Big Brother 15 Week 11 Player Rankings


There’s a lot to look at since last week’s Big Brother 15 player rankings. We’ve got two Heads of Housholds, two vetoes and two evictions to consider. And in between, not a lot of game. So this might be the hardest rankings for me yet.

But let’s get to it.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Player Rankings 

1. Andy. He has continued to keep his plan afloat and after winning the last Head of Household and veto, he solidified his final three plan by sending McCrae home. And to be honest, Andy should be able to win against either Spencer or GinaMarie in the final two and he knows it. I think his best shot is to win against Spencer and again, he knows that also.

2. McCrae. I don’t normally rank evicted housguests this high, but this is a special case. McCrae won the veto when he was 100 percent going home. It only bought him  a few extra days instead of a week because of the speed-up, but it was still a very important moment for him. But as we know, his luck stopped there.

3. Spencer. He won the first HOH of the week which basically meant he was safe for the week. He put up McCrae — The Exterminators’ target — but he allowed McCrae to win the veto and his plan fell apart and he had to evict one of his own alliance.

4. GinaMarie. Well, as usual, there’s not much to say about GM. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is right now, but she is, and I’m still adjusting to it. She didn’t really make any moves in the past week leading into the final HOH, so she lands in 4th place.

5. Judd. Oh Judd. I hated to see you go again, but you really blew it this week. You got too emotional and actually quit the veto game that McCrae won that actually sealed your fate.


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  1. Isn’t it bad that they are in line for that much money and they all lost jobs for being disgusting

      • Adjuncts are hired on a semester-by-semester basis. Not knowing how long he’d be in the house, he wouldn’t have signed up for Fall classes. Spring classes are assigned later in the winter.

      • I know all of that. If you are a part-time faculty member, even if you are not working a semester, you are still considered to be employed at that institution. You are employed until paperwork is submitted to terminate your employment. I believe the statement released said “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage”, which is very telling.

      • Hope so, hope so, hope so!! Like a big kid…could be the best thing that happened all season for me in this most disgusting game of BB yet!

      • Yeah but it’s in trouble. The union can only help so much. Bet he will be on some kind of probation when he comes back where 1 screw-up and he’s gone.

      • His boss said he can’t fired him right now because he is on a leave of absence. But as soon as he is back, he a goner.

      • no, spencer is in a union and I think the union is in the process of trying to keep his job. Could be when he is done with the show, all of the process will have been done and he will be officially fired…one can only hope!!

      • I am speechless. You are as much of a bigot and filled with hate as the big brother bigots. Shame on you.

      • I don’t care about his sexual partner choice, I care about the racial slurs and biased opinions he spewed out, as well as the uncalled attacks on the other contestants children and spouses! He went way beyond the decency level to attack fellow house guests…but crossed the line when he attacked children and spouses!!
        He goes on and on about how much he really needs and deserves the money, and lets get real, a professor probably makes more money than any of the other contestants as a professor! Yuck, Yuck, poor piece of human flesh!

    • Please say it IS true that Andy lost his job too!!! I have not heard that!!! Prince or Captain can you confirm that for me…or better yet Matt….

  2. Good ranking. I agree with the order completely. Andy’s game to lose. Spencer would be a bad winner, but GM would be an awful winner.

  3. Sorry Branden, I appreciate all your good work. But at this point, with the crew involved, I just don’t care.

  4. My take on McCrae is he was struck by the Kiss of the Spider Woman right after his HOH in week one and NEVER recovered from it. I wonder if he feels foolish for wasting an opportunity to win $500,000. Judd was doomed the minute he returned from Jury House because of whom he chose to aligned with upon returning to the BB House. Now there are two master floaters of varying degree and GM left to get the prize. Mind you of the three left if BB had a rule change and obnoxious, vile, rude, racist and any other objectionable behavior would not get the prize the game would be over. We know that’s not going to happen so because she has really played a physical and social game for the this season’s house GM may very well walk away with the prize.


    • just and FYI GM is NOT I REPEAT NOT at Jersey Girl she is from Staten Island, which last time looked was a borough of Manhattan, ergo she is from NY…however of the 3 left in the house she is by far the strongest physically…I hope she wins…..

      • What gameplay? Yeah, shes won a few things, but honestly, her “moves” are not something she came up with alone and the week she split up mccranda would have happened if any of the 4 (judd, spencer, her, or andy) would have won HOH

    • We get it you love GM. Though, there really is no reason for you to forget to turn you Caps Lock button off.

  6. Is it just me or on this season of BB they usually interview family members of the HG’s during the season and I hardly seen any this season…Hmhmmm wonder why?

  7. Chicago Sun Times: Fan’s of Andy in Chicago organized a viewing party at Kit Kat Lounge during Wednesday’s Finale.

    D-Con and Tomcat pellets will be serve.

  8. Andy should beat Spencer in Round 2 this afternoon and if he does, he will face GinaMarie in Round 3 in Wednesday’s Finale

  9. Andy sucks he should take his fairy ass back home and let gm and spencer fight final 2 out and in t hat case go gm

  10. You guy’s are all lame as HELL, anyone who makes it to final 3 deserves to win, WHY? the name of the game is make it to the end anyway you can, this game is about lying(and being good at it, and cheat any way you can) and that is exactly what they did! so suck it up

  11. Joker’s update: “After an unexhausting 2 hours of being awake the 3 HG are settled in for a well needed nap!”

    Boooooriiiiing !!!!!

    • Very boring. I’ve watched all of 5 minutes of feeds today. They’re playing part 2 HOH now though. So hopefully soon will have some news. I hope Andy loses.

      • I watched the feed tonight and fell asleep. OMG on Big Brother after Dark. GM played cards saying nothing for the first 15 minutes. I’m like what the heck and then Spencer read his letter outloud to whom? I guess us. It was very boring tonight…not much talking. It reminded me of McCrae and Amanda just lying in bed and not saying anything all the time. I can’t believe they even showed that tonight. The producers should have come on the air and said, “hey, you’re live now. Please talk and entertain for the cameras or you’re all fired.” Lol

  12. Joker’s update: “Andy said he will kill himself if Elissa gets the $50,000.. she doesn’t need it”

    Ok, maybe that will be his way out of that promise, he’ll say “I tought that was $50,000, since it is just $25,000, I don’t have to kill myself”

  13. Joker’s update: “GM said she will never see Andy again, after this show”

    Oups, trouble in paradise.

  14. Joker’s update: “Spencer bashing Candice saying no one in their right mind would marry her “

    Look who’s talking !!!!!

  15. Joeker’s update: “3:53 PM BBT: Spencer said Candice for three years wanted to get pregnant by any man she sleep with..”

    How does he know that ?

    • He’s perverted he knows everything about everyone’s sex life. That’s all he talked about. Stupid PIG!!!!

  16. Joker’s update: “At 3:56 PM Spencer took a knife + put it in Gina Marie’s Key slot on the memory wall”

    I’m waiting for the explanation.

  17. Andy is the best player in the game. He skated to the final 3 with the least amount of blood on his hands. He used strategy and the other players egos against them. He was out to win and did what it took to get there. He told everyone what they wanted to hear to keep himself in the game. Now that’s a player. For that alone he should win. He out played all of them. Like him or not, you must admit, he did the D*** thang.

  18. This is the worst season of BB. I just hope they dont cancel the show because of all these discusting players!!

  19. BBLeak update: “Houseguests are waiting around to see if Part 2 of the Final HoH will be today or not. The diary room won’t tell them.”

    There you have it.

  20. I for one am not happy with the final three but of all of them, spite the fact that the racist comments and nastiness of her and the unlady like action is GM. No not Andy….. Of the 3 I would rather she get it for she did fight hard for the comps and veto’s that she won. Even thou she did not have an a thought of her own, she did stick to her word when she told you she would not do something then she didn’t. Just makes me sick about the final three but not a thing I can do about it and I just made sure that I voted for someone I thought deserved the AFP vote and that was Candice.

    • “Even thou she did not have an a thought of her own” she’s a puppet and deserves no credit, you said so yourself.

  21. I want GM to win it all cause she look cute in her Bunny outfit, lol but for real she is the least offensive HG left

  22. As much as I despise Spencer for his vile behavior in the house, I kinda hope he wins part 2 of HOH tonite, which is starting right now, just so I can watch Andy implode!

  23. Spencer wins- Somebody who didn’t do a dam thing except make an alliance with half the house at the time.

    Andy wins- Nobody likes him, and he is an extreme floater.Not a bad strategy, just a pathetic one.

    GM wins- Same with Spencer. I guess you can say she got Amanda and McCrae out, but then again it was what the house wanted so it doesn’t count.

  24. well at the end one of this despicable people will win will the money be enough to bridge that America and all the people thought u were a rat a racist and a pig ? I don’t know to me at the end of the day it would drive me crazy that others viewed me as such half a mill goes fast but who you really are lasts a lifetime

  25. Here’s something to bring you back to what is really important. There a thread on twitter about Britney, our Britney. Her newborn baby was diagnosed with cancer.

    #PrayForTilly @britney_haynes if you’re on twitter.

    Start praying.

      • Big Brother updates @BB_Updates: “If you missed it, @britney_haynes’ daughter, Tilly, was diagnosed with cancer. Let’s get #PrayForTilly trending. #BB15”

        Big Brother Network: “While we wait for Feeds, consider donating to ACCO: acco dot org/ . Prayers are excellent donations too. #PrayForTilly #BB15”

      • my hearth as a mom goes out to her I am so sorry I look at his and what we are left with I don’t care who wins as long as her little girl is ok

      • I tought it would, your nurse heart. Twitter is on fire about it. Lost of post are about getting marrow donor. I’m assuming from that it could Leukemia. What do you think ?

      • Was thinking Leukemia also. Especially being a newborn. I’m just so upset. I know I don’t know her but you feel like you do know them when you watch them for so long on the show.

      • I just feel so bad for her. I was thinking back to when I did my rotations at the hospital which was over 35yrs ago but when we did pediatric oncology another common cancer in newborns is called Neuroblastoma which is a solid tumor and a better chance at recovery then Leukemia. And I forgot her baby must only be a little over 4 weeks isn’t she? And to be diagnosed that early she could have that type. I’m just going to keep Tilly, Brittney and her entire family in my prayers. Sure puts a whole new outlook on this game and everything else.

      • Bring you back to what’s important in life. Her dauther can be more than 2 months old. We saw pregnant at the beginning of the season and remember Julie announcing the birth to the HGs.
        Saw a post that says they found out on September 1st. And September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

      • Oh wow. They need to give the $25,000 to Britney and her family for medical expenses and forget about America’s favorite player. That would be a great thing to do.

      • We don’t need to know her to feel compassion for her and her baby. Its just what good people do. This is just terrible to hear no matter who it is. It really puts things in perspective.
        There are no words at a time like this but I sincerely hope for the best for the baby and family. Very sad.

  26. HG said good luck to each other It looks like Part 2 of final Comp possibly started…it’s trivia…..

      • I haven’t watched the feeds for days and I just get my info at Jokers. At 3:45. Spencer and GM solidified their F2 deal. One of them really has to win this comp. They’re convinced they cant win against Andy. Spencer will be on F2 no matter what. Lucky Pig !

      • I think GM will take Spencer because she can beat Spencer. I am not convinced Spencer will take her. If GM takes Andy, she will be giving him the half million dollars.

      • What made you think Spencer will not take GM? Both of them know Andy has a better case….I do too against both of them.

      • and because I want Andy to go home! Whatever I want this season, I don’t get so why should it stop now!

  27. they all bore me to tears, Im a big fan of the show and have watched all seasons, but seriously, this bunch can put me to sleep. Not necessarily the Network’s doing because you dont know what you get til you get em. Just stinks that this group is one we will never remember.

  28. GM is disgusting and ignorant. Spencer is just a vile person and talks like a sexual deviant. Andy is a dishonest, cowardly, crybaby with an ego bigger than he deserves.
    I feel guilty about wanted any of them to win at this point, but at thus point I will take GMs ignorance over Spencer’s deviance. Andy just needs to be sent packing because he needs a comeuppance.

  29. Ok, my voodoo candles are lit up. Andy will get diarrhea during the Comp tonight….I’m chanting Latin right now..”Deiectio egressus”..”Deiectio egressus”.(.translation) Diarrhea come out…diarrhea come out !

  30. I would not give macrae number 2 only because he remained anchored to amanda for too long. He deserves the fifth spot because he played this season like a whipped wuss. ON top of that he was overwhelmed by the pig-woman that is amanda. I agree with all the rest.

  31. wetpaint dot com/network/articles/2013-09-14-big-brother-star-britney-haynes

    You can see there Britney’s posting on Facebook.

  32. Based on what I am reading this must be one of those timed comps where one player goes then the other. I think Spencer is done and we are waiting for Andy to finish? Just guessing but if I am right, I hope we have to wait another 3 hours to see Andy again!

    • I don’t think GM has a chance of beating Andy in the last comp. I assume its one of those quizzes where they as if a house guest said something.

  33. Maybe pigs will fly and GM will win a mental comp to beat Andy for the final HOH. If the rat wins he will take Spencer and the rat will win it all.

  34. I think the viewers are what made this game disgusting. Sure, GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Amanda were really racist. They lost their jobs for good reason. But you all are going WAY too far. These are people’s lives outside the house. I find it really hard to believe that you guys have never said a hateful or bigoted comment about someone else. If Andy had said anything hateful about Amanda then you guys would absolutely LOVE it. But, when it comes to America’s plastic filled sweetheart Elissa you guys feel like it’s a crime.

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