America To Vote For Third Nominee With BBMVP On ‘Big Brother 15’

BBMVP Big Brother 15

In a move likely designed to accommodate America’s general desire to see one HG removed from the game, Big Brother 15 has switched up the BBMVP twist this week to allow viewers to vote directly for the 3rd nominee. In the past three weeks the audience has voted in the HG who would then get to make that choice, but this time around they’ll be sidestepping Elissa and going straight for the nom.

Be sure to keep in mind that this week you are voting for who should be nominated and NOT who would get the MVP power. This week the viewers are the MVP.

Julie Chen announced to the HGs during last night’s live eviction show that when it comes to the BBMVP they should “expect the unexpected” this week, but stopped short of explaining the change. Sure enough that comment caused plenty of confusion and concern in the house.

Judd is very worried that this mysterious twist will flubb his week as the new Head of Household, but others are pressing on as usual. Amanda is already planning and plotting just how she wants Elissa to nominate with her anticipated powers.

I wasn’t sure if they’d keep this change secret from the HGs, but at the very least production has let them know something is up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they revealed that America did the actual nominating this week. Otherwise HGs are going to think Elissa did it after three straight weeks of having the power and it could damage her game if no one believes her when she denies it.

Once you’re ready to cast your 10 votes then head over to and vote. Keep in mind that Judd’s latest plan is to nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie which makes Aaryn the perfect choice for voting, but you’re free to pick whoever you want as the third nominee. Voting ends today (Friday) at 5:59PM PT.

Other rules to keep in mind: Judd, as the HoH, can not be the third nominee. The HGs Judd nominates can not become the third nominee. Big Brother will go down the list of results to find the highest voted HG who is not HoH or already nominated to select the MVP nominee this week.

Update: So I’m wondering what if America’s nominee gets the Veto on Saturday, saves herself on Monday, but CBS doesn’t show that until Wednesday night? How will there be time for America to vote a renom? There likely wouldn’t be time for that, so who does the renom? Readers on Twitter suggest CBS would just pick the next in line from the results. And yes, that appears to be the case according to CBS’s online rules for the voting.


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  1. It’s a shame Judd won’t nominate Aaryn. Since America is going to overwhelmingly vote for her, the interesting thing would be if CBS is forced to go for #2 in the vote. That would shake things up, especially if everyone believed Elissa made the nomination (or if Elissa were nominated!)

      • Ha, just went back and read last night’s article. And yes you did. I agree completely. What I wouldn’t give to see an accounting of BB’s America’s votes over the years.

    • He did nominate Aaryn I just don’t think he wanted the nosy do what I want you to do Amanda to know what he was doing. I think Amanda got the crap scared out of her tonight I hope she stops put presser on people to do what she wants them to do or she will be out of the house in a few week if not sooner.

  2. Through around ~850 votes…not too surprising results at all. I can’t imagine that the voting would be very different across the country. If Judd sticks with his proposed nominations…Aaryn will be 3rd nomination. I can’t see the HGs NOT voting out Aaryn especially if the HGs know that America nominated her. And what an interesting post-house interview with Julie that will be! But c’mon…who’s the one person that voted for poor little Jessie? lol

  3. You know I was thinking this would be a bad day for a houseguest to say something inflammatory. Like what if Helen said that on the weekend she likes to club baby seals for fun? She’d get a lot of votes for sure.

  4. YES !!!!!!! I hope they show HGs a graph like this one to make sure HGs knows: Aaryn 70%, second 6%. There you go, in your face dear.

  5. This is perfect if all three, Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn are on the block. If none of them win POV then, a backdoor is not possible. That is the way it should be. I think Judd and Amanda is trying to backdoor Elissa which does not sit well with me! She has been bullied enough in the Big Brother House because she happens to be Rachel’s sister! The Alliance needs to stick together until all 5 undesirables are evicted from the house. After that, they are free to play the game as they wish!

    • I’d love to see Elissa put up by America, just to tell CBS that their twist was stupid. Nothing personal. That’s what I’m hoping for.

      • Without the MVP, the racists and bullies would have easily won out because they had the numbers. The MVP neutralized the racists and bullies which is fine with me! Elissa would not be getting the MVP each week if they did not bully her! She got a lot of sympathy votes from the viewing public. To excuse the bullying she was subjected to is incredulous. Bullying is wrong and the lame excuse that she is Rachel’s sister is not good enough! Each time I see Elissa being bullied—-I will vote her MVP! I voted for her MVP only the 2nd week and voted Helen the past week. However, I will vote for Elissa again if I see any bullying from the House Guests or fans.

      • im neutral about elissa, dont care either way bout her but its extremely clear that her constant mvp is not about being picked on its about the massive voting block that is brenchels twitter account, she could be the big powerplayer throwing around her weight and it would still be the same. I think the term bullying is used a bit too often here, while i do agree its happend in the house, i disagree that elissa has got the worst of it, jessie, candince and by extension howard have all had to deal with alot more personal attacks then elissa, honestly if i was in the house i would of targeted her from day one also asoon as the mvp twist was revealed as it was obviously going to go to her every single week and it would give her a extreme edge over anyone else. just my two cents.

      • What Howard and Candace was subjected to is racism more than bullying. Racism and bullying is both wrong which is why the backlash against Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer. Elissa was bullied which is why she got the sympathy votes. Her mistake was telling the others she had MVP. She should have kept quiet and not let anyone know. Rachel got too much credit for the MVP votes. I disagree. The sympathy votes Elissa got was substantial and Helen got 17% of the vote, 2nd highest last week. If the viewers did not get MVP this week, Helen could have won MVP.

      • @Steve I said the same thing since the beginning. Agree with every word you said and if I were in the house and found out that someone had an obvious edge on me I would have gone after that person. The MVP twist might have worked if Elissa was not in the game. Not only did she receive Rachel’s fans votes, but those of Rachel’s friends. Elissa herself knew where the majority of the votes came from because she thanked them each week. In the very beginning of this game she told someone (not sure if it was McCrae, Helen or Amanda) that she knew she had Rachel’s fans behind her. Then Amanda suggested that since Elissa would be getting the MVP vote why not get her on their side and use it to their advantage so the voting would go their way.

      • The funny thing is and i may be wrong but i think elissa would probobly been better off without the mvp twist, she seems like a pretty smart player and i think she could of coasted under the rader for weeks even with her being rachels sister, week one would of been exactly the same with david going out and week two i dont think she would of been targeted because she wouldnt of been a threat, she just comes off as verry non threatning but as soon as this mvp twist ends wich im going to guess some time before jurry, elissa will find herself in the crosshairs by the majority of the house because of the blood on her hands and without the mvp for protection. It would of been really cool to see how she would of done without the mvp and yeah i agree, good idea for a twist but terribly executed by the producers. Unfortunately she will always be remembered as the mvp player and not for her own gameplay for better or for worse.

  6. Atm Amanda and Ellisa are tied for second be interesting to see Judd put up Aaryn and watch one of those 2 flip out

    • The poll on this blog does not matter. What matters is the actual votes on the CBS website which is what counts. This is just to give one a snapshot but, a very limited one on this blog. I do not see Elissa and Amanda getting a higher percentage vote than Gina Marie, Kaitlyn or Spencer in the CBS website. Most viewers will vote on the CBS website. On this blog, only those on this blog who read the postings will be voting here!

  7. Yal here’s what I think: aaryn should win POV this week as the MVP nom, save herself and Elissa goes up not to go home, but to save her ass cause they’re gonna think she’s MVP again and that’ll prove she isn’t. Plus who’s gonna vote her to leave over Katilin or GM?

  8. I will be voting Elissa hoping that she is ultimately voted out. It would be perfect if the one twist that got her to week 4 was also her demise. So far she has been the least valuable player and she should be voted as one.

    Then the integrity should return with the game

    • Because Aaryn staying in the game yet another week would allow the game to continue with integrity.


  9. judd is going to put up Aaryn and Kaitlin so i think howard should be he third just my opinon

  10. Even though Jeremy was loud and sometimes obnoxious the house is dead without him. The remaining houseguests are dead and boring. What a travesty BB15 is.

    • I loved seeing Jeremy grovel and beg. He was also on his best behavior because he had to! The same goes for Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer. When all of them are gone—-the game can be played as it should be! I will continue to use all the votes available to help evict the undesirables!

    • I can understand you. It does get boring when your favorite player gets evicted.

      • Loved Julie’s interview of Jeremy where he said he was a winner in everything! But, you are here outside, obviously, having lost! LOL

  11. I’d like to see a double eviction. Aaryn and Elissa, each revolting in her own way.

    • I’d love to see a double eviction too, and to let America vote out the second one. That would be fun! And I’d love it if BB told the house guests that America is voting 1 out. What could they do?
      Then maybe we’d get the racists out.

  12. I know it happens every year, but I wish production would stop changing the rules and let the players play.

  13. Theoretically – they could have America vote for a Renom on Sunday’s Nights Episode? Production would know who won POV at that point and would know if that person was most likely to use it?

  14. I think before they announce the third nominee they will let them know America voted. And I sure wish CBS would stay out of it and let them play the game. Just like the DR trying to talk Elissa out of nominating Howard. Quit trying to manipulate the game CBS.

    • They had to. Imagine Howard out before Aaryn. They would have a riot in the parking lot at Studio City.

  15. I am so excited to see that racist piece of trash come face to face with Julie and I am even more excited to see her reaction to the news that she has been fired from her job..she deserves that and soooooooo much more bye bye Aaryn hope to never see you or your kind again

  16. I’m pretty sure the re-nom will be the one with the next most votes & not already on the block.

    Keeps from having to do a re-vote.

  17. Aaryn is already nominated so voting for her is useless, if you haven’t voted on cbs yet please vote for Elissa!

  18. With Judd nominated Aaryn and Kait, will it be Amanda who is the next in line for America’s votes be put up as third nominee? I am liking the show very much. Then Helen and Elissa should campaign for Amanda to be evicted.

  19. Amanda. good. she should go on the block.. :) happy about that. She backstabbs most everyone in the house in live feeds. and if you see the bb15bigotry you tube, you will see why we want her gone.

  20. CBS finally seeing the error of their ways. However, they are wimps for not dealing with the problem as is done in UK awarding strikes, nominations, evictions if they don’t correct their ways.

    Also the MVP in general has just been a joke. BBUS could not work out this scenario of elissa getting every week. Not very intelligent unless that was their goal.

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