Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 4 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 15 quad view

The day after the live eviction show offered a new run of drama and adventure. HGs were still up until 5AM as the sun was getting ready to come up. Once the day finally started things were slow until the Have-Not competition hit and stirred everyone to action.

Heading in to the Nomination Ceremony everyone was hitting up Judd for a quick talk and with each discussion his targets seemed to change. By the end of the night we had our nominees and were left wondering just what this would mean for the MVP nom.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 19/Saturday, July 20, 2013

5:00 AM BBT – Judd, McCrae, & Amanda are still up. Judd confirms his plans to nominate GM & Kaitlin. Judd heads off to sleep.

10:15 AM BBT – Early morning strategy talk with Judd, Elissa, & Jessie. Judd says he’s “definitely” putting up GM & Kaitlin. Then he adds “90% sure.”

11:00 AM BBT – Judd says to put all three girls on the block with Aaryn as the target and Kaitlin as the backup.

2:12 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back. The Mean Girls managed to avoid being Have-Nots again. GM is upset because no one wanted to be on their team. Helen got stuck with them. Andy, Spencer, Candice, & Jessie are the HN’s this week.

2:15 PM BBT – Judd is upset that someone told Kaitlin she was going up with Aaryn.

2:25 PM BBT – Judd tells Kaitlin he’s going to use her as a pawn.

2:40 PM BBT – Amanda wants Judd to put up Aaryn & Kaitlin instead. She still wants to backdoor Howard and keeps going on and on about it (like she has every day).

2:45 PM BBT – Judd tells GM she’s going up as a pawn. She doesn’t like it, but doesn’t fight it. She says she was never really targeting him, which was why he wanted her up in the first place. Judd says maybe he won’t put her up then and they can work together.

3:05 PM BBT – Judd now telling Aaryn that he might be putting her up. He says he’ll have more control over her safety if he puts her up instead of waiting for a MVP nom. I don’t follow this logic in the least.

3:15 PM BBT – Judd talks with Elissa, then a little later he talks with Andy. He’s running the circuit talking with everyone about his plans. He’s moving towards Kaitlin & Aaryn.

3:35 PM BBT – HGs discussing throwing up from their HN comp. They had to eat froyo in disgusting flavors.

4:00 PM BBT – Judd continues to hold conversations about noms and confirms to Jessie he’s planning to put up Aaryn & Kaitlin.

4:40 PM BBT – Amanda is at it again. She’s pushing Judd that he has to BD Howard. He appears to have no interest.

7:10 PM BBT – Feeds return from Nominations Ceremony. Aaryn & Kaitlin are on the block which means.

7:15 PM BBT – Aaryn sulking alone in back bedroom. Apparently Judd gave a “mean” speech even though both K & Aa knew they were going up.

8:10 PM BBT – Elissa is starting to get worried. She hasn’t been called in for her weekly MVP award. She’s asking others if they got it or speculating why some HGs are going in to DR so much or for so long.

9:10 PM BBT – Elissa talking with Amanda & Judd. She’s still very nervous about why she hasn’t heard on the MVP yet.

11:00 PM BBT – Aaryn & Jessie talking game and what Aaryn’s options are for getting the votes to stay this week.

11:30 PM BBT – Elissa floats the idea of evicting all of the guys once Aaryn is gone.

11:50 PM BBT – Howard talks to McCrae about the MVP situation last week. Howard learns McC was just covering for Elissa and that he wasn’t really the MVP.

1:00 AM BBT – Elissa still sweating the MVP since she still hasn’t heard anything. She thinks Howard may have it.

1:30 AM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn not to worry and that she wouldn’t have been nominated up front if she was really the target. Amanda is either lying or thinks her BD-Howard plan is going to work.

2:00 AM BBT – Elissa says she was told in DR she didn’t get the MVP. She speculates it could be America’s vote this time around.

3:12 AM BBT – Judd gives us a shout-out along w/ Jokers & HW.

3:45 AM BBT – Kaitlin is upset with Aaryn for repeating things they discussed or making up things they haven’t said. Aaryn was telling HGs that Kaitlin said Amanda would be the 3rd nom.

4:15 AM BBT – Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard, GM, & Judd in HoH room. Kaitlin calling for a new alliance including all of them to break away and turn on the rest of the house. She still wants Aaryn gone though.

4:45 AM BBT – Spencer and Howard alone with Judd. They’re telling him Amanda & McCrae are talking trash about Judd behind his back. They want him to turn on them. Judd explains he put Amanda’s key in the block last to make her sweat because he was “pissed” at her & the constant “backdoor Howard” talk.

So it looks like Judd disrupted America’s vote by going ahead and putting Aaryn up on the block when we can easily assume that’s where America was heading. Now that third nomination will go to the next in line (assuming it’s not Kaitlin). According to our poll that would be Amanda. If she goes up on the block we could have a very interesting weekend on the Live Feeds!

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    • She is putting a big target on her back. I understand why she does not trust Howard because Howard and Spencer tried to break her and McCrae up and tried to get her evicted. However, you have to look at the big picture. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn are all still in the house. All big targets. Why spoil it? If she was using her head, she should go along and evict the remaining undesirable 4 house guests. That gives her 4 weeks of safety. Concentrate on forming alliances and forming a good strategy because when the 4 are gone—-it will be a free for all! I see the alliance turning on each other! That is the smart thing to do because all 9 of them would make more monies for being in the house 7 weeks (they get an allowance each week they are still in the Big Brother House). Also, they have a chance at America’s favorite player if they do not piss off the viewing public with its cash reward. So, why spoil it and put your head on the chopping block? Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn might outlast her if she continues on the way she is playing which is pretty bad right now. Use your head if you want to stay in the game!

      • Big Brother is attrition warfare. She should be going with the flow, and trying to get on as many people good sides as possible. Eventually if she makes it to the end, Howard will be out sooner or later.

      • No matter what happens, Elissa will get Amercicas Fav Player (unless she wins)

      • Majority of viewers like her. I will vote when the time comes but, I want to reward a house guest who played well and hard that did not quite make it to the end! We still have a lot of game play to go. I hope Jessie and Candace start to play because I want to see if they have it within them to play this game. The same goes for Howard who has been playing bad so far!

      • but Elissa don’t need to be MVP all the time, there are others who deserve to be MVP too, just because she’s Rachael;s sister don’t mean she deserves to get it all the time. She annoying just like her sister.

      • I agree DJ. The MVP twist along with having Elissa in the game was not fair to begin with. I would say the same thing with any previous popular player with a big following and having a sibling in the game. BB had to know whoever the player was they would win all the time. I have no problem with putting Elissa in the game, but why add the MVP twist?

      • Elissa would have been voted out the first week, because she is Rachele’s sister, if she hadn’t had the MVP. After some of the players realized they could use that to their advantage is when they decided not to evict her. It’s funny to see her worry and wonder why they haven’t called her to the diary room to receive the MVP, she has come to expect it. I’m hoping if they put it back into play with the house guest that people will give it to someone else. I did not like Kaitlyn at all when she was with Jeremy, I’m starting to like her more – she’s a very good competitor.

      • I would like to see Helen, Kaitlin, Andy and Judd work together. But, Judd is so determined to get the girls out of the house, i don’t know if that would ever happen, If Amanda is that 3rd nominee, she will lose it!

      • At this point, anything is still possible. However, I am for evicting Kaitlyn after Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer. I would like to see the others play like Jessie, Candace and Howard. Andy and Judd are allied with Amanda’s group right now so, do not know if it is possible to have an alliance with Helen. Helen should stick with Elissa, Candace, Jessie and maybe, add Howard too. That would be an even split with Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy, Kaitlyn.
        Lots of possibilities still but, I want Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer out of the Big Brother House first! Then, let the games begin!

      • Richie you always have a good head and seeing things the right way. i started getting on here last yr and you were right on then also.

    • Amanda is like a dog with a bone. She can’t get off the Howard train long enough to focus on bigger threats. Her obsession of ridding the house of Howard is starting to be noticed. Especially since she is so vocal about it (to EVERYONE but Howard of course). She’s compromising her own saftey by being so demanding and one track minded. The hunter is becoming the hunted.

      • Too bad Kim Spradlin (Survivor Season 24 winner) was not in the Big Brother House. She would have shown how to play strategically, having a very good social game and being a beast in competitions as well! If you have Amazon Prime, the whole season 24 of Survivor is free to view and I encourage everyone to watch it and see how a very good player strategizes. Kim dominated that season and evicted all the men! I watched it again and amazed at how awesome she played the game!

      • ITA! This is going to be Amanda’s downfall. Her insistence of getting rid of Howard is going to bite her real fast.

  1. even though i would like one of the mean girls gone i wouldn’t mind if amanda went she has been controlling from day one and it makes me wander if thats why she jumped in mcraes bed so quick because he was hoh

  2. I wonder if Julie will tell the HGs that America chose the 3rd nominee and not a house guest? If she does, then it could cause people to suspect players that they hadn’t thought about. If she doesn’t then it will cause paranoia about who the MVP was.

  3. I am sure no one doubts who will be voted by our MVP to be on the block. Since she is already there and they will go to 2nd (or 3rd if Kaitlin is 2nd), what do you think they will be told? Will they announce MVP was America? (I think they will) I really want to hear something like this… “HGs, America was this weeks MVP. They voted who should be up. With an overwhelming vote of 90%, MVP chose Aryan. Since she is already on the block, we had to go to next choice. Amanda, take your seat.”
    Another thing that I would like to see happen is the Zingbot getting on Aryan. Yes, I want her out.. but, I really want to see her face zingbot’s wrath.

  4. If Amanda becomes the 3rd nominee & they don’t clue the HG’s in on Americas vote, she’ll be mystified.

    If they tell he America voted her as the nomination, then we may see shift strategy. She’s NOT stupid.

    If GM or Spencer get the seat, then I’m pretty sure she will continue as is & that will be her downfall.

    Overall she is the most interesting player left. Some don’t like her, but I personally do. She’s funny, smart & a gamer.

    She’s also overly vindictive. But that house would be really boring without her & CBS needs the ratings to stay high.

    They will push & manipulate to keep her.

    • I don’t really dislike Amanda, but I am losing respect for her gameplay. Like you said, if she continues doing as she has been, it will be her downfall. If she wants Howie on the block so bad, she needs to win HoH and put him up.

      • Because she wants everyone else to do her dirty work so she gets no blood on her hands. I think she may be throwing the comps.

      • lol. I don’t think she’s throwing comps. Right now all the comps are really for Howard, Kaitlin (and maybe an outside chance of McCrae) to take.

      • oh yes she is.. Amanda is throwing comps Amanda don’t need to be HOH right now cause she has minions doing her dirty deeds including McCrea. To date her hands are clean. Amanda knows the game inside and out she’ll win when the time suits her.

    • I liked her before but, her game play of late leaves much too be desired. She is rocking the boat to early in the game! There is still lots of game play left with only 3 people out of the Big Brother House. There are still 13 people, 4 of which make up the undesirables. She is too obsessed with getting Howard out which would result in her getting evicted! I still hope the alliance with Helen’s group can stick atleast, until Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn are all gone! Then, they can have a free for all! May the best player win!

      • She really is Cyril. Felt bad for Judd. She has tried to dictate every HOH so her hands are clean. She is/has been a user. She admitted early in the game she was using Elissa because she knew she would be getting MVP each and every week. I guess Elissa was pretty surprised she didn’t get it this week.

      • Yes,, The atmosphere in the house is changing Now everybody is starting to play their own game. Including Aaryn, Kaitlin, Howard, Jessie and yes even Elissa.

  5. I do wonder if Julie will announce that MVP was America and that Aaryn had the highest votes and since Aaryn is on the block the next highest was Amanda. If she just says America was MVP and Amanda you were nominated by them then Aaryn will not know she was the target all along by America. I will be very curious to see how it is handled.

  6. I am angry with production for telling elissa that she didn’t get the mvp because they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Now Elissa has a huge hint and is already figuring out that america will vote.

    • I agree it wasn’t fair at all, but I am one of those that never thought having Elissa along with the MVP twist was fair to begin with. They could have just put her in the game, but without the MVP twist and I think things may have been different to start with. You had the HG’s who didn’t think it was fair and knew she would be winning and those that just used her for their advantage because of her having the power. I know Production does or suggests certain things, but I think they are going to far.

    • that’s true… but again does it surprise you that Elissa has another advantage from Production?

  7. I would love to see Armada as a 3rd nominee. She might not be evicted, but it will teach her a lesson to STFU !

    • You know I agree with you Cyril and voted for Amanda as well. It would be nice to see her get a wake up call.

      • I still would rather see Elissa as the 3rd person up (2nd place finisher in voting behind Aaryn). I’m sure it’ll be Kaitlin or Aaryn going either way, but we need to break up the strut and attitude of Elissa in thinking she’s got this game in the bag just because of her last name.

    • LOL..totally agree. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if Howard won HOH and put her up and she got the boot :)

  8. I love reading these feeds! The contestants just LOVE to show how STUPID and ANNOYING they are, don’t they? Judd, good job, you know what you’re doing. Screw Amanda (sorry), you don’t need to backdoor Howards]. She needs to SHUT UP!

  9. Amanda is the most interesting houseguest. She does have a big mouth but she is playing a good game. On the other side of the fence Elissa isn’t playing a game at all and shouldn’t have been put in the house this season. My personal opinion is that this is the most boring BB in the 5 years we’ve been watching it.

    • Jeremy and Amanda would have been a great duo – much better than Amanda and McCreepy.

  10. I am pretty sure that America voted Aaryn as the MVP nominee, since she is already on the block, I don’t think it would be right to name the person that came in 2nd or 3rd in voting and not telling them that..if they don’t, then that person will think that America was their choice all along when they were not our first choice..does that make sense?

    • I think they will spell it out about America’s vote. If they told Elisa that she didn’t get MVP, surely they will let us know how we voted and in what order. I would have thought GinaMarie would be the next one being put up by America. I thought it would be Aaryn, Kaitlyn, GinaMarie, and then Amanda.

  11. Judd is pissed at Elissa right now…thinks she is hiding something, which she is about MVP twist since they told her what it was, he told her she is not taking the game Judd is thinking about backdooring her..WTH! Of course, this was all put into Judd’s head with some help from douchebag Spencer…that guy creeps me out. Judd is a nervous wreck right now!

  12. OMG ! I think Elissa is the 3rd nominee, and they weren’t told who the MVP is and the rest of the rules. HG’s are all confused right now….this so cool !

  13. Elissa is on the block and they didn’t explain the rules to the house guests.

    I think this might be it for Elissa in the game. Sad because I would hate to see her go before Aaryn.

    Though seriously can we now stop whining about the game being rigged in Elissa’s favor.

  14. Are you people dumb with this omg we need to put amanda up talk? this is big brother lmao manipulating and trying to get people to do your dirty work is the name of the game

  15. What was the point of us voting if they don’t tell the HG’s who MVP is for this week? That was the intention, I thought. I am surprised that Elissa finished ahead of Amanda. People are now saying that Elissa must have nominated herself…they are scrambling to figure this out, so am I.

    • I think this is exactly what Production wants to happen. Create drama, speculations, chaos and excitement for the viewers. They have achieved that. Their ratings are surging. I look at it as CBS is the ” MVP.”

  16. I’ve had no problem with Amanda until recently, she’s too pushy and keeps trying to make people do what she wants when she hasn’t won anything, and this backdooring Howard plan is stupid right now, I can completely see why she might want Howard out, but not right now, besides even I’m tired of seeing all the strong guys leave so early, really not that interested in watching a house full of just girls. Also I’m finding her less and less funny, and more annoying instead. Wouldn’t mind seeing her go tbh, but then I won’t care if 95% of this cast get evicted, they’re all either boring or annoying.

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