Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Nomination Anticipation In Week 4

Judd as HoH

Later today in the Big Brother 15 house the HGs will gather in the kitchen and either “schwing” their way to safety thanks to the added audio effects of plastic keys being pulled from the key block or find themselves on the chopping block.

Judd is the new sheriff in town and it’s his turn to make some decisions. From what we heard overnight on the Live Feeds things are looking pretty clear for who is in trouble.

Judd is part of the majority in the house and that narrows his “safe” options to just a few HGs. Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin are all that remains of the Blondentourage. These picks would upset the fewest people and considering Judd said he didn’t want to win HoH this week then you can bet he won’t be anxious to make “big moves.”

Big Brother Live Feeds

Aaryn spoke with Judd overnight and he promised her safety but wouldn’t do the same for her alliance. She reported this back to GM & Kaitlin to prepare them for their noms.

Amanda is still pushing for Howard as a backdoor target, but thinks she can work Elissa as the presumptive MVP this week. That’s going to be a big surprise for her. In the meantime, Judd doesn’t seem to share this same evict-Howard obsession, so I don’t expect that to even be an issue this week.

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We received confirmation from Judd which HGs would be nominated when he talked with Amanda and McCrae right around 5AM BBT this morning. Judd said he was planning to nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie with GM being a “definite” nom. If he wiggles on Kaitlin then it’ll be Aaryn, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t just go with Kaitlin.

Later tonight we’ll get the official nomination results by watching the house react post Nomination Ceremony. Keep with us on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and by App to get those updates sent right your way as they happen.


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  1. I really hope Judd puts up Aaryn and GM so Ellisa or Amanda is put up by america and the house goes crazy.

    • America isn’t going to put up either of those. It will definitely be Aryan.

    • I don’t think America will put up Elissa. Now Amanda on the other hand…. I voted for her!! She thinks she controls the votes!!!!

      • I also voted for Amanda. She’s getting on my nerves. She said last night she doesn’t want to sound like a dictator but that’s exactly how she sounds. Even her own alliance is talking about her controlling and bullying everyone. Also just because Aaryn goes up does not mean she’ll get voted out. Aaryn is all alone and they can get her out before jury. They need to get a big threat out this week. Besides what is everyone going to talk about if Aaryn goes? Lol

      • Maybe…but I’m sure it will be about Aaryn still. I said last week let’s talk game play but everyone continued to talk about racism. (myself included).

      • Yeah, it gets really BORING and totally predictable and production manipulated. I would want to take Aaryn to final two because I would win!!!

      • Until Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer are all evicted from the Big Brother House, we cannot return Big Brother to the way it was! It is in everyone’s interest to get all the bullies and racists out then, may the best player win! If they had a triple eviction this week—-I would be for it because we can save some weeks trying to get each of them out one by one! Their racism and bullying destroyed their game anyway and they are all dead wood in the Big Brother House. For practical purposes—-they are useless props in the game!

      • Well look at all the past seasons. Look at the behavior and rude/racist comments. Just to name a few Russell, Chima, Evil Dick, Jeremy. I could go on but you get my point. There’s always a few big mouths in every season. I don’t think that will ever change. And if we didn’t have all this confrontation and drama and fights everyone would be saying it’s boring.

    • america will put GM , Kaitlin or Aaryn before Amanda or Elissa . But it will all end up to who the producers want on the block .

  2. Do you think –
    If Judd noms Kaitlyn & GM and if MVP noms Aaryn –
    that when the HGs learn that MVP is America, that they will be swayed to vote out America’s Pick (Aaryn)?
    Will it matter if they are told it was 98% Aaryn (for example) – not that they will?
    I would think HGs who were fans before the show, might swing from either of those two noms to Aaryn, esp’ly if they have no skin in the game/loyalty to any of the 3 since they’re all MG’s…”6 of one…” as they say.
    To, in this case this week at least, curry favor with America by voting their way (and if they are fans, knowing there is a reason for America voting against someone). With Aaryn’s past behavior, maybe this week, knowing America wants her out, will be reason enough for HGs to evict her? And put GM and Kaitlyn on notice.

    • Just wondering if knowing it’s America’s nominee, if it will make a diff in the way they vote to evict.

      • I don’t believe so. It might add fuel to the arguments but the HGs will still vote out who they think is the bigger threat. It should make a difference to who goes up, but since it will most likely be Aaryn she will probably say America has her all wrong or something.

      • I agree. HGs will vote out the perceived bigger threat. I think the only way Aaryn goes is if they reveal the percentage of votes each HG received. And that’s highly unlikely. Their banking on the fact that America put her on the block to be enough to sway HGs to evict her.

      • Exactly. Right now I see Judd putting up GM and Kaitlin. America puts up Aaryn and the HGs vote out Kaitlin. If one of the 3 gets veto anything can happen.

      • Some – like Jeremy – never watched the show. He watched 1 season in sequester right before it started, right? (I may be wrong.) So those HGs may not get the “America’s Fav”, etc. McCrea is a fan and so is Andy; of course, Elissa knows the game and so does Helen. They may take their cue from America’s MVP nom and say, hey, no skin off our nose (or our alliance) and let the chips fall. Of course, Amanda will say “I told you so” to Aaryn (after admonishing her previously for being portrayed as a racist). Judd had said time for a girl to go and doesn’t sound like he’s inclined to backdoor Howard. This week, he has 3 MGs that none of the HGs will miss – no proverbial blood on his hands.

      • What you are suggesting is certainly possible. They might be persuaded to vote out Aaryn if they think America doesn’t like her. I think once the HGs know that America has chosen the 3rd nominee AND America will choose the replacement if Aaryn comes down, they will play hard for veto in order to keep the noms the same. Fear of the unknown.

      • Funny thing on feeds Amanda told McCrae that she thinks it is funny that Aaryn being portrayed the racist but in reality it is her, Amanda, that is the racist.

    • If the house guests know the majority of the viewing public voted to nominate Aaryn—they would be stupid not to evict her! America’s Favorite Player is on the line with its cash bonus. Add to that, majority of viewers will have a say on who gets MVP next! And if they decide to allow the viewing public another MVP nomination down the line—-they would be utterly stupid to piss off the majority of the viewing public! Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer are all expendable!

      • They would be stupid to do that if they want to win the game. Like last year if Dan had kept the girl he would of won the game. Isn’t the point of being on BB to win the $500,000. If it is then you keep the least liked player!

      • Not necessarily. You just need a floater to win it. Last year, Dan should have kept the girl because she was a floater. She did nothing in the game pretty much. Ian got sympathies for his illness in addition to playing the game 2nd best to Dan. That was a big mistake on Dan.
        Not saying a floater cannot win it at the end but, you have to have screwed the other house guests so bad for them to deny you the win if you played the best!
        Most house guests are fair people and will vote for the best player. The same goes for Survivor if you watch that one!

      • I understand that you keep the least liked player, but it’s a lot of work for a player to keep and protect Aaryn to the end. She’s a big liability and I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s a dificult task to take “Chucky” to the end of the game.

      • I don’t know for half a million dollars I would take Chucky to the end. A guaranteed big Payday!

      • That is if Chucky doesn’t take you out first! You will never make it to the end for that reason.

      • No it would be stupid to evict her. You need to evict the strongest player and keep the one everyone hates if you want to win the big money. People need to play strategic and not personal. America is not playing for 500K.

  3. Andy is like a zit. I have been using the quad view lately to see what room Andy’s in, so I can avoid it. I hope they bring back the comp where one of the prize is a 24 hour room confinement with rave music blasting, and he wins it.

    • He would probably love that. He could have a party with 50 people and still be the only one there.

  4. Big Brother loves the sensitive gayish type of people. As does you FOOLS that vote for that UGLY Pig Every week for MVP. Did you all know that Ellisa was born a male and had all the plumbing done, except for that UGLY MUG..

    • You are not very smart are you? Any hate or bullying directed at Elissa will only get her more sympathy votes! Get used to it because each time you bully Elissa gets her more MVP votes!

    • About time BB put a tranny in the house! And they failed to even mention it too! LOL

    • That makes it two. Considering the comments of others, Aaryn should get a good chunk of the votes for nomination via MVP. Sweet. Hopefully, she goes out this week! If not, I will take Gina Marie or Kaitlyn in place.

  5. this is what i hope happens: judd nominates ginamarie and kaitlin, under the assumption that elissa will get MVP and nominate aaryn, because she’s made it clear she wants her gone. then aaryn will go up anyways because we hate her! and then hopefully aaryn would go home. but really, i wouldn’t care who out of the three of them went home. just hopefully aaryn doesn’t win veto, but honestly, production probably won’t let that happen. i can’t wait for the moment that they tell aaryn that america hates her. remember when she thought she was going to get MVP? HA! but i really hope judd doesn’t put aaryn up, because if he does, then it looks like amanda would go up under the impression we voted her to be nominated and i wouldn’t like that. considering more than 60% of the votes have gone to aaryn.

    Here’s to hoping!

    • I hope he nominates Aaryn and this idea of America voting backfires on CBS and the next person that receives the most votes is Amanda. CBS needs to stop manipulating the game and let the players PLAY!!! And how do we really know who receives the most votes? CBS probably manipulates that too.

      • I’m thinking CBS’ decision to have America vote for the 3rd Nom. is going to backfire. If Judd puts aaryn up it looks like (from the voting on this site, which is usually pretty accurate) Elissa could be next in line to go up on the block. And I’m thinking it’s because a lot of people do not understand that it’s not for MVP or maybe people didn’t watch Thursday’s show.

      • The votes on this site is just a poll. What matters is the actual votes on CBS where there are more viewer votes. I would be very surprised at Elissa or Amanda getting more votes for being nominated compared to Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn or Jeremy for that matter! The votes on this site is skewed because there is a group rooting for Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer but, it won’t do you any good. Majority of viewers on CBS will put up Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn or Spencer ahead of Elissa who enjoys a huge sympathy vote or even Amanda for that matter!

  6. Watching the live feeds these people are all a bunch of idiots. Judd has changed his mind at least 10 times as to who he is nominating. Every time he talks to someone he changes his mind. And all these different alliances crack me up. Everyone talks to everyone about everyone. Even the people in their own alliance. I could care less who he puts up and who goes home. I think I am just going to watch this show for entertainment only. This is the first year since season 1 that I don’t care who goes to the end. Good job CBS. Maybe next season put people in the house that have watched BB before and not recruit them from bars, etc.

  7. Nominations are going on now. Last talk before trivia looks like Judd is nominating Kaitlin and Aaryn. He thinks they won’t come after him even though he wants GM gone he’s afraid to nominate her because she will go after him. I love it because I believe Amanda will end up with the next highest number of votes. Can’t wait to see her on the block and I hope they are made aware that America voted. But CBS will probably manipulate that also. If it was Aaryn then they for sure would say America was MVP but if it’s anyone but Aaryn I wonder if they will keep it a secret???

    • The rules are if the HOH nomination is the top vote getter, MVP nomination rolls over to the 2nd highest vote getter which is more than likely Gina Marie. In that case, it is very likely that Gina Marie will be the MVP nominee with Aaryn and Kaitlyn nominated as well. This is based on the CBS website votes which are the only votes that count! The poll conducted in this site is that only—-a poll for comparison purposes on a small sample of viewers who read this blog.

      • I know this is a poll and I know the rules. But where did you see GM had the next highest vote because I looked all over the CBS website and don’t see anything about who has the most votes. And it’s not just the website people can also text.

  8. DeManda is a control freak ! She obsessively try to dictate Judd who to nominate….time for a power shift again. I wanna see her on the block.

  9. I hope that he puts up Kaitlin for sure. I want GM or Aaryn to hear that America voted for them to be on the block and that outside the house, they are unpopular with the viewers. I want them both hit in the self-esteem. I actually want GM to feel it more because while Aaryn is meaner, GM is more racist and more fragile. I want to keep her crying all week.

    • I’m not exactly sure how someone can be more racist. You’re either racist or not. I do agree that GM is more emotionally fragile though.

  10. I would love to see Amanda and Mc play out of bed…geez they are lazy…..All Amanda wants is to suffocate Mc and play from pillow talk, seriously???

  11. when we were able to text who should be the 3rd nominee I texted that number 10 times with the number 12 which is Mcrae’s number bc he is a very strong player in big brother

  12. Whyy is everyone hating on Aaryn just because shes a strong player doesn’t mean yu all that want her out of the house have to say mean stuff about her and if yur a Aaryn fan please help me support her and if yu hate her good for yu but yu don’t have to say all that rude stuff about her.

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