Big Brother 15 Week 3 Player Rankings


Week Three in the Big Brother 15 house is now history and we’re looking ahead at week 4. But first. Let’s take a look back at how things played out in week 3. This was the hardest one yet because as you may or may not know, I was not a fan of week 3. It was boring and predictable and almost nothing happened all week. So bear with me.

Big Brother Week Three Player Rankings

1. Helen. She led the house last week as Head of Household and also lead the true backdooring of Jeremy plot. It’s not very often that a true backdoor can even take place anymore. Because in its truest form, backdooring means the player can’t be on the block originally and can’t play veto. Players and fans alike often misuse the term, but this week it was basically spot-on. I say basically because the original backdoor was hatched in Big Brother 5 when players got to choose the veto players themselves. OK, enough of that history lesson. Helen was sort of an annoying HOH with her “let’s all love one another” mantra but she still used her reign to its full advantage.

2. Kaitlin. She went from sleeping most of the time to actually playing this game hard. Not only did she almost win the Head of Household, she did win the Power of Veto. The best move, however, was her using it on herself. She almost didn’t. She almost sacrificed herself for someone she’s known for a month. But she used her head and did the right thing and now she played as big a part as Helen in getting Jeremy, her boyfriend, out of the house.

3. Judd. By far, Judd is playing the best social game. He has a few people like GinaMarie pissed at him, but that’s because GM is crazy. But Judd has been sitting pretty all three weeks off everyone’s radar. And he’s played a large role each time in getting the strong guy players out of the house.

4. Elissa. This is where the rankings get tricky because no one else really did anything this week. Elissa gets bonus points for standing her ground and nominating Spencer instead of Howard. Even though I’m pretty sure the Diary Room talked her out of nominating Howard from all the talk on the Live Feeds that was interrupting by the “We’ll Be Right Back” fish.

5. Amanda. Sure she might be bossy and demanding, but she’s playing the game. She’s kind of been working as a puppeteer and it’s working for her. She is on the edge of making herself a target though, so she needs to pull back a bit.

The Rest 

  • 6. Aaryn. She cleaned up her act for the week and didn’t get evicted. That counts for something, I guess.
  • 7. Candice. She managed not to kill Aaryn.
  • 8. Howard. He came clean to Helen about his secret alliance.
  • 9. Spencer. He also came clean and also did not get evicted despite being on the block.
  • 10. Andy. He’s everywhere and in everyone’s business. I don’t know if that’s a strategy or he just has sitcom neighbor syndrome.
  • 11. McCrae. His job for the week was keeping Amanda happy.
  • 12. Jessie. She’s managed to get on Judd’s good side and therefore in the majority of the house.
  • 13. GinaMarie. She’s really worthless. I almost ranked her lower than the evicted houseguest, but I decided to throw her a bone.
  • 14. Jeremy. He was evicted and sucked at campaigning for votes.

How would you rank the Big Brother 15 players this week?


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  1. Pretty spot on with the rankings but i wouldn’t dare put Aaryn above Candice. Howard, maybe but not Aaryn. Candice practiced a lot of self control. She’s one to beat and that may make her a target later on…

  2. I am not sure that I can agree with Helen at #1. She started the week strong. However, she made alliances with EVERYONE in the house. That is what got her on the outs of the “Goof Troop”. I am not saying i LIKE the good troop any better. But at lease they are an alliance and Helen and E are not in on it.

  3. Although i agree with most of the rankings, i wouldn’t put Helen at #1. She didn’t evict Jeremy all by herself. And she managed to piss a lot of people off (through her constant babbling and power trip), thereby putting her on everyones radar. She won’t be able to deliver on her promises of safety to EVERYONE. Which will eventually put her in the category of a liar, which everyone claims to hate. I would put Judd as #1. How can your game be better if you’re on NO ONES radar? Helen at #2 at the most and Kaitlin #3.

    • I agree CuriosityCounts. I thought Helen was going to be a good HOH, but she did so many things during her reign that she really dropped for me. Everyone likes Judd and I don’t know if anyone caught it, but when one of the HGs made that comment it didn’t seem to sit too well with Amanda or Andy. They each had looks on their faces that seemed to say he may be on their future radar. Now I hope that Judd has a good HOH and plays his own game. I need to see his strategy and what he is really thinking. I really like him as a person.

      • Agree, hope he figures out that Elissa and Helen are liars, and cannot stand how they will not let poor Judd be alone. They are scared he will figure them out unless they are attached to his hip. Hope he does because he is probably the only one in the house that really is a nice human on the inside and out.

      • I so agree Sharon. Funny isn’t it how they have become the liars and Helen made such a big deal about lies being told during her reign.

      • So who in the house has not been lying to someone? This is Big Brother. Lying is part of the game and they all do it.

        Helen’s problem is she was so nicey-nice with Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlyn even her own alliance was wondering if she could be trusted. When Helen lectured Elissa about being nice to Aaryn and Jeremy, I wanted to puke. Helen showed that she is annoying. But lying?

  4. I think Howard should be a little lower. Although he is a good guy…he got caught in a lie…twice.

  5. I agree again with the rankings. But now that Judd is HOH let’s see if that #3 spot is deserved. Howard and McCrae have done nothing. I think they deserve to be lower.

  6. I think Helen is the biggest liar in the house along with Elissa. I mean they promised all of them safety and now she is whining because she is getting caught in all of her lies. Cannot stand them and Amanda on the feeds said she thought it was funny that Aaryn was getting portrayed as the racist when in actuallity she, AMANDA, was the racist. A shame CBS does such a great edit on Amanda and McCrae but does not let the world see them for who they are along with the sexist pig, Spencer.

  7. I would not make Helen #1. She managed to make herself the most annoying person in the house for a week and even has people in her alliance gunning for her. Her be nice to a fault strategy is backfiring as people who used to trust her are developing doubts about whether or not she can be trusted. The reason is she tried so hard to be nice to Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Jeremy, people started thinking Helen may flip on them at some point.

  8. I understand why a lot of people were a little put out with Helen when she was trying to interject a Kumbaya vibe with the other HG. But I’m glad she did just that. The whole disgusting scenario with Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM and Jeremy really needed an adult to step up and try to diffuse that situation.

    Trust me, I’m all for drama but if that situation had continued to go south it could have ended up with a physical altercation. I’m glad Helen had the temerity to step up to the plate and try to put out a couple of the fires. Too many HG were being put in impossible positions and it had to stop.

    I would like to think those four learned something but I don’t think they did. That night when I heard Kaitlin say, “I feel like I’m back in high school but on the other side” and the others agreed with her, I knew they all take the attitude that the world owes them everything whether they deserve it or not.

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