‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The Veto Ceremony results and spoilers are in for this week on Big Brother 15.” You can sign-up for the live feeds now and watch the houseguests plot and plan for the next eviction now that they have the final nominations.

Read on to find out the latest spoilers and discover who is on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, McCrae, used the Power of Veto to save himself.

Spencer, the current Head of Household, had to name a renom. As expected, Spencer put Judd up on the block in McCrae’s place.

That puts this week’s final nominees as GinaMarie and Judd. The Exterminators are set to be broken apart during the upcoming surprise eviction on Tuesday which will air on Wednesday night.

With McCrae still in the game and Spencer unable to compete it’ll be Andy, GinaMarie, and McCrae battling to become the Final Four’s HoH.

Do you think Spencer made the right choice for the Veto renom? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted next?

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    • someone want to tell me what the fascination is with the Bat face snake, weasel? He is so in love with himself, can’t stand to look at him, listen to him or watch him eat with his mouth open. Paul Bunyan is worse, gets food in his ugly red beard and hair in his mouth when he eats. YUK! Judd is a favorite so everyone wants him gone. On BBAD, McC said he could not stand Elissa and wanted to puke on her. Bat weasel and Paul Bunyan said they hated her. GM riding the coat tails. Cannot stand that Andy weasel. Mistake was made. Look how he got this worried look on his face everytime he might be nominated, SISSY PANTS. Out & out lied to McC telling him Elissa voted her out and then yelled in fron ot McC Stop lying Elissa. She does not need the money but I felt sorry for her. Still do, they do nothing but run her down and make fun of her.

      • If you heard Judd’s comments on the live feeds regarding Elissa I don’t think he would be a favorite any longer. I was rooting for him when he first came back, but he is not who I thought he was. He has done so many things that I totally gave up rooting for him.

      • Yeah, there’s no one worth rooting for this year – least, not anymore. And every pole I see now has Elissa set to win the America’s Favorite vote, a large majority of those votes having come in since the remaining HGs started their “let’s make the most disgusting and racist jokes we can about Elissa and her family” fest.

        I seriously doubt this is how production wanted this year to go.

      • THANK YOU AND AMEN…..Bat face snake weasel…lol…lol, I love it, it fits his discription to a tee.

    • Because he is a rat with mind powers that can make people do his bidding. That is why he is still in the house.

      • NO!!! The RAT is in the house b/c he kisses EVERYONE’S ass and when/if he is called out on anything, he craps his pants and whines out an excuse or an apology!!! He doesn’t have Game, he’s a pathetic floater….end of story!

  1. Sorry but the replacement nom should have been Andy and he should have been set to go home this week as Andy and Spencer have both been the biggest flip floppers all season long.

    • Spencer is not a flip flopper – He has not even had a chance to show us what kind of a game player he is. He has been on the block what – 7 times this season. He has not had to have any strategy at all. He is one giant question mark. He trusts Andy though.

      • Spencer’s strategy all along, even when he was with Howard, was to go along with the house and not make any waves. Going up on the block as a pawn was not Spencer’s strategy, it was the house’s.

        In most years pawns go home. This year the house was always so afraid to do anything different the pawns were always safe.

        These people are really bad BB players. I mean someone has to come in 1st and 2nd but that is not because they played the game well.

      • Let put it this way, if there is ever another all-stars or half all-stars, none of these players will be invited.

      • Not sure how much he trusts Andy since he has a F2 with Andy and GM. He wants both Andy and McCrae to both vote the same way so he doesn’t have to break the tie. He doesn’t want to take the blame for who goes so he may have their jury vote.

      • He’s a disgusting pig that goes with the power. All he does is eat and sleep and make disgusting comments.

      • Spencer is a gross fat pig that uses his beard as a catch all. Food everywhere! Burps, picks his nose, EATS all the time and bashes people that have left the house!

      • Come on, to be nominated a record breaking seven times does not make you a great player. It makes you the weakest house guest that no one is fearful of. He won a luxury competition, yay you. What else has Spencer done all summer relating to game? Had a botched moving company alliance? Formed an alliance of floaters who think they’re bad asses. Everyone left has played a game hiding behind stronger players.

    • I Don’t Know Why Spencer And Andy Have Not Been Voted Out A Long Time Ago I Would McCrea To Win With Gm Second

  2. I was hoping for Andy too. He needs to go next. I never thought I’d say this but I’m rooting for McRae.

    • I’m with you Lori. I had high hopes for McCrae when the game first started and before he hooked up with Amanda. Now that she is gone he is the only one I am rooting for. I hope he was saving the best for last.

    • I never thought I’d say it either but I hope McRae wins and gives Amanda the BOOT! Maybe his family will talk some sense into him.

      • right. andy has a lot to overcome now that all the jury members will be able to compare notes on his game. the two votes he should have ensured were the mommy brigade but he sold them out like he did everyone else he spoke to.

      • Now that Amanda has seen the goodbye message where Andy stated that he did NOT vote to keep her, they are all now aware that he is, in fact, the sneaky snake, so if he is to make it to final 2, which I hope that he isn’t, this should be a good reason to prove that he wasn’t as trustworthy as he wanted the others to believe through the entire game! He is the worst floater ever….Sure wish Rachel was playing this season. He would have been sent floating up the river a long time ago…..!!

      • You know, if Andy didn’t leave Amanda that message, no one in the jury house would know what a backstabbing weasel andy is. They may have all thought Andy did nothing all season and doesn’t deserve the vote. Now that Andy has taken credit for Amanda’s demise it may actually help Andy garner some game play respect from the others.

        Let’s face it, all 5 players left are floaters. The jury will have to decide who was the best floater and I think they will choose Andy even if it makes America sick to death.

      • Wasn’t it advertized at the beginning of the season, that there would be no floater this year. LOL

      • Although I do not like Andy, he’s playing a great game. He’s gotten everything he wanted by bring the A game to his social game. People trust him, and he’s fooling everyone.

      • Andy will not win. Telling Amanda he voted her out sealed his fate. Whoever is with Andy in the F2 has an opportunity to win BB.

      • You are all assuming the jury will be a bitter one. IF you look at game Andy has played the best considering they are all FLOATERS! I hope the jury respects the game enough to vote based on game play and realize that Andy is responsible for just about everyone sitting there. He has been the swing vote so many times. If floating is your strategy (which it was Andy’s) then he’ s the best one left. It seems like the others fell into the final 5. or were drug there by others. Andy is the only one that put any thought into it.

      • I disagree Jessalli!!! Andy is NOT responsible for ANY of the jury!!! How can he when he never EVER takes charge? He’s a follower – he popped in and out of everyone’s game and VOTE WITH THE HOUSE!!! He has NOT made 1 Big OR INDEPENDENT game move this whole time. Please do NOT give this shallow snake credit he does NOT deserve….and he does NOT deserve your credit. He’s a mean little man. And, we don’t have to assume the jury is bitter …..all you have to do is look back at this season. All but Howard were so flipping cruel and back stabbing to eachother it’s sad really. Even the “best friends” turned on each other and you don’t think they will be Bitter?? The proof is in the puddling this pudding is filled with blood from all the back stabbing that has occurred in the house this yr.

      • Andy really thinks he has played a good game! On BBAD he said that he don’t get credit for getting Jeremy out! I must have missed that show! Now as a floating he is the best 1!!!! But Amanda, Helen, Jessie, Elissa , Aaryn will not vote for him. The only vote he might get will be Candice. I hope he does not make final 2!!! Im going for McC & GM!!!

      • But…… the weasel, is still in the game…. so maybe he does have goid gameplay… even tho I can’t stomche the guy!!!???

  3. should have put up andy!!!! they are alllll gonna kick themselves in the ass for not getting him out sooner!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh would they get rid of Andy already he is the biggest floater and rat in the history of reality tv and I’ve seen watched alot

  5. Can’t wait to hear Judd’s speech. Evidently he laid into McRae about all the times he lied to Judd. Usually Veto is not very exciting. McRae is in bed and they are all talking.

  6. Andy needs to go next… Judd’s biggest mistake as well as Macraes was believe those 2 jokers

    • Unless something happens in next 24 hrs Judd will go to jury house. Would love for Pandora’s box and Spencer get something bad and another veto show up for house to find. That would be cool if Judd or GM found it. Then Andy would have to go up.

  7. The renom should have been andy! he’s no good. I think spencer has a swet spot for him and simply trust andy more than judd.
    I’m torn as to who I think should be the next jury member. I love laughing at GM’s poor grasp of the english language. however, judd can be pretty entertaining at times.

    • GM is just as much a racist as Aaryn was. She took it to far for me when she started making horrible comments about Elissa’s son. There is no excuse for that. She also started making fun of oriental people and imo should get called out by Julie. She still makes the Candace comments, etc. You don’t call out just one person and let the other slide just because she may be funny. Don’t know if you have the feeds or not, but if you did you would be disgusted by her and her mouth. Even the guys have tried to get her to stop.

      • Elissa’s son is of mixed race and GM made a vile comment about that and called him ****dirt ****. I think you get the gist. Sorry I don’t have the exact words because I was so shocked by them and they are not worth repeating even if I could remember the exact words she used. Also, Andy and GM were talking about him as well and Andy said something was wrong because a 3rd grader should be reading not coloring pictures. Referring to the pictures Elissa received from her son during her HOH.

      • I have posted numerous times that gm is a racist and a bigot. I’d never give her the time of day. however, gm is ignorant and uneducated. she does not know any better. alternatively, aaryn has a least some college and exposure to modeling, etc. she should know better even coming from texas.
        don’t get me wrong, gm does not get a pass. however, she is a funny buffoon.

      • She may be funnier than Aaryn was, but GM has worked with young children and has been part of the pageant world for years. She is 33 years old and Aaryn 22. Like you I don’t excuse anyone and that includes the guys. If you do have the feeds go to where the HOH writes their blogs and then people make comments. I didn’t make any myself because they are going to find out what people really think of them when they get out. They will be in for a huge shock and some of them have lost their jobs. People were far more forgiving in their comments to Aaryn then they were to GM. The point I was trying to make was that Aaryn was really called out by Julie and imo each of the guilty parties needs to be treated the same for the things they have said. Julie wasn’t hard on Amanda and yet Amanda said plenty on the live feeds. Just because she said she was Jewish and allowed to because of that doesn’t make it right. GM, Andy, Spencer, and Judd have all jumped on the band wagon saying vile, disgusting things against the other HGs and women in general. McCrae has said some things, but not to the extent of the others. GM continues with her racist remarks. I guess I don’t understand why any of them think this sort of behavior is entertaining. These are just my opinions and for people who only see the weekly, highly edited shows they don’t see what the live feeders see and hear and probably think GM is funny and Spencer is a nice guy. They couldn’t cover up GM’s remarks when Candace left, but since then she has gotten a great edit. So has Spencer for that matter. In fact Julie has predicted a Spencer win. What bothers me is Julie even went on Letterman and talked about Aaryn without mentioning her name, but anyone who watches the show knows who she was talking about.. I just find that wrong. Why is it okay to excuse the others and only put blame on one guilty party? If you are going to call out one then call them all out. Again, jmho

      • I agree with you. Many of the BB guests this season are vile creatures. I suspect that all will realize karma smacking them in the face when they exit the house and jury.

  8. Evict Judd now! He is taking space without doing anything to advance his game. He was safe two weeks only because Gina Marie and Elissa kept his worthless ass safe! Yet, he trusts the biggest liars around in Andy and Spencer despite, being warned about Andy numerous times! Judd deserves to be evicted for his stupidity! Second time around and he has not learned anything!

    • So agree Richie. I was rooting for Judd when he came back, but he has been such a disappointment. He was like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum after POV. He just stopped during the game because he couldn’t get it and when he came back in the house he was cursing up a storm and throwing things at the cameras.

  9. Come on McCrae win that next HOH. It’s you against Andy and GM you can do it for sure. Then get Andy out of there.

    • McCrae is an idiot. He put himself in an impossible situation. Andy is definitely going to F2 now regardless of who wins the next HOH and the next POV. The only thing that could make this season worse than it already is would be Andy winning. That would be the final poop on the worst big brother season in history.

    • McCrea is another big dumbass like Judd. Imagine this, Amanda is evicted which means there is a group of house guests voting to evict her right? Elissa is all by her lonesome yet, McCrae targets her for eviction! Now how dumb is that? The smart play is to ally yourself with Elissa who chances are is on your side. That is just common sense against the rest of the house! That would have been the smart play. By inference, the other house guests voted out Amanda! That is just common sense! And yet, McCrae does not even use some of his brain cells. And watch for this—-McCrae will take Andy to Final 2 given the chance! That is how dumb he is!

  10. Andy should have gone up..But as always new what was going to happen before it did…Lame BB this season.

  11. GM just found her and Judd’s luggage in the storage room. Judd said I bet they have early eviction. They are talking about it. GM said she’s not packing.

  12. No one will lose against Andy…I just despise the guys game…no class. Cant even stand the thought of him getting second place. Im sure he is very disliked in the jury house.

    • I think Andy has a lot of enamels in the jury house he flipped and flopped so much I think as each player gets to jury the realize what he was up to all season poor Judd he should have kept Elissa

      • Judd deserves to be evicted for his stupidity! Elissa protected his worthless ass when she was HOH and how does she repay her? By evicting her! Judd still thinks Elissa was responsible for his eviction even though, Jessie told him that Aaryn, Helen and Amanda plotted his eviction! Judd is really that dumb! Trusting Spencer and Andy when he was warned numerous times not to trust Andy!

  13. At least McCrae didn’t fall for the stupid plan. Spencer could have put up either Andy or Judd and at this point I wouldn’t have shed a tear. Spencer has a F2 with both Andy and GM and thinks Judd is shady so his choice doesn’t surprise me. The thing is that Spencer said he does not want to break a tie so he wants both Andy and McCrae to vote the same against Judd. What will be very interesting is to see who McCrae votes for. He has a half hearted F2 with GM himself so if he really believes in it then Judd will go.

  14. Assuming Judd goes homes. How does everyone think the rest of players rank in regards to winning the game?
    I put it like this:
    #1: GM – Two HOHs and big move on Amanda
    #2: Spencer – Survived the block seven times
    #3: McCrae – Two HOHs BUT he basically laid in bed all summer
    #4: Andy – I don’t think he would get one jury vote – Too many lies and backstabs. He should have just been more honest when he knew someone was going home – that would have went a long way for him…. Instead of lying right up until the person was talking with Julie C.

    • So far, I think Andy has played the best game because he has misted (I think that is Dan Gheesling’s term) practically everyone! Helen was evicted but, she just suspects Andy was not loyal. You would think she would have figured out his double dealing ways! Amanda got evicted and still trusts Andy 100%, I am not sure if she has figured it out yet! It goes double for McCrae because he is still in the Big Brother House and it seems to me that Andy has McCrea misted and I would not be surprised at McCrea taking Andy to Final 2! What about Judd, the no clue, dumbass—-Andy has Judd misted so bad—-he is still blaming Elissa for his first eviction despite, Jessie telling him that it was Aaryn, Helen and Amanda who planned his eviction!
      Whoever evicts Andy deserves to win that $500,000 because they used atleast, some of their brain cells to figure out even just once that, Andy is the biggest threat in the game! I will give Gina Marie credit for those 2 HOHs but, she totally lacks strategy and still has not figured out Andy is the biggest threat! If Andy makes it to Final 2—-he will win this game!
      Helen, Amanda, Judd and the others will probably vote for him too!

      • Judd has to be the dumbest player this year by far. Maybe David would have been dumber, but we will never know since he was evicted week 1. Bringing Judd back was a travesty for the game. Of the 4 jurors at the time, only Helen would have played the game and may have added something to the twist of bringing a guest back. Honestly, when CBS looked at the 4 jurors, they should have cancelled the twist given there are a 75% chance of another non-player entering the house for a second time.

      • Definitely, Judd wasted his effort to get back into the house and continue to play the way he has been playing. You would think he has learned his lesson but, he plays without any strategy and trusts the worst of the lot! He betrays Elissa who is trustworthy and hangs his lot with Andy and Spencer despite, multiple warnings not to trust Andy!

    • If McCrae ends up in the final 3 it will be because he won another HOH or another POV. If he does that, I think he moves ahead of GM, unless she also wins another HOH. Those two are the highest ranked if they make final 2.

      If GM makes it with McCrae, she will get Elissa, Helen and Aaryn’s vote for sure. I also think she will get Jessie’s vote. Judd and Spencer would be wild cards, but I think she gets at least one of their votes and Andy’s too. GM wins.

      McCrae beats Spencer, or Andy because I have to assume he won another 2 comps to get to the end. Like us, I think the jurors will also see McCrae as the lesser of the pigs Spencer and the rat Andy.

      I think Andy is ahead of Spencer even though Andy has done nothing. He and Spencer are playing the same game only Andy has played it better. I think Jessie, Candice, Helen and possibly Amanda will vote for Andy against Spencer. I think GM would vote for Andy against Spencer too. And if Amanda votes for Andy, McCrae will too. Judd, will vote for Spencer I think. Elissa will just leave rather than vote for either of them!

      That’s why Spencer is stupid for not getting rid of GM or Andy. Spencer can beat Judd and that’s it.

  15. I understand this is the schedule for the rest of the season starting tomorrow for live feeders and anyone else interested.

    Tuesday, September 10th – Feeds go down and an eviction is taped.

    Wednesday, September 11th – “Special eviction episode” (taped on Tuesday) to bring us down to the Final 4. When the feeds return later that evening, the HoH and veto competition will have already taken place

    Thursday, September 12th – Live veto ceremony and eviction to bring us down to the Final 3. Part 1 of the final HoH competition

    Saturday, September 14th – Part 2 of the final HoH competition

    Wednesday, September 18th – Finale night. Part 3 of the final HoH competition will take place live
    I read this and not sure if it’s completely accurate.

    • Good job Jacee…I have stopped watching feeds 3 days ago. Will resume if the Rat goes..lol ty anyway

      • Thanks Cyril. Can’t wait to the Rat leaves!!!! I hear you about watching the feeds. They are not entertaining at all and Andy and his constant bashing drives me crazy. I saw a bunch of tweets from Rachel who is having her own party since they didn’t have enough funds to have one this season (even before these HGs arrived). She said she wasn’t inviting most of this cast, but Nick is going. Can you imagine when GM hears that. She has her own plans where she just wants to be with Nick. Do you think she will crash the party? I do. lol

  16. They will be sorry for not getting rid of Andy this week. GM can not go to jury with Candice would be ugly. I don’t wish that on Candice at all

    • Can Candice get kicked out of jury if she gave Araryn and GM the beat down …just fantasizing

  17. If any of these people are intuitive enough…they can see through the smoke and have an idea that taking Andy is a win…no one in that Jury house is going to give him the win…now Judd that was very questionable. GM could take a win too…if those bitches in Jury can get over themselves. Mcrae and Spencer as final two, well thats rather tricky too…I would say they both floated, but mcrae just a little less than Spencer. But Spencer gets sympathy votes for being nominated for eviction a record breaking amount of the time. None of them deserve it. Maybe GM, BUT I have wanted her gone since week 1. She is the only one left who has been playing, consistently, and not despicably.

    • When you talk about intuition, I think Candice would have his number had she stayed longer.

    • GM is just as despicable as the rest. She made fun of Elissa’s son, and called her a whore for getting pregnant at 19. Like GM is someone we should look to for morals. She can’t complete a sentence without using the F word three times.

      • By despicably I meant “acting” following someone around calling them a liar knowing you are actually the liar…such as Andy did…totally disgusts me. Make no mistake, GM disgusts me too…with her personal behavior. She is a loudmouth pig…but I cant stand a liar. Especially one that points a finger at someone being honest. Unfortunately even she could win against Andy.

      • I really cant stand any of them…lol. CBS should pay us for watching these clowns and forget a winner.

  18. my opinion…i think they are only keeping Andy at this point to secure their win. The house guests may see what he is doing but using that to their advantage to get information back and forth. I agree he needs to go but feel he may make it to final three. The jury will never vote him to win because they see his exit videos and not happy with him. If he makes it to final two I wont be happy but it’s a reality show…what can you do??? Lol

    • Those two dumbasses do not have a clue! Andy is running the show with Spencer in his pocket! Judd is probably set to be evicted. McCrea like Judd is not so smart—-if he ends up in Final 3 and wins the Final HOH, watch McCrea take Andy to Final 2! Of course, McCrae could get evicted and we could wind up with Spencer and Andy in Final 2 with Andy winning that $500,000. For the record, I am not rooting for any of these guys but, just running the most likely scenarios.
      If someone somehow figures out that Andy is the biggest threat and moves to evict him—-they deserve that $500,000! Atleast, that person used some of their brain cells.

    • No, Andy will win. They’ll be stupid not to take him out now. (I believe they are stupid anyway).I hate to say it, but Andy had misted everybody.

  19. Why not Andy why why why why why hmmm? Andy is the last person who could complain for being backstabbed so I’m sure he would understand!

    • Because every one of these house guests is stupid. It goes back to Helen working to evict people she could align with and throwing Elissa under the bus. Aaryn gave her HOHs to Helen and Amanda. Amanda and MCCrae thinking they could trust Andy. McCrae knowing Andy stabbed him the back chose to get rid of his only ally and take on 4 house guests alone.

      Now Spencer is helping Andy get to final 2 so he can beat Spencer in a jury vote. These people are so clueless and so unwilling to do anything it is staggering. But look at them in real life. None have ambition and a despite for self improvement so none of them care if they win. Coming in second or third in BB is what they are content with in real life. For them, its is easier to sit around hate the people who have bettered themselves than to work to move ahead.

      • It is far easier to be a bum and that is the mentality of the majority of the house guests and even those aspiring to win that $500,000 just isn’t smart enough to figure out how to play Big Brother! Atleast, Andy is using some of his brain cells so, give him credit for that!

  20. Can Spencer put himself up on the block as a renom? Go ahead, I don’t think anyone will mind…

  21. Just an idea to you all, but Andy is playing the same type of game Dr Will ( Will Kirby ) played with all the lying and backstabbing, he’s not as social as Will and both don’t win comps but putting down him means putting down one of the best if not the best BB player ever. Just a thought!

      • Amen to that.
        Dan or Dr. Will never said the things that the rat does and that is why people don’t like the rat.

    • There is a big difference. If it were just lying that’d be one thing but Andy makes it personal. He attacks people’s character and says nasty things that are unnecessary. Will and Dan lied but kept it clean and avoided personal attacks. Andy is just a vile person. That’s my opinion.

    • Andy is “no Doctor Will Kirby!” To say so, is a huge insult to Dr. Will Kirby who was master of manipulation.
      Andy got away with a lot of lies only because this group of house guests are the dumbest group ever! Of the many lies told by Andy—-they should have easily caught him in a couple and evicted his ass! Yet, those evicted like Helen, Judd, Amanda, etc. all believe Andy and trust him 100%. It is not because Andy is smart—-it is just the other house guests are plain dumb!

      • So true Molly. I think of Andy more like Shelly Moore and she did get caught. Everyone liked Shelly, but the group she played with caught her. Doctor Will Kirby is in a class all by himself. No one has played like him since. Andy thinks he is funny in his DRs, but I don’t think he is funny at all. Andy may think in his own head he is playing a game like Dr. Will, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s his way of thinking and wait until he gets out and sees that everyone thinks he is nothing, but a Rat.

      • I agree with you, and I should’ve clarified that I didn’t mean to put those two in the same category but I was just mentioning that he’s done the most back stabbing and getting away with it, just like when Will did it. Lets me honest, Will could’ve walked through this season like it was nothing cause all the HGs are clueless.

  22. Spencer, other than trusting Andy, hasn’t made a serious mistake yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes to the conclusion that having Judd and Andy playing for HoH is better for him than GM and Andy. If McCrae wins, Spencer and Andy go up.

    • Spencer is content on winning the 2nd prize. I don’t he cares anymore. The guy has no ambition. He was happy just to get to the Jury house. Now he could win the 2nd prize.

  23. During last night show when McCrea and GM were tethered. GM and McCrea wanted to talk to Spencer alone, so they decided that one would go in the HOH room and the other would sit by the door and wait. Now, here is the funny part. Gina Marie went in the HOH room first and talked with Spencer. When she came out, guess who popped up when it was McCrea turn to go in? You guessed right, Rat Boy. This fool had the nerve to ask if he could take a shower while they (Spencer and McCrea) talked. Now, if that wasn’t crazy…………

  24. I like Judd out if those that are left I wish Andy sad going home . he is such a weasel and a snake

  25. feeds update…Spencer was locked out of HOH Then got called back to HOH outdoor lockdown…stayed tuned cause I got company and can’t keep updated if it important.

  26. I’m so mad at Andy for yelling at Ellissa that she’s a liar. I get all the ins and outs if the game but that was low.I don’t want him to get any more money than the piggy banks.Carma is a b—-;.

  27. What is judd on its like he is wasted on something if its just emotion he is a huge crybaby and sealing his own fate. What a waste of time bringing this homer back.

  28. Andy is a despicable person he was happy to be known as a good liar going into the house I bet this guy is miserable in real life

  29. Wait if the episode is recorded Tuesday the rumor about the feeds shutting down must be true or we find out early who goes home?

    • They do it every year…its not a major deal…We get leaks from the people who know people at CBS so we are not totally out of the loop…..I think this year we really need the break…it has been soo stressful and upsetting to watch and listen to these degenerate slugs…I will just be glad when its over..

  30. Without a doubt ANDY should be put up and Voted OUT!!! I have to laugh when I think he once said “I so want to win America’s Favourite”. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANDY – WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A CRUEL, LYING SNAKE WHO PUTS DOWN HIS “FRIENDS” EVERY CHANCE HE CAN!!! I can’t even watch this shallow guy anymore!! Once I heard him refer to Elissa as the “C” word plus some other really cruel things after she did NOTHING to him personally or game wise other than figuring out his Floating Game at the end! He is really just a mean spirited snake who doesn’t care about anyone BUT HIMSELF!!! He needs to go!!! They ALL need to OPEN Their EYES & BOOT HIM OUT THE DOOR!!!

    • I will say this. Andy has made the floater strategy very dangerous for the next BB if there is one. If anyone tries to be a floater, weasel rat like Andy and Spencer next season, I bet they get voted out before week 5.

      • To be fair, in most seasons where there are smarter contestants, people like Andy usually DO get voted out…

      • I agree. Player like Andy don’t really last this long. I think it’s the other players that are just naive of the game. McCrae and Judd, two super fan of Big Brother, was a disappointment.

  31. By any chance is Judd talking to McCrae about Andy double crossing Amanda yet? How about talking to GM about how Andy was with Amanda when Elissa was HOH? He should tell her Andy was part of the plan to get Elissa to put up GM and Andy still wants GM gone next.

    It’s time to think Judd and start playing the game. Crying an whining is not a strategy.

    • That’s my dream of Judd outing Andy as the one who didn’t vote for Amanda, that Andy has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house. Inform him of the Exterminators plan to evict him if he hadn’t won the POV. The perfect revenge is for Andy to get third place only to be told he doesn’t deserve any money let alone the win.

      • JUdd should have done that BEFORE he was put on the block, not after. Once Andy became a liability, Spencer would drop him quick.

      • Problem is, Andy will be able to talk himself out of it and blame it on someone else. If he wasn’t such a disgusting person, I could admire him for it.

  32. I don’t want McCrae to win because I don’t want Amanda to have any way to end up with any of the money. Andy needs to be evicted yesterday, Spencer today and Mc Crae tomorrow. Make Amanda wait awhile for their reunion. Don’t like the comments she has made, but hoping for either GM or Judd to win, with the other as 2nd place. GM is the only one that actually stood up for herself against Amanda, and should win on that alone.

    • I think GM is way worse. Yes, Amanda had a mouth, was brat and threw around insults at any emotional whim. But she never got as ugly and harsh as GM did. Remember GM’s comments about Candice being adopted? Like there is being rude and mean, and being hateful and GM crossed that line way more than Amanda.

      • She also made fun of Elissa’s son. GM is a coward; only talks about people behind their backs. At least Amanda, as disgusting as she was, told you to your face for the most part.

  33. If Andy and GM didn’t have the personailty of a turd, then I would probably be rooting for them right now.

  34. Totally want that snake Andy out! Whatever. Just want McCrae to win it all! He did get his fire back once Amanda was gone. Thank God! I was pulling for him and Elissa from day one, just never liked Amanda.

  35. I have a question is the next HOH competition going to be the before or after the week that something happened? If so, Andy is probably going to be the winner. I hope that they mix it up and have an endurance competition so hopefully McCrae wins.

  36. Ok, somebody refresh my memory. The person who wins HOH on Wednesday can also compete for the HOH on Thursday, correct?

    • Nevermind, just answered my own question, duh! I think the BB house is rubbing off on me…lol!

  37. I cannot stand Andy. I don’t like to see BB played this way. He has lied from day one, set people up, etc etc. I would put money on it that he will be in final 2 and probably win the whole darn thing.

      • Right, I don’t mind the lies, I mind all his nasty, vulgar comments and his obsessive hating of Elissa.

  38. From reading other comments I would say that rat face slime bucket Andy won’t be in the running for the popular vote.

  39. From what I just saw on the feeds GM and McCrea have made a f2 deal cause they both think Andy and spencer will take each other we shall see if GM sticks to her word

    • If that’s true then I hope either GM or McCrae get HOH next & vote Andy’s sorry little ass out the door. I can’t stand that kid!!! Know him from Chicago – didn’t like him then, definitely do NOT like him now especially with the way he speaks about the woman in the house. He is NO better than Spencer is and Spencer is a sexist pig who has NO RESPECT for woman. He has already been investigated for the comments he made re: children (which is awful and disgusting in itself but is worse that he thought it was a great joke). His job is also NOT impressed by his sharp, disgusting tongue on line. And this is who ANDY looks up to? That says a whole lot about Andy….that’s for sure!!! Andy needs to go with Spencer following VERY Close Behind him!!!

      • Yeah GM and McCrea was studying the days of evicted hGs and the different comps so maybe she was serious about their deal…at this point who knows

      • I am afraid its too late. Andy is going to win the comps with the days because he has it down better than anyone in the house right now. I think that will be the veto comp Thursday night. He will make it to final 3 and then they can take him out but I bet GM or McCrae will be gone by then.

      • Yes but if Andy wins hoh puts up GM and McCrae, McCrae wins POV he has to put up Spencer. Since there is only one vote to count. And the last one is always endurance so hopefully McCrae or Gm could win that. As long as MCcrae and GM stick together they might be able to go to the f2. And if the comps are more physical then Andy can handle.

      • I’m not so sure about that cause the last HOH was a puzzle so this one might involve endurance

      • Isn’t the next HOH live Thursday night for a second eviction? I think it has to be a quiz or something quick. Maybe the jurors will vote for the new HOH. Wouldn’t that be funny.

      • Yeah that would be funny and I meant like maybe running and getting this picture to go with this saying or at least we could hope anyway

    • Because “Biff” ANDY is a disgusting RAT who isn’t play the best game….he’s NOT playing ANY game!!! Sure, he won HOH 1 time but come on….the little man is a major Floater and a major Follower!! He has NOT made 1 Independent move in this game!!! He has been riding either Helen/Elissa’s or Amanda/McCrae coat tails and he ALWAYS votes with the house!!! What kinds of incredible game play is that!!?!? The BEST is when HE Votes someone out and then cries like a baby for doing so. The guy craps his shorts every/any time he gets called out for being his own person. making his own decisions or even laughing at a joke. The worse thing about him though is how disrespectful and mean he is. Poor Elissa has said NO 1 bad work about Andy get he called her a F-ing C**t a few times – amongst other things. There is just a few reasons why people are NOT liking him and I for one cannot blame them!!!

    • I don;t agree thaat he has played teh best game. Just look at Sunday night when McCrae said he knew Andy lied. But McCrae chose to “go with the house”. A smarter person would have taken Andy out instead of Elissa or at least tried.

      They all know Andy lies. Helen knew it, Elissa knew it,Aaryn knew it even Amanda knew it. McCrae knows it now. But they all stupidly ignore Andy for all sorts to stupid reasons. Given a better cast of people in the house,Andy would have been thrown out with the garbage a long time ago.

      As for Andy the person. Words cannot explain just what a dishonest, sniveling, cowardly, human being he really is.

  40. Judd asking Andy and Spencer,..”Am I going to stay?” “I don’t want to be blindsided again?”…How pathetic!!!.He shouldn’t have given a chance to come back in the game. Hello !..Obviously, you’re not in control of your game when you’re asking a Pig and a Rat to decide your fate..wtf!!…

    • And this dumbass had a chance to form a really strong alliance with Gina Marie and Elissa yet, he cast his lot with Andy and Spencer! Judd is beyond help and it would be great to see Judd evicted for good the 2nd time out as he just wasted his 2nd chance!

      • Judd is once again a disappointment. Helen told him about Andy being a rat so why can’t he get a clue that gingerbread man is untrustworthy?!

      • Even Aaryn and Elissa told him not to trust Andy and what does Judd do? Go run to him and Spencer and form an alliance with them!

  41. Anybody in the LA area wants to go, there’s probably still some ticket available. It’s only $50.

    pic.twitter dot com/u9riS2okaV

  42. Joker’s update: HGs in the backyard.

    ” HG say what if this season turns out to be lowest rated & most hated. They all doubt that, they think it is going to be very liked & high rated because they had so many things going on. They think that anything they sell on E-Bay will sell fast & for a high price. “

    • Reminds me of when Helen kept saying that America probably thinks that this is the best cast of BB ever. Just goes to show that they all have been delusional for a long time.

      • I laughed so hard when Helen told her that. Then she had Aaryn thinking that she’s won the most comps ever. She even went and asked the DR about it. Not even close. Janelle and Rachel had her beat. I actually think that Helen was kissing her ass when she told her that in the first place. We all know how brown her lips were while she was there.

  43. They can beat Judd over GM at comps .. Duh why would you keep her the stronger one or the one u can talk into anything

  44. Why do the remaining HG’s insist on bashing Elissa non-stop? I don’t get it. I know she was annoying when she spoke but that’s not enough reason. What did she do that was so wrong & was it really worse than the rest of the jury members?

      • But they can’t control that. They think we believe what they are saying is really how she is. They don’t realize that we see both/all sides of everything.

      • Well if you insist……oh ya I heard that a little bit ago. They are just the best, most amazingly smart HG’s EVER!!! One day I hope to be half as smart as they are. Where’s my star to wish upon?

      • I think it’s them. I always hear them say, Elissa think she’s above them,..well, she is..lol…just look at them

  45. Ever wonder why the cameras watch him so much? HUM? Maybe he has an admirer on the other end of the camera. Production tried to take Amanda the Mouth to the end but so much hatred got her voted off. If Andy goes to the end, well…….yeah, it is fixed for sure. No one likes the little weasel but pretending to because they are afraid of Judd!

    • Come on folks, first Amanda, then Elissa, then Amanda again, now Andy? Maybe it’s not fixed after all.

      • Conspiracy theorists never give it up. Didn’t you know that 9/11 was an inside job planned by the grandchildren of the men who allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to force America into WWII so FDR could stay as President far longer than he probably should have which (somehow) set the stage for JFK to be assasinated by supporters of Richard M. Nixon who were upset that John Fitzgerald Kennedy had “stolen” the Presidency from Nixon? Oh and New Coke was just a cash grab by The Coca-Cola Company, who decided to introduce New Coke (with an inferior formula) to raise demand for the original Coca-Cola (now with more cocaine!) product and allow them to increase sales.

        (I am kidding, of course. I don’t believe any of those things.)

  46. Joker’s update: Andy speaking:

    ” I’m going to be mad with all this planning and I get 3rd. I didn’t sleep on airplane beds for an extra 5 nights to get 3rd place. I didn’t hold my tongue with everybody to get 3rd. “

  47. OMG the Zingbot 3000 has his own twitter account:

    ” So… this is what happens when the floaters band together? Zing”

  48. why would you all want a floater to win. Andy should be the next one to leave the house. Other than being a liar, he has done nothing for this game. He reminds me of PeeWee Herman, that is the way his actions and body language is…lol

    • Hey, I like Pee Wee Herman: to quote famous Pee Wee line…I don’t make monkeys, I just train em.

    • He thinks he has everyone snookered but then we learned from McCrae’s diary room that he knows Andy lied but McCrae kept him anyway. Its not that Andy is such a good liar. Its that everyone else ignore it and lets him survive.

  49. 3:47
    p.m. BBT Judd says the newest zombie movie is going to be the Brenchel
    army. He apologizes to the fans of Brenchel. Andy says no, “Eff you,
    Brenchel army! Don’t vote for me for America’s Favorite Player. Everyone
    else with a rational mind vote for me.” Spencer pipes in, “Hey Brenchel
    army, how about you all commit mass suicide?” JUdd says, “Don’t say
    that! You can’t tell people to commit suicide!” Andy says, “Whatever,
    you are thinking it too! Brenchel army sucks!” Spencer asks America to
    vote for Elissa so he can throw up on Julie’s shoes during the finale.

  50. I was planning on voting for Elissa for AFP anyways, but if I weren’t a fan of hers I would be now for all their nastiness. Thank goodness that she is leading the polls..

    • I was going to vote for Candice but now I am voting for Elissa too. I want the vote to be as lopsided as possible. If we can get the vote to 90% for Elissa and under 1% for Andy, I would have at least 1 thing to be happy about this season.

      I just hope these house turds don;t wind up getting BB cancelled.

    • I wanted Andy gone within about 2 weeks myself. Watching him on the live feeds go back and forth as the house snitch just made me sick to my stomach. I hope that little weakling doesn’t win a cent!! Those people were fools not watching what he was doing. Helen and Amanda thought they were so clever too. HAH!!

  51. I’ve never understood why HGs don’t start spilling secrets when they know they are going home. Even if it doesn’t save them, why wouldn’t you? Like Jen from last year. These people just accept their fate and leave quietly.

    • And she spent her last days sitting in the couch outside, holding a bottle of protein shake and bored the heck out of me in the feeds last year. :))

    • They wait too long. Judd should have started that before he went up on the block. He should have corned McCrae and told him that Andy is the rat. Then he should have gone to Spencer and told him Andy want him gone next and Spencer cannot win with Andy in the F2. Tell Spencer they need to get rid of GM and Andy if they want any chance of winning.

      But like I said. Its too late. Judd was fooled into thinking his alliance wanted him there.

    • You could have stopped at “When Andy squeaks”. Whatever come out of his mouth after that make me hurl.

  52. How can we get the live audience at the finale to boo Andy and Spencer or maybe remain silent if they feel uncomfortable booing?

  53. They have proven that the are disgusting beyond the game by bashing people who are not there anymore and worse their families. Do they forget they have the real to go back to and a lot of hate to face. Is rather not have money then to be known for being vile human beings and my friends and family being humiliated in the process

    • I agree with you. They relentlessly bash Elissa, her husband, her little boy and of course her sister Rachel. Andy has even looked at the cameras (during live feeds) and begged America not to vote for her for America’s vote. Spencer says the most vile disgusting things about her too. Judd and McCrae bash her continually saying how much they hate her. Especially Judd who can go on for an hour at a time. Then this afternoon I hear Andy, McCrae and Judd say “I wish I would have had Elissa cut my hair for me before she left.” Really? So someone you hate as much as her is still okay to cut your hair. You vile little brats!! Uggghhh….these so called men on this show this year just make me sick!! Not one real man in that house!!!

  54. You know if I was McCrae I’d try to set Andy up thusly:
    Step 1. Go to Andy and say something to the effect of, “Spencer wanted us to agree on a name. Let’s go with Judd.” Then volunteer to be the one to tell Spencer and ask Andy to (for once in his Big Brother life) KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT.

    Step 2: Tell Spencer that Andy relented and agreed on GinaMarie — but ask him to keep it quiet so GM is blindsided
    Step 3: Vote out GM while Andy votes out Judd. After Spencer tiebreaks and gets mad, immediately go on the attack after Andy and call him out for his past lies, such as the Amanda “fiasco” if you want to call it that. With luck, Spencer will turn against Andy and McCrae/GM would have a 2 in 3 shot at HOH to cut Andy out of The Final 3.

    • This is the same McCrae that put Elissa on the block and got her evicted even though, it would have helped his game immensely! Consider the facts: 1) Amanda is evicted, 2) Elissa is all by her lonesome without any allies, 3) Who is likely to have betrayed and voted out Amanda, Elissa who has one solitary vote or a group of house guests in an alliance? This is just common sense but, McCrae says, he has no use for Elissa! Just like Judd, these two dummies cannot think for themselves if their lives depended on it! If McCrae gets into Final 3, watch him take Andy to Final 2! That is how dumb he is!

      • If I’m being unbiased, Andy had given no outward and obvious reason to distrust him while Elissa’s personal war with Amanda would serve as a major red flag. McCrae also had to think about what would best serve him and is still unaware of the Exterminators. Yes he “knew” andy was the traitor but now he can still get Andy out by doing to Andy what Andy did to McCranda: promising to vote one way then flipping the vote and placing the blame elsewhere.

      • If I am unbiased I am thinking that I am alone (McCrae) against 4 people if Elissa goes home. Or, if I keep Elissa and one of those 4 goes home at worst I am still 1 against 4 but at best its 2-3. McCrae was not able to play for HOH so he should have kept someone who could protect him. I think if McCrae made a deal with Elissa she would have honored it if she won HOH. If Elissa didn;t win HOH, she would still be a bigger target than McCrae. As it turns out McCrae won veto but if he doesn’t win the next HOH or POV he is going home.

        If McCrae didn’t know who back stabbed him then I can see why he chose to send Elissa home and belive Andy. But he admitted he knew Andy was lying so keeping Andy and GM was a mistake.

      • I agree with you 100%. I thought he was going to nominate GM and Andy. But when he nom’d Elissa, my heart sank. Now McC or Judd won’t be going to the finals. And I can’t believe the vile people that will. Severe disappointment my friend. (Notice the butterfly is gone? LOL)

      • Andy has shown himself as untrustworthy and more than one person has said so, including Aaryn, Elissa, etc. The problem with McCrae is because of his previous alliance with Andy, he allowed that to cloud his judgment. People do turn on their alliance in this game! Andy has told numerous lies that if McCrae was paying attention would have seen Andy as the double dealing traitor that he is!

  55. The worst top 5 houseguests EVER!!! I have no one to root but I still watching just to see Andy the floating RAT get evicted… hate him the most! Just can’t stand him at all!!!

  56. Neither Andy or Spencer should get to the final 2 or win since they both lousy game players and don’t deserve to win. However I do want both of these clowns to watch Elissa win AFP. Elissa should have put Judd and GM up when she was HOH with McRae if either one won the veto

  57. Just watched part of BBAD from last night. I can really watch much of this anymore. Andy is always talking and he is the most annoying house guest I can remember. Anyway, Andy called Judd a baby because of the way he acts. Really, Andy? Judd is a baby but not you? Have you forgotten how you acted when you thought Elissa might put you up on the block? Do you recall crying like a BABY? People ask why we don’t like Andy because at least he is playing the game. We don’t like Andy because he talks about everyone, dare I say, like he is better than them! These people who talked about Elissa acting that way while they go behind closed doors and talk about everyone themselves. Worst final 5 ever. Worst BB cast ever. I am just crossing my fingers that this is not the LAST BB ever because of what these idiots have done this season.

  58. Ok…in a nutshell, the intelligence of this group was defined by GM tonight on BBAD when she said, “I didn’t know San Francisco was in California!” Good luck Nick…

  59. I hope Julie announces the percentage of the a amount of people that vote for Elissa so they realize it’s not just Rachel fans that voted for her. I really think it’s going to be an overwhelming vote.

    • I’m not voting for Elissa she sucked as a game player and sucks even worse as a human being.

      She can go home and enjoy her hockey arena as the loser she is :P

  60. Okay so I can’t wait for this season to be over!!! But I will say that Andy has played the game the dirty way and McCrae has played it the cleanest way and based on how personal these house guests have been playing I wouldn’t be surprised if they vote for McCrae to win in the end.

    If I HAD to choose though it would be Ginamarie she has played the best align with a dominant player, slide under the radar, make a big move, win when necessary, kept her word kinda game. I respect her for that.

  61. All I can say is I hate Andy and I hate Spencer I do not care out of this group of nasty two face pussies who wins as long as its not Andy or Spencer dear god don’t let them be the final 2

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