Big Brother 15 – Week 5 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 15 - Howard & Andy

Later today the next round of Big Brother 15 nominations for Week 5 will be announced. Thanks to what we’ve heard on the Live Feeds we have a clear picture of where Aaryn, the new HoH, is heading with her picks, or should we say the picks she’s been assigned.

Part of Aaryn’s deal to avoid eviction on Thursday was that she’d let Helen and others on that side tell her who to nominate this week. At the close of last night’s show we saw Big Jeff tell Julie he didn’t think Aaryn would stick to that agreement. I didn’t think she would either, but apparently she’s actually going to make good on that.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Just five short mins after the Feeds returned last night Helen had already pulled Aaryn in to the Storage Room to discuss possible nominees. Flashback to 7:05PM BBT to listen in. Surprisingly part of the discussion turned to Elissa and Helen’s consideration of putting her up. Aaryn told Helen that she’d do that for her, but then Helen would have to pretend to be angry at her about it. Helen indicated that wouldn’t be a problem, but she wanted to think about it.

Soon after Aaryn was telling Spencer that he might go up, but he wouldn’t be the target. Aaryn also added that she wanted to revisit a previous, unnamed target of hers that she thought she’d have the support to evict this time around. Sure sounded like more Elissa talk. Even Spencer thought that when he talked with others later.

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Whatever Aaryn’s thoughts on Elissa might be she’s no longer part of her plan. Since all that Elissa talk Aaryn has made it clear that she’ll be nominating Howard & Spencer. That’ll make Helen, Amanda, and several other HGs happy.

Earlier this morning Aaryn had a private talk with Candice and confirmed again that the house wants Howard up. Aaryn also said she wasn’t trying to backdoor anyone since she didn’t think that was a good way to play things.

If Howard goes up as we expect then he better hope for either a Veto win or an MVP nominee that’s more tempting of a target than he is!

Who do you think Aaryn should nominate this week for eviction from Big Brother?


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  1. If Aaryn sticks to her agreement not to put up Elissa, then Elissa should run, not walk, to Aaryn and apologize for all the nonsense that has gone on. While I am not a fan of Aaryn at all and I hope she is next to leave the house, Elissa’s behavior towards Aaryn was the same as what Aaryn did to Elissa. It is not excusable in either case. Elissa does not have to be friends with Aaryn outside the house but she needs to get along with these people inside the house – if for no other reason than to stop making herself look like such a crazy weirdo. When even Helen is thinking about dumping her, its pretty serious.

    • Beg to differ. Nonsense? Aaryn started things with her attitude and racial remarks. The ONLY reason she is being “nice” is because she wants to stay in the house. Elissa is not to blame here. She was and is sticking up for minority rights. That’s it. IMO, No apology needed.

      • Elissa is queen of the mean girls and the live feeds prove it. She’s a wack job that blames everyone else for her actions. Aaryn is HOH and has no reason to be nice to Elissa but she is. I hope America puts Elissa up.

      • You are right on point. Thank you, for speaking the truth of the situation. Seriously, is it a crime to stick up for minority rights? No, at least someone has a moral compass i.e. Elissa, to school Aaryn.

      • I agree with Gary Fenton – All of a sudden we should all forget Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin being so racist, vulgar, mean and discriminatory toward other races and ethnicity in the House. So for one week there has been no trash talk about the other guests. Too little too late. We already know what these girls are about. I did not hear one word of remorse out of Kaitlin. Elissa needs to stop being Helen’s puppet. I am surprised Elissa has not won more competitions since she is Rachel’s sister. The racists, including Spencer, need to go.

    • Aaryn treated Elissa like crap for the first two weeks for no reason. Elissa however does have reason to dislike and/or hate Aaryn. Aaryn is a racist and a mean girl stuck in high school. So she should be treated as one.

      So I am going to go with a big fat no on the apology o the racist mean girl on a moral level.

      Now if Elissa wants to save her game it might be a good idea.

      • Aaryn was rude to Elissa once in the beginning after that Elissa would say something rude to Aaryn and Aaryn would just give it right back to her. How soon we forget Elissa over 2 weeks ago making a comment about Aaryn taking Aderal and when she won HOH telling Aaryn now she can run a whore house. Elissa does not stop she’s rude to everyone and the entire house is finally seeing her true colors. So is America.

      • Agreed. No big fat apology to the racist mean girl. Plus Aaryn is in denial that she never said anything, racist, and the “don’t it twisted” famous line of hers>again no apology needed. Just a swift kick out the door, and feed her to America so we can attach like a pack of wolves, chew her up and spit her out, metaphorically speaking.

      • I agree but Elissa has to not make it personal. She needs to think about the game first. It is a game in the house. Outside she can be as mean and rotten to Aaryn as she likes. Even Candice sort of made up with Aaryn. The rest of the house hates Aaryn too but they are hiding it as long as they are in the game,.

    • I don;t like either of them but I am convinced now that the two people who hate each other the most actually need each other the most. If Aaryn or Elissa goes up against anyone else in the house for a final 2 jury vote, they will lose. Their best strategy to win is to go to the end together. Can you imagine a secret final 2 alliance between Aaryn and Elissa? It would be the best BB scheme in a long time if they pulled it off. They should both pretend to continue their non-speaking relationship but at the same time campaign to oust other guests besides each other. Aaryn can say she doesn’t see Elissa as an immediate threat so there is no point it going after her when there are other targets in the house. Elissa can say she is grateful to Aaryn for not putting her up this week. No one would suspect such an alliance is possible! They could get some other 3rd person for a final 3 who would also not attract a lot of votes like a Jessie or Andy – both of whom have done nothing so far. Try to eject him/her at the end. Better yet, find a 3rd person who dislikes the both of them! This house lacks the real intrigue we are used to seeing in BB. An Aaryn-Elissa alliance would be something to watch!

      • Prince, I agree. It would actually make this season something to watch. The way everyones good moves get canceled by their “what the &$@# were they thinking” moves is getting ridiculous!

    • Sad, I don’t want Howard out. I am sick of everyone’s blanket statement that he is a strong player? What? Oh, he lied. Hmm and no one else has?

    • Howard gotta go. I just dont like him, and he reminds me Brigade. I dont like this kind of guy.

      Better start praying Howie…

      Go Aaryn

  2. I hope Howard is target #1 this week and Elissa plays it cool! She can totally win comps when she needs to,vs he proved that last week. There is no way that comp could have been “rigged” in her favor. Unless they hid mud covered boards in her voting booth.

    • Not sayin it was rigged but she was on the end so that 20 vote card could have been strategically placed.

      • This is ridiculous. First, She only beat Judd by two points and she had to give up playing in the Veto comp this week to get the 20 points. Her other numbers were not that high. McCrae lost because he took a zero point card in order to get $5000. Elissa just happened to find the 20 point car like Judd found an 18 point card but had to go into solitary for a day. People who do not like Elissa concocted this story. All of her envelopes were buried in the mud like everyone elses. Only 5 people were playing and McCrae basically gave it away. Aaryn was more worried about getting mud on her face so basically, Elissa beat two other people who were trying to win. There is no conspiracy to that.

  3. Wow, so it looks like Howard could be leaving this week. Kind of sucks. He’s probably one of the only houseguests that I remotely like this season. He seriously needs to win veto or else he could be out the door, unfortunately.

    • I think if Howard takes himself off the block, there is a good possibility that Candice will be his replacement and she will probably get the boot. Therefore, I hope Howard is not nominated.

      • Pretty sure he will be nominated. Aaryn confirmed he will be, unless she changes her mind. But that’s unlikely. I hope Amanda is the 3rd nominee and she ends up leaving this week. She might be one of the most entertaining HG’s this season, but she stirs the majority of the drama in the house. She needs to go ASAP. Hopefully Howard stays but he seriously needs to start winning some competitions if he wants to get far in this game.

    • Agreed. He needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat and win veto. Then I want Amanda up. She is psycho about getting him set home. I don’t get it. Helen, is a dumbass too. So, the guy lied, and no one else in the house has. Shut up. We need, Amanda or Helen on the block. Hey, a floater like Jessie and Andy, even spineless Judd>GM is a waste of space. Once she is out of the BB house she can stalk down NIck.

    • I still think Elissa is going home this week. Someone is going to win the veto competition and take either Howard, Amanda or Spencer off the block and Elissa will be back doored. If they cannot get Howard, they will get rid of Elissa next. Its a shame anyone has to go before Aaryn, but I think the house is unified on the next couple of targets.

      • howard spencer want amanda mcrae
        Candice wants aaryn
        amanda/mcrae want howard/spencer
        andy, judd, jessie, and helen want howard but not as bad as mcranda
        GM helen for getting nick out
        so not really unified

      • Nice recall. You should go on BB if you can keep all that straight. I applaud you.

  4. Yeah Finally Howard and Spencer are going up. Love my girls Aaryn, helen and Amanda

    Bye bye Howie, grab your bible and start praying

    • BOOOOOO. So you love a racist, Helen the lying conniving deal maker, and Amanda pit ppl against each other, sloths in the HOH room, builds conspiracy to do her work. She is a parasite that latch onto McCrea, because she has zero social game and is insecure. BOOOOOOOO!

      • I am with you on those rooting for Aaryn. Not sure how anyone can root for such a self absorbed, vain, superficial twit like her. She only sees people for their external appearance. The worst thing in BB history would be for Aayn to win the game.

        Elissa is unlikeable but at least she is not a racist pig. Maybe Aaryn and Elissa should agree on a final 2 alliance. Since neither of them will beat anyone else in a jury vote, they should take each other in the hopes one of them will win. In fact, I think Elissa is the only one Aaryn will beat in a jury vote but it will be close!

      • Too funny. I like your old school use of twit to describe Aaryn. LOL Aaryn and Elissa final 2 alliance, Argh. but strange things like that do happen. I see your point.

      • of course arryn will be calm almost all her people have left the house, that usually happens with racists and bullies, they are really cowards inside. for those that say that aaryn is good now see it this way. if someone hurts you or your child and eludes justice and 20yrs down the road you find out they are good and everyone loves them would you be satisfied with that or would you still seek justice for you and your child?. a bad person is a bad person and under the right circumstances their evil will come out again. are you saying that if hitler had become good at the end that they jews should have forgiven him and given him money. people only bother when something affects them or their family but they don’t care about anybody else. arryn should go.

      • Exactly right! Aaryn is playing a different game now… it’s called ‘the victim’. The girl is good… manipulator-in-chief.

      • Um. My post was about how strange things happen. I am not into the idea of Aaryn walking away with any money, or final two, or jury. Please read my other post about how Aaryn should be fed to the American public and we can attack her like a pack of wolves, chew her up and spit her out, metaphorically speaking. I have also described Aaryn as satan’s minion. I have applauded the fact that Elissa was right to school her about Aaryn’s racist remarks and will not tolerate it. I have always been Howard, Candice, and Helen’s Champion against racism. The bed flipping, and not letting Howard and Candice sleep, she should have been kicked off the show. Does that clear things up? Plus, I have said that I believe that Amanda agenda to get Howard out is because a difference in religion. I call BS, on she thinks Howard is a strong player, and that is her reason. I have pulled her covers.

      • I am so in agreement with you. If Elissa is actually sincere in her stance on the racism she should be commended for her bravery and her priorities – if she is sincere. I just can’t tell in this game. I think she is since she was one of the people consoling Candice the night the bed was tossed. At the same time, Elissa is a religious person so judge not lest ye be judged. I am not religious but I think that’s how it goes.

      • I think she’s sincere (Elissa) about her stance on racism, but she has the tendency of talking on and on about how good of person she is and how much better than the others she is. It just kinda defeats the purpose of being a good person if you have to shove it down everyone’s throat. That’s my only annoyance with her. As for Aaryn…she won’t change until she gets evicted and sees how many strangers across the world hate her guts. She won’t be maturing in that house when she has enablers coddling her.

  5. If I was aaryn i’m sticking to my plan weeks ago when she was HOH, getting rid of someone that voted David out. Well actually she should put amanda and mccrae up and became a hero to the outsider

    • Amanda needs to go. McCrea can find his missing jewels and play his game and not have a succubus sucking the life force out of him.

      • True. I’m sorry. Not all succubus are evil. I was referring to Amanda being a Dark Fae Succubus. I do miss David Hair on BB and the cute hair flip too.

  6. Aaryn is evil she is a racist. I understand this is a game but keeping her in the house tells me that the HG don’t feel the way America does keeping her there they are condoning her behavior

    • She sure is but Amanda, Spencer and Ginamarie have all said equally disrespectful things and they should be noticed for it as well. Not only Aaryn.

  7. Amanda has been making disgusting comments about Candice. They’ve been just as bad as Aaryn’s comments and sometimes worse as she continually says she wants to kill her and that she’s lucky the BB house doesn’t have any sharp objects… she’s recently said “she just put it on her greasy nappy hair head without asking” talking about Candice wearing her headband. Amanda for MVP Nom. That’s where all my votes are going!

    • Right on! Finally, another person pulling Amanda’s covers. What is it with her going all Hannibal Lector style on Candice!? My 10 MVP votes went to Amanda too. Check mark.

      • Good on ya! Let’s just hope everyone else votes for her too, aha. I hope Big Brother shows the way Amanda’s been acting. They’ve been painting her as this lovely human being who’s really nice and stands up for everyone yet she’s the biggest bully.

      • I have been trying to make my case about Amanda it seems like for days. Nothing about her is lovely. When she came into the house she was grumpy faced. Then jumped in bed with McCrea (even both set of parents don’t understand that showmance) I saw her for who she is day one, I have called her McCrea’s other appendage, a succubus, that is sucking the like force out of McCrea, I think she has castrated the guy, I have expressed she is a preying mantis that will eat McCrea’s head off if they go up against each other on the block in a hot second. She figured out that McCrea is a likable funny awkward pizza guy, she also was wooed by the fact that he is smart and well versed in the game, so she stuck to him like a parasite. Amanda has no social game. Every other word is a cuss word, which dumbs her down. She talks behind everyone’s back because she is insecure. Her going Hannibal Lector style and saying Candice is fat and wants to eat her is creepy. Her targeting/obsession Howard because he is a threat is total BS. I have pulled her covers, it is religion. Proof about religion is she is icy to Elissa, Helen, Candice because you guessed it religion differences.

      • That was spot on! I agree with everything you said. I don’t believe for one second that she’s going to be with McCrae outside of the house.

        Do you think she actually has a boyfriend outside of the house?! Because it seems like she’s just saying it to get McCrae and everyone else to feel bad for her. She was telling them to keep her until jury so that she doesn’t have to face her boyfriend…

        And yes, the fiance thing totally makes me wanna barf. all over amanda.

      • Did you just read about Amanda and Aaryn bashing Candice, yet again, on the live feeds. Which proves who Amanda is, hello ppl.
        Nah, not for a second would she be with McCrea in the real world unless, he won $500,000, and this is still a maybe. She would probably convince him give her $250,000 they are practically married. LOL
        I dun know if she has a boyfriend on the outside. But, I think if she does he is sitting back, watching and waiting for McCrea’s money. The please take me to jury thing, and the reason to not face the BF. is lame.
        Sorry, you are barfing too. I do like that you want to share it with Amanda. You are so nice, I will share too :P

      • I have. They apparently have nothing better to do. They hate Candice so much yet they talk about her 24/7. It’s getting really ridiculous.

        Haha, I can see that happening and I’m sure McCrae would actually give it to her as she might rip his throat out if he doesn’t.

        Amanda as the 3rd nominee would scare her so bad and she would probably go ballistic to the point that they would evict her. Well, at least that’s what I’m hoping!

        Hahaha, we’re so kind :)

      • Same. Amanda is getting more and more disgusting as of late. I wanted to vote Aaryn, but Amanda will make do.

  8. Aaryn will stick to the plan because she knows there are too many people on that side of the house who would vote her out. Their odds are pretty good that one of them would win HOH next week. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t put her up for eviction but at least she gets to stick around for another week.
    This game is all about making deals with the devil in order to further your game. I’m sure there isn’t anybody who is overlooking Aaryn’s disgusting behavior, just postponing her eviction by a week or two. After listening to the conversation Aaryn had with GM in the HOH room last night it was quite apparent she hasn’t “changed” one iota.
    I think Helen was doing herself a big disservice last night. Each time she talked to Elissa, Howard, Candice, Spencer she was telling them she would save them from being put on the block. That can come back to bite her in the arse before the week is over because she can’t save them all! lol

  9. Why would Helen even want Elissa up? Does Helen honestly think she has a slight chance of winning with McManda running the house?

  10. I hope Elissa gets evicted this week she’s annoying and when she wins HOH one week and has BB mvp everyone should be worried.Though if everyone puts personal issues a side I think it would be smart if Aaryn Helen Elissa and Howard form a Secret Alliance they’ll control a lot of the house they’ll also make a deep run because all the power players and it wouldn’t be suspected because they are not the closest except helen and elissa. Right now Amanda and McCrae are running the house they control everyone

  11. all the houseguests are stupid they should have gotten rid of aaryn when they had the chance. and no aaryn in the final two would be disgusting, even though she wouldn’t win shed still get 50 grand for second and she doesn’t deserve dime one, she should not be rewarded for being a racist and an all around b!tch.

  12. Boy, there sure alot of saints on the message string. Yes what some have said in the house is not in the greatest of taste but really, are you saintly people on here trying to say that you have never used off color comments of any kind ever in your life regarding a minority class? No off color jokes? I love how people chastise someone for saying something that they have more then likely said or thought themselves sometime in their life.

    Racism is alive and well throughout all colors creed and religion. Grow up!

  13. Not a fan of Aaron at all but I was sort of happy she won HOH instead of Spencer/Howard/Candice or GM. I am rooting for Amanda and McCrae. Idk why people are hating on Amanda she is very smart and savvy, she has everyones number sometimes she just needs to quit being so pushy! Maybe once howard goes Amanda will chill out! Elissa has got to go soon her behavior last week was very strange seems like she cant string a sentence a long for anything.She looks like Rachel but doesnt act like Rachel thats forsure!!!

  14. lets put amanda up because shes the biggest threat? we arent playing the game america, it doesnt benefit us to pick off the better players, fuckin idiots

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