Big Brother 15 Week 4 – America’s MVP Nominee Revealed With Surprising Results

Big Brother 15 MVP

The Live Feeds are back with the latest MVP nomination ceremony and we have the spoilers for you. This week things were changed up when America voted for the third nominee instead of voting for the player they wanted to make the nomination.

Read on for the MVP nomination spoilers.

Big Brother 15 Week 4 America’s MVP Nomination:


  • Elissa was nominated by America’s Vote.

I’d still wager that America voted Aaryn as the top pick to be nominated, but when Judd put her up production had to move down the line. Elissa wound up with the most votes. I’d also wager that CBS’s decision to suddenly flip the voting to “against” instead of “for” after three weeks was the cause of this. You don’t vote Elissa to be your activist in the house for nearly a month and then change it to go against her. I don’t buy it as a legit, intentional result & neither do the HGs as they discussed that potential scenario. But oh well, it adds fun drama to watch on the Live Feeds and that’s what we really want!

The HGs were not told that America did the voting. They don’t understand. “It doesn’t make any sense,” said Andy along with everyone else.

If Elissa wins the Veto and saves herself then the next person down the list from the official CBS voting result will become the nominee.

Playing in today’s comp will be Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa, Helen, and McCrae. Helen & McCrae were drawn as the add-on players. Andy is thrilled to be the host.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The Veto competition is coming up soon and we’ll share the results as soon as we have them. Watch along on the Live Feeds with us to see the house react.

What do you think of America’s MVP nomination?


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  1. People obviously got confused with thinking that they were voting for the MVP again. CBS did this on purpose.

      • I had this feeling yesterday that it might be Amanda or Elissa. Possible backlash, maybe? This really only tells us Elissa got at least the 3rd highest votes.

      • I hope she wins POV and takes herself off the block. America will have more respect for her.

      • I wish so, but I think that even if Elissa is gone, MVP will still go to a favorite with a fanbase, not a strategist, as it was designed to do. Probably Helen for being Elissa’s friend. Although there’s a case to be made for her earning MVP based on strategy, I think if she made a bonehead strategic move, she’d still get MVP the next week.

      • Could be. But then, is Elissa isn’t really in danger of been evicted ? If production think so they might want to fix their mistake.

      • I do as well. I am confused as the last article said that Elissa was told in DR she didn’t get the MVP. She then speculates it could be America’s vote this time around. Now it seems they are not being told it was America’s choice. Seems like Production totally messed up and this back fired on them. That is why I didn’t like it from the beginning.

      • No!!! She had an advantage coming into the game. CBS created this MVP for her. And they are manipulating everything to keep her there. That’s why.

      • Of course she did 4 hours after my post, but very conveniently fixed I might add……too obvious.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda on the block. She really thinks she has her game on lock. McCrea needs to be that guy, he was on day one. Cause that succubus Amanda is ruining his game play.

      • At least 3rd, but I’d bet 2nd. I don’t think people wasted votes on Kaitlyn; I think they were all in on Aaryn. She’s that hated. And TV viewers aren’t all that discerning; they’re not going to split their votes.

      • Well, from what I saw on BBAD, and it’s not that much, but so far I think Kaitlyn look like she is a totally different player.

      • I think I am in the minority. I placed my votes strategically. I thought OK if Aaryn wins veto, which HG would cause the most bedlam. So I voted for Elissa and Amanda. Trying to use my voting power wisely. lol

      • I definitely think you’re in the minority. But I don’t think most people gave it that much thought. They were all in on the Aaryn hate train. I’m super glad Judd nominated her. I didn’t want this twist to be wasted.

      • I could have thrown votes for GM or Kaitlin, but where’s the fun in that? Too predictable.

    • No they didn’t. Julie clearly explained it and if people didn’t understand then they’re idiots. Not rocket science. And on all the sites all everyone talked about was voting for Aaryn. So everyone understood. People are just tired of Elissa getting the game handed to her. I’m glad she’s on the block and I hope Aaryn wins POV just to see Elissa or Kaitlin go home.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Elissa go at all. She is getting to much handed to her. CBS blew it imo by having her along with the MVP. If they wanted her to play then she didn’t need the extra treatment. They had to know she would get voted in each week by virtue of Rachel and her fans. I would say the same if it was any popular player’s sibling. The rest of the house guests didn’t have a built in fan base.

    • I agree. Something stinks. Not that I am a protonate for Elissia to stay. Just beyond tricky that all of the sudden America turns on her outta the blue? I think CBS is covering there tracts because there MVP twist blew up in there face.

    • if people are too stupid to understadn what they are voting on, then they have to live with it, just like when people vote for President

    • No, they did it so America would vote Aaryn in as a
      definite nom. However, they didn’t count on Americans being so retarded they couldn’t follow instructions and mistakenly nominated Elissa.

      • Yes retarded americans! Every year (this is the worst cast ever, Im not watching anymore….if this …if that) Vote off Elissa Cause we’re still mad Rachael won,BLAH BLAH BLAH

  2. WOW, Elissa telling Judd that production tells her all which they probably do. Hope she gets sent packing this week and Judd does exactly what he says and back doors the botox queen right out the door. Wonder if Elissa saying the game is rigged will make the show. DOUBT IT!!

    • Elissa was messing with Judd. They don’t do that & if they did she wouldn’t have said it. It was obviously a joke. At least it was obvious if you were watching it.

      • That’s kind of funny. Don’t get why. It open the door to lots of speculation.

      • They don’t have any obligation to reveal the results & if they did it now then they’d have to do it every time. They never respond to the conspiracy theorists.

      • I see that points, but why not release them all the time. Should be on the website as soon as voting is finished. What the hell do they have to hide ?

      • That true. So we will have to keep continue theorize about the next conspiracy. LOL

      • Not fair. But, I do understand your train of thought. It does keep the conspiracy theorist busy in a good way.

      • But in the beginning I forget which houseguest said that they went to go into the SR and
        Elissa was standing in the backdoor of the room talking with production. Kind of fishy.

  3. PLEASE Kick ELISSA out of the house!!!!! Then let us all watch the scurrying rat Andy and Helen make nice. Bwahahahahaha!!! Best thing to happen!

  4. I suspect Elissa fans didnt notice the twist and continued to vote for her anyways.

  5. I’m sure Elissa doesn’t mind being on the block. She’s been quite vocal about wanting to go home to her family.

    • She can go home anytime she wants to. Production can’t force a HG to stay if he or she wants to leave.

  6. I think it’s hilarious. Punishes those people who aren’t even paying attention and just voting for Elissa every week.

  7. Elissa followers must really be a lot like the sisters…clueless if they r using the we were confused excuse for Elissa going on the block. I think most BB watchers are tired of the Elissa/Rachel show.

  8. I see few reasons for this happening:
    1. Aaryn is already on block
    2. Dumb fans not realizing what they are voting for
    3. People that just dislike ellissa for: doing nothing, being mvp every week, complains about being there, being rachels sister

    • I think a lot of it has to do with her being Rachel’s sister. They have been against her since the first week and it only got worse as she won MVP every week. The fact is, I think a lot of people, including myself, voted for Elissa as the MVP because she is the Anti-mean girl. The one thing Elissa made certain while the others wavered is she did not like Jeremy and Aaryn so voting for her meant there was a good chance that alliance would be broken up.

      Despite this weird hatred for Elissa, I doubt she will be going home this week no matter what the people who want her out think.

      • The hatred isn’t for Elissa. The hatred is that Rachel fans are giving her MVP votes that she never earned for strategy. She earned them for being Rachel’s sister. The real strategists in the game aren’t getting a chance to use the twist that was designed, in name, for strategists.

      • I’ll agre with that, but it was only the first 3 weeks, nobody had really made bold enough move to overcome this. I’m sure it was coming. Other would have eventually receive the MVP.

      • The Moving Company got David out week 1. That had to count for something!

        I disagree with your second point. If MVP returns to old rules next week, it will go straight back to Elissa. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t. Brenchel army is too large.

      • Somehow, so I can sleep tonight, I want to believe that someone will make a bold move and woo the Brenchel army.

      • Helen got 17% the past week which was a huge increase. If they did not change the format this week, who knows someone else could have won it! I think this is more a result of fans not reading and just voting blindly! They probably thought because of the huge Aaryn vote that she might get MVP but, the site clearly states the vote was for the 3rd nominee! My money is still on Aaryn to go home this week which would be fine with me!

      • It was the poll on who should get MVP on this site the past week. Elissa got the most votes on the poll but, Helen got 17%. I do not remember Elissa’s percentage though. I remember Helen’s as I voted for her to be MVP this past week! Just saying that the gap on the percentages are narrowing by a substantial amount which is my point.

    • Elissa is playing a good game. Shes in an alliance that has gotten rid of two of the Bros over Hoes JERKS and isnt floating just VOTING. Shes cool with everyone, not flipping beds or flipping out ! And she just won the veto. Even if the house is getting to her, & alot of people say it hurts after you’re there awhile, I hope her & Helen are finale two.

  9. Me think, CBS got caught and created a complete mix-up. That too weird to make any sense. Maybe if we had the whole result, we could analyse them and understand what happen. Somebody is sitting with a whole lot of eggs on their face.
    Well, at least Aaryn is on the block.
    Me hope Elissa win the veto.

  10. This just goes to show that the majority of the people do not pay attention. And they forget that this is a show where you ALWAYS expect the unexpected!! If you must vote, PLEASE pay attention and READ what you are voting for. :/

    • Or maybe most of America cannot stand Elissa and tired of Production rigging it. Hope she is out this week and perhaps the house guests can play an honest game.

      • Oh come on. Elissa is not a bad player. We need Aaryn out before jury. Most important. Then next week we can argue for you to get Spencer out.

      • Sorry, but you really want to win the $500,000 you would be stupid not to take AARYN with you to the end. If I came on BB to win, then Aaryn is who I would want by my side. I want a guaranteed $500,000 payday.

      • And give her $50,000. Think straight dor a second. You would have a riot in Studio City parking lots.

      • I would take Aaryn to the end also. They are playing a game to win. It’s not a play nice personality contest.

      • Then you can watch and enjoy it. I won’t. The only thing that keep me interrested right now, is this site and the hope that thing will get better. To be frank with you, right now, at this point of the season, BB Canada 1 was much better than BB 15, and it was nothing to write home about.

      • America put them on the block by giving Elpissa MVP every week. And after America I still wouldn’t give credit to Elipssa because Helen told her every move to make. Elipssa hasn’t done squat.

      • I’d rather have David and Nick in the house than Elpissa (thanks, Lavangargirl). My feelings have nothing to do with her sister. I just don’t like her. She did nothing to earn MVP 3 times in a row and she can’t play the game. Hope they get rid of her after Aryan is gone otherwise she’ll be on the jury.

      • How about they get rid first of the Arian Princess (can’t remember who to thank for that one), than Ginamarie, than Spencer (that one is for Sharon) and than have it your way.

      • I have to tell you, you are too transparent for the rest of us to believe that’s why you want Elissa out. GM is a good player? Jessie is a good player? Howard has stepped on his tongue almost every day/ You think he is a good player? We get it. You don;t like Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister and the rest of the country roots for her.

      • You seem to be one of those people that has some kind of personal hatred for Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister. I doubt most of America, which voted her MVP 3 times, dislikes her as much as you do. Do you think they dislike Elissa more than Aaryn?

      • I agree with Sharon and I don’t have hatred for Elissa. I have hatred for the fact that they put a sibling in of a popular player with a built in fan base along with the MVP twist. It was never fair to any of the house guests. I think most people who want Elissa out feels the exact same way. It has nothing to do with Elissa as a person or Rachel as a person. Even Elissa herself knew she would be getting MVP each and every week because of Rachel’s fans. How is that fair to the other house guests?

    • It’s all speculation tough. We can tell for sure if we don’t see all the results.

    • It was poor site design on their part. They changed nothing with the layout and only in the smaller white text did it say for eviction. I made the same mistake that it seems a lot of us did and I voted for MVP because I hadn’t watched the show yet to realize that they had changed it.

  11. I voted to put Amanda on the block…she needs to get out of there also..she is always trying to take over the HOH noms & loves telling everyone what to do

    • she acts like everyone’s hoh is her own and it isn’t, and she also thinks that everyone in the house owes her something but they don’t owe her anything

    • I voted for her too. If Elipssa does get off the block I hope Amanda goes up.

    • She’s PLAYING the game. Every body is always complaining there’s no leader in the game.

  12. I think CBS was dumb to make this twist, even thought they did make it clear. But I’m sure that there were some people who didn’t watch the show and continued to go online and vote thinking they voted for mvp. And then those who did pay attention probably voted for aaryn, and since she was up, those who don’t like elissa for some reason and those who didn’t pay attention won the majority. Good going CBS!

    • They shot themselves in the foot, because if they evict Elissa before Aaryn, ratings will drop.

      • Exactly, because the whole reason of having Elissa this season is because she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister. And if Elissa goes and Aaryn, the racist, doesn’t leave, I bet a whole lot of people will tune out. I also think it’s dumb because the whole house is now thinking that Elissa put herself on the block and she’s still getting the blame for it.

      • yeah, they think that she’s trying to frame someone or that the twist will be something like the mvp nominee being guaranteed safety and/or a special power

      • I’m thinking of the Styx’s song: “Too much time on my hand”. Talk about conspiracy theorist. They’re in the house.

      • Of course it’s amanda that’s coming up with these theories. They’re talking crazy right now (mccrae, kaitlin,judd, and amanda) saying that she’ll be able to send Kaitlin and Aaryn home. Maybe they should accept the fact that this one is out of their control and Amanda may not be able to figure this out!

      • Me have a feeling Elissa will go raise hell in DR. She certainly won’t like to be blame.

      • I hope that she wins POV, mainly so I can see what other dumb decisions America has made as a whole.

      • Me too, I do not want to see Aaryn or Kaitlin win this one. I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda being backdoored.

      • To be honest i don’t even watch BB anymore. Very tired of all the racist remarks and CBS does nothing about it. I just read what you all write.

      • That’s why we want Aaryn out, and then another few more, then I really feel the game is going to pick up and some good people will start shining. Still quite a way to go.

      • No they won’t! People watch for the drama; they don’t watch because they want to be bored. Watching paint dry is not fun to watch.

      • Nobody want to see the Arian Princess slip under the radar and much further in the game. I want her out NOW.

      • EVERYONE wants to see Aryn. . .she’s just a stupid girl who keep people watching. . . she’s not a racist. . I don’t think she’s smart enough to be one. . . .she’s just a brain dead whole who thinks she entitled. ..

      • Well watching Aaryn make racist remarks to others isn’t exactly fun… lmfao I’d rather watch Elissa do yoga than hear Aaryn talk

    • Two things happened I think. One is that people voted blindly and continue to vote as before. Second, Aaryn got the most votes but, since she was on the block, it went to the 2nd highest vote which was Elissa. What would be interesting is next week if Elissa is still in the Big Brother House. Will she still get MVP? If Aaryn can get a good chunk of the votes, there is no reason another house guest cannot get MVP next week but, we will have to wait and see!

  13. Well if Aaryn wins POV, she takes herself down and they put up someone else and the whole America being the MVP has all been for nothing. Thats how I see it. Somebody screwed up big time. What a waste.

  14. I voted before watching the episode and there wasn’t anything huge, flashing, saying that we were voting for eviction and not mvp. I actually voted for Amanda this week for MVP and then felt terrible when I realized we were voting for eviction. POOR site design on their part.

  15. I really think it was confusion on the part of Rachel fans that put Elissa on the block. If you follow Rachel on twitter then it becomes clear that is what happened. I think it’s funny. Not necessarily because i want her on the block but because it creates confusion in the house. Anytime HGs are scrambling then it’s a treat for the fans.

    • Well the trained chimps who normally vote for Elissa don’t get their banana this week. Although since it will cause so much confusion and chaos I’m OK with it.Should have been this way all along where the HGs don’t know who put up the 3rd nom.

  16. It’s possible that many of Elissa/Rachel fans voted for Aaryn or Kaitlin so their votes were essentially wasted… It was dumb to open up the votes before the HOH nominees were named.

    • Yeah, that was definitely their mistake. Since they weren’t going to name the MVP nom until today anyway, they should’ve had the voting open up until midnight BBT (like they USUALLY do). Because the polls were closed before noms, it didn’t give people a chance to backtrack. I voted 10 times for Aaryn on my phone, but was going to wait until after the nomination ceremony to send in my online votes, which would have been at that point for whichever of the Mean Girls wasn’t on the block. But, of course, noms happened after 6 BBT time, so that was a wash.

    • I agree. When Elissa was MVP she didn’t nominate until the two nomination we’re reveled. So I think America should have been given the same opportunity. At least when she said she wasn’t MVP, the house quest knows she isn’t lying.

    • I don’t think it was a mistake at all. Production knows what they’re doing. All they wanted was to get Aaryn on the block. This guaranteed it. They also had to know that if Aaryn was nominated by HoH, the vast majority of America’s vote would be nullified. Who else would America coalesce around? There is no obvious choice but Elissa. It was almost inevitable. Where it gets interesting is if Elissa is taken off the block with POV. Replacement is a crapshoot.

  17. I totally took what Julie Said to mean that America was The MVP and THEY were choosing/voting for the 3rd HG to go on the Block.

    • Yeah, but there were people who were complaining that they misunderstood and thought they were voting for the MVP again, not the 3rd nominee.

  18. I think Elissa was nominated because many people sent nomination votes towards only Aaryn without considering sending votes towards GM or Kaitlin in case Aaryn was nominated by Judd. Also, a lot of people still thought that they were voting for MVP, and there are people who would vote against Elissa because she gets MVP every week despite doing next to nothing.

    • Yeah, that could be. I know that I had it planned that I would send half of my votes (the 10 from my phone) to Aaryn and then, should she get put up on the block, use the other 10 from the CBS website on either GM or Kaitlin (whichever wasn’t on the block), but since CBS closed the polls before nominations were announced, I never got the chance.

      • I get what you mean, they probably shouldn’t have closed the polls before nominations were revealed, however the damage would’ve most likely already been done.

      • The MVP twist was flawed from the beginning due to the fact that they put Rachel’s sister in a house of nobodies. Also, they should’ve prevented consecutive MVP wins like HOH.

      • I dIsagree on your first point, the MVP twist was great, create some mystery if the MVP doesn’t reveal him or herself and it actually work great the first 2 weeks by producing 2 surprise evictions.
        I agree on your second point, no consecutive MVP.
        To CBS defense on this, they couldn’t predict that Elissa would get it all the time.

      • I do believe that they should’ve anticipated for a fan-favorite. For example: Jeff and Jordan would’ve won every week in BB11. The twist had potential, however not everyone was on equal ground in the beginning.

      • I’m not convince they knew what they had with Elissa. Could have gone both way.

      • I’m convinced Dani and totally agree. Jeff and Jordan’s siblings would have had the same results. If they have any. lol

      • I totally agree Dani and finally someone who sees it the way I see it. MVP would have been great if Elissa was not in the game. It backfired because she was because she had a built in fan base. There was no mystery at all. I would say the same for any popular player’s sibling who was put in the game.

  19. This is hilarious. I always said Elissa/Rachel fans would screw Elissa and they did! Sorry folks, this is terrible for her.

  20. IMO anyone. . . .ANYONE who supports Elissa is not a fan of BB. . . she is an entitled pig who has had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a cartoon character. . .she makes the show unwatchable, but what really sickens me, is that so many of YOU are fans of her. . .WHAT is there to LIKE. . . .? Admire? . .. If you are a fan of her, or voted FOR her the first 3 weeks, YOU are living a failed life. . losers

    • Nothing to admire, but I see no reason to want her out right now. Personnaly I doubt very much she would make it to the end.

      • The show isn’t watchable with her in it. . .Elissa is societal scum and needs to just go away. .

      • I’m with you Capt. I have been vocal about my displeasure that Elissa keeps winning MVP. But I didn’t want Elissa to go home BEFORE Aaryn.

    • Hannah if someone is a loser for admiring Elissa, it is doubly pathetic that someone would hate her the way you do. I dislike Aaryn but I don’t waste energy hating her. That would be a waste.

      Haters are just as pathetic as worshippers

    • You write a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the game. Edit your comment and stop embarrassing yourself.

  21. Most people did not get confused! America is not as stupid as a lot of you think because the twist was clearly explained. Rachel Reily is popular and from what I remember, even though many people liked her, many people didn’t, including me.

    Another fact to point out is that people might find Elissa annoying or they might have been getting sick of her winning mvp every week. Aaryn was no doubt the top vote getter (I would have voted for her to be put on the block), but she was already on the block, and many of you probably used all 10 votes for her, so stop complaining that people didn’t understand.

  22. Well when we vote for MVP again I hope people will vote for someone else like Judd or Howard.

    • I’m wondering if they’ll bring back the twist. Might be done for the season.

      • Agree maybe this was away of getting rid of the twist. By the way, seems like I am in the minority,but I like Elissa. And I think she is holding her own. I don’t have live feeds, is she very emotional?

  23. This is week four! Out of the previous THREE weeks, Elissa has been ‘on the block’ twice and a ‘have not’ twice. That kind of dictates how much she can play or be a factor, she is trying to stay in the game. Good thing is that she was able to nominate the final evictee as MVP but being on the block and have not is no picnic.

  24. soooo…now Elissa has been on the block for eviction three out of the four weeks! Yes, she is cruising under the radar….(sic)!

  25. The house was getting pretty boring really. Something needed to be done to being back some excitement into the game.

  26. this is fixed. I cant believe I am saying that after telling so many people on other occassions BB does not “fix” things but on the live feeds Elissa was saying some pretty fishy things about wanting to be back doored so she either knew this was coming or really wants to go home like she has been telling the house

    • Many says that when things go wrong, but they usually change their mind after a while. She just need to simmer down.

  27. I am not surprised by this. Obviously there are a lot of people out there who resent Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister. The fact that they would rather see her go home than the racist Aaryn says something about how they think. I admit, Elissa is not the best player in the house, but neither is she deserving of being on the block again. There are much bigger targets including Aaryn, Spencer, Howard and even Amanda, who seems to be running the house despite not having won anything.

    The way CBS ran this vote was kind of silly. I am not sure who got the most votes but there probably were people who voted for Elissa thinking it was for MVP. There were probably people who voted for her because they were annoyed she got MVP3 times already. Whatever the reason it is just typical Big Brother throwing a wrench into the game from time to time. At least its not something really dumb like the coup de etat or the Diamond Power of Veto. Those things seem really contrived. In any case, I do not think Elissa is going home and this just means Aaryn of Kaitlyn will be the target.

    • I’m hopeful too that Elissa more than likely is not in danger of eviction. On BBAD last night, even Kaitlyn was saying she’d annoyed with Aaryn. She didn’t look like she like her very much. Of course that could be a ploy but I didn’t think so from the way she was saying it.

  28. I think CBS should of told them MVP was America. She said expect the unexpected. So now what they aren’t going to find out. I’ll bet if Aaryn wasn’t nominated and she got America’s votes then they would of told them. But because CBS loves Elipssa and loves to manipulate they don’t dare say America voted you to go on the block. She might cry and lose one of her fake eyelashes.

    • There I just got them from a Edward Snowden:
      Aaryn 99.8%
      Kaitlyn .0100%
      Elissa .0020%
      Ginamarie .0015%
      Amanda .0010%
      McCrea .0010%
      Helen .0010%
      Howard .0010%
      Andy .0010%
      Spencer .0010%
      Jessie .0005%
      every body else 0%

  29. this is suspicious! on all the sites AMANDA had the next highest vote totales to aaryan. not elissa

  30. I just Hope Judd will nominate Erin Gina Katlin for the eviction since getting HOH because all three of them are really disrespectful to theyre housemates the way they treated housemate candis on big brother on Sunday July 14 2013 was wrong mean when Erin was dumping candis things from her bed candis had a reason to be angry upset with Erin with what she did candis had a reason to be angry upset with gina as well hoping up in candis face the way she did making racial comments about her it made me so angry upset when erin gina marie bullied candis Candis had a reason to be angry upset with Katlin Jeremy as well when they were teasing her when erin gina were acting a fool clowning

  31. Thank you to all the people who got cinfused and voted for Elissa to be voted out when you thought she was going to be MVP again. I guess her fans don’t listen. This is the best week ever!

  32. I understood the voting for a nominee perfectly as I voted 5 times for Aaryn and 5 times for Elissa. If Aaryn isn’t going home, then hopefully Elissa will. I have nothing against Elissa personally as she is a nice person and nothing like her sister Rachel. I have just had it with the MVP vote of it being her every week and that alliance is getting to big and too comfortable. Time to shack things up after Nick and Jeremy already went home.

    • Also if Elissa stays, then this might help her game with the other houseguests in that America doesn’t always give the same HG the MVP power.

  33. Ahahahahahah! Ahem, sorry had to get that out of my system!

    Okay, now for those whom are conspiring amongst each other thinking that enough people intentionally voted for Elissa. Granted some did vote for her but I doubt enough for her to be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to be nominated by America to be on the block.

    What I believe happened was either CBS didn’t make it clear enough, (Yes, Julie said it as clear as possible but it should of been even more clear.) and people assumed they were voting for MVP, and not voting as the MVP to put whomever on the block. Oh, and there probably who didn’t pay attention, and assumed they were voting for the MVP.

    I doubt Elissa will go home as her alliance is too big to not vote against her, and there are bigger targets on the block. Should be a fun week on the feeds, and shows!

  34. It’s not necessarily the case people were confused or even that it was that big of a margin… I would like to see the results though.

    How could it be that it’s not people’s confusion?
    Let’s say you have 1000 votes. 900 of them are to nominate Aaryn… that means 900 votes mean nothing now. Let’s cut that again. Let’s say that the second most votes was Kaitlin with 90 votes… That would means that there are only 10 votes left and 10 other people possible. The likelihood is that all or almost all of them got some votes and so it’s possible in this scenario that Elissa got 2 vote where as the rest of the house got 1 vote so the votes fell something like this…

    Aaryn – 900
    Kaitlin – 90
    Elissa – 2
    Howard – 1
    Spencer – 1
    McCrea – 1
    Amanda – 1
    Gina Marie – 1
    Candice – 1
    Jessie – 1
    Andy – 1
    Helen – 0

    I think something like this happened and I think it’s kinda bad that CBS did something like this when they knew everyone would vote Aaryn overwhelmingly and the plan was to put her up this week. It makes this 3rd nom complete random nonsense because there is one target that everyone thinks shouldn’t be there in any capacity and want to see gone.

    There is also the fact that, yes, some people were likely confused which means that the vote really isn’t completely random, but mostly, and highly weighted against Elissa even if the slant is only 1% that were confused in this case that 1% is more than enough to weight it completely against her. 1% of 1000 after all is 10 votes and in the above example that would have been more than enough to cast her in 3rd or even 2nd place over everyone else. Even if she is really one of the favorites…

    • We can only figure that’s what really happens and that’s my feeling too. I wish they would publish the real number. After all we deserve them. We’re the viewing public. Without the viewers, these bozos in their cosy chair in the studio, wouldn’t have a job.

  35. I think there were just as many intentional votes for Elissa as there were unintentional votes. Maybe more. There seemed to be a wellspring of support online to use this as a protest to the MVP twist helping her every week.

      • You’re kidding, right? Go look at Twitter. There is a huge fanbase that doesn’t like the edge MVP gives Elissa. It’s not as big as the Brenchel army by any stretch, but with the entire Brenchel army throwing their votes to Aaryn, they effectively nullified themselves. She was enemy #1. There was no second option. And if they voted for Elissa by accident, that’s no excuse. The instructions were very clear.

      • captain555 I hope you say something to someone talking about the presidential election unless its okay by you as long as its not a black person venting.

    • It’s possible. I voted 6 times for Aaryn, 3 times for Elissa, and once for Amanda.

  36. Umm… why does anyone think CBS rigged it again? I’m not saying I know for a fact they didn’t, but if you think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaryn recieved ~90% of the votes. That means the other 10% were split amongst ELEVEN other HGs. There are quite a few people upset with Elissa winning MVP for three weeks straight, and since the great majority of the votes were discounted (since Aaryn went up), it would not take many votes to put up Elissa.

    • And who else were they going to vote for? They’re not going to target the mean girls because those votes are all in on Aaryn. Feed watchers are out to get Amanda, but she’s getting a great TV edit, and those are the voters. Who else is unlikable? Spencer? Maybe, but I don’t think people care enough. Elissa is a symbol of production manipulation; she was the obvious choice.

      • Ginamarie should have received more vote than Elissa Just for the way she took Nick departure, that was sick man.

      • I’m not going to even try to figure this out. If they had told them what the MVP was all about and told them who America picked, there would be no confusing……point blank and period. I agree with the person that said this whole thing backfired, CBS didn’t think it through, and they had no backup plan.

      • As of now, it hasn’t backfired yet. They got Aaryn on the block; that was the goal. It will only backfire if Elissa gets kicked out (and they can still bring her back with Pandora’s Box). They don’t expect Elissa to be voted out; she’s got the votes.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that something will be done to rectify their huge mistake.

    • So far, the cast is not impressive. I’m still waiting for someone to really impress me.

  37. It’s an absolute insult to the many people who voted against her as an MVP protest to say that Elissa was nominated because her fans made a mistake. This was no mistake; this was nullification by Aaryn vote without a backup plan.

  38. I think production was tired of Elissa getting MVP every week and wanted to change it up. The problem is that people were not listening and paying attention to what they were suppose to be voting for. I agree, America doesn’t choose Elissa 3 weeks in a row and then suddenly turn on her.

    • I don’t think this had much to do with Elissa. They created MVP, knowing that she’d get it and they’d get Brenchel fans to stay engaged.

      I think this was entirely about ensuring that Aaryn was on the block because she’s past the point of helping ratings and is now hurting the show’s reputation.

      • I agree with you about the MVP being about getting Aryan out! I am totally surprised that Elissa is on the block, though.

      • It doesn’t shock me. I don’t know who else the non-Aaryn votes could have gone to. The real interesting thing is who goes up if Elissa comes down. I have no clue. If it’s all feed voters, maybe Amanda, but the voters are TV watchers, and Amanda’s getting a great edit.

      • Well, to be honest, since we don’t know who received the most votes, everything is speculation. Did Aryan actually receive the most votes or is Elissa on the block because she received the most votes? Or, is Elissa on the block, because Kaitlin received the most votes? That is why it was important for the voting results to be released.

      • I guess so, but I think it’s safe to say Aaryn got enough of the votes to require only a very small plurality to bring someone else up. If Elissa has enough support to get MVP 3 times in a row, she’s not likely to be the #1 in this particular vote is Aaryn is eligible. It gets murky with Kaitlyn. Was she #2 or was Elissa? I think it was probably Elissa, but that’s where it will help to find out the voting results.

  39. I’m so glad that Elissa wasn’t “special” anymore. Her being the MVP every week was “rigged”! And I was getting sick of seeing 1 person in the entire game have total control of it!! Now the game begins!

  40. Well, I thought for sure that America would be told who got the most votes. I guess I was a little naive. Oh well. Not telling is sure stir up a big stink, though.

  41. people are stupid when voting, just like during presidential elections, they get what they deserve

  42. Trivia for over 2hrs now on live feeds. Can’t wait to see who won POV. The suspense is killing me…

    • I know why the suspense is killing you…….you want to see Amanda on the block, hahahaha! Who knows, it just might happen. Expect the unexpected.

  43. Elyssa has a lot of Rachel fans but don’t forget that there are many that dislike Rachel too. When the fans voted for MVP Rachel fans voted for Elyssa and the ones that disliked her their votes got scattered voting for other people. Now that the people get to vote for who they dislike, all the Rachel haters vote for Elyssa and the Rachel lovers votes get scattered among the other houseguests.

  44. People voted for Aaryn, but Aaryn was already on the block, so the person who got the next highest number of votes goes up. Obviously, that was Elissa, which, if any of you actually read this website and paid attention, you would have already known. I did. If you look at the poll results each week, you cant pretty much get an idea of how things are going to go. The poll results have been accurate every week. If Elissa had already been up, then I think Amanda would have been up next. People wanted Elissa up. They feel she is boring, and that she was being a bully last week. I, personally, think that is a load of BullSh***, but I voted for Aaryn, so its kind of the fault of everyone who voted for Aaryn. We should have known that Judd would put her up, and voted for Gina Marie.

  45. I personally am glad to see her up there, and I intentionally voted for her to be the nominee (after voting numerous times for Aaryn). The MVP twist os totally in her favor with her sister’s fan base and she (to me) is almost, ALMOST as obnoxious and annoying as her sister. ALMOST. But I still find her to be the most annoying houseguest, with Aaryn being the most repulsive. I think the Elissa fans just can’t believe anyone would find her annoying and want her out (perhaps because they didn’t find her sister annoying, which is mind-boggling to me). But of course that’s how most BB fans get. If it’s not what they like, it must have been rigged. No offense.

  46. When I last saw the voteing % was 67 for Aaryn to go then second was Amanda what happened???? Elissa is getting real tiresome so I have no quams if she goes but not before Aaryn keep checking the Jokersupdates. Who won POV?

  47. Another production fix for Elissa. They have to get her out of the house before she goes to jury.

  48. I voted 10X for Aaryn. Maybe most of the Elissa supporters voted for either Aaryn or Kaitlyn making them the top 2. Maybe Elissa was #3 but I’d bet that the votes for Aaryn were a lot more than the votes for Elissa.

  49. I voted for aaryn to go up on the block , I read what it said before I voted ,,people need to read before they vote , I think aaryn Kaitlin and ginamarie need to go ,,

  50. No they didn’t do this on purpose – If you watch the show it is made very clear that America is MVP id the Rachel/Elissa fans misunderstood it is their problem. No reason to cry and blame cbs

  51. I completely understood, as did everyone I know, and used my 10 votes for Elyssa. I personally think the MVP vote was unfair and I can’t imagine that THAT many of Elyssa’s so-called ‘FANS’ misunderstood!

  52. I really think that America thought they were voting for MVP but I don’t think it really matters this week because I am sure that Aaryn or Kaitlen will go home fingers crossed

  53. Hahahaha. I thought people were stupid for voting Elissa as the MVP three weeks in a row. Turns out I was right. They can’t read or understand basic instructions.

  54. This is what happened:
    80% love Elissa, voted her for MVP. 20% loved someone else.
    80% hated Aryan, but she was nommed. 20% hate Elissa, hence she was nominated! Surprised some of you can’t grasp basic mathematics

  55. I don’t really think MVP is such a huge advantage when you can’t be saved from the block or elimination. Elissa just got lucky the 2 prior weeks that she was able to convince people to keep her and get rid of the other guy. Just my opinion….

  56. It should have come as absolutely no surprise that Elissa went up. Just because a lot of people love Elissa and vote her for MVP every week, does NOT mean a lot of other people don’t like her. Quite the opposite actually. Obviously, when someone wins something consistently, it’s going to upset all the other people out there who have been voting for someone else. Couple that with the fact that a lot of people think it’s unfair and that Elissa has only been winning MVP because of Rachel’s fans, and it should have been more than obvious that she would go up since Aaryn was already up there. Think about if someone really famous but polarizing went in there. Barack Obama for example. Obviously he would win MVP every week because he has so many staunch supporters. But then if one week America got to vote someone out, it would definitely be him. Neither of those outcomes would be surprising or inconsistent. Just like it’s not surprising or inconsistent that Elissa went up as the third nom. All of you who are confused are just too simple to understand simple logic.

  57. Guys, guys, guys (and gals), there’s nothing fishy about this vote. I see this happen in popularity polls all of the time.

    For example, my local weekly newspaper publishes a lighthearted annual questionnaire and the results are published a few weeks later. One of the questions is, “Which actress would you most like to sleep with?” The next question is, “Which actress would you least like to sleep with?” Guess what? The most popular answer for each question is often the same answer (think Angelina Jolie).

    I don’t need to explain how this is possible. It’s the same reason why Coldplay can be the most loved AND the most hated band in the world. And it’s exactly the same reason why Elissa can be voted the MVP one week and voted the nominee (or at least finished second or third in voting) the next week.

  58. we will not know who americas no1 pick is until tonight , that will explain it all. I think america wants ellissa to play and not float , so it was sink or swim and she decided to swim. good for her.

    • Not likely. Tonight’s show will stop at the end of the nomination ceremony. The MVP nom isn’t revealed until Wed’s show and that show is not narrated so there may be no explanation given until possibly Thurs when Julie is back.


    • Please don’t use ALL-CAPS since it’s considered YELLING.

      The “they” you reference is our site. We posted our open poll results which are not official and not associated with CBS.

      Aaryn was most likely the top vote earner, but she was nominated by Judd so production has to go to the next person in line. If it was Kaitlin then they again had to keep going down the results. Elissa was the next available.

  60. Hey Matthew, I see 250 comments (251 now) on this thread. What’s the record of comments for one thread ?

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