to belittle or shoot down others opinions … although on rare occasion it does happen. I don’t know u and don’t want to get to know u as u appear to be an opinionated trouble maker. Please refrain from responding to any more of my post and I will gladly return the favor by ignoring urs. Now u know how I really feel.

      • First of all I hardly ever comment on your posts. But if I agree or disagree I have every right to state how I feel. You sound like the bully here. Just like everyone else states how they feel I have that right. And if you would of read my last comment I wrote LOL. That means I was JOKING with you. But I guess you can’t take a joke. Grow up and quit acting like cry baby. And don’t worry you’re not worth my time by wasting comments on you anymore.

  11. If Howard said something like that why would she say thank you -thank you for what wanting to screw her when they get out sounds crazy to me

    • He might of said that to put the focus on himself, possibly save Candice. The question is how distorted the minds of the people in the house to actually believe he would hit on the least attractive female in the house, and mean it.
      Either way, no matter what he says, Amanda is going to dial up the crazy to get him out. She’s also free about creating things that he never said. She’s like a loud Helen.

    • It sounds like Amanda to me. I don’t think she would take the bait and react. She is more calculating than that.

    • You know, what she said might have been a nervous reaction. I’ve had some stuff said to me, and my reaction was strange (upon later consideration). A few minutes later I’d think ‘what the hell did I say that for, I should have told him off’. It will be interesting to find out if he really did say that though. I’m with holding judgement for now.

    • She was being sarcastic right back to him. Someone says something mean to you like for example I hate you and you reply sarcastically “Thank you I love you too”

  12. I have never seen a season of BB where HG’s would all go to the HOH rm. and have a consensus on who will be on the block for the next 3 weeks. Open discussion on who goes to Jury and even who gets the “Have Not” next. It’s unbelievable ! I hope the “MVP/America vote” stays for a while, because it’ makes the player think and possibly prevent the game of “follow the leader”

  13. Did anyone hear Howard actually say what Amanda is accusing him of saying? I think what Howard said, if he said it at all, was just sarcasm. Amanda probably said something, then Howard said “Yeah, when I get out of here I want to………….because you are so hot……….riiiiight. If Amanda left the “because you are so hot” out, I might have believed her.

    • Isn’t it, pretty gutsy for Amanda to go to Production regarding what Howard said? If it’s true and she complained, she’s challenging the Production. I’m sure they have captured something

      • Unless BB caught something, it’s going to be pretty hard to cry foul if she laugh and said thank you.

      • I would like to know why Amanda hates Howard so much, anyway. Howard is not a threat. I still don’t understand how a person, who hasn’t won a damn thing, is a threat. Yes, Howard is big, but unless they have some kind of challenge where lifting weights is important, Howard is useless.

      • She is scare of him. I can’t remember when it started but there has to be one incident that triggered her to react this way.

      • Amanda is the most paranoid person in the house. She gets deluded to one person in spite of invalidating evidence. We’ll get to see more of that as the game progress. She got put on the block once, and she aged so much. She looks like crap ! 2 more rounds of being on the block should do the job. lol.

      • That is exactly why we need to keep voting her 3rd nominee every week, eventually her number will dwindle and she will go. When she got put up last week, watching her on the feeds was so funny..McCrae was threatening Spencer, Amanda was pacing the house back and forth. it was worth watching, so I say, let’s do it again!!!

  14. I cannot believe how the house has turned around so much. Aaryn saying she has resolved her issues with Elissa and Elissa is no longer her target? Candice going from safe to the primary target for half the house? Judd is the next target?

    Just when we thought things were boring…

    • I haven’t seen him do a thing. He’s made some fake alliances, but he told his real alliance about it. I’m trying to figure out why the peeps are after him. He needs to start defending himself.

  15. I wish I could care about these people but I don’t. I’d like them all to be evicted. BB needs a new cast.

  16. if i was on big brother i wouldnt last cause i would be in helens face telling her that i know she is trying to run this house.

  17. Amanda, Andy, McCrae, Aaryn, GM and Spencer are so bad
    I am annoyed with a lot of this house
    Elissa is my fave and the only one I still love
    I am glad Elissa is trying to improve her game play
    I hope she wins HoH tomorrow

  18. What is wrong with these HG’s, Amanda using sex and bulling people to do what she wants, Aaryn blaming her racist comments on Candice (girl it is on tape, you fool) Andy running around seeking informations from the other HG’s and then pass it to Amanda and Helen (this dude have no clue that he will be discarded by these lady when they feel it’s time to do so) Dumbass. Judd have no clue as to what he wants to do or what side he wants to be with, Jesse, all she does is eat, eat and eat, clueless and a dumb follower, Ginamarie, I pray to God to forgive her and Aaryn (she talks like she is one tough cookie..street talk) no brain, Elissa cracked from day one attack from Aaryn, she has not recovered and now she is every where (confused) Howard, what a dissapointment, a traitor who has thrown a solid surporter Candice under the bus (Benedict Arnold) Mister Bible, please! Spencer, can’t even convince a fly to team up with him (he is just lost in the house) pool boy. McCrae, this dude forgot the reason why he is there in the first place, he has been Boobied and Sexed by big boob Amanda, he has never seen or come close to anything outside the house like Amanda, she has messed up his mind to the point of no return (this dude is lost, he is useless, Amanda will write him off when the time comes) McCrae, bye, bye. Candice, too loyal and now she is cracking. Helen, she is now acting like a gistapo, dictatting who to put up and who to evict, and these HG’s are all listening and following her command, from a nice person to a dictator, it is very dissapointing to see these HG’s not use their brain and figure out who is playing who in the house, in short, they are all followers and don’t have the cajones to call any one out except for what Spencer just did yesterday to Amanda. No one of them deserve the prize what a waste of my summer watching these bunch of clueless pantsies.

  19. It cracks me up how even the people in an alliance all turn on their own alliance. One minute Helen needs to go, then the next Judd, then the next Amanda. If these alliances would stay strong they’d have a chance to make it to the end. The only person never mentioned is Andy. He’s the one people have to look out for. He’s going all the way to the end just by floating. That’s why I hope he wins HOH (if he doesn’t throw it) so he has to get his hands dirty.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think he has a solid spine. Either McCranda or Helen would control his HOH.

  20. I want Amanda and Helen. out so bad after Candice &
    Howard leave I’m done with the show

  21. I’m over big brother, I don’t think I will watch again and even start a big campaign to get people not to watch, with so many
    Reality shows on, this was the one I looked forward to watching but the level of ignorance, the importance of
    Running in the house to find
    A partner to hook up with the summer is just a rerun of jersey shore! CBS should have cancelled this show for the season due all the rascism that was displayed , but of course all they care about is ratings, if Candice and Howard were smart they should speak to Al Sharpton and the NAACP to sue CBS for allowing this to continue!
    These house guests can’t see
    That there is still
    One more couple in the
    House Amanda and Mccrae !
    IM SOOOOO over Biig

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